The Telemachus Story Archive

The Hustler
By Master Skrain

The Hustler

Bo stood on his usual corner, hoping for some action tonight, hoping to get a trick or two so he could afford to get something to eat other then the slop offered at the homeless shelter. If he could get a couple of generous clients, maybe he could even afford a room at the cheap motel on the corner, so he could grab a shower and sleep in a real bed! The skinny boy with the shaggy platinum blonde hair down past his shoulders, who was barely 18 years old but looked even younger, shivered in his thin coat and tattered jeans as he waited to see who might be out cruising for a blow job tonight.

Suddenly his hopes were raised when he spotted a familiar car coming down the street. It was a fancy SUV that belonged to a Doctor of some sort that liked the occasional company of a talented cocksucker for a couple of hours. He had always been generous before, taking Bo to get a real meal at a real restaurant, and buying him some new sneakers to replace the battered shoes he had been wearing.

The SUV pulled up in front of Bo, who opened the door without a word, and got in. Yes, it was the Doctor, who grinned and greeted Bo.

“Hey, kid. You look kind of cold tonight! You want to go get something to eat? I have something special that I'd like to try tonight other then just getting sucked off!”

“What you got in mind, Doc?”

“You ever been tied up? I've always wanted to see a hot guy like you tied up as I suck his cock, and maybe have him suck mine as well while he's bound. You up for something like that, kid?”

“I dunno, Doc. I've never tried any shit like that before! That might cost you more then usual.”

The Doctor reached into his pocket and pulled out a $100 bill and held it up.

“Will this be enough, kid?”

“Fuck yeah, Doc! Hell, for $100, I might even let you fuck me!”

The Doctor laughed and said: “We'll see, kid. Let's go get some dinner, then we can go to my place. I can always use a good blow job to get things started, and then we'll go from there!”

The Doctor drove them to a small local diner that Bo had been in once or twice before. The food was simple but filling and tasted damn good. While they ate, they chatted a little about what Bo had been up to since their last meeting. The Doctor seemed to be curious about where Bo had come from before showing up in the city. Bo told him about having to live with an uncle after his parents had been killed in a car crash a couple of years before, and running away from his uncle's place after the third or fourth time he had been beaten for some minor infraction of his uncle's harsh rules.

“So, you don't really have any family, no one close to you, then?' asked the Doctor.

“Nope. I ain't got anyone other then my uncle and aunt. But, fuck them, I don't need them!” sneered Bo. “They are both drunks, and I don't give a damn about either one of them!”

“Yeah, that sucks!” agreed the Doctor. “Well, you want to head over to my place and see what happens?”

“Yeah, that'll be cool, Doc.” grinned Bo. He had never been to the Doctor's place before, since the Doc seemed to just like getting his cock sucked in his car. Hell, it didn't make any difference to Bo, since $20 was $20!

They drove for a while to what looked like an expensive neighborhood, with big houses set back from the road with high walls around most of them and fancy looking gates on their driveways. The Doctor pulled into one of the drives and pushed a code in on a box on a stone pillar. The gate slid open on the drive, and the Doctor pulled his SUV up the long drive to an fancy 3 story house.

“Wow, nice place, Doc!” said Bo, looking at the house. It looked like a palace to him after his uncle's tattered trailer.

They went in a side door after the Doctor had parked in the garage. Bo looked around the house at it's lavish furnishings, and for just a second thought that maybe $100 was too cheap for letting himself get tied up for sex since it was obvious the Doc could afford a shitload more then that! But, then he thought he might wait until they were done before trying to get more from the Doc.

When they went into what looked like a comfortable sitting room, the Doc sat in a leather armchair, grinned at Bo, and spread his legs suggestively. Bo grinned back and knelt in front of the Doc. Working the front of the Doc's pants open, Bo took his stiffening cock into his mouth and was rewarded by a sigh of pleasure from the Doctor.

Bo worked his head up and down on the Doc's hard cock, taking the entire 8” in his mouth. Bo had the ability to deep-throat almost any cock without gagging which made him kind of popular with some of his regulars. He sucked the Doctor's cock for 5 minutes or so before he felt the Doc's hands on his head, holding it as the Doc began to fuck his mouth. Within a minute or so, the Doc groaned and a huge flood of sperm filled Bo's mouth! The Doc always came in huge amounts, which was another reason Bo liked sucking his cock since he LOVED the taste of hot sperm in his mouth!

