The Telemachus Story Archive

By Master Skrain


Kyle walked into the field where the local annual Pride event was being held. Having just arrived in the city the previous day from his home in Nebraska on the bus, the 6' tall, 20 year old blonde jock with the long hair that hung down around his face to his shoulders had just that morning seen a report in the local paper about the Pride event. He had asked the desk clerk at the motel he was staying in about the best way to get to the event, and had been told the best city bus route to get within walking distance of the event. He had dressed in a tight pair of denims, his combat boots, and a tight tank top from his local gym back home.

Kyle was surprised at the number of people at the outdoor event, Gay Men, Women, couples, even some with children were there, and the entire event seemed to have the feel of a fun street festival. It was nothing like the lurid descriptions of "Evil and Wickedness" that he had been forced to listen to from the preachers back home. He wandered about the event tents for an hour or so, checking out some of the local vendors and food tents before sitting down with a sandwich and a soda.

Suddenly, looking across the field, Kyle saw HIM!! At first, Kyle couldn't believe what he was seeing. The object of his attention was a drop-dead handsome man in tight black leather pants tucked into almost knee-high logger style boots that had been polished to a mirror shine! He was also wearing a black leather vest that exposed the deep valley between his glistening pecs, and showed off a full 8-pack of solidly ripped abdominals. He had a shock of thick black hair above a sculpted face that Kyle instantly was attracted to. But what had really caught Kyle's attention was the absolutely shredded and vascular arms and broad shoulders that flexed and rippled with every movement of the Leatherman. The veins that ran down the softball-sized biceps to his forearms from his massive delts stood out like ropes under the taut bronzed skin. Kyle had always been attracted to men with muscles, but this man seemed to be the fulfillment of every fantasy about a leather-clad musclegod that he had ever had!

Kyle stared at the Leatherman from where he was sitting, and somehow, it seemed that the Leatherman knew that he was being observed. He turned and looked directly at Kyle, his dark eyes seeming to bore directly into Kyle's blue eyes, as if peering into his soul. Kyle then saw him smile slightly, and briefly nod his head, as if he was reading Kyle's mind, and seeing the long hidden and deeeply buried desires that were in there, the desires that his parents, preachers, and friends had long sought to supress.

Almost as if someone else was controlling his body, Kyle stood up, and walked towards where the Leatherman was standing. Strangely enough, no one else seemed to want to get too close to the Leather-Clad figure, almost as if his presence was too intimidating for most of the others at the festival.

Kyle, however walked directly up to the figure, and looking down at the ground, said "Hello, Sir, my name is Kyle. May I have permission to approach, Sir?"

The Leatherman said "Granted" in a deep voice with a slight accent that sent a chill of excitement down Kyle's spine.

"Thank you, Sir. All I wanted to say was that you are the sexiest and hottest man that I have ever seen, and I would love to serve you however you would desire."

The Leatherman said: "However I would desire? Are you sure about that, boy?"

Kyle nervously swallowed deeply and said "Yes, Sir. However you desire, Sir."

The leatherman said: "Look at me, boy!"

Kyle lifted his head and looked directly at the handsome face. The Leatherman's mouth was curled in a slight grin, as if he was enjoying a private joke.

"What if I told you that serving me would involve some pain and suffering in my Torture Dungeon, boy? Would you still be interested in serving me? You would have to prove yourself worthy, boy."

"Yes, Sir, I would try my best to do whatever I had to do to serve you, Sir." Kyle nervously answered. "I would try to endure whatever you wanted to do to me, even Torture, Sir."

The Leatherman smiled more widely. "Yes, boy, a few hours of Torture and hard bondage was what I had in mind. You look like you could endure it, boy. Nice build, and some pretty impressive arms you have there..."

"Thank you, Sir, but my muscles are nowhere as hot and impressive as yours are, Sir. I would give anything to be built like you are, Sir. I have been weightlifting for football and other sports since I was about 14, but I have never seen anyone in any gym that is as hot and sexy as you are, Sir!".

The Leatherman grinned. "Thank you, boy. Are you here with anyone, or do you have a car here? I live about 20 miles outside the city out in the country, so the only way to get to my property is to drive."

"No Sir, I just arrived in town yesterday, Sir, on the bus, so I don't have any transportation, and I'm here all alone. I'm just staying in a cheap motel for a few days, since I'm just traveling around since I left home."

