The Telemachus Story Archive

Part 1 - Julian.1.
By Master Skrain

Julian 1.

A story from “The Wolf Chronicles”

1: Re-connection.

Wolf and I walked down Folsom St., working our way through the crowd of men filling the streets for blocks around for the annual “Up Your Alley” street fair. Wolf was wearing his combat boots, a pair of

leather chastity briefs padlocked closed, and his slave chains, steel restraints locked around his wrists connected to his steel collar by a thick chain. He also had ankle shackles on, so he had to move rather slowly since he could not take long steps. I held the leash running from the front of his collar so he couldn't get separated from me in the crowd. His hair was pony-tailed right behind his head, but from there it hung loose down his broad back, flowing like an ebony waterfall all the way to his waist.

I was in my tall Wesco Logger boots, a leather kilt with nothing under it, of course, my leather wrist gauntlets and mirrored sunglasses, with my short blonde hair spiked. I was carrying our driver's licenses, some cash, keys, and a couple of credit cards in the Sporran on the front of my kilt, since there were vendors and food stalls at the event, and Wolf didn't have anywhere to carry anything in his tight briefs. Neither of us had on a shirt or vest, since we had left them in Wolf's car in the city garage, and I wanted to show off our muscles to the crowd.

As we mingled with the hot men filling the street, I heard lots of comments like “Wow, look at them”, or “Damn, what a hot stud!” I grinned at Wolf, and he winked back. I knew he was totally turned on, since he was a natural exhibitionist. As a matter of fact, so was I, and I was loving the attention. Of course there were hundreds, if not thousands of hot men out and about, so were not the only hot couple attending. I saw literally dozens and dozens of amazingly well built guys, both tops and bottoms walking the streets that day.

We had a really great time, chatting with friends from the bars, having hot men ask if they could feel my muscles, or Wolf's muscles, run their fingers through his hair, suck both of our nipples, lick our boots, and more. I had to bet that we had our pictures taken at least 2 or 3 dozen times during the day. We also got at least ten or fifteen outright propositions for sex, either with both of us with one partner, or even some groups wanting us to basically join in a scheduled orgy at a private dungeon. I told everyone thanks for the invites, but we did have plans for later, even though we didn't. It seemed the most diplomatic way out of the propositions.

It was enjoyable to sit for a while at one of the snack booths that were set up, munching on a burger and fries while Wolf knelt in front of me licking my boots. Every so often I would pull slightly on his leash and he would lift his head so I could feed him a french fry. By the number of guys taking pictures, and just watching, apparently others found it hot and erotic as well.

We both got our boots polished to a high gloss at the boot-blacking tent that was set up, and even found some interesting pieces of jewelry from one of the vendors that had booths set up along Folsom Street. I wasn't a big jewelry wearer, but they did have a bear-claw pendant that looked good against my chest, nestled in the valley between my pecs. Wolf bought it for me as a present, and I told him I would “Thank” him later at home in the dungeon! He grinned and said “Yes, Sir! This slave is looking forward to it, Sir!”

Finally, as it started to get on towards the afternoon, the crowd started to thin out slightly. I suggested to Wolf that we needed to work our way back towards 9th . Street, so we could get to the car eventually. Also, the Powerhouse bar was on the way, so I thought we might stop in for a short time, try to get a seat, and relax for a bit.

As we worked our way through the crowd towards the Powerhouse, I heard a voice behind me say “Excuse me, Eric, Eric Kurtz, is that you?”

I turned to see who was calling my name. I saw a very muscular young man with shaggy black hair grinning at me. I thought he was kind of familiar looking, but I just couldn't quite place where I had seen him before. He could tell I was having trouble remembering him.

“Hello, Sir, I'm Julian King, from the restaurant drive thru window, up near Truckee. You went through there a while ago in the 57 Chevy convertible.”

I remembered him then. “Oh yeah, the guy with the impressive guns” I grinned.

He chuckled. “Yeah, That's me. But WOW, you guys ARE built! I knew you were, even seeing you sitting down, but, holy shit, you are both unreal! Woof!”

Wolf and I both laughed. “How are you doing, kid? Good to see you again. By the way, this is Wolf, my slave. I know you weren't introduced before.”

Julian smiled. “Damn, Sir, you lucky stud! You get to have this hunk on the end of your leash!”

Wolf blushed slightly as I laughed. I knew he loved people saying things like that! He didn't say anything, as a good slave should, but just bowed slightly towards Julian. Julian grinned at the gesture.

“Of course, I wouldn't mind being on your leash either, Sir” he said, with a sly smile.

I looked at Wolf briefly, and saw the glint in his eyes, and his quick wink. I knew we were both thinking the same thing, that Julian could end up in the Torture Chamber before the day was over!

“Well, boy, that could happen, but, the first rule of slaves for me, to be able to be collared and leashed, is that they don't wear shirts! If you have a good body, then show it off. Especially here, on Folsom St!”

Julian said “Yes, Sir”, and immediately peeled off his tight black Under Armor muscle shirt. My eyes widened when I saw his body. Damn, he was built, and ripped! Nice thick, bulky pecs capped by erect low riding nipples, tight abs complete with veins disappearing under his belt-line, flaring lats, and cannonball delts, not to mention the thick veined biceps and forearms!

“Turn around, boy. Let me see your back!” I ordered him.

Julian obediently turned, and then flexed his back muscles in a rear double biceps pose, showing off his wide shoulders and lats, and his amazing back development. The striations in his muscles stood out all the way down his lower back to his belt line.

“Shit, boy, you DO have a hell of a body as well! Do you compete often, or what?” I was amazed at his physique. He was almost as well built as Wolf.

“Yes, Sir, I actually was in a contest last week. Actually won my weight class, and finished third overall. The two guys that came in ahead of me really deserved to win, though.”

“Well, cool! Another competition bodybuilder to add to my collection! Great!” I told him.

