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Like Father, Like Son
By Master Skrain

Like Father, Like Son.

Lt. Kim Cho sat stripped to the waist, shackled to the heavy metal chair in the interrogation room of his North Korean captors. The muscled, 40 year old South Korean army officer's body was covered with bruises and welts, souvenirs of the intense floggings, whippings and beatings he had received since his capture nearly a week before. The Torture was intense, and it had stretched Cho's endurance to the very limit. More then once he had been on the brink of submitting, and telling his Torturers what they wanted to know about the upcoming War Games, so they could implement their plan to instigate a war between the North and the South. But, he had endured by digging deeply into his mental and physical reserves. Still, he didn't know how much longer he could endure.

Col. Pak, the massively muscled lead Torturer stepped into Cho's sight.

“Come now, Lieutenant, is it really worth the suffering you are enduring? We know most of the plans, enough to start the war, and make it look like more aggression from the South, and their American allies, but your information will just make it more effective. It's a lost cause, your holding out, so why do you continue to do so?”

Cho looked at the Colonel through one eye, his other eye swollen almost shut from a punch to the face.

“If you had all the information you needed, you would have just shot me! You are lying, Colonel, and I know it.!” He spat at the Colonel's feet.

Pak's face reddened. He glared at Cho, maddened that his bluff had been seen through so easily.

“Very well, Lieutenant. Since you seem to be reluctant to tell us what we need, perhaps there is another way we can convince you to do so.”

“Torture me all you want, you animal. I will NEVER talk. I will gladly die first!” Cho steamed.

Pak smirked “Oh, but we won't be Torturing YOU, Lieutenant. We have someone else to do that to. All you have to do is sit back and watch!”

With that, a hooded figure was dragged into the room. He was wearing the tattered remnants of a South Korean Army uniform. Cho couldn't tell who it was, but he was saddened that another brave soldier was going to be Tortured due to his refusal to talk. The hooded figure was stretched up in chains about 6 feet in front of where Cho sat in the chair, bound by heavy steel shackles. The figure's uniform was cut off, revealing a lean but muscled body, writhing against it's restraints.

Cho stifled a groan. “Oh No, it COULDN'T be!” he thought, horrified.

Finally, the hood was removed, and lieutenant Kim Cho found himself staring into the eyes of his 18 year old son, Private Ken Cho!

“Father” groaned Ken. “What have they done to you?”

Lt. Cho moaned at the sight of his son's nude body hanging in front of him, his lean physique as yet unmarked by any of the Tortures that he himself had endured. But, if he knew Col. Pak as well as thought he did, that would soon change.

Kim glared at Pak! “You bastard! Whatever you were going to do to him, you do to ME instead, do you understand?”

Ken shouted; “NO, father, I can take whatever he can give! You have raised me to be strong and to be brave, and I will be both! He will NOT make me talk!”

Pak chuckled, “Foolish boy, you have no information that we need, but your father does. I know now that he would rather be tortured to death then to give it up, but is he willing to see YOU suffer the same fate, to see YOU endure extreme Torture simply because of his stubbornness? Let us see, shall we, boy?”

Lt. Cho screamed out his anger, even as he struggled with all his strength against the thick steel of his shackles, but to no avail. He simply couldn't break free!

Pak laughed. “Struggle all you want, Lieutenant, it will do no good. You are going to sit there and watch your son endure extreme Tortures and listen to him scream and beg for mercy, maybe even beg for death! But, death will not be waiting for him. A lifetime of sexual slavery will, instead.”

Pak stepped in front of Lt. Cho. “Or, you could save him all of that, and simply tell us what we want to know.”

Ken screamed from behind Pak; “NO, FATHER, you do not tell him a thing! I can endure whatever this animal will do to me! You do not tell him anything! You must promise me that, Father!”

Lt. Cho was filled with both fear for his son's life, and a sense of almost overwhelming pride in his son as well!

“Very well, my son. I WILL NOT talk! I promise you!”

Col. Pak chuckled. “Well, now it seems I have TWO prisoners I must break! Lieutenant Cho, you will get to watch your son being reduced to a screaming, sobbing pile of flesh in front of your eyes, and Private Cho, your last sight as a free man will be your Father breaking his promise, and telling us whatever we want to know! Then, BOTH of you will become slaves , or rather, 'guests' of The People's Republic for the rest of your lives.”

Lieutenant Cho struggled as he watched Pak turn, and wheel a cart into the room, stopping in front of his son's suspended, nude body. The cart was loaded with multiple black boxes with wires running from them. Pak took one set of the wires, which had alligator type clips on the ends of them, and attached one alligator clamp to each of his son's thick brown nipples. Ken screamed as the sharpened teeth on the clamps bit deeply into his tits. Another pair of wires were brought out, one of this pair attached to a long metal cylinder, rounded on one end, and the other to a long, thin metal rod.

Ken screamed again as the cylinder was lubed and then roughly pushed up inside his rectum! Then Pak slowly and almost lovingly started to stroke his slowly stiffening cock. The pressure on his prostate was causing him to become erect, and there was nothing he could do about it! His face burned with humiliation and shame as he was stroked to a full erection in front of his bound father by the muscular, bare-chested Colonel.

Once Ken's cock was fully hard, a rubber ring was stretched and slipped around his cock and balls, ensuring that his cock would stay hard. Then the long metal rod was lubed, and slid down inside the length of his 7” cock! Ken groaned as the mixture of agony, and pleasure as his holes were invaded by the cold, hard metal.

Once the Torture devices were in place in and on Ken's body, Col. Pak turned to Lt. Cho, and sneered; “Last chance. Talk, or HE suffers the consequences!”

Ken looked at his father and shook his head slightly, indicating that Lt. Cho was not to talk!

Lieutenant Cho sneered; “Fuck you, Pak!”

Suddenly, a blast of almost unbelievable agony knifed through Private Cho's suspended body from his ass, his cock, and his nipples! The pain was excruciating! Ken could not think of anything but screaming, screaming louder then he had ever screamed before!


The screaming went on and on, as the electricity pounding through his body got worse and worse!

