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Part 3 - Julian 3: Permanent servitude
By Master Skrain

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Julian 3: Permanent servitude

On the morning of the fifth day that Julian was serving as our Omega slave boy, just after he had finished his housecleaning chores and was about to start working in the yard weeding some of the flowerbeds, I heard a ringtone of a cell phone sounding from the room that he had been given for the duration of his visit. Even though at night he had slept in the cell in the dungeon, I had told him to keep his small amount of clothes and other gear in a spare bedroom.

Julian went to answer the phone, and as he walked back into the living room I heard one side of his conversation: "Yes, it's me...Uh huh...when did it happen?... anyone hurt?..I see...O.K. I'll get back to you when I decide what I'm going to do... no, no, I'll be O.K....Yes, I'll figure it out...I have some options...uh huh... O.K., I'll be in touch...O.K. Later..." and then he hung up.

He looked slightly rattled as he turned to me, and dropped to his knees. "Permission to speak, Sir?"

"Granted. Anything wrong, boy?"

"Sir, that was my boss at the cafe up in Truckee. There was a fire last night, and the cafe burned down! Apparently there was an electrical problem with one of the stoves, or something, and it started a fire during the night, luckily after everyone had left for the night so no one was hurt, but the building is gone. My boss said that I could still have a job if he decided to rebuild, but that could take months or more. So apparently, I don't have any reason to go back upstate for a while, except to collect my clothes, my bike, and some other stuff of mine from my apartment."

He looked up at me, almost expectantly, waiting to see what I would say next. Wolf and I had discussed the possibility of Julian staying with us as our Omega slave, houseboy, cook, butler, yardman, and whatever else we could use him for, and this seemed to make the choice a lot easier.

I called for Wolf to come in from the kitchen where he was doing some light cleaning, and had Julian repeat what he had told me.

I told Julian: "Wolf and I need to talk, boy. You wait here and we will be back shortly."

Julian just looked up at us and murmured "Yes, Sir. Slave will wait here, Sir!"

Wolf and I went into the dining room and sat down. I looked at Wolf and asked: "Well, what do you think, do we keep him? He seems to have the desire to become a true slave, and once we get married, having a servant in the house would be nice."

Wolf grinned his slighyly crooked, impish smile: "You do have to admit, he's damn easy on the eyes, and it IS fun to have someone to compete against in the dungeon for some Torture Contests! Not to mention the fact that he's damn good in the gym as a third weightlifting partner and spotter. Also, that would make Eddie and Danny nuts with jelousy, especially when you lead him into The Eagle on a collar and leash."

I grinned at Wolf. "You mean when I lead the BOTH of you into The Eagle on TWO leashes!"

Wolf blushed slightly. "Er...yes, that's what I meant..."

I chuckled and gave him a dope slap to the back of the head, which made Wolf laugh.

"So you think we should offer him the chance?" I asked him when we quit laughing.

"Yes, I think so."

"O.K. Lets go see what he says."

"I kind of have a feeling what he will say!"

"Yeah, me too!" I grinned.

We walked back into the living room where Julian was still kneeling on the floor, head down, hands clasped together behind his back.

"Boy, look at me!' I ordered.

He lifted his head with an expectant expression of his face.

"We understand that this is a major development in your life, but you do have an option, as you said on the phone. Alpha slave Wolf and I are willing to offer you a chance to remain here full time as our Omega slave, which means you will be a houseboy, servant, yard-boy, butler, cook, and whatever else we demand of you. That also means that you will be used in the Dungeon on a regular basis. But, it's not all work and Torture. We do some traveling, so you would accompany us, as well as being able to work out on a daily basis to develop your body to it's absolute best, and more. You would be given your own room in the house, and if you earn it, more freedom over time."

"You would have to follow the same rules that Wolf did when we first met, which include total honesty at all time, absolutely NO drug use and NO fucking around with any other guys without my express permission! Do you understand these rules? These are just the basics, since there will be a more detailed list later."