Both Wolf and Julian looked at me for a second before they both started laughing! I knew that Wolf knew I was just needling him a little, which he loved. Julian just laughed. I had a pretty good idea what was going through his head, though!

“Hell, boy, with a body like that, you should be hanging around in my Dungeon. I can think of a lot of ways to work you over!”

Julian actually shivered slightly, in spite of the heat.

“Damn, that's hot, Sir. I'd love to be hanging in your Dungeon, having both of you working on me. I have been dreaming about that ever since I saw you that day. Sir, I'm just asking, but would you like to use me, Sir, both of you? I'm willing to try to endure whatever you want to do to me, Sir. “

I looked into his eyes, and smiled slowly. “You'll do whatever I tell you to do, boy?”

“Yes, Sir, anything, Sir!”

“Good, boy. Now, one more question, and I'm totally serious about this. Do you want to be Tortured? Not played with, not some pretend scene, but real Torture! I won't injure you, I don't do that, but you will be made to endure real Torture! Are you up for that?”

Julian shivered slightly, swallowed deeply, and said; “Yes, Sir. I want to be made to endure real Torture. It's been a fantasy of mine for years. I think it's one of the reasons that I push myself so hard in the gym. It's a form of self-inflicted Torture and suffering!”

I turned to Wolf and told him to lean up against the wall, and put his hands behind his head. He complied, even though he had to work his arms around a little to get the chain running from the collar to the wrist restraints in position so he could raise his hands that high.

I looked at Julian and said “You like his muscles, boy? You like those nipples and his rings?”

Julian nodded his head and murmured “Damn, he's hot, Sir. Beautiful huge pierced tits, and I love his abs and lats, too!”

“Good, boy. Show him how much you like them. Suck those nipples until I tell you to stop!”

Julian moaned and leaned in to take Wolf's left nipple into his mouth. It was easy for Julian to do, since he seemed to be an inch or two shorter then Wolf, which would make him about 5'6”. Wolf groaned in pleasure at the feel of the hot mouth on his tit, and the hands stroking his muscles. Julian's hands worked up and down Wolf's torso, stroking his ribs and abs while he sucked first one nipple, then the other. Wolf's chest rose and fell rapidly, showing me that he was getting more and more turned on by the second. I knew he loved showing off, and having his body worshiped right out on the street was a real rush for him!

Julian kept working on Wolf's thick, ringed nipples for a good 10 minutes as guys started to stand around and watch the tit worship. Part of the reason Wolf was moaning almost constantly was the pleasure that he was getting from the nipple sucking and muscle worship, but I also figured that his cock and nuts were hurting since he would be trying to get an erection. He was wearing a particularly fiendish jock under the chastity shorts, a jock with small pins on the inside of the pouch! I could imagine that his swelling cock was pressing against the pins, and forcing his nuts against them as well, adding to his discomfort.

I let Julian suck his tits for another minute or so before I grabbed his hair, and forced his face into Wolf's right armpit.

“Lick it out, boy”, I growled.

Julian almost went nuts, licking and tonguing Wolf's hot, deep armpit, lapping up all the sweat and breathing deeply, inhaling the musky scent. making Wolf moan loudly again. Julian seemed to be trying to bury his entire face in Wolf's armpit, moaning even as he was nipping and sucking the sensitive skin.

After a minute or so, I pulled Julian from Wolf's right pit, and shoved his face into the left armpit. Julian started sucking the sweat, and licking again, as Wolf moaned louder.

The crowd was getting a bit bigger, attracted by Wolf's moaning, I guess, so I decided to give them a bit of a show. After a minute or so, I pulled Julian back away from Wolf. I grabbed Wolf's leash and pulled him close to my face.

“Did you like that, slave? Having that muscleboy sucking your tits and eating out your pits, boy?”

“Oh yes, Sir, it was very good, Master!”

Then I grabbed a handful of Julian's thick black hair and pulled him close as well.

“Did you like sucking those slave tits, boy?”

“Yes, Sir, I loved it, Sir. I LOVE sucking hard nipples, and worshiping hard muscles, Sir!” he panted.

“Good, both of you. Now I have something for you both!” I growled before pulling both arms up and doing a full double bicep pose.

Julian whispered; “Oh My GOD!” when he saw my muscles flexing in front of him, waiting for him to worship them.

I heard a moan from the crowd as I told the boys “Get your faces in there!”

Both boys leaned in and started licking my armpits, and stroking my muscles. God, it felt great to have two hot, submissive muscleboys worshiping my body and especially out in public! Their tongues licked my sensitive armpits, sending a chill down my back in spite of the warmth of the afternoon. I felt my cock getting hard, trying to tent out the front of my heavy leather kilt, knowing that if it was cloth, it would be standing straight out!

I let the boys clean out my armpits for a couple more minutes, even as the crowd grew, and I heard cameras going off as visitors took pictures. I had no problem with that, since I liked to show off a bit.

Finally I told the boys to back off just a bit. I put my arms down, flexed my pecs and said; “Now, worship those nipples!”

Wolf and Julian immediately leaned back in and started sucking my erect tits. Damn, I loved having two hot, sucking mouths working on my nipples at the same time! I grabbed a handful of each boy's hair and pressed their faces deeper into my pecs. Both boys moaned as they sucked and nibbled of my tits, licking and worshiping the erect knots of sensitive flesh.

I held them like that for a good 5 minutes, loving the feeling of their nipple worship, and enjoying watching the crowd of hot leathermen and boys watching us!

“Yeah, make love to those Nipples, boys! Show me how much you want them! Suck those tits, boys! Use those fucking hot mouths! Yeah, work them nice and hard, and I'll give you both a reward in the Torture Chamber when we get home!”

Julian moaned louder when I said “Torture Chamber”, which let me know exactly what he wanted! Of course I knew that Wolf would welcome any excuse to be bound and Tortured, so I was pretty sure it was going to be a really fun night! I was looking forward to having two hard bodied bodybuilder boys stretched and helpless in my Dungeon, just waiting for me to Torture them to their limits!

