The Telemachus Story Archive

By Master Skrain


Josh was scared! The young cavalry soldier was being held captive by the very group of renegade Apache warriors that his troop had been sent to capture. The rest of the troop had been mercilessly slaughtered in a cunning ambush in a mountain pass. Josh might have been killed too, except for the fact that he had been thrown from his horse when it had bolted, and knocked unconscious when his head hit a rock.

When he awoke, Josh realized that he was lying in the middle of the bodies of his comrades. He watched, horrified as the renegades stripped the clothing and weapons from his friend's bodies. When several of the warriors approached him, Josh tried to draw his pistol, but he discovered that it had fallen out of it's holster, and was lying some distance away. The warriors saw him moving, and immediately grabbed him, and called out to their comrades.

Now, Josh found himself a prisoner of the Apaches. He had been told by the Sargent of the horrific Tortures the Apaches inflicted on their captives, and this particular group of warriors were reported to be even more savage then the rest of the tribe.

He was sure they were going to kill him in the slowest, and most agonizing way that they could. He had already been stripped of his uniform, and forced to walk naked for miles, with his hands tied behind his back, and a rope around his neck, being led by one of the warriors on horseback. Josh knew that if he fell, that he would be dragged by the neck, so he struggled to keep his footing, mile after agonizing mile.

When they finally arrived at the encampment of the renegades through a narrow opening in the rocks, Josh had almost immediately been staked to the ground, helpless, and totally naked to the blazing sun. The Indians seemed to be intrigued by his pale skin, and his blonde hair. They ran their hands up and down his lean body, twisting and pulling his nipples, feeling his muscles and his ribs, and stroking his cock until it was fully erect.

The warriors seemed to be amused by the fact that he was hard, laughing and feeling his erection. Finally, one of the biggest and most muscular of the Indians removed his loincloth, and straddled Josh's chest. Grabbing a handful of his blonde hair, he pulled the youngster's head forward, and forced his thick cock into the trooper's mouth!

Josh began to choke as his throat was blocked. He was struggling in revulsion at the thought of sucking another man's cock as well. He had heard rumors that such things took place, but he never really believed that men could be so perverse.

The Indian began to moan with pleasure as he started to thrust in and out of the hot mouth sucking his cock. Josh was struggling uselessly as the cock was driven deeper and deeper into his mouth. Finally, after a couple of minutes, the Indian began to groan and mutter in his native language. Then, holding Josh's head tight, he howled as he filled the helpless soldier's mouth with his hot, salty discharge. Josh had no choice but to swallow the Indian's load of sperm!

As soon as the Indian had finished, he moved out of the way, and was replaced with another of the warriors. Josh was horrified to realize that all of the warriors intended to use his mouth in the same way. The Torture continued for several hours, as each warrior raped his mouth at least three times each, one right after another.

When the warriors had finished using the helpless trooper's mouth, they walked away, leaving Josh staked out naked in the heat of the sun. His mind was torn between thoughts of horror at what had been done to him, and his thoughts of the Tortures still to come, and an inexplicable thought that in some way he had enjoyed the feel of the thick cocks in his mouth and the taste of the hot sperm as it had slid down his throat.

Later that night, after darkness had fallen, Josh lay dozing fitfully, tortured by an increasing hunger and thirst. He heard a sound, and looked up to see the youngest of the warriors standing, staring impassively down at his helpless form. The Indian could not have been much older then Josh himself, no more then 17 or 18. Suddenly, he knelt down and took Josh's limp cock into his mouth. Josh moaned at the sudden pleasure of the moist warmth surrounding his now swelling organ.

He gasped and moaned as his cock rose to it's full height inside the Indian's sucking mouth. Josh groaned with pleasure as the Indian's tongue flickered up and down his shaft. He had never had anyone suck his cock before, as he had felt it was abhorrent. If only he had known what pleasure he was missing!

Finally, after ten minutes or so, he felt himself nearing his climax. Perhaps sensing the fact that his prisoner was close to cumming, the Indian began to twist Josh's nipples, causing him to moan and struggle even harder. After only a minute or so of the delightful Torture, Josh's cock erupted with a huge load of sperm into the Indian's mouth. After swallowing the captive boy's load, the Indian just stood up, and silently walked away, into the darkness.