Finally, the Doc let go of Bo's head. Bo licked the last remnants of the Doc's load from the head of his cock, and sat back.

“Wow, that was great as usual, kid!' Hell of a way to start!”

“Thanks, Doc. So, what else did you have in mind to do tonight? You said something about tying me up later...”

The Doctor grinned at Bo, and stood up, fastening his pants.

“You want a drink, kid?” asked the Doctor, opening a fancy liquor cabinet.

“Hell, yeah, Doc!” grinned Bo. “What you got?”

“Here, try this. I think you'll like it, kid.” said the Doctor, offering Bo a shot glass with an amber liquid in it.

Bo tossed down the drink, and immediately began to cough as the whiskey burned it's way down his throat!

“Shit, that's got a kick, Doc!” wheezed Bo.

The Doctor gave him a grin. “Hell, you haven't seen anything yet, kid!” he chuckled, as the room began to spin in front of Bo's eyes!

“Jesus, Doc, what the hell?” Bo muttered, just before he passed out from the drugged whiskey!

When Bo struggled back to consciousness, the first thing that he noticed was that he couldn't move! Looking around frantically, he saw to his horror that he was shackled spread-eagled and naked to some sort of metal bondage frame! As his head cleared, he saw that he seemed to be in some sort of a laboratory, with unidentifiable equipment on a bench along one wall. Then Bo noticed the unmistakable feeling of a dildo or a plug shoved up his ass! He didn't really like getting fucked, but he would do it for enough money. But this was NOT what he had in mind when the Doc asked if he wanted to be tied up! He thought the Doc might want to tie his hands together, or tie him to a chair, or something. This place looked like some kind of a Torture Chamber or some medical experimentation lab!

Bo struggled, but he couldn't budge his hands or feet, bound as they were by thick metal bands that seemed to be bolted tightly to the bondage frame. After a couple more minutes a door opened, and the Doc walked in, wearing a white lab coat.

“Oh good, you're awake. Now we can get started!”

“Jesus, Doc, what the fuck is going on? You need to let me go! I'm not into this kind of shit, no matter how much money you want to pay! I don't do that kinky S+M crap!'

The Doctor looked down at Bo.

“Don't worry, kid. You won't be hurt if you cooperate! You are my property now, and your life is about to get a lot better then hustling on street corners looking to suck some dick to make a quick $20!”

“What the hell do you mean your property? You think I'm some kind of a faggot slave or something? Fuck you, Doc! Now let me go!”

The Doctor just ignored Bo's ranting as he went to the workbench on one side of the room. Opening the cupboard above the bench, he took out several bottles, and several hypodermic needles. He carefully filled the needles from the bottles, and laid them on a tray. Turning to the struggling boy bound on the frame, he looked down at him dispassionately, all business now.

“Actually, kid, as of now, you ARE my “faggot” slave, so get used to it! Just so you know what's happening, what I do here boy, is genetic research into how to improve the human race. I need a young, healthy specimen for my final tests, and you are it. By my measurements, you are about 5' 6”, and you weigh only about 135. Also, you have a 6” cock, and, you have less then normal muscle mass. By the time I'm done with you, in a year or so, you will still be 5' 6”, but, you will have a 10” cock, and be closer to 225 pounds, most of it muscle! I've been working on creating the perfect male sex slave, and you will be him! You will live here, you will work out on a daily basis under the training of my personal staff, and you will be genetically modified to convert you to my ideal of masculine, muscular perfection! Shall we start, kid?”

The doctor picked up the first of the hypodermic needles, swabbed a vein on Bo's arm, and drove the needle in. Bo writhed at the feeling of the needle sliding into his vein.

“No, please, Doc, don't, Please! Just let me go! I won't tell anyone, I promise!”

The Doctor ignored his pleading as he picked up the second hypo. To Bo's horror, he stepped down, swabbed a patch of skin on his ball sack, and drove the needle deeply into one of his nuts! Bo screamed at the pain! It felt like acid was burning his right nut. The the Doctor repeated the injection into Bo's left nut! Bo shrieked as the pain in his nuts grew and grew!

The Doctor ignored his screaming, and picked up another needle.

“NO, DOC, FOR GOD'S SAKE. NO!!” Screamed Bo, in sheer agony.

