The Telemachus Story Archive

By Master Skrain


Joel was enjoying his new job as the after hours maintenance man at the local gym in town. Since the economy in his part of the state had gone downhill, it had been harder and harder for a relatively inexperienced 19 year old like him to find a job that he really could stick with, but this job combined easy hours, and his love of working with machinery and working out! Yes, he had to do the chores like cleaning the showers and the bathrooms at night, but he was enjoying working alone and fixing the equipment after everyone else had left the gym.

Since he was the new guy, some of the other employees of the gym seemed to think it would be fun to see if they could tease him with their fanciful stories about the gym being haunted by the ghost of a bodybuilder who had suffered a heart attack and had died in the middle of the exercise floor, but Joel wasn't buying a word of it!

Strangely, they all told the story pretty much exactly the same, so Joel had decided to check it out for himself. As it turned out, the story about the man dying was actually true! It had happened about 5 years earlier, back when the gym was open 24 hours a day. The bodybuilder was a local champion, on the verge of becoming nationally known. He had been working out early one morning, and according to witnesses, was doing flat dumbbell flyes when he complained of not being able to breathe, and then collapsed in the middle of the workout floor! The paramedics couldn't revive him and the coroner had ruled his death was nothing more then death by natural causes. So, Joel figured the ghost part of the story was just made up to enhance the tale.

This particular night, there had been a heavy thunderstorm, and the sky was still heavy with clouds and occasional flashes of lightning and rumbles of thunder. Joel showed up for work at his usual time, figuring that it might be an easy night, since the weather had more then likely reduced the traffic at the gym, so the place might not be as messy as it was some nights. Before the trainers, and the Manager left, they happened to mention to Joel that this very night was the 5th anniversary of the guy dropping dead on the exercise floor! Joel, of course, didn't think anything of it. He just did his usual cleaning of the wet area of the gym, then went out into the main part of the gym to straighten up the weights and make sure all the equipment was working safely for the customers.

As he was working, the storm returned, with frequent lightning, and crashes of thunder. It didn't really bother Joel all that much, having lived in the area all his life, so he was used to the Summer thunderstorms. Suddenly, with one bright flash of lightning, and a simultaneous bang of thunder, the lights in the gym went out.

“Well, fuck! This is gonna make cleaning a bitch! I can't do a damn thing without power!” grumbled Joel.

As his eyes adjusted to the almost total darkness, he noticed what looked like a faint glow in a far corner of the gym close to the racks for the dumbbells. He thought there might be some sort of a battery operated security light that he had never noticed before. As Joel cautiously made his way towards the light, there was another bright flash of lightning. In the split second of brilliant illumination, Joel was sure he had caught sight of a figure sitting on one of the benches!

“What the fuck? Who the hell is that?” he thought.

“Hello? Anyone there?” he called out.

Receiving no answer, Joel continued to cautiously make his way towards the dim light, being careful not to trip over any of the pieces of equipment, since he couldn't see them very clearly. As he got to the source of the light, Joel was shocked and amazed to see a huge figure sitting on the bench, with a 120 pound Dumbbell on each side of his massive body! He was wearing a sleeveless hoodie pulled up over his head, shadowing his face, although Joel got an impression of two burning eyes staring at him from under the hood! The hoodie was open down the front, exposing the most massively muscled physique Joel had ever seen.

The vasculinity of his arms and legs was almost frightening as was the size and insane definition of his 8-pack abs. His pecs were huge as well, each capped by a silver dollar sized nipple that stood a full inch out from the muscle, and the tight workout shorts he was wearing barely disguised what had to be at least a 10” cock! The figure somehow seemed to be faintly glowing, and it seemed to radiate an almost overwhelming masculinity! Joel was simultaneously in awe of the figure's almost inhuman physique, and scared at his sudden, and totally unexplained appearance. Unsurprisingly, his cock began to swell up inside his gym shorts as he looked at the most masculine figure he had EVER seen, the epitome of all his bodybuilder jack-off fantasies!