Every muscle in his body was flexed to it's limits, rippling and writhing in agony, the veins popping out on his biceps and forearms, coursing across his pectorals, and abs, and across his thick thighs! The sweat erupted from every pore, running down his skin as he flexed uncontrollably as the electricity pounded through his muscles again and again and again!

Ken felt as though a red hot poker had been shoved up his ass, and he thought his nipples were literally on fire! His cock felt like it was about to split wide open, like an overcooked sausage! The pain was UNBELIEVABLE!! It seemed to go on, and on, and ON, AND ON!!

Then, suddenly, it stopped! The relief from the torture was almost as much of a shock to Ken as the Torture itself. He gasped for air, and slumped down in his chains, limp.

Col. Pak turned to Lt. Cho. “That was but a sample of what he will endure. That was but 30 seconds at 25 % of the power these devices can deliver to the human body. Believe me, Lieutenant, I have seen men literally tear their own arms out of joint trying to escape the electricity. I will admit, though, that your son has one of the most beautiful bodies that it has been my pleasure to use., and it would be a shame to see such beauty destroyed or disfigured. Perhaps, before I am done with him, I will take your son, and use him for my personal pleasure in front of you. It will be interesting to see how tight his ass really is, and how well he can suck a cock. Yes, Lieutenant, I do prefer the company of men to women. Who knows, maybe if you co-operate, I will keep your son alive, to serve as my personal sex slave.”

Lieutenant Cho looked like he was about to be sick.

“You BASTARD!! My son would rather die first then to submit to your perverse pleasures, you animal! You have just given me another reason to kill you once I get loose, Pak!”

Col. Pak just sneered, and flipped a switch on the black box again. Ken's body immediately began to writhe in sheer agony, as an almost animalistic scream of sheer agony was ripped from his throat again!


The pain was absolutely blinding! Ken had NEVER endured such agony. If anything, it was worse this time then his previous Torture. His head felt like it was about to explode from the sheer agony he was being forced to endure at the hands of the sadistic torturer.

His screams were so loud that they almost drowned out the anguished screams of his father, shackled to the chair, watching his only son being Tortured far beyond what he thought a human body could endure! Lt. Cho struggled, his muscles bulging under his glistening skin, his military honed physique straining and flexing futility as he desperately tried to free himself, to do anything to stop his son's Torture.

Finally, he screamed “Enough! Stop it, just STOP IT!!”

Col. Pak turned off the power and looked at Lt. Cho, an evil grin splitting his face.

“So, Lieutenant, are you ready to talk now?”

Lt. Cho struggled, his obligations to his oath as a Military officer, to never help the enemy, warring with his concern for his son's life. He looked at Ken, hanging limply in his chains, his chest rising and falling erratically as he struggled to breathe, his body gleaming with sweat.

“My son, oh, my son...” he moaned.

Ken lifted his head.

“Do not tell him anything, Lieutenant! I am but a mere Private, not worth the cost a war could extract from our country! My life is NOT worth it! DO NOT TALK!”

Lt. Cho was startled. Ken had NEVER talked to his father like that before, for to do so would have earned him several hits across the back with a thick leather belt, and hours of strict discipline in their home. Ken had been raised by his father alone, after the death of his mother during childbirth, and always on military bases, so he was used to strict discipline and rigorous physical training since a military career was almost a foregone conclusion. Lt. Cho was also proud of his son for reminding him of what the consequences of divulging any information could be!

Lt. Cho looked at Col. Pak, and sneered; “You will learn NOTHING from me! Torture him all you want. He is just an army private, that is all! But he is a better man then you will EVER be, you animal!”

Col. Pak glared at the Lieutenant for a moment, then an evil smile slowly crept across his face.

“If he is a mere army private, then he means nothing special to you. Or so you say. Let's see just how little he DOES mean to you, shall we, Lieutenant?”

Pak moved the cart holding the electrical boxes in front of the bound Lieutenant. Taking a small remote control device from the cart, he put it in the Lieutenant's right hand. He then pulled the pistol from the holster on his hip and held it to the Lieutenant's head.

“The small dial controls the amount of electricity that will be run through your son's body. The green button turns the current on. As you see, the dial is currently set on 4 which is 40% of the total power.

You WILL turn the dial to 5, and you WILL hold the button down for at least one full minute, or I WILL shoot you where you sit! Or, would you rather tell me what I want to know?”

Lt. Cho groaned deep in his chest. He couldn't torture his own son, but he couldn't divulge military information to the enemy, either. He almost wished that Pak would shoot him so he wouldn't have to make this impossible choice!

Pak snarled; “Well, Lieutenant, which will it be?” and cocked the gun.

The end of the barrel was pressed against the side of Lt. Cho's head.

Ken Cho raised his head and gasped; “Lieutenant, remember your oaths to the Army. Torture me, Lieutenant, I can take it. TORTURE ME, FATHER!! TORTURE ME!!'

Lt. Cho smiled at his son, turned the dial to 5, and pressed the button!

Ken Cho's body immediately went taut, every muscle flexing uncontrollably as the electricity pounded through him! His head was thrown back, his handsome face contorted into a rictus of sheer agony, his teeth clenched, his eyes shut, and the cords and tendons on his neck standing out! Every vein stood out across his body, since he only had about 3% body fat due to his rigorous physical training since about the age of 5. His rock hard abs flexed, his biceps bulged as he strained against his chains, seemingly on the point of either breaking them, or breaking bones!

The Colonel laughed as he watched Ken enduring the extreme Torture, knowing that it was tearing his captive up inside to have to force his own son to endure the agony, his brave words notwithstanding! He loved to break a man down mentally as well as physically. That was how he had acquired several of his personal sex slaves, as traitors to their Dear Leader that he had Tortured to the point that they were totally brainwashed and totally subservient to his perverse will!

Private Cho finally started screaming from the pain, shrieking again and again, as the Torture continued for a full minute, before Pak finally told Lt. Cho to release the button. Ken immediately slumped down in his chains, unconscious, as the pain had finally been too much, and his mind had shut down to cut the pain off.

Pak snarled to one of his assistants; “Revive him! We are FAR from finished! He has only begun to explore the heights of pain that the human body can be subjected to!”

