The Telemachus Story Archive

By Master Skrain


Jake thought that this was going to be another easy job. Just break a window or jimmy a door, get into the house, do a quick search for the jewelry or other easy to carry valuables, then get out before anyone knew he was there. He had been watching this house for a while, since it was out of town just a short distance into the desert outside of Palm Springs, and he had heard that it was owned by a couple of faggots, so that meant that there should be lots of fancy rings and other shit that they liked to wear!

He had been told that the queers that lived there were a couple of big muscle builders, so they spent a lot of time away, either at the gym looking at other fags, or at contests, where Jake figured they spent most of their time sucking cock and getting fucked. Jake hated fags, so he didn't think twice about breaking into their house and stealing from them!

He had been living on the streets, and getting by selling shit he had stolen for 5 years now, even since he had run away from home when he was just 13. His Mom and Stepdad were both drunks, and he was better off out on the street, he thought.

The night he was going to break into the fag's house, he waited until he saw them drive off together. Yeah, they were two of the biggest black men he had ever seen, but he didn't care. He also thought that they would have even more flashy jewelry that he could steal, being “brothers”, and all that shit! Jake grinned to himself when he thought about how mad they would be when they got back from wherever they were going and saw all their shit missing!

Jimmying a lock on a back door of the house was surprisingly easy. Jake crept into the house, looking around. One of the first things he saw was a big showcase with a lot of trophies and plaques from various bodybuilding contests, along with some pictures of the faggots showing off their big shiny black muscles to the other fags at the contests! Disgusting!

Jake wandered through the house, looking for the bedroom, since he figured the jewelry would be in there, where most people kept it. Bingo, there it was, a big wooden box on the dresser! Opening the lid, Jake saw what looked like dozens of fancy rings, bracelets, and pendants. He grinned, thinking he had it made!

Suddenly, Jake heard a sound behind him. Before he could react, a hand grabbed his shoulder, and he was yanked backwards into what felt like a brick wall! Then a massive arm clamped across his throat! He pulled at it, trying to escape, but it was like trying to pull a steel girder!

“ What the fuck do you think you're doing, boy?” growled a voice in his ear. “Trying to rob us, boy? Bad fucking move, boy!” snarled the voice. “You think that we didn't have a security system that sent us messages as soon as you broke in the back door?? Stupid white boy!”

Jake was actually lifted off the ground by the arm across his throat as his captor spun around. He found himself facing the biggest black man that he had ever seen in his life! He realized that the other fag was the one holding him! He struggled but it was useless. The fag facing him was holding a rag that had some smelly liquid poured on it. The fag clamped the rag across Jake's mouth and nose, forcing him to breathe in the fumes. His head spun, and that was all he knew, as the room went black.

When consciousness slowly returned to him, Jake gradually became aware of several things. The first thing he was aware of was a bright light shining directly into his eyes. When he tried to raise his hand to shield his eyes, he realized that he couldn't lift his arm. Then he realized that he was lying on his back with his arms and legs stretched and restrained Finally, he realized that he was now totally naked! Naked, helpless and stretched tight on a torture rack of some type at the Fag's house! It was one of his worst nightmares!

“GODDAMIT, LET ME OUT!!” he shrieked. “DAMMIT, LET ME GO!! I'm gonna KILL you fags!”

Jake heard a door slam, and then several sets of heavy footsteps coming towards him. But, with the bright light in his eyes, he couldn't see a thing.

“You're gonna kill us, boy? I don't fucking think so, you little piece of shit!” rumbled a deep voice.

Then two figures stepped in on either side of Jake. He still couldn't see them very well, but they both looked like giants from where he was lying on his back. The light in his eyes went out and Jake could see more. When he did, he almost wished that he couldn't! He saw that it was a pair of VERY angry black guys, bare-chested, rippling with muscles, and looking decidedly unfriendly!

“Let me go, Goddammit! I'm gonna kill you faggots!” he shrieked again.

A huge hand shot out and clamped around his throat, and began to squeeze, cutting off his shouts. One of the guys leaned in very close to Jake's face.

“Shut the fuck up, punk. You ain't gonna kill anybody. You are such a world of shit right now, and pissing us off is only gonna make it worse, boy. You are our property as of right now, boy, and we can do whatever we want to you, so you better learn to behave!”

He unclamped Jake's throat, which only allowed Jake to begin to scream at them again. As soon as he did, a hand swung a leather flogger across Jake's skinny chest!

“SHIT!!! MOTHER FUCKER, THAT HURT, YOU BASTARD!!” Jake shrieked as the flogger slammed into his chest. The more Jake screamed, the harder and faster the flogger sliced across his chest and stomach, again and again, and again, until Jake's head fell back on the rack as he gasped for air, barely conscious after the torture.

“Oh God...Oh God...” Jake began to sob. “What the fuck are you gonna do to me?” he whimpered.

“Please, Please, just let me go. I'll never tell anyone...Please, let me go!”

“Too fucking late, boy!” snarled one of the huge bodybuilders. “You're ours now, and we're gonna keep you while we train you!”

“Train me? What do you mean, train me?” whimpered the helpless 18 year old.

