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Part 2 - Julian 2: Enslaved.
By Master Skrain

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Julian 2: Enslaved.

After a while soaking in the hot tub, I suggested that it was time to go in and sit in the sauna for a while. Both Wolf and Julian agreed, so we collected our towels, and the collars, and headed inside to the sauna. As we sat down on the benches, Julian sighed.

“Damn, this feels great, Sir. I love a good sauna session! Getting all sweaty is great!”

I grinned at Wolf at Julian's enthusiasm. It only took a couple of minutes before all three of us were dripping with sweat. Julian reached out, ran a finger down one of my pecs, then licked my sweat from his finger..

“Ummm, that tastes SO good, Sir! I love hot, salty sweat, especially when it's running down some hard muscles!”

I grinned at him, and reached out to pull him to me. He bent down and began to lick my right pec muscle. Wolf almost immediately moved to my left and began to do the same thing on the other side of my chest.

I leaned back and moaned with pleasure at the feel of the hot mouths sucking the sweat from my pecs, then working on sucking and nibbling on my nipples. It took only seconds before my cock was rock hard! I put my hands on the back of the heads of the two slaves sucking and worshiping my nipples and pushed them tightly against my pecs while I flexed my muscles. I could not help but moan with pleasure when both boys began to lick out my armpits. I flexed my biceps for them, and was rewarded by groans from both of them as they buried their faces in my pits.

I just enjoyed the attention for a while, sweat shining on all our bodies, glistening in the red light of the sauna. The muscles rippled under the skin of my two slaves as they worshiped my body, licking, kissing, and tonguing every inch of my skin.

After about ten minutes or so, I decided that it was time to get out of the sauna, since I was starting to overheat a bit. I wasn't sure how much of the overheating was from the 190* temperature, and how much was from the two muscleboys worshiping my body!

“Come on, guys, let's hit the shower. I'm getting too hot in here!” I told them.

Wolf looked up from licking my balls and grinned; “Sir, you are ALWAYS too hot!”

Julian chuckled while tracing the veins on my right thigh with his tongue.

I smiled down at Wolf : “Yeah, boy, and you ain't helping any, either! Now, let's get out of here before I melt into a puddle of sweat!”

Julian just said “Sweat. YUM!”

Wolf and I both broke up at his comment, then I put on a mock-serious expression and tone of voice.

“Just for that smart-ass remark, you might just have to endure several hours more Torture, boy! It looks like I'll have to teach you some discipline, if you want to be a proper slave for us, boy!”

Julian looked up at me, then dropped to his knees in front of me and said “Yes, Sir. Whatever you decide, Sir!”

I looked down at the muscled boy kneeling in front of me and smiled. I looked over at Wolf, and could see the expression of barely concealed lust on his face as well.

“Come on, boys. Time to get out of here!” I growled.

We went out of the sauna and headed to the shower in the basement near the door. We each took a quick shower just to get the sweat off. We then went into the main room of the dungeon. I told Julian to kneel. He dropped to his knees, and bowed his head, waiting for me to speak.

I looked down at him, continuing to be amazed at how natural of a submissive he seemed to be! He was almost as good of a natural born sub as Wolf was.

I told him; “Look at me, boy!”

When Julian looked up into my eyes, I asked him; “Do you really want to be our slave and houseboy for the next ten days or so?”

“Yes, Sir. Very much, Sir. I have dreamed about it ever since I saw you at the restaurant, Sir.”

“O.K. Then, boy, if you are serious, then there is something I will have to do to mark you as a slave!”

“Yes, Sir. My only request is that it isn't anything permanent, Sir. Or at least not until I might be your full time property, Sir!”

Wolf and I looked at each other, startled. We had kind of playfully bantered about the idea of adding a full-time houseboy and slave to the household, but this was the first indication that Julian might be thinking the same thing!

“Well, we'll see, boy.” I told him.

I told Julian to go sit in the bondage chair while Wolf collected some items from my shelves. Julian sat in the chair while I fastened the leather straps around his wrists, forearms, biceps, across his chest, thighs, and ankles. When I was done, he was totally immobilized and helpless.

I was amused to see that with each strap that went across his body, his cock got harder and harder, until it was standing fully erect, streaming slightly with veins running it's full length. Julian's chest rose and fell as he awaited whatever I was planning on doing to him.

I stepped in front of him and growled; “If you want to be a slave, boy, then you have to look like a slave!”

I reached out and ruffled his thick mop of black hair. “First things first, boy. That's gotta go!”

Julian swallowed deeply and softly said “Yes, Sir. Whatever you say, Sir!”

I grinned down at him evilly and laughed softly. “Good boy. You are learning that EVERYTHING is whatever I say it is, boy!”

I ordered Wolf to bring over my hair clippers and plug them in. When he had done so, I selected a guard that would leave about a half inch of hair, and started to run the clippers over Julian's head! As the hair began to fall down into his lap and onto his shoulders, he moaned softly, but made no other sounds.

In about 5 minutes, I had his hair buzzed down to a short, even fuzz. I then told Wolf to get me a roll of duct tape from my supplies. When he brought it to me, I stepped in front of Julian again.

“Don't worry, boy. This isn't permanent. Hair grows back!”

“Yes, Sir” he whispered.

I could tell that he was still trying to get used to what I was doing to him.

I pulled off a length of tape, and stuck one end of the tape in the middle of his forehead. I then went behind him, and sighted directly down the middle of his head, and pulled the tape back, and stuck it to the back of his neck, leaving it centered fore and aft on his head.

I pushed the tape down to his head, assuring that it would stay in place. Then, I had Wolf get a bowl of warm water from the bathroom, and my razor and shave cream. I used a sponge to get one side of Julian's head wet, then spread the shave cream on his scalp. He moaned again when I started to run the razor over his head, leaving it smooth and hairless!

It took about ten minutes or so to shave Julian's head, leaving the tape in place. When I was done, I dried off his head, and slowly pulled the tape off, causing Julian to moan as his hair was pulled. When it was off, I looked at my handiwork. Julian had a perfect Mohawk stripe of short black hair down the middle of his otherwise bald head! Damn, it looked hot on him!

“Well, boy, do you want to see?” I asked him.

He swallowed deeply, then softly said “Yes, Sir.”

Wolf handed me my small mirror and I held it in front of Julian. His eyes were closed, in apparent fear of what he would see.

“Open you eyes, boy! That's an order!”

