The Telemachus Story Archive

Strong Elk
By Master Skrain

Strong Elk.

Corporal Josh Kendall was scared! The young cavalry soldier was being held captive by the very group of renegade Apache warriors that his troop had been sent to capture. The rest of the squad had been mercilessly slaughtered in a cunning ambush just after dawn in a mountain pass. Josh might have been killed too, except for the fact that he had been thrown from his horse when it had bolted, and knocked unconscious when his head hit a rock.

When he awoke, Josh realized that he was lying in the middle of the bodies of his comrades. He watched, horrified as the renegades stripped the clothing and weapons from his friend's bodies. When several of the warriors approached him, Josh tried to draw his pistol, but he discovered that it had fallen out of it's holster, and was lying some distance away. The warriors saw him moving, and immediately grabbed him, and called out to their comrades.

Now, Josh found himself a prisoner of the Apaches. He had been told by the Sargent of the horrific Tortures the Apaches inflicted on their captives, and this particular group of warriors were reported to be even more savage then the rest of the tribe.

He was sure they were going to kill him in the slowest, and most agonizing way that they could. He had already been stripped of his uniform, and forced to walk naked for miles, with his hands tied behind his back, and a rope around his neck, being led by one of the warriors on horseback. Josh knew that if he fell, that he would be dragged by the neck, so he struggled to keep his footing, mile after agonizing mile.

When they finally arrived at the encampment of the renegades through a narrow opening in the rocks, Josh had almost immediately been staked to the ground, helpless, and totally naked to the blazing sun. The Indians seemed to be intrigued by his pale skin, and his blonde hair. They ran their hands up and down his lean body, twisting and pulling his nipples, feeling his muscles and his ribs, and stroking his cock until it was fully erect.

The warriors seemed to be amused by the fact that he was hard, laughing and feeling his erection. Finally, one of the biggest and most muscular of the Indians removed his loincloth, and straddled Josh's chest. Grabbing a handful of his blonde hair, he pulled the youngster's head forward, and forced his thick brown uncut cock into the trooper's mouth!

Josh began to choke as his throat was blocked. He was struggling in revulsion at the thought of sucking another man's cock as well. He had heard rumors that such things took place, but he never really believed that men could be so perverse.

The Indian began to moan with pleasure as he started to thrust in and out of the hot mouth sucking his cock. Josh was struggling uselessly as the cock was driven deeper and deeper into his mouth. Finally, after a couple of minutes, the Indian began to groan and mutter in his native language. Then, holding Josh's head tight, he howled as he filled the helpless soldier's mouth with his hot, salty discharge. Josh had no choice but to swallow the Indian's load of sperm!

As soon as the Indian had finished, he moved out of the way, and was replaced with another of the warriors. Josh was horrified to realize that all of the warriors intended to use his mouth in the same way. The sexual Torture continued for several hours, as each warrior raped his mouth at least three times each, one right after another.

When the warriors had finished using the helpless trooper's mouth, they walked away, leaving Josh staked out naked in the heat of the sun. His mind was torn between thoughts of horror at what had been done to him, and his thoughts of the Tortures still to come, and an inexplicable thought that in some way he had enjoyed the feel of the thick cocks in his mouth and the taste of the hot sperm as it had slid down his throat.

Later that night, after darkness had fallen, Josh lay dozing fitfully, still staked to the ground, tortured by an increasing hunger and thirst. He heard a sound, and looked up to see the youngest of the warriors standing above him, staring sadly down at his helpless form. The Indian could not have been much older then Josh himself, no more then 17 or 18. Suddenly, he knelt down and took Josh's limp cock into his mouth. Josh moaned at the sudden pleasure of the moist warmth surrounding his now swelling organ.

He gasped and moaned as his cock rose to it's full height inside the Indian's sucking mouth. Josh groaned with pleasure as the Indian's tongue flickered up and down his shaft. He had never had anyone suck his cock before, as he had felt it was abhorrent. If only he had known what pleasure he was missing!

Finally, after ten minutes or so, he felt himself nearing his climax. Perhaps sensing the fact that his prisoner was close to cumming, the Indian began to twist Josh's nipples, causing him to moan and struggle even harder. After only a minute or so of the delightful Torture, Josh's cock erupted with a huge load of sperm into the Indian's mouth.

After swallowing the captive boy's load, the Indian leaned in close to Josh's ear and whispered “Do not give up. Strong Elk will help you escape. Handsome young yellow hair soldier should not die!” Then, to Josh's amazement, the young Indian leaned over and kissed Josh deeply, his tongue sliding into Josh's mouth! Josh was startled and briefly confused, then he suddenly returned the kiss as fiercely as he could, while still staked out to the ground. Strong Elk then stood up, and silently walked away, into the darkness.