“We're gonna train you to be our good little white boy torture toy! In other words, boy, Welcome to Hell!”.

“NOOOO!!” shrieked Jake, utterly terrified now! “PLEASE, don't Torture me, I can't suck cock or get fucked! I just CAN'T!!”

“You will when we are done training you, boy” rumbled one of his captors. “You're gonna make a good little cocksucker and fuck boy, I can tell.”

The larger of the two black fags grinned evilly at Jake. “We like the idea of having a lean little white boy here to suck our cocks and get fucked by us on a regular basis, as well as taking care of our friends and their cocks as well. It's either that, or we turn you into the cops and tell them that you tried to rob us at gunpoint. Quite a few of the local cops and some of the county Deputies are weightlifting buddies of ours, and since it would be our word against yours, just imagine what would happen to you when your little white boy ass ends up in the State Prison! Skinny little 18 year old white boy in Prison? You wouldn't last 6 months before becoming someone's wife and bitch, and you'd just get passed around like a piece of meat!”

He started stroking his huge hands up and down Jake's chest and abs, feeling every rib, and ridge of muscle. Finally, he grasped Jake's limp cock, and began to gently stroke it. Jake writhed at the feel of a faggot paying with his dick! To his horror, though, his cock began to respond, swelling and thickening until it was fully erect. The faggot playing with him just grinned, and bent down and began to suck his cock! It was Jake's worst nightmare, being tied and helpless while two fags used his body!

As the one sucked his cock, the other leaned in and began to play with Jake's flat, hard nipples, pulling and twisting them, stretching them away from his lean pecs.

“No, God, No. Don't do that! I'm no faggot!' Jake moaned.

The muscleman working his tits leaned down close to his ear and whispered; “You will be when we are done with you, boy! Get used to the idea that you will be sucking cock and swallowing our cum and piss, and you will be taking our cocks up your ass, too! You can either do it voluntarily, or we WILL Torture you until you break. Either way, you WILL be sucking cock, and offering your ass and your body for our pleasure!”

With that, he straightened up and continued to work Jake's brown nipples while the other muscleman sucked his cock.

Within a few minutes, Jake was moaning softly; “Oh God, yes, that feels good, oh God! Suck my cock, oh fuck, oh fuck!”

As the muscleman sucking his cock worked his mouth up and down Jake's shaft faster and faster, the other one increased the stimulation torture of his flat brown tits, pulling them harder and harder, making Jake writhe in pleasure/pain. The sweat was shining on all three of their bodies now, gleaming on their muscles, as Jake struggled harder and harder, until, with a yell, he came into the hot mouth sucking his cock. As he was shooting, the muscleman working his tits twisted then harder then before, making Jake scream in both pleasure and agony at the pain ripping through his chest!

When Jake's orgasm subsided, he found himself gasping for air, even as he thought that the cocksucking HAD actually felt pretty good! Still, he couldn't let the faggots know that he had liked it! He was no fag, and he would NEVER suck a cock, or let himself get fucked in the ass!

“So, slave, gonna do as we order you?” rumbled one of his Torturers.

“FUCK YOU!! NEVER!!' Jake screamed.

“Good! We were hoping you would say that, boy. We LIKE Torturing little tough boys like you until they break. We've NEVER failed to break a boy before, and we won't fail now!” grinned the larger of the two black musclemen.

Jake heard a slow “” sound, and unbelievably, he was being stretched even tighter on the Torture rack! He shrieked again and again as his skinny body was pulled tighter and tighter until it felt like his arms were gonna be ripped out of their sockets! Mercifully, the stretching stopped, but he was now drawn so tightly that he could barely breathe.

“Last chance, boy. Gonna behave, and be a good little slave, or face the consequences?”

“FUCK YOU!” he shrieked again.

The larger of the fags grinned down at him, and just shook his head slowly while smiling. He pulled over a small table next to the rack, with a small kerosene type lamp base on it, along with a small box, and some other items. Lighting the lamp, he adjusted the wick to make a level flame. Reaching into the box, he pulled out a needle about 2 inches long. He grasped the needle with a small pair of pliers with rubber handles, and held the needle in the flame until it glowed red.

He then held the needle directly over the small nub in the center of Jake's left tit, and, grinning evilly, pushed the red-hot needle straight down into the flesh of the nipple and into the muscle under it!

“AAAAUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGEEEEHHHHHHHH!!” shrieked the helpless boy as the metal drove deeply into his tit, sizzling as it went in!

Then, to Jake's horror, another hot needle was driven into his right nipple! The pain was unbearable! He felt like his chest had been set on fire! He screamed again and again, struggling futilely against the chains holding him stretched on the rack!

Jake was terrified when he heard the rack click several more times, stretching his skinny body even tighter! Then, he began to scream again as another hot needle was driven into each nipple, this time at the “top” of each tit, and then again at the “bottom” of each nipple. By now the pain was unlike anything Jake could imagine ever being forced to endue.

The the pain doubled again, and again, as two more glowing needles were pushed into each nipple, this time on the “sides” of his tits, until he had 5 hot needles pierced deeply straight into each nipple! The sheer agony was finally too much for Jake to endure, the room spun around him, and he passed out.

