The Telemachus Story Archive

Dore Story
By Master Skrain

Dore Story

I stood on the corner of 9th and Folsom, watching the crowd slowly making it's way out of the Dore Alley fair. The weather had gotten a bit chilly, so lots of the guys were heading to their hotels, presumably for a night of hot sex with their partners, or to the bars in the area to try to find a trick for the night. I had hoped to find at least one recruit for my stable of boys, but no one had really caught my eye. Sure, there were a shitload of hot guys, but none who really stood out.

I was about to try the bars myself when a guy walking down the street towards me caught my eye. He actually didn't walk, as much as he lumbered down the street. Good God, he was huge! Broad shoulders, tapering down to a narrow waist, at least as far as I could tell with the leather jacket he was wearing. There was something familiar about his face, and the look of his almost shaved head, with just a Mohawk stripe of hair on the top, and a neatly trimmed goatee.

The stud saw me looking, and quirked a smile. Leaning up against a building across the street from me, he set down the small leather bag he was carrying, slowly unzipped his jacket and spread it open. Holy shit, he had the thickest chest and pecs I had ever seen! Capping his massive muscles were a pair of yellow snake bite suckers on his nipples. They were sticking out of two holes he had cut in a “Got Milk?” tee shirt. He looked directly into my eyes as he fondled his pecs. He grinned at me, and pulled off the suckers from his tits, exposing two thick knots of reddish brown flesh, which he then begin to stroke and twist.

“Damn, another topman I will have to break” I thought.

Then to my surprise, the stud turned around and showed me the width of his back and the fact that he was flagging his colors on the right! When he turned back to face me, I caught a glimpse of a thick bulge in the front of the cut off denim shorts he was wearing, as well. Damn, he was huge everywhere!

“Oh fuck yes, the night just got a hell of a lot better” I thought.

I reached into my jacket pocket and slowly pulled out a pair of my nipple clamps, and hung them on the jacket's belt. The stud's eyes locked onto them like laser beams. I knew I had him! I pulled out a second pair of clamps, and hung them next to the first pair. The stud looked up into my eyes and licked his lips. Without any hesitation, I checked to street to see it was safe to cross, and strode over to the stud.

“You available for hire, boy?” I growled in his ear.

“Yes, Sir” he said.

“Good. It looks like I just bought myself a tit-pig slave for the night, boy”

Of course, if he thought he was going to get paid, he was in for a shock later tonight. I never paid for sex with my boys, and this stud was not going to be any different. Besides, by the end of the night I would own his ass anyway.

I reached into my carry bag and pulled out my leather posture collar. I slipped it around the stud's neck, and snapped the padlock on the back closed. His neck was so thick I had to use the last hole for the locking stud. It was a bit snug, but not too tight. The stud moaned softly at the sound of the lock snapping shut.

I hooked my leash to the front of the collar and looked at the stud.

“Ready to go, slave?” I said.

“Yes, Master” he breathed, as he picked up his bag.

Before we moved, though, l leaned in and gave him a quick kiss on the lips, nothing too sexual. Tugging on the leash, I led my newest acquisition towards my hotel room, and towards his future, even though he had no inkling that his entire life had just changed!

I led the stud down 9th to my motel room on the corner of 9th and Harrison. There were some other leathermen out on the walkway in front of the rooms. Most of them just stared as I led the stud up the outside stairs to the second floor, and towards my room.

My room was located at the very back of the motel, overlooking the rear parking lot on the end of a hallway, on a corner, so there was just one room adjoining it, and luckily that room was being used for storage while some minor construction and remodeling work was being done to the motel. It made it nice that I didn't have to worry about too much about any noises coming from my room.

When we got to my room, I decided to start to fuck with the stud's head. I looped his leash over the railing on the walkway in front of the room, and said; “take off your jacket, and stay here, boy”.

With that, I grabbed his bag, his jacket and his wallet and went into my room and noisily latched the bolt, so the stud would be sure to hear it.

I bet the stud thought I had just stolen his bag and all his money, and was going to leave him out there. I loved messing with a slave's head before I started to torture his body!

Once the room was prepared fully, I opened the door. The stud was still there, looking anxiously towards the door, obviously hoping that I hadn't just ripped him off. I unwrapped the leash from the railing and led the stud in. His eyes widened at the sight of my metal interrogation chair and my equipment arranged on the bed, and the small table in the room.

“Oh shit, sir, I love the chair!” he said softly.

“Want to try it out, boy?” I leered.

“Hell yes, Sir! I've been chained to kitchen chairs and the like, but I've never been in a real bondage chair before.”

“O.K. Then boy, drop the shorts before you sit down.”