For the next several days, Josh was forced to endure extreme Tortures at the hands of the band of renegade Apaches. He knew Strong Elk couldn't do anything to help him escape while surrounded by almost a dozen Apache warriors without both of them being tortured. To make matters worse, it appeared that Strong Elk was being trained by the head Warrior to be the main Torturer, so he had to lead the agonizing punishment that Josh was being forced to endure!

One morning, he was tied to a post standing in the middle of their encampment, then Strong Elk was told to whip Josh across his lean back until he was bloody, then he was left for the rest of the day for the sun to bake his torn flesh, and the ants and flies to torture. Being a fair skinned blonde, Josh burned quickly in the sun, which only added to his agonized suffering.

On the next day, Josh was horrified when two of the Indians held him tightly while his wrists were tied behind his neck, attached to a rope wrapped around his throat. The helpless young soldier then screamed in agony as their leader then drove sharpened skewers made of bone through his chest muscles, directly behind his nipples. Then, two ropes were tied around the skewers and thrown over the crossbar of a wooden frame built outside of the camp, away from any trees or shade. Several of the Indians grasped the ropes and lifted the shrieking captive off the ground, suspending him by his chest and nipples! The Indians then went back to their camp, leaving Josh to hang for hours in the brutal heat of the sun. Whenever one of the warriors walked near him, Josh was beaten by wooden clubs, or whipped, or simply punched in his lean, stretched stomach, driving the air from his lungs, and leaving him struggling to breathe.

On the third day of his Torture, he was tied between two upright posts, his arms and legs tied and spread wide. A narrow thong of stretched wet leather was wrapped tightly around his balls, forcing then down as low in his ballsack as they could go. A pile of wood was stacked between his wide-spread feet, directly under his exposed cock and nuts, and set on fire! As the leather wrapped around his nuts shrank, Josh's balls were forced lower and lower in his ballsack, until the tortured young soldier was sure that his balls were going to be totally crushed or ripped from his body!

Two sharpened skewers of wood were pushed through the straining boy's battered and bruised nipples by Strong Elk while the leader watched. Josh could see the look of sadness in the boy's eyes, even as he was forced to Torture the young soldier.

When the pieces of wood were in place, Josh watched in total horror as the ends were set on fire. The wood slowly burned closer and closer to his nipples until the flames finally touched his skin. He began to scream at the top of his lungs as the flesh around his nipples began to char and blister, even as he was in total agony as the heat from the fire between his legs grew until it was unbearable, and he felt like his cock and stretched balls were being roasted right off his body!

Finally, the flames went out, leaving the pieces of wood buried in his nipples, and his genitals scorched, and blistered. He was left there, hanging for the rest of the day, in total agony, and delirious from the pain while the coals smoldered between his legs.

The worst Torture came on the day Josh was taken into a wooded area near the encampment. There, he was tied helplessly over a log, bent forward, and was mounted from behind by each of the Indians. The burning pain in his torn ass was unbearable as each Indian forced his swollen cock deeply into Josh's tight hole, while another warrior filled his mouth with a engorged cock to keep him from screaming. Josh thought he was going to pass out from the sheer horror of being raped by the warriors, one after another, until all of them had mounted him at least twice, and had shot loads of their sperm into both his ass and down his throat.

Each night, no matter what horrific tortures he had been forced to endure during the day, he was staked out again in the center of the encampment, and each of the Indians would mount his chest and force their cocks into his mouth, forcing him to suck them off. Then, later that night, Strong Elk would come out and suck Josh to an explosive orgasm. Josh began to feel a strange feeling, actually looking forward to the nightly visits by the handsome young Apache boy. He almost felt as if he was starting to feel affection, maybe even love for him! Josh was totally confused by his feelings, having been taught that men simply did not have sex with other men, but the nightly sucking of his cock was too pleasurable to be dismissed!

Then came a day when he was taken to a clearing outside the camp surrounded by rocky terrain, and staked out for the entire day in the intense heat. He had been tied to the stakes by wet strips of rawhide that began to shrink in the intense heat of the sun, stretching Josh's lean, muscled body tighter and tighter, until he felt like he was going to be ripped apart! He had been staked out near a huge anthill, and the ants feasted on his flesh as he struggled in pure agony. The ants seemed to be concentrating on his still burned and scorched nipples and cock and balls, and his other wounds. The agony as he was bitten by hundreds of the hungry ants, actually eating his flesh was indescribable. Josh couldn't help but scream at the top of his lungs.

He suspected that the Indians had come to the decision that they were finally done with torturing him, and that he was to be eliminated.

Josh's fears were heightened when the Indians began to build a small wooden platform next to his spread-eagled body after the second day he had laid naked in the sun, otherwise totally ignored by the warriors. Even Strong Elk had not come to suck his cock in the night like he had been doing.

