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The Bet
Part 1 - The Bet
By Master Skrain

1. The Bet

Daniel French walked into the locker room at the local gym at the end of his daily workout. His thick muscles were dripping with sweat after the intense back workout he had just finished. The hard work he did at his job on a construction crew was plenty of exercise, but the gym workouts after work were for honing his body into it's best possible shape and most massive muscularity!

Daniel was in training for the Mr. Mid-State Bodybuilding contest in just over a month, and he was determined to push himself as hard as he needed to to do well, and maybe even win! The muscled 20 year old only stood 5'6” tall, but he seemed to be almost as wide across the shoulders. It almost seemed that he was made up of pieces of two different guys. From the neck up, Daniel was amazingly boyish looking, seeming to be only 15 or 16, with a friendly face and a brush of black hair. But from the neck down, he looked like a 25 year old professional bodybuilder with a thick back, sculpted pecs, a washboard stomach, tree-trunk legs, and vascular pumped biceps that were capped by broad shoulders and delts that were covered with a tracery of veins standing out on top of rock hard muscles!

“Hey, Musclehead” called out a voice. Daniel turned to see the grinning face of Vito Ricci, one of the other guys that worked out regularly at the gym.

“Hey yourself, Fruit fly! How's it going?” Daniel teased Vito.

He called Vito “Fruit fly” ever since he had found out that Vito was openly gay, one of the few guys that Daniel knew that was. Even though Daniel was straight, and had a girlfriend, he liked Vito, and had no problem with him being gay. Vito could tease him just as much as he teased Vito, and neither one got mad, since they were friends, after all. He had even stood up to some of the other guys in the gym that had been making snarky comments about “That Faggot”.

“Good Workout?” asked Vito. “You're gonna need it if you still think you are gonna beat me in the contest, musclehead!”

Daniel scoffed; “In your dreams you skinny little Fruit fly. I'm gonna mop the floor with you, and we both know it!”

Vito laughed. They both ragged on each other like this, even though they were friends. It helped give them both a little boost they might need in their workouts. Vito was a little taller then Daniel, but about 25 pounds lighter. However, he was absolutely ripped and shredded, with true 8-pack abs, and muscles that showed their striations and virtually every vein in his arms and torso under his bronzed skin.

“Well, I'll tell you what, if you are so sure you are gonna place ahead of me, how about we make a little bet on who comes out higher in the standings?”

“What did you have in mind?” asked Daniel.

“I was thinking...if you beat me, I'll spring for your gym membership for the next year. How does that sound?” said Vito.

“Sounds good to me, but what if you beat me, even though you won't?” said Daniel.

Vito got a leering grin on his face.

“How about if I beat you, you have to come with me to the Leather Club's Week-long event in 2 months as my boy and slave for the week? Since you are SO sure that you will win, there should be no reason you wouldn't agree to that, is there?” chuckled Vito.

Daniel had known that Vito was into some of the kinkier sides of gay sex even since he had asked him about some of the stickers on his truck after bumming a ride home one day when his car was in the shop. He knew that the 6 color rainbow sticker was a Gay Pride flag, but he didn't know what the blue, black and white striped sticker with the red heart was until Vito explained it to him. Vito was the vice-president of the Griffins, a local Leather Club, and was into things like being tied up, and tying other guys up, and kinky things like whips and chains. Daniel had never really thought about any of that kind of shit, since he just liked banging his girlfriend, and getting the occasional blow job from her. Vito had teased him, and told him that no girl could give as good of a blow job as a guy could, and had offered to suck Daniel's cock on more then one occasion. Daniel always turned him down, but he didn't get mad at Vito, or anything.

“Wait a second, are you serious? You really want me to do that?” asked Daniel.

