The Telemachus Story Archive

Return To The Warehouse
By Master Skrain

Return to The Warehouse.

Part 1.

The Challenge.

He got the message on his answering machine almost a month after his last session. He had been waiting for another call soon. This message was slightly different then the usual call ordering him to come for an intense Torture session, though.

“Be at the usual location Friday night at the usual time. But, this time, be prepared for much more intense use then you have ever experienced before. If you endure, there will be a $50,000 bonus above your usual $3000 fee.”

He was also ordered to wear a tight pair of jeans and a plain t-shirt.

He had to wonder what he was going to be subjected to on this visit to the Warehouse. He was also rather apprehensive about what might happen to him if he was promised such a large bonus. He suspected that this might be the ultimate test of his ability to endure excruciating tortures.

Nonetheless, he drove to the usual location in the nondescript industrial park at the appointed time, and entered through the small door into the outer room. This time, though there was a change to his usual routine. There was no blindfold or muzzle, just a note that told him to remove his shirt, and put on the boots that were sitting under the table.

He slipped out of his street shoes and then laced up the boots. With no further instructions, he just sat in the chair and waited for whatever was to happen next. Within a few minutes, the door to the main part of the warehouse opened, and a muscular figure also dressed just in tight jeans and boots, with an executioner style leather half-hood stepped into the room.

Without saying a word, the hooded figure motioned for him to come into the Warehouse. Looking down at the hooded figure's boots, he followed, not letting his eyes stray too much. They walked into the darkened Warehouse towards a small island of light in the center of the space.

Waiting there were several more hooded figures standing in front of a metal framework that looked like some sort of an apparatus directly from a Science Fiction movie. Two of the men were naked except for half hoods, collars and boots, their massively muscled bodies glistening in the overhead lights. He noticed that their chests were capped by unnaturally large and protruding nipples that were bigger then a silver dollar, and stood out almost 2 inches from their rock hard, vascular pecs. The other muscular figure was also in a half hood, but was wearing tight leather pants and knee high boots.

When he arrived behind his escort, he was ordered to his knees. His escort stepped back and melted into the shadows, obviously allowing the 3 other men to take control. The figure in the leather pants and boots stepped in front of him and spoke in a deep, masculine voice.

“This will be a different experience then anything you have endured before, so you will be given a choice this time. I desire to be able to both see your face, and to be able to hear your reactions to the Torture you will be enduring, so that is why you are not hooded or gagged. My desire is based on torturing a muscled man far beyond his ability to endure the pain. My main fetish is to work on a muscled man's chest, and particularly his nipples, and the end result can be seen on my two associates. As a matter of fact, I will slowly, and deliberately Torture your nipples to the edge of their destruction...and maybe beyond! It will take you weeks to recover and heal from the various nipple Tortures you will be subjected to tonight. That is why you will be paid a generous bonus if you decide to accept the Torture. If you agree to this, we will get started. If you don't, you may stand up, turn around and walk out with no repercussions other then the fact that you will never be summoned here again. You have 30 seconds to choose!”

With that startling announcement, the hooded figure turned and walked back to stand next to the metal Torture and bondage frame.

He knelt in front of the Torture frame, considering his options. He actually enjoyed being tested and tortured to the limits of his endurance as a part of his continuing development of his body and mind, but he had some doubts as to his ability to endure tortures at the promised level of intensity. Still, the challenge to endure more and more Torture was too much for him to resist, not to mention the money being offered would secure his future for quite a while. Finally, he rose, and stepped a few paces closer to the Torture frame. Dropping to his knees again in front of the hooded figures, he softly murmured the words that sealed his fate.

“I accept your terms, and consent to the slow and painful Torture and possible destruction of my nipples and my chest. I shall attempt to endure whatever level of Torture you desire to subject me to.”

With that, the two naked hooded men stepped to either side of him, and pulled him to his feet. Turning him around, they backed him up against the frame and ordered him to step on two short extensions from the bottom of the frame. The frame was rotated until he was flat on his back. His arms were stretched up over his head, and thick metal bands were placed over his wrists and actually bolted to the Torture frame. Another pair of metal bands were positioned across his ankles over the boots, and they were bolted to the frame as well. Then a fifth band was placed across his throat and bolted to the support for a thinly padded headrest. A thick leather strap was pulled tightly across his lower torso, just below the belt on his jeans, two more straps were fastened across his thick quads, above his knees, another pair of straps were fastened across his arms just below his elbows, and finally a padded leather strap was pulled tightly across his forehead, totally immobilizing his head.

