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The Bet
Part 2 - Slavery
By Master Skrain

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2. Slavery

Two days later, Daniel drove to Vito's house early in the morning to head to the Leather Run for the week. They loaded the gear and clothes for the both of them into the back seat of Vito's Tacoma pickup and headed off. The run was held at a Gay Resort and campground a couple of hours from the city. Daniel was wearing a t-shirt, a pair of old, battered jeans and some work boots, as he had been told to do by Vito. On the way there, Vito gave Daniel a quick lesson on proper behavior for a slave serving his Master. Things like always walking behind his Master except to open doors, or to pull out His chair, not speaking unless spoken to first, to always answer a question with “Sir, Yes, Sir” or “Sir, No, Sir”, not sitting on any chairs or other furniture without permission, to kneel when Vito might get into a conversation with friends, and so on.

When they arrived at the run, Vito told him to strip off his t-shirt. When he did, Vito locked a collar around Daniel's throat, and attached a chain leash to it. Daniel's face was burning with embarrassment when Vito led him up to the registration tent so they could get signed in and given their lodging arrangements and their run badges. The resort had both a hotel and smaller cabins, and Vito had arranged for one of the 2 man cabins for him and his slave that wasn't too far from the pool and hot tub, and the shower house, which also had a sauna and steam room. Once they were registered, Daniel had to carry all the gear to the cabin and unpack. When that was done, Vito told him that they were going out to explore the run site, and also, he wanted to show off his muscle slave! They changed their clothes, Vito changing into a tight pair of leather pants, boots and a vest that showed off his abs and the valley between his pecs, and Daniel into just leather shorts that emphasized his tight ass and thick quads, and boots and his collar.

Vito looked at his muscleslave and grinned. “Are you ready for this, boy? You're gonna be my slave for a week so get used to it!”

Daniel looked kind of sheepish but nodded his head. “I lost the bet, Sir, and now I gotta pay for it! Let's go, Sir!”

Vito leaned in and kissed his slave quickly before heading out onto the event grounds. There were several large tents set up, each one for different activities. One was equipped with multiple crosses and frames for flogging and whipping, another had multiple bondage tables, chairs, cages and racks, and a third was equipped with slings and suspension tables and gear. There were also outdoor crosses for whipping and flogging, a space for “water sports”, an open space for stake-outs, a smoking facility for cigar play, a “Maze Tent” for cruising for anonymous sex and more. As they made the rounds, Daniel noticed that he and Vito were getting more then their fair share of admiring, and even lustful glances and outright stares!

Several times during their walk, Vito stopped to chat with friends of his, or guys from the leather Club, or just other attendees of the run. Each time, Daniel did as he had been instructed to do, to kneel behind and to one side of his Master while they were stopped. It was a little hard for him at first, but he did get more used to it after the third or fourth time. During the walk as well, several guys complimented Vito on his muscleslave, and told him they were looking forward to seeing him bound and being Tortured during the run, and several hoped that they could help! Vito told them all that he would see how things worked out time-wise, and maybe that they could help him Torture Daniel's big muscles or nipples and cock and balls, or whatever they wanted to help him work on.

When they got back to the cabin, Daniel said; “Sir, may I ask a question?”

Vito said “Go ahead, boy.”

“Sir, are you really going to Torture me? Like, tied up and Tortured?”

“Yes, boy. That's part of the deal. I did say that I wanted to see you spread-eagled out on a Torture cross, or bound in chains to be used, didn't I, boy?”

“Well, yes, Sir, you did, but I thought you might have been saying that just to get me excited, or whatever...What kind of Torture are you thinking of doing to me, Sir?”

“Let's see...what can I do to that hot bod of yours? Maybe a flogging front and rear to put some nice stripes across the big old back of yours, and across those pecs, maybe some nipple clamps and stretching, cock and ball Tortures and a lot more!” Vito said with a wide grin. “I bet you've never had a sounding done on your fat cock, or had electricity run through your tits or up your ass. You'll get a chance to try all that, boy.”

“Sir, what's sounding? I've never heard of that.” said Daniel.

Vito's grin widened. “Oh, you're gonna LOVE that, boy. I'm gonna stretch you out on a rack, nice and tight, get your big old cock hard, and then slowly work my nice long steel sounding rods up inside your cock in your pisshole! It feels like you have to pee really bad, but you really don't, and then I can actually jack your cock from the inside! Some guy even cum from it while I'm doing it!”