Kyle then said something that he had never thought in his wildest dreams, even in the midst of his most erotic fantasies while jacking off, that he would even say to another man: "Please, Sir, would you Torture me? I would endure whatever you wanted to do to my body and my muscles if I could serve you. Flog my back, flog my chest, punch my abs, torture my nipples, torture my cock and balls, fuck my ass and my mouth, do whatever you wanted to my body, and I will try to endure it to be able to serve you, and to be able to make love to you, and to be allowed to worship your muscles, Sir!"

The Leatherman grinned even wider, a slightly sinister look on his handsome face, which sent a chill down Kyle's spine.

"I like that, boy. A muscled blonde jock, begging for Torture! But you need to know that if you agree to be used by me, I WILL Torture you, and real Torture! Are you still interested, boy? Are you really wanting to be bound and Tortured until you are screaming and begging for release?"

Kyle swallowed deeply: "Yes, Sir. I would give you my body for you to use for your pleasure however you desired, no matter what! Even if it includes submitting to hard and intense Torture, Sir!"

Kyle couldn't believe that he had just said that. It was almost as someone else was controlling his mind and was finally speaking out loud all of the desires he had been forced to keep hidden from his overly religious family and even his friends ever since he had jacked off to a torture scene in an old Hercules movie when he was only 13 years old.

The Leatherman said: "If you are serious, then come with me, boy. Just understand, you will suffer as you are tortured! And if you come with me, there is no backing out. Also, My name is Stefan, but you will ONLY call me Sir, until I give you permission to change. Is that understood, boy?"

Kyle nodded. "Sir, Yes, Sir! I understand, Sir!"

Sir said: "Follow me, boy!" and turned to exit the festival park.

Kyle followed him across the street to the parking garage and to a beautifully restored Red and White 55' Chevy BelAir convertible. Kyle's eyes widened as he took in the lines of the classic car, having only ever seen pictures of ones like this before.

"Wow, Sir, beautiful car, Sir!"

Sir just grinned and said: "Get in, boy!"

Kyle slid into the car and watched as Sir undid a couple of latches on the windshield frame before starting the Chevy, and putting the top down.

They drove out of the garage and through town to the motel where Kyle was staying.

Sir turned to Kyle: "Go in and get your clothes and then check out. You will be staying at my place for as long as I desire to keep you there!"

Another chill ran down Kyle's spine, but it wasn't from fear, but more from the thought of the handsome Leather clad Muscleman actually wanting to use him and maybe more...including being made into a full-time slave.

Once Kyle had checked out, and loaded the backpack containing his clothes into the trunk of the Chevy, Sir looked at him and said "Lose the shirt, boy. Slaves don't wear shirts without permission!"

Kyle immediatly peeled off the tank top, leaving him stripped to the waist in his denims and boots. Sir reached over and ran a hand down Kyle's hard chest and 6-pack abs, smiling slightly even as he tweaked Kyle's left nipple, causing Kyle to moan slightly with pleasure even as his cock tried to swell in his tight denims!

Sir smiled: "Good, boy. Nice sensitive nipples. That makes them even more fun to Torture!

Kyle could only say "Sir, Yes, Sir. My nipples are sensitive, Sir, and I would endure whatever forms of Nipple Tortures you want to subject me to!"

Sir just grinned and said: "Let's see if you still think that after 8 or 9 hours of hard nipple pain in my Torture Dungeon, boy!"

Kyle swallowed deeply and moaned: "Yes, Sir."

They chatted during the drive out of the city and into the country, Kyle explaining that he had decided to leave home after deciding that he couldn't take his family constantly berating him and trying to force him to be someone that he couldn't be, and that he had taken the money that he had been saving ever since he had his very first job at the age of 16, knowing that he would eventually want to get away from the small Midwestern farm town and it's repressive atmosphere.

Eventually Sir turned the car up a secluded drive off of a country road towards a rustic log home set in the woods. Kyle was filled with conflicting emotions as he realized that he was now miles from the city and he really had no idea of how to get anywhere unless Sir would allow him to leave and transport him back to the city. He was both scared and excited: scared because he had actually asked to be Tortured, something that he has never experienced before, and excited at the prospect of being able to serve the muscled Leatherman of his darkest fantasies!

Sir pulled the car up in front of one of a pair of outbuildings behind the main house.

"Get out, boy, and kneel!' Sir said.