Lt. Cho screamed at Pak; “BASTARD! You will kill him if you Torture him much more!”

Pak sneered; “No, I will not kill him...but YOU might! You WILL continue to Torture your own son until he either dies screaming at YOUR hands, or you give us the information we seek!”

Lt. Cho started to weep. “My son, my beautiful are all I have left. Can you forgive the way I treated you? Did you ever know how much I truly love you? Oh, my beautiful son...”

His voice trailed off. Pak looked at him, slightly startled, then grinned a feral smile. Lieutenant Cho sat slumped over in the chair, unconscious.

“It would seem that seeing his son Tortured at his own hands has caused the good Lieutenant here to lose his grip on reality. Let us see if we can help him find his way back! Release him from the chair, and bring him to room #2, along with his son. I have a special treat planned for the Lieutenant!”

Pak's two assistant Torturers, both of them well-muscled men stripped to the waist and wearing leather collars along with their army uniform pants released Ken from his chains, and unshackled Kim from the chair, and dumped both unconscious men onto a wheeled gurney, and followed Pak out of the current interrogation room and down a long corridor to another of the Colonel's Private rooms.

When Lt. Kim Cho regained consciousness he found himself standing in a different room then he remembered. As soon as he tried to move, he realized that he was now spread-eagled to a Torture cross, wrists and ankles bound by thick metal bands bolted securely to the arms of the cross. Then, he realized that he had been stripped naked as well. He tried to look around the room, but then he felt a thick metal band across his throat as well, limiting the movement of his head. Then he realized that he was now gagged with a thick ball jammed in his mouth and strapped around his head.

Within a few minutes, Col. Pak stepped in front of him. The Colonel was now clad in just a pair of black leather chaps, and tall boots, his cock and balls hanging down between his thick thighs.

“Ah, welcome back, Lieutenant. I am glad to see that you are still with us. It would have been such a waste to have you die, or go insane. A handsome man like yourself should NEVER be allowed to go to waste!”

As he was speaking, the Colonel was stroking his hands gently across the bound Lieutenant's muscled chest, feeling each bulge and ripple of muscle. He flicked his fingers across the Lieutenant's nipples, gently twisting, pulling, and stroking them with an almost loving touch. Lt. Cho struggled against his restraints but to no avail.

“Oh yes, Lieutenant, DO struggle! It excites me to watch your muscles flex and to see you strain! It is SO erotic, and there is nothing I like more then a well-muscled man writhing on my cross! Well, almost nothing! Perhaps the sight of a man being Tortured on the cross is only equaled by the sight of a man being Tortured on the rack!”

With that, he pushed a button on a small remote control unit he was wearing on the waist of the chaps. A light illuminated a section of the room in front of the cross, lighting up a low Torture rack with a naked figure stretched out tightly on it, his chest heaving. The Lieutenant moaned into the gag, recognizing the figure as that of his son, naked, stretched, and struggling to breathe. Ken Cho lifted his head to look at his bound father, and Kim saw that he was gagged as well.

Col. Pak leaned over and ran his hands down Ken's gleaming body, stroking his fingers through Ken's deep, open armpits, tweaking his nipples, stroking each rib that rippled and bulged under his bronzed skin, feeling his hard abs, and finally starting to stroke Ken's limp cock. To Ken's intense embarrassment, he started to get hard once again, as he had when the electrical plug had been inserted into his ass. Within a minute or so, his cock was fully erect and standing up it's full 7”.

“Beautiful” breathed Pak, just before he bent down, and took the head of Private Cho's cock into his mouth!

Ken began to moan with shame at having to endure lying here helpless in front of his father getting a blow job from another man! Col. Pak seemed to lose himself in the moment, moaning softly as his tongue ran up and down the erect shaft, and his fingers found the 18 year old boy's nipples and began to twist them! Against his will, Ken found himself beginning to become sexually aroused at the feel, and was even more startled when he glanced over at his bound father, only to see that Lieutenant Cho's cock was fully erect as well!

Col. Pak continued his expert manipulations of Ken's cock and nipples for just a few minutes before Ken began to moan, not a moan of fear or of pain, but a moan of pleasure! His breath began to come in shorter and shorted gasps, his chest heaving and falling faster and faster, until with a muffled exclamation, he shot a huge load of his sperm into the hot mouth that was sucking him! The Colonel moaned himself as he swallowed the hot cum filling his mouth, and then licked Ken's shaft to get every drop of the salty sperm!

Finally, Colonel Pak straightened up and sighed. “Oh yes, very good, boy. You might just make a nice addition to my collection of pleasure boys! Who knows, I might just let you live.”

With that he glanced at Lieutenant Cho, spread-eagled on the cross, and seeing his erection,chuckled.

“Well, this IS a surprise!”

He stepped in front of Lieutenant Cho's body, leaned in, and began to lick the sweat that was running out of the Lieutenant's right armpit. Col. Pak licked the armpit for a good 5 minutes, moaning softly the entire time, before working his way across the rock hard pec muscle and sucking the nipple into his mouth. He nibbled and bit the tip of the Lieutenant's tit, causing him to groan into his gag. His hands stroked and felt every straining muscle in the Lieutenant's lean sculpted body, even as his mouth worked over and he started to repeat the nipple sucking and biting on Kim's left nipple.

Col. Pak worshiped the tit for a while before burying his face in the open armpit waiting for him. He seemed to be lost in the pleasure of making love to the spread-eagled, helpless body of his muscular captive, even as Lieutenant Cho struggled and writhed on the Torture Cross. He had never had a man use his body like this before, as he found the thought repulsive.

Finally, Col. Pak pulled his face out of Kin's armpit, and smiled at him.

“Oh yes, DO work your muscles for me, Lieutenant. As I said, it is SO exciting to see then flexing and bulging!'

