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The Bet
Part 3 - The Run
By Master Skrain

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3. The Run.

Once inside their cabin, Vito told Daniel to come over to the bed.

“Boy, you need to be opened up a little, so I'm gonna stretch your hole for a while! Lie down on the your back.”

When Daniel did, Vito knelt between his legs. He ordered Daniel to lift his legs and hold them up by wrapping is hands under his own knees. When Daniel's ass was stretched and exposed, Vito applied some lube to his fingers, and slowly started to work one finger at a time into the tight hole. Daniel groaned at the feel of the intrusion, but he didn't resist, and, actually started to enjoy the feeling once he got past the initial pain! The rest of his ass hurt so much that the finger sliding in and out of his hole actually felt good!

“Oh yes, Sir, work my hole, Sir! I want you to fuck me, Sir! Fuck me as long as you want to, Sir, and cum in me! Yeah, stretch my hole, Sir!” Daniel moaned.

Vito lubed his cock and slowly pressed the head of his shaft against Daniel's asshole. Thrusting slightly, he slipped the head of his cock inside Daniel's ass for just the second time. Slowly rocking his hips back and forth, he slid a little more of his cock inside his slave with each thrust until he was totally inside.

Daniel moaned with pleasure at the intrusion. Oh, how he regretted denying himself this intense pleasure for so long based on what he thought others would think of him if they knew his real sexual desires! He looked up into the handsome face of his Master, with it's neatly trimmed beard outlining Vito's strong jaw, and his brown eyes seeming to bore into his mind with their intense gaze as the fucking started to become more intense and faster.

Vito lifted Daniel's legs and set his ankles on his own broad shoulders, giving him the right angle to penetrate his slave's ass as deeply as he could! Daniel's head flopped back on the pillow as the fucking became even more intense, with Vito's hips pounding back and forth faster and faster.

He moaned “Oh yes, Sir! Fuck me, Sir, please, fuck me, Sir!”

Vito growled; “Don't worry, slave, your ass is mine, and I'm gonna use it!”

The fucking became more intense as Vito slammed into Daniel's ass harder and harder, then slowed down just before cumming to prolong the fucking session for as long as he could. Daniel ran his hands over Vito's torso, slipping on the sweat dripping from his chest onto Daniel's torso, twisting Vito's tits, and tracing the shape of the thick muscles in Vito's arms as he used them to hold himself over his slave's body while fucking him. Vito lowered his head down low enough for Daniel to lift up and kiss him deeply several times while he was being penetrated.

Finally, Vito started to drive in and out of his slave's ass faster and faster, while groaning ; “I'm cumming! Oh fuck yeah, boy TAKE IT!” as his sperm pumped into Daniel's hot channel.

As Vito shot, Daniel squeezed and twisted his nipples and ran his hands over his Master's 8-pack of rock hard abs, feeling the muscles flexing with his orgasm. The veins were standing out across Vito's amazing chest and abs, and coursing down his arms as his muscles worked. Finally, Vito groaned, pulled out of Daniel's ass and collapsed down onto his chest, panting after his explosive cum shot. Daniel wrapped his arms around his Master and held him tight until his breathing slowed back to normal.

After a couple of minutes, Vito lifted his head and gazed deeply into Daniel's eyes. He then slid up until he could kiss his slave deeply, their tongues exploring the insides of each others mouth. Daniel's hands held Vito tightly, his arms wrapped around the solid back of his Master. Daniel knew then that he never wanted to let him go again! He looked up into Vito's face with tears running down from the corners of his eyes.

“Oh God, that was wonderful, Sir! Your slave would love it if you would fuck me like that every night, Sir! Even after we go home, Sir.”

Vito smiled down into Daniel's face.

“So, you finally realized the truth, right, boy? You never really were happy with a girlfriend, were you? You always secretly wanted a boyfriend, or lover, or maybe even a Master, right boy? I have known that since the second or third time I ever met you!”

“Yes, Sir, and slave wants you to be it's Master, Sir!”

“We'll see how the rest of the week goes boy, and talk about it when we go home, O.K.?”

“Yes, Master! Will there be more Torture tonight, Sir?”