Kyle did as he was ordered, kneeling on the concrete drive, waiting to see what would happen. The next thing he felt as a thick leather collar being put around his throat, followed by the click of a padlock being closed, locking the collar on. Kyle realized that he was now totally helpless and at the mercy of the sexy leather-clad muscleman that he had met less then two hours before!

Sir said: "You seem to be pretty willing, boy, so I'll give you a taste of what you will be able to enjoy if you endure my Tortures. Stand up, boy!"

Kyle stood and as he watched, Sir shucked off his vest. Kyle gasped out loud at the sight of Sir's physique, with veins that criscrossed under the bronze skin of his pecs and coursed down his washboard abs to vanish under the waistline of his leather pants. Sir raised both of his arms and shot a double bicep pose that actually make Kyle's knees go weak!

His veiny biceps seemed to be the size of softballs with the striations in the muscles clearly visible under his paper-thin skin, but what really made Kyle gasp was the sight of Sir's nipples, two thick dark brown knobs that looked like they could each fill a shot glass, as they each stood out from his massive pecs a full inch.

Sir grinned at Kyle. "You like what you see, boy?"

"Oh fuck yes, Sir! You are a muscle god, Sir!"

"Well then, boy, lean in here and show me how much you appreciate what you see!"

Kyle leaned in and bent down to take Sir's left nipple unto his mouth to begin to suckle on the solid knob of hard titmeat! At the same time his hands began to explore Sir's shredded body, stroking his back with one hand while feeling the abs and playing with the other nipple with the other hand!

Sir moaned slightly as Kyle worshiped his muscles and nipples. "Yeah, boy, that's it. Make love to your Master's body, show me how much you want me!"

Kyle got a chill down his back when Sir referred to himself as "Kyle's Master".

He thought: "Oh God, this is what I've been searching for, a leather Muscleman who will keep me and train me to be a proper slave!"

Kyle sucked harder on Sir's nipple, enjoying the salty taste of the sweaty pec mixed with a faint echo of the taste of the leather vest. He began to lose himself in his worship of the rock-hard muscles and the erect nipples as he switched from one tit to the other, licking his way across the pecs, sticking his tongue into the deep valley between the muscles as Sir flexed his chest.

Then Sir lifted his right arm and held his hand behind his head.

"Get your face into that armpit, and lick it out, boy!"

Kyle buried his face into the hot pit, licking at the taut, sweaty skin, and running his tongue through the small tuft of hair. He inhaled deeply, taking in the sexy musk of Sir's masculine odor, and experiencing a rush in his entire body almost as if he had taken a deep hit of some poppers, which he had only ever tried once or twice!

Kyle licked the pit for just a moment more before Sir grabbed his hair and pulled his head back.

"I think that's enough for now, boy!" Sir snarled. "Now, you have to prove to me that you deserve to be able to serve me properly!"

Kyle just whispered: "Sir, yes, Sir!"

Sir slapped Kyle's face hard enough to make his teeth rattle!

"What was that, boy?"

"SIR, YES, SIR!!" Kyle repeated, nearly shouting.

"That's better, boy! Slaves don't whisper, they speak clearly, but only when given permission to speak! Is that understood, boy?"

"SIR, YES, SIR!!" Kyle repeated.

Sir turned and said: "Follow me, boy!"

Kyle obediently followed Sir as he walked up to the door of one of the two outbuildings behind his house. Opening the door, Sir stepped inside and switched on the overhead lights. Kyle actually moaned out loud at the sight of the inside of the building. It was the Torture Chamber from Kyle's dreams... and nightmares!

Looking around, Kyle saw several Crosses close to one wall, a full-size Torture Rack standing in the middle of the floor, as well as a bondage cage and what looked like an actual small prison cell in one corner. There were also racks of floggers, whips, restraints of all sorts, and other devices and gear that Kyle could only guess at, as well as several overhead hoists.

Sir walked over to one of the wooden bondage tables that had what looked like a set of restraints like old-fashioned stocks on one end of the table.

"Over here, boy!" he ordered.

"Strip, and put your pants and boots over there in the corner under that bench!"

Within a minute Kyle stood naked in front of the muscular leatherman. He was both turned on by the thought of what he might be enduring soon, and scared by the same thoughts. Sir grinned at his obvious discomfort.