Vito grinned. “Sure, why not? Seriously, if you did that, nothing would happen that you didn't agree to, since I would be there all the time. If you were wearing my collar, and came as my slave for the week, the other guys would respect that, and keep their hands off unless I told them to do something. Hey, who knows, you might even like it! And, I guarantee you that you would finally find out that I can give you a better blow job then your girlfriend can! What do you say, Musclehead? We have a bet, or what?”

Daniel thought about it for a minute before grinning, sticking his hand out and saying “You got a bet, Fruit-fly!” They shook on it, sealing the deal.

“Oh, this is gonna be fun, Musclehead! I'm gonna beat you SO bad in the contest, and then I'll beat you in a totally different way on the run!” Smirked Vito. “You know what I always say; Sticks and stoned may break my bones, but whips and chains excite me! I just can't WAIT to get that hot bod of yours spread-eagled in our dungeon for some hot fun!”

“Yeah, well I hope your bank account can take the hit of my gym membership, since I'm gonna win, Fruit-Fly!” sneered Daniel.

They both laughed, since they were good friends, and there wasn't any real animosity between them. And, although Daniel would never admit it to a soul, he had always had a kind of a curiosity about what Vito enjoyed, and had almost let him go ahead and blow him once or twice, just to see what getting head from a guy would be like. But something had always held him back.

For the next five weeks or so, Daniel worked out harder and trained more rigorously then he had ever done before, partly because it was his first big contest, and he wanted to go on and become a pro bodybuilder, but also because of the bet. Of course, seeing Vito in the gym almost as regularly as he was there, and seeing Vito busting his ass at his workouts was a good motivator as well. Vito had packed on some serious muscle and was now sculpting and refining his shape, much as Daniel was doing. Daniel actually started to worry about whether or not he was actually going to be able to beat Vito in the contest, but at the same time, there was a small part of his mind that almost wanted him to lose the bet! He started to fantasize at night while jacking off in bed about being tied up with Vito and a group of other guys wanting to make love to his muscles and maybe even Torture him!

Finally, the Friday of the contest arrived. Daniel stood backstage with the other contestants in his weight category. Vito was in one weight group below Daniel's group so they would not be competing directly, unless they both made it to the finals. When Daniel saw Vito stripped down to his posing thong he began to get seriously worried, since Vito was absolutely ripped and shredded to the max! Daniel was bigger, but Vito was more cut, with paper-thin looking skin, and his every muscle rippled with his slightest movement! Daniel really got worried when Vito was announced as the winner of his weight group. He would be in the finals, so unless Daniel did the same thing, Vito would end up winning the bet!

Daniel went on stage when it was his turn to pose. He performed his well-rehearsed routine perfectly, and the crowd was really enthusiastic, but he was still worried. When the judging results were announced, Daniel felt his heart sink. He had finished second in his weight category, a really good finish for his first contest, but not good enough to beat Vito! Vito ended up finishing third overall in the contest, which was higher then Daniel, who came in fifth.

When Vito came off-stage clutching his trophy, Daniel was one of the first to congratulate him. He wrapped his arms around Vito, and gave him a hug.

“Good going, Vito, and I mean that! Congratulations!”

Vito grinned, still elated at his finish in the contest.

“Thanks, man! I appreciate that! And Congratulations on your placing, too. Second in class is great for a first timer! Of course, you do know what this means, don't you?”

“Yeah, yeah, I know. I have to be your boy at your event. Looks like that's where I will be spending a week of my vacation time from work!”

Vito leered at him. “And I can't wait to see you in just some tight leather pants and boots with a collar locked around your throat! This is gonna be SO much fun! You will need to come over before we leave and try on some of my gear to see what will fit you. I have some leather that's a bit loose on me, but it might just fit your hot bod! The guys are just gonna shit when I show up with a stud like you on my leash and wearing my collar! And, just so you know, before the week is finished, you WILL know what it feels like when I give you a blow job, and maybe more. Who knows, you might even like it!”

Daniel just rolled his eyes. “Yeah, yeah, rub it in! Man, I hate a lousy winner!”