His chest heaving in anticipation, Julian whispered “Yes, Sir”, and did.

His eyes widened as he looked at his nearly nude head, bisected by the stripe of short hair. He slowly smiled wider and wider, then chuckled; “Oh DAMN, Sir! That looks SO HOT, Sir! Thank you!”

I grinned at him and heard Wolf laughing. I ran my hand over Julian's head, enjoying the feel of his fuzz stripe and his smooth, shaven scalp.

“NOW you look like a proper slave, boy! One that I won't mind having on my leash when we go to the bars! Nice contrast to Wolf, too. The long and the short of it, you could say!”

Julian smiled. “Yes, Sir! Thank you, Sir!”

I grinned. “Since you were so good, you get a reward! Wolf, get over here and suck him off!”

Wolf smiled and said “Yes, Sir!” before dropping to his knees in front of the bondage chair. He took Julian's hard cock in his mouth and started to pump his head up and down. I stepped behind the chair and reached around to start to twist and play with Julian's nipples. He moaned at the feel of my hands twisting his tits, and Wolf sucking his cock.

He groaned; “Oh Fuck, this is Torture, Sir, not being able to move!”

It only took a couple of minutes before Julian gasped “Oh Fuck, I'm gonna cum, Sir! Oh fuck, OH FUCK!” as he pumped his load into Wolf's mouth. I twisted his nipples as hard as I could while he was shooting to add to his orgasm.

Julian howled “OH FUCK,OH FUCK,OH FUCK!” as he shot, finally moaning as his head fell forward as his explosive orgasm ended.

He looked up at me and said “Thank you, Sir” softly.

I grinned; “I'm not the one you need to be thanking, boy.”

Julian blushed slightly. “Yes, Sir, Sorry, Sir!” He looked at Wolf and repeated “Thank you, Sir.”

Wolf chuckled. “Well, that's something I'm going to have to get used to, a hot slave calling ME Sir!”

I reached out and gave him a playful dope-slap to the back of his head.

“Don't get TOO used to it, boy, or you might find yourself in that chair, feeling the clippers yourself!”

Wolf grinned as he bowed his head. “Yes, Sir! Thank you Sir!”

He knew perfectly well that I would never want to buzz off his luxuriant head of hair, which I had more then once called his “Crowing Glory” when I was in a romantic mood. Although, to be honest, I was more and more considering talking to Wolf about possibly cutting a couple of feet off the end of his now waist length hair, which would leave it just below his shoulders. There were times when having that much hair to work around was almost more trouble then it was worth.

I removed the straps from Julian's body, and told him to stand up, and brush himself off, removing the last bits of hair that were still clinging to his legs and lap. Then I told him; “First job, boy. Get the broom and sweep up all that hair from my dungeon floor, boy!”

I told Wolf to go get the collars from out by the hot tub. When he brought them in, I told Julian to stop sweeping for a moment while I buckled the collar around his throat, then did the same to Wolf.

When they were both collared, like proper slaves, I ordered them to get back to work cleaning up the dungeon, and putting my gear away.

I sat on my Master's chair in the corner, and watched the two naked muscle slaves working. The contrasts in their looks was very erotic, as well as the similarities! Wolf's thick hair hung down his back, and across his pecs, and the rings pierced through his nipples shone against the dark bronze color of his skin. Julian's freshly shaved head shone slightly in the overhead lights, as his muscles flexed and rippled under his tanned skin as he worked.

It took the slaves about half an hour to get the Dungeon spotless, with the floor swept and all the gear put back in it's proper place. Several times Wolf instructed Julian where a particular piece of gear was to be stored, and each time, Julian responded with a soft “Yes, Sir” which made me think more and more that he was a truly submissive boy, much like Wolf was when we first met!

When they were done, both slaves approached my chair. Wolf dropped to his knees and bowed his head. Julian did the same after a second or two, apparently looking to Wolf for clues on how to behave properly as a good slave.

“That looks acceptable, slaves.” I told them.

Both boys said “Thank you, Sir” softly.

“Since there isn't too much more to do tonight, and it's starting to get late, and I'm still a bit tired after today, I will be heading upstairs shortly. Wolf, get the chains. Julian, you are going to be given your first lesson on what being a omega slave really means! An omega slave is the lowest form of life! A slave that has to serve other slaves, as well as it's Master! Do you understand, boy?”

“Yes, Sir. The lowest, Sir. Master's property, and submissive to all others, Sir!”

“Good boy. You seem to have a grasp on the basics, at least!” Wolf returned carrying the full set of heavy steel slave chains. I removed Julian's leather collar, and locked the thick steel collar around his throat. Then his wrists were locked in the shackles, followed by his ankles. He looked good locked in chains, slightly bent over by the shortness of the chains, and totally helpless!

I led him over to the cell located under the stairs. “This will be your home until I decide differently, slave! This is where you will sleep, and where you will be stored when you are not needed! Is that understood, boy?”

“Yes, Sir. I understand, Sir.” Julian said.

I reached out and slapped him across the face, not too hard, but hard enough to make his gasp in shock, and surprise.

“Slaves never refer to themselves as I, boy! Slaves are not a person, so they have no individual identity! Slaves use “this slave” or “it” when referring to itself, is that understood, boy?”

“Yes, Sir. It understands, Sir!” Julian murmured.

“Good, boy. One other thing, boy. When you are speaking to Wolf, remember that he is the alpha slave. You will refer to him as 'Wolf', but not 'Sir'! I am the only person you will call 'Sir' unless told differently! Now, get in there, boy!”

Julian stepped inside the cell, and I locked the chain hanging from the eyebolt in the wall to the loop on the front of the collar. He laid down on the narrow bench in the cell, curled up slightly to fit. Wolf brought over a bottle of water and I put it on the floor next to the bench.

“That's in case you get thirsty before someone comes down to unlock you, boy!”

“Yes, Sir. Thank you Sir. Thank you for taking this slave in for training, Sir!” he said.

“We'll see if you are thanking me after a week or so of training and Torture, boy!” I sneered at him.

“Yes, Sir. This slave understands, Sir.”

I turned to Wolf. “Lock it in, and let's go upstairs. Locking up a new slave for training has made me horny. I'm in the mood to fuck your brains out, boy!”

Wolf smiled slightly. “Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir!”

I looked back at Julian lying on the bench in the cell. “You can just lie there, imagining what I am doing to my alpha slave's body, and his muscles, boy! Maybe someday, if you are good, you will get to feel my cock fucking your ass and mouth for hours, boy!”