“Um...hello? Can I help you? Were you left in here when the staff closed up? I'm really sorry about that! I can let you out if you need to go home...” Joel sputtered.

The figure just stared at him without saying a word for a few more seconds before it rumbled “I need a spotter” in a voice that seemed to be coming from deep inside a well!

“Well, uh, sure, uhh, I can try, but I'm not sure I can help much with weights THAT heavy!” stammered Joel.

The figure just looked at him before picking up the weights as if they were feathers and lying back on the bench. Joel stood at the head of the bench, ready to help steady the weights if needed. The figure started to do flat dumbbell flyes with the weights, 120 in each hand! His massive pecs bulged, the veins popping out across his chest and his arms, standing out like a firehose crossing a concrete street!

Joel was almost straddling the stranger's head, the crotch of his gym shorts just inches above his face. Oddly, even though the mystery figure was inhaling and exhaling in huge gusts, with his massive chest expanding with each rep, Joel didn't feel his breath on his legs. Also, even though Joel could look into the stranger's hood, he STILL couldn't see his face, just the two eyes blazing at him.

The figure completed a set of 12 reps, and dropped the weights on either side of the bench. Joel was stepping back to give him room to sit up when the figure rumbled; “Don't move!”.

Joel froze as the figure reached up, and slid one hand inside the loose leg of Joel's gym shorts. There was a feeling almost like electricity that pounded through his cock and balls when the figure's fingers wrapped around his cock. Joel's cock fairly jumped to a full erection as the hand began to jack his cock.

He froze, almost overwhelmed by the incredible sensations flowing through his entire body from his now totally hard cock, as the figure's thick, strong, yet somehow soft and gentle fingers continued to stroke him.

“Aw, shit, that feels good!” moaned Joel. “Damn, you know what I like! Yeah, work that dick, man!”

The figure continued to work Joel's cock, eventually slipping his gym shorts down. Joel stepped out of them, leaving him naked except for his sneakers, since he wore just his shorts when cleaning. The figure stood up, and dropped his own shorts while still wearing the hoodie. Joel gasped at the sight of the fat, 10” cock curving up from the stranger's crotch. The veins stood out on the shaft just like they did on his arms and legs, throbbing slightly.

“You want it, don't you, Joel?” rumbled the stranger. “It's what you have always desired, isn't it? A big bodybuilder's cock in your ass and in your mouth, fucking you, stretching you and filling your ass with sperm, and then pumping your belly full of hot muscleman cum. You have desired it for years, haven't you, Joel?”

Joel was totally thunderstruck! How could he have known? Yes, it was his most private desire, but it was nothing more then a jack-off fantasy that Joel had been beating off to since he was old enough to cum! His fantasy had also included having the cum somehow magically help his own muscles to grow, so he could be as big as some of his fantasy men, even though he knew that was just a silly wish.

“ did you know that? How do you know my name? Who the hell are you, anyway?” demanded Joel.

The figure grinned. Even though his face was STILL shadowed by the hoodie, Joel could see the flash of his teeth as he smiled, along with his strangely glowing eyes.

“I've always known it, Joel, and I'm the fulfillment of your desires! You not only want to be fucked by someone like me, with a cock like mine, but you want to be tied up while it's happening, helpless and submissive to the muscleman raping you, and cumming in your mouth! You want to be tortured, too. Bound, raped, hurt, used, and face fucked! Oh yes, it's all part of your desires. And it's going to happen right here, right now!”

“Fuck you! I'm calling the cops!” Joel turned to head towards the front desk, but the stranger's voice stopped him.

“No phones, Joel, no power, and no help coming. Why run from it? You can't escape your own desires! It's your destiny.”