Finally, I pulled both boys away from my chest by their hair. I pointed at Wolf, and snapped my fingers, and pointed down. He immediately dropped to his knees and began licking one of my boots.

“You said you wanted to be on my leash, boy. But to do that, you have to be collared, and to do THAT, you have to prove to me you are worth it. Are you willing to do that, boy?” I growled to Julian.

“Yes, Sir. I'll do ANYTHING to be collared by you, Sir! I've been dreaming about that since I saw you guys at the restaurant, Sir.” he moaned.

“All right, boy. Start right now. Go to work on the other boot, boy!” I snarled.

Julian immediately dropped to his knees and started to lick my other boot. I heard more cameras going off as I stood there, muscles glistening with sweat, stripped to the waist in just a leather kilt, and my tall boots, with those boots being worshiped by a pair of muscled, shirtless slave-boys!

I could hear comments from the crowd like “Fuck, that's hot!” and “Damn, what a stud, and the slaves are hot, too!” I had to admit, it was a real turn-on for me!

I let the boys lick and worship my boots for about 10 minutes before ordering them back up to stand in front of me.

I looked at Julian and asked him; “All right, boy. A couple of questions. Do you have a car here, and where are you staying? Also, when do you have to head home?”

“Sir, I came down on the bus, so no car to worry about. I'm staying in a small motel a couple of blocks from here, and have a room for another ten days. I took my two weeks vacation to come down, Sir.”

“O.K. Boy. We will go and get your stuff from your motel, and you can check out and stay with us if you want. We live on the other side of the bridge, up in Sausalito, so you won't be in the city proper, but you can get back to visit whenever you want to. Wolf and I come to the city pretty often, so you won't miss anything.”

“Oh, yes, Sir! That sounds great! The motel is pricey, but then again there are few cheap motels anywhere in San Francisco, so that will help, Sir. I can help with anything you want me to do, Sir. I'm a good cook, and I'll do anything to serve both you, and Wolf, Sir!”

I gave a short yank on Wolf's leash, he stood up and the three of us headed to the city garage where we had parked early this morning. I had to unlock Wolf's slave chains and remove his shackles so he could drive safely. Once we got the car, Wolf's Mustang convertible, we headed to Julian's motel so he could get his clothes and check out. We headed through the city to work our way towards the Golden Gate Bridge to head home. Julian and I chatted while Wolf drove. I asked him about his health status, and he assured me that he was clean, and disease free. Julian told me that he got checked every six months, even if he hadn't had sex with any guys for a while.

I also asked him why he hadn't called to let us know he was coming down to the city. Julian looked a little sheepish and told me that he had misplaced my card, but that he was planning on using the Phone directory to find my number. I told him that being careless enough to lose my card would get him some extra Torture time in the Dungeon!

He smiled and said “Yes, Sir! I deserve it, Sir, for being so careless, Sir. Thank you, Sir!”

2: Pain and Pleasure.

It took a while to get through the traffic in downtown San Francisco, but eventually we crossed the bridge and arrived at the house. Once we went inside, I told Julian to drop his gear in one of the spare bedrooms, and then to follow Wolf and me downstairs .

Julian gasped when he saw the main room of the Torture Chamber, and I asked him; “Is this what you have been dreaming about, boy?”

He looked around and said “Oh fuck yes, Sir! I've been dreaming about being bound someplace like this! I've wanted it for years, but have had almost no chance to actually do anything like it. There aren't really any guys into the Leather scene close to where I live. I started the bodybuilding to hopefully make it easier to maybe meet guys, but it turns out my body responded really quickly, so I kept it up!

“Haven't you ever hooked up with guys at contests and the like?”

“Oh, yes Sir, but mostly they are guys that want to suck my cock, or feel my muscles, nobody that wants to tie me up and Torture me! I've even been to bed with a couple of nationally ranked, really famous bodybuilders, but the most unusual thing that has happened is that I once was fucked by one while another had his cock in my mouth! But, that was about a year or so ago.”

“Well, boy, your desire to be Tortured is about to be realized! Wolf, take him!”

Wolf had been standing behind Julian while we talked, and now he grabbed his right arm, and bent it up behind his back! Julian started to struggle, and said “What the hell?” before I grinned at him.

“Don't worry, boy, he'll be gentle as long as you don't struggle, but fight against him, and you'll learn what pain is all about!”

Julian relaxed, since I think he figured out that this was just part of his scene. Wolf force-marched him over to the center of the room, under one of the ceiling beams. Within a couple of minutes, he was standing spread-eagled under the beam, thick steel shackles locked around his wrists, and around his ankles over his boots. I stood in front of him and stroked my fingertips down his chest, over his ribs and down across his abs. Julian moaned softly and shivered involuntarily when I started to lightly run a fingertip across his nipples. His tits instantly got hard, the small tips standing out from his pecs. His nipples were nowhere as large as Wolf's, but it sure seemed that they were just as sensitive!

“Slave, come here” I ordered Wolf. He immediately stepped to my side, his hands behind his back, his head down.

“Look at him, slave. Do you like what you see, boy?” I growled.

“Yes, Sir. He's very hot, Sir.” Wolf answered.

I could tell Wolf was turned on by the muscled body stretched in front of him. A glaze of sweat glistened on his body, and I could see his crotch bulging, even with the pinpoints on the inside of his jock. I imagined they hurt, which turned Wolf on even more!

“O.K. Slave, suck those nipples!” I ordered.

Wolf immediately leaned in and took Julian's right nipple into his mouth. Julian groaned and writhed at the feel of the mouth sucking his tit. I knew he was totally turned on as well.

“I'm going up and change, slave. You keep at him, keep him excited until I get back. That's an order, boy” I growled to Wolf. He nodded his head while seemingly doubling his assault on Julian's nipples.