“I don't think so, boy. Now, don't get disappointed, but you aren't used to it, and I don't want to overload you on the first night! We have a full week to go. Don't worry, you WILL have those big, hot muscles of yours Tortured and tested like you have NEVER imagined before we are done, boy! Now, let's go hit the shower, and if you want, we can go out and observe some of what's happening, and maybe see if there are any snacks out in the main tent yet. I'm getting a bit hungry. Torturing you and fucking that hot ass is hard work, and I gotta keep my strength up, boy!”

Daniel chuckled; “Yes, Sir. Can't let Master get weak and puny! Don't want him turning into some kind of a tiny bug, like a 'Fruit fly'!”

Vito just glared at Daniel for a moment before bursting out laughing!

“Oh, that crack just earned you an extra intense session of Torture, slave! Maybe I'll stretch you on the rack tighter then I was planning on doing, or maybe I'll just stake you out naked in the middle of the compound, and let everyone have their way with you!”

“Yes, Master! Slave is looking forward to it, Sir!”

Vito and his new slave took a quick shower then headed out to grab some snacks and to just wander the run site, observing some of the other scenes taking place. There were guys getting flogged and even whipped with singletail whips, guys in tight and awkward bondage positions, guys bound for fucking, electrical tortures, even fisting, and a lot more things that Daniel had never even heard about! Vito explained what was happening as they observed each scene, speaking softly as to not disturb the participants in the scene, as was proper dungeon etiquette.

Daniel was pretty amazed watching guys endure electricity being pounded in their asses from butt plugs, and through their nipples and cocks and balls. Vito told him that his turn was coming! While they were walking around the run site, Vito spotted one of his friends who was the fantasy scene and special scene coordinator. Vito ordered Daniel to kneel next to one of the trees on the site, and wait for him there.

“Yes, Sir. Slave will wait here, Sir!” Daniel said as he dropped to his knees and crossed his hands behind his back.

Vito walked over to his friend, and started to talk to him, looking back and pointing at Daniel while chatting. His friend looked at the muscled slave kneeling obediently, and smiled, nodded his head, and then shook Vito's hand. Daniel was wondering what sort of a plan they might be coming up with. Whatever it was, he knew that he would do his best to endure it, since he trusted his Master to not do anything dangerous. Vito waved for Daniel to get up and come join them.

When he did, Vito said; “Slave Daniel, this is my friend Adam. He has an idea for something special in a day or two and he thinks you will be perfect for it. Give him a double bicep shot, boy!'

Daniel grinned, and pulled up both arms and flexed his thick muscles. Adam's eyes widened at the sight of the huge biceps bulging under the skin, the veins standing out across the rock like muscles like garden hoses! He looked at Vito, who nodded his head. Adam began to run his fingers over Daniel's huge biceps and triceps, and across his chest. He traced the veins coursing across the muscles while nodding his head appreciatively.

“Oh yeah, he'll do just fine, I think! It'll be fun to see just how strong those big muscles actually are, and how much they can take! Let's set it up for tomorrow after breakfast, O.K.?”

Vito grinned. “That sounds good to me! I want to see that myself!”

Daniel had no idea what they were talking about, of course, but immediately his imagination went into overdrive thinking of things they might be planning! He held his arms in the bicep pose since he hadn't been told to relax by his Master. Adam reached out and tweaked his thick nipples as well. Daniel moaned softly at the feel, since he was developing a real appreciation for having his nipples used and played with!

Vito finally told him to relax and put his arms down, and to kneel, since he was wanting to just chat with his friend. Daniel obediently followed his orders, since he was rapidly growing in appreciation of the fact that Vito and all his friends, as well as all the other guys at the run were quite serious about their lifestyle. Daniel had to admit to himself that he was becoming more and more enamored by the BDSM life as well, and he wanted to continue to explore it more with Vito once the run was over.

Suddenly Daniel heard someone say; “Holy crap, is that who I think it is on Vito's leash? You have GOT to be kidding!”

Another voice said; “Shit, you're right! It IS him!”

He didn't dare look up since he hadn't been given permission to by his Master, but he had a sudden sinking feeling that he recognized the voices! His face started to turn red with embarrassment.

He saw two pairs of legs step in front of him, and heard the voices say “Vito, how in the fuck did you get HIM to come here, and down on his knees and collared, no less? You lucky bastard! So, tell us, is his ass as tight and his mouth as hot as I think they are?”