“Wait a second...a piece of steel INSIDE my dick? Doesn't that hurt, or tear it up? I don't know about that, Sir...”

“Don't worry, boy. They are made specifically for that, so they won't tear anything up or hurt your cock unless you try to fight it, or move too much. I've actually had it done lots of times and it really feels good. Different, but good!”

“Well, O.K. I trust you. After all, I did agree to do whatever you wanted, and I'm pretty sure you won't mess me up TOO badly, Sir!” Smiled Daniel.

“That's right, I won't mess you up too badly at all” said Vito as he reached out and began to twist Daniel's nipples, causing him to moan and grit his teeth.

“Put your hands behind you head, boy, and keep then until I tell you otherwise” growled Vito.

Daniel immediately did as he was ordered and stood there, moaning in Pleasure/Pain as Vito worked harder and harder on his thick brown nipples. Within a minute or two, a sheen of sweat started to show on Daniel's thick pecs even as he writhed in pain. Vito just worked his tits harder and harder, seemingly trying to find Daniel's breaking point! The nipple Torture continued for a couple more minutes before Vito let Daniel's tits go. The sudden release of the pressure on his nipples hurt almost as much as the actual squeezing and twisting had!

He started to relax, but Vito growled “Did I give you permission to move, slave? Keep you hands right where they are until I tell you that you can move!”

“Yes, Sir, Sorry, Sir” panted Daniel.

Vito leaned in and buried his face in Daniel's open, sweaty left armpit. Daniel groaned at the feel of the hot moist tongue licking the sweat from his pit. Vito's hands ran up and down Daniel's sweat glazed back muscles while the armpit licking continued for the next ten minutes or so. Vito would switch from one armpit to the other, sometimes sucking and chewing on Daniel's tits in between.

“Fuck”, groaned Vito, as he unbuttoned the fly of his pants and pulled out his erect cock, “that's got me all horny now. Down on your knees, boy, and open your mouth. It's time for your first slave skullfucking!”

Daniel obediently dropped to his knees, put his hands behind his back, and opened his mouth. Vito grabbed his head, and slid his hard cock in all the way until he felt Daniel begin to gag and choke. That's when Vito began to thrust in and out of the hot mouth surrounding his dick. He held Daniel's head tightly as he raped his mouth, not even slowing down when Daniel reached around and took hold of Vito's thighs, helping to balance and steady himself against the pounding cock sliding in and out of his mouth.

Within a few minutes, Vito gasped and held Daniel's head still as he filled his mouth with his hot sperm. He held the head until Daniel swallowed his cum, and began to lick his cock, seemingly wanting to get every single drop of sperm!

“Straight, my ass” thought Vito, “If he's straight, I'm an aardvark!! He just won't admit he's gay! But I'll fix THAT this week! I'm gonna have me a full-time muscleslave when we're done!”

When Vito finally pulled his cock out of Daniel's mouth, his slave boy obediently lowered his head and said “Thank you, Sir” just as a good slave should do. That was just another clue to Vito that Daniel was not as totally straight as he liked the other guys at the gym and at the bodybuilding contest to think.

Either that, or he was just a natural submissive and a willing slave who was just looking for the right Master to serve and to bring him out of his shell!

When they had both recovered somewhat from Vito's orgasm, they took a quick shower together, when Daniel obediently soaped up every inch of Vito's ripped physique, feeling every ridge and bulge of his muscles before rinsing him off, then cleaning up himself. They dressed for dinner and the opening ceremonies for the run, Vito in Chaps, jeans, a muscle tank, his club vest, and boots, Daniel wearing tight cutoffs, boots, a body harness, a plain cutaway vest, and his collar, as well as bicep bands to show off the size and shape of his thick, veiny arms. Vito clipped his leash to the ring on the front of Daniel's slave collar and led him to the dining hall.

When they had gotten their dinners, Vito led Daniel to a corner of one of the tables. He ordered Daniel to kneel on the floor next to his chair before allowing him to sit on the chair next to him. Several times during dinner, some of Vito's friends came over and chatted with him, mostly asking questions about his new slave, and what Vito was going to do to him over the next week. Daniel listened to the conversations without making any comments, and usually with his head down, like he had been ordered to do.

