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Andrei and Vong
By Master Skrain

Andrei and Vong

(A Story treatment for Muscle Porn, Inc.)

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(Background and script setup; Andrei and Vong are two fighters on opposite sides of a decades-long conflict between their two family tribes in some unspecified “Sword and Sorcery” world. Vong is the son of the chief of his tribe and the head Torturer for any captives. Andrei is a brave fighter captured, and taken to the dungeons and brutally Tortured for days to make him reveal information about his tribe's attack plans and fortifications, but he will not break! His strength and muscular body writhing under Torture eventually captures the heart of Vong, his Torturer, who releases him from his captivity, and plans to help him escape the Torture Dungeons. They want to leave together, and travel far from the battles to live together as lovers, but they are captured as they try to escape.)

Andrei is so strong and brave under Torture that Vong couldn't help but fall for him... perhaps he was even driven by lust to make love to him as he lies in chains... trembling as he leans in to kiss a nip or a pit... Vong of course risked retaliation from his own clan for fraternizing with the enemy... since they were caught, he found himself chained up next to Andrei, being tortured just as hard as his former victim, his own muscles straining on the rack or the cross, trying to endure, and not betray his new love and tell of his feelings for Andrei... while Andrei himself suffers watching Vong enduring the brutal Tortures, trying not to talk himself as his new lover is tortured... The two lovers know they somehow must end the feud between their clans... as they lie next to each other, sweating and all but nude, they each vow to sacrifice himself if the other may live... muscles stretched, hard, roaring in pain, the two warriors swear to accept Death by Torture... each click of the rack stretching Andrei's muscles tighter and tighter, his chest heaving and his sweaty abs rippling, Vong's pits deep as he is spread-eagled in chains, enduring a hard back flogging while watching Andrei being tortured to his very limits on the rack...flickering torchlight adds to the scene, reflecting off their sweat-drenched physiques... "Spare him! Torture me!" each warrior longs to cry out. But that would betray their love, and swift death would follow.... no, there is no alternative but to be forced to watch each others agonies on the rack and cross, suffering and struggling, moaning and growling, as red-hot irons brand their chests... Smoke rising as their nipples are tortured with red-hot pokers from the fire-pits... Andrei's sweaty shoulder length black locks shake from side to side as he thrashes on the rack... "No... no... please... " Vong whispers as his warrior lover's proud muscled bare chest is burned... sweat sizzling on the iron... SSSSSSSSSSS... "GGGRRRRRRRAAAAAGGHHHH!!!!" Vong knows that he's next to have his brown nipples burned, and he can only hope he is as strong as Andrei, to be able to endure the agony without breaking, and telling of their secret love... Andrei and Vong are then bound side by side to a metal frame suspended over a smoking lava pit, where they will be forced to endure "The Breath of the Dragon" for hours...will one break and tell of their secret love, or will they endure the agony together in silence?

Face down, about 45* angle, spread-eagled, sweat POURING down their heaving chests and flexing abs...and as the Torture progresses, the frame is slowly lowered closer and closer to the lava pit, since it's hinged at the bottom of the frame where it's attached to the edge of the pit, so eventually, the torture victims are spread-eagled face down, horizontally above the lava, just feet above the incredible heat...roasting... spread-eagled side by side, magnificent bodies suffering, faces twisted in pain, writhing against the iron manacles that hold their wrists and ankles to the frame... each in anguish knowing his lover is feeling the same torture, the same hellish waves of heat rising from the lava and roasting their glistening, dripping muscles.... Vong was arrested for dereliction of duty in not torturing the handsome captive... and it was his own stern cruel father who sentenced the young muscled warrior to slow Torture for the crime of betraying the tribe!

Cooking them alive, their chests, abs, and legs slowly getting redder and redder as they are roasted, writhing, struggling to even breathe in the sulfurous fumes from the lava, the "Breath of the Dragon"...knowing that when the Torture by fire is finished, they will be racked, side by side, and brutally whipped and flogged on their burned torsos... The cruel chieftain watches impassively as his muscled son is Tortured on the frame next to his lover...two magnificent young bodies lowered slowly, inch by inch, the heat rising in waves of pain to torture their muscles, each naked but for a leather loincloth wrapped around their groins... Vong knowing this is only the beginning, that death this soon would be too easy for a man who betrays the tribe... Since he has had to inflict the Tortures on men before, he knows only too well what HE will be facing over the next few days...incessant, cruel, brutal Tortures, and knowing that he will have to watch Andrei endure the same Tortures will only add to his agony...every scream that Andrei utters will tear at his heart... and vice versa. Andrei too knows what is in store, having heard tales of brutal Tortures from the few members of his tribe who had lived to tell of Vong's tribe's treatment of captives... masters of inflicting agony on the male body... even Vong has the skill to deliver hellish pain, as Andrei suffered for days before his bravery and muscled beauty melted Vong's heart--which resulted the hideous agony they were now feeling over the lava pit!