When consciousness slowly crept back, Jake at first thought that it had been a bad dream, then the sheer agony of his tits hit him full force again. Then he felt like he was floating, even as the pain in his chest was joined by more pain in his shoulders and back muscles. As his head cleared, Jake found that he was now suspended by his arms, his wrists together. Looking up as best as he could, he saw that he was hanging like a piece of meat from an electric hoist on the ceiling of the Torture Chamber he was being held captive in.

Then he realized that his legs were spread apart by chains and shackles locked around his ankles. He started to struggle, knowing that his entire body was completely vulnerable and accessible to the two faggots Torturing him, especially his cock and balls, and his ass!

“Oh God, no! Please, no!” he moaned.

Jake heard a low laugh, then his two captors stepped in front of him. He groaned when he was that they were now stripped down to just their boots. They looked absolutely terrifying to Jake, their heads shaved bare, and massive physiques gleaming with sweat. Their bodies rippled with muscle under their ebony skin, but what both terrified and attracted Jake was the size of the two thick cocks that now arced out in front of them. Both of the black cocks had to be a good 11” long and almost as thick as Jake's wrist! He groaned again at the thought that he was going to be forced to take those monstrous cocks in his ass and in his mouth! Jake realized that if he didn't, the Tortures were just going to get worse, and worse, and more and more painful until he had NO choice but to agree to having sex with the two Fags!

As if they had been reading his mind, Jake's captors turned and each of then picked up a multiple tailed flogger! Then they stepped behind Jake, where he couldn't see them. He really didn't know what they had planned, until with a burst of white-hot pain, one of the floggers slashed across his skinny back muscles. Jake didn't even have time to scream before the other flogger did the same thing from the other side! The pain was devastating!

“SHIT!! FUCK, THAT HURTS! DAMMIT!!” he screamed as the floggers slammed into his stretched back and his ass again and again! The torture seemed to go on and on as Jake lost all sense of time. There was nothing but the all-consuming pain as he was flogged again and again. Even the burning pain in his nipples seemed to fade into insignificance compared to his current agony.

“Well, boy, ready to submit yet?” Sneered one of the faggots, “or do you need more persuading?”

“Fuck you” groaned the helpless boy, defiant to the last.

“Well then, time to increase your torture, boy!”

One of the faggots stepped in front of Jake, holding a pair of small lit candles. To Jake's horror, he moved the candles in until the flames were just inches underneath the needles still impaling his flat tits. The needles started to heat up from the flames again, making Jake scream again and again as it felt like his tits were being cooked right on his chest! The pain got worse, and worse as the needles got hotter and hotter. Then to add to the Torture, the faggot moved the candles closer, until the flames were touching the needles!

As Jake's nipples were being roasted on his chest, one of the floggers began to slice across his welted and striped back again and again! Jake shrieked in sheer agony from the level of Torture he was being forced to endure. He knew that he just couldn't take any more.

Finally, as if in a dream, sounding like it was someone else saying it, Jake heard his voice screaming “O.K., Please, God, stop! I'll suck your cocks, just please STOP!! I can't take any more Torture! I'll do whatever you want, just stop!”

Jake slumped down, limp in the chains and began to cry, partly from the extreme pain that he had endured, and partly from fear of what was going to happen to him next. He was going to be forced to suck two huge black cocks and more then likely swallow their sperm, just like a common faggot! He knew that he wasn't strong enough to escape from his captivity, and he just couldn't endure more Torture, so he had to surrender to the inevitable, and get raped in the mouth.

He was slowly lowered down to the ground then as his arms were released from the chains, his wrists were cuffed behind his back. Jake was walked to the center of the dungeon room, and ordered onto his knees. Looking up at his Torturers, he saw them stroking their huge cocks to full erection. Finally, one of the black musclemen stepped directly in front of the kneeling, sobbing 18 year old boy and ordered; “Open your mouth, white boy!”

When Jake did so, he felt to head of the black cock slip between his lips. He had to open his jaws as wide as he could just to get the huge head into his mouth. It was enormous! It was like trying to take a lemon in his mouth!

His Torturer ordered Jake to use his tongue on the cockhead in his mouth even as his partner grasped Jake's head to hold it still. The fag fucking his mouth began to rock his hips back and forth, his washboard abs rippling in front of Jake as the cock began to thrust deeper and deeper into his mouth. Jake tried not to gag as the massive cock slipped in and out of his mouth, going a little deeper with each thrust. Jake had no choice but to lick the thick knob of flesh filling his mouth, feeling the piss-slit with his tongue, knowing that the sperm was going to be shooting out of it in a very few minutes and that he was going to have to swallow it.

“Yeah, white-boy! Suck that man-cock! Suck it, boy and take that nut! You're gonna be a good little white slave-boy, sucking big old black cocks and taking them in your hot little ass! Yeah, I love me some white-boy mouth and ass!” groaned the faggot fucking his mouth.

He thrust harder and harder into Jake's mouth, faster and faster, until he groaned, and filled Jake's mouth with what seemed to be over a full cup of hot, salty, bittersweet fluid! Jake gagged and coughed, but the other faggot holding his head suddenly pinched his nose shut and snarled “Swallow, slave!”