Daniel was sure his face was about to burst into flames, it was burning with embarrassment so badly!

He KNEW the voices. It was two of the guys from the gym where Vito and he worked out! Daniel was sure it was Robert and Karl, two guys who were serious bodybuilders. Daniel had often wondered about them, since they always came in together, worked out together as each others spotting partners, and always left together. He had sometimes suspected that they might have something going on together, and maybe they were even lovers, but knew that it wasn't any of his business, so he never asked about their relationship.

Vito answered; “He lost a bet, so I own him for the week! And yes, both his mouth AND his ass are just as hot as you think they are! And, surprisingly enough, he's already showing that he can take some serious torture!”

“Yeah, we kinda guessed that by looking on the welts across his back! What did you do to him?”

Vito grinned. I gave him a hell of a flogging AND a major ass paddling! Boy, stand up, and show them your ass!”

Daniel rose to his feet and found himself looking into the grinning faces of the two gym rats! Now he saw that they were wearing leather vests with the same club patch on the back as Vito's club vest, so now he knew that they were not only lovers, but they were both into the same kinds of kinky things that Vito was. Karl licked his lips almost lasciviously when he saw the welts across Daniel's chest and abs as well as the ones across his back. Daniel turned and dropped the cutoffs he was wearing.

“DAMN, look at that ass! Love the marks! Bet's that's gonna be black and blue for a week! It's gonna be SO much fun watching him try to hide THAT at the gym!” Robert laughed.

Daniel blushed an even deeper shade of red at their laughter. He was really embarrassed until he saw Vito grin and then wink at him. He suspected that they were just ragging on him, and didn't really mean anything bad by it, just some teasing. He relaxed then, and even chuckled a little himself.

Vito looked at his slave, then at his friends and said; “You guys want to come to our cabin and see for yourselves how hot his mouth is? I bet he'd love to suck some hot cock, wouldn't you, slave?”

“Sir, yes Sir! slave would consider it an honor to suck their cocks and take their sperm, Sir!”

“Well, he seems to be pretty well trained so far.” said Karl. “Yeah, let's go. I've wanted to fuck that hot young mouth of his for quite a while, actually.”

“Yeah, me too” added Robert. “And maybe sometime later on we can try out his ass, too!”

Vito chuckled. “Hell, you might be able to do that at my place as well once we're home! I think this boy is really getting turned on by the lifestyle, and I also think I might have a full-time slaveboy once we get home!”

Daniel was elated to hear that! It meant that Vito was thinking along the same lines as he was! He was hoping that he might have some more indications that he might have found his Master and he was now pretty sure that he had!

Vito ordered Daniel to pull his shorts back up, and follow him back to the cabin. Robert and Karl came along as well, and so did Adam. Daniel was actually now looking forward to taking at least three more loads of cum down his throat this evening, maybe four if Vito was ready to cum again after the fucking he had given Daniel earlier. When they got to the cabin, Daniel immediately dropped his shorts as ordered by Vito, and knelt in the center of the room. Vito used the restraints to fasten Daniel's wrists together behind his back and then fastened them to ankle restraints, so Daniel was bound on his knees. He then set a pair of moderately tight nipple clamps on Daniel's tits, causing him to groan slightly.

“You like that, boy, being helpless with the clamps on your nipples, boy?”

“Sir, yes, Sir! They hurt, but they feel really good, Sir!”

“Good, boy, since they are staying on there until everyone has cum in your mouth! Is that understood, boy? Also, you need to know that I personally know all these guys, and that they are safe to have sex with, and for you to take their loads. You are NOT to take anyone's sperm in your mouth or ass unless I give you permission, is that understood, slave?”

“Sir, yes Sir! Thank you, Sir!”

Robert stepped in front of Daniel and opened his leather pants and pulled out a nice 6” cock. Daniel immediately opened his mouth for Robert to slip it in. Robert grabbed two handfuls of Daniel's black, curly hair and held his head still while he began to fuck his mouth. Daniel could see the washboard abs flexing and rippling in front of his eyes under the layer of black fur that covered his pecs and abs, and immediately began to feel frustrated that his hands were bound and he couldn't feel the sexy muscles!