Julian moaned softly; “Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir!”

The door to the cell clanged shut, and the lock was snapped on the bolt, securing Julian in his new home for the next 10 days. Wolf waited until I headed up the stairs, then followed me up. At the top of the stairs, I flipped off the lights in the Dungeon, leaving Julian locked in chains, secured in his cell in total darkness!

2: Use and Abuse..

I led Wolf up the stairs to my bedroom, and wrapped my arms around him once we were inside.

“What do you think, boy?” I asked him, grinning.

“Damn, he could make one HOT houseboy, Sir!”

“Glad you think so, boy, and I agree with you! We'll have to see how his visit goes!”

I then pushed Wolf backwards, so he fell on my bed. “By the way, I wasn't kidding when I told him that I was gonna fuck you for a couple of hours, boy!”

He grinned up at me, and spread his legs. “Have at it, big boy” he laughed.

Within five minutes Wolf was tied to my bed, his wrists stretched over his head and tied with short pieces of rope to two of the vertical bars on my headboard, and his legs were tied with his ankles over his head with longer pieces of rope. He lay there, helpless, his ass open and exposed for my use, his chest rising and falling, waiting for me to mount him.

“Yeah, that's what I like to see, boy. My slave trussed up and helpless, all mine, to do whatever I want!”

“Yes, Sir. Use me, Sir! Please, Sir. Fuck me! Fuck me hard, Sir! I need it, Sir!” he pleaded.

“Damn right, boy! I'm gonna fuck you raw, boy! Hope your ass is ready to be stretched and tortured, boy, since that's what I'm gonna do!” I growled.

“Yes, Sir. Fuck my ass, sir! Stretch me open, sir. Torture my hole with your cock, Sir. Please, Sir, shoot your cum deep inside me, Master. Plant your seed in my ass, Sir!”

I didn't need any more persuading. I knelt on the bed between Wolf's legs, lubed his hole, and with one thrust, drove my entire 9 inches deeply inside him!

“AWWW FUCK YEAH, SIR! Fuck me, Sir!” he howled!

I started driving my cock in and out of Wolf's willing hole, thrusting deeply into him, hearing and feeling my balls slap into his ass with each thrust. He moaned and writhed as I pounded his ass, his muscles flexing under the skin of his torso, his abs flexing and rippling, and his pecs bunching and thickening as he strained against his restraints.

I leaned forward and grabbed his nipples and began to twist and pull them. He howled again and strained his muscles harder and harder as I tortured his tits with my fingers. His ass clenched tighter as I worked his nipples, which just made me want to twist and pull them even harder!

“Fuck me, Fuck me, Fuck me! Oh yeah, Fuck me, Sir. Aww hell yes, FUCK ME, SIR!” Wolf howled.

I increased my pounding of his ass until I started to feel that I was close to cumming. I slowed down, and leaned forward, still slowly thrusting in and out of Wolf's hole, and kissed my slaveboy.

“You're not getting off THAT easily, boy! I said I was gonna spend a couple of hours fucking you, and that's exactly what I'm planning on doing, boy! I may cum in you two or three times by the time I'm finished with you, boy! Having that muscleboy chained downstairs, and seeing all the leather studs on Folsom today has gotten me horny as hell, boy, and I'm gonna take it out on you!” I growled in his ear.

My helpless, bound slave looked deeply into my eyes and softly moaned “Yes, Sir. Use me, Sir! This slave needs it, Sir! It needs to feel you cumming inside it's ass and in it's mouth, Sir.”

It seemed to me that having Julian around, and hearing the instructions for proper slave etiquette had an effect on Wolf as well. He was behaving much more like a properly submissive slave should behave. He had been behaving a lot more informally recently. Partly that was my fault, for letting him get away with that behavior since our trip, and our engagement. I didn't really mind when we were alone, but he still had to be on his proper behavior when we were out in public at the bars, or with our friends.

I continued to slowly thrust my hard cock in and out of his hole, drawing a groan from him on every thrust. I knew that having his hands bound was just an extra layer of mental torture and torment for him, since he always loved feeling my muscles while I was fucking him.

There weren't any other sounds for a while other then the slight creaking of the bedsprings, our heavy breathing, and an occasional groan of pleasure from Wolf as I continued to thrust deeply inside him. Finally, I reached back down and started to twist Wolf's nipples while fucking him harder and harder.

He groaned with each thrust until I couldn't hold off any longer, and shot what felt like a huge load of sperm deeply into his ass!

“Yeah, take it, boy! Take your Master's sperm, like the cum dump you are, boy!”

Wolf howled and writhed as I brutalized his tits while shooting inside him.

“Fuck yes, Sir, Oh God, yes. Fill me up, Sir! Fuck me! Fuck me!!” he shrieked.

Finally, my orgasm ended, and I fell forward onto Wolf's heaving, glistening chest, panting for air. I couldn't do anything more then try to catch my breath for a couple of minutes, then I opened my mouth and began to suck his left nipple. I sucked and nibbled on Wolf's tits for a while, switching back and forth between them, and licking the sweat from his stretched pecs and armpits.

Wolf flexed his muscles, struggling against his restraints while I teased and tormented his chest and tits. I knew that doing this to him while he was bound was driving him nuts with desire!

I slowly worked my way down his muscled torso, licking each rib and each ripple of muscle down his sides, then ran my tongue across each rock hard ridge of his abs. Wolf moaned with ever increasing lust as I got closer to his cock. I finally sucked his nuts into my mouth, which drew a loud groan of pure carnal pleasure from him. I knew that not touching his erect, throbbing cock was making him more and more frantic with pent up lust!

I finally let his nuts pop out of my mouth, and moved up with my head directly over his cock. Just as I started to lower my head down towards his shaft, I slid up, lay down on top of him, and kissed him deeply, driving my tongue into his mouth!

When I finally broke off the kiss, he moaned “You bastard! My fucking cock and nuts feels like they're gonna explode!”

I just ground my still hard cock against his and sneered down into his face; “I WAS gonna let you cum soon, but just for that, it's gonna be HOURS before I let you get off! And if you cum without permission, you will re-discover all over again what the meaning of TORTURE is! Do you understand me, slave?”

“Yes. Sir! Slave is sorry, Sir!” Wolf moaned softly.