Vito laughed. “Deal with it, Musclehead! Starting next Monday, for the next 5 days, your hot body is MINE!! Come by my place tomorrow and try on the gear, and we will make all the plans. And seriously, just so you know, like I told you before, NOTHING will happen to you that you don't want. I'll be there all the time to make sure, O.K.?”

Daniel grinned at his friend. “I'll hold you to that, you know!”

The next day, Daniel drove to Vito's house to see what he was getting himself in for. Vito took him to a spare bedroom in his house, and opened the walk-in closet door. Daniel whistled at the amazing collection of leather clothes hanging there. There were pants, shirts, shorts, kilts, harnesses, and things he couldn't even begin to guess the use of! Vito looked at him lasciviously and told Daniel to strip.

“Hey, it's the only way you are gonna be able to see what fits! Some of this stuff is gonna be kinda tight on you so you can't wear anything under it. Besides, when you are in Leather at a run, you don't wear underwear unless it's for a scene!”

Daniel sheepishly took off his clothes and stood naked in front of his friend.

“Whew, nice!” grinned Vito. “Here, try these. I think they should fit. What are you, about a 28” waist?”

“Yeah something like that” said Daniel, taking the black leather pants Vito handed him and slipping into them. He had to work to get them up past his thighs, since his quads were so large, but he finally got them up, and fastened, They were snug, and clung to his muscled legs like a second skin, but Daniel had to admit that they not only looked good on him, but they felt kind of neat, too, almost sensual.

“Whoa, sexy” crowed Vito. “You are gonna be a HIT, boy! Now, let's see how this looks.”

He pulled a harness off it's hangar and put the straps over Daniel's shoulders, sitting on his thick traps. He pulled the straps into position and fastened them, so the leather chest harness framed Daniel's pecs, showing off their shape, and his thick nipples. Over the next hour or so, they tried on various combinations of pants, chaps, a kilt, shorts and other gear until there was a good assortment of things that fit Daniel's sculpted body, and showed off his muscles. Vito looked good in his leather gear, too, since he was trying on his and setting aside a selection of his own.

When they had a selection set aside for Daniel, and before they got dressed, Vito looked deeply into his eyes for a minute, reached out with his right hand and laid it on Daniel's shoulder, and with his left hand gently grasped Daniel's cock and said; “Dude, since you're here, I want to ask you something. Why don't you go ahead and let me give you a blow job, and get you off? You're already naked, and if I do it in private, you won't be as nervous as if your first time was in public. I'll go ahead and suck your cock, so you will know what it feels like. What do you say? You don't have to do anything but lie back and enjoy it if you don't want to do anything else.”

Daniel looked back at him, contemplating and thinking about it, before finally saying “Oh, what the hell. O.K. I've known that you've wanted to suck my dick for a while now, so go for it. What do you want me to do?”

Vito grinned. “Just lie back on the bed, and I'll take care of everything else, stud. And when you think you want to cum, just go ahead and cum in my mouth. I want to taste and swallow your load.”

Daniel lay back on the bed, his hands under his head, his eyes closed, waiting. He felt Vito start to finger and then stroke his cock, and felt it start to get hard as Vito's fingers expertly worked his shaft and played with his nuts.

Vito moaned softly; “Damn, dude, you've got a big cock! I've never seen it hard before!”

Daniel moaned when Vito's hot mouth suddenly surrounded his thickening shaft, engulfing it in moist warmth! Vito was right, he could give a better blow job then his girlfriend! She just sort of pounded her head up and down, but Vito was taking his time, running his tongue slowly and sensuously around the head of Daniel's cock, tracing the veins on the shaft, and flicking his tongue across his piss-hole. It felt great! Daniel began to regret all the times he had turned Vito down when he had asked to suck his cock before.