Julian looked down towards the floor for a few seconds as he contemplated what I had just offered him. He then lifted his head, and I was surprised to see tears running down his cheeks. "Yes, Master Eric, yes, Wolf, this slave agrees to your terms, Sir! This slave will do it's best to be the perfect slave to you both, Sirs. This slave has long dreamed of being the owned property of a true Muscle Master, but to be able to serve two Muscle Masters is more then it could have ever imagined, Sir! Slave is willing to learn Master's rules and will obey them to the letter, and will serve both Master and Alpha to the best of it's ability, Sir! It's body, it's muscles, it's nipples, it's mouth and ass, it's cock and balls are Master's property to do with as Master and Alpha see fit!"

"O.K. Boy, we will have some things to talk about later today, such as seeing if we need to go upstate to collect any other property of yours that you might have, changing your address and so forth, but until that happens, you need to finish your assigned chores, and then you will be used in the dungeon to "officially" welcome you into our household!"

Julian smiled then leaned down and began to kiss and lick my boots. "Yes, Master, slave's body is yours to do with as Master and Alpha desires. Slave is giving it's body to Master and Alpha to Torture and use. Please, Sir, Torture slave's muscles and nipples and any other part of slave's body that Master desires to use!"

I grinned down at him: "Later, boy. You have been assigned a job to do in the yard, and it better be done to my satisfction, or you will be punished! Now, get to it!"

Julian smiled up at me: "Yes, Master! Slave will go to work, Master!"

With that, he rose to his feet and headed down the stairs towards the Dungeon and Garage where the yard equipment was stored, dressed in his usual outdoor work gear of gym shorts, sneakers and the Training collar locked around his throat. When working inside the house, he didn't wear the shorts, just his collar, since the rule for slaves was that they were kept naked inside the house.

As he worked, Wolf and I discussed what we should do to him to "welcome" him as a member of the household.

"He was pretty impressed with you when I did the heavy suspension and nipple Torture to you a few days ago, and he did ask for the same test of strength, so maybe that's what we should do to him!" I smirked.

Wolf grinned: 'Yes, it will be interesting to see just how strong those muscles of his really are! Of course, having the chance to work his nipples and suck him off again while he's in agony will be fun, too!"

I just looked at Wolf: "You just want to get your face back into his armpits again! I know you..."

He chuckled: 'You'd better, after all the time we've been together!"

I looked at Wolf for a second, then grinned and said: "You want to lick out some armpits and suckle on some nipples? Get your face over here, boy!"

Wolf murmured "Yes, Sir", before leaning in and taking my right nipple into his mouth. We both moaned slightly, me because his hot mouth felt so damn good working my erect nipple, and Wolf because he loved the taste of my tit! I pressed Wolf's face against my chest as I flexed my pec muscles and was rewarded by his increasing the suckling on my tit even as he began to nibble lightly on my titmeat.

Even as he was sucking my right nipple, his strong fingers were squeezing and pulling on my left tit, causing me to groan with the combination of pleasure/pain that he knew that I loved! The harder he worked my nipples, the hrder I flexed my pecs and forced his face against the hard muscle, until he began to struggle, since he couldn't breathe!

I let Wolf worship my pecs and pits for about ten minutes, while he switched from one nipple to the other, and buried his face in my armpits as I flexed my biceps in that way that he loved, to widen my lats and deepen my pits, until I finally dragged him away from my chest by his hair.

"Come on, boy", I growled, "We need to go down and set up the Torture Chamber for his test of strength, and to officially welcome him to the household!"

Wolf grinned laciviously: "Yes, Sir! Hours of Torture, and hard sex sounds just about right!"

I looked at him and grinned: "Yeah, that's just about normal for you, isn't it? Anything to get your rocks off!"

He just giggled: "Yeah, as if you're not totally into that as well, Oh High and Mighty Master!"

I glared at Wolf for a moment before breaking up with laughter! He knew exactly how to push my buttons and when to do it, which was just another reason that I loved him so much! He would do it in private, but never in public!

We went downstairs to the Dungeon space, and Wolf gathered the weightlifting bar, the bar collars and some weight plates, while I collected the smaller weights, the nipple clamps, and the other gear for Julian's test of strength and his ability to endure extreme Torture. When the gear was collected, we went back upstairs to change into our leather gear to enhance the effect of the Torture scene for Julian. I was in my chaps and tall boots with a chest harness that emphasized my pecs, while Wolf was in his combat boots and the leather codpiece shorts as well as his dress collar, complete with studs and the padlock on the front. Before we went back upstairs, I flipped on the power to both the Sauna and the hot tub heater, to prepare them for future use.