When the assistants were finished, he was tightly spread-eagled on the steel Bondage and Torture frame, with absolutely no chance of breaking free, or being released until the Torture session was finished! He couldn't even move any part of his body more then a fraction of an inch, no matter how hard he strained his thick muscles! Despite his fears, his cock began to swell in his jeans until it was fully erect, actually hurting as it was constricted by the fabric. His chest rose and fell quickly as he loaded his lungs with oxygen to help him endure whatever was to come!

A catch was released on the side of the frame, and it was rotated up until he was standing straight upright, spread out helplessly in front of his torturers. At a signal from the lead Torturer, the two nearly nude musclemen stepped in and began to suck and chew on his erect nipples. He groaned with pleasure at the feel of their hot mouths working on the sensitive knobs of flesh capping his thick pecs, and at the feel of their strong hands stroking up and down his 8-pack abs and feeling his thick biceps and shoulders. His total inability to move as the muscled men were orally worshiping his already sweat-covered physique was in itself an insidious form of pleasure Torture!

He groaned even louder as their hot mouths started to lick and nibble on the skin in the depths of his shaved armpits, causing him to writhe and flex his Pecs and Lats in an orgy of frustration. His pits had always been incredibly sensitive and having someone lick and worship them had always been a massive turn-on to him. But now he could do nothing but moan with frustrated delight at the continuing stimulation of his pits and nipples!

The pleasure Torture continued for at least a half hour, during which the biting and chewing on his increasingly tender nipples by the ripped musclemen was steadily becoming more and more intense, morphing from pure pleasure to more and more intense pain, until the feel of their teeth grinding against his tits was pure agony! He began screaming at the waves of pain rippling through his body from his brutalized nipples!

The Torture went on and on, until he could think of nothing but the pain ripping through his entire body from the two points of white-hot agony on his chest.

Finally, the two musclemen backed off from his chest, leaving him gasping for air, his body quivering and his muscles flexing uncontrollably from the amount of pure endorphins flooding his system. His Torturer allowed him several minutes to calm down before he stepped in front of the Torture rack, now wearing a pair of leather gloves. With a sadistic smile on his face, the Torturer reached out and grasped his battered nipples between his fingers.

“There are special gloves, since each of the fingertips have short needles embedded in them. It helps me to get a better grip on whatever I'm grasping, such as those nice thick Asian nipples of yours!”

With that, the Torturer squeezed his nipples, drawing another agonized scream from his throat as the tiny needles broke the top layer of skin on his tits, feeling like dozens of ant bites! He screamed again and again, his muscles rippling and flexing as he struggled futilely against the metal and leather restraints as the Torturer rolled and squeezed his tender nipples harder and harder, twisting them, stretching them away from his muscled pecs, and seemingly trying to bodily tear the knobs of flesh from his body! Through the red haze that was clouding his vision he could see his sadistic Torturer grinning and even chuckling to himself as the Torture went on, and On, and ON!!

As the Torture continued for what seemed to be an eternity, but it was actually only another 30 minutes or so, he couldn't help but to struggle and flex his thick muscles in a futile attempt to break free from his bondage. To his horror, the more he flexed and strained his sweat-glazed muscles, the harder his Torturer worked his battered nipples!

“Yeah, that's what I want to see, boy,”growled his Torturer. “Work those muscles! Flex for me, boy! Let's see those veins standing out on that body! I want to see you suffer, and I want to hear you scream and beg for mercy! The more you scream, the more it turns me on! Scream for me, muscleman, SCREAM!!!”


The shrieks of agony were torn from his throat as his nipples were subjected to a level of pain that he could not imagine anyone having to endure! The last thing that he heard was his Torturer laughing sadistically at his frantic efforts to escape the unbearable pain that was tearing through his muscled body. With one last whimpering groan, blackness engulfed his mind, and he knew nothing else!

Part 2.


Consciousness slowly returned to him, fighting it's way through the darkness that had overwhelmed him. When he groaned and opened his eyes, the first thing that he was able to focus on were the two nearly nude figures of the hooded musclemen that were assisting in his Torture. They were standing in front of him, slowly stroking their erect cocks, peering intently at him through the eye-holes in their half-hoods. When they saw him open his eyes, they stepped in, and with surprising gentleness began to lick and gently caress his raw, bruised, swollen nipples with their tongues and hot mouths.