He was a bit concerned when he heard Vito describing some of the Tortures and the bondage that his slave was going to endure, but he kept quiet, not sure if Vito was being serious, or just having fun with him and playing with his mind. He wondered if he was going to be able to endure the floggings, the whippings, the nipple Tortures, the Tortures with electricity, hot wax, crushing devices on his cock and balls, Torture on the rack, outdoor bondage, and more that Vito was describing to his friends.

Daniel knew that he would do his best to endure them, though. Not only as a matter of pride, to show his friend that he really was as tough as he made out that he was, but also because the more Daniel thought about actually being tied up and being Tortured for real, the more excited and actually horny he became! He was actually looking forward to having his muscled body on display for the other guys to see and to watch as he endured whatever Vito did to him! Hell, it was almost the same rush of pride, sexual excitement and not a little ego stroking that he had felt while doing his posing on stage in a tiny posing thong, his muscles shiny and rippling in front of hundreds of people.

After the dinner was finished, there was going to be a short opening ceremony for the run, then the dungeon spaces would be opened for use. Vito was looking forward to getting his slave's muscled body naked and stretched out for everyone to see and for some to use, as well. He also was thinking that by the end of the week, Daniel would beg him to allow him to continue to serve as Vito's slave at home.

After the humorous opening skit was finished, the dungeon tents were opened. Vito and Daniel went back to the cabin and changed into their gear for the night. Vito was in chaps and boots with a thick metal cock ring around the base of his cock and balls, Daniel was wearing just boots, a collar, his own metal cock ring, and padded restraints padlocked around his wrists and ankles over his boots. He felt a little self-conscious walking behind Vito basically naked in public, but he pushed his concerns aside and concentrated on being the best slave and Torture boy that he could be! Daniel was pulling Vito's toy box, a large tool box on wheels where he kept his gear for scenes when not at home in his own dungeon space.

Vito led Daniel into the tent used mostly for bondage, and towards a standing frame made of 4X4 boards bolted together standing upright about 8' high from a large wooden base. Within a couple of minutes, Daniel found himself standing tightly spread-eagled in the frame, his wrist restraints attached to eye bolts in the wood, and his ankles restrained the same way. His bronzed body shone in the lights in the tent, every muscle exposed to the hungry eyes looking at his naked body on display!

Vito stepped in front of Daniel and began to run his fingers over the solid muscles stretched in front of him. As he started to twist and pull Daniel's tits, both of their cocks began to swell and lift. Within a minute or two, both of them were fully erect, Daniel's thick dick a bit bigger then Vito's. There was a murmur from the guys watching the unfolding scene when Vito opened his toy box and started to lay out his floggers on a bench.

Daniel's chest began to heave as he watched the implements of his upcoming Torture being laid out in front of him! He didn't know that this was part of the head-games a good Torture Top would use on his victim, making him anticipate the Tortures even before they had started. The sweat started to shine on Daniel's muscles as he saw floggers, clamps, paddles and more being arranged in front of him. He was actually a bit scared, although he would not show it in front of all the guys watching.

Vito turned towards him, holding a smallish flogger, which he stroked across Daniel's chest, and draped it over his face, telling his slave to inhale the scent of the leather that was shortly going to be Torturing him!

“Oh Fuck, This is it!” thought Daniel. “He's really gonna Torture me!”

The flogger was lifted from Daniel's face, and Vito stepped back, with a totally evil grin on his face!

“I've been waiting for this moment for a long time, Musclehead! Your ass is MINE!” he crowed as he swung the flogger!

The leather tails slapped against Daniel's skin, and he gasped and involuntarily flexed his muscles in an attempt to get away, a purely reflexive action. The guys watching moaned as the muscles rippled under his skin as the flogging continued, slowly getting more and more intense! Vito was slowly ramping up the power of his strokes, warming the skin, and preparing Daniel for an extended flogging session. The sweat started to shine on Vito's ripped body as he continued to Torture his new slave, switching to heavier and heavier floggers, and working both Daniel's chest and abs, and his thick, broad back and shoulders.