In about another 15 minutes, Julian came back into the living room, his muscles shiny with sweat from weeding out the flower beds close to the pool. He stepped into the living room where Wolf and I were waiting for him, Wolf kneeling beside me, head bowed in the posture of supplication.

I heard a soft "damn!' from him before he dropped to his knees in front of me, and bent his head.

"Sir, the flower beds are weeded as you ordered, If Sir would care to inspect them..."

"I'll look at them later, slave, and they better be done to my satisfaction!" I growled to him. "But now we have somethhing more important to do. Come with us!"

Wolf rose to his feet and followed me back downstairs, while Julian trailed behind. We entered the main room of the Torture Chamber where the equipment was waiting. I looked at Julian and said "Strip!"

He immediatly dropped his gym shorts and took off his sneakers and socks, setting them off to one side as he had been trained to do. He then knelt in front of us, head bowed.

"It is time for you to prove your true desire to remain here as a slave, and to see if you are truly willing to endure whatever is done to you, boy!" I told him. "If you endure, you will be rewarded, but if you fail, you will be rejected and turned out of our home. Is that understood, slave"?

"Yes, Master" he murmured.

"WHAT WAS THAT, SLAVE?" I thundered.

"SIR, Yes, Sir!" Julian said more forcefuly.

"That's right, slave. You answer clearly when spoken to! Is that understood, slave?"


"Now, get over there under the hoist. Time to see if those muscles are as strong as you think they are, slave!'

Julian stepped under the hook for the overhead hoist, and held out his arms. I think that he figured out what was going to happen to him becuse his cock slowly rose to a full erection, even as Wolf was buckling the leather restraints around his wrists. I stepped up and buckled the muzzle gag around Julian's head, with the straps that went on either side of his nose to go over his head to connect to the collar at the back, leaving him unable to speak.

Wolf lowered the hoist hook until he could fasten Julian's wrist restraints to the hook, then raised it up again until Julian was standing in front of us, arms stretched tightly over his head, his chest rising and falling in anticipation of his Torture, his solid torso rippling with muscle.

I set the weightlifting bar in front of Julian, then slid the ankle restraints onto the bar up to the collars, then ordered Julian to spread his legs to allow Wolf to buckle the restraints around his ankles. The second set of collars were then fastened to the bar, keeping Julian's legs spread wide, allowing full access to his cock and balls.

Wolf operated the hoist control, lifting Julian up until he was barely on his toes on the floor, then a 25 pound weight plate was slid onto each end of the bar. Finally, Wolf hit the lift control again until Julian lifted completly off the floor suspended by his muscled arms and shoulders. He let out a soft moan as his feet rose, and the entire weight of his body and the additional weight of the bar and plates was taken up by his shoulder joints. Still, his cock was rock hard, and dripping slightly, so I knew that he wasn't in distress, but rather he was totally turned on by the thought of the Torture to come!

Julian moaned softly when I picked up the Alligator nipple clamps and turned towards him. Seemingly dispassionatly I opened one of the clamps and let the teeth slowly bite into the meat of his right nipple. Even as Julian was moaning, I repeated the Torture by setting the other clamp on his left nipple. Even as he was groaning softly into the muzzle, his cock twitched and throbbed.

I turned to Wolf and snarled: "On your knees in front of this thing, Slave!"

Wolf immediatly knelt in front of Julian, his face inches from the throbbing, erect cock, but he made no other moves.

I looked at Julian: "Here is what will happen, slave. You will not only be tested in the strength of your muscles, but in your control as well. Slave Wolf will begin to suck your cock when I order him to, while at the same time your back will be flogged. You WILL NOT CUM until you have endured 50 strokes of the flogger. If you cum, you will be taken down, then driven back to San Francisco, and left there in just your shorts and sneakers with no money, to get home however you can! If you can control your orgasm and complete this test, then you will be allowed to stay. Is that clear?"