Within a minute, the stud was shackled in the chair with the steel restraints locked across his wrists, forearms, and ankles, wearing just his boots and the “Got Milk?” shirt.

Now it was time for the part I loved the most! When I turned back to the stud, he looked at me expectantly, like I was going to drop to my knees in front of him and start to suck his cock. I would, but not just then.

The look on his face went from expectation to shock when I reached into my pants pocket and pulled out my badge wallet. Flipping it open, I snarled “Police, fucker! You're under arrest for solicitation of prostitution! And don't give me any entrapment shit! It's my word against yours!”

The stud began to struggle in the chair. “Oh No! Oh My God, No! Oh Shit. Oh No, Oh No, Oh No, Please, let me go, Sir. I can't afford to get arrested! Please, I'll do anything. Please!”

I smiled slowly. He had just said the magic words! I reached in and grabbed the top of his shirt. I gave it a quick yank, and it tore in half from where the stud had cut through the top seam. Shit, he had pecs that were even more massive then I had thought, and his nipples were absolutely huge!

I began to roll his tits between my fingers as I snarled “Anything, boy? You will do anything to keep from getting busted?”

“Yes, Sir. Anything! I can't afford to pay any kind of bail money, and I'm supposed to be back in L.A. later this week. I'll do anything! Please!”

Tears started to run down his face. Shit, this stud was totally freaked out!

I started to fuck with his head, because I knew at that instant that he was my property from now on!

“Damn, those are huge tits, boy! I've seen strippers that don't have tits that big. They are just disgusting on a guy. Shit, I thought I was going to throw up when I saw those gross things! What the hell have you done to them to make them that huge and disgusting? What do you store in those big udders, boy? Milk? Budweiser? Or is that where you store all the cum you swallow from all the other faggot bodybuilders like yourself, boy? How do you make those faucets work, boy?”

The stud just groaned as I continued to twist his huge nipples harder and harder.

“Answer me, boy! How do they work?” I snarled in his ear.

The stud just moaned again as I continued his nipple torture. I saw that his cock was totally hard by now, meaning that I had found his weak spot. Those nipples and those pecs were the key to breaking this stud down, and making him my slave.

I closed my fist and drove it into the stud's right pec. He moaned again but still didn't say anything. I started to punch his chest, right, left, right, left, as fast as I could.

The stud's chest was turning red from the pounding, and was glazed with sweat, but he still wouldn't say anything.

“There may be other cops in town that might let you off with a warning, but I ain't one of them, faggot! You fucking faggots think you can come here from out of town, and parade around, showing off those muscles and those gross, huge nipples without anyone caring. Well, not in my town, boy! Now, answer me, boy. How do those huge faucets of yours work?”

The stud just groaned, since there wasn't any answer to that question. I was just getting into his head, keeping him off balance, and not letting him think clearly. It was so much easier to break down any resistance the boys might have to becoming one of my stable of studs.

“Fuck, I guess I'll just have to get mean, then!” I snapped.

I took a length of rope with a knot tied in the middle of it from my toy box. I stuffed the knot into the stud's mouth then stepped behind him. I pulled the rope ends down to the bottom of the chair, forcing the stud's head back. I tied off the rope, then stepped in front of the now groaning stud. He couldn't see what I was doing, since he could only look straight up at the ceiling.

Taking the clamps attached to my electro box, I clipped them to the stud's nipples. He groaned around the knot, and began to writhe on the chair.

“Shit, boy, those are just little clamps. You ain't gonna tell me that they hurt a big muscle man like you, are you? I bet you have all your faggot bodybuilder friends in the gym suck and bite on those big udders before you get down and suck their cocks and swallow all their sperm, boy. Everyone knows that most bodybuilders like you are faggots, anyway!”

The stud groaned again, then his eyes flew open when I turned on the box, and began to run a current of electricity through his tits!

“Hhuuaarrrggghhh!” the stud hollered when I gave him a good jolt of power.

Every muscle in his tanned body was flexing and straining against the restraints. I was incredibly turned on watching the stud writhe and flex on the chair as the power continued to pulse on and off, torturing his nipples once every 2 seconds. I thought of something that would make him even sexier looking. I went to the bathroom and came back with a bottle of oil. I started to shoot a stream of oil across the stud's thick chest, and washboard abs.

“Oh fuck yes, that's hot” I breathed as I spread the oil across every inch of the stud's muscled physique. He groaned again, but this time it was more of a sound of pleasure then of pain.

Damn, he was a true muscle pig! I think he was getting into the torture, and the oil. I picked up my leather razor strop and stroked it across the stud's pecs. He only moaned again. I pulled back and slapped his chest with the leather. The stud stiffened like he had been shot, and moaned again, but it was another moan of pleasure!