With that, there was another blinding flash of lightning, and a blast of thunder. Joel felt like he had been hit by the lightning himself! His body went numb, and his mind almost shorted out, leaving him dazed, and incoherent, as well as nearly blinded by the blast of light. When Joel was able to think again, and his eyes had recovered from the light, he suddenly found himself lying on a weightlifting bench, totally helpless!

The bar had been lowered down to where it was just inches above his throat, with multiple 45 pound plates on each end of the bar, far more weight then Joel could hope to move! His hands were tied to the bar supports on either side of his head, and his legs were spread and lifted, and tied with ropes and leather lifting slings, leaving his ass open and exposed! The stranger stood over him, grinning down at the helpless boy, trussed up like a Thanksgiving turkey!

“What the fuck?? What...what are you going to do to me, man? Please, let me go! Please, I won't tell anyone, man!” begged the helpless boy, by now scared totally out of his wits!

“Relax, Joel. I'm not going to hurt you any more then you WANT to be hurt! You WANT my hands on your tits, pulling on them, making them bigger and harder, while my cock stretches your hole, and you get fucked deeper and deeper, until the entire 10” is inside you! You WANT me to shoot in your ass, filling you with my cum to help your muscles grow bigger and harder, and then you want me to shoot another load of cum into your mouth, so you can taste my hot sperm as it fills your stomach. You WANT to spend some time licking the sweat from my muscles, and sucking my tits and pits. You WANT to worship me, don't you?”

Joel had quit struggling, almost mesmerized by the stranger's low, rumbling voice listing his most private fantasies. He looked up at the stranger looming over him. He STILL couldn't see his face clearly, just those eyes peering down at him, glowing in the darkness. As if he was in a dream, Joel slowly nodded.

“Yeah, that's what I want. I want you, man. I want to feel your muscles under my fingers, your cock in my ass, your cum in my mouth, your hands torturing my tits. I want to suck your nipples, lick the sweat from your pits, and to trace all those veins with my tongue! Please...” he moaned.

The stranger laughed, and slowly lowered himself down towards Joel. He felt his ass being probed by a thick, but gentle finger before he gasped at the feeling of a cockhead sliding in past his asshole. Surprisingly, it didn't hurt at all, but it felt really good, as if it was lubed and nowhere as big as it had seemed! Once the stranger had thrust in several times, he drove himself up tightly against Joel's ass. Joel groaned as suddenly the cock embedded in his ass seemed to begin to swell, and get bigger and bigger as if it was being inflated!

“Oh's huge!” Joel groaned as the cock swelled up inside him, stretching his hole to it's limit!

The stranger just gave him an evil grin as he started to thrust in and out with his massive cock, making Joel moan and howl with each thrust of his now full 10” long, 8” in circumference shaft!

“Aw, fuck! Fuck, FUCK, Fuck me, man, FUCK ME!” howled Joel.

The massive, glowing stranger began to drive in and out of Joel's ass harder and harder, faster and faster as the helpless boy moaned and whined with each thrust. His thick fingers began to pull Joel's tits, stretching them away from his chest while squeezing and twisting them, making Joel flex his lean, hard body in delighted agony! The sweat gleamed on the stranger's chest and abs as they flexed with each thrust of his hips, the veins coursing across his chest and abs, and running down his huge deltoids and biceps. He fucked the bound boy for a good half hour, alternating between a hard pounding of his ass, and a slow, almost gently massaging of his hole by the thick, veined cock embedded in it.

Joel groaned and moaned “Oh, God yesss... fill me up...” when the muscleman panted “I'm Cumming! Get ready, boy...” even as Joel felt a blast of what felt almost like hot lava blasting into his ass from the huge head of the cock raping him! The muscleman panted and growled even as he pulled Joel's nipples harder and harder in the throes of his orgasm. The pumping of the sperm into the helpless boy's ass seemed to go on and on, and on. Joel had never known anyone who could shoot that much cum in a single load! The muscleman slammed his cock into Joel's ass for almost a minute, growling and gasping the entire time as one jet of hot cum after another filled Joel's ass!