Julian could only nod, a look of fear and desperation in his eyes, as I was pretty sure that he wouldn't make it all the way to 50 strokes with Wolf sucking his cock. Wolf and I had talked about it before beginning the Torture, and we both agreed that we would just mindfuck Julian, since we had both agreed that he would be our new household slave. I just wanted to see what he would do when he failed this test...

I looked down at Wolf and said "Begin!"

Julian moaned again as Wolf's hot mouth surrounded his cock, even as I began to lay the tails of the flogger across the rock-hard nuscles of his stretched back. I paced the strokes fairly slowly to extend the time of Julian's Torture test, again, just to fuck with his head!

After 15 strokes, I looked at Julian's face even as I continued to slowly flog him. His eyes were closed as he seemed to be trying not to cum, even as Wolf began to lightly work the Torture clamps on his nipples. Julian groaned loudly with each stroke of the flogger across his back, even as he fought not to cum. I knew how hard that was for him, as Wolf was one of the best cocksuckers I had ever met!

After 30 strokes, Julian began to moan, then howl into the muzzle as his abs began to flex, which meant that he was on the brink of cumming. It only took another five strokes before he shrieked into the muzzle as his torso convulsed as he came, filling Wolf's mouth with his huge load of sperm!

I rapidly gave his dripping back muscles the final 15 strokes before setting down the flogger. I looked down at Wolf, who clandestinely gave me a wink, so I knew what he was thinking. Pulling the muzzle off of Julian's head, I glared at him then grabbed his chin so I could hold his head still.

"You failed, slave!" I snarled into his face! "You disobeyed a direct order and came, even though I ordered you not to!"

Julian actually began to cry! "Please, Master...forgive this just couldn't hold tried, but it failed! PLEASE, SIR, don't send it away! It will do WHATEVER it needs to do to remain Master and Alpha slave's omega slave, just a piece of muscle meat! PLEASE, Sir..." He broke off into sobs, tears running down his face.

I grinned at Wolf then turned back to Julian.

"All right, slave. I will give you one more chance to prove yourself, but just one. Fail again, and you are out of here. Is that understood, slave?" I snarled.

"Yes, Master, slave will do whatever Master orders, Sir!"

"Pick a number between one and ten, slave!" I told him.

Julian said "Six, Sir!"

"All right, slave. Here is your test. You will hang there until you cum another six times! The clamps will remain on your nipples, and each time you cum, another 10 pound plate will be added to each end of the bar, so if you manage to endure the full Torture, you will have an additional 120 pounds stretching your body! I don't care if it takes you five or six hours to cum that many times, you WILL endure the suspension until you do! If you use the escape word you have been given, you WILL be taken back to the city and dropped off to fend for yourself. Is that understood, slave?"

"Yes, Master. Slave WILL endure, no matter what. Slave's body is for Master and Alpha to use however they want, Sir, and slave will endure any Torture to remain as property, Sir!"

I turned to Wolf. "Slave Wolf, you seem to enjoy it's body. Get your face into those armpits and keep it there until I tell you differently!"

Wolf grinned: "Yes, SIR!" and immediatly buried his face in Julian's right armpit and began to lick the stretched, straining and sweat-dripping muscle! Julian moaned loudly as Wolf began to worship his armpit and stroke his muscled body with his hands, causing Julian's cock to begin to thicken and stiffen once again.

Wolf spent a good half hour licking and nibbling on the skin of Julian's wide, spread lats and deep armpits, switching from side to side, as well as licking the sweat from his solid back muscles and playing with the nipple Torture clamps while worshipping his muscles. Julian was moaning with growing lust as his helpless body was licked and groped by my muscle slave, and I could tell he was getting more and more turned on by the second.

Finally I ordered Wolf to his knees in front of Julian, and told him to start sucking the hard cock again. As he did, I stepped behind Julian, pressed my chest against his back muscles and reached around him to grasp the nipple clamps. As Wolf began to deep-throat Julian's cock, I started to twist and squeeze the tit Torture clamps, causing Julian's back muscles to flex against my chest as he began to moan then howl as the Torture of his nipples increased. The more he struggled and worked his muscles, the more and more my cock grew, pressed in between the curves of his bubble butt. Finally, he shrieked and convulsed as he shot another load of his cum into Wolf's sucking mouth. He howled again and again as I continued the brutal torture of his battered nipples even as his cock was drained for the second time within an hour.