I worked his pecs for several minutes with the leather, until the stud's pecs were bright red, and the sweat was running down his oiled body like water down a rock sculpture in the rain! When I finally put the strop down the stud groaned, but I was sure he was unhappy that he thought that his torture was finished. Little did he know...I turned up the power to his tits a little more.

The stud flexed his glistening muscles harder, and howled around the knot in his mouth!

“Oh don't be such a pussy, boy, you are only about a third of the way to full power.”

He just moaned again.

I picked up his shorts from the floor, and held them where he could see what I was doing. I started to go through the pockets, searching for whatever I could find. There was nothing in the shorts, so I picked up the stud's bag next. He groaned again, which meant that he knew he was screwed when I searched the bag!

“Well, well, well, what do we have here?” I crowed. I pulled out a small brown bottle of poppers and set them down on the shelf formed by the stud's pecs.

“Oh, and look at what we have are in so much trouble now, boy!” I sneered, pulling out his pipe, a bag of weed, and a lighter.

“You just added about a year to your jail time, boy!” I sneered.

The stud just sort of whimpered, and closed his eyes. Tears began to run down his face again from the corners of his eyes. He continued to writhe on the chair as the electricity pounded through his tits. I knew he was almost totally mine now. It would take just one more thing to break the stud completely to make him my newest slave boy !

“Slide your ass back on that chair, boy. “ I snarled in his ear.

Moaning, the stud slid back as far as he could. I saw that it wasn't far enough for what I wanted, so I took the poppers and the pot from his chest shelf, and released the rope from the chair. As soon as the knot was out of his mouth, he began to plead with me again, begging for mercy.

“Please Sir, please, I'll do whatever you want. Please don't arrest me. I'll do anything. Please!!”

“Good. I want names, dates, client addresses, how much they pay you for what types of perverted shit, and any other information you can give me, boy.” I growled in his ear.

“Oh fuck, no, I can't give you that info, sir. I keep my clients confidential. Please, Sir anything but that

Sir. Please.”

I turned the power up to his tits again.

“AUGGGHHH!” he screamed before my hand clamped down across his mouth.

“O.K. Then boy, no info? Then there is something else you can do to keep your ass out of prison. Just one way, boy.”

“Yes, Sir. Anything, Sir. I'll do anything.”

I took a rag and poured a little of the stud's poppers on it, and held it against his mouth and nose. He struggled briefly before starting to relax. A faraway look came into his eyes as the fumes hit his lungs.

Once he was relaxed, I took the gas mask from my bag and pulled it over his head. He offered almost no resistance, since he was flying from the poppers, and the electricity pulsing through his tits with an almost hypnotic regularity.

“O.K. Boy, are you going to tell me how those big tit faucets of yours work?”

He peered at me blearily through the eye-holes of the gas mask, and shook his head. I knew he was pretty well brain fried by this time.

“O.K. No answer? Then you will have to pay the consequences.”

I turned the power up again.

“HURRRUGGHHH!” His screams were muffled by the gas mask, but I could tell he was close to breaking. I figured one or two more boosts to the power would do it!

The muscleman writhed in the chair, the veins standing out under his gleaming, bronzed skin.

“Again, how do your faucets work, boy?”

He merely shook his head again. More Power!


The stud was moaning constantly in the gas mask since I had taken a small piece of cotton wadding, and had soaked it in poppers and put it in the canister at the end of the breathing tube, forcing the stud to inhale popper fumes, until he was almost out of it.

“O.K. One more time. Are you ready to talk, boy?”

The stud nodded his head. I had won this round, but I was going to go much further with this stud!

I pulled the gas mask off of the muscle stud's head, since I wanted to hear the sounds he made when I removed the clamps from his huge, massive tortured nipples. I loved to hear my boys suffering, either at my hands, or at the hands of some of my clients, fellow police officers, corrections officers, and even some of the guys from the local military bases.

His cock was rock hard and streaming with pre-cum so heavily that I would not be surprised if he didn't shoot a load before I got the clamps off.

“OH FUCK YESSS!” he howled when I turned up the power once again to the electro clamps that were still torturing his nips and pecs. Every muscle rippled and flexed under his oiled, sweaty skin, with veins standing out across his huge biceps, and even on his pecs. I let him sit there for several minutes absorbing the pain pounding into his chest. I then turned off the power to the electro clamps.

“AW SHIT” he hollered, when I pulled off the clamps from his nipples! He then howled even louder when I grabbed his tits and twisted them savagely!