Julian moaned louder as Wolf chewed and twisted his tits, and licked and nibbled his open, shaved armpits. Wolf's hands stroked up and down Julian's chest and back, feeling each muscle.

I went upstairs and changed into my chaps and tall Biker boots. When I got back into the dungeon, Wolf was standing behind Julian, licking his shoulders, with his arms wrapped around Julian's ribcage, twisting his nipples. Both of their bodies were glistening with sweat, which just turned me on even more.

Julian gasped “Oh, Fuck!” when he saw the way I was dressed. I figured that my look turned him on as much as it turned on Wolf. I grinned at him, since I knew this was going to be a fun couple of hours to start with!

“Wolf, come here!” He stepped in front of me, and knelt. “Do you like his look, boy?”

“Oh yes, Sir. He has a great body, Sir.”

“Do you want to help me Torture him, boy?”


“O.K. Boy, strip his pants off, then put his boots back on.”

“Sir, Yes, Sir!”

I handed Wolf the key for the ankle shackles, which he unlocked. Julian pulled his feet back together, waiting. Wolf unlaced his boots, and slipped them off, then undid Julian's belt. Julian moaned when Wolf started to unfasten his denims. I was betting he was totally aroused and turned on! When Wolf dropped his pants, and Julian's erect cock sprang up, I knew I was right!

Julian had a nice sized cock of about 7 inches, veined and slightly curved upward. His nuts hung down a couple of inches below his cock. We both noticed that he was still smooth, and hairless since he had been in the bodybuilding contest just a short while before. Wolf slipped Julian's boots back on and retied them before fastening the shackles around his ankles again.

Julian now stood nearly naked in the Torture Chamber, stripped down to just his boots. His muscles rippled under his skin as he breathed deeply, trying to steady his nerves as he was waiting to see what was going to happen to him. I could tell he was both excited being bound like this, and a little scared, too. I explained my dungeon rules to him, and told him about the use of my safe words.

I looked into his eyes and said; “Boy, don't worry. Nothing will happen that you don't want to happen.”

He nodded his head and said; “Yes, Sir. I trust you totally, Sir. Whatever you want to do to me, I'll endure it for you, Sir!”

I grinned at him. “Yes, boy. I always take care of my toys, don't I, Wolf?”

Wolf stood at attention and said “Sir, Yes, Sir!”

When he did that, I knew what he wanted. I took my keys and unlocked the small padlock on the waistband of his chastity shorts, and ordered him to strip down to his boots, just like Julian. Within a minute, Wolf stood in front of me, his hands by his side, at strict attention. I took another pair of steel shackles and locked them around Wolf's wrists. I ordered him to stand under the beam facing Julian, about 4 feet in front of him as I stretched his arms up, and fastened his restraints to the beam. I put a spreader bar between his ankles, and locked them. They now stood facing each other, naked, sweating, and awaiting whatever Tortures I was going to submit them to.

I took a pair of the alligator clamps connected by a small chain, and clamped them on Wolf's nipples . He gasped at the sharp pain in his tits, but his cock immediately started to rise to a full erection, which happened whenever I tortured his nipples.

Then, I took another set of the alligator clamps, and set them on Julian's nipples so they bit deeply into the flesh of his tits. He groaned, and writhed, his muscles flexing and bulging under his gleaming skin. I knew he wasn't used to this level of pain in his nipples, but I wanted to see just how strong he was, and what his endurance levels were. Then, I took a short length of heavier chain and using a pair of carabiner clips, I attached the ends to the centers of the chains between the boy's tit clamps. Both slaves groaned at the added pulling on their already Tortured nipples. They stood facing each other with their nipple clamps essentially connected together, so if one boy struggled or even moved very much, it would increase the level of Torture that their tits were having to endure.

The sight was so exciting that I gave in to my impulses. I leaned in and started to lick out Julian's right armpit. His lats were so developed that his armpits were almost 6 inches wide. I tongued the hot, sweaty skin, feeling the stubble where his pit hair was starting to grow back in. His sweat tasted different then Wolf's but it was good, none the less. Julian moaned as I licked his muscled body. I glanced over and saw Wolf was watching me. He gave me a small grin, so I knew he was turned on watching me worship another hot muscle-boy's physique.

I worked on Julian's armpits for a couple more minutes before switching over and starting to lap the sweat from Wolf's deep, straining armpits. I knew that the feel of my licking his pits was a huge turn-on for him, so I took my time, licking as much of his sweat as I could before announcing to both slaves; “O.K. Enough pleasure, now it's time for the Torture contest to start!”

Both boys moaned as I hung a 2 pound weight in the middle of the chain connecting their nipple clamps, stretching their tits even further from their chests. They both were arching their backs to try to relieve the pulling on their nipples, but it wasn't helping.

“Now, get ready. Both of you will have to endure a back flogging in sets of 25 strokes. Just remember, if you flinch or move, it will be hurting not only your tits, but the other boy's as well!”

With that, I ran my hands down the middle of Wolf's hair, separating it in the middle. I flipped it forward, between his neck and his raised arms on each side, exposing his muscled back and shoulders for the flogging. I picked up one of my favorite floggers, and began to slowly work it across Wolf's glistening brown back. He groaned as the leather tails slapped across his thickly muscled back again and again. Despite his best efforts, his body jerked involuntarily at each hit of the flogger, pulling on the chain and causing the weight to swing.

Julian moaned in agony as the clamps pulled cruelly at his swollen, stretched tits. His chest heaved as he struggled to endure the nipple Torture. Of course, he had NO way of knowing that the worst was yet to come. His Torture was just beginning.

I finally finished flogging Wolf's back for the first set. His muscles were striped and red from the torture, but his cock was still rock hard. I slowly stroked my hand up and down Julian's sweaty back, feeling every bulge of his solid muscles. Then, I trailed the flogger tails up and down Julian's back, causing him to writhe and moan in anticipation. I finally swung the flogger for Julian's first flogging, causing him to jump, and scream at the pain both across his hard back, and in his suddenly stretched tits. Wolf moaned as well as the sharp pain.