Vito's hands began to spider their way up Daniel's rock hard abs, stroking lightly across each ridge of hard, corded muscle, feeling his ribs, then sliding across his pecs. Daniel groaned with pleasure when Vito began to lightly squeeze and roll his nipples between his strong fingers. This was something else his girlfriend seemed to know nothing about! Daniel liked to suck her tits, but she never had returned the favor, or even played with his nipples.

Daniel's chest began to heave harder and harder the longer Vito sucked his cock and felt his muscles and his nipples. The sensations of pleasure just grew more and more intense!

Finally, Daniel groaned out “Oh Shit, I'm cumming!” just before his cock let loose with a huge orgasm.

Vito squeezed Daniel's tits, and pulled on then hard, making Daniel moan with the delighted sensations of pleasure mixed with not a little erotic and VERY sexy pain! He had NEVER felt anything like this before, the hot mouth sucking his now incredibly sensitive cock, the tongue about to drive him nuts with pleasure and the fingers torturing his thick, erect tits!

Daniel just moaned “Oh shit, oh fuck, oh my God, oh God, that feels good, oh damn!!”

He finally had to reach down and lift Vito's head from his cock, because the sensations flooding through his body from his hyper-sensitive dick were almost too much for him to endure! Vito just grinned at him, licking his lips, before giving Daniel's tits one final squeeze.

“What did I tell you, stud? No girl can give as good of a blow job as a guy can, because we have a cock and we know what feels good! They might talk about it, but we can do it better!”

Daniel's head flopped back on the bed. “You don't have to convince me! Damn, that was good! I thought my head was about to explode! Man, that's some good shit! Fuck!”

Vito grinned evilly. “You think that's good? Wait until you are spread-eagled in chains with one mouth sucking your cock, two more chewing on those big muscle-tits of yours and licking your armpits, and maybe another licking your ass! You're gonna go NUTS!! Of course,” he added slyly, “wait until you get a cock in YOUR mouth, and you have to suck it. THEN you will know what good sex and real pleasure is all about!”

“Seriously? I'm going to have to suck cock? You are gonna make me suck somebody's dick? I dunno...” Daniel looked skeptical.

“Hey, in for a penny, in for a pound, as they say! You agreed to be my slave for the week, so if I order you to suck dick, or lick a guy's boots, you better do it. Look, I won't force it on you, but it kinda does go along with the job.” said Vito, looking serious.

Daniel thought about this for a minute or two. Finally he made a decision, something he had been thinking about a lot more since the contest and since Vito had made the bet with him.

“Tell you what, man. Why don't you lay back, and let me try to suck your cock right here? What the hell, it looks like I'm gonna have to do it sooner or later, but if I do it now and screw it up, it will just be between us. You can keep it a secret, can't you?”

Vito smiled. “Sure, no problem, dude. Just between us. And, by the way, there are no pictures allowed at the Leather run, so you don't have to worry about that, either. And, I can tell the other guys in my group to be cool about what they see there.”

Daniel grinned. “Cool. Now, what do you want me to do. Just the same thing you did? Just take your cock in my mouth and suck it, maybe use my tongue? “

Vito smiled. “Sure, just go easy at first. Some guys tend to gag, but just go slow, and that shouldn't be a problem. Just open your mouth, and suck the head in, a little bit at a time.”

He lay back the same as Daniel had done, hands under his head, and waited. Finally, he felt Daniel start to stroke his already erect cock before feeling the head slip into Daniel's mouth. Daniel's head began to bob up and down on Vito's cock, going a little further down each time, until he was taking most of the shaft into his mouth. Also, Daniel's hands were beginning to explore Vito's muscles, just as Vito had done to Daniel.

Vito moaned softly; “Oh yeah, you're doing good. Just like that. Yeah, suck that cock, boy. Suck it!”

Daniel was working Vito's cock deeper and deeper into his mouth, and his hands were now feeling Vito's pecs and starting to play with his nipples. Within a couple more minutes, Vito reached down, grasped Daniel's head, and held it while he thrust his cock into Daniel's mouth for a minute or so before shooting a thick load of hot, salty bittersweet cum into his virgin mouth.