For the next several days, Josh was forced to endure extreme Tortures at the hands of the band of renegade Apaches.

One morning, he was tied to a post standing in the middle of their encampment, and was whipped across his lean back until he was bloody, then he was left for the rest of the day for the sun to bake his torn flesh, and the ants and flies to torture. Being a fair skinned blonde, Josh burned quickly in the sun, which only added to his agonized suffering.

On the next day, Josh was horrified when two of the Indians held him tightly while his wrists were tied behind his neck, attached to a rope wrapped around his throat. The helpless young soldier then screamed in agony as their leader then drove sharpened skewers made of bone through his chest muscles, directly behind his nipples. Then, two ropes were tied around the skewers and thrown over the crossbar of a wooden frame built outside of the camp, away from any trees or shade. Several of the Indians grasped the ropes and lifted the shrieking captive off the ground, suspending him by his chest and nipples! The Indians then went back to their camp, leaving Josh to hang for hours in the brutal heat of the sun. Whenever one of the warriors walked near him, Josh was beaten by wooden clubs, or whipped, or simply punched in his lean, stretched stomach, driving the air from his lungs, and leaving him struggling to breathe.

On the third day of his Torture, he was tied between two upright posts, his arms and legs tied and spread wide. A pile of wood was stacked between his wide-spread feet, directly under his exposed cock and nuts, and set on fire!

Two sharpened skewers of wood were pushed through the screaming boy's battered and bruised nipples. When the pieces of wood were in place, Josh watched in total horror as the ends were set on fire. The wood slowly burned closer and closer to his nipples until the flames finally touched his skin. He began to scream at the top of his lungs as the flesh around his nipples began to char and blister, even as he was in total agony as the heat from the fire between his legs grew until it was unbearable, and he felt like his cock and balls were being roasted right off his body!

Finally, the flames went out, leaving the pieces of wood buried in his nipples, and his genitals scorched, and blistered. He was left there, hanging for the rest of the day, in total agony, and delirious from the pain while the coals smoldered between his legs.

The worst Torture came on the day Josh was taken into a wooded area near the encampment. There, he was tied helplessly over a log, bent forward, and was mounted from behind by each of the Indians. The burning pain in his torn ass was unbearable as each Indian forced his swollen cock deeply into Josh's tight hole, while another warrior filled his mouth with a engorged cock to keep him from screaming. Josh thought he was going to pass out from the sheer horror of being raped by the warriors, one after another, until all of them had mounted him at least twice, and had shot loads of their sperm into both his ass and down his throat.

Each night, no matter what horrific tortures he had been forced to endure during the day, he was staked out again in the center of the encampment, and each of the Indians would mount his chest and force their cocks into his mouth, forcing him to suck them off. Then, later that night, the young Indian would come out and suck Josh to an explosive orgasm.

Then came a day when he was staked out for the entire day in the intense heat. He had been tied to the stakes by wet strips of rawhide that began to shrink in the intense heat of the sun, stretching Josh's lean body tighter and tighter, until he felt like he was going to be ripped apart! He had been staked out near a huge anthill, and the ants feasted on his flesh as he struggled in pure agony. He suspected that the Indians had come to the decision that they were finally done with torturing him, and that he was to be eliminated.

Josh's fears were heightened when the Indians began to build a small wooden platform next to his spread-eagled body after the second day he had laid naked in the sun, otherwise totally ignored by the warriors.

He wondered about the shallow pit the Indians had dug under the frame until they filled it with small pieces of wood. Horrified, he realized that it was a fire-pit, and he knew what his method of being put to death was going to be. He was to be burned alive! Later that afternoon, four of the Indians cut the leather thongs holding Josh to the stakes. He was too weak from hunger and thirst to even struggle as he was bound face-up to the platform.

As the sun began to set, the Indians collected a pile of brush and wood, and built a small fire near his spread-eagled body. Josh was horrified when they made small piles of wood and kindling in each armpit, and between his legs, directly under his balls.

He knew what they had planned for him, and he knew that he didn't have the courage to endure the horrific Tortures to come!