“Hold still, boy, or it's gonna hurt a LOT more!” I growled in his ear.

He gasped out a soft; “Yes, Sir. I'll try Sir, but I've never been flogged before, Sir!”

I snarled; “Well, you are about to be, boy. You wanted Torture, and you are gonna be Tortured, boy!”

I swung the flogger again, slamming the leather tails into Julian's stretched, straining back muscles.

He groaned, but managed to keep himself from flinching. Again, and again the flogger slashed across his back, turning it red, and starting to raise some welts.

When I counted out the 25th stroke, Julian sobbed, and choked out “Oh, God, thank you, Sir! I've needed that for SO long, Sir!”

I gave him an evil grin, and then hung a second 2 pound weight on the chain between their nipples. Both boys groaned at the additional stretching of their tits.

“I forgot to mention that I will be adding weight between each set of floggings until one of you breaks, and can't endure any more! I figure that will speed things along!”

I continued the flogging Tortures until each boy had endured 100 strokes of the flogger, and there were 8 pounds suspended from the chain.

When I went to hang the 5th weight on the chain, Julian finally broke down, and started to scream; “Please, Sir, NO MORE! Slave Wolf wins, Sir. Slave Wolf is MUCH stronger then I am, Sir. I admit it! I can't take any more, PLEASE! Oh God, my tits feel like they are being torn off and my back's on fire, SIR! PLEASE, Sir, no more! I'll do ANYTHING!”

I gave him an evil grin, and hung the weight on the chain!

He shrieked even louder, and began to sob. “Oh shit, oh shit, PLEASE, Sir. Take them off, PLEASE!”

I let him scream for another 10 seconds or so and finally started removing the weights. Even Wolf looked relieved, as his nipples had been stretched just as savagely as Julian's, and no matter how tough his tits were, I knew that it had to hurt like hell! Both Julian's and Wolf's tits were pulled a good 4 inches out from their pec muscles.

When the weights were removed from the chain, I unhooked the chain from the boys tit clamps. Stepping in front of Wolf, I reached up and unclamped both of his tits at the same time! He shrieked in pain, his muscles flexing and straining against his shackles. His cock jumped to a full erection, and I thought for a couple of moments that he was going to shoot a load right there.

He screamed even harder when I started to roll his nipples with my fingers to get the circulation back in them. His entire body writhed in pain, sweat pouring down his chest and heaving abs.

Finally, I let go of Wolf's tits, and turned to face Julian. He was whimpering in anticipation of the agony he was going to have to endure. I reached for his tits, and he moaned in fear. I squeezed the clamps open, and pulled them from his nipples. Julian let out an ear-splitting scream of pure agony as the clamps released his battered tits. He screamed even louder when I began to roll his nipples to get the circulation back in them. I tortured his tits for another minute or two before letting go of them, and leaning in to take his right tit into my mouth. I sucked his nipple for a short while before switching to his left nipple.

When I finally stood up in front of him, Julian moaned weakly, and his knees buckled, leaving his entire body weight supported by his arms. He was gasping for air as a result of his tortures.

“Boy, are you willing to continue? I won't push you harder if you can't take it.”

He lifted his head, and struggled back to his feet.

“No, Sir, I don't want to stop. I lost, and I want you to punish me for losing, Sir. Please, Sir, Torture me any way you want, Sir. I REALLY need it. I just haven't been really tortured before so it was somewhat more then I was really expecting. But, since I now know what to expect, Sir, I am willing to endure it, Sir.”

I grinned evilly into his face. “Good to hear, boy! As a reward for being honest, you WILL be Tortured, and Tortured hard! As a matter of fact, you are going to be Tortured until you are screaming, boy! We are gonna see just how strong those big muscles of yours are, boy!”

Julian moaned, but nodded his head. I could tell he wanted to be pushed to the limit.

Within a couple of minutes I had Julian stretched out tight on the rack. His chest lifted, with every rib rippling under his skin. Julian had beautifully developed muscles that looked like rocks under his tanned skin. He wasn't quite as big as Wolf, but he was every bit as well developed.

I released Wolf from his bondage, and cuffed his hands together behind his back. Leading him into the room where the rack was, I ordered him to start licking Julian's chest. As Wolf bent down and began to lap up the sweat flowing down Julian's ribcage, I began to turn the crank on the rack, stretching Julian more and more. He began to groan and grunt with pain at each click of the rack.

“You like this, boy?” I taunted him.

“Oh hell yes, Sir! The rack has always been my biggest fantasy, Sir!” Julian panted. “I used to get so turned on watching things like the old Hercules movies and T.V. shows with someone being tortured on the rack! It would make me cum every time, Sir!”

“Well, good boy. So now you can experience it for real! And yes, you can scream all you want, boy! No one can hear you!” I grinned at Julian as I turned the crank another two notches.

He moaned again even louder as the stretching began to really hurt. Wolf began to concentrate his licking and sucking on Julian's nipples, causing him to writhe in a mixture of pain and pleasure. Julian's cock was totally erect, so I guessed that he really was turned on by being racked.

Julian looked amazing, stretched on the rack, his ribcage lifted and expanded, his muscled torso streaming with sweat. As I turned the crank another notch, he finally started screaming in pain, as the stretching of his joints and muscles really started to hurt. His cock never softened, though, so I knew that deep down, he was a true masochist, just like Wolf.

“Wolf, suck him off!” I ordered. Wolf immediately took Julian's erect, streaming cock into his mouth, and began to go down on the shaft until the entire length was in his mouth, then pulling up until just the head was between his lips.

Julian screamed even louder as I stretched him more the entire time Wolf was sucking his cock, adding to his torture.

Within a couple of minutes he began to shriek “Oh fuck, I'm cumming, Sir. Oh GOD. OH GOD. Oh fuck, oh fuck, fuck, fuck, FUCK, FUCK!”

