The Telemachus Story Archive

The Sk8er boy.
By Master Skrain

The Sk8er Boy.


Yeah, I was watching him. And, the arrogant little fucker KNEW that I was watching him, too! Every time he rolled past where I was standing watching the action at the local skate park, he'd puff up his chest, and flex one or both of his thick arms, and fire off a shit-eating grin in my direction. Then he'd wheel off to another section of the park to ride the bowl, or jump the railings, but every so often he'd glance over to be sure I was still watching him.

And, damn, was he ever worth watching! Handsome face topped by a thick shock of black hair falling from under the mandatory backwards baseball cap, wide shoulders capped by bowling ball delts leading to huge vein-covered biceps, and muscled forearms. The kid looked like he was in his early 20s, so he was old enough for what I had in mind. I never messed with anyone under 19, no matter how cute or hot they were. Even I have SOME scruples! I figured my regular approach would work with this one, like it had with so many hunky guys before.

Finally, the kid rolled up to close to where I was leaning on the railing. I openly watched him, letting him silently know that we both knew he WAS being watched. He flipped his board up with one foot and caught it, the muscles in his arms rippling with the least exertion.

As he walked by me, heading towards the bench by the railing, he grinned and said “Hey.”

Taking that as an opening, I walked over to where he was sitting, looked down at him and said “Hey, yourself.”

“I saw you watching me. Like what you see?” he grinned, flexing one of his arms.

“Hard to tell with that damn shirt on, kid!” I chuckled.

He immediately shucked off his tank top. HOLY SHIT, this kid was built! Ripped, solid hairless pecs capped by nice thick tits, just the way I like them, broad shoulders tapering down to a narrow waist and washboard 6-pack abs. I could just see the beginnings of the veins running down past the waist of his baggy pants. The definition of his muscles were emphasized by his tan, and the fact that he wasn't much over 5'6” tall, which made him look like a little bull.

“Yeah, that's a hot body, kid! Come here often? Never seen you here before...” I ventured.

“Nah. Just moved here, still getting settled in. Moved away from my parents since they were getting to be a pain in the ass! I just came here cause I ain't found a job yet, and I needed to just get out for a while. You skate, dude?”

“Nope. I just come here to check out the local “scenery” if you know what I mean!”

“I got a pretty good idea! What you got in mind, dude?”

Yeah, he knew the score!

“You want to make an easy grand, kid?” I figured to a $20 a trick hustler, this was a fortune!

“Shit, a thousand? Fuck yeah! What do I have to do?”

“I want to put you in, oh, shall we say, an “adult” film. You're hot, and as I said, you've got a hell of a body! What do you say, Kid?”

“My name is Trevor, but my friends call me Trey. Fuck yes, I can do that. Hell, for a grand, I'd pretty much do anything except play with shit, or kids, or anything like that! I got my limits, man!”

“Well, I'll be honest with you, Trey. My plan is to Torture your hot body and hard muscles, and to film you enduring it. Nothing permanent, but you'll be in pain. Still Interested?

“Fuck, man, for $1000 you can do whatever you want to me. I'm tough, and I can take it!'

“Well, Trey, come with me, if you're free!'

“Not until I see some cash, man!”

I held out a roll of $100 bills. His eyes widened!

“Let's go, man!”

Within a half hour, Trey was at my place, wearing just his baggy pants, and a collar around his throat. He was standing under the overhead beam, steel restraints around his wrists, his arms stretched up and out, exposing his deep pits and wide lats, sweat glistening on his muscled torso and back. His feet were spread by chains as well.

“This is hot, man” he said, moaning slightly. “I've sucked cock and been fucked lots of times before, but never tried any of this bondage or S+M shit. Now, who's gonna use me while I'm tied up like this?”

I flipped the power on to the lights and the remote cameras, reached out and began to twist his brown nipples! As he writhed and flexed his muscles, his eyes widening, I grinned.

“Who do you think, boy? By the way, I hope you're ready to get Tortured for a while! NOW you will find out what this S+M shit, as you call it, is all about...”.

I unbuckled his baggy jeans, which dropped down to his knees, his fully erect cock springing up from it's nest of short brown hair. Hell, this little muscle fucker was hung, as well as being built! He had to have at least 8” of fat cock! I started to stroke his cock with one hand while continuing to twist and pull his tits with the other. I leaned in and ran my tongue through his right armpit, lapping up his salty sweat, and reveling in the feel of the hard muscle and taut tendons in his pit. I then repeated the pit licking on his left armpit, thoroughly enjoying the taste of his boy sweat. I then began to chew on his left nipple while twisting the right tit with one hand while I stroked his cock with the other. Trey moaned with the distinctive sound that I knew was not a moan of pain, but rather a moan of pure erotic pleasure. He moaned again when I switched over to chewing on his erect right tit.

After enjoying myself for a few more minutes, I stepped back and looked at Trey. His chest was rising and falling rapidly, his ribs and the muscles down the sides of his torso as well as his ripped abs rippling under his sweat-glazed skin with each deep breath. I picked up one of the floggers from my supply bench and turned back towards the bound and helpless skater boy.

“Now, it's time for you to begin to endure my tortures! Let's hope those muscles and those tits are as tough as they look...”

He just grinned at me and said “Cool...bring it on!”