Robert moaned as Karl stepped behind him and began to roll his nipples between his fingers as the hard cock slid in and out of the slave's mouth. It only took a few minutes before Robert began to groan as he pounded Daniel's mouth with his cock until, with a loud “Oh Fuck yes”, he filled the willing slave's mouth with his load of sperm! Daniel swallowed the hot salty protein loaded cum, enjoying the bittersweet taste as it slid down his throat.

Robert finally pulled his cock out of Daniel's mouth and groaned “Fuck, that boy DOES have a hot mouth. And he's only sucked cock for a short time? Man, he's a natural cocksucker, that's all there is to it!”

Karl stepped in front of Daniel and said “Man, I gotta get me some of that! Open up, boy!”

Daniel looked up at the hot blonde German muscleman, and opened his mouth again. Immediately, Karl's fat 8” sausage drove into his mouth, almost choking him! Karl was somewhat more aggressive in his fucking of Daniel's mouth, pounding his fat cock in until Daniel began to gag and choke.

Daniel started to panic a little until he heard Vito say “Back off a little, O.K.? He's still learning how to suck dick.”

Karl murmured an apology, and slowed down his thrusting. Daniel started to work his tongue over the head of the thick cock until Karl moaned, and shot a huge load of sperm into his mouth! Daniel tried to swallow it all, but some dribbled down the sides of his chin and dripped down onto his chest since he couldn't take it all at once, there was so much! He did swallow as much as he could, though.

Next, it was Adam's turn. The burly bear stood in front of the humbled slave and pulled out his uncut cock. Skinning back the foreskin, he slid the erect shaft into Daniel's waiting, eager mouth. He moaned softly as the slave cocksucker went to work on his erect cock, using his tongue to lick and clean the hard cock as it slipped in and out between his lips. Each cock that Daniel sucked just seemed to increase his hunger and desire to suck more and more. He had repressed his true nature for so long that it was a relief to finally be able to be himself without anyone judging him! Adam fucked Daniel's mouth for a good fifteen minutes, slowing down whenever he seemed to be ready to cum so he could enjoy the sensations of a good blow job from a hot, horny young bodybuilder. Eventually, he couldn't hold out any longer, and he shot a nice thick load of sperm into the mouth that was pleasuring his cock.

“Oh hell yes, that's good! Damn, what a mouth!” he panted when he was finished.

Daniel grinned at the compliments, even though he thought that he shouldn't react. Vito smiled down at him, so he knew that he hadn't done anything wrong.

“O.K. Slave, my turn!' Vito crowed.

Daniel immediately opened his mouth wide so his Master would have no problem fucking his throat, and feeding him another hot load of man sperm!

“Oh man, look at those muscles! Damn, Vito, You're RIPPED! That's why you did so well in the contest!” Daniel heard Karl say. “Yeah, man, fuck that mouth! FUCK IT!!”

Vito started driving his cock in and out of Daniel's mouth, then Daniel heard Vito groan out “Oh Yeah...”.

He glanced upward to see that Karl was standing behind Vito with his arms around him, feeling his rippling abs, and working his tits. The harder Karl twisted and pulled Vito's nipples, the harder he raped his slave's mouth! Daniel realized that Vito was getting turned on by the nipple Torture, just as much as he did, and he loved it! Karl suddenly let go of Vito's tits, and stepped out from behind him. Leaning in from one side, he began to chew on Vito's left tit, while Robert began to work the right nipple. Vito's hands held the two gym boy's heads tightly against his sweaty pecs as he fucked his slave's mouth.

Finally, Vito howled and filled Daniel's mouth with his fourth load of sperm that evening! As he came, the guys were apparently chewing and biting his nipples since he was growling and groaning as they continued to work his tits even after he finished shooting. Eventually, he had to pull their heads away from his chest, since he just couldn't take the tit torture any longer!

“Aw FUCK! DAMN! Man, that's good! Shit!” Vito gasped. “Man, I gotta sit down! Whew!”

Vito dropped onto the bed, still panting. Daniel knelt where he was, his jaw a little sore from being stretched open for so long, but his belly full of four hot loads of man sperm! He KNEW that this was where he belonged, on his knees, bound, serving his Master and whoever else he was ordered to serve!

He smiled up at the four hot men, then looked at his Master and said “Sir! THANK YOU, Sir! Thank you for your cum, Master and asking Master's friends to fuck slave's mouth, Sir!”