With that, I lowered my head and began to chew and bite his nipples again, even harder then before! Wolf writhed and struggled under me, moaning and howling with pain as I tortured his thick tits with my teeth. I bit and stretched his tits for a good ten of fifteen minutes before starting to work my tongue into his sweaty armpits. While I licked his pits, I could feel the tendons and muscles straining as Wolf struggled futilely against the ropes holding him bound to the headboard. He moaned and gasped for air, partly because he was so turned on, and partly because he was tied in such an uncomfortable position with his legs in the air while my full weight lay on his torso!

Finally, I lifted my head from his left armpit and looked deeply into his eyes.

“What do you want me to do, boy? Tell me what you want!”

“Fuck me again, Master! Fuck me hard and deep and for however long it takes you to cum inside me again, Sir!”

“Yeah, boy! I'm gonna fuck your ass until you can't walk straight!” I growled.

I stroked my cock until it was totally hard again, which didn't take long, looking at my muscle-slave trussed up like he was, waiting for me. When I was hard, a positioned myself, and slammed my cock deeply into Wolf again! He howled in a combination of shock, pain, and pleasure!


I began to drive my cock into Wolf''s ass as hard as I could, making him grunt and groan with each thrust. I was slamming my cock into him while he writhed and strained his muscles, desperate to get his hands loose so he could feel my body while I was raping him! Having him helpless and tied just added to his torture, as he got really frustrated when he couldn't feel my muscles. I knew it was driving him more and more to the brink of total frustrated agony!

After about another ten or fifteen minutes of pounding my cock deeply into his ass as hard as I could, I straightened up between his legs, still fucking his ass using mostly my abs, which were flexing and rippling, and started to play with my own nipples! That drew another frustrated moan from Wolf, since he LOVED working my tits while I was pounding his ass or mouth with my cock. He looked up at me and groaned, licking his lips in sheer frustrated denial. I knew he wanted to suck my tits, and lick my sweat, but I wasn't gonna let him do either for a while longer! I wanted to make him almost crazy with frustration before I allowed him any pleasure other then the feel of my cock stretching his hole!

Wolf started moaning louder and louder, his abs flexing under his shining skin, then, without any warning, he arched his back and started moaning “Oh God, Oh God, Oh God! Sir, Oh God, oh my GOD!!”.

He then shot a huge load of sperm from his throbbing cock all over his pecs and abs! Some of it even jetted up onto his face and into his open mouth!

Wolf howled while he was cumming; “AW SHIT, AW SHIT FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK! Dammit, I didn't want that to happen! This slave is SO sorry, Master! Aw, fuck!”

He stared up at me, his eyes wide, his chest heaving, the sperm pooling between his pecs, and running down his sides and into his armpits.

I looked down into his eyes and snarled; “What did I tell you was gonna happen if you came without permission, slave?”

“slave was going to be Tortured, Sir!” He groaned.

“Well?” I sneered.

“Yes, Sir. Please, Sir. Torture this slave, Sir. Please, Sir, make slave scream for You, Sir. Please, Sir. slave disobeyed Master's orders, and came without permission. Slave needs to be Tortured for punishment, Sir!”

No matter how long we were together, I just knew that Wolf begging me to torture him, and to hurt him was going to be the single most erotic and exciting thing that I would ever hear! I was getting even hornier just listening to him beg me to Torture him.

“Damn right I'm gonna Torture you, slave!” I snarled. “I'm gonna Torture you like you haven't been Tortured for months, boy! You're gonna need weeks to recover from it, boy!”

“Oh, yes, Sir! Please, Sir, torture this slave until it's screaming in agony, Sir, then torture it harder, Sir! Make it beg for mercy, Sir. Make it cry, Sir! Please, Sir, break this slave all over again, Sir!”

I pulled my cock from his ass, and moved around to his side. I grabbed a handful of hair and pulled his head to one side, and drove my cock into his mouth. I held his hair and began to fuck Wolf's mouth, forcing him to clean my cock while he was sucking it. Within a couple of minutes, I couldn't hold off, and filled his mouth with my load of sperm. Wolf choked and gagged for a second or two before swallowing my cum.

When I had recovered from my orgasm, I looked down at my bound slave and snarled; “Your Torture begins in the morning, boy! You are gonna suffer, and the other slave is gonna be forced to watch you in agony, and being broken down and humiliated, boy!”

“Yes, Sir! Thank you, Sir!” he groaned.

I then ran my hand across his chest and abs, smearing in the cum that was still puddled on his skin before holding my hand up to his mouth.

“Lick” I ordered.

Wolf obediently stuck out his tongue and licked the sperm and sweat from my hand, cleaning it completely.

I then released his legs from their bondage, letting him lie down flat on the bed. Then I untied his wrists, and ordered him onto his knees. Wolf obediently dropped to his knees, hands crossed behind his back, his head bowed in the proper posture of submission.

“For your lack of control, you will be Tortured, and Tortured hard, slave. That will be your punishment, boy. You will endure whatever I desire to do to you, slave! Is that understood?” I growled at him.

“Yes, Master. slave needs to be punished for his disobedience and loss of control, Sir!” he whispered.

“Good, boy. You understand.”

I ordered Wolf to his feet and led him to his bedroom. Within 5 minutes he was stretched in a tight spread-eagle on his bed by the restraints that were permanently attached to his bed. The sweat and smeared cum still glistened on his chest and abs.

“You can sleep like that, slave. Your Torture will begin in the morning!'

“Yes, Master. Thank You, Master.” he replied.

I knew it was difficult, but not impossible for Wolf to sleep like that, as he had done it before. I was looking forward to working him over in the morning, and to giving Julian a very clear example of what true Torture in my dungeon involved! He had only had a small taste of the painful delights my Dungeon could provide for the willing masochist!

I turned and walked out of Wolf's bedroom, turning off the light and closing the door, leaving my helpless muscle slave stretched on the bed in the dark. This was turning out to be a VERY interesting Saturday, with a new bodybuilder slave to train, as well as having the chance to really test my slaveboy fiancee's limits, and see how much of his previous endurance to intense pain he still retained! I already was planning on what I was going to do to Wolf in the morning to test his strength, his endurance, and his ability to absorb high levels of intense pain!

3: Punishment!

When I woke up in the morning, I got dressed in just my boots and denims, then set my plans for Wolf's torture session into action. I went into his bedroom and found him sleeping, albeit fitfully in his bondage. I left him there and went downstairs into the dungeon. Julian was still curled up on the bench, but he was awake and watching me as I started to arrange the dungeon.