As his mind began to process the comforting feelings on his nipples, he began to notice other changes. He has been stripped of his jeans while unconscious, leaving him wearing just the boots he had been given. He also felt the leather straps across the bare skin of his lower abs and his quads, meaning that it was still impossible for him to escape whatever further Tortures were going to be inflicted on his body, and especially on his pecs and his nipples.

He hung there on the Torture frame, moaning with a combination of pleasure at the feel of the warm mouths and tongues caressing his battered, tender nipples and frustration at his inability to even move, much less to be able to feel the hot muscular bodies of the two assistant torturers. Of course, that didn't stop them from running their hands all over his stretched, spread-eagled body, feeling his thick biceps and broad shoulders, fingering his ribs and the taut cords of solid muscle down the sides of his torso, tracing each ridge of the rock-like washboard of his 8-pack abs, running their hands across the muscled towers of his legs, feeling the veins coursing down his massive quads, and finally to begin to stroke his totally erect cock, and cup his swollen nuts, making him groan with even more frustrated lust!

The pleasure Torture went on and on, until he was sure that he was going to shoot a load of cum from the sheer eroticism of their muscle worship! Just when he thought that he couldn't hold off any longer, the lead Torturer ordered the two nearly nude musclemen to back away from him, leaving him actually shaking and whimpering with suppressed desire and overwhelming lust and a desire to cum!

The head Torturer leaned in towards him and sneered: “We can't have you cumming too soon, since you have hours more Torture to endure before you get any relief!”

He groaned softly at the thought of having his chest and nipples subjected to more intense pain and suffering, as he was already close to what he thought was his limit of pain tolerance. But, he knew that he had agreed to endure whatever he was going to be subjected to, and he had to trust his Torturer that there wouldn't be any major damage inflicted to his chest muscles or his nipples, at least no level of damage that wouldn't heal, given enough time!

The catch was released on the side of the Torture frame, allowing it to be rotated until he was lying flat on his back, parallel to the floor. He groaned softly as he saw what his next Torture was going to be. Two thick clear plastic cylinders were positioned over his swollen nipples. The cylinders had flexible tubes running from their tops up to a vacuum pump mounted overhead. With a grin, his Torturer flipped a switch, turning on the pump. He groaned again as his already incredibly tender nipples were sucked deeper into the cylinders, expanding and swelling.

As he lay there while his nipples kept enlarging, one of the assistant torturers released the catch on the bondage frame and rotated his body until he was head-down at about a 45* angle. Even before he could adjust to this uncomfortable new position, one of the nude musclemen stepped in front of him and growled “Open your mouth!”

Just as soon as he did, a hard cock was thrust into his inverted mouth, causing him to choke and gag on the unexpected intrusion! The shaft filling his mouth began to thrust in and out as his unwilling mouth was fucked by the assistant Torturer. He barely had time to gasp for air around the cock when it was pulled out until only the head remained in his mouth before it was driven deeply into his throat again, cutting off his breathing completely.

Despite the rape of his mouth and the growing pain in his swollen nipples, he knew that his own cock was fully erect, lying on his hard abs, since he was actually turned on by the multiple tortures! This was what he loved, having his sculpted, muscled physique used and abused by skilled torturers! He didn't care if it was a single Dom that he met in one of the local bars, or it was one of the paid sessions in The Warehouse, where he was Tortured far beyond what he could think that he was capable of enduring! Just as long as he was in pain, he was happy!

His inverted face rape lasted for a good 10 minutes or so, alternating between hard thrusts of the cock deeply into his throat, cutting off his air, and just having the head of the cock in his mouth, allowing him to use his tongue to thoroughly massage the swollen knob while his Torturer groaned with pleasure.

Eventually, the thrusting into his mouth became faster and harder, until with a groan from his rapist, his mouth was filled with a load of hot, salty cum. He swallowed as quickly as he could to keep from choking on the thick fluid. He had to keep swallowing as there were at least 6 or 7 hard jets of sperm shot into his mouth before his Torturer was sated.

As soon as the cock was pulled from his mouth, however, it was replaced by the equally hard cock of the other naked muscleman, who began to fuck his mouth even harder then the first one had. The thick cockhead drove into the back of his throat again and again, making him struggle to even draw a breath.