Daniel gagged and coughed, but Vito held his head and told him “Swallow it, boy. Swallow that cum. Go on, take it! Swallow, boy!”
Daniel finally swallowed the load of sperm in his mouth, then Vito let him go. Daniel sat back on his knees, and just looked at Vito for a few seconds, as if he was trying to process what he had just done, swallowing another man's sperm for the first time in his life. To Vito's surprise, Daniel then slid up and lay down on top of Vito, their sweaty bodies pressed together. Daniel looked down into Vito's eyes for a second before leaning down, and kissing him full on the mouth! When Vito felt Daniel's tongue slip into his mouth, he wrapped his arms around Daniel's muscled body and held him tight, returning the kiss just as deeply! His hands ran up and down the expanse of Daniel's huge back muscles, sliding on his sweat-slick skin.

When Daniel finally broke the kiss, Vito looked up into his eyes and whispered; “Damn, man, I wasn't expecting that! I have been hoping it would happen sometime,!”

Daniel grinned. “Man, I've known you were hot for me even before you asked me if you could suck my dick the first time. I guess finally getting my dick sucked by a guy, and then sucking another guy's cock just made me realize that I've been kinda hiding from myself for a while! So, I better say this before I change my mind; You're hot, and I want to make love to you, Vito. You're handsome as hell, and you've got a killer bod, nice cock, and I bet you have a hot ass. Dude, let's fuck!”

“Seriously? You want me to fuck you, or do you want to fuck me?” asked Vito.

“What the hell, let's try it both ways! I'm pretty sure it would happen at the run so let's do a rehearsal here. Of course, I've never taken a guy's cock in my ass before, but I have actually had a dildo in there a few times. My girlfriend doesn't even know about that, but I wouldn't tell her anyway! I think she just likes me for my muscles anyway, and isn't really in love with me. She's a decent piece of ass, but that's about it. Hell, you give a hell of a lot better blow job, and you know about things she never tried, like the nipple thing, so I bet your a better fuck then she is too!”

“Well, thanks...I think” chuckled Vito. “I kinda suspected you weren't quite as straight as you always let on either. I've seen you eyeing other guys in the locker room and the showers when you thought no one else was watching. And yes, I guarantee you I'll be a better fuck then your girlfriend. Lots of experience working my ass with a hard cock in there. I've even had a couple of guys from the gym fuck me, and I've fucked several of them as well. Hell, with some of them, that whole super macho straight guy tough-man bit is an act, and they like both getting and giving a hot blow job just as much as you do!”

Vito rolled over so Daniel was lying on the bed next to him. He wrapped his arms around the thick muscles of Daniel's back, and pulled him closer. He leaned in and kissed Daniel again, and was gratified when the kiss was returned. For the next ten or fifteen minutes, the two muscle studs made out, kissing each other, licking each others muscles, sucking each others nipples and generally getting all hot and bothered, until Vito told Daniel to lie on his stomach, and spread his legs.

“Dude, I'm gonna fuck that hot ass of yours. It might hurt at first, but if you relax, it'll get better once I'm in you.”

Daniel moaned; “Do it, man, I want you in me! Fuck me nice and hard. I can take it!”

Vito lubed up his erect 7” cock, and slipped a finger in Daniel's hot hole. He groaned at the intrusion, but just lifted his ass higher, making it easier for Vito to get into position and slide his cockhead in past the tight muscle. Daniel's back muscles rippled and flexed as Vito pushed his cock in deeper and deeper, until he was totally inside the tight, hot hole. Vito groaned at the feel of Daniel's ass working around his cock, almost seeming to milk it.

Daniel groaned; “Whoa, go easy for a minute, dude! I gotta get used to this!”

Vito just laid on Daniel's sweaty back, enjoying the feel of the thick muscles under his chest as he let his new slaveboy acclimate to the erect cock in his virgin hole! He nuzzled and licked his thick traps and broad shoulders, causing Daniel to moan softly with pleasure.