Josh began to whimper in fear when the Indian warriors began to slowly dance around his naked body. He suspected that they were working themselves into a frenzy before starting his final torture. The drumming got louder and louder, and the beat was getting faster and faster. The warriors bodies were covered with sweat, their bronze muscles gleaming in the flickering firelight. Josh couldn't help himself, and he started to get hard, his cock growing longer and thicker as he remembered the feel of each cock that had been driven into his mouth over the last few days, and the taste of each load of sperm that had been shot into his mouth, as well.

When the dance reached it's climax, Josh watched as two of the warriors used short pieces of bone carved into crude tongs to pick hot coals out of the fire. The two warriors walked towards the helpless blond boy. Without saying a word, they reached out and set the glowing, smoking coals on Josh's already burned and charred nipples! Josh screamed in sheer agony.

The two stood up and joined the other warriors who stood in a circle around the tortured boy, stroking their own solidly engorged cocks until they all shot loads of their cum across his sweating, writhing body.

He continued shrieking at the top of his lungs, while at the same time, the young warrior that had sucked his cock to orgasm on his first night of captivity took the head of Josh's cock deeply into his mouth. While Josh was still screaming, he shot a huge load of his sperm into the mouth that was sucking him.

When the warrior pulled back, the two others used burning brands to light the piles of twigs and wood stacked in the captive's armpits, and under his balls. Josh could only scream louder and louder at the agony he was being forced to endure!

Then, as the head of the warriors was advancing towards the platform to set the wood piled underneath it on fire, Josh thought that he heard a faint bugle call!

The head warrior turned towards the sound just as his head snapped back as a rifle shot caught him directly between the eyes! The other Indians began to shriek as a troop of cavalry rode into the camp, shooting down most of the warriors as they tried to flee. Two of the troopers jumped off their horses and rushed over to the platform where Josh lay screaming as the flames burned closer and closer to his armpits and genitals.

The knocked the burning twigs and wood away from Josh's body before cutting the thongs that were holding him to the platform. Josh was moaning in agony from his tortured and burned nipples, and from the other tortures that he had been forced to endure.

“My God, look at what those savages have done to you, boy!” groaned the cavalry Sargent that was leading the troops. He was holding a blanket so Josh could wrap himself in it for the ride back to the fort.

“How...How did you find me?” gasped Josh, as he covered himself. “How did you know where I was?”

“Your horse made it's way back to the post, so we knew something had gone wrong. We've been searching for any survivors for several days now, Private. But don't worry, those savages will never bother anyone again! We're just rounding up any that might have survived.”

As he said that, two of the soldiers walked up with the young brave held captive between them, his hands tied tightly behind his back and a rope around his neck.

“Sargent, this one looks to be the only one who survived. What do you want us to do with him?” growled one of the troopers holding the boy.

The Sargent looked at Josh and said; “You decide, son. His group Tortured you so now is your chance to get some back!”

Josh looked at the Indian, and was filled with a burning rage. Yes, this was the only one of the renegades to show him any kindness, by sucking him off each day, but that wasn't enough!

“Tie him to that frame!” Josh snarled.

Within minutes the naked boy was spread-eagled to the wooden platform where Josh had been bound for his execution.

“What are you going to do, son?' asked the Sargent?

“Exactly what they were planning on doing to me!” snapped Josh.

The Sargent looked at him for a moment, then turned away and ordered the rest of the troopers to mount up. As Josh was helped onto a horse for the ride back to the fort, he told one of the troopers to hand him a burning branch from the fire. The rest of the troop headed down the trail towards the fort, but before following, Josh circled the torture platform once, looking at the bronzed Indian boy helplessly spread-eagled on it.

To his surprise, the Indian boy looked at him and said “Yellow hair Soldier. I speak little whitespeak, want to say am sorry for what done to you.”

As he turned to follow the rest of the troopers, Josh murmured “Yeah, I'm sorry, too.”

Then, he tossed the burning branch onto one end of the woodpile under the torture frame, under the Indian's feet. As he rode off, he heard the crackle of the fire, and, as he rode between the narrow walls leading out of the canyon where he had been held captive, he saw the flickering light of the growing fire on the rocks, and he heard the Indian boy start to scream as the flames spread under his naked body.

He blocked the sound out of his mind, as he rode away, tears running down his face.