I squeezed the stud's nips until he slumped down in the chair, seemingly struggling to remain conscious and aware. Finally I released his nipples, and sat down on the bed, watching the stud. He gasped for air for several minutes before opening his bloodshot eyes and murmuring; “Thank you, Master. Thank you for torturing me! I have needed it so badly.”

“Oh really?” I said. “Tell me why, boy.”

“Most of the guys who hire me want me to top them, Sir. They think that since I have the muscles, and this look that I am a pure top. What they don't know is that I really want to be a slave, a sub, and to have someone top me and torture me.”

“So. You want more torture, do you boy?” I sneered.

“Yes, Sir. Please, Sir. Torture me any way you want, Sir. Please!” groaned the muscle stud.

“You will do whatever I tell you, boy?”

“Yes, Master, if it will keep you from arresting me. I'll do anything!”

I stood up and stepped to the stud in the chair. I pulled his head back, until I was looking straight down into his eyes. Without any warning, I clamped my mouth down on his, my tongue probing the inside of his mouth. He moaned and returned the kiss as well as he could.

“Well then, your training as my newest slave whore starts right now! We need to find out how well that mouth of yours really works, boy. Open it up nice and wide!”

When he did, I slipped one of my favorite dildos into his waiting mouth. The stud immediately began trying to deep throat the rubber shaft, sucking in as far as he could. I began to pump the dildo in and out of his sucking mouth with one hand while I started to work his tender nipples with the other.

The stud moaned deeply in his throat, and began to suck the dildo harder as I worked his tits harder and harder.

“O.K. Boy, take a deep breath!” I told him.

His massive chest expanded to almost gigantic proportions before I jammed the shaft deeply into his throat, cutting off his air. As he was struggling to deal with the lack of oxygen, I started to twist his tits as hard as I could! The stud was writhing almost frantically on the chair.

“Thirty seconds, boy! That's how long you have to hold it. I have lots of clients who will want to rape that hot mouth, and you have to be able to hold a cock in your mouth and throat for at least thirty seconds. Now swallow that cock, boy!”

The stud was gagging and trying to cough, but he made it the entire thirty seconds. When I pulled the dildo from his mouth, there were ropy strings of saliva hanging from it, which dripped down on the stud's face. He was gasping for air but still obediently opened his mouth again when I ordered him to. I took an even thicker and longer dildo, and repeated the throat stretching torture, to see how experienced of a cocksucker this muscleman really was.

He was moaning constantly from the agony he was being forced to endure at my hands.

He seemed to be resigned to the fact that he was now one of my stable of man-slaves. I told him during the sessions of forced dildo sucking that I had a group of slaves that I rented out to various groups like some of my fellow cops, and prison guards, and some Marine officers from the local base. They wanted hot men that they could use far beyond what they could do within the confines of the law. Some of the prison guards, for example would use a boy for forced gang rapes by groups of inmates that had earned “Special” privileges. He would be brought into an interrogation room at the prison, and would be strapped to a kneeling bench in the room. Then the inmates were allowed to use the slave's body any way they wanted. Sometimes the slave would be forced to endure double raping of his ass, or his mouth, taking two cocks in each hole at the same time.

The Marines wanted guys they could practice “Advanced Interrogation” techniques on without any chance of being reported to their superior officers. They said it was in the interests of “National Security”, but I knew it was a lot more then that!

The stud was groaning in the chair, trying to catch his breath. His endurance to this torture was exceptionally strong, but I could sense it was beginning to fade.

“All right, boy, we are far from done!” I said in his ear. “Open up your mouth, boy.”

When he did, I slid an even thicker and longer dildo in. I had about 10 dildos of increasing size, and the stud was going to swallow them all by the time I was done with him! He immediately began to gag, and struggle against his restraints as his air was cut completely off by the thick shaft filling his throat.

I could see his muscles rippling under his oiled, sweat streaked skin as he fought to keep from heaving his guts out as the dildo was pushed deeper and deeper into his throat.

“You have to hold it for a minute now, or even longer, boy. You have to get used to having a cock in your mouth for longer periods of time then just a few seconds, boy” I snarled, as I held the end of the dildo hard so he couldn't spit it out. “Just imagine that you have three huge black Marines in front of you and they are all going to skull fuck you until until you can't take any more!”

The stud's eyes were wide open, and seemed to be pleading with me as I continued to torture him by forcing him to deep-throat the thick rubber cock. He was making grunting and groaning sounds from deep in his huge chest, and flexing his muscles as hard as he could, but he wasn't as strong as the restraints on the torture chair.

As I drove the dildo into his mouth with one hand, I was twisting his already exquisitely tender nipples with the other. The stud's pecs were flexing and bobbing as I tortured his tits, which made me think that he was actually enjoying the pain from his nipples.