He wondered about the shallow pit the Indians had dug under the frame until they filled it with small pieces of wood. Horrified, he realized that it was a fire-pit, and he knew what his method of being put to death was going to be. He was to be burned alive! Later that afternoon, four of the Indians cut the leather thongs holding Josh to the stakes. He was too weak from hunger and thirst to even struggle as he was bound face-up to the platform. He had not been given anything to eat or drink since his capture other then the multiple loads of sperm he had been forced to swallow each night.

They left him there spread-eagled in the burning sun, bound to the rough platform as they disappeared back down the path towards the main camp. Josh figured that when the sun rose the next morning that his Torture by fire would start, and he knew that he didn't have the courage to endure being burned alive! He began to weep in blind terror and fear of his horrific fate.

Later that night, as Josh dozed from sheer exhaustion, he was roused by the sound of someone coming down the path towards him. The darkness was so complete that he couldn't see a thing. Suddenly, a hand clamped across his mouth, and he heard Strong Elk whispering in his ear.

“Beautiful Yellow hair soldier will not die. Strong Elk will save you tonight!”

Josh felt the thongs binding him to the platform being cut, and then he was being helped up.

“Yellow Hair must be quiet! We go now, get far away before light in sky come back.”

Strong Elk handed Josh something he couldn't identify at first, then he realized that it was his uniform pants and his boots! Strong Elk must have saved them from the massacre. He slipped into his pants and pulled his boots on, thankful that he wouldn't have to try to travel barefoot.

“You come now. Follow Strong Elk. He knows path.”

Josh gratefully grasped the proffered hand, and began to walk as quietly as he could, guided by the young, handsome Indian boy. They worked their way through the main camp, and out through the narrow passage in the rocks. Once out of the rocks, they were able to travel much more quickly, even though Josh was still weak from his Tortures and the lack of food. Strong Elk seemed to know this, as he reached into a large leather pouch he had over his shoulder, and handed Josh some strips of Jerky to chew on, and to Josh's surprise, an army canteen full of water! Josh gratefully chewed on the jerky and swallowed the cool water, thinking that he had never tasted anything so good!

They traveled as far away from the camp as they could while it was still dark, but as the sky started to lighten, Strong Elk told Josh “We find a place to hide, rest until light go away. Not safe to go in light. Too easy to track.”

“You think someone will come looking for us?” Said Josh.

“Yes, my father, Brave Bear, and his friends will come for us. They were told by others in our tribe to leave, since chief of tribe want to make peace with white men. My father still thinks we should kill all white men, thinks they are bad!”

“Your father? HE was the one leading the others and Torturing me? How do I know you aren't going to try to kill me the first chance you get?” Josh snarled.

Strong Elk looked at Josh with a great sadness in his eyes. “Strong Elk does NOT think white men should die! Strong Elk learn about great teacher Jesus at white man's school run by missionaries, learn to speak with white man's tongue there, too. Strong Elk does not like what father had done, but was told to leave tribe with others, since Strong Elk is of two spirits.”

“Two spirits? What does that mean?” asked Josh.

“Two spirits man has different spirits in him. Has body of man, but wants to live like woman, wants to be with men, not women. That is why Strong Elk saves Yellow Hair Soldier. Soldier is most beautiful man Strong Elk has ever seen, and wishes to be with him!”

Josh thought about this for a bit before saying “Be with me? You mean you want to have sex with me, to love me?”

Strong Elk nodded. “Yellow Hair Soldier looks like a God to Strong Elk! Wants to be with him, to take his seed and hopes Yellow Hair Soldier will want to do the same!”

Josh wasn't sure how to respond. He had been taught from childhood that men were only supposed to be with women, but even though he mostly believed that, there was still a part of him that wondered want it would be like to be with another man. Not in the way the warriors had taken him, by force, but to make love to another man, to feel his muscles and to stroke and maybe even suck on his cock, and to have another man suck his cock as an act of love, not of rape or Torture.

Strong Elk pointed to a cleft in the rocks near where they were walking. “Looks like cave. Will check to see if safe, and would make good place to stay during light.. I go ahead, you follow.”

The young Apache boy lead Josh towards the narrow opening in the rocks. “Stay here. Strong Elk will look to see what in cave.”

Josh nodded, and sat down on a nearby rock, almost too tired to do anything else. The Tortures of the last few days had weakened him, and then having to walk for hours had almost exhausted his remaining strength. Also, the whip marks on his back burned as the sweat ran down his back into them, and the wood splinters still buried in his burned nipples hurt with every breath.

Within a few minutes, Strong Elk returned.

“Cave is safe. We camp there until light goes away again, then we travel. Yellow Hair rest, and Strong Elk will find food.”

Josh groaned as he was helped to his feet by the strong Indian boy. He had to lean against him for support, the boy's muscular arm around his shoulders. Josh got a strange thrill from the feel of his bare torso pressed against the lean body of Strong Elk, and the feel of the muscled arms helping to support him.