The guys watching were impressed by the sheer thickness and shape of Daniel's muscles, especially when his struggling caused his massive biceps to bulge against the restraints, making the hose-like veins across his biceps and delts really stand out! Daniel writhed and flexed with each stroke of the flogger as Vito was really putting some power into his swings now. Each impact brought with it a fresh burst of agony across Daniel's skin and into his muscles, but it also brought a fresh burst of resolve and even pleasure to his mind! He was actually starting to like the Torture, and wanted more!

The flogging lasted for a good 30 minutes, at the end of which Daniel's chest and back were both striped and welted with red and purple marks across his dripping wet skin. Vito was equally as sweaty fro his exertions. Daniel was a little surprised when Vito waved in two young guys that were watching the Torture while slowly stroking their cocks. He said something to them that Daniel couldn't hear, but he knew what it was when the two stepped up to him and buried their faces in his armpits! He groaned at the feel of them licking his skin, and nibbling on his pits.

While the two were eating out his pits, Vito set down his flogger and picked up a pair of small, rubber-tipped clamps. He reached out, squeezed the clamps open, and set the clamps on Daniel's nipples. Daniel screamed at the sudden burst of pain that exploded through his already sensitized nervous system from his nipples. He never knew that a guy's tits could be made to hurt so much! To his surprise, though, the pain just made his cock feel like it was swelling up even larger, and it might burst! He realized then that he had been denying the truth to himself for far too long, the truth that he WAS a born Masochist and he liked, no, he CRAVED the pain! That was one of the reasons he would push himself so hard during his gym workouts, and would lift until his muscles were screaming with pain!

Within a couple more minutes, Vito ordered the two boys to stop eating Daniel's armpits. He was disappointed for a second or two before they dropped to their knees in front of him and began to suck and lick his cock and balls!

Daniel KNEW that he couldn't hold out very long, so he groaned out; “Sir, may I cum, Sir?”.

Vito sneered; “NO, slave, you may NOT cum! If you do, your punishment will be much worse then this little flogging you endured!”

“Aw shit” groaned Daniel. He knew he was going to shoot, no matter what happened, so he screamed out “Oh God, Sir, I'm cumming! I'm sorry, Master, but I can't stop it! AW FUCK!!!”

His cock seemed to explode with the biggest load of sperm that he had ever shot, spraying it on the faces and down the throats of the boys sucking his cock. It just seemed to go on and on, as he pumped out a good 9 or 10 shots of sperm in and on the boys!

Finally, Daniel's orgasm ended and he slumped down, totally exhausted by the flogging and tit tortures as well as his cumming. Vito stepped in and removed the nipple clamps, making Daniel scream as he massaged the tits to get his circulation back into them. He then wrapped his arms around Daniel's stretched body, since Daniel's knees had buckled and he was supported only by his arms. Vito held him until his breathing had calmed down, then he helped him stand back upright.

“So, what did you think, boy?” he whispered into his slave's ear so no one else could hear.

“Oh fuck, that was great, Sir.” answered Daniel just as softly.

“O.K. That's great. Now, this is for them...” said Vito.

Letting go of Daniel, Vito stepped back, winked at Daniel and loudly announced; “What did I tell you, slave? Did I say that if you came, you would be punished even harder? Well, DID I, BOY??”

“Yes, Master. Slave is VERY sorry, Sir, and it will be punished!” moaned Daniel, realizing exactly what Vito was doing, playing to the crowd.

“Yes, you WILL BE punished, boy, and this is what I'm going to do to you! Vito turned to the bench and picked a leather paddle, and held it in front of Daniel's eyes.

“Here is what your punishment is going to be, slave. 50 strokes across the ass with the paddle, and you have to keep count! You WILL call out every 10 strokes out loud, slave, and if you screw up, we start all over again at 0! And I WILL be keeping count myself to make sure you are being honest with me, slave! Is that understood, slave?”

“Yes, Sir. I understand, Sir!'

Vito looked at Daniel for a second, then stepped behind him and gave his ass cheeks a quick 5 swats with the leather paddle! Daniel gasped at the sudden bursts of pain! He hadn't been spanked or paddled since he was about 6 years old, and it HURT like hell!

Then Vito grabbed a handful of his hair, pulled his head back, and snarled loudly; “First lesson, boy! A slave NEVER refers to himself as 'I' or 'my' or anything like that! A slave is an object, so a slave is an 'it' and nothing more! Is that understood, slave?”

“Sir, Yes Sir! It understands, Sir, and begs forgiveness, Sir!”