Julian finally gasped and began to pant for breath as I let go of the nipple clamps, and Wolf pulled back from his cock.

"Thank...thank you....Mas...Master and... and Alpha." he gasped, struggling to breathe.

"That was number one, slave!" I growled in his ear. "You have to cum five more times before you will be let down!"

Then I bent down and picked up two of the ten pound weight plates and slid them onto the ends of the bar spreading his legs. Julian groaned at the addition of the twenty pounds of stretch on his arm and shoulder joints.

"Thank you, Master." he panted.

I was so turned on from the sight of his struggles and the feel of his muscles against my chest that I told Wolf: "Over here, boy!" as I stood in front of Julian's suspended, glistening physique.

Wolf knelt in front of me and opened his mouth. Grabbing a handful of his thick hair, I rammed my cock into his waiting mouth. He immediatly began to hungrily suck my cock as hard as he could even as his fingers slid up my abs and began to play with my nipple rings! I worked my abs thrusting my cock in and out of Wolf's willing mouth as Julian watched the mouth rape happening right in front of him!

I heard Julian moaning with a combination of lust and pain as I fucked Wolf's mouth for a good ten minutes, alternating between a hard thrusting in and out of his suckhole, and just holding his head still by his hair as I prolonged his skullfucking as long as I could, even as his fingers continued to stroke my muscles and play with my nipples. Finally, I couldn't hold out any longer and began to rapidly thrust in and out of Wolf's mouth again, even as he began to work my nipples harder and harder, which meant that he was hungry for my load! I thrust in one more time and held his hair tightly as I groaned and filled his mouth with my load, even as Wolf twisted my tits as hard as he could.

I heard Julian softly moan "God, that's hot!' as I was cumming, and I glanced over to see that his cock was rock hard again, which meant that I might be able to coax another load of cum out of him with the proper form of Torture!

I went to my equipment shelves and picked up some of my electro gear. Stepping back in front of the suspended muscle boy, I knelt down and slipped one of the conductive rubber rings around his nuts. The other ring went around his cock, just behind the thick head. Plugging the wires into the electro box, I turned on the power and slowly began to ramp up the level of electricity that would be coursing through Julian's cock.

He began to moan and his cock began to twitch in time with the pulses as indicated by the light on the electro box. Slowly turning the power up higher and higher, I finally turned it to the level where Julian began to groan then gasp with pain at each jolt of electricity. His abs flexed with each hit of the electricity slamming through his cock and nuts, as he gasped and howled in agony.

"Let's see how long that takes to make you cum with no other stimulation, slave!" I snarled in his ear.

"Yes, Master..." he gasped, even as his torso was convulsing with each pulse of power.

I went over to my Master's chair in the corner of the Dungeon, and ordered Wolf to kneel.

I pointed to my boots and snapped: "Lick!"

He instantly began to lick my right boot, obviously determined to not only serve me, but to show Julian how a proper slave should behave. Having Julian here for the last 5 days had really had an effect on Wolf, as he had slipped back into the role of an obedient slaveboy, much as he had been when we first met. I had to admit that I had been letting him have much more freedom and liberty ever since I had asked him to marry me, and I was pleasently surprised to see that he hadn't forgotten what it was to be a slave.

Julian hung for another 30 minutes or so, moaning and whimpering each time the electricity hit his cock and balls before he began to groan and moaned: "Oh God, master, Slave is cumming!" just before a stream of sperm shot out of his now swollen and bright purple cock! Julian howled and every muscle in his ripped torso flexed as his sperm shot out a good 5 feet in front of him!

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! FUCKFUCKFUCK!!" he screamed as the electricity continued to pound into his now incredibly sensitive cock, forcing him to strain and flex against the Torture!

"OH GOD, MASTER..." he screamed, "TURN IT UP, PLEASE, SIR!!'