He had absolutely no choice other then to lie there in his inverted position enduring the second rape of his mouth and throat.

Even as his throat was being abused by the hard cocks, he sensed that his nipples were continuing to swell and expand on his chest. He had experienced nipple pumping and enlargement before, but never for as long of a period of time, or as intensely as he was being forced to endure now. He was afraid that the expansion of the tender knobs of sensitive flesh capping his thick, muscled pecs was just the beginning of even more excruciating nipple Tortures, leading to the utter destruction of his tits as hinted to by the head Torturer at the beginning of this Torture session!

The second fucking of his mouth continued for a good 15 minutes more before he heard the muscleman groan just as another thick load of sperm filled his mouth. Again, he was forced to swallow as quickly as possible to keep from choking on the hot cum. He was beginning to get dizzy from both his inverted position and the lack of air. When the slowly softening cock was finally pulled from his mouth, he gratefully gulped down several lungfuls of air.

Then the catch was released on the rack, and he was rotated back up until he was lying flat on his back while his swollen nipples continued to be sucked by the pump. He couldn't move his head to be able to look down at his own pecs to see how big his nipples were, but he sensed that they had swollen much larger then they had ever been pumped before. The incessant pumping and expansion of his raw, battered nipples continued for an indeterminate time, since his mind was so overwhelmed with multiple sensations that he lost all track of time. In a way he was glad that he couldn't see his own chest, as he was almost afraid to be able to observe his own now hugely swollen and distended nipples!

Eventually, his Torturer reached in and unclipped the vacuum lines from the pump cylinders before switching off the pump. Then the Torturer picked up a metal device that resembled a pair of pliers, but with 4 short prongs that expanded and spread apart as the handles were squeezed, and held it in front of his helpless victim.

'”You know what this is for, of course. I'm going to band those exquisitely expanded and beautiful nipples of yours before I begin to really Torture them and possibly destroy them! I hope you are ready to scream for me, muscleman!”

With that, the Torturer moved out of his line of sight. He could only guess what was happening until with a sudden burst of intense pain, a small rubber ring was slipped over the pump cylinder on his right nipple, and allowed to snap back into shape, squeezing the flesh at the bottom of the nipple into a tiny ring, causing the nipple to expand even more, and insuring that it remained hugely distended and swollen! Then, the same procedure was repeated on his left nipple, before the cylinders were finally removed.

He still couldn't move his head enough to be able to see his tits, but he knew that they had to be enormously expanded and swollen, capping his thick pecs, and providing perfect targets for intense Torture! He could feel his Torturer's fingers on his now hard nipples, stroking them. They felt as if they had been expanded to enormous size, perhaps they were standing out from his pecs a full inch or even two, and they also felt as hard as rocks. He was both turned on by the thought of having gigantic nipples for other men in the gym to admire and worship, and apprehensive about what was going to happen to his tits and chest before this Torture session was finished! Exactly what would be left of his nipples when the Torturer had finished “Destroying them”, as he had promised to do?

Part 3.


His Torturer released the catch on the rack and rotated him until he was standing upright again. The two nude musclemen were standing in front of the rack, each one holding a short leather flogger with knotted tails. He moaned softly, knowing what was coming next. His pecs and nipples were going to be flogged, and more then likely until he was screaming in sheer agony! When the two torturers stepped out of his limited field of view, he could only mentally brace himself.

“SMACK!!!!” One of the floggers slammed into the right side of his chest, immediately striping the hard muscle and hitting the distended nipple!

“SMACK!!” The other flogger slammed into his left pec! Before he could even moan from the pain, the first flogger slashed across his right pec again, and then the left one was hit again less then a second later!

“SMACK!!' “SMACK!!' “SMACK!!' “SMACK!” The floggers alternated hitting his pecs and his nipples again and again! Within a few seconds more, he began to moan with each burning impact, moans which became louder and more urgent with each stroke of the floggers, until they turned into full-throated screams as his pecs felt like the skin was bodily being torn from the hard muscle underneath!

“SHIT!! FUCK!!! SHIT!!! HURT ME!!! HURT ME!! HARDER, DAMMIT, HIT ME HARDER!!! TORTURE ME!!!” he screamed, both hating and desperately desiring the burning agony ripping through his sculpted, muscled body.