I unlocked his cell door, and released him from the chain attaching his collar to the wall.

“Come here, boy. I need your help!” I ordered him.

Julian slowly got to his feet, obviously still stiff from sleeping in such a cramped and restricted position on the narrow bench.

“Yes, Sir. Slave is ready to help you, Sir.”

I removed his slave chains, and locked the leather training collar back around his throat. I told him to go to the bathroom in the corner of the dungeon, and do whatever he had to do, since he couldn't during the night, chained in the cell. I then told him to go into the storeroom off to one side of the dungeon and bring out the old weightlifting bar, some weight collars, and several weight plates, and to set them in the middle of the floor. When he had finished, I had him follow me upstairs so we could get some breakfast before starting to Torture Wolf.

Julian made me a quick breakfast, then we went upstairs. Wolf was awake by now, and looked up at me as I released him from his bondage. He knelt on the floor once released, and bent down to kiss my boots.

“Slave, I hope you are ready to suffer today!” I snarled.

“Yes, Master. Slave is ready to endure whatever Tortures Master wishes to inflict on it for disobeying Your orders yesterday, Sir!”

I knew Julian had no idea what had happened, but he didn't need to know, he just had to obey, and follow my orders. This was going to be a real test of his suitability to be a real slaveboy.

“O.K. Slave. Go use the bathroom if you need to then come back here.”

Wolf kissed my boots again before getting up and heading to the bathroom. When he came back, I ordered him to put on his regular everyday boots, then I led the slaves downstairs and down into the dungeon.

When we got to the dungeon, I told Wolf to stand in the middle of the main room, under the hoist while I collected some gear. I fastened the grip restraints tightly around his wrists,then lowered the hoist hook down low enough for me to fasten both restraints to it, leaving Wolf's arms over his head, wrists together. I then took the weightlifting bar, and put two collars on it, fairly far in from the ends.

When they were tight, I took the padded ankle restraints and slid them onto the bar, through the “D” rings on the restraints. Next, a second collar went outboard of the restraints, rendering them immovable. I ordered Wolf to spread his legs while I fastened the restraints around his ankles, over his boots, with the bar basically sitting on top of his feet, leaving him in an inverted “Y” shape, legs widespread, and arms together, straight over his head.

I strapped the muzzle gag around Wolf's head, then went behind him, and pony-tailed his hair with multiple hair ties, leaving a rope-like band of hair down his back. He stood there, his chest rising and falling, his ribs rippling under his already sweaty skin while I prepared him for his Torture session.

I took the hoist control, and hoisted him up until just his toes were on the floor, then I ordered Julian to take some 25 pound weight plates, and put three on each end of the bar, for a total of 150 pounds, plus the 25 or so pounds for the bar and collars. Then I locked the plates in position with another collar.

Wolf stared at me, his eyes wide, as I think he figured out what I was going to do to him! Next, I ordered Julian to wrap his hand around Wolf's nuts, and pull them down, stretching them while I put the leather ball parachute on his nutsack. Wolf moaned into his gag, seemingly in pain, but his cock was rock hard, and dripping, so I knew that he was also turned on by the thought of being Tortured!

Next, I took the length of heavy chain I had cut for this purpose and hung it from the ball parachute. Then multiple weights were added to the chain, each one drawing another groan from Wolf, until I had about 20 pounds stretching his balls. I knew he could take at least 50, so this amount wasn't too much, but would keep him in pain as long as they were hanging there.

When all the weights were in place, Wolf had about an additional 200 pounds attached to his body. I looked into his eyes, and gave him an evil grin! He moaned into his gag when I picked up the hoist control again.

I said; “Now, your Torture begins, slave! Maybe THIS will teach you some self-control and discipline!”

With that, I hit the hoist button. The motor started, slowly drawing Wolf's arms tighter and tighter over his head, stretching his torso more and more, until his feet, and the weights, lifted off the floor!

Wolf was hanging by his arms, with almost 400 pounds stretching his arm and shoulder joints! He moaned loudly and closed his eyes, trying to adjust to the hard pull on his joints. He was gasping for air as he absorbed the pain burning through his body. Every rib and muscle stood out in sharp relief in his gleaming torso, rippling with each gasping breath. The tendons stood out in his taut armpits, and the veins bulged under the skin of his biceps, triceps and forearms, and were visible running down his stretched abs to his crotch..

In spite of the intense stretching of his shoulders and back, his cock was totally hard, with drops of pre-cum dripping to the floor. Julian was totally hard, too, watching Wolf adjust to his Torture.

I stepped in front of Wolf and started to squeeze and twist his nipples, drawing another groan from his throat. The harder I tortured his tits, the louder he groaned and growled into his muzzle. His head leaned back against his stretched arms, his eyes closed as he moaned and groaned continuously as I worked his nipples harder and harder, until I was squeezing them basically as hard as I could!

“Yeah, slave! Take it! Fucking disobedient slave, you will be Tortured until you can't take any more, then you will be Tortured even harder!” I snarled.

Wolf merely nodded his head, his eyes still closed, concentrating on enduring the multiple tortures he was being subjected to. His chest heaved as he struggled to breathe even as his diaphragm was being restricted by his tightly stretched ribcage.

I let his nipples go suddenly, drawing a loud gasp from Wolf at the sudden release of pressure on his tits. I then stepped behind him and pressed my chest against his tightly stretched back. I could feel every rib against my pecs and abs, and could see the amazing striations of his musculature stretched to their limits. I wrapped my arms around him and started to torture his nipples again.

“Boy, get down there and suck this slave's cock until he cums in your mouth!”

Julian immediately dropped to his knees and took Wolf's rock hard dick all the way into his mouth. Wolf groaned at the multiple sensations tearing through his body, the pain in his tits and joints, his lack of being able to draw a deep breath, and the sensation of the hot mouth sucking his cock and Julian's hands stroking his abs and ribs. It only took a couple of minutes before he began to groan deeply in his chest and throat, which I knew meant that he was about to cum.

He started to gasp, and howl inarticulately into his muzzle, then I heard Julian cough slightly before starting to swallow, which meant that Wolf has shot a big load deeply into his sucking mouth. As Wolf came, I doubled down on his nipple Torture, twisting them and stretching them as hard as I could without damaging them or tearing his rings out!

Wolf's explosive orgasm lasted a good 30 seconds or more before he gasped, and slumped down, his head falling forward onto his chest. He continued to gasp for air, seemly only half conscious. He moaned weakly, so I knew he was all right, but just needed some time to recover.