"Don't worry, boy, I won't do anything to injure you, or do any permanent damage or leave permanent marks. You are too pretty for me to damage that way."

"Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir!" Kyle said horsely, his throat having gone dry.

"Now, boy, get up on that table, put your feet in the stocks, and stretch your arms out while I prepare you!" Sir snarled, all business now!

Kyle obediently lay on his back on the hard wooden table and put his arms over his head. Sir brought over what looked to Kyle like two long slabs of thick black leather about 2 feet long by about a foot wide, covered with straps and buckles. Sir ordered Kyle to lift his arms slightly so he could lay the slabs of leather under his arms lengthwise. Then using the straps and buckles, Sir wrapped the leather pieces around Kyle's arms almost like sleeves and buckled them tightly, until Kyle couldn't bend his arms even a fraction of an inch. Then Sir buckled restraints around Kyle's wrists and fastened them to one end of the table.

Sir then positioned Kyle's ankles in the wooden stocks at the other end of the table, and fastened the stocks closed, trapping Kyle's feet and rendering him totally immobile, with his arms encased in the sleeves, and his feet locked.

Kyle was now stretched on his back, naked and quite helpless. His chest heaved as he anticipated the various ways that Sir could Torture him in this position.

However, what Sir did next was quite unexpected. He leaned over Kyle, and began to gently lick Kyle's right armpit, teasing the stretched flesh with just the tip of his tongue. Sir then breathed deeply, inhaling Kyle's musk before moving to the nipple, his tongue barely flicking across the erect tit. Kyle groaned at the sensation not sure of what to make of it. Then Sir moved to Kyle's left tit, continuing to lightly lick the erect nub until Kyle was moaning with pleasure. Then Sir moved down and began to lick Kyle's left armpit with the same flickering motion of his tongue, which was beginning make Kyle groan and flex his muscles with both pleasure, and frustration at his total inability to move, to avoid the teasing of his muscled body!

"That's right, boy, struggle for me. I like it when my slaves sweat, and struggle and flex their muscles..." Sir almost moaned.

Kyle couldn't do anything else but writhe in sheer frustrtion as the tactile Torture of his muscles continued. The light touch of Sir's tongue on his skin was almost like an electrical shock, and the slow, methodical way that Sir was licking Kyle's sweaty skin was almost more agonizing to Kyle then being flogged or beaten might be!

Sir continued his licking Torture of the moaning slaveboy for almost a half hour, at the end of which, Kyle was whimpering in frustration, dripping with sweat, and, unsurprisingly, his cock was rock hard and dripping. Then Sir began to do something to Kyle that showed his helpless captive that he was a true sadist.

Sir began to very lightly run his fingers across the soles of Kyle's feet, making him strain his muscles and cry out: "Oh God, no! Please, feet are so ticklish!".

Sir just gave him a sadistic grin, as he said "Good!", and began to work Kyle's feet harder with his fingers.

Kyle tried to hold out as long as he could, but finally he began to laugh as his feet were tickled.

"Oh..ha,ha,,,Oh God...ha...ha...hahahahha! Oh God...stop...please... this is torture...NOOO... HAHAHAHAHAH!"

Sir just increased the level of the tickle Torture even as Kyle was now nearly screaming in a combination of begging and laughing! His muscles writhed and flexed as he strained against his restraints, but the leather sleeves made it impossible for him to even bend his arms.

Sir methodically worked his way up the bound boy's body, from his feet to his legs, and especially the back of Kyle's knees, which made him scream and beg even louder, then to just below Kyle's balls, making Kyle gasp for air as his laughing was now uncontrollable.

Kyle thought that he might actually cum from the sensations when Sir began to work his fingers over each ridge of corded muscle of his abs, and then up into his ribcage, almost griding his fingertips in between each rib! He was shrieking incoherently, laughing and screaming as his mind was almost overloaded by the sensations flooding into it. He had never thought in his wildest dreams that being tickled unmercifully could be more of a Torture then a flogging, or a whipping!

Kyle screamed again and again when Sir began to work his nipples with his fingertips, since his nervous system was now so overstinulated what the slightest touch brought on fresh gales of laughter. Kyle was gasping for air, sweating and desperately trying to twist away from Sir's fingers, but it was useless. This was the Torture he was being subjected to, and there was no stopping it!