When I pulled the dildo from his mouth, the stud coughed weakly, saliva dribbling down onto his chest as his head fell forward. He seemed to retching and gagging, and was gasping for air.

“You puke, boy, and you will lick it up, dammit!” I growled.

The stud swallowed several times painfully, and whimpered softly. I merely grabbed his head, and pulled it back, and prepared to drive an even longer and thicker dildo into his mouth. His torture continued, until he had taken my biggest dildo into his throat as far as it was possible without actually tearing his throat. His eyes bugged out as I held the dildo in his mouth for a full 90 seconds, forcing him to go without air for longer then most people could do without passing out. I had to give the stud credit. He was obviously suffering, but he was still fighting to endure whatever tortures I subjected him to. During the dildo torture, I clipped a pair of my alligator clamps on the stud's nipples, so I could stretch and pull both tits at the same time using the chain between this pair of clamps.. He tried to scream when the metal clamps bit down on his tender, swollen nipples, but the dildo was filling his mouth.

Finally, I had used the last of my dildos on the stud, so it was time for a totally different torture. I decided to fuck with his head now that he was totally exhausted. I picked up his pot pipe, and filled it from his bag of weed.

“You want some, boy?” I asked him.

The stud just nodded weakly. I grinned and held the pipe to his mouth. I lit the weed, and let the stud take a long hit. When he was done, I took a nice hit myself. Damn, he had good pot, nice and smooth!

I held the smoke in my lungs as I stared at the stud. It seemed to be a contest, who could go the longest without letting the smoke go.

Finally, the stud exhaled gustily, coughing softly. He leaned his head back, closing his eyes. It seemed that the pot hit him hard, as exhausted as he was. I gave him just a couple of minutes rest. I wanted him ready for his next round of tortures. When he seemed to be on the verge of drifting off, maybe even falling asleep, I jolted him back to reality by removing the Alligator clamps from his battered tits!

When he was done screaming from the agony, I told him;“O.K. Boy, lift your ass up”

The stud strained and managed to pull his ass off of the seat just far enough for me to remove the center section of the seat base, leaving a gap under his ass. His nuts hung down between his thick thighs. When I grasped his hanging scrotum, the stud groaned. I think he might have had an idea of what his next torture was going to involve!

When I pulled the stainless steel ball stretcher rings with the nut crusher attachment from my toy box, the stud began to whimper; “Oh God, no, Please, Sir, no. Don't torture my nuts, Sir. I can't take torture like that on my balls. Please, Sir.”

“Shut the fuck up, slave! You will endure whatever tortures I want you to endure, is that understood, boy? Or do you want me to call downtown and have a cruiser sent here to haul your drugged, whore ass to jail? Your choice, boy!”

The stud seemed to deflate slightly.

“Yes, Sir. Torture me, Sir. Torture my nuts as hard as you want, Sir. I will endure your tortures, Sir. I'll endure anything to stay out of jail, Sir.”

I sneered at him as I knelt in front of him and opened up the haves of the ball stretcher. I wasn't going to let him know, but I was really turned on being down there between two of the thickest, most sculpted legs I had ever seen, looking at his fully hard and throbbing cock. I clamped the thicker ring around his nut sack, giving him about a pound of cold steel hanging from his scrotum. Then I clamped the other ring above the first one, stretching his sack tight. The stud groaned again at the feel of the weights stretching his balls away from his body.

I attached the sliding rod nut crusher to the rings, and spun the wing nuts, sliding the rod up until it started to squeeze his balls between the rod and the metal ring. The stud groaned louder at the slowly building pressure in his balls.

I stood back up in front of him and slipped a ball gag on a head harness into his mouth. I buckled the harness around his mostly shaven head, to help keep him quiet. Next, I reached out to remove the alligator clamps from his tits. The stud tried to scream in pain, but could only produce a muffled grunting sound. He grunted again when I pulled a vicious looking pair of black nylon clamps with a screw attachment from my box. I clipped one on each nipple and then tightened the screws down until the serrated faces of the clamps began to bite into his swollen, battered nipples, the stud writhing in pain the entire time.

“It's interrogation time, boy.” I smiled down into his face. “It's easy though. Just yes and no questions, boy. Each correct answer means that you won't be tortured harder, but each wrong one gets you one full turn of the screws on your nuts and on your nipples, so you better hope you get a lot of answers right, boy.”

He merely whimpered into the ball gag.

“O.K. Boy, first question. Is a black bandanna for bondage?”


“Good, boy. That's right”

“Is Charcoal for Suit and tie fetish?”


“Oh, wrong! You lose on that one, boy!”