I let his tits go, and told Julian to move. I stepped in front of Wolf, and lifted his head up so I could look into his eyes.

“You O.K. boy?” I asked him softly.

Wolf nodded slowly, and even gave me a wink, since he couldn't talk. I knew he was all right, then, just slightly overwhelmed. I took a couple of steps back then told Julian to kneel in front of me.

“Boy, look at me!” I ordered Wolf.

He moaned then lifted his head and did as I ordered. I looked down at Julian, kneeling in front of me, and undid my denims. When my hard cock stood out, I simply said “Suck!”

He leaned in and took my cock in his mouth. I groaned at almost the same time that Wolf moaned in frustration! I knew that even though he had just cum, making him watch someone else suck me off was going to drive him absolutely nuts with frustrated desire!

Julian worked my cock deeply into his mouth, taking it almost to it's base. He started to choke and gag when my cockhead hit the back of his throat, though. He pulled back just a bit, but continued to give me a really good blow job! His hands began to stroke my abs before working up to my pecs and my nipples. Wolf moaned again in frustration when he saw Julian playing with my nipples. His cock was already hard again, even though he had just cum, and he had to be in a lot of pain from hanging with the weights attached to his body.

Finally, I couldn't hold out any longer, and reached down to hold Julian's head still while I started to fuck his mouth. It only took another 30 seconds or so before I groaned loudly, and shot a thick load of sperm into his hot mouth! He swallowed quickly, taking my cum into his gut. As his tongue worked across my sensitive dick, I moaned again, and so did Wolf.

Finally, I had to pull out of Julian's mouth. When I did, he looked down at the floor, and softly said “Thank you, Sir!”

I lifted his head, looked into his eyes, and told him; “You are welcome, slave. Now, it's time to start the other slave's Torture!”

Wolf moaned when I said that, and I think he knew that he was in for some real pain! I reached into my supply box and pulled out a couple of the smaller lead weights with the hooks on them, ones that weighed a pound each. Turning to Wolf, I hung one of the weights on each of his nipple rings. Wolf groaned loudly as his tits were stretched by the rings, adding to his suffering.

I then went to my toy rack, and picked up several of my floggers. Stepping behind him, I flipped his thick ponytail forward, totally exposing his stretched, straining back muscles and ribs. I brushed the first of my floggers across his back, drawing a long moan of anticipation from my helpless slave.

“Now you are going to really learn what it means to be Tortured, slave!” I snarled in his ear.

I ordered Julian to kneel with his hands behind his back, and watch Wolf being Tortured to his limits. I started to stroke the flogger across Wolf's back, lightly at first, but then slowly the impacts became harder and harder. He moaned with each impact of the flogger, then the moans turned into inarticulate howls and yells as the flogger slashed across his straining back again and again with more intensity.

His skin started to turn red, then shaded into more of a purple as the impacts got more and more intense. Welts started to stand out on his back as his muscles flexed and bulged with each hit.

I use the light flogger for about 5 minutes before switching to a thicker and heavier one. The strokes across his back became more and more intense, drawing more howls and screams of pain from Wolf as his Torture continued. I worked my way through about 5 of my floggers, each one heavier then the previous one, until I was using my buffalo hide one. The welts stood out across Wolf's back, a lurid red and purple. Some were even open and bleeding slightly. I normally didn't make him bleed, but it had happened before. I knew he would heal fairly quickly, but I wouldn't be able to flog him again until he had recovered. I was kind of showing Julian what he might expect as a slave, as well.

Finally, I finished flogging Wolf's back. It was kind of a mess, welted and striped, but I knew it looked worse then it really was. I stepped in front of Wolf, and lifted his head so I could look into his eyes.

“You all right, boy?” I asked softly.

Wolf swallowed deeply, then nodded his head. I knew his tolerance for pain was exceptionally high, so when he said he was O.K., I believed him. I knew that he would signal me if he was in too much pain, or felt he was in danger of being injured.

He groaned with anticipation when he saw what I picked up next. I stepped behind him, and held up my spray bottle of alcohol. I gave him a couple of sprays across his welted back, causing him to scream in total agony! He writhed and howled into the muzzle as the alcohol hit his back. His muscles bulged and flexed as he endured the burning sensations across his back. Finally, Wolf went limp, gasping for air. I stepped up to him, and removed the muzzle to make it easier for him to breathe.

“Thank you, Sir!” he gasped out.

“Do you want me to let you down, boy?” I asked him.

I didn't want to push Wolf too far, and actually injure him. I knew the strain on his shoulders and arm joints was considerable, supporting his 185 or so pounds as well as the nearly 200 pounds of additional weight.

“No, Sir. Slave is able endure your torture for a while more, Sir.” he gasped.

“Good, boy, since I'm not finished with you yet!” I snarled, more for Julian's benefit then Wolf's.

Wolf actually managed a slight smile and a wink, so I knew he knew what I was doing. I reached out and took the weights off of his nipples and added them to the chain hanging from his nuts. He groaned at the sensations of relief for his tits, but also the slight additional weight on his balls.

He groaned again when I flipped his ponytail back so it hung down behind him, then picked up my riding crop with the wide end and started to smack his pecs and nipples with it.

Whap! Whap! Whap! Whap! I worked the crop back and forth across his straining chest, slowly turning it redder and redder. He writhed helplessly as I smacked his nipples again and again, finally drawing a grunt then a sharp cry of pain from Wolf with each impact on his tits. I kept working Wolf's pecs until they were a fiery red, then started down the sides of his torso, alternating sides, and turning his intercostals and ribcage red. He struggled and howled with pan as the Torture with the crop continued for another 10 minutes or so, as I worked down to his abs.

His washboard stomach flexed as I started to work each rock hard ridge of muscle with the crop, until he finally started full-throated screaming in agony with each hit of the crop! He was straining and struggling to lift himself up to try to escape the Torture, but the weight attached to his legs and balls were too much for him to move very much. He looked like he was on a vertical rack, stretched to his limits.

I knew that he couldn't take much more, since he had been hanging for almost an hour. That, plus the intensity of the floggings, the nipple tortures, and the cropping had just about pushed him to his limits. I could tell because his response to the crop was becoming more and more delayed and weak with each hit. I gave him about 5 more good hard hits on his abs with the crop, then set it down, and grabbed his still erect cock. Stroking it gently until it was throbbing in my hand, I dropped to my knees and sucked it into my mouth. Wolf moaned loudly, then started to scream as I reached up, and began to slap and twist his nipples. He shrieked in agony for a minute or so before suddenly filling my mouth with another huge load of sperm!