Vito grinned at his slave. “See, I told you that you'd like it down there on your knees, down where you belong, didn't I boy?”

“Sir, yes, Sir! You did, Sir!”

Vito got up off the bed and stepped behind Daniel. He released the wrist restraints from the 4 way link attaching them to the ankle restraints, then unhooked the wrist restraints from each other, allowing Daniel to stand up. He told Karl to hold Daniel from behind, and to keep him from moving! Karl wrapped his arms around Daniel then lifted his arms and hooked his wrists together behind Daniel's neck, leaving the slave boy stretched out with his arms straight up, his sweaty back muscles tight against Karl's hard chest and abs in a full Nelson wrestling hold.

Daniel moaned a little in anticipation when Vito reached out to the nipple clamps that had been torturing his tits for almost an hour. He knew it was going to hurt like hell when his Master removed them, so he steeled himself for the pain he knew was coming. Vito opened both of the clamps at the same time, sending a blast of pain ripping through Daniel's chest! He howled and writhed, but he was unable to do anything with Karl holding him in his awkward position. He howled again when Robert and Vito leaned in and began to suck and chew on his tits, nipping and biting them, while Adam dropped to his knees and took Daniel's cock into his mouth and started to suck him!

The Nipple Torture continued for a good five minutes, with Daniel groaning, grunting and howling the entire time, until, with a final yell, he shot a load of cum into Adam's mouth!

Karl was saying “Yeah, boy. Work those muscles! Flex for us, boy! Show off that hot body! Damn, your back feels good! I love a man with muscles!”

Vito and Robert finally straightened up, allowing Daniel to slump down, seemingly only being held up by the strength of Karl's arms. Adam pulled back from his cock, and Karl finally released his hands from behind Daniel's neck allowing Daniel to sink back down onto his knees.

“So, what do you say, slave?” Asked Vito.

“Sir! Thank you again for Torturing this slave, and asking your friends to help Torture it, Sir! It was wonderful, Sir!”

Daniel then bent down and began to lick Vito's boots as he had seen some other subs and slaves do at the run. He had never done anything like it before but suddenly Daniel realized that somehow it felt totally right, and totally natural! He kept his face down and pressed against Vito's combat boots so the other guys couldn't see the tears that were welling up from his eyes and dripping down onto the shiny black leather he was tonguing. They weren't tears of pain, but rather tears of joy. Daniel knew now who he was and who he was supposed to be, and it overjoyed him!

He stayed down licking his Master's boots until Vito ordered him up onto his knees. He then ordered Daniel to thank the three other studs once again for their hot loads of cum.

Vito then told Adam, Robert and Karl; “Well, guys, I think that we are gonna crash for the night! It's his first time ever doing anything like this, so I don't want to overload him! He's got almost a week of Torture and use to go! Also, he's gonna have a real test of strength tomorrow, and he's gonna need his rest!”

After the guys had left, Vito ordered Daniel to strip down the rest of the way, then the two of then climbed into bed together. Daniel wrapped his arms around his Master, and held him like he never wanted to let him go! Daniel laid his head on Vito's chest and was rewarded by the sensual feeling of Vito gently stroking his hair with one hand whole holding him with the other.

Daniel turned his head and began to suck on Vito's right nipple. He was rewarded again by the sigh of pleasure that escaped his Master's lips. Daniel was enjoying the salty, musky taste of Vito's tit and his sweat. He moved his head down just a little and began to lick out the open armpit. Vito moaned with sheer pleasure, encouraging Daniel to keep licking the muscled torso.

Finally, though, Vito reluctantly pushed Daniel's head back from his chest. “Boy, that feels great, but we really need to get some sleep. I can't come again tonight, and you have to get ready for a real test of strength tomorrow. Your muscles are gonna be used to their limits and you will need your rest! Now, turn on your side, slave!”

Daniel did as he was ordered, and was rewarded by the feel of Vito's muscular body snuggling up against his back, one arm wrapped across Daniel's torso, and the soft feeling of his Master's breath on the back of his neck. Before he dropped off to sleep in the embrace of his Master, Daniel did wonder what his upcoming test of strength was going to be. He was determined, though that he would not fail, and risk embarrassing his Master. He would endure whatever it was!

To Be Continued...

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