Jake had no choice but to swallow the acrid fluid. He could feel it sliding down his throat, seeming to burn as it slid down into his stomach. Tears began to flow from his eyes as he realized that he had swallowed a load of another man's sperm directly from his cock, and, surprisingly enough, in some strange, sick way, he had kind of enjoyed it!

The faggot holding his head let go of Jake's shaggy black hair, allowing him to look up as the thick cock was pulled out of his mouth. Then the head of the massive black shaft was rubbed across his face, wiping the last remnants of cum on Jake's cheeks and face, even as he began weeping.

“Fucking faggots, Damn you to Hell! Fuck you! Fuck you both!” he groaned, even as his two torturers switched places.

“Open up, slave. You ain't done yet!” snarled the black muscleman standing in front of Jake now.

Seeing as he had no choice, Jake obediently opened his mouth again, although this time, he was secretly looking forward to seeing if he could give this fag as good of a blow job as he had given the other one. The cock in his mouth seemed to be just a bit smaller then the first one, but it was still huge, over 10” long and really thick! He could feel the thick veins curling along the shaft as his tongue licked the hard shaft and the bulbous head.

Jake worked his tongue up and down the shaft taking it deeper and deeper into his mouth almost without realizing it. Finally he felt the fag grab his hair to hold his head still while his mouth was being raped. The second black muscleman was groaning with pleasure when his load of cum erupted into Jake's mouth. This time Jake needed no encouragement to swallow the hot cum. It slid down his throat, burning the same way the first load had, but Jake almost welcomed the sensation this time.

Jake hoped that if he gave the fags good blow jobs, they might just let him go without fucking his ass or Torturing him any more. His hopes fell when the first fag slipped a thick leather collar around his throat, and locked it shut with a padlock.

“Well, that was your first lesson, slave, and you did O.K., but we are gonna train you to take our cocks all the way in until our nuts are on your chin! But, we are gonna let you rest for a bit, since you need to be ready to get fucked in the ass next, slave!”

The two fags laughed as Jake lowered his head and began to cry. He was terrified at what those monster dicks were going to do to his virgin ass! He was sure he was going to be split wide open by the black cocks raping him, and he just couldn't endure that!

“ God no, please, don't fuck me! I'll suck your dicks as often as you want, but please don't fuck my ass, PLEASE!!”

“Too late, slave. We told you that you were our property now, and we are gonna do whatever we want to your skinny little white-boy ass, and that includes fucking it! Now, slave, get on your feet!”

Jake stood up, trembling. He was led over to a small barred cell in one corner of the Torture Chamber. He was ordered to sit down on the narrow bench in the cell, then one of the fags used the small pliers to slowly pull out the needles that were still pierced deeply into his tits! Jake screamed as the needles were pulled out and small trickles of red began to run down his chest!

The fag pulling the needles out cuffed him alongside the head and snarled “Shut up, slave! Your tits are gonna hurt a LOT worse when we are done with you!”

The other fag put a bandage on Jake's nipples once the needles were out, and cleaned up his chest and abs. He was then told to lie down on the bench, which had a thin blanket and pillow on it. A thick chain that was attached to a loop on the concrete wall was then locked to Jake's collar. The two fags walked out of the cell and closed and padlocked the door closed with a “Clang” that echoed through Jake's entire body! He was left lying on the bench with his hands still cuffed behind his back.

“We'll be back later for your fucking, slave, so you better get some rest while you can!” laughed one of the fags before they put their arms around each others wide shoulders, and went out of the door leading to the dungeon.

Just before the door slammed shut, the lights blinked off, leaving Jake in utter blackness, helpless, naked, handcuffed, chained in the cell, and shivering from sheer terror at the thought of being raped, and all the other Tortures he might have to endure!

He couldn't help it, and he began to cry in the darkness, the last vestiges of the street-smart tough burglar disappearing, leaving a skinny, frightened 18 year old kid behind to face whatever tortures were to come at the hands of the two huge black musclemen.

Somehow, even though Jake's hands were cuffed behind him, he managed to find a position on the narrow bench that wasn't too uncomfortable, and surprisingly, exhausted by his Tortures and his fear, he slept. He was wracked by dreams, dreams of himself on his knees facing an army of thick, hard cocks, each one ready to be driven into his mouth to shoot their sperm down his throat. One after another after another, big Black cocks pushed into his mouth, filling him with load after load of hot bitter cum, until his stomach was bulging from the sperm filling his gut. The strange part was that in his dreams, Jake actually started to look forward to the feel of a thick cock in his mouth, and the taste of the hot cum filling his mouth and flowing down his throat.

Several hours later, Jake was awakened by the sound of the door to the Torture Chamber being opened, and the lights being turned on. The two huge black faggots walked in as Jake struggled to sit up on the bench.

“Please, Please, I need to use a bathroom!I gotta take a piss so bad... PLEASE!!” he begged.