When the giant's orgasm finally ended, he continued to slowly slide his cock in and out of Joel's now well lubricated hole, panting, his massive chest heaving, sweat running down his glistening, sculpted body in thin streams. Joel had never seen such a perfect physique, even in his wildest daydreams.

Joel's head lolled back, since it was hanging over the end of the bench. He closed his eyes, surrendering to the feelings pounding through his body in waves of ecstasy and agony from his tits and his ass. He moaned with pleasure when the stranger worked his oval, brown nipples harder and harder, pulling on them, stretching them up farther and farther from Joel's lean but hard chest. The stranger never took off his hoodie, or even pulled it back, so Joel never saw his face, even while he was being fucked as hard as he had ever been fucked before! Finally, the huge muscleman pulled his cock from Joel's hole, and stepped around to the head of the bench.

“Open your mouth, Boy!” he rumbled.

Almost as if he had been hypnotized, Joel opened his mouth wide in response to the command. As soon as he did, he felt the thick head of the cock sliding between his lips. Oddly enough, even though it had just come out of his ass, it tasted really good, just like a freshly washed cock should! The cock began to slide in and out of his mouth, drawing a moan from Joel with each thrust, and a grunt of effort from the muscleman.

In another 5 minutes or so, the muscleman groaned as another huge flood of sperm pumped into Joel's sucking mouth! Every time he swallowed, there was another spurt of cum into his mouth, forcing him to swallow again and again! Joel counted 8 or 9 hard jets of sperm shooting into his mouth as he swallowed. He was in Heaven! This was the fulfillment of every sex fantasy that he had ever had! A huge muscleman fucking him, filling his ass with his cum, then feeding him even more of the protein loaded sperm for him to swallow, helping his own muscles to grow much faster then normal! It seemed that each time Joel swallowed, another 3 or 4 hard streams of hot muscleman cum flooded into his mouth until it seemed that he had swallowed over a pint of sperm!

Eventually, the flood of sperm into Joel's mouth ebbed. The muscleman panted as he pulled his cock from Joel's mouth, and rather matter of factly began to untie the helpless boy. Within a couple of minutes Joel had been freed from the bench. The muscleman had lifted the heavy barbell from it's position just above Joel's throat as if it weighted no more then a feather! He turned to Joel and grinned.

“Stand up, Joel” he said.

When Joel did, the stranger grasped his head gently, but firmly, and pulled it in against his massive chest.

''Lick” he growled.

Joel did just that, almost frantically licking the sweat from the massive pecs, sucking the thick, erect dark brown nipples like he was sucking a pair of cocks, then working down the muscleman's body, across the intercostals, over his ribcage, then down to the rock hard 8 pack abs. He was in total ecstasy as he tasted the hot, salty but almost sweet sweat. His tongue traced the thick veins on the stranger's pecs and abs, licking the strangely cool skin as he went.

Eventually, Joel worked into the muscleman's armpits, having to work around the hoodie, which the stranger refused to remove! He breathed in the musky scent of a muscleman's pits, almost getting the same reaction as a good strong hit of poppers! His head swam as the scent filled his lungs. He panted, licking the smooth, shaved flesh of the deep pits and the massive spread of his lats as the muscleman flexed his huge biceps. They had to be a good 23” around, and they felt as hard as rocks when Joel squeezed them.

Eventually, the muscleman pulled Joel's head back and said; “Joel, I have to go now. Remember what happened here tonight, and remember what you have always fantasized about. If you believe it, it can come true.”

Strangely enough, the thunderstorm started to rumble and flash again at the same time. The lightning was starting to flash more and more rapidly, and the thunder was rumbling and crashing almost constantly. There was one massive blast of light and noise as a bolt of lightning hit a phone pole directly outside the front of the gym! Joel was totally blinded by the light for a good 30 seconds, but when he could finally see, the stranger was gone! The hairs stood up on Joel's neck when he realized that the 120 pound dumbbells were gone as well, and there were no traces of the ropes that had been used to tie him to the bench!