Finally, his abs convulsed and rippled as he shot into Wolf's mouth. Wolf swallowed the load of sperm, worked his mouth up and down the length of the screaming, writhing boy's cock for another minute to add to his Torture, then finally straightened up. I grinned at him, knowing how much he loved the taste of cum, then looked down at Julian, still gasping for air on the rack.

“You like that, boy? You want more?”

“Yesss” he hissed between clenched teeth. “Please, Sir. More, Sir!”

I sneered at him and turned the crank another two clicks. A deep scream of total agony erupted from Julian's throat. He shrieked again and again, trying to writhe in pain. He was stretched so tight that while his muscles flexed and rippled under his sweaty skin, he could barely move.

“Yeah, boy, THAT'S what I like! Watching a muscle-boy suffer while enduring real Torture! And just think, this is just the first day! You have another 8 or 9 days to go, if you can endure it for that long, boy!”

“Oh, God, yes, Sir. I want it, Sir. I NEED it, Sir!”

“Good to hear, boy. But, I'm not going to work you TOO hard today! I don't want to wear you out too soon!”

With that, I unlocked Wolf's hands from behind his back, ordered him to watch, and climbed up on the rack and sat down on Julian's abs. He groaned when I reached out and began to squeeze and twist his nipples. He looked up into my eyes with an expression that was equal parts fear and lust. This boy was darn near Wolf's equal when it came to desiring Torture! I brutalized his already swollen, tender nipples for just a few minutes before sliding up onto his chest. I grabbed handful of Julian's hair and pulled his head forward. Moving a bit further, I drove my hard cock into his waiting mouth. I moaned at the feel of his almost desperate sucking of my cock. Then to add to my sensory overload, Wolf stepped up alongside the Torture rack, reached out to me, and began to roll my tits between his strong fingers.

Between the sight of Wolf's glistening muscles, the feel of the pleasure Torture of my tits, and the hot mouth sucking my cock, I couldn't hold out any longer! With a loud “Oh, FUCK YES”, I filled Julian's mouth with what felt like a huge load of sperm!

He coughed, but managed to swallow my entire load of cum.

When I pulled out of his mouth, Julian gasped; “Oh fuck! Thank you, Sir! I've wanted that for SO long! Your cum is SO good, Sir!”

I grinned down at him. “Oh, we aren't done by a long shot, boy! Wolf, get up here, and fuck his mouth!” Julian moaned.

Wolf clambered up on the rack and sat on Julian's straining ribcage. Julian opened his mouth for his second load of sperm. Wolf's thick 8” slid into his hot mouth, drawing a groan from Wolf.

“Aw, fuck, that's a hot mouth, Sir!” he growled as he began to fuck Julian's mouth.

I loved watching Wolf's muscles flexing and rippling under his sweat soaked skin as he thrust his cock in and out of the Torture slave's mouth. His hair was plastered to his broad back as he raped Julian's mouth.

To add to Julian's suffering, I turned the crank, getting another couple of clicks out of the winch. I could hear him trying to scream even as his mouth was filled with Wolf's cock.

Within a couple of minutes, Wolf began to growl deeply in his throat, which I knew meant that he was about to cum. In another minute Wolf drove his cock all the way into Julian's mouth, and shot his load, his muscles straining and flexing. Julian swallowed as fast as he could, Wolf's cum flowing down his throat.

Finally, Wolf slid back, his orgasm finished. He was gasping for air, breathing heavily, his huge chest rising and falling.

“Oh God, that's good, Sir!” he gasped, turning to look at me. “We need to keep him around for a while, I think, Sir!”

I grinned at him as he slid off Julian's glistening chest.

“Yeah, I was kinda thinking the same thing. Maybe I'll release him from the rack and just put him into storage for a while. After all, he's our prisoner for the next 10 days or so and I don't want to use him up on the first day. He's got a LOT more Torture to endure!”

Julian moaned when I said that!

“But, before I do, there's one thing I want to do...” I said before turning to Julian and bending down to bury my face in his deep left armpit. Julian moaned again loudly as I began to lick the sweat from his taut skin, feeling the straining tendons and muscles in his pit with my tongue.

“Oh yes, Oh FUCK yes!” Julian moaned. “God, that feels good, Sir!”

I licked the sweat from Julian's pits and chewed on his already swollen, tender tits for just a few more minutes before standing back from the rack and gazing imperiously down at his helpless body.

Julian was stretched so tightly on the rack that he was having a hard time drawing a breath. He was gasping for air, his muscles rippling with each labored breath.

I tuned to Wolf who knelt next to me and told him to release Julian. He nodded “Yes, Sir”, and released the latch on the winch. Wolf slowly turned the crank, to gradually release the strain on Julian's muscles and joints. Within a couple of minutes, both boys were kneeling in front of me, awaiting my next order. I grinned down at them, thoroughly enjoying the sight of two hot, sweaty bodybuilder boys kneeling, anxious to serve me in any way that I ordered them to.

“All right, slaves, let's go upstairs. I think it's time to relax a little. I don't want to do TOO much too quickly, don't you agree?”

Wolf quickly said “Yes, Sir!”

3: Domestic bliss.

The boys followed me out of the Torture Chamber, and upstairs to the master bedroom. When we went into the bathroom, Julian just said “Wow” at the sight of the custom shower that I had installed. There was plenty of room for the three of us, and with multiple shower heads, it was a very refreshing experience, especially when I had two hot muscleboys washing my body in the hot, steamy shower. I loved the feel of four hands feeling every muscle, stroking and caressing them. It was a great way to cap off the day, especially when Wolf, who knew what I loved, indicated to Julian that he should start sucking one of my nipples. When Julian went down on my left tit, Wolf started sucking my right nipple. I loved the feel of leaning back on the warm wall, with gentle mists of steamy hot water flowing across my body while two hot mouths sucked my erect tits.