The two faggots just grinned at each other before one unlocked the cell door and the other dragged Jake off the bench and unlocked the chain from his slave collar. He pulled him over to a small room in the corner of the Torture chamber and opened it, pushing Jake into a bathroom with a sink, toilet and tub. He ordered Jake to get in the tub and lie down, with his feet up on the wall at one end of the tub. Jake did, even though lying on his bound wrists was uncomfortable as hell. The muscleman pulled the two bandages off of Jake's nipples uncovering two tits that were swollen and tender, but not badly burned.

“You gotta piss, slave? Go ahead!” the faggot rumbled.

Jake looked down the length of his body, directly at his cock.

“But, I'll piss all over myself! I can't do that!” he whined.

“Piss now, or I'll tie off the head of your dick and you won't piss for hours!” snarled the faggot.

Jake groaned and let loose with a stream of hot piss across his chest. To add to his humiliation, the fag rumbled “Open your mouth, slave” and grasping Jake's cock, aimed the stream directly into Jake's face, and into his mouth. Jake gagged at the awful, salty taste of his own piss, but he had no choice but to swallow! His hot tears mixed with the piss on his face as he helplessly cried at the humiliation, and the knowledge that his ass was soon going to be violated by the two enormous black cocks of his torturers.

The two musclemen just laughed as Jake swallowed his own piss until the stream slackened and stopped. The one rumbled “Stay there, slave” as he turned on the water, and used a handheld shower nozzle to wash off Jake's body. Jake howled when the water hit his chest, as it was shockingly cold!

“Slaves don't get a hot shower until they earn it, boy! And you ain't earned it yet!”

Jake finally broke down from the Tortures of the previous day, his incredibly uncomfortable night in the cell, his humiliation and the cold water were just too much for him to bear any longer. He started to cry like a baby.

“Please, Please, I'll do whatever you want! Please, but no more Torture, PLEASE!! I just can't take any more! Fuck me if you want, I'll suck your cocks as much as you want, but no more Torture!”

“Shit, slave, your Torture has just begun!” snarled one of the musclemen. “We're gonna make you into our good little Torture slave! But first we gotta break in that hot little ass of yours, slaveboy! Nothing better then taking a tight little virgin asshole and opening it up!”

They lifted Jake out of the tub and roughly dried him off before unlocking his handcuffs, and leading him to the center of the torture chamber.

“You hungry, slave?” one of the musclemen asked Jake.

“Yeah, I'm really hungry.” he said.

WHAP! One of the musclemen slapped Jake across the face hard enough to rattle his teeth!

“That's no way for a slave to talk to his Masters! Now, try it again, slave!” he snarled.

“Uh...yes, I'm hungry. Could I get something to eat?”

WHAP! Another slap!

“Try it again, slave!”

“Yes, I'm hungry. Please can I get something to eat?”

WHAP!! “...can I get something to eat, WHAT, slave?”

“C..C...Can I get something to eat...Sir?” he stuttered tentatively.

“That's better, slave. Just remember, ANYTHING you say will be started and ended with Sir! Got that, slave?”

“Sir, y...yes Sir!”

“Good boy. Now, on your knees and open your mouth and you'll get something to eat, slave!”

Jake knew what was coming, but he had no choice. He obediently dropped onto his knees and opened his mouth. Immediately it was filled with the head of one of the huge black cocks. The other muscleman held Jake's head still while the cock drove in and out of his mouth, fucking it.

“Jack that shaft, slave. Jack it and make it cum!” the muscleman fucking his mouth snarled.

Jake reached up and wrapped both hands around the thick, hard shaft and began to pump his hands back and forth on the huge cock.

“Yeah that's it slave! Jack that cock and make it shoot into your mouth. Jack it, slave!”

Jake's hands pumped back and forth on the 11” cock until, with a groan, the muscleman filled his mouth with another load of hot salty sperm! Jake was expecting it, and swallowed the load of cum without choking or gagging this time. As much as he hated to admit it to himself, he was kind of beginning to like the taste and the feel of the thick sperm shooting into his mouth and sliding down his throat, just like in his dream! He was also in awe of the sheer size and thickness of the cock he was stroking with his hand. It was nearly as thick as his wrist, covered with veins that bulged from the surface.

As soon as the first cock was pulled from his mouth, the other huge cockhead was pushed between Jake's lips. He automatically began to tongue the head while sucking the shaft deeper into his mouth. His torturer groaned with pleasure when Jake began to milk his cockshaft as well with his hands, pumping back and forth to get the load of cum to fill his now willing mouth!

Jake suddenly wanted and needed the load of hot muscleman sperm in his mouth, and in his belly! He was almost shocked to discover that he was almost desperate for the muscleman to cum so he could drink his load! He worked the thick shaft faster and faster with his hands, licking and sucking the thick head harder and harder until he was rewarded with his 4th load of cum filling his mouth and sliding down his throat into his stomach.

He finally pulled back from the shaft, looked up at his torturer and softly said “Sir, Thank you, Sir!”

The ebony giant grinned down at him and growled; “See, slave? You're learning already!”

Jake was dragged to his feet and the black muscleman grabbed a handful of Jake's thick black hair. He was led back over to the bathroom. Jake saw that the handheld shower nozzle had been replaced by a thin metal enema nozzle.

“Now, slave, get in there and clean your ass out! And you better do a good job! If there's any shit on my cock when I'm done fucking you, you are going to be tortured far beyond anything you've endured so far! Now, get in there!”