Then Kyle thought that he would go mad from the combination of pleasure and unbearable sensations when Sir began to work his fingers into Kyle's armpits. Sir started by gently running his fingertips across the straining muscles and tendons of Kyle's pits, then he began to work his fingers in deeper and deeper into the hollows.

Sir continued his merciless Tickle Torture of the helpless muscleboy for almost a full hour, driving Kyle to a sheer frenzy of struggling, his straining, ripped body dripping with sweat.

Kyle was screaming and begging for mercy by now, almost unable to breathe as he was laughing so hard. Sir just grinned down at the helpless boy, and reached over to a side table. Kyle almost screamed again when he saw Sir turn back holding a pair of toothbrushes!

Sir leaned in and began to run the bristles of the brushes across the erect tips of Kyle's now hyper-sensitive nipples, causing him to buck and struggle even harder as he shrieked out his pleas for mercy. Every muscle in Kyle's torso flexed and writhed as the Torture of his nipples continued, and then the muscle spasms seemed to double again when Sir began to run the toothbrushes into Kyle's armpits.


"I know you will, boy!" Sir grinnned sadistically down at hs helpless captive. "Slaves always do what I want them to do!"

Saying that, Sir seemingly doubled down on Kyle's tickle Torture, running the toothbrushes across Kyle's ribs, then across each ridge of ab muscle, then, to Kyle's horror, up the length of his erect cock, and across the hyper sensitive head! Kyle screamed at the top of his lungs as Sir ran one of the brushes across his piss-hole, sending what felt like massive bursts of electricity through Kyle's body!

Kyle's body heaved as he shrieked at the top of his lungs even as a huge load of cum shot out of his cock to splash across his sweaty 6-pack abs and chest, with some even landing in his open mouth! He shrieked again and again as Sir continued the Torture of his now hyper-sensitive cockhead with the toothbrushes until Kyle slumped back on the Bondage rack, limp and gasping for air with long, shuddering breaths.

"Did I say you could cum, slave?" Snarled Sir, glaring down into Kyle's eyes.

"N-no, Sir. I'm- I'm sorry, Sir!" gasped Kyle.

"You'll have to be punished for that, slave!' said Sir, just before stepping to the foot of the bondage rack.

Kyle screamed again as Sir began to use the toothbrushes on the soles of his feet, running the bristles agonizingly across his arches, and then in between each toe, dragging fresh gales from laughter from Kyle. He screamed with laughter again and again as Sir methodically continued the brutal tickle Torture for another fifteen minutes or so, until Kyle began to not respond to the tickling any longer as he was totally exhausted and his nervous system seemed to be overloaded.

Sir finally set the toothbrushes down after almost two hours of intense tickle Torture of his muscled slave, and began to release the exhausted slaveboy from his bondage, freeing his wrists from the restraints then unbuckling the leather sleeves from around his arms. Once they were off, Sir slowly moved Kyle's arms down to his side to ease his breathing as he loosened his feet from the stocks. Sir stroked Kyle's face in a surprisingly gentle manner, just enough to let the still hyper-stimulated slaveboy that he wasn't alone, and that everything would be all right.

It took a good ten minutes before Kyle began to breathe in a regular rhythm, then he opened his eyes and looked up into Sir's dark eyes.

"Thank you, Sir, that was incredible!" he said softly.

Sir looked down into Kyle's eyes: "That's just to show you that being Tortured doesn't always involve being hurt, or beaten, or flogged, or anything like that. Of course, that doesn't mean that you WON'T be hurt, or beaten, or flogged while you are my slave, boy!"

Kyle looked up at the muscled man standing over him, every cord of rock hard muscle standing out on his body, gleaming with sweat, and just moaned again as his last tiny shreds of resistance vanished, overwhelmed by his lust and desire to please his new Master any way that he could.

"Yes, Sir. This slave's body is yours, do what you want to it for as long as you want, Sir. Slave only asks one favor, though, Sir."

"What's that, boy?" growled Sir.

"Please, sir, slave begs to be allowed to worship your body and to lick the sweat from your muscles and to swallow your cum after each Torture session, to show Sir how much slave appreciates his being Tortured."

Sir just grinned down at Kyle: "We will see, slave we will see... But now, we have to get you ready for your NEXT Torture session, this time some hard CBT and Electro Torture on the rack!"


Kyle's head fell back on the bondage table. He now knew that the Master of his dreams wanted to keep him and use him for more Torture, and sexual slavery!