The stud moaned into the gag, but the moan turned into a muffled scream when I turned the screws on the nipple clamps one full turn, clamping the serrated faces of the clamps down harder on his already battered nipples. He screamed again when I turned the ball crusher tighter against his nuts.

“You better get more right, boy” I sneered.

“Is Brown for scat?”


“O.K. That one is easy. Here's a harder one. Is Camo for military sex?”


“Sorry, wrong again.”

More tightening, more screams.

“Is Orange for Extreme Sex?”


“Correct. Is Light Pink for nipple torture?”


“Nope, wrong again!”

The stud actually began to cry when I reached for the nipple clamps. He shrieked again when I tightened them down another turn, followed by the ball crusher. His nuts were turning purple by now, being squeezed between the steel bar and the steel rings. I figured it would only be a few more wrong answers before he totally broke, and he would be mine.

“Here we go again, boy. Is Teal for 69 sex?”


“Correct. Is Peach for Chubs?”


“Sorry. Wrong again, boy.”

The stud began to struggle almost frantically as I reached for his nipples. I had to imagine that the pain in his huge pecs was close to unbearable by now. He screamed again when I tightened his nipple clamps, and screamed even harder when I cranked down on the ball crusher.

The stud writhed on the chair, howling into the ball gag, then seemed to spasm once, and go limp.

I immediately checked his breathing to see that there wasn't a problem there . He was breathing quickly, but more or less normally. I checked his pulse, and found it elevated, but steady. I suspected that I had reached his pain threshold, and his body had shut down partially in defense.

I removed the nipple clamps. It was an sign of how far out of it the stud was when he only moaned weakly when I massaged his huge pecs and nipples to restore the circulation. I removed the ball crusher attachment, but didn't remove the rings from his nuts.

I unlocked the shackles from the chair, and slowly helped the stud onto the bed. I told him to lie down for a bit to recover from his torture sessions. I knew he was so weak that it wasn’t going to be a problem for him to be out of bondage for a bit.

However, just to be sure, as soon as he was in the center of the bed, I stretched his arms out and fastened them to restraints chained to the bed frame. Then I did the same thing with his legs, leaving the muscleman spreadeagled in the center of the bed. The stud was still so out of it that he just stared up at me blearily, not offering any resistance.

I decided to up the level of his torture since he was so close to the final, ultimate breaking point, and I really wanted him to cross over the line to total submission.

I sat at the head of the bed and told the stud to pick his head up. He blinked a couple of times, then slowly did as I ordered. As soon as I could, I slipped my rubber gas mask over his head again and pulled it down, covering his face . The action of putting on the mask seemed to rouse the stud, and he started to struggle against his restraints, his muscles flexing under his oiled skin. He started to shout something through the gas mask, but I merely held up the breathing tube in front of his eyes. I had taken the canister off the end of the tube. As he stared at me, I grinned wolfishly, and stuck my finger in the hose, blocking it.

His shout choked off almost immediately, and he started to thrash around on the bed, trying to escape. It was no use, though, since I had restrained him very tightly. I could see his chest heaving as he futilely tried to breathe.

I kept his air cut off for almost a minute until he stopped thrashing, and just stared at with a pleading, begging look in his eyes.

“Now, there won't be any more of that, will there boy?” I sneered as I pulled my finger from the tube.

The stud took a deep breath, and shook his head.

“Good. Just remember I am the one controlling your air now, boy. You do what I say, when I tell you to do it, and you can breathe. Fuck up again, and...” I let the threat go unfinished.

He just nodded his head and let it fall back on the bed, resigned to his fate.

I grinned down at him, and held up a long, black dildo! His chest started rising and falling faster as he figured out that it was going to be stretching his hole open very shortly.

I lubed the dildo up, and slid one hand down between his legs. I fingered his tight hole for a couple of moments before slipping the finger inside him. The stud groaned, but it seemed to be a groan of pleasure, rather then one of pain. He actually arched his back a little, making it easier for me to invade his ass. I slid the dildo down between his legs and guided the head up against his ass. Giving the dildo a short push, I slid the thick head inside him. The stud growled in his huge chest, and then moaned in pure pleasure.

It took about 5 minutes for me to slowly work the entire 10” of the shaft inside the stud. He was almost purring with pleasure whenever I would slide the shaft in and out of his ass, going a bit deeper each time. Several times while I was fucking him with the dildo, I would hold the bottle of poppers up to the end of the breathing tube, and the stud would draw in a deep breath, his chest expanding hugely.

As he lay there moaning softly, I could get the shaft deeper and deeper into his gut, until I finally had the entire thing inside his stretched hole, all the way up to the molded black balls on the end of the shaft.