Somehow his total inability to move a muscle on his body seemed to add to his suffering, especially the fact that he couldn't move his head. All he could do was uselessly flex his muscles against his restraints, which seemed to turn his Torturers on more, which drove them to Torture him even harder!

He writhed on the Torture frame as the flogging of his pecs and nipples went on and on! Then, the two musclemen started to work their way down his torso, flogging his bulging ribcage, and slowly working their way down across his 8-pack abs. He was gasping for air, trying to take a breath in-between each of the burning impacts of the leather floggers on his welted flesh. Through the reddish haze of agony clouding his vision, he saw the head Torturer standing in front of him, pulling on his own nipples, obviously turned on if the bulge in the front of his leather pants was any indication! He struggled even more, hoping that if he turned his Torturer on enough, it might somehow shorten the session of brutal Torture.

Unfortunately, his flexing and anguished writhing only seemed to encourage his tormentors, as the lead Torturer urged the two musclemen to increase the intensity of their flogging, and to concentrate on just their victim's already reddened and welted pecs and nipples! He could do nothing but scream in raw agony as the floggers slashed again and again across his rock hard pecs. He was sure that the skin of his chest was being stripped from the muscle underneath, hanging like tattered shreds of cloth after a strong windstorm. The Torture went on and on, seemingly far beyond what even he thought that he could endure, yet somehow he was able to endure the agony!

Eventually, it registered to his almost delirious mind that the flogging had actually stopped, and that he hadn't been hit for several moments. He barely had time to register that fact before the lead Torturer stepped into his field of view holding a small plastic spray bottle. Almost immediately, there was a fresh blast of pain rocketing through his overloaded nervous system as a mist of pure alcohol settled on his welted skin, feeling like his entire chest had been set on fire! God, he both HATED and DESIRED the feeling of the alcohol seemingly burning it's way into his battered flesh and muscles. He screamed again and again as more and more of the alcohol was sprayed on his tortured torso.

Every muscle in his trained physique flexed futilely against the tight restraints keeping him bound and exposed for his Torture. His throat was raw from the shrieks of agony that were torn from him. He had never endured this level of pain for this long! His head was swimming from the pain, and the sheer willpower it was taking to not pass out again, and to keep from screaming out the ultimate escape word he had been given during his very first visit to the Warehouse. He knew that if he used the word, the scene would end immediately, he would be told to leave, and never return, and he would not be paid for this last Torture session!

Thankfully, the pain ripping through his body from the alcohol was lessening, and his torturers seemed to realize that he was on the knife-edge of totally breaking, so he was granted a few minutes of rest, when the rack was rotated back so he was lying down flat on his back. He closed his eyes, and concentrated on controlling his breathing, forcing his quivering muscles to relax, even as he filled his lungs with more oxygen, steeling himself for whatever might be coming next, as he knew his Torture session wasn't finished!

He was surprised when the two nude musclemen leaned down and began to gently lick and suck his swollen, battered nipples again. He moaned softly at the caress of their hot mouths on his nips. He felt himself relaxing as they suckled on his tits and gently licked his pecs, even as a part of his mind knew that they were preparing him for what might be his most brutal tortures of all, leading up to the possible destruction of his nipples, as promised by the head Torturer!

He was even more surprised when after a few more minutes of the gentle sucking and licking of his nipples, the head Torturer stepped up, ordered the two musclemen to stand back, and removed the restraint holding his head to the cross and then unbolted the metal band across his throat, allowing him to move his head for the first time in several hours. He looked down at his chest, almost afraid of what he would see. He moaned softly at the sight of his pecs crossed with multiple welts and stripes from the flogging, and at the sight of his hugely swollen nipples! They looked like two thumbs standing out almost an inch and a half from the surface of his pecs!

“I want you be able to watch as your nipples are destroyed, boy!” his Torturer gloated. “You need to be able to experience every second of your Torture to the fullest, and that includes seeing your tits annihilated! I hope you will enjoy it as much as I will!”

He could do nothing but groan loudly as his head fell back against the headrest as he awaited his ultimate tortures and the destruction of his nipples! His chest began to rise and fall more rapidly as the head Torturer stepped over to a small table holding a selection of Torture implements designed expressly for use on a man's nipples. Picking up what looked like an enlarged pair of black plastic Alligator clamps with sharpened metal teeth on the end of each side of the clamp, the Torturer turned back to his helpless victim. Without saying a word, he matter-of-factly opened one of the clamps and set it on the bound muscleman's right nipple.

“EEEAAAAAUUUUGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!” The scream was torn from his throat as the clamp closed on the incredibly tender flesh of his swollen, bloated nipple! Every muscle in his sculpted body flexed and strained against the restraints as the pain ripped through his chest.

“HHHUUUAAAARRRRRGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!” He screamed even louder as the other clamp was set on his left tit! The pain was horrific!!

Then, as he watched in horror, the Torturer set an electro Torture box on a small table in front of his straining body. Plugging the leads from the box into holes in the ends of the clamps, the Torturer blithely turned on the power, and adjusted the settings. His victim shrieked again and again as jolts of electricity pounded through his nipples from the teeth biting deeply into his flesh. Every muscle in his body strained to it's limit as the pain in his nipples got worse, and Worse, and WORSE!!!

“Well, THAT seems to have gotten your attention!” The Torturer grinned. “Let's see how you feel after an hour or so. I bet by then you will be BEGGING me to do ANYTHING to stop the pain! And THAT'S what I wanted to see, your body showing off it's incredible musculature as you suffer! THAT'S why you're here! Your pain is MY pleasure!”

He moaned loudly as the Torturer stepped back from him, leaving him utterly helpless and in sheer agony, muscles quivering and shaking, sweat pouring down his rock-hard physique as he struggled to just endure the incredible Torture of his nipples. He writhed in agony as each blast of electrical power pounded through his bloated, swollen tits! It actually felt like his nipples were being roasted from the inside out by the electricity.

“FUCK!!! FUCK!!! TURN IT UP!!! MORE POWER!! FUCK!!! TORTURE ME!!” he shrieked almost involuntarily, as the pleasure center of his brain seemed to have been shorted out by the unbelievable levels of raw pain as it battled with the incredible intensity of the pleasure he was deriving from the inhuman suffering he was enduring.

He hung there on the Torture frame for what seemed to be hours as the electricity slammed into his nipples again and again, sometimes in short, intense bursts, sometimes in a longer continuous flow of current that slowly became more and more intense! Through a red haze of pain, he could see the two nude musclemen making love to the body of the head Torturer, sucking his nipples, licking his sweaty muscles and worshiping his boots as they all watched his agonizing Torture.

He couldn't help but groan, and sometimes scream in full-throated agony, as the Electrical Torture went on and on! He gradually lost all sense of time as he was tortured far beyond anything he had ever endured, even in his worst nightmares. The Torture could have lasted 10 minutes, it could have been 10 hours, he really couldn't tell any longer! His mental agony was compounded when the two musclemen began to lick out his armpits again as his biceps bulged and his chest heaved with each new blast of electricity. His mind registered the pleasure of their hot tongues licking and worshiping his pits, but he could not really process the sensations. It was almost like he was slowly drifting away from his own body as the Torture continued. It was the most incredible endorphin high that he had ever been forced to endure!

Finally, the head Torturer stepped in, waved off the two musclemen, and slowly turned down the power pounding through his brutalized nipples. He slumped forward, only being held up by the restraints keeping him spread-eagled on the Torture rack. His breath came in ragged, shuddering gasps, his chest heaving irregularly as he struggled to gain some control over his own body after the Torture. The Head Torturer removed the clamps from his huge nipples, but he was in such pain that he didn't even feel the clamps coming off!

Then, the Head Torturer leaned in close to his right ear, and whispered: “That was a good warm-up, boy. But now comes what I have been waiting for. I'm going to watch you suffer as your nipples are totally destroyed on your chest!”

“Yes, Sir. Destroy my nipples... I can take it!”

Part 4.


He was actually now terrified at what was coming next, but his pride would not let him utter the escape word that would end the Torture session. He HAD to show that he could take it, even at the cost of his nipples! He looked on in fear as The Torturer rolled in a small table that had a towel covering various objects in front of his bound body. He couldn't help but softly moan and even whimper slightly as The Torturer uncovered the table, revealing a box full of needles of various lengths from several inches up to over 6 inches long, several small candles, and a lighter. He was terrified at the thought that his nipple destruction was going to be by fire! He wasn't sure that he could endure having his tits burned for any length of time!