Suddenly, the lights flashed back on in the gym. Joel looked everywhere, but there was no sign of the massive muscleman anywhere. As he searched the gym, he noticed that the doors were still all locked, and there were no signs that anyone had come in or out! Then, Joel saw something that made him begin to doubt his own sanity for a minute. He had never really paid any attention to it before, but the dumbbell racks along one wall of the gym were set up with 2 pairs of each weight of dumbbells, from 1 pound to 100 pounds. There were NO 120 pound dumbbells, nor were there any spaces for them on the racks!

He had no idea of what to think, then another fact made itself clear to him, and he started to get REALLY scared! He happened to check his watch, and he saw that it was about 2:45 in the morning. Then he checked the wall clock in the gym, thinking that he was going to have to reset it, since the power had been out for so long. When he looked at the electric clock, it said 2:40, only 5 minutes different! That was impossible, since he KNEW that the muscleman had fucked him for almost 40 minutes before cumming in his ass and then in his mouth! Joel also knew that he had spent another good 15 minutes or so worshiping his muscles and licking his sweat! This was too much for Joel! He put his cleaning gear away, and got the hell out of there!

When he came back to work the next evening, he asked the gym manager if there were any more newspaper reports or anything about the guy that had died in the gym 5 years earlier. He was told that there had been a follow-up story in the paper the day of his funeral, and it might still be in their on-line archives. When the manager asked Joel why he wanted to know, he told him that he was just curious about it, since he liked television shows about the paranormal, and stuff like that!

After the manager had left, and Joel was alone, he looked up the newspaper's archives on his laptop. Entering the date of the funeral brought up a copy of the paper on the screen. He had to scroll through it page by page, but when he got to the local news section of the paper, he froze in shock!

The headline was about the elaborate funeral of the unfortunate bodybuilder, whose name was Alex. Next to the story were several pictures of the massive bodybuilder, obviously promotional pictures, and some contest shots. One of them was the figure wearing a sleeveless hoodie, hood hiding his face, but open down the front, showing a massive physique, and his thick, veiny arms and legs! It was him. Joel was sure of it!

Had Joel been bound, fucked and used by a ghost, one that seemed to know all his secrets? As Joel read further, he felt a chill run down his spine. The Bodybuilder's local address was listed in the story, and Joel recognized it. It was the same house where he was living now! Did he now have a ghostly muscleman following him, observing him? All Joel knew was that SOMETHING had happened that night, something that he could NEVER tell anyone about!

Epilogue; One year later.

Joel, now the manager of the gym, came into work that day. He had given the night clean-up guy the night off, telling him that he was going to be working late and that he would take care of the cleaning that night. Joel had changed in the year since his encounter. He had been working out really regularly, but he seemed to have put on an amazing amount of muscle in just one year! It was almost more then a normal person would be able to gain in that short of a period of time without the use of steroids or other drugs, which Joel NEVER used. He was a good 25 pounds heavier, all of it lean, solid muscle, and he was ripped to the bone, with thick veined biceps and delts, rock hard pecs capped by hard brown nipples that also seemed to have enlarged as his muscles had grown, standing out almost a half inch, and a full 8 pack of abs. Even his cock had grown a full 2 inches longer over the last year, and it was also thicker, with veins running it's full length.

That night, there happened to be another thunderstorm. At the height of the storm, Joel looked at his watch. At exactly 2:40 A.M., there was a burst of lightning, an explosion of thunder, and the lights went out in the gym. When Joel's eyes adjusted to the darkness, he looked towards the bench by the wall. There, sitting in the darkness with a 120 pound dumbbell on either side of him, was a huge figure in a hoodie, eyes glowing, white teeth showing in a wicked grin.

“Hello, Joel...” rumbled the deep voice...