When I got the dildo inside him, the stud lay back down flat on the bed, with the balls under him, locking the dildo inside him. His cock was streaming with pre-cum, and twitching.

“Are you ready for more, boy? Want more torture?” I said to him.

The stud just nodded his head, silently begging me to hurt him even more.

I picked up a flogger, and slowly dragged the ends of the tail down his torso. He looked up at me through the gas mask and nodded his head. I gave him another hit of the poppers before setting the breathing tube off to one side.

I swung the flogger and laid the tails across his thick pecs. The stud moaned in ecstasy. I knew what he wanted. The razor strop I had used earlier was just a warm-up for his real flogging .

I flogged his thick pecs, and his bulging ribcage and hard abs for a good 15 minutes, until they were bright red, with welts starting to raise on the tanned, glistening skin. Then I used a riding crop with a wide tip to torture his huge nipples for about 10 minutes more, paddling the knots of swollen flesh harder and harder.

The stud was writhing on the bed, his muscles flexing and rippling as I tortured his huge chest. I could tell he was totally in a state of endorphin induced euphoria! I had seen this before on some of my other slaves while they were being savagely tortured by the Marines, or being raped in the prisons.

The stud's cock was totally hard, even when I used the crop to paddle his nuts in the metal ball stretcher, and then used a small flogger on his cock itself.

The next thing I decided to try on the stud brought another moan of pleasure from him. I gave him another forced inhalation of poppers, then slowly slid one of my sounds deeply into his throbbing, streaming cock.

I pulled the gas mask off of his head because I wanted to hear his sounds of ecstasy as he endured my tortures. I was really beginning to think that turning this stud over to the Marines, or the other cops was a real waste of talent. I knew that they used up a slave rather quickly, and when they were done with him, he was usually nothing more then a broken man, good only as a common street hustler.

I clipped an electrical contact to the sound and another to the ball stretcher ring, and slowly turned up the power, until the stud was moaning and straining his muscles as the current started to pulse through his nuts and his cock. I set the controls on the box to random, so the current and the pulses would go up and down with no particular pattern, just to keep the stud from being able to anticipate the next jolt of electricity.

While the muscle man was writhing on the bed, I straddled his abs, sitting on his stomach. I reached out and began to twist his thick nipples with my fingers again.

He began to gasp out: “Oh fuck, yes. Oh fuck, yes, Sir. Thank you sir! Please, Sir, torture me, torture me, Sir. I love it, Sir. I NEED it, Sir. Please, Hurt me, Master!”

His eyes were closed while he was moaning to me, but I could tell he was totally under my control now. He had surrendered his last bit of resistance.

I started to punch his bright red, welted pecs with my hands, right, left, right, left, gently at first, but then harder and harder. The stud groaned in delight, and flexed his pecs until they were rock hard. It was exactly like punching a body bag in the gym, his muscles were that thick and dense. What a stud!

After about fifteen minutes of pec pounding, I climbed off his abs. I decided that it was just about time to finish the torture for a while, since he was groaning constantly, and I was just about worn out myself. I had never seen a man with the endurance that this muscle stud had shown tonight! I gave the stud an extra hard hit of the poppers, and took a hard hit myself. Then I went for the ultimate torture of his huge nipples.

I took two sets of my steel alligator clamps, the ones with no rubber tips on the biting teeth and laid then on his chest in the valley between his pecs. The stud groaned when he saw what I was going to do.

I opened one clamp and slowly let it bite into one nipple. The stud flexed his huge muscles, but tried to hold himself still. When the clamp was set, I repeated the torture on his other nipple. He had already endured one set of Alligator clamps on his tits, but now they were much more tender. Then, as the stud watched wide-eyed, I did it again with the other set of clamps!

The muscle stud was moaning loudly and gasping for air at the feeling of the four Torture clamps biting into his incredibly tender and sore nipples, and the feeling of the electricity pounding through his cock and stretched nuts. I decided to just leave him there for a couple of minutes, to suffer, before I decided what I was going to do with him next. I was beginning to think that I might just keep him for a while!

The stud looked magnificent, his oiled muscles glistening in the light, his thick chest rising and falling with each breath, capped with his huge, clamped tits. His hard cock was throbbing with his pent up need for an orgasm. The more I looked at this magnificent specimen of muscled manhood, the more I thought of keeping him for my own personal slave. I began to think that I had plenty of other boys for my clients to use, and I might just keep this stud for myself. Finally, I made a decision.

“Boy, I have an offer for you.” I said, looking down into his reddened eyes. “Are you still willing to do whatever I tell you to, with no questions?”

He whispered “Yes, Master. I'll do whatever you want me to, Sir. You are my Master now.”