I cranked the power up another ten percent or so, forcing Julian to shriek at the top of his lungs until, in about 5 minutes or so, he bellowed and shot ANOTHER load of cum across the dungeon, as every muscle in his torso flexed, even to the point where he actually lifted the bar spreading his legs almost a foot as his abs comvulsed so hard that the veins stood out across the ridges of rock hard muscle! I hadn't even had the chance to add the weights to the bar, as I was almost mesmerised watching his incredible physique in sheer agony!

When his third orgasm in his torture session had ended, Julian groaned a long, drawn-out groan, and went totally limp, gasping for air, his head having fallen forward on his chest. I went and immediatly lifted his head to check on him, and discovered that he was basically unconscious, having passed his body's ability to endure the stimulation and torture!

It took Wolf and I only about 3 minutes to lower Julian down, remove the weights and the bar, and unclamp his nipples. He was so out of it that he barely moaned when I removed the alligators from his swollen tits. I lifted his limp body, and carried it to the cot in the corner of the Dungeon, laying him down on his side so he could breathe. Within about 5 minutes he began to stir, then gasped for air, and opened his eyes.

He groaned: "Oh God, hurts....nipples hurt so much, Sir! Cock hurts, Master ...Torture ... pain...more, Sir...Please..."

Julian was still pretty out of it, since he was rambling, and didn't seem to be able to come up with a rational thought. I had seen Wolf like this after a particularly intense session of Torture, so I was pretty sure Julian would come out of it once his body had a chance to stabilize and come down from his Endorphin high. I just gently stroked his head and his body to give him some physical contact to focus on until his head cleared and he could think clearly.

It took about ten minutes before Julian finally could speak coherently and when he was able, he said: "Oh God, Sir, I failed...PLEASE don't send me away, Sir, PLEASE..."

I held his head as I looked down into his face.

"Don't worry, boy, you did good. That was a test to see how much you could endure and if you were being truthful in your desire to be our household slave. You took more Torture then either of us thought you could endure, you didn't use the escape word, and you wanted more, so you passed our test. You are now officially our house slave and servent for as long as you want to stay with us!"

Julian looked up at me and sobbed: "Yes, Master. Thank you, Master! May your slave make one request of you and slave Wolf, Sir?"

"What's that, boy?"

Julian softly said "Fuck me, Master. Fuck my ass hard, and cum inside me. Plant your seed deeply inside me to make me your property, Sir! And then allow Slave Wolf to fuck my ass as well, and cum inside me, so I will be the property of both of my Masters, Sir! Please..."

"You have been fucked before, right, boy?" I asked.

"Yes, Sir. At one of my bodybuilding contests I was fucked in the ass and the mouth by a couple of the other contestants after the contest, as well as the guest poser, a nationally known titleholder. They did fuck me, but they didn't cum inside me, since they pulled out and jacked off on my chest and back. But those were the only times. I liked it, but I never found anyone else locally who wanted to fuck me."

"Well then, boy, I guess we will have to work on opening up your ass a bit more!" I grinned.

"Yes, Sir! Thank you, Sir!" Julian moaned.

I turned to Wolf and told him: "Get the sling and the lube ready, boy. We are going to open this slave's ass up the way it needs to be opened!"

Wolf merely nodded and said "Yes, Sir", but I saw the grin on his face as he turned away to prepare the dungeon for Julian's fucking.

It took another few minutes before Julian could stand up and walk over to where the sling was hanging in it's stand. There was a mirror mounted on the top of the sling stand so the sub in the sling could watch as he was fucked, whic added to the pleasure for a lot of subs. Julian lay back in the sling while Wold lifted his legs and fastened the restraints around his ankles, leaving his ass spread open for easy access. Then Julian's wrists were bound to the chains on the other end of the sling, meaning that he was helpless and could nly flex and struggle, but not do much else as he was fucked.

I took a wad of lube and slowly began to rub it across his asshole, causing Julian to moan and gasp "Oh God, yessss... fuck me, Master... please..."

He groaned louder as I pushed my finger inside his tight sphincter, sliding it in slowly, but going deeper and deeper. Finally, I lubed up my cock, and pushed the head against his ass.

"Ready for it, slave?" I growled.