He shoved Jake into the bathroom and closed the door behind him. Jake looked at the gear attached to the shower, and began to cry again . He just couldn't help it! He hadn't been given an enema for years, and he had HATED it, but he couldn't see anything else to do! He HAD to obey his orders since he simply couldn't get away from his torturers. He knew that he had fucked up by breaking into their house to try to rob it, but he never dreamed that there could be consequences like this!

Jake stood in the tub and turned the water on. Aiming the end of the nozzle at his asshole, he grimaced, and forced the metal shaft inside his ass. He groaned as the hard shaft entered him and he felt the water immediately beginning to fill his gut! He took as much water inside him as he could endure before turning it off and pulling the enema nozzle out. He almost immediately had to sit on the toilet as his gut emptied itself in an explosive spray!

Jake had to repeat the humiliating process 5 times before the water came out as clean as it went in. he didn't doubt of a second that if he wasn't clean, his torturers WOULD Torture him far beyond his limits of endurance. The mental Torture he was enduring was almost as bad as anything they could do to him physically.

Finally, Jake opened the bathroom door, to see his Torturers sitting on a bench, waiting for him.

“Took you long enough, slave!” one of them rumbled. “You better hope you did it right!”

“Sir, yes, Sir.” was all Jake could think to say.

He was led over to a corner of the Torture Dungeon where what looked like a short hammock was hanging from the ceiling on 4 chains.

“What is this, Sir?” he asked his captor.

“It's a sling for fucking hot little asses like yours, slave!” snarled the larger of his torturers. “Now, get in there, slave!”

He was pushed on his back on the sling, and his legs were lifted up and his ankles strapped into thick leather restraints on the chains. Then smaller chains were clipped to the restraints and wrapped around Jake's legs all the way down to where the support chains were fastened to the sling, leaving Jake's ass hanging over the end of the sling, his asshole totally exposed and utterly unable to move his legs. Then his arms were fastened to the other chains the same way, leaving him spread-eagled on his back! Jake's chest heaved as he looked up at his torturers, and faced the reality of what was about to happen to him!

“Please, please, don't fuck me, PLEASE!! I'm not gay, and I can't take being fucked! PLEASE!!”

They just grinned down at him menacingly.

“How do you know you won't like it, slave? You already told us you would agree to get fucked, so shut the hell up about it! Besides, we don't GIVE A DAMN what YOU like, boy! You better get that through your dumb-ass slave head right now! What you want, or don't want doesn't mean shit! The ONLY thing that matters is what your Masters want! You got that, slave??”

Jake could only nod, since if he tried to say anything, he was afraid that he'd just start crying. He looked in fear as one of his Torturers began to lube up his thick black cock, stroking it until it was fully erect. It looked to Jake as if it was almost a foot long, and thicker then his wrist! Then the Torturer took some lube and began to rub it on Jake's tight asshole. He groaned and writhed at the feel of the finger, then he gasped and moaned louder as it penetrated his tight hole!

Jake moaned at the feel of the finger probing the inside of his ass, and then he groaned when he realized that the pressure inside his ass was actually making his cock start to get hard! It began to twitch and swell up until it was fully erect, lying on his stomach muscles. His torturers saw it and grinned.

“Yeah, slave, you do like this, don't you?” taunted the muscleman fingering Jake's ass. “It makes you horny, don't it slave? You want this fat cock inside you, don't you?”

“Please, no...” moaned Jake.

“Too fucking late, slave!” snarled the muscleman as he moved the thick head of his hard cock against Jake's asshole, and pushed!

Jake screamed as he felt the massive cockhead slide inside his tight sphincter, stretching it further then he imagined that it could ever be stretched!


“Fuck you, slave” snarled his torturer as he thrust his cock deeper into Jake's virgin hole!

Jake screamed again and again, since it felt to him like he was being impaled by a red hot poker being shoved in his ass! His Torturer continued to thrust his cock in, then pull it out, then drive it back in, going deeper and deeper into Jake's virgin hole each time, until he was fully inside Jake, all 11” of hard cock!

Jake was writhing in agony in the sling, utterly helpless to do anything to stop his rape by the huge black cock! He was crying and sobbing, partly in shame from being taken this way and partly from the incredible burning pain in his ass. But, even in his agony, his cock was now fully hard and streaming, lying on his abs, leaking pre-cum.

His torturer began to thrust in and out of Jake's hole faster and faster, each thrust sending a fresh wave of pain through Jake's entire body as he was raped. Every muscle flexed and rippled as he raped the skinny boy's ass. The other torturer added to Jake's suffering by grasping and pulling and twisting his still tender nipples.

“OH GOD! Please, stop! You're tearing me apart! Shit, that hurts! PLEASE!!! Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck...” Jake sobbed, even as his Torture rape continued.

The rape of his ass by the huge cock lasted a good ten minutes before his torturer began to pound Jake's ass faster and faster, grunting with the effort, and drawing a scream from the tortured boy's throat, until, with a final violent thrust into Jake's hole that made him scream, he shot his load of cum deeply into Jake's gut!