“We'll see, slave, we'll see. But first, you must be punished for being so disobedient!”

Vito stepped back behind Daniel and looked at his beautiful muscleman ass, his butt cheeks showing the marks of the 5 strokes already.

“All right, boy. Get ready!' he snarled, and swung the paddle!

WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! The leather slapped into Daniel's skin. He grunted for the first couple of hits, and then began to cry out with each hit. Still, he managed to keep the count even through the blistering pain.

“Sir! Ten, Sir” he called out as the relentless paddling continued. Daniel realized that Vito WAS a real sadist that enjoyed Torturing a boy to his limits.

“Sir! Twenty, Sir” as the Torture continued. The pain in Daniel's ass was getting worse and worse with each stroke of the paddle. Daniel wasn't sure he was going to be able to endure the full 50!

“Please, Sir, yellow, Sir” he groaned, using one of the control and safe words he had been given by Vito. The strength of the impacts lessened slightly, as Vito eased up just a bit, not wanting to push his new slave too hard and hurt him so badly that he wouldn't want to continue for the full week.

“Sir. Thirty, Sir” grunted Daniel. He was sure that by now he literally had blisters on his ass, since it felt like the skin was on fire! His shrieking in pain had attracted a large crowd of guys watching his Torture, and that gave Daniel the courage and the motivation to endure the Torture, no matter what!

“Sir, Forty, Sir!” Daniel's muscles were quivering with the strain of trying to hold himself still, and keep his knees from buckling from the Torture. It took every bit of his strength and willpower to hold himself as still as he could, but try as he could, every muscle in his torso still flexed and bulged with each hit of the paddle. He saw that some of the guys watching were jacking their cocks at the sight of the sweating muscleman being Tortured in front of them.

''Sir! Fifty, Sir!” he screamed. Vito stepped in front of him, his muscles dripping with sweat as well. He set the paddle back on the bench and looked at Daniel.

“What do you say, slave?'” he growled.

“Sir; Thank you for Torturing your slave, Sir! Slave deserved it for being disobedient, Sir!”

“Good boy” said Vito before stepping up and wrapping his arms around Daniel and hugging him so they were chest to chest. Vito looked into Daniel's eyes, and softly whispered; “Are you all right? Can you continue, or are you about done for a while?”

Daniel whispered back; “God, that hurt like hell! Slave is gonna need a break after that, please! It hasn't felt anything like that ever before!”

“Was it too much?” Vito asked, real concern in his eyes. “I don't want to really hurt you, since it's all supposed to be pleasurable, you know!”

“Yes, Sir, slave knows that, Sir” Daniel whispered back. Vito was impressed that he had kept in slave mindset even though they couldn't be heard by anyone else.

“All right” he softly said, “Just play along, and I'll get you down!”

Vito knelt down and released Daniel's right ankle from the Torture frame, then the left one.

“Put your feet together, slave!” he ordered, Daniel obediently complied. Then Vito released the right wrist, and slowly lowered it down so it was across Daniel's chest.

“Hold your arm here, boy, and don't let it drop!”

“Yes, Master”

Then the left arm was released, and Vito did the same thing, ordering Daniel to not let his arms drop to his side until his circulation was closer to normal, and the strain on the joints and muscles had eased.

He led his slave over to the bench and told him to sit. Daniel let himself down VERY gently, as his ass still felt like he was sitting on a bed of hot coals!

“Just sit there, boy. I'll take care of the gear.” Vito told him.

“Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir!” moaned Daniel.

It took about five minutes of so for Vito to clean the equipment with the bottles of cleaners the run had provided to sterilize the equipment between scenes, and to pack up the floggers, clamps and paddles.

“O.K. Slave. Don't think that we are finished for the night, because we aren't! I'm going to take you back to the cabin and fuck that red hot ass of yours! What to you think of that idea, slave?”

Daniel dropped to his knees in front of his Master, crossed his hands behind his back, and bowed his head in total submission.

“Yes, Master. This slave wants Master to fuck it, Sir! Please, Sir, fuck this slave, and cum in it's mouth or ass, whichever Master chooses! Please, Sir, fuck your slave...”

Vito realized that Daniel wasn't acting any more, but he was really begging to be fucked again! Vito knew right then that he had a new full time slave, one that would want to serve him long after the run was over...

To be Continued.

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