We luxuriated in the shower for a good ten minutes before I reluctantly told the boys it was time to get out. We finally exited and got dried off, then grabbed some casual clothes and headed downstairs to the living room. Julian looked around the house wide-eyed.

“Wow, Sir, this is a really beautiful home! It's got everything you need, it looks like...a Torture Chamber, great views of the bay, and even a hot slave to take care of your every need!”

Wolf laughed at his comment. “Well, I do try.”

I chuckled at their banter, then realized that I was getting to be a bit hungry. I hadn't eaten anything since the burger on Dore.

“Hey guys, I'm getting a bit peckish. Anyone else hungry?”

Wolf said; “Well, now that you do mention it, Sir, I am too. Julian's hot load of cum was tasty, but not very filling!”

Julian grinned; “Thanks, but I bet it wasn't as tasty as the two loads I got to swallow! Yum!”

We all laughed, then Julian said “Sir, I love to cook. Would you mind if I see what I can make?”

“Sure, boy. I'll have Wolf show you where everything is in the kitchen, and you can have at it!'”

We went into the kitchen and Julian's eyes looked like they were about to pop out of his head.

“Damn, Sir, I've dreamed of a kitchen like this! It's a full gourmet set-up! It's beautiful!”

“Thanks. We like it. There should be enough stuff here for a couple of good meals, steaks, chops, chicken and stuff like that, and we usually go shopping once a week, so if there''s anything special you might want, just let Wolf know.”

I left the two boys in the kitchen, and went into the living room to relax and wait for dinner. I was starting to think the next nine or ten days were going to be a LOT of fun with two hot muscleboys to wait on me hand and foot!

After a couple of minutes Wolf came into the living room, and sat on the floor at my feet. I sighed softly as he leaned his head against my leg. I loved the fact that he knew when I was in a contemplative mood, and just wanted some company and casual contact, rather then something more active.

I looked down at my husband to be, and asked him; “Well, what do you think? Is he hot, or what?”

Wolf chuckled and said; “Oh yeah, he's hot, Sir. If I was in the market for a slave of my own...” He left the rest unsaid. I grinned at him. “Yeah, I was kinda thinking the same thing, but I'm pretty sure that ain't gonna happen! He probably has a life of his own up in Truckee. But, you never know...”

I laughed; “Although, he might be just the thing to give you for a wedding present...”

Wolf chuckled and nuzzled my leg. I turned on the classical channel on the satellite radio, and we just silently sat there, listening to the music, and thinking our own thoughts for a while. We both needed to rest a little after the events of the day, and the session in the dungeon with Julian.

We could hear the sounds coming from the kitchen, and after a while, I began to notice some delicious smells floating into the living room. Whatever Julian was making for dinner sure smelled good! I started to half seriously reconsider my thoughts of having a second slave in the household, especially after Wolf and I got married, and he became more of an equal in our relationship. Especially if he could cook really well!

In another ten minutes or so, Julian walked in and announced that “Dinner is served”. We got up and followed him into the dining room to find that he had prepared a big platter of pork chops with a side of steamed veggies from the freezer. I also noticed that there were only two places set at the table.

Wolf and I sat down, our chairs pushed in by Julian, then he served, just like a waiter at a good restaurant would do, except most waiters wore more then just the gym shorts Julian had on!

I asked him “What about you, boy? Not hungry?”

“Oh no, Sir, it's not my place to eat at the table with my Masters. I can eat later, Sir, after I take care of your needs, Sir!”

I looked at Wolf and saw him give me a look that said volumes! I think he was thinking the same thing I was, that we MIGHT just have to re-consider offering Julian a full time place as house-boy and cook!

True to his word, Julian stood by attentively as Wolf and I ate, filling our drinks, offering to serve more veggies and chops, and generally taking care of any of our needs.

When we were done, I told Wolf to go down to the dungeon and bring up the dog dishes from the cage. When he had brought them up, I told both boys to follow me into the kitchen. I had Wolf put the dog bowls in a corner, then ordered Julian to cut the last two pork chops into small pieces and put them in one of the bowls, and put the last of the veggies in as well. When the bowl was full, I told Julian; “There's your dinner, boy. Now, Eat!”

He dropped to his knees, said “Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir”, and buried his face in the bowl.

I grinned at Wolf at the sight of the sexy muscleboy gobbling down his food like a dog, with no hands.

He smiled back, and I was amused to see a definite swelling in the front of Wolf's shorts! I'm sure he was as turned on as I was at the sight. Julian's back muscles rippled under his skin as he ate, seemingly begging to be felt, stroked, and eventually flogged and whipped again!

When Julian finished, he looked up from where he was kneeling on the floor and said; “Sir, permission to clean up the kitchen?”

I smiled at him. “Yes, boy. That's part of your duties. Do the dishes, clean the kitchen, and then we will see what else there might be for you to do tonight.”

He smiled and said “Yes, Sir! Whatever you want, Sir! I am here to serve, Sir. Both of you, Sirs!”

While Julian started to clear the table and work in the kitchen, Wolf and I went back into the living room. I just looked at him, and started to laugh! Wolf grinned, and began to laugh himself. I was pretty sure he was thinking the same thing I was!

We sat and just relaxed for a while until Julian walked into the living room, having finished in the kitchen. He immediately dropped to his knees in front of us and bowed his head, just waiting.

“Boy, is this what you want? To be our servant and houseboy for the next 9 or 10 days?”

Julian looked up at me. “Yes, Sir. I've been thinking about this ever since you came through town! There are some interesting guys up where I live, but no one that is as purely sexy as both of you are, Sir!”

I grinned at him. “O.K. Then, boy. First rule for a don't wear any clothes unless you are ordered to!”

Julian immediately slid his gym shorts down and worked them off, leaving him kneeling naked in front of us. His cock was already half hard, it seemed.

I turned to Wolf. “Go get me the training collar, boy! And bring me your collar, too, boy!”