The Doctor ignored him, and proceeded to inject the needle into Bo's pecs, right at the base of his nipples. Bo screamed again and again as the burning in his nuts increased and was joined by a similar burning sensation in his tits! Even as he struggled, Bo felt a fog seem to creep into his head, dulling his natural reaction to fight against whatever the Doc wanted to do to his body, and to his mind! Finally, the agony in his pecs and his nuts, along with the fog in his head was too much for Bo, and he slipped into unconsciousness.

When Bo awoke again, he felt that he was still spread-eagled on the bondage frame. Then he saw the two tubes sucking on his tits. His nipples were swollen and bulging into the cylinders, stretching and enlarging even as he watched. He could feel that there were two metal rings clamped around his nuts, separating them and stretching then down from his torso, and there was a short tube inserted in the head of his cock leading to a jar suspended directly over his cock. He felt some sort of stimulation from the dildo in his ass and he realized that it was attached to an arm that was pumping it in and out of his hole, fucking him, while jolts of electricity pounded into his prostate. Bo just moaned at the combination of the sucking pain in his tits and the intense pleasure of the feeling of his ass being raped and electrified by the machine.

Within a few more minutes, Bo groaned and writhed on the frame, his lean abs flexing and rippling as he came into the tube inserted into his cock. Bo watched as his sperm shot in jets of cum into the jar attached to his cock. Bo then noticed that the dildo hadn't stopped, his cock was staying hard, and his ass was more and more sensitive, until the constant pumping and fucking of his ass was sheer torture! The fucking went on and on, until Bo came again with more of his sperm being collected in the jar, screaming as his cock felt like it was about to explode from coming. And still the fucking didn't stop! It just kept pumping and pumping away in his ass, until Bo thought he might go nuts from the Pleasure/Pain! It was sheer torture for his ass to be constantly fucked and electrified! Also, the sucking sensations on his tits were becoming stronger and stronger as his nipples were pulled further and further into the tubes. Bo was in agony, helpless on the frame, being tortured by the Doctor for his own purposes!

Then, to add to Bo's agony, he felt electrical pulses start to pound through the rings fastened around his nuts! This was almost too much for the helpless boy to endure, and he screamed, and screamed, even as he came again, with more of his sperm being collected. Bo finally saw that the jar was less then one quarter full, and he began to shriek again at the thought that his torture might not stop until the jar was completely full of his sperm!

Every muscle in Bo's lean, almost skinny body flexed and strained against his restraints, but he had nowhere near the strength needed to break free. He had no choice but to lie there, dripping with sweat and writhing in agony as his ass was violated and electrified, his nuts were stimulated with their own electrical charges, and his nipples were enlarged and stretched by the vacuum tubes!

The machine rape and torture seemed to last for hours, until the collection jar on the head of Bo's cock was full. Then the door opened, and the Doctor walked in. Bo groaned at the sight of him.

“Dammit, Doc, why? Why are you doing this to me? What did I ever do to you that I deserved this?”

“What did you do? You showed me that you are a good cocksucker and you have a natural talent for sex. Plus, you have no family, and no one will miss you if you just vanish! You're just another homeless runaway hustler living on the streets. They come and they go, and no one cares. That's why you are the perfect specimen for my experiments. As for this, I needed a good size sample of your sperm to synthesize the proper combination of chemicals, hormones, testosterone and steroids to develop your body into the perfect gay muscleman sex slave! When I'm done with your treatments and training, you will crave hard gay sex, tight bondage, you will desire intense torture, and you will have the muscles and the physique to endure whatever my clients will want to do to you!”

“God, No, Doc, please, I can't take torture, PLEASE!!” Bo cried.

“Maybe now you can't, but after a few hypnosis sessions and the proper mental conditioning, you will desire it more then anything else! You will LIVE for being bound and flogged or whipped, you will desire intense nipple tortures, hard fucking and fisting, and much more! You will be the perfect Masochist muscleslave for me to hire out! You will be trained by my other sex slaves to endure torture, and to service men sexually however they want. Your treatment has already started. The first injection I gave you will help to make you more easily conditioned mentally to be a good slave. The other injections were to help you create more sperm for my analysis, and to start to enlarge your nipples and make them more sensitive to tit tortures. After your body has had time to adjust to the treatments, we'll start the same treatments on your cock to enlarge it, just like your nipples.”