They made their way into the cave, and Josh was lowered down onto a pile of leaves and grasses that had been blown into the cave by the winds. As Strong Elk turned to leave, Josh called out to him.

“Strong Elk, thank you. Thank you for rescuing me. And, please call me Josh.”

Strong Elk grinned, his white teeth standing out against the copper bronze of his face, and said “You welcome...Josh.”

Then he turned and was gone. Josh leaned back against the cool rock wall of the cave, his back and chest still hurting from the Tortures he had to endure. He tried to rest, but his mind was racing with the thought of the warmth and the strength of Strong Elk's body against his, as well as the feel of his arm across his shoulders. He remembered the feel of Strong Elk sucking his cock each night during his captivity as well, a gentle act, an act of kindness. Josh felt a stirring in his gut, and a sensation he had never felt before. He wanted to feel Strong Elk lying next to him, to be able to explore his lean muscled body, to explore what it would feel like to suck his nipples, to taste his lips, and to make love to his erect manhood, and to willingly take his sperm in his mouth, rather then the rape of his mouth that the other warriors had subjected him to.

The weariness that he had endured up to this point finally overtook Josh, and he dropped off to sleep.

In his dreams, Strong Elk was holding him, kissing him, and loving him, and Josh was making love back to the handsome Apache. They were sharing a bed in a cabin somewhere, exploring each others bodies, and sharing their lives. In his dream, Josh felt Strong Elk slowly begin to feel his lean muscles, gently exploring his body first with his fingers, and then with his tongue. Strong Elk then started to make gentle love to his nipples, kissing and then gently nibbling the tender knobs of flesh with his strong white teeth. Then the handsome Apache boy started to suck on his erect cock, making gentle love to it with his warm, moist mouth. Josh loved the feel of his long, thick black hair draped across his legs as Strong Elk's head worked it's way up and down as he sucked the young soldier's hard shaft.

The sensations felt so real that Josh couldn't believe that this was a dream. He opened his eves to see Strong Elk actually sucking his cock. The handsome Apache had been hunting and came back to find Josh asleep, but with his hard cock sticking up out of the front of his uniform trousers, which had come partially undone. Josh reached out and gently laid one hand on the back of Strong Elk's head, and gently pushed his head up and down on his cock. His other hand began to stroke the black hair of the boy. The sensations of pleasure were enough to make Josh forget about his whipped back and the pain in his chest from his nipples and from being suspended by his pectoral muscles for a while, and just concentrate on his cock, until he groaned, and filled Strong Elk's mouth with his sperm.

Strong Elk swallowed Josh's load of cum, then slowly slid up until he was leaning on the wall, sitting next to Josh. They just looked silently into each others eyes for a moment before Josh reached over, cupped one hand behind Strong Elk's head, and pulled him close, kissing him deeply.

“Thank you.” Josh whispered when he broke the kiss.

He then leaned down, and started to run his tongue across Strong Elk's chest, licking his copper bronze skin, and finally starting to suck his right nipple. Strong Elk moaned with pleasure at the feel of the mouth on his chest, and the tongue flicking across his nipple. Josh licked the sweat from Strong Elk's chest and then sucked on his other nipple, enjoying the taste of his sweat, and his hard muscles. Finally, the young soldier's mouth worked it's way down the muscled Apache's torso, kissing each hard ridge of corded muscle until he reached the base of the Indian's erect cock. Josh ran his tongue up the length of the shaft, and was rewarded by a gasp and a hissing intake of air from Strong Elk.

Josh opened his mouth, and for the first time in his life, voluntarily started to suck on another man's cock. Strong Elk was moaning with pleasure as Josh licked and sucked his thick manhood. He tongued the hole in the thick head of the cock, and sucked the shaft deeply into his throat. He felt Strong Elk's hand on the back of his head, slowly encouraging him to take more and more of the shaft into his mouth, the head working it's way into his throat until he started to choke, and gag. Strong Elk released the pressure on Josh's head, and he lifted himself clear of the erect cock for just a moment, just long enough to catch his breath. Then Josh went back down on Strong Elk, sucking him harder then before.

Within a few minutes more, Strong Elk began to gasp faster and faster, his abs flexing and rippling under his sweat-glazed skin until, with a groan, he filled Josh's mouth with his sperm! He grunted and groaned as stream after stream of cum shot into the hot mouth sucking him until he was sated, and his orgasm was finished.

Josh swallowed the hot, salty cum as fast as he could, and continued to lick the now sensitive head of Strong Elk's cock until the handsome Apache boy pulled his head up. Strong Elk was leaning back against the wall of the cave, his copper brown chest heaving and streaked with sweat. Josh thought that he was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen!

Strong Elk finally leaned forward and kissed Josh, who grasped the back of the Apache's head, and kissed him back with a ferocity that he didn't know he had within him.

“Thank you, Josh. Strong Elk knows that you are the one spirit that he seeks.”