Wolf stood up and said “Yes, Sir” and went out of the living room.

Julian went back down on his hands and knees, waiting. Within a minute of two, Wolf walked back in carrying the training collar, his slave collar, and their padlocks. I ordered Julian back up onto his knees, and slipped the training collar around his throat. When I clicked the padlock shut, he seemed to give a small sigh of relief, and his cock jumped to full hardness. He then knelt back down, and began to kiss my bare feet. I grinned at Wolf.

“He seems to have the proper attitude, don't you think, boy?”

Wolf smiled; “Yes, Sir. He does.”

I looked at Wolf; “Speaking of proper attitude, kneel, boy!”

Wolf dropped to his knees in front of me, and lifted his hair out of the way. I slipped his collar around his throat, and locked it.

“Footstool, boy!” I ordered him.

Wolf stripped off his shorts, and dropped down to his hands and knees in front of me. Julian moved out of the way as Wolf knelt down, and I put my feet on his broad back. He sighed with pleasure as he felt the weight on his back. I looked at Julian and told him; “Foot-rub, boy!”

He said “Yes, Sir!” and immediately began to rub and massage my feet, which were still a bit sore from walking around all day at Dore in my Logger boots. They looked great, but they weren't exactly the most comfortable shoes for extended wearing!

I laid my head back and sighed with pleasure as Julian's strong hands rubbed and kneaded my feet for good 15 minutes on each foot. It felt great!

I thought that I could get used to this treatment really easily! I groaned with pleasure when Julian leaned in and began to suck on my toes, one at a time.

I enjoyed the foot worship for a couple more minutes before I told Julian that was enough. It was getting on in the evening, and I wanted to enjoy the sunset before it was totally dark. I told Wolf to get up, and go get some of our large towels from the linen closet.

When he came back, I told him and Julian to follow me as we went downstairs, through the dungeon, stopping just long enough to turn on the heat to the sauna and the hot tub, then out onto the pool deck.

The clouds were fiery red and orange as the sun slipped lower in the sky. I removed the boy's collars, and set them on a small poolside table, since the chlorinated water wasn't really very good for the leather.

We all slipped into the pool, Wolf and Julian both sighing as the cool water closed over their still sore nipples and flogged backs.

“Damn, Sir, this is beautiful!” Julian said as he floated in the pool. “Amazing views, great home, hot slaveboy, you seem to have it all, Sir!”

“Thanks, boy. We enjoy it here.” I grinned at him. Wolf threw me a wink as well, knowing that I liked guys that appreciated what we had done with the place. As the sun slipped lower and disappeared behind the hills to the West, and the sky darkened, the landscaping and pool lights came on, triggered by the light sensors.

“Wow, that's nice, Sir” said Julian. “There's just something SO sexy about being able to swim at night with the lights on. It's so cool!”

“Well, come here, boy” I told him. Julian swam over to me, while Wolf watched. I wrapped my arms around Julian's hard body and pulled him close to me. “Let's see how this week goes, and we'll see what happens after that, boy.” Then I pulled him to me, and kissed him deeply.

We held the kiss for almost 30 seconds before I pulled back. Julian moaned softly. I turned to look at Wold, and was amused to see that he had a huge grin on his face, and he seemed to be stroking a fully erect cock underwater! I guess he was just about as turned on by our visitor as I was! Of course, Julian's cock was fully hard, as was mine, as well.

I told Wolf “You float on your back, boy, and we might be able to hoist a sail on that mast of yours!”

He started laughing, and lay back in the water. Sure enough, his fat 8” cock stood straight up! I reached out and grabbed it, and actually started towing him through the water by his cock! Wolf began to laugh even harder, and so did Julian. Finally, I couldn't hold out any longer and broke up myself.

“O.K. Boy, at least now I know where to attach a rope to keep you from floating off into the sunset!”

We were all laughing so hard that we just had to stop and hold each other until we calmed down! It was great to have two hot boys hanging on to me, and to each other in a group hug!

We just swam and hung out in the pool until the last glimmers of light in the sky were gone. By then, I figured the hot tub was warmed up enough.

“Come on, boys, over here” I told them as a climbed out of the pool, and slipped into the hot tub. I turned on the pump for the jets as I sat down. It felt great, the water hotter then the pool, and so good as it swirled around my muscles. Both boys groaned, but groans of pure pleasure as they sat down in the hot, foaming water on either side of me. I reached my arms out and wrapped them around their broad shoulders, and pulled both boys close to me.

I looked deeply into Wolf's eyes, and saw just pleasure, and love in them, with no jealousy at all. I knew that he knew that he would always be my true love, and that no other man would ever come between us, no matter what! I leaned in and kissed him deeply, and moaned deeply at the feel of his tongue exploring the inside of my mouth. Wolf was one of the best kissers I had ever met, as well as being the purely sexiest man ever!

“I love you sir” he whispered when we broke the kiss. “Thank you SO much for inviting Julian here! He could make a great addition to the “family”, Sir” Wolf gave me a wink when he said that, so I knew he was kind of thinking the same thing. Julian would be welcome, but he would never come between Wolf and I.

I grinned at him, then turned to face Julian. I don't think he could hear what Wolf said because of the bubbling of the water so I didn't know if he had any idea of what Wolf and I were both thinking, the chance of offering him a permanent place as our houseboy, and mutual slave. I though that I would wait for a couple more days before broaching the subject to him.

I pulled Julian close and kissed him just as deeply. He moaned and returned the kiss almost as passionately as Wolf had done. Finally, I pulled back from his face and grinned at him, then just leaned back, sighing with total contentment. As if they were mind readers, both boys kind of turned and wrapped their arms around me as best as they could, and just snuggled their heads on my chest.

We sat there for a while, just relaxing and soaking in the warmth of the swirling water. I had never really seriously considered the idea of a third party in our household, but I did have to admit the idea was beginning to grow on me!

To be Continued.

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