“AW, SHIT!!! FUCK!!! THAT HURTS!!!” howled the tortured slave, even as he felt the hot sperm hosing the inside of his guts.

Finally, the black giant pulled his cock out of Jake's hole, and looked down at it.

“You did good, boy. There's no shit on my cock. You're lucky!”

Before Jake could even begin to think clearly, the other black muscleman had moved into position between his legs, and was pushing his cock against Jake's still tender hole! Jake screamed again as he was penetrated by the second cock!

“FUCK!! OH GOD, NOT AGAIN!! GOD, PLEASE!!! I CAN'T TAKE IT ANY LONGER!!” he shrieked, in tears.

“Shut the fuck up, slave!” snarled his new torturer. “Better get used to it, since you will be taking BOTH of our cocks in your ass and in your mouth EVERY DAY during your slave training!”

The second muscleman drove his cock in and out of Jake's hole as furiously as the first one had done.

Jake cried and moaned with each thrust of the hard shaft into his gut, writhing on the sling, but utterly unable to do a damn thing to escape from his rape. After what seemed an eternity, the fucking became faster and harder just before the muscleman slammed all the way into Jake, and groaned, every muscle on his glistening ebony body straining as he filled Jake's ass with a second load of hot muscleman cum!

Jake began to cry like a baby. He just couldn't help it. He had been raped and humiliated, and he was absolutely convinced that his captors were totally serious about fucking him daily, torturing him, and turning him into their slave! He never dreamed that what he thought was going to be a simple breaking and entering home robbery could lead to this particular version of Hell!

To add to his utter humiliation, the two musclemen were laughing at him as he cried in front of them. He had broken down, and was totally unable to resist any longer. He had no idea that this was part of the method of breaking a boy down and reshaping him mentally into a docile, willing sex and torture slave. They would destroy his ego, and then program him to do their bidding.

When the Torturer pulled out of Jake's ass, he looked down at him and rumbled “Still hungry, slave?”

Jake could only nod yes, since he still couldn't talk without crying again. He was a broken boy, utterly unable to resist any longer.

“Well then, slave, you'll get something to eat. Can't have a slave starving to death.” sneered the muscleman.

Jake was unchained from the fucking sling, and led back to his cell, where the chain on the wall was locked to his collar again.

“We'll be back, slave!” sneered one of his torturers before they left the Dungeon, slamming the door behind them. Jake just sat on the narrow bunk, and cried. He was finished. He knew that he was a slave from that moment on, and would be for the rest of his life.

Jake was still sitting on the bunk, weeping softly when the door opened a short while later, and his torturers returned. One was carrying a bowl that looked like a dog dish that was steaming slightly. Opening the cell door, he unlocked the chain from the loop on the wall where it was padlocked, ordered Jake out and told him to kneel in front of them. Jake meekly did as he was ordered, knowing there was no choice. The bowl was set on the floor in front of him. Jake saw it contained what looked like Oatmeal. He leaned down, only to be stopped by a hard yank on the chain fastened to his collar.

“Did we give you permission to eat, slave?” snarled one of the torturers.

“Sir, no Sir. Sorry, Sir” whimpered Jake.

“That's right slave. You don't do ANYTHING without our permission” snapped the other torturer.

“Now, slave, that oatmeal needs some topping, since plain Oatmeal is kind of bland. Jack off on it, slave. Shoot your cum on it, and then you can eat it!”

Jake groaned softly, but obediently began to stroke his cock, getting it hard. His captors watched as he worked his boy cock, obviously being turned on watching his latest humiliation. Jake jacked himself harder and harder, knowing that he couldn't eat until he shot. His breath came in shorter and shorter gasps as the sweat began to trickle down his chest and back. He jacked himself for a couple more minutes, until, with a groan, he shot a thick load of his sperm onto the Oatmeal. The thick white cum glistened on top of the grayish brown mass. Gasping for air, Jake jacked the last few drops of cum from his cock.

One of his Torturers said “Lick your hand clean, slave”

Jake slowly raised his hand to his mouth, and cleaned the sperm from it. He gagged slightly at the taste of his own cum.

“Now you can eat, slave!” grinned the larger muscleman, dropping a plastic spoon in front of Jake.

“Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir!” murmured the helpless slaveboy.

Bending down, Jake slowly mixed his cum into the mush, and slowly lifted a spoonful to his mouth. He was so hungry he almost didn't care what he was eating, or what it tasted like. He emptied the bowl, eating his own sperm for the first time in his life.

The larger of his torturers looked down at the humbled boy kneeling in supplication in front of him.

“From now on, slave, you will refer to me as Master Alpha, and my partner as Master Beta, since we are now the two most important people in your new life. Is that clear, slave?”

“Sir, Yes Sir, Master Alpha, Sir” groaned Jake.

His journey into Hell had begun. He knew his life as he had known it was over. From that moment on, “Jake” ceased to exist. He had been replaced with a slave who only existed to serve it's Masters.

When it had finished the oatmeal, it looked up at it's new Masters without saying anything, just waiting to see what was going to happen to it next.

Master Beta looked down at him and said: “We have to go out for most of the day, slave, so you will be kept here. As a matter of fact, you will just get to hang out on the dungeon until we get back”!