With that, the Doctor collected the sperm jar, and exited the lab. Bo just groaned in agony, knowing that he was in some deep shit! He struggled more against his bonds, even though he knew that he couldn't get loose no matter how hard he tried. Within a few minutes more, the door to the lab opened again, and the Doc stepped in, followed by two huge muscled men wearing just tight black leather pants and boots, and collars. One was a tall, thickly muscled black man with closely cropped hair and rippling muscles, the other was a leaner but still solidly built Asian man with shoulder length black hair. They stood looking down at Bo as the Doc prepared another injection. He turned to Bo, swabbed a vein on his arm, and expertly slid the needle in! Bo groaned at the feeling of ANOTHER injection, but then in a few minutes, a sort of warmth started to spread throughout his body, and he found it harder and harder to concentrate on anything, since a gentle fog seemed to be creeping into his mind!

“Kid, these are two of my slaves They will be taking you to your quarters so you can get some sleep before we start your full-time transformation in the morning. Just a word of advice; don't fuck with them, or try to escape, since they have both been conditioned much as you will be, and they are absolutely loyal to me. Also, they are much stronger then you, so don't screw around. Behave while you are here being trained and life will be good. Misbehave, and you will discover what being Tortured for real will feel like! By the way, what's your name? I don't want to just call you Kid all the time.”

“Bo. My name is Bo. It's short for Beauregard, but nobody calls me that, since I hate that name!” said Bo, softly, sounding almost like he was drunk.

“O.K. Bo. Just remember what I said. Behave, and your life will be much better then you could have ever imagined. Screw around, and your life will be hell! Believe it or not, both of these boys were about your size when I picked them up off the street just like I picked you up. Soon, you will have more muscles then either of them, a bigger cock, and you will be just as loyal to me!”

The Doctor nodded to the two slaves, and they began to methodically remove the various torture and stimulation devices from Bo's body. The Asian slave was surprisingly gentle as he removed the suction tube from Bo's swollen, purple right nipple. The, to Bo's surprise, he leaned over and gently sucked on the tit, massaging it with his tongue as he gently stroked Bo's abs and bulging ribcage. He then repeated the procedure on Bo's left nipple, making Bo moan with both relief and pleasure at the feel of the hot tongue gently licking his incredibly tender tits.

The Black slave unclamped the metal rings from Bo's nuts, massaging them to relieve the pain, and then he released some sort of a catch on the arm from the fucking machine as he gently slipped the dildo out of Bo's ass. Bo groaned at the suddenly empty feel of his ass, and he was surprised to realize that he suddenly missed the feeling of the thick dildo filling him!

Then both slaves began to lick and suck Bo's tender cock, the warmth from their tongues and mouths soothing his swollen shaft. Their hands caressed his lean body, surprising Bo as he felt himself start to relax. He knew that he should be fighting against them trying to escape, but somehow, he just couldn't think of why he would want to do that! They were so gentle and soothing, and incredibly sexy, even though Bo had never been very fond of Black men. But somehow, this guy was an exception!

The Doctor smiled down at Bo.

“You see? It's not so bad! Imagine them making love to you every day during your training! And these are just two of my staff. I have a couple more young musclemen you will want to meet.”

The Doc indicated the Black muscleman.

“This is Charles. He will be supervising your bodybuilding training in my workout facility. He will also be in charge of your supplements and nutritional needs while your muscles are developing. And, he loves a good cocksucker, which you have proven yourself to be! Do a good job in the gym, and he will reward you with a hot mouthful of sperm or maybe you will get his nice 10” cock in your ass. Oh, and he loves to suck cock, just like you do as well.”

Bo nodded to the handsome Black giant. He normally didn't like Black cock, but somehow, in his muddled mind, he wanted to taste and feel this cock in his mouth, and to swallow his hot cum load.

The Doctor indicated the Asian slave.

“This is Han. He LOVES torture, and he will be the one training you to endure it! He loves to inflict pain, but he loves to take it as well. You will learn to be tortured and love it, and when you do good, you will be allowed to torture him. Normally, I charge my clients $250 an hour to torture Han, but during training, you might get to do it for free. And he will get to torture you, as well!”

Bo was now so confused by whatever the Doc had injected him with that being tortured by the handsome Asian guy sounded like a really cool idea! And Han and Charles HAD been kind and gentle to him while sucking his tits and his sore cock...

Bo blearily looked up at the Doc. “Sure, Doc,...that sounds...really… cool! I can't … wait!”