He then dropped to his knees, and took Kim's still erect cock into his mouth! His hands began to stroke Kim's body, just like he had with Ken's body. His fingers found Kim's nipples again and he began to twist and squeeze them. Ken Cho saw his father's face turn red with shame, even as he began to moan with the same sounds of sexual pleasure that his son had been making just minutes before! Lieutenant Cho's chest began to heave, his muscles flexing and straining as his desire grew. He knew it was wrong for a man to get a blow job from another man, but it just felt so damn good! Within another minute, he groaned loudly as a huge jet of sperm shot into the Colonel's mouth, feeding him his second load of Cho cum in minutes!

Pvt. Cho was incredibly embarrassed to have watched his father enduring this shame, but deep inside him, there was a tiny part of his mind that thought how incredibly hot it was to see! His father was very well-muscled, and looked about 15 years younger then his 40 years! Sometimes, on the rare occasions that father and son would go out on a social event, like going to the movies, or out for a nice dinner in a restaurant off the army base, they were often mistaken for brothers, and sometimes even twins, which amused his father to no end!

Finally, Col. Pak was done swallowing the Lieutenant's sperm. He pulled back, and stood up.

“I might just have to keep the both of you! Now, wouldn't THAT be a sight, father and son serving as my personal sex slaves! Who knows, I might just have you service each other for the entertainment of some of my special guests from high in our Government, as well as some of our friends from other countries as well!”

Lieutenant Cho glared at the Colonel, and shook his head violently. The hate in his eyes was almost physically palpable in the room!

“Of course, before I would invite any of my guests to sample your services, I shall have to try them myself! And I see one of you is in the perfect position to do just that!”

Pak climbed up onto the rack, and sat across Private Cho's rock hard abs. He nodded to his two bare-chested, muscled helpers that had been standing in the shadows in the corners of the room. They stepped up to the rack. One of them removed Ken's ball gag, while the other began to feel the Colonel's muscles with an almost loving touch. Then the Colonel flexed both of his massive arms, his softball sized biceps bulging, and the two men bent down, and began to suck his nipples. As the men worshiped the perverted Colonel's muscles and tits, his cock began to swell and lengthen, until it stood out it's full 8” in front of him.

Ken Cho could only look up at the muscleman sitting on his body, fearful that he knew what was coming next. His fears were confirmed when the Colonel slid up a bit further, and raised himself up over Ken's body, sliding forward unto his now totally erect cock was directly above Ken's mouth.

“Open up, Private and SUCK MY COCK!! You will do it eventually, so resisting will do you no good!”

Private Cho clamped his mouth shut, defying the Sadistic Colonel any way that he could.

Pak sighed. “I thought that you would make me do this the hard way. Gentlemen, you know what to do to convince him to co-operate.”

One of the muscled assistant torturers reached out and clamped Ken's nose shut with two fingers, while the other one slipped on a pair of leather gloves, and, without warning, pounded his fist into the washboard abs of Lieutenant Cho! Then he slammed his other fist into Lieutenant Cho's abs again!

Ken groaned at seeing his father being beaten, even as his need for air began to grow more urgent. Again and again the torturer pounded a fist into his Father's gut, one after the other, barely allowing him time to draw in one labored breath. Finally, after almost a minute without air, Ken opened his mouth to scream for the beating to stop.

But before he could make a sound, his mouth was filled with the head of Colonel Pak's thick cock sliding in between his lips! Ken almost choked on the shaft in his mouth, even as he struggled to draw a breath around the cock.

Col. Pak moaned; “Oh yes, what a nice hot mouth! I bet mine isn't the first cock this boy has ever sucked! What do you think Lieutenant, is your brave soldier son nothing more then a common street-corner cocksucker servicing other men for money? I bet that he is!”

The Colonel started to drive his cock in and out of Ken's mouth even as Kim strained and struggled even harder on the cross, watching his son's mouth being raped! The Colonel was moaning with pleasure as he fucked the helpless private's mouth, driving his shaft in deep enough to cause Ken to choke and gag on the thick head. The thick muscles of the Colonel's back and shoulders were bulging and flexing under his sweat-soaked skin as he thrust his cock deeper and deeper into Ken's sucking mouth. His massive triceps stood out as he used his arms to support himself over Private Cho's bound, stretched body, his sweat dripping down onto the Private's face.

Finally, after almost 10 minutes, the Colonel leaned back, his cock still in Ken's mouth, and began to work his own thick nipples. He seemed to be totally lost in a world of his own, forgetting about the Lieutenant, and concentrating on the hot mouth pleasuring his cock. Finally, he moaned loudly, and while twisting his own nipples almost savagely, he shot a huge load of sperm into Private Cho's mouth!

Ken Cho choked and gagged as the flood of hot, salty and bittersweet fluid filled his mouth. Finally, he had no choice but to swallow the Colonel's cum. His face burned red with shame as he was forced to debase himself by swallowing another man's sperm in front of his father, and superior officer!

Colonel Pak finally slid back, and reached down and patted Ken's cheek almost lovingly.

“Very good, boy. For your first cock sucking, that was quite good. But, of course, you will get better with more practice. And, I'm sure your father will learn to do it quite well too! As a matter of fact, I believe that his first experience will to be to suck his own son's cock, and swallow your sperm. Of course, you will be swallowing a lot of his, too. I have some clients that will pay me quite well to watch a father and son team of South Korean Soldiers making love to each other, and sucking each other off, as well as fucking each other!”

The Colonel got off of the rack and stood in front of the helpless Lieutenant. The raw hate in the Lieutenant's eyes was almost physical in it's intensity. Colonel Pak saw it, and began to laugh.

“That's good, Lieutenant. Anger is good. It makes a man careless, it makes him lose control, and say things that he shouldn't. Was it watching you son sucking a cock that makes you so angry? Or maybe the idea that you will both be my sex slaves once I have extracted the information I need from you as both you and your son scream in agony? “

Colonel Pak began to pace in front of the Lieutenant. Kim Cho struggled against his restraints, even though he knew that there was no chance of breaking free. His hatred of the Colonel was almost overwhelming his mental discipline. His vision began to be tinged with a red haze, as his hate grew and grew. Just as he was about to lose all control, he heard the voice of his son.

“No, Father. It is not worth it. Do not give in to the anger! We can be strong, stronger then he is. WE WILL NOT TALK, WE WILL NOT BREAK!”