Even in his fear and terror, or maybe because of it, his cock slowly rose to a full erection, throbbing slightly. The Torturer saw it, and just grinned evilly, even as he continued his preparations for the final Tortures.

He groaned when the Torturer opened up the 4 prong pliers and actually stretched a second constricting ring around the base of his right nipple. When it snapped off the prongs and constricted against the swollen flesh, he couldn't help but scream out in shock and pain! Then the procedure was repeated on his left nipple, causing him to scream again in agony. The Torturer pulled put a set of even larger diameter suction cylinders, attached them to the vacuum pump and ordered the muscle slaves to hold them against his battered pecs as the pump was turned on! He groaned in agony, his huge biceps flexing and his washboard abs rippling and straining as the already hugely swollen and distended nipples capping his pecs began to swell and grow even bigger!

To both distract him from the nipple Torture, and to add to his mental suffering, the two nude musclemen were ordered to begin to lick and nibble his armpits and his ribcage again. The combination of the intense nipple pumping and the pleasure Torture of the armpit licking was almost too much for him to endure, and he began to shriek in a combination of sheer pain, and overwhelming pleasure!

He was sure that his nipples were continuing to expand and stretch, as the pain was getting worse and worse by the minute. He was actually afraid that the skin would eventually split and his tits might burst like a cherry tomato that had been hit with a hammer! Was THIS the way that his nipples were going to be destroyed, by pumping them until they exploded, or did his Torturer have something even MORE painful in mind?

Eventually, the two musclemen backed off from his pits, and the Torturer switched off the vacuum pump. The cylinders were slipped off his nipples, and he finally gathered up enough courage to lift his head and look down at his chest.

“Oh my God!” he groaned!

His nipples were now two cone-shaped purple knobs of flesh, each one the size of a large strawberry standing out from his pecs. They had to be a full 2 inches across, and almost 3 inches from his pecs to their tips! The pain radiating throughout his entire body from his grotesquely swollen nipples was blinding. And he knew that there was even more to come, as his Torturer had promised to destroy his nipples before the end of the Torture session!

He was in an agony of anticipation. His Torturer seemed to feel his fear, since he merely picked up one of the longer needles and wordlessly grinned sadistically at him. Holding the needle directly over the extended point of his victim's right nipple with a small pair of pliers that gave a solid grip to the needle, the Torturer slowly began to push the needle into the erect knob of flesh!

“HHHUUURRRRAAAAGGGGGHHHHHH!!” he howled as the needle pierced deeply into the swollen nipple, driving completely through the mass of hardened tissue and pushing into the pectoral muscle underneath!

“SHIT SHIT SHIT SHIT!!” he shrieked as the piercing Torture was repeated on his left nipple!

When the Torturer finished, there was about 2 inches of the needle sticking straight out from the tip of each swollen nipple. His chest was heaving as he struggled to control his impulse to throw up from the level of pain blasting through his chest and torso from his brutalized nipples.

Grinning like a madman, the Torturer picked up another needle, a shorter one this time, and slowly slid it into the flesh near the base of his left tit! As his victim screamed and writhed in agony, massive vein-covered biceps flexing and bulging, abs rippling like an ocean of muscle, and the sweat erupting from every pore, the Torturer pushed needle after needle deeply into each bloated nipple, until there were 8 needles in each tit plus the one sticking straight out from the tip.

Finally the Torturer stepped back from his tortured muscleman victim, surveying his work. The pierced, tortured nipples looked like some kind of a grotesque cactus with shiny steel spines sticking out from the reddish purple surface. Several of the shorter needles near the tip of each nipple had been pushed completely through the swollen flesh, sticking out of the opposite side of the nipple where they had been pushed in. Others were embedded deeply into the flesh, awaiting whatever brutal Torture had been planned to “destroy” the nipples!

The catch was released on the Torture Cross, and he was rotated until he was standing upright. In spite of, or maybe because of the agony radiating throughout his body from his pecs, his 9” cock was rock hard, standing straight out in front of him, curved slightly upward along the length of the hard shaft. The Torturer reached in and very gently tapped on the ends of the two longest needles impaling his nipples, tearing another full-throated shriek of agony from his throat, along with a stream of curses in his native Chinese.

The Torturer grinned at him. “Good. That means your nipples are nice and sensitive, and ready for your final Torture! Since you have endured everything so far with more strength then even I thought you might have shown, all you have to do is cum one time. However, your nipples will be enduring the most intense Torture ever, so you had better manage to cum quickly, as the longer it takes you to cum, the more damage your nipples will incur.”