“All right, boy. I have decided that you are going to be my personal slave. You will not be given to the others as long as you continue to serve me. But, if you screw up, or fail me in any way, you will be given to the Marines to torture as hard as they can, and believe me, they will break you! Is that understood, boy?”

“Yes, Sir. Thank you, Master. I will serve you as best as I can, Sir. I am ready to disappear with you, Sir. I don't care about anything else, Sir. I just want you to torture me whenever you want, Sir. I have some clients in L.A. But no one else close to me, so I can go with you anywhere, Sir.” he said softly.

With that, I told him to open his mouth, and slowly slid my hard cock deeply into his stretched throat. I groaned at the feel of his mouth starting to suck my shaft. I started to pull gently on the chains between his nipple clamps. The harder I tortured his huge nipples, the harder and more urgently he sucked my cock.

Finally I couldn't stand any more, and with a yell, I filled his mouth with a huge load of cum. The stud groaned, and swallowed my sperm as fast as he could, his mouth working around my shaft. After what seemed to be minutes, I finally stopped shooting cum into the stud's mouth, and pulled my dripping cock from his face.

“Oh God, thank you, Sir” moaned the stud.

I couldn't help myself. I slowly pulled the sound from the stud's thick cock and knelt on the bed between his wide spread legs. Without any thought, I sucked his cockhead into my mouth and began to work the shaft deeper and deeper into my throat. I wanted this magnificent muscle stud for myself!

I reached up with one hand and began to pull his nipple clamps while I sucked his thick cock, and with the other hand I pushed on the base of the dildo impaling his ass.

The stud started writhing on the bed under me. He was groaning, and gasping for air as I stretched his tits further and further from his huge pecs, and drove the dildo in and out as best as I could, all the while sucking his thick cock.

Finally, the stud groaned loudly, and pumped a huge load of hot, salty-sweet cum into my mouth. I swallowed his essence as fast as I could, wanting to have a part of this muscle god in me! His sperm flooded down my throat.

When his explosive orgasm was finally spent, the stud groaned one more time, and seemed to go limp on the bed. I slipped his cock out of my mouth, and looked up at him. He was lying spread out on the bed, his muscled chest rising and falling erratically, as he tried to catch his breath after all the tortures and suffering I had subjected him to.

I stood up, and gently removed the clamps from the huge nipples. He groaned, and then groaned even louder when I started to suck on the huge tits. I then buried my face in his deep armpits, and licked them as clean as I could. The sweat on his body tasted magnificent! I knew it was against every rule I had ever made for myself, but I think I was falling in love with this stud!

The stud opened his bloodshot eyes and groaned “Thank you Master. Oh fuck, thank you!”

“Come on boy, let's get you up.”

I slowly slid the dildo out of his asshole. He gasped when the thick head popped out of him.

“Master, may this slave make a request?”

“Go ahead, boy.”

“Is it possible to leave the rings around my nuts, Sir? They feel so damn good, and they will remind me of my place as your slave, Sir.”

I nodded.

“O.K. Slave. I guess you have earned that tonight.”

I then released his wrists and ankles from the restraints. The stud groaned again as he slowly straightened his arms and lowered then down to his sides, and pulled his legs together.

After another couple of minutes, he slowly sat up on the bed and looked into my eyes. Tears began to slide down his face. Without saying a word, he reached out and pulled my face to his. The kiss lasted for minutes! Finally he pulled back from me.

“Thank you, Master, for helping me finally know who I was meant to be. I have been a top for lots of guys, but I was never really happy. Now, I know who I really am. I am your slave, Sir.”

Without another word, the stud knelt in front of me, and began to lick my boots. I looked down at his huge, muscled back and knew I had found my future.

When the stud finally sat back upright, I smiled “Thank you, boy.”

He merely nodded, his face down in a posture of supplication. I looked at the clock, and was surprised to see that it was still fairly early in the night.

“Come on boy, I need a drink. Let's go out. I want to show off my new property” I told him.

The stud smiled up at me. “Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir.”

We figured out what the musclestud should wear to show his incredible body off to it's best advantage. I took a 6' length of shiny chain from my toy box and wrapped it around his throat several times like a collar, leaving the ends hanging down. I wrapped the ends around his chest, under his thick pecs and padlocked them together behind his back. The combination of the shiny silver chains, the denim cut off shorts, his polished black boots and his oiled, tanned skin looked hot as hell! Using several more chains, we worked out a basic harness for his body. When we finally were ready to go to the Lone Star Bar around the corner from my hotel, I knew I had the hottest stud in San Francisco on the end of my leash. We walked out of the room, and into our future together!