Both of it's Masters chuckled as if sharing some kind of a private joke. The slave formerly known as Jake could only wait and see what they were laughing about. it was ordered to it's feet, and led over to the center of the Torture Chamber, under the overhead hoist. A pair of thick leather restraints with short grip handles were strapped tightly around it's wrists, and hooked to the hoist. With a soft whirring of the electric motor, it's arms were stretched tighter and tighter above it's head, until it's feet lifted off the floor. A pair of metal shackles were locked around it's ankles with a short chain leading down to an eye-bolt embedded in the concrete floor.

When they were finished with their work, it's two massive Masters stepped back and gazed at their captive. it's lean, pale body was stretched tight, it's ribcage standing out, already showing a slight sheen of sweat. it's abs rippled as it struggled to breathe as it's diaphragm was constricted by it's own body-weight. To add to it's suffering, a pair of metal clamps like steel clothespins joined by a short chain were clipped to it's still sore nipples, causing it to groan and writhe in pain.

“Shut up, shithead!” snarled Master Alpha. “These are just pussy clamps for little pussyboys like you! Be glad we don't use the Alligator clamps on your tits!”

it could only groan “Sir, yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir!”

Master Beta chuckled: “Yeah, slave, you'll get to feel the Alligators later, when we start to enlarge you titties for Torture! You're gonna love it!”

Again, both Masters laughed in a way that sent chills down it's back. it knew that they were not joking, that it's nipples WERE going to be Tortured and used, maybe even enlarged to make them more sensitive to Torture.

Then to add to it's utter humiliation and suffering, Master Alpha grabbed it's nuts and stretched then down until it began to moan in agony, afraid that it was going to be castrated right there! Master Beta leaned in holding what looked like a little leather parachute with one open side with snaps on it. Before wrapping the parachute around it's stretched nuts, Master Beta showed the inside of it to the suspended slave. it groaned when it was that there was dozens of small pins sticking out from the inside of the device. Master Beta then wrapped the parachute around it's nuts and snapped it closed. Then, grinning widely, Master Alpha showed the helpless captive a 5 pound barbell plate with a short length of chain wrapped around it. It screamed in agony again when Master Alpha hung the weight from the loop at the bottom of the ball parachute, and let it drop slightly, yanking on the captive's nuts!

“Oh, shut up, slave” snarled Master Alpha, slapping it's face with an open palm. “That's just 5 pounds. Wait until you are hanging there with 100 pounds stretching your nuts! THEN you can scream!”

With that, Master Alpha and Master Beta turned and walked towards the stairs leading up to the house, leaving it hanging in the center of the Torture Chamber for who knew how long. When they reached the top of the stairs, the lights were turned off, and it heard the door slam, and the lock being turned, leaving it totally alone in the total darkness of the underground Dungeon, utterly helpless.

it moaned as the pain in it's tits, shoulders and nuts got worse and worse the longer it hung there. But, it knew that it could be worse, that it might end up enduring hours of forced labor and hours more torture, maybe even being whipped and beaten, or used as a Sex Toy for God only knew how many men to use!

it started to think that it's only hope was to be such a good and willing slave and sex toy for Master Alpha and Master Beta that they would not want to sell it or give it away. it decided then and there that no matter WHAT it's Masters ordered it to do, it would do it willingly and it would endure whatever they did to it, no matter if it was fucked in the ass, or choked by their huge cocks being forced down it's throat. it would endure whatever Tortures it was subjected to, even endure the stretching and enlargement of it's tits and balls if it's Masters desired it! it was somewhat surprised to see that the prospect of serving it's two huge Black Masters any way it could, worshiping their massive ebony muscles, sucking their nipples, licking their sweat, sucking their cocks and swallowing their sperm was turning him on! it felt it's cock start to thicken and rise, until it was standing straight out in front of it's body in spite of the weight stretching it's nuts! The longer it hung in the dark the more excited it became, until, with a moan of pleasure, it felt several hot jets of sperm shoot from it's cock to splatter on the floor of the Torture Chamber!

It was then that it finally realized the truth about itself, the truth it had denied for 18 years. it was gay, it was submissive, and it could ONLY be truly happy as a slave, serving it's Masters! It had always said that it hated “Faggots” because it was afraid that someone else would discover the truth about itself, that it WAS one of those very same “Faggots”! But now, hanging in a Torture Chamber, it realized that it wasn't ashamed of who it was any longer.

Master Alpha, and Master Beta had done it a huge favor, making it see the truth about itself, and it was determined to repay them by being the very best Sex and Torture Slave that it could be! It grinned to itself through it's agony. Maybe they would help it build up it's muscles, since it had always been secretly envious of guys with muscled bodies, unlike his skinny physique. It realized that Master Alpha and Master Beta had, in their own ways, shown that they cared about it, and they were actually helping it, since it had only faced a life on the streets, and maybe in prison, where it knew that it would be just a helpless piece of meat to be passed from man to man for sex and God only knew what else!

Only time would tell, but it now knew that it had a much better life stretching out in front of it, and it would do all it could to reward the two Men who had changed the course of it's life!