Lieutenant Cho heard the voice of his son, and he was ashamed. His son had been stronger then he had been! His son had been humiliated, and used, and yet he was still in control of his emotions!

Pak stopped his pacing and glared at the helpless private on the Torture rack.

“Brave words, boy, but that's all they are, words. When your father hears you begging him to end your Torture, he will relent. I know that he will.”

Lieutenant Cho merely shook his head.

“Fine, Lieutenant, think that, if you insist. But first, of course, there is still the small matter of the information that I need to extract from you, Lieutenant. As you see, your son is on a rack. But, this is a special rack. It not only stretches the arms, but other body parts as well.”

He reached up, and swung down an overhead arm, locking it into position above Private Cho's chest. Two small metal cables hung down from the arm, ending in vicious looking metal clamps with sharp teeth. Colonel Pak pushed a button and extended the cables, pulling them down until the clamps touched Ken's chest. With an evil grin, he attached the clamps to Ken's thick brown nipples, causing the Private to buck and arch his back, shrieking in excruciating pain!

Then, a cable was pulled up from the base of the rack, from between Ken's feet, and looped around Ken's balls. The Colonel slid the cable end tight, forming a tight band around Private Cho's nuts. Ken was still writhing in agony from the clamps biting deeply into his nipples, causing thin trickles of blood to run down his sides from his tits.

When Col. Pak was finished, he stood, and turned to face Lieutenant Kim Cho, spread-eagled on the Torture cross, barely 5 feet from his son. Surprisingly, Pak reached out and removed the ball gag from the Lieutenant's mouth.

“I do so want your son to hear you begging for the Torture to end, to tell me what I need to know. I want him to know that I have broken you, Lieutenant. Of course, if you don't, you will hear him screaming in agony as his nuts are torn off, and his nipples are ripped from his chest, Lieutenant. Also, his arms will be torn out of joint by the rack, and I wouldn't want you to miss hearing him screaming in agony about that, either.”

“You BASTARD!” screamed the Lieutenant. “You inhuman fucking Commie BASTARD!!”

“Of course, you MIGHT want to consider saying something else, Lieutenant. The information that we need to know. Give it to us, and I'll let your son live. If you don't, there is but one switch that I need to throw that will start the motors on the rack. Your son will die screaming in front of you, and it will be YOUR fault! The rack stretches very slowly, so it will take quite a long time for him to die, I estimate about 30 minutes or so, and I know you will suffer through every minute of his death!”

Colonel Pak's eyes were cold, and his expression was now totally hard!

Lieutenant Cho looked at his son, his nude body stretched tight, suffering, and he was totally torn! He loved his son more then almost anything else in the world, even though he kept the veneer of a hard, strict military officer almost all the time. At the same time, he COULDN'T betray his country, and allow a war to start because of his weakness!

Private Cho raised his head from the rack and gasped out; “Lieutenant, I am nothing. I am a mere Private. My life is not worth a war! Show him we are stronger then he is. Tell him NOTHING, Lieutenant. Tell him nothing... Father. I will gladly die happy knowing that we beat him”

The Lieutenant looked at his son, and smiled, even though there were tears running down his face. He had never been prouder of his son then he was at this very minute! Then he looked at the Colonel.

“Go to Hell, Pak. You heard my son. I will tell you nothing!”

The Colonel's face turned red as his temper finally blew.

“Then SO BE IT! His death is on YOUR hands, Lieutenant. I hope you can live with yourself for the rest of your life, which will be in a labor camp far to the North! You both could have had a much more comfortable, and longer life as my sex slaves, but you have made your choice.”

With that, he picked up a small remote control device which he put in the Lieutenant's right hand. There was one red. Button on the control. He looked at the lieutenant, and picked up his pistol from the table it was sitting on, and held it to Lieutenant's Cho's head.

“Your last chance to talk, Lieutenant. The red button starts the rack. Once it starts, there is NO way to stop it until the cables have retracted all the way to their ends. If that happens, your son's body will be ripped apart in front of you! You have a choice. You will either tell me what I want to know, or your son WILL die, and he will die slowly and horribly, shrieking in agony, knowing that YOU pushed the button that killed him! I was just going to start the rack myself, but this will make his death just that much worse for you! Now...CHOOSE! Talk, or he dies!”

“And if I do neither, Colonel?” sneered Lieutenant Cho.

“The I will shoot you, and push the button myself. Either way, your son dies screaming in agony!”

Private Ken Cho raised his head again and gasped out; “No Lieutenant, DO NOT tell him anything! I will be glad to die, knowing that my death helped stop a war! Please, father, be strong. For me, and for our country. Push the button, father. Torture me. Save yourself, and Torture me!”

Lieutenant Cho looked at his son, tears running down his face, and smiled a sad smile. He then glared at the Colonel.

“Do you see the soldier bound to your rack, Colonel? That is a real man, Colonel. He is but 18, but he is twice the man that you will EVER hope to be! You lose, Colonel. If you shoot me, you will never get the information you need, and I will never willingly give it to you. Do as you will.”

He then dropped the remote.

Colonel Pak's face was beet red. He snarled as he bent down to pick up the control, and pushed the single red button on it. He then set it down between Ken's legs, and snarled “Have a good life, Lieutenant!” and stormed out of the room, followed by his two assistants.

Lieutenant Cho looked at his son even as he struggled against his steel restraints, but to no avail. There was no way that he could get loose and stop the rack from tearing his son's arms out, and tearing his nuts off, as well as ripping his nipples from his chest! Within five minutes, Private Cho began to moan and finally to scream as the cables stretching him grew tighter and tighter. The pain in his shoulder joints was excruciating, as was the pain in his chest from his stretched nipples, and he thought he might throw up from the agony ripping through his lower torso from his nuts.

Private Cho's ribcage slowly lifter higher and higher above his flattened abs as his body was stretched tighter and tighter, and his tits were slowly stretched further and further away from his pecs. His nuts were now turning purple as they were pulled further and further away from his torso.

His screaming got louder and louder, each shriek a knife through his father's heart! The Torture seemed to go on and on, Ken shrieking in sheer mortal agony as he was on the very edge of being ripped apart by the rack.