"Yes, Master! Please, fuck your slave, Sir...fuck me hard and deeep, Sir, and cum inside me! Please..." He groaned.

With a single thrust, the head of my cock slipped inside Julian's ass, causing him to gasp and flex his glistening, sweaty muscles against his restraints. I slowly rocked forwards and backwards, slowly sliding my cock deeper and deeper inside his with each thrust. He looked up at me and groaned "OH God.. those muscles..." as I worked my cock deeper and deeper inside his incredibly tight, hot ass.

Even as I slowly began to fuck Julian's ass, Wolf leaned in and began to suckle on his tender, erect nipples, drawing another groan of sheer pleasure from our new slaveboy. As Wolf chewed and nibbled on his nipples, I felt Julian's ass actually clench, squeezing my cock tighter and tighter.

I began to lose myself in the sheer pleasure of fucking a tight hard-bodied muscleboy's ass, as I had done so many times before while fucking Wolf. Julian's ass felt different then Wolf's but it was just as pleasurable, and the fact that Wolf was now helping me use Julian just added to the pleasure, since we could both enjoy his hardbody!

I thrust in and out of Julian for a good 15 minutes, slowing down at times to prolong his fucking, even as he was writhing and flexing his sweaty muscles in front of me, and watching himself in the overhead mirror. Seeing Wolf working his tits, licking out his armpits, feeling Julian's washboard abs and bulging ribcage just added to my pleasure, until I couldn't control my desires any longer, and began to thrust in and out of his ass harder and faster, until, with a groan of "Oh, Fuck Yesss..." I shot my load deeply inside him!

Julian moaned as he felt my sperm shoot into him, gasping "God, yes, thank you, Master!" His own cock was rock hard, lying on his abs, dripping with pre-cum. He looked up at me with an expression of sheer love, even as I rocked back and forth a few more times, reluctant to remove my cock from the tight embrace of his hot hole.

Eventually, I showly drew my cock out of him, causing Julian to groan once again. He looked up at me and said: "Thank you, Master. Thank you for planting your seed in me..."

I looked down at him and grinned: "We're not done yet, slave. Wolf, get over here, and get your cock hard!"

Wolf smiled. "Yes, Sir!" even as he unsnapped the codpiece from his shorts and began to stroke his thick, veiny cock.

I looked down at Julian. "Do you want slave Wolf to fuck you, boy? To be fucked and used by a slave means that you are nothing more then a piece of muscle meat for use, just an Omega slave, the lowest of the low!"

Julian lifted his head and looked directly into my eyes. "Yes, Master. Please order Alpha Slave Wolf to fuck this slave's ass and shoot his cum inside it as well. It knows it's place, and where it wants to be, kneeling in front of both of you as it's superiors!"

I looked at Wolf and snarled: "You heard him, boy! Fuck him, fuck him hard, and cum inside his lowlife slave ass! Show him that he's nothing more then a sex toy and a piece of muscle meat!"

Wolf stepped between Julian's legs and guided the head of his cock against the waiting orifice. He reached up and grasped the chains supporting the sling, and with a push, the head of his cock slid inside Julian. Wolf's abs rippled and flexed as he slowly thrust himself deeper and deeper inside our new slaveboy, moaning with pleasure with each thrust.

Julian gasped: "Oh Fuck, that feels so good! Harder, please, harder..."

I stepped behind Wolf, admiring the flexing and rippling of his glistening back muscles and the way his ass bulged and relaxed with each thrust. Flipping his ponytail over one of my shoulders, wrapping my arms around him, and loving the feel of his sweaty back against my chest, I began to stroke Wolf's 8-pack abs as they flexed with his thrusting. Unsurprisingly, my cock began to get hard again as it nestled between Wolf's ass cheeks.

He moaned:"Fuck yes, Sir" when I began to roll his nipples between my fingers and pull on his rings. The harder I worked his tits, the harder he slammed his cock into Julian's ass, causing Julian to moan and gasp "Yes...yes... more... harder..." as Wolf ravaged his ass.

Within 5 minutes of so, Wolf began to growl deeply in his throat, which meant that he was about to cum. I twisted his tits as hard as I could when he threw his head back against my shoulder and howled: "OH FUCCCKKK!!!" as he shot deeply inside Julian's now well used ass.