The Doctor grinned. “See? I knew you'd come around! We'll get started in the morning, but you need a good night's sleep first. Charles, Han, release Bo here, and take him up to get something to eat, and then to his room, and help him to relax and get ready for bed.”

Both slaves said “Yes, Sir” before then released Bo's arms and legs from the Bondage frame, and helped him to sit up. They were both supportive as they helped Bo stand up and as they escorted him to the kitchen on the ground floor of the mansion. There, they met the two other house slaves that the Doc had living with him.

Sean was a handsome redhead with brush-cut hair and a rock solid body, with pale skin covered with freckles and two thick bright red nipples capping his solid pecs. Jose was a thick muscled Latino youth with a long black ponytail that hung down his broad back. The 4 slaves that the Doc had living with him were the most muscular guys that Bo had ever encountered, and they all seemed to be genuinely friendly, and welcoming, as well.

After a late snack of a thick roast beef sandwich and a glass of milk, Han and Charles led Bo up to

a luxurious bedroom on the third floor of the mansion. Han even stripped off his boots, pants and collar and helped Bo in the shower in the large bathroom attached to the bedroom while Charles turned down the covers on the Queen size bed. Bo sighed with pleasure at the feel of Han gently washing his tired body, then drying him with a soft, fluffy bath towel.

Before they left, Bo looked at them and said; “Can I ask you guys a question? Do you think the Doc would mind if I sucked your cocks? I don't know if there are rules against that, but...”

Han and Charles both grinned, then Charles told him; “No rules against that, if you want to do it. It's all a part of what you will be trained to do.”

Charles opened the front of his leather pants, and pulled out a thick ebony cock that had to be a full 11” long, and almost as thick as Bo's wrist!

Bo smiled. “Hell, I don't need to be trained to suck cock!” as he dropped to his knees.

When Bo took the thick head of Charles' huge black cock into his mouth as he stroked Han's cock with one hand, and began to run his hands over the rock-like ebony muscles rippling in front of him with the other, he thought; “If this is captivity, it's not so bad! Beats the hell out of the drunk and hooker tank at the police station!”

He concentrated on the feel and the taste of the hard cock in his mouth, feeling the huge head and tracing the veins running the length of the thick shaft with his tongue. He slowly worked more and more of the shaft into his mouth, as the head began to slip down his throat. Pulling back and taking a deep breath, Bo slid the entire shaft into his mouth and down his throat. He had always been able to deep-throat a hard cock, which was one of the reasons he was so good as a hustler. But this was the biggest cock he had ever sucked!

He moaned to himself when he felt Charles' hands grasp his head, holding it still as he began to fuck his mouth. Bo's hands stroked and felt the rippling, gleaming black wall of muscle in front of his eyes even as the thick cock was driving in and out of his mouth! Bo reached up and felt the hard nipples capping the massive pecs that loomed over him. Grasping the tits, he began to squeeze and pull them, and was rewarded by a groan of pleasure from Charles just before a huge flood of hot, salty sperm pumped into his mouth, one jet of cum after another, after another! It seemed the more he worked the swollen black tits, the more cum pumped into his mouth!

Finally, the hands grasping his head let go, and the huge cock was pulled from his mouth. Almost immediately, however, it was replaced by Han's slightly smaller, but still substantial shaft! Bo began to eagerly vacuum the hard cock, and feel the golden brown washboard muscles that flexed and flowed in front of him.

Bo heard Han groan “Oh Yeah...” and he glanced upward to see Charles' thick fingers squeezing and pulling Han's tits even as Bo was feeling his abs. Within a very few minutes, Han grasped his head, thrust deeply into Bo's mouth two or three times, and filled his mouth with his third load of hot sperm that evening. The salty sperm kept pumping into his sucking mouth, again and again, until, with a groan, Han pulled his drained cock from Bo's hot mouth.

Bo stood up, and was immediately pulled into a 3-way hug, Charles' and Han's hot, sweat-slick bodies pressed against his. He immediately felt at home, and he KNEW that this was where he belonged! With a final hug, Charles and Han left Bo alone. Supremely sated, his belly full of three hot loads of man sperm, Bo slipped into the comfortable bed, turned off the bedside light, pulled up the covers, curled up, and was asleep almost as soon as his head hit the pillow!

Bo's transformation into the perfect muscle slave had begun...