Lieutenant Cho KNEW that his son couldn't endure more then another few minutes on the rack before he was torn apart, and he sobbed openly, tears running down his face as he thought of his son dying horribly directly in front of him, and his total inability to save him!

Just as Lieutenant Cho knew his son could not endure another minute of the Torture, the room went totally dark, and the sounds of the electric motors on the rack stopped!

Lieutenant Cho was startled by the total silence, and the total blackness that now enveloped the room. Total silence, that is, except for the pained gasps for air coming from his Tortured son still lying on the rack, on the verge of being physically torn apart.

“Father,...what....has....happened?” groaned Private Cho.

“I do not know, my son. Perhaps a power failure but I cannot say with any certainty. Please, my son, let me say this while I have a chance! I have never been more proud of you! I know that I may have seemed distant and harsh, perhaps even cruel raising you by myself, but do not think that I ever stopped loving you.”

“Y...yes, Father....I..I have alw....always known...that, Sir! I love well, Father!”

Suddenly, from outside the room, down the hallway came the sounds of shouting voices, what sounded like the sounds of a struggle, and then two gunshots echoed down the hall. There was about ten minutes of muffled sounds from the hallway, while both helpless prisoners wondered what was happening, then Lieutenant Cho then saw the reflections of lights in the hallway, and he started to call out for help, hoping beyond hope that rescue had come in the nick of time! The lights seemed to be coming closer and closer, then several figures stepped into the Torture Chamber. Their lights were shining directly into Lieutenant Cho's face so he could not see who was holding them.

“Please, help my son! Release him, please!” he gasped.

One of the shadowy figures looked underneath the end of the rack, and apparently found some sort of a release trigger for the cable rollers. There was a 'snap' sound and Ken groaned as the cable stretching his arms slackened. Within a minute, the other cables had been released as well, and the clamps had been removed from his nipples and his balls were freed from the loop of cable. Ken lay on the rack, sobbing with relief, still unable to move, or to even put his arms down by his side.

Meanwhile, another of their mysterious saviors had come in with a ring of keys, and had succeed in releasing Lieutenant Cho from the cross. He went to his son, still lying in agony on the rack, and gently stroked his face. They both seemed to be beyond words, and just gazed into each others eyes for a while. Then Kim slowly helped his son to put his arms down and helped him up to a sitting position on the rack. Wrapping his arms around his son, Lieutenant Cho finally began to sob, his head resting on Ken's chest.

“My son, oh my son. I was afraid I was going to lose you! I don't know what I would have done if I had! Can you forgive me for putting you in the position of having to endure Torture like that? I'm sorry, I'm so, so sorry!”

“Father, it's done. I made my choice when I told you not to tell Pak anything! I knew what I was doing, and I was willing to give my life for my country, and for peace!”

Lieutenant Cho looked up at the figures that had released him and rescued his son from the rack. He finally saw that they were wearing totally black jumpsuits with no markings of any kind, and that they simply stared down at him and his son impassively, their hard Asian faces showing no emotion of any kind.

Finally, after allowing Private Cho to recover from his Torture for about ten minutes, two of the figures roughly hauled the two soldiers to their feet, and forced them out into the hallway, and down towards a single lighted doorway on the end. They were pushed into the lighted room, which turned out to be an office of some kind. Sitting behind the desk in the room was an officer in a different type of uniform then the others. Lieutenant Cho groaned inwardly when he recognized the insignia of a Chinese Army Major General! The General looked up at them, his expression unreadable.

“Ah, Lieutenant Cho, and Private Cho. I am General Zhao of the People's Republic of China, and you are now MY prisoners! As you see, Colonel Pak is no longer in charge of this facility. Let's just say that there has been a change in management!”

Private Cho gasped; “ are not here to rescue us?”

The General smiled coldly.

“No, Private, far from it. Yes, there is now different management, but the same function. I have heard tales of Colonel Pak's little Torture Chamber, and decided to make it mine! Eventually, of course, you will both be fine additions to the recreational choices offered to my guests in my main pleasure facility outside Beijing!”

The two Korean soldiers were suddenly grabbed from behind by several of the Chinese shock troops, and held, even as they struggled.

“Please, please, gentlemen, you both know that you have NO chance of escaping from my men, and even if you did, how would you get out? You are underground, in the middle of a military facility miles from the border, and you are both naked, and weak. Face the inevitable, gentlemen, you are NOT leaving my custody. Ever!”

Lieutenant Cho snapped to attention, followed by his son.

“You will not get any information from us, General! Someone WILL know that we are missing, and there will be a search.”

The General smiled coldly.

“Relax, Lieutenant, there will be no search. Your car was appropriated from the Army base several days ago, and, sadly, there was a terrible accident! There were two bodies with appropriate identification, including dog tags that were almost burned beyond recognition when it hit a bridge abutment at high speed. We have known you were here ever since you and your son were captured. I have been planning this action for several months now, and we know of ALL the prisoners that the Colonel has had here, and what has happened to all of them. You should consider yourself lucky that you both were still alive when he showed up to take over. The Colonel WOULD have Tortured the both of you to death,whether he got the information he was seeking, or not. Also, Lieutenant, you have NO information that I have not known for weeks, ever since I planned this, oh, shall we call it a takeover, of Colonel Pak's interrogation facility. No, you will be here for a totally different reason, to provide recreation for my men! Yes, Gentlemen, you are basically going to become sex slaves for the pleasure of my men and my civilian guests! Of course, you will not have to service all my clients by yourselves, oh no, you will have help. Come, and I will show you!”

Lieutenant Cho shared a look of total helplessness with his son before being forced out of the room, and down the corridor by the Chinese troops. They both sensed that under the Chinese General's affable nature there was a cold-blooded ruthlessness. They were taken back down the corridor to the first room that Lt. Cho had been Tortured in, and where his son had been revealed to him. When they entered the room, both men gasped at what they saw.

Colonel Pak was stretched up in the chains, his muscled physique spread-eagled with his feet barely touching the floor, and a thick gag stuffed in his mouth. He was still wearing just his chaps and boots, his body streaked with sweat. He had several bruises on his face, as if he had fought back against the Chinese troops, but he had been overpowered.