Being Tortured always made him cum copious amounts, and this time was no exception. The cum kept shooting into my mouth, one hard jet after another, until he shrieked one last time, and slumped down limp! I swallowed his sperm, then stood up, and ordered Julian to help me get Wolf out of his bondage. First, I lowered him down until the weights were sitting on the floor, and told Julian to remove them from the bar.

When he had them off and stacked to each side, I started to remove the weights from the ball stretcher. Wolf's nuts were a deep purple color and stretched tight. Once the weights were off, I removed the chain, and unbuckled the parachute, and released his nuts.

Wolf groaned with relief as his torture eased. I then lowed him down a bit more until his boots were firmly on the floor, then released his ankles from the restraints and had Julian move the bar out of the way. I slowly moved Wolf's legs back together, relieving a lot of the stress on his hip joints, then slowly lowered the lift. As I let it down, he slowly sank down until he was on his knees. Finally, the strain started to release from his arms, as I let them down slowly, so Wolf's joints wouldn't cramp from being moved too quickly.

Once he was released from his bondage, I knelt in front of Wolf, and wrapped my arms around him to support him. He moaned softly as he leaned against me, and put his head on my shoulder. I felt him start to shake and shudder as he started to cry, gasping for air. Julian looked really worried until I just shook my head and softly told him; “It's all right, he usually does this after I Torture him.”

I held Wolf for a couple minutes until he calmed down, and his breathing eased.

Wolf looked into my eyes and softly said; “Thank You, Sir. Slave needed to be tortured and punished.

It felt good to suffer for you, Master.”

I smiled and kissed him, then held him for a couple more minutes before helping him to his feet. Julian and I had to help support him as he walked slowly to the bed in one corner of the dungeon. I wanted him to lie down for a bit before getting into the shower, where I would help clean his welted back, and dress any open spots.

As Wolf relaxed, Julian rather unexpectedly knelt in front of me and said; “Sir, permission to speak?”

“Go ahead, boy.”

“Thank you, Sir. Slave just has a request for Master. Slave would love to be made to endure the exact same level of Torture, Sir. Slave has desired something like that for years, Sir.”

I looked at him for a moment, then said “O.K. Slave. Once Wolf has recovered, in a couple of days you will be subjected to the same Tortures. I want to hear you scream in agony, and then beg for mercy! I want to find out exactly how strong those muscles are, and exactly where your breaking point is!”

Julian moaned slightly, and said “Yes, Sir. Slave needs to be broken, Sir, and You are the perfect Master to break this slave.”

He then bent down, and started to lick my boots. I was sitting on the side of the bed where Wolf was resting. Wolf and I exchanged glances, and I saw him wink, then grin at me. I had a damn good idea of exactly what was going through his head! We might have just gotten us a new member of the household, a hot boy who would be a combination houseboy, butler, cook, waiter, yard-boy and general all around servant. Not someone who would become a lover to either of us, but rather an employee who would also be a good torture victim and sex slave!

4: Training.

I let Julian lick my boots for a bit, then ordered him back up onto his knees.

“You want to be tortured, slave? Fine, then. Your torture will start now. I have to tend to slave Wolf's back, but I'll let you suffer while I'm doing that!”

I ordered Julian over to the cross, and proceeded to secure him in a tight spread-eagle position, body stretched out taut. I next took the same muzzle gag I had used on Wolf, and tightly secured it around Julian's head, preventing him from making very much noise. Then, as he watched, I gathered a couple of things from my toy shelves. He moaned into the muzzle when I bent down, and sucked on his erect nipples for a couple of minutes, enjoying the feel of his hard tits under my tongue, and the taste of his salty sweat. Then, I took the alligator clamps I was holding, and set one on his right nipple, the teeth digging deeply into the tender flesh of his nipple! I knew that this had to hurt like a bitch, since his tits were probably still sore and tender from yesterday's stretching Torture.

He writhed, and howled into the muzzle, his muscles flexing and bulging under his skin. He howled again when I set the other clamp on his left nipple. When I stepped back to look at him, he was struggling against the restraints, flexing his thick muscles futilely, sweat running down his skin in streams, gasping for air.

“You said you wanted to be tortured, slave! Well, this is Torture, so deal with it!” I snarled. “Are you gonna take it, or do I have to let you down, and take you back to the city, and let you go?”

Julian shook his head no, as I watched.

“You want to stay and find out what REAL Torture is all about then, boy?” I sneered.

He nodded yes.

“O.K. Then slave. You WILL endure this Torture for as long as it takes me to take care of slave Wolf, and then we will see how much more you can endure!”

He nodded again.

I walked over to where Wolf was lying on his side on the bed, watching. I knew he was excited by observing Julian's muscled physique under stress and enduring the searing pain in his nipples because Wolf's cock was fully erect once again, in spite of his suffering and being exhausted from the stretching torture and the intense floggings.

I helped Wolf to his feet and we headed towards the stairs. I was going to take him to my shower and clean up and dress the few small spots on his back that were weeping slightly. As we walked towards the stairs, I looked over at Julian. He was stretched tight, his chest rising and falling as he struggled to adapt to the burning pain in his nipples. His muscled body was coated in sweat, with streams trickling down his ribcage and abs, and beading up on his pecs. He was moaning softly into the muzzle as well.

As Wolf and I got to the head of the stairs, I flipped off the light, plunging the Torture Chamber into total darkness before closing the door noisily. For most people, the darkness and the sound of the closing and locking door just added to the intensity of the Torture they were being left to endure.

When we were in the shower, with warm water misting down over our bodies, I asked Wolf; “Well, what do you think. Should I ask him to stay if he wants? He could make a hell of a houseboy, I think. Plus he cooks a LOT better then you do!”

Wolf glared at me for a second or two before grinning.

“Yeah, well, you're no Cordon Bleu chef yourself, you know! But yes, you're right. He's be a hell of a houseboy, as well as gardener, pool boy, house-cleaner, Butler, and whatever else we could think of!”

I laughed. “Listen, boy, don't think you would get him to do all your chores around here! You STILL would have to earn your keep, otherwise I might just have to boot your ass out the front door! You don't get to sit around, and order a slave to do your work! Hell, that's MY job! And don't you forget it, SLAVE!!