After a couple of minutes, Vito began to thrust in and out of Daniel's ass, grunting with the effort, his chest sliding on Daniel's muscled back. He slid his arms under Daniel's chest, and began to work his nipples again. When he squeezed the thick knobs, he felt the hot hole he was pounding actually tighten up! He groaned as his cock slid in and out of the tight ass gripping it, and his hands felt the sweaty muscles of the stud boy lying under him.

Finally, he couldn't hold out any longer and began to pound Daniel's ass, drawing a moan from him with each muscular thrust. He slammed his cock deeply into the hole, and held it there as he shot another load of his sperm, this time deeply into Daniel's virgin ass. Vito twisted Daniel's nipples and chewed on the back of his neck, and his massive traps as he shot stream after stream of cum into the hot muscleboy.

At last, his orgasm ended, and he flopped down on the rock hard muscles under him, almost too tired to move. He gasped for air for a couple of minutes, before finally lifting himself up, and rolling over onto his side. Daniel almost immediately wrapped his huge arms around the sweating stud, and held him close until his breathing slowed to normal.

“Damn, that's a hot ass!” groaned Vito.

Daniel grinned, and kissed him again. “Maybe, but now it's MY turn! I want to fuck you, and fuck you just as hard as you did to me! What's your favorite way of doing it? I'll let you decide, since I've never done it before.”

Vito thought for a second and said “Just lay on your back, and I'll ride that fat cock of yours! That way I'll get to see those big old muscles of yours, and work those tits, which you seem to like!”

Daniel rolled onto his back and Vito stroked his cock and sucked it for a bit to get it fully hard. Then he took some lube and jacked the full 8” shaft until it was rock hard while Daniel groaned with pleasure. Then Vito straddled his hips, and slowly let himself down on the hard shaft, slowly impaling himself until the full length was in his ass. He reached down and began to feel Daniel's muscles and play with his nipples, just as he said he would. Daniel moaned and began to thrust his hips up and down driving his cock in and out of Vito's ass. He then reached up, and began to feel Vito's chest and abs, and work his tits as well.

They stayed like that for a while, Vito riding Daniel's cock, with Daniel's washboard abs flexing and rippling as he thrust up and down in the tight ass surrounding his cock, playing with each others tits, sweat shining on their muscles.

Finally, Daniel began to moan and thrust up and down harder and faster.

“Oh shit, I'm gonna cum! Damn, I'm gonna shoot! Oh Fuck, oh fuck, ohfuckfuckfuck!”

He arced his body, driving his shaft in it's entire length as Vito felt his hot cum hosing his gut. As Daniel was shooting, Vito twisted his tits as hard as he could, making Daniel scream in pleasure/pain!

Finally, when Daniel's explosive orgasm was finished, Vito slowly lifted himself off the cock, and lay down next to Daniel, who was still panting. He leaned in and sucked Daniel's left nipple into his mouth for a minute before just laying his head on the heaving chest, listening to Daniel's pounding heartbeat. They lay there for a while, recovering from their hot session of man-to-man sex, slowly relaxing and cooling down.

Finally, Daniel said; “Shit, I can't believe that I've been missing that for years. I never thought I'd like sex with another guy that much, but, Damn, that was good! That's almost enough to make me dump my girlfriend, and find a boyfriend instead!”

Vito grinned at him. “Well, dude, you wouldn't have to look very far, since I'm right here! But, let's worry about stuff like that after you spend a week on my leash as my slave! That's coming up in just a few days, don't forget! The guys are gonna shit seeing a muscleboy like you on my leash, wearing my collar, kneeling at my feet, and doing whatever I order you to do!”

Daniel grinned, and kissed Vito. “I'm looking forward to it now, sexy. I'll try to be the best slave you have ever had. After that? Who knows...?”

To Be Continued...

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