The Indian boy reached for the pouch he had been carrying with him. He pulled out a blanket he had taken from the camp when he left to rescue Josh, and spread it out on the bedding of grass and leaves.

“Josh, you rest. Strong Elk find food, and will bring some when done.”

Josh gratefully lay down on the blanket, and was asleep almost immediately, since he was still exhausted from his ordeal. When he awoke, the first thing he felt was an almost ravenous hunger. He looked around to find Strong Elk, but he was not in the small cave. Josh sat up stiffly, still sore, slipped his boots on, buckled his pants, and stepped bare-chested out of the cave. For as far as he could see, there was just bare prairie stretching to the horizon, dotted here and there with small piles of rocks and the occasional tree. He looked behind him, and his gaze went up the front of the smallish hill that the cave was located in. Sitting about 50 feet above him was Strong Elk, who seemed to be peering intently towards the horizon. Spotting Josh, the Apache boy climbed down to him, and kissed him.

“Strong Elk has food. Josh eat some, get strength back so we can travel more tonight.”

He climbed down off from his perch on the hillside, and led Josh to where several rabbits were roasting over a small fire. Strong Elk cut some of the freshly cooked meat, and gave it to Josh, who swallowed it greedily. He ate until he was full, and Strong Elk ate as well.

“It was not really safe to have fire, but Strong Elk knows white men not like to eat food raw. Was looking to see if we followed. Did not see any signs, so Strong Elk think we are safe to move on when light is gone.”

It seemed to be late in the afternoon, with shadows lengthening, but it was still too light to try to travel. Strong Elk put out the fire to keep it from smoking, and led Josh back into the cave. When he lay down on the blanket, and motioned for Josh to lie down as well, Josh had a good idea what he wanted! He stripped off his boots and pants, as Strong Elk removed his loincloth, and then Josh lay next to the naked Indian boy, their bodies side by side, their arms wrapped around each other!

Josh immediately felt his cock getting hard again, and he saw that Strong Elk's thick, brown shaft was fully erect as well. Strong Elk leaned in and kissed Josh, his tongue probing the inside of the young Soldier's mouth. Josh kissed him back just a passionately, his hands sliding up and down Strong Elk's solid back muscles. Strong Elk pulled Josh to him, to feel their bodies pressed tightly together, but when Josh's chest pressed against his, he saw Josh wince in pain.

“What is wrong?”

“It's these damn pieces of wood stuck in my nipples!” Josh said, wincing again.

“Strong Elk can remove, but will hurt. Can Josh take more pain?”

“Well, I figure anything you do to me can't hurt more then being Tortured by your father and his friends, so go ahead!”

Strong Elk told Josh to lie on his back, and close his eyes. Josh felt pressure on his right nipple, and then a burst of sharp pain! He looked down to see Strong Elk using his hunting knife to make a small cut in his nipple, allowing him to push the piece of wood out of the thickened skin. It hurt like hell for a moment, then suddenly, the pain was gone! He then felt the pressure again in his left tit, and again, a burst of intense pain, then it was over! Strong Elk took some large leaves and pressed then to Josh's nipples and told Josh to keep holding them there.

He looked in the pouch he had carried from the camp, and came up with a small group of leaves and grasses tied together. Using his knife, he chopped up a small amount of them, and mixed them with some of the water from the canteen. When he had mixed them into a paste, he took the leaf from Josh's right tit, and spread some of the herbal paste on it. He then pressed the leaf back against Josh's nipple.

Josh groaned at the burst of fresh pain from his tit. Strong Elk then did the same for Josh's left nipple.

Strong Elk said; “Strong Elk knows it hurt like fire, but will make wound heal very fast!”

As Josh lay back, groaning softly with the pain in his nipples, he felt Strong Elk begin to gently stroke his now soft cock. At his gentle touch, it immediately began to thicken and stiffen again until it was standing up fully erect. Josh moaned as he felt Strong Elk's tongue begin to flick across his sensitive cock head, and lap up and down the full length of his shaft. He groaned louder when he felt his right ball being sucked into Strong Elk's mouth, his tongue licking his nutsack. Then his other ball was sucked in as well, causing him to groan again and mutter “Aw, shit, that feels good!”

Strong Elk continued the sensual play with Josh's balls in his mouth for a few more minute, until Josh felt like he was about to explode from sheer pleasure! The sensations were incredible. He had never felt anything like that before!

Finally, after a few minutes, Strong Elk allowed Josh's nuts to pop out of his mouth one at a time. He immediately started to lick Josh's streaming cock once again, then he took the head into his mouth. Josh moaned once loudly, and came, shooting what felt to him like a flood of sperm into the hot mouth sucking him!