Wolf giggled and mockingly said; “Oh, yes, Master! Whatever you say, oh high and mighty one!”

I glowered and gave him a dope-slap to the back of the head before we both almost collapsed in helpless laughter. When we had recovered, I told Wolf to dry off and let me look at his back. As I had thought, there were just a couple of small spots where the skin was broken, nothing very big. I put a few small bandages on his back, then told him to wear a shirt for the rest of the day.

We went back downstairs, and I told Wolf to go make something to eat, since he hadn't eaten since dinner last night. As he was eating, I went back downstairs into the basement Torture Chamber.

Julian was standing bound to the cross, his head back and his eyes closed, seemingly still trying to adapt to the pain in his nipples. He was breathing heavily, moaning slightly with each breath, his thick chest rising and falling, his ribs and muscles working under his dripping wet skin.

When I stepped in front of him and reached out to stroke his abs, his head snapped forward, his eyes flying open, as though he hadn't realized that I was there. I decided to let him down from his bondage, since he wasn't as accustomed to long term restraint, as Wolf was.

“O.K. Slave. Get ready. This is gonna hurt like hell!” I warned him before reaching out, and unclamping both of his nipples at the same time!

Julian threw his head back and shrieked into the muzzle gag! He screamed again and again, the cords standing out on his neck, the veins popping out on his arms and pecs as his muscles strained against his restraints! When I started to roll his battered tits between my fingers to get the circulation back into them, he flexed his muscles as hard as he could, his veins standing out from his neck all the way down his torso and rock hard abs, to his thighs and calves! He screamed again and again, then screamed one more time, louder then before, and shot a huge load of sperm out of his erect cock, spraying it all over my chest and abs!

He then slumped down, limp, and seemingly only semi-conscious. His breath rasped in his throat, as I unbuckled the muzzle, and held his head up so he could breathe. In a minute of two, his eyes fluttered open.

“Are you all right, boy?” I asked him.

Julian swallowed two or three times before croaking out “Y-yes, Sir. O.K. Sir.”

I wrapped my arms around him, feeling the sweat and his load of sperm making our skins slick. I just held him in my arms for a few minutes like I did for Wolf after hard Torture until his breathing calmed down, and his pulse slowed.

“Can you stand by yourself, boy?” I asked him.

Julian nodded; “Yes, Sir. I think so, Sir.”

I let his verbal gaffe pass since he was obviously struggling to pull himself together. I bent down and released his legs from the ankle restraints and told him to put his feet together. When he had done so, I released his right wrist from it's restraint. I lowered his arm slowly, just as I did with Wolf after long periods of restraint, to prevent cramps and muscle strain. When his arm was resting on my shoulder, I released his left arm, and gently pulled him upright, away from the cross.

Julian moaned, and slowly sank to his knees.

“Are you sure you're all right, boy?” I asked, concerned at his weakness.

“Yes, Sir. I just need a minute or two, please. I've NEVER been tortured like that before, Sir. Wow. It was REALLY intense! Two days in a row of hard tit torture is a first, Sir”

Julian knelt in front of me, leaning his head against my legs for support while I stroked his Mohawk stripe. In a couple of minutes, he bent down, and began to kiss my feet.

Finally he straightened up, and slowly got back on his feet.

“Thank you, Sir. Slave has needed that for SO long! It's almost every fantasy slave has ever had about being made to endure torture at the hands of a hot muscle master. Slave has seen lots of hot bodybuilders at the contests, and always wanted to know what it would feel like to be tortured by them.”

I pulled him to me, and wrapped my arms around him, feeling his hot, sweaty body against my chest.

I looked down into his eyes, and on an impulse, bent down and kissed him deeply.

“O.K. Boy, that's just to let you know that I take care of my property. That does not mean that you are anything more then a low-life omega slave, is that understood, boy?”

“Yes, Master. Nothing more then property, Sir. Property to be used and tortured anyway that Master and Alpha slave sees fit, sir. This slave is scum for your use and abuse, Sir. Nothing more then that, Sir!”

“Good boy. You have it figured out, boy. You are just property, an animal for our use and enjoyment. You have no privileges or freedom, boy. If we want to take you to town to show you around, we will, or you might spend the next 8 or 9 days in chains here in the dungeon, never seeing the sun. Is that understood, boy?”

Julian nodded and said “Yes, Sir. Slave understands, sir. Slave will try to be the best slave it can be, Sir. Slave will stay in the dungeon for as long as Master orders, Sir. 8 or 9 days, or weeks, or months, or years, Sir!”

That was another hint that Julian might be wanting to become a permanent member of the household! He would be a good addition as a servant, that was for sure. I would see how he felt in a week or so, then discuss it more seriously with both Wolf and Julian before making any kind of a decision. Of course, I knew that our friends Danny and Eddie would just die with envy if we ended up with a hot, handsome, bodybuilder butler and houseboy!

“O.K. Boy. Let's go upstairs for a bit. I need to check up on slave Wolf, and you need to clean up, since you stink of sweat and cum! One thing you need to know, slave; I like slaves with big, thick nipples. Your nipples WILL be Tortured, or stretched, or pumped every day that you are here, boy. Is that understood, boy?”

“Yes, Sir. This slave's nipples are to be enlarged, Sir. Actually, slave's entire body is Master's to do with as he pleases, Sir! This slave trusts Master and Alpha to not injure slave, Sir!”

With that, we headed upstairs. We went into the living room to be sure Wolf was finished with his breakfast, and was obeying my orders to take it easy. When we walked in, he was working on his laptop, doing some e-mails and the like. I locked his slave collar back on, told him that we would be back down shortly, and then we would see what we were going to do later during the day.

Julian and I went to my shower where we spent a couple of minutes washing the sweat and cum from our bodies. He dried me with one of my thick towels, then I ordered him to dry off himself. I then locked his collar back around his throat.

I had to do some work on my computer dealing not only with my business holdings, but I was working on some wedding plans for the day Wolf and I got married. I had some ideas of what I wanted, and I wanted to get Wolf's input as well. It was going to be a special day for both of us!

When we came back downstairs, I ordered Julian to kneel naked in a corner of the living room with his head bowed and to not move until he was ordered to do so. He went to a corner, dropped to his knees, crossed his hands behind his back and put his head down, as a proper slave should do. It was just another clue that we might have found our houseboy!

To Be Continued (?)

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