Julian himself shouted: "Oh GOD, YESSS..." as his erect cock erupted with another load of cum, shooting it across his washboard abs and up onto his chest, some of it pooling in the valley between his pecs, and some runing down his sides over his ribcage!

Wolf leaned back against me, still holding onto the chains over his head as I ran my hands up and down his heaving, flexing sweat-glazed muscles as he tried to catch his breath. As hot and sexy as Julian was, Wolf still counted as the sexiest man in the world in my mind! His rock like abs tightened and released as he panted and his shredded torso rippled under my fingers, ribs bulging and muscles flexing with each shuddering breath.

In another minute or so, Wolf let go of the overhead chains as I backed away from him. Drawing his cock out of Julian's ass, he stepped back from our now well-fucked new Omega slave. I stood to one side of Julian's still panting body as Wolf stood on his other side.

Julian looked up at us and said: "Thank you Master Eric and sir Wolf. This boy is now yours for life!"

I reached down and smeared the cum and sweat around on his torso, then held my hand in fromt of his face. "Lick!", I growled.

Julian lifted his head and began to lick my palm and suck my fingers, even as Wolf began to roll Julian's nipples between his fingers, making him moan and flex is muscles against the restraints still holding him spread-eagled in the sling. Within another minute or so, I pulled my hand back and almost as one, Wolf and I bent down to each take one of Julian's erect nipples into our mouths to begin to nibble and then chew of the hard brown knobs of titmeat!

Julian howled as we Tortured his nipples with our teeth for a good 5 minutes. I loved both the feel of the hard nipple in my mouth as well as the taste of his sweat and cum, and I'm sure Wolf did as well. Our hands explored the still spread-eagled body of our new omega slave, feeling each muscle and bulge of his 22 year old bodybuilder physique.

He moaned loudly when we began to lick out his open armpits, and tongue the sculpted muscles down the sides of his torso. It was obvious that it would take very little for him to keep his physique sculpted and ripped like it was, and having Julian as a third partner at the gym when we were weightlifting would add a new wrinkle to out daily workouts.

After 10 or so minutes of our exploring the body of our new slave, I decided it was time to release him from the sling. I undid his wrist restraints and moved his arms down across his chest while Wolf released his ankle restraints and lowered his legs down to the floor. Julian sat up and immediatly dropped to his knees in front of us.

"Thank you, Master Eric. Thank you Alpha Wolf. This boy is now your slave and servant for life! It's body is yours to use however you desire, it's muscles are yours to train and develop, it's nipples are yours to enlarge and torture, it's cock and balls are yours to control, and it's mouth and ass are your exclusive property, unless Master orders it to allow it's mouth and ass to be given to other men for their pleasure!"

He then bent down and began to lick my boots, tonguing them clean as I watched the muscles in his back and shoulders rippling with his every movement. Wolf and I looked at each other and grinned. We now had our new slave boy, houseboy, gardener, cook, butler, and torture toy, and it looked like the future was going to be even brighter for us.

In a few minutes, Julian straightened back up but remained on his knees in front of me in a posture of supplication and submission. I liiked at Wolf and nodded my head slightly. He walked over to the gear shelf and picked the item he knew that I wanted.

I looked down at Julian and said: "Look at me, boy! You are entering into permanent servitude under your own free will, correct?"

He nodded his head and said: "Sir, Yes Sir!"

"You understand that you are nothing more then a slave, to be used however we want, and that use will include painful Torture training in the dungeon, and hard body building workouts both here and at the gym in San Francisco. You have no rights except those that either I or Alpha Wolf allow you to have, and that our discipline will be strict, but fair. Is that understood, slave?"

He nodded again: "Sir, Yes Sir!"

"All right then, boy. Look up at me."

When Julian lifted his head, I reached out with the training collar I was holding and slipped it around his throat. He closed his eyes but smiled slightly when I put the padlock through the locking stud on the front of the collar, and snapped it shut.

When he heard the lock close, he whispered: "Thank you, Master" even as a tear ran down one cheek. He then bent back down and began to lick my boots again, as a proper slave should do!