Strong Elk swallowed Josh's cum, but then continued to lick and nibble on the now incredibly sensitive head of the cock in his mouth! Josh moaned in agonized delight! It was Torture, but it was a pleasure Torture, something he had never felt before! Josh continued to moan as the intense sensations continued to shoot throughout his body from his super sensitive cock head, until he just couldn't endure any more! He had to pull Strong Elk's head away from his cock before he started screaming from the sensations!

As soon as Strong Elk had let Josh's cock slip out of his mouth, he slid up, and straddled Josh's chest, making sure to support himself on his muscled arms to keep from hurting Josh's nipples. His thick brown cock was hanging right above Josh's mouth, and when Josh grasped it, he slowly lowered himself down until Josh sucked the shaft into his mouth. As Strong Elk began to thrust up and down, fucking the young soldier's mouth, Josh reached up and started to squeeze and twist the Apache boy's erect nipples. Strong Elk groaned and began to fuck Josh's mouth harder and harder, driving his swollen cock deeper and deeper with each thrust of his powerful hips. Josh was mesmerized by the rippling muscles bulging and flexing under Strong Elk's sweat-glazed, brown skin. He had never had these types of feelings before, for either a man or a woman. He realized that he was truly falling in love with the handsome, long-haired Indian boy.

Finally, with a loud groan, Strong Elk filled Josh's mouth with a huge load of hot, salty bittersweet sperm. Josh eagerly sucked down and swallowed every bit of the Indian's cum, as if it was the milk of life itself! His tongue flickered across the now sensitive head of Strong Elk's cock, drawing another groan of pleasure from the Apache boy.

When Strong Elk finally pulled his cock from Josh's mouth, he immediately lay down next to the blonde soldier, and kissed him almost fiercely. When he broke the kiss, he just stared intently into Josh's eyes, as if looking into his soul. Josh gazed back, seeing the inner warmth and caring that was truly inside Strong Elk.

Josh whispered to Strong Elk; “The next time we have sex, I want you to fuck me! I want to feel you inside me, to fill me with your sperm, to let you know that I truly am the spirit that you seek! Yes, the others raped me, but I want to give myself to you freely, so you know that I truly do love you!”

Strong Elk nodded and said; “Yes, Josh, Strong Elk will take you, and fill you! But, we have time before we can go again. Think you need more sleep before we go. Have to move quickly as we can in dark, to be sure we safe. We sleep more before moving.”

Josh nodded, and curled up against Strong Elk's hard, sweaty naked body. He felt the Indian boy's arms wrapping around him, and he nodded off again.

The next thing Josh knew, he was being awakened by hands grabbing him, and hauling him upright, before he was even fully awake. He looked around, and to his horror, saw the group of Apache renegades that he and Strong Elk had escaped from surrounding them. Strong Elk was struggling in the grasp of two of the largest of the warriors, while his father stood looking on impassively. Josh was suddenly gripped with the fear that he and Strong Elk were either going to be killed on the spot, or even worse, forced to endure more horrific Tortures at the hands of the renegades. Josh began to shake with fear and sob at the thought of being Tortured again! His worst fears were realized when the two naked captives were dragged out of the cave. The warriors forced them to a spot on the open prairie, near a small mound of what looked like fresh dirt. Quickly, Josh and Strong Elk were staked to the ground, tautly spread-eagled side by side, their bodies fully exposed to the sky.

The warriors went back towards the small hill, where they set up a camp and prepared to spend the night. Josh lifted his head, and saw Strong Elk lying a couple of feet away from him, as helpless as he was.

“What do you think they will do to us?” he whispered.

Strong Elk looked at Josh with sadness in his eyes.

“We will be left to die, no food or water. Light in sky will take our lives slowly. Strong Elk is truly sorry for what father has done.”

Josh's head fell back on the ground. So, this was how he was going to die, baked by the sun, or dying of thirst and hunger! He almost wished that he had died in the Indian camp, as that would have been faster. Now he knew he was going to suffer unspeakable agony until he died!

The two captives lay helplessly on the ground, struggling against their bonds, but to no avail. Josh finally fell asleep from sheer exhaustion, as did Strong Elk. When Josh opened his eyes, it was already

getting light, coming closer to sunrise and the start of their Torture! Josh saw the warriors moving around in their camp, and hissed “Strong Elk, wake up. They're coming!”

Strong Elk lifted his head and looked at Josh. The pain and sadness in his deep brown eyes and the tears running down his handsome face were almost more then Josh could bear to look at.

The warriors surrounded the two naked boys, staring impassively down at them. Then Brave Bear started to speak in his native language. Strong Elk answered, and Josh thought that he might be pleading for their lives. The argument went on for some time, and Josh thought that perhaps Strong Elk could convince his father to just let the two of them go, to fend for themselves.

His hopes were dashed when Brave Bear simply shook his head once, then spoke to the warriors.