With that, the Torturer signaled to the two nude musclemen. They stepped back up to the cross and replaced the thick metal restraint across his throat, severely limiting his ability to move his head. He moaned softly when the musclemen each picked up one of the long candles that were lying on the table in front of him. He moaned again as he watched the head Torturer light each of the candles.

The head Torturer then knelt down in front of his spread-eagled body, stroking the muscles of his massive legs and feeling his abs. He simply said “Begin”, and then his mouth engulfed the throbbing cock of his victim in front of him. The two nude musclemen moved the candles in closer, holding then directly below the tortured, bloated and pierced nipples standing out from the massive pecs!

He began to scream as the heat surrounded his nipples, subjecting them to the worst Torture he could imagine. Then, as the head Torturer continued to suck his cock, he felt the needles impaled in his flesh begin to heat up, feeling like they were starting to cook his tits from the inside out!

His entire body slammed against the restraints as his muscles flexed to their limits, the veins popping out across his biceps, pecs, abs, and down his massive thighs, standing out from the surface of the rock hard muscles. Sweat seemed to burst from his pores, streaming down his heaving, writhing torso.

As he screamed and strained his huge muscles, the Torturer pumped his head up and down the length of his cock faster and faster, stroking the glistening washboard abs flexing in front of him as his victim's nipples began to roast and blister, even as the metal of the needles began to glow red hot. He felt the heat all the way down into each of his pecs where the longest needle had been driven deeply into the muscle.

He couldn't help it, but he began to scream: “FUCK YES!!! THAT'S WHAT I WANT! BURN ME!! TORTURE ME!!! FUCK YES, OH GOD, THIS IS TORTURE !!! TORTURE MY TITS!!! BURN ME!! BURN ME!!! BURN ME!!! as his nipples began to blister from the intense heat.

When he started to scream “OH SHIT, I'M CUMMING!!” the two musclemen moved the candles directly under his already blistered nipples so the flames were surrounding the rapidly blackening knobs of flesh! He shrieked in a mixture of sheer agony and relief as a massive load of cum shot into the mouth of the Torturer sucking his cock. Even as he shrieked again and again as he endured the worst pain he had EVER been subjected to, jet after jet of hot sperm boiled out of his cock, filling his Torturer's mouth as quickly as he could swallow the hot salty fluid.

Finally, his orgasm was sated, and with a final groan, his head fell to one side as he passed out from the combination of exhaustion, sheer agony, and relief.

Part 5.


6 weeks later:

He woke up in his apartment, and, as he had done every morning since his Torture, went into the bathroom to check on the condition of his nipples, to see how well they were healing. The marks from his floggings had long since faded, so all he was waiting for was the healing of his tits. It looked like today was going to be the last day that he would have to even have any bandages on his chest, since his nipples were finally healed.

To his surprise, and excitement, they had healed somewhat larger and harder then they had been before the Torture, and they even seemed to be more sensitive. The two dark brown knobs of erect flesh now stood almost an inch and a half from the surface of his rock-hard pecs, and they looked to be almost a full half inch wider then they had been, looking like small reddish-brown cones capping his massive chest. That meant that a couple of his regular sex partners from the gym where he worked out would have even more fun sucking and chewing on his hard tits during their weekly sex sessions. And, of course, the additional $50,000 in cash on top of his normal $3,000 fee had made the Torture and suffering well worth it!

When he had awakened lying on the rack after his torture, the three Torturers were gone, and only the mysterious host of the warehouse was there to help him to his feet and guide him back to the office. His nipples had been bandaged, allowing him to get dressed after he had recovered for a while. He was also glad that inside the envelope containing his fee for being tortured had been the card of a particular doctor who had treated his burns with no questions asked, and who had informed him that the costs of his treatments had been covered already.

Yes, his nipples had blistered and even charred a little, and then scabbed over as they healed, meaning that he couldn't even take his shirt off at the gym, and he had to be sure they were covered whenever he went out, to keep them from staining any shirt he wore as they drained and healed. But now, since they were finally healed, he could again show off his muscled physique as he continued his bodybuilding sessions at the gym, and he was now ready for another call back to The Warehouse, whenever it might come. He now knew that he could endure whatever challenges or Tortures he might face in the future!!