General Zhao stepped up to the Colonel, and gently ran a finger down his chest, then licked the sweat off his finger. He then bent down, and kissed each of the Colonel's nipples.

“Yes, I do love a muscled man, and all of my troops do as well. Of course, I recruited most of them myself in bed, so they are all fine physical specimens as well. You three will be a fine addition to my private recreation facility. There should have been more to add, but the Colonel's two assistants made the mistake of attempting to resist, and sadly were lost.”

The bound Colonel struggled in his chains, his attempts to speak totally muffled by the gag, although Lieutenant Cho had a fair idea of what he was trying to say.

“Oh Colonel, DO be quiet!” Snapped the General.

He motioned to one of the shock troops, who stepped up, and pounded a fist deeply into Pak's midsection! Pak groaned, and went limp as the punch seemed to have knocked the wind out of him! He struggled for almost a minute to breathe, turning slightly blue before he could finally start to inhale.

The General turned to the Chos.

“Gentlemen, I think a demonstration of your abilities is in order.”

He nodded to the soldiers holding them, and faster then Lieutenant Cho could see, a pistol was being held to the side of each of their heads.

“Gentlemen, I see two mouths, and the Colonel has two nipples. Please begin to suck his nipples. And, since I do know how much pain he has caused the both of you, you may be as rough as you like.”

The pistols were pressed to their heads. The two South Korean soldiers exchanged a look, then slowly bent down, and began to suck and chew on the suspended muscle-man's nipples. Colonel Pak began to groan as his tits were sucked and nibbled on, and his thick cock began to swell and harden, until it stood totally erect. Lieutenant Cho began to bite harder and harder on Pak's left nipple, attempting to force the sadistic Colonel to experience even a tiny bit of the pain he had endured. He then noticed his son doing the same to the Colonel's thick right nipple.

The two of them bit down harder and harder on the Colonel's tits until he started howling into his gag, ans his muscles strained against his chains. Lieutenant Cho started to feel a strange sense of not only satisfaction at being able to Torture the Colonel for a change, but a different kind of satisfaction as well, as though physical contact with a hard-muscled man was somehow right, and even pleasurable. He even found himself wondering how his son's nipples and even his cock would taste and feel in his mouth! He tried to push those feelings deep inside himself, and tell himself that it was wrong to have those thoughts, even though they had been troubling him for years, and he had convinced himself that he had succeeded.

Father and son continued to bite, chew, and suck on the hard knobs of flesh until the General chuckled and said “I do believe that has had the desired effect. Now, both of you will kneel down, and suck his cock until he comes, and I want to see both of you eating his sperm!”

Ken and Kim pulled back from the Colonel's muscled chest, shared another look, and, bowing to the inevitable, dropped to their knees. Ken finally opened his mouth, and sucked the head of the Colonel's shaft in. Pak moaned as the hot mouth surrounded his cock head. Lieutenant Cho looked like he was going to be sick, but the pistol barrel pressed against his head finally convinced him to open his mouth and begin to lick the thick, veiny shaft. Finally, when Private Cho pulled back, and began to lick the Colonel's balls, Lieutenant Cho sucked the head of the cock into his mouth. He could feel his face burning with shame, but he knew that he had no choice! Although, something in the back of his head found it rather enjoyable to have a man's erect cock in his mouth.

His son joined him in licking and tonguing the erect cock, taking turns sucking it into their mouths and licking the shaft until Pak began to groan and gasp, his washboard abs flexing and rippling.

Finally, with a gasp, a flood of sperm shot out of his cock, which Ken and Kim shared, each swallowing a portion of the discharge until Pak's orgasm was spent. They continued to lick the softening shaft until the General told them to stand.

“Very good, Gentlemen, very good! That was quite impressive for a pair of first time cocksuckers. Or should I say almost first time, correct Private Cho?”

Ken Cho just glared at the General. His only reaction was to laugh, a sound which ran down both prisoner's spines like ice.

“Oh do relax, Private. That was nothing. Your next assignment will be MUCH more interesting, I think.”

Private Cho didn't say anything, but just continued to glare at the General.

“Ah, so you want to know what it is. Well, I believe you will enjoy this! It is very simple. You are going to kneel in this room, in front of me, and you are going to suck your father's cock until he comes in your mouth. Once you have swallowed his cum, he will then suck your cock, and do the same!”

“Go to Hell, General!” Snapped Private Cho.

The General glared at Private Cho for a second, his veneer of friendliness gone, then he grinned again.

“You seem to forget, Private, exactly where you are. I can have your father bound, and Tortured in front of your eyes until he is begging you to suck him off, or you are begging me to let you suck him. Or, you can be both bound in a position where you will have NO CHOICE but to suck each other off.

It would be so much nicer if you did it voluntarily though, so I can observe your technique, and I can be sure you will pleasure my men. Oh yes, gentlemen, the three of you will be called upon to pleasure as many of my men as often as I desire. You will find yourselves sometimes swallowing 8 or 9 loads of sperm a day, with as many being pumped into your asses as you are gang-fucked by my men! When I have decided that this facility has served it's immediate purpose, then the three of you will find yourselves transported to my main 'Pleasure camp' in China, where you will join the rest of my sex slaves. You would be very interested to see the number of high officials from a number of countries that visit my facility. I have several championship Russian Bodybuilders 'on staff' there for their pleasure, as well as men from Poland, Japan, Germany, Switzerland, and even a black American muscleman, as well.”

He turned to the suspended Colonel Pak.

“Yes, Colonel, that does include you, too. I have a group of men who have a fetish for fucking and Torturing a huge Asian bodybuilder type, and you certainly do fit the bill. Of course, some of my men like the leaner, more ripped and shredded physique model type, much like Private Cho here, or even the hard-bodied, sculpted work type physique that Lieutenant Cho has.”

The General's expression suddenly hardened again.

“Be that as it may, however, Private Cho, you WILL suck your father's cock, and you WILL suck it right now, or the Tortures you suffered at the hands of this musclebound buffoon will seem like hours of pleasure!”