To Josh's horror the Indians began to remove their loincloths, and stroke their rapidly thickening cocks, until all dozen or so stood above the two boys, all erect, One of the warriors straddled Josh's chest while another sat down across Strong Elk's body, Their heads were forced up, and the Indians slid forward driving their cocks into the two hot mouths. For the next couple of hours, the two staked out boys had their mouths raped again and again, as each warrior came at least twice, usually once in Josh's mouth, and once in Strong Elk's. Then in a final insult, Brave Bear straddled Strong Elk's body, and slid his cock into his own son's mouth. Instead of fucking his mouth, however, he grasped Strong Elk's head to hold it motionless, and pissed into his son's mouth! Having humiliated his son, he then rose and snarled what might have been a curse at his son. Then, turning his back on the two captives, he said something to the warriors. They stood above the boys, and, to Josh's horror and revulsion, began to piss on the two spread-eagled captives! Josh choked as some of the streams were directed onto his face, and into his mouth. The urine stung his eyes when some ran into them as well.

When they were finished with their humiliation of the captives, the warriors started to walk away, except for one who squatted down between the captives. Pulling out a small gourd, he took a small amount of a sweet-smelling liquid and poured it on each of the boy's nipples. The liquid burned the still open cuts on Josh's nipples, causing him to moan and writhe in agony. Then he poured some of the liquid, a flower sap, Josh guessed, onto their cocks and balls as well.

Then the warrior simply stood up, and walked away. Josh lifted his head, and watched them mount their horses and ride off, leaving him and Strong Elk to die, naked and helpless on the prairie. Josh looked over at Strong Elk. Just the sight of the muscular boy spread-eagled on the ground, his chest rising and falling, caused his cock to start to get hard. It slowly expanded until it was fully erect. He saw that Strong Elk's cock was swelling as well. Josh began to weep at the thought that he was never going to be able to hold Strong Elk in his arms again, to never taste his lips as they kissed, and that he was never going to be able to make love to his strong, muscular body again.

Over the next few hours, as the sun rose higher and higher in the sky, the suffering of the two naked boys roasting in the blistering heat increased. Josh discovered to his horror that the mound of what looked like dirt was actually an anthill containing vicious fire-ants. They started to swarm in the heat of the day and soon both boys bound bodies were covered with the voracious fire-ants, their bodies writhing and straining futilely against the stakes holding them spread-eagled on the ground.

They seemed to be attracted by the smell of the liquid on the torture victim's nipples and cocks as well as the piss coating their bodies, and quickly both boys were in sheer agony as their nipples were literally being eaten off their chests and their cocks were being stripped of skin. The stings and the bites of the ants was excruciating, especially when they started to burrow into the still fresh welts on Josh's back and sides, as well as biting the head of his cock, attracted by the sweet sap. Josh finally started to scream from the agony. He felt as if his entire body was covered in burning hot coals! They were even climbing onto his face, going in his nose and ears, and even into his mouth.

Strong Elk was trying to remain quiet, but soon he started to scream as well. Their Torture by the ants lasted for hours! The agony the two boys were enduring was more then Josh would have ever thought that anyone could survive.

The two suffered for several more hours, their bodies being baked by the intense heat of the prairie sun and the ants continuing to bite and sting them. Just when Josh was sure he couldn't endure any more, he thought that he began to hear the sound of thunder off in the distance. But, there were no clouds anywhere in the bright blue sky, so that couldn't be it.

Lifting his head with almost the last of his strength, he saw another squad of the cavalry soldiers riding across the prairie. They must have been tracking the renegade Apaches that had slaughtered their comrades, but they were not going to come close enough to Josh and Strong Elk to see them!

With one last desperate effort, Josh drew in a lungful of air, and screamed “HEEEELLLLPPPPP!!!” as loudly as he could! At first he thought none of the soldiers had heard him, then, one of the troopers drew up his horse, and seemingly looked around, as if searching for something.

Josh shrieked out another desperate cry for help, and this time, several of the troopers turned, and headed towards him and Strong Elk, searching for the source of the cries. Josh's head dropped back on the ground as he began to weep with relief as the troopers drew up and dismounted as soon as they saw the awful sight in front of them!

“God Damn, boy, what the hell did those savages to you?” groaned the Sargent leading the troopers.

Josh was released from his bindings and canteens of water were used to wash the ants from his burned and tortured body.

“Please, release my friend, too!” pleaded Josh. “He saved my life! He can help you find the renegades, I think. His father is their leader! Please, release him!”

The troopers cut Strong Elk loose from his stakes, and cleaned the ants from his body as well. The two of them were wrapped in blankets and given water before the Sargent started to ask Josh and Strong Elk about the renegades.

“Yes, Strong Elk can tell you where they will be going. My father has shamed us all with his hate, and he does not deserve any mercy!” Snarled Strong Elk.

After Strong Elk told the troopers where the renegades had their secret hiding spot, he and Josh were lifted onto several of the pack horses, and two of the troopers escorted them back to the cavalry fort, several hours away. When they finally arrived at the fort, Josh was immediately taken to the small building where the troop's doctor checked him over, and gave him some medication for the ant bites covering his body before Josh fell asleep from sheer exhaustion. When he awoke several hours later, he asked where Strong Elk was.

“Oh, you mean the Injun? He's in the guardhouse locked up until we decide what to do with him!” sneered the doctor.

“God, no! He's my friend! He saved my life! Please, I need to see him, and to talk to the Captain! They can't hurt him! Please!” Josh begged.

“O.K. Boy, I'll tell the Captain you want to see him, but I can't promise anything.” said the Doctor as he turned to go.

In another hour or so, the door to the small medical building opened, and Captain Wilton stepped in. He looked down at Josh and said “Sawbones said you wanted to see me, soldier. What can I do for you?”

Josh looked up at him and said “Sir, please don't let anyone harm Strong Elk! He saved my life, and you have to believe me when I say he didn't go along with the renegade Apaches willingly, he was forced to go by his father, the head of the renegades! He's the one that told the sergeant where to find their secret camp. Please, Sir, don't do anything to him!”

The captain looked at Josh and told him: “I'll wait and see what happens when the squad returns. If you're telling the truth, I'll think about it. I just hope you're right, trooper!”

Josh lay in his bed for several hours, racked with doubt and fear about what would happen to his handsome Indian lover. He knew that the troopers would not be inclined to show him any mercy after what has happened to their comrades. Josh was afraid that Strong Elk would be shot or hung no matter what happened. He realized that his only hope was to leave with Strong Elk, even at the cost of remaining in the Army.

Finally, Josh heard the sound of the squad of soldiers returning to the fort. Within minutes, the Sargent walked into where Josh lay in bed.

“Well, Corporal, it seems your redskin friend was telling the truth! We snuck up on their encampment, and wiped out the lot of them! None of them got away, that's for sure! So you can rest easier knowing that lot are gone!”

“Thanks for telling me, Sarge! Have you told the Captain yet? I need to see him again, Sarge, Please!”

“O.K. Corporal, I'll tell him!”

Within an hour, the Captain returned to speak to Josh.

“So what's so important, soldier?” demanded the Captain.

“Please, Sir, you have to let Strong Elk go, and please make sure no harm comes to him! He was telling the truth about the renegades, Sir!'

“So, what's so important about this one redskin, boy? Why are you so concerned with him?”

“Sir, he saved my life! He was helping me escape from the renegades who had tortured me, and were going to kill me! When we got caught, he was tortured just like I was, and we were both left to die, Sir.”

Josh faltered, and had a hard time meeting the Captain's gaze.

“What else, boy?” said the Captain, much more gently.

Tears began to fill Josh's eyes when he said “I know this means I'm finished in the Army, but I love him, sir! I'm completely in love with Strong Elk, Sir!'

The Captain's gaze hardened.

“In love with him, boy? You mean you and him have...” He left the sentence unfinished.

“Yes, Sir! We have made love several times, Sir! I want nothing more then to be with him forever, Sir! Please, just let him go, and I'll resign and leave with him, Sir! Please?”

“You know you'll get cashiered out, and be branded an Injun loving faggot, boy! Be very sure about this, boy!” snapped the Captain.

“I don't care, Sir. Strong Elk means more to me then all that!”

With that, the Captain turned on his heel and left, closing the door behind him. Josh fell back on his bed, tears streaming down his face. From then on, whenever the troop's doctor came to check on his progress, he wouldn't say a word to Josh other then the minimum that he had to.

When Josh was released from the doctor's care the next day, he was ordered by the Sargent to appear in the Captain's office. Josh knew what was coming. He was being thrown out of the Army, but he didn't care, as long as he got to be with Strong Elk again.

The Captain slid a sheet of paper across his desk, and told Josh to sign it. When he did, the captain then said “Gather your gear, boy and get out of my fort, and take the injun with you! You have 5 minutes!”

When Josh had his gear collected, he walked out of the barracks and slung his saddlebags across his horse. He turned at the sound of a door slamming to see a pair of troopers walking Strong Elk across the parade grounds of the fort to where Josh was waiting. Strong Elk looked tired, but otherwise seemed to be O.K., even though he was naked. Josh rummaged in one of his saddlebags and found an old pair of his civilian pants. He gave them to Strong Elk, who slipped them on.

Strong Elk said “Thank you, Josh” and kissed him! The two troopers' faces twisted in disgust as they walked away.

They both mounted Josh's horse, and headed out the gate. Josh noticed that every trooper turned his back as Josh and Strong Elk rode by, but he didn't care! His handsome Apache lover was with him, strong arms clasped around Josh's waist and his warm, hard chest pressed against Josh's back under his thin shirt. Josh never looked back as he and Strong Elk rode out of the fort, and into their future together!