Private Cho could see that the only way to mollify the mad General was to follow his orders...for now. He dropped to his knees and reached out to his father's cock. At his first touch, it started to stiffen, and rise, until it was fully erect. He leaned in, and sucked the head into his mouth, hearing his father groan with pleasure. He started to pump his mouth back and forth on the shaft, his hands starting to feel his father's hard muscles, almost of their own volition. He sucked harder on the thick shaft, flicking his tongue across then head, even as his fingers began to work the hard nipples capping his father's solid pectoral muscles. He felt his father grasp the sides of his head, and begin to thrust his cock in and out of his son's hot mouth, while his nipples were being twisted and stretched.

Lieutenant Cho was almost lost in the sensations of pleasure from the mouth sucking him, and even the sensations of gentle, erotic pain from his tits! This was only the second time that a man had ever given him a blow job, and he realized that it was true, that a man could suck a cock much better then any woman. The fact that it was his own son sucking his cock made it both troubling, and somehow more exciting and erotic!

Finally, he could not hold back any longer, and filled his son's mouth with his flood of sperm! He thrust involuntarily again and again into his son's mouth as his conscious though was overridden by his carnal desire for release!

When Private Cho was done swallowing his father's load of sperm, he stood back up, waiting. His cock was already totally erect, even as Lieutenant Cho, with no hesitation, dropped to his knees and began to suck his son! His son had given him great pleasure, and he felt that he had no choice but to return the pleasure. His head slid back and forth as he sucked the thick, hot shaft in his mouth. He felt Ken's hands on his head, helping to move it the entire length of the shaft.

Lieutenant Cho's hands began to explore every rippling ridge of muscle on his son's ripped torso. Hours of hard exercise and weightlifting had given Ken a shredded physique, which Kim was just now beginning to appreciate! He felt his son's nipples and began to gently squeeze them, remembering the erotic pleasure he had felt as his nipples were being used. Finally, Private Cho began to groan, and to pump his cock in and out of his Father's mouth faster and faster until he moaned, and, grasping his Father's head tightly, filled his mouth with his sperm.

Lieutenant Cho swallowed his son's essence as quickly as he could, and when he was done, he stood back up, and looked into his eyes. Without saying a word, he pulled his son to him, and kissed him as deeply as he could! He knew then that he had only been fooling himself, that he had only hidden and not eliminated his feelings about wanting to make love to his handsome, muscular son, and other men as well. This was who he truly was, and had always been, even though he had denied his feelings for years, even while watching muscular young Army soldiers during their physical training sessions!

Private Cho wrapped his arms around his father's solidly muscled physique, and kissed him back, as passionately as he had ever kissed any of the few girlfriends he had dated to keep up appearances.

When they finally broke the kiss, Private Cho softly said; “I love you, Kim,”

He had never called his father by his given name, only as “Sir”, or “Father”, or “Lieutenant”.

Lieutenant Cho was startled for a second, but then he knew the truth, that his son was as gay as he was, and whispered back “And I love you, Ken!”.

The General chuckled.

“How touching. You have finally begun to realize the pleasures that men can share together. Women are only good for breeding stock, no more. For true sexual pleasure, though only a man can provide it to another man! You may be father and son, but soon you will become lovers as well. Many of my guests will enjoy watching you worshiping each others bodies, knowing what and who you are. Who knows, if you are very good, I might let you show off for select clients who think that money is no object and will pay me handsomely to have two muscular men like yourselves Torture each other, or perhaps ever the two of you can team up to Torture, fuck, and abuse this muscled idiot hanging here!”

The General turned and backhanded Colonel Pak across the face.

“It will be entertaining to watch you two fucking his ass, maybe both of you at the same time, or maybe spit-roasting him, as the Americans say, one cock in each end at the same time, until you fill him with your sperm. Don't worry, Colonel, I won't let them kill you even though you DID threaten to kill them on numerous occasions. Yes, I saw the video recordings you made of the various Torture and interrogation sessions. Of course, if you don't learn to behave, and be a good little sex muscle-slave, they might just get the chance to put you on your own rack and tear you apart, or maybe hang you in these chains with a massive amount of electricity pounding through your body until your heart stops!

Once this facility has served it's purpose, all your ingenious Torture Equipment will be transported to my main pleasure camp, since many of my clients do enjoy watching a good Torture scene. Colonel Pak, you will make a most interesting victim. It will be interesting to see exactly how much Torture those muscles will let you endure before you break, and start to cry like the bully that you are!”

The general spoke with a disarming, almost charming smile on his face, but both Chos and Colonel Pak seemed to know that he was being totally serious. The defeated Colonel seemed almost to deflate as he stopped struggling, surrendering to the inevitability of his fate.

“Yes, Colonel, in my facility, no one is Tortured to death, only to the point where they BEG for it. But not letting you die, to keep you alive for years and years of Torture is a MUCH more fitting fate for a sadistic idiot like you! Oh, and by the way, Colonel, a letter you wrote to a colleague expressing your innermost thoughts that your “Dear Leader” is nothing more then a fat little idiot with a bad haircut has already been 'mistakenly' delivered to the Presidential palace, where he is SURE to see it. Your name will soon be on the official liquidation list, so even if you did try to escape, your life is worth nothing!”

Lieutenant Cho and his son, Private Cho, looked at each other and seemed to share a thought. The chance of being able to extract some measure of revenge on the sadistic Colonel almost overrode the fear of being kept as prisoners and being forced to serve as sexual slaves. They finally knew that the bond they shared was more then just that of Father and Son, it was much closer then that.

Lieutenant Cho turned to the General, snapped to attention, and said “Sir, if we are together, we don't care where we go, or what we are requested to do. As long as we are together, we will be happy.”

He turned, gazed into Private Cho's eyes deeply for a moment, and then kissed him deeply again, as passionately as he could!

“Isn't that right, Ken, my love?”

Private Cho finally accepted the truth about his Father, or rather, his new lover. He smiled and said; “Yes, Kim, my love. As long as we are together.”

The General smiled an almost Paternal smile, and led his newest sex slaves back down the hall, and into their quarters, to begin their new lives.