the real test is to see if they can remain silent about their unspoken love for each other...The Chieftain knows that his son was disloyal in not Torturing the muscled captive until he broke, but he does not know why...,he does not know what happened in those nights in the Torture Chamber when Andrei's beauty and strength and muscled body captured the heart of his son... Ironic that that hellhole of pain and death was the place that love blossomed between these two brave warriors--a love so strong it was worth risking their lives for... now Andrei and Vong will indeed have that love and bravery and strength and resistance tested under the most cruel Tortures the tribe can devise... will their affection give them the strength to endure? or will it break them as one confesses to save his lover but condemn himself to death by Torture?

The fear is also hidden inside Vong that his father MIGHT Torture Andrei to Death by the most cruel and slow methods if either one does confess his love, just to punish Vong for his betrayal of the tribe, so they both must endure the hideous tortures that are to come without speaking out of their love... they are bound side by side in a tight standing spread-eagle position, exposing their broad, muscled backs to the scourge and the lash, and their hard, reddened chests, nipples, and abs to the whip, and the red hot pokers...the tribe members gather to watch as Vong, the most feared and hated member of the tribe is forced to endure the same brutal Tortures that he had inflicted on so many of them in the past, as well as a captive from a rival tribe, so their bloodlust is at a frenzy...there are rumors spreading that Vong and their hated enemy have developed an unnatural affection for each other...they will be Tortured until one or the other tells the truth... Andrei knows his life is likely nearing its end, in captivity by the enemy tribe... but can he somehow save Vong from a similar fate? Their ordeal over the lava pit proved that the tribe's lust for vengeance, even Vong's own father's, knows no bounds... Vong's father Zorok, a tough, muscled, scarred warrior of 50, raises his lash, whirls it three times above his head, and brings it down on Vong's rippled back.... The scream of agony that is torn from Vong's throat pierces through Andrei's heart, hurting almost as much as the bite of the lash when it tears across HIS rock hard back...Zorok alternates between the two captives, lashing one back, then the other, no matter that one of the Torture victims is his own son. Zorok now thinks that he has NO son, since no son of his could ever betray the tribe by loving an enemy...the lash slices across the backs of the helpless screaming, muscled captives again and again, tearing at the flesh... Zorok lashes his son again and again, 10, 20 strokes... the young warrior winces and struggles, even screams in despair and agony, but will not speak... Zorok and the tribe study Andrei's face for signs of cracking, anguish that would betray their love... A tribe that thrives on manliness, bravery and pain--Vong was trained early in all these, and Zorok raised him to be the tribe's Torturer... yet now it is he who suffers the agonies of the Torture Chamber at his father's hand... both men's backs bloodied from the cruel lash as they hang by their wrists, bare toes brushing the stone floor, bodies stretched and chained tautly in place... They both struggle to remain silent about their secret, knowing that if either one speaks, it will mean a horrible death by incredibly painful, slow, agonizing Tortures...this lashing will be but child's play compared to the horrors one or both will face if their secret is revealed...Vong knows that his Father's hatred of the other tribes is so deep that if their secret is revealed, BOTH will be tortured to death...he struggles to keep silent, hoping that Andrei can endure, and do the same...the lashing go on for hours... A special lash of raw, uncured hide, rough and brutal, with sharp-cornered chunks of metal tied to the end of each strand.... it is a scourge designed to tear secrets from a man even as it tears his skin and muscle...both men must be brought step by slow step near death, but Zorok WILL first hear the warriors confess their unnatural feelings... "Take my life... take it but spare his," both men think, Tortured side by side... Writhing and roaring in agony, strung up immobile, the brutal lashing at Zorok's merciless hand never ceases... he moves around to there front of the two hanging men, to their pecs, and abs red and roasted over the lava.... SWHSSSHCRACK!!!! Strangled cries torn from the the throat of the handsome Andrei as the whip slashes his chest muscle...

"Father..." groans Vong, but Andrei shouts, "NO! You mustn't..." then both fall silent, fearing that the uncontrolled outburst might be enough to drive Zorok mad with hate... A deep love, forged in the masculinity and pain of the Torture Chamber... the bravery Andrei showed as Vong applied Tortures to his young beautiful body drove Vong to betray his tribe... now their love is tested at his father's hand, with slow death the price they must pay... "FATHER?!?!??!!" screams Zorok. "I am not your father any longer!!!" He brutally backhands the dangling young warrior.... the two muscled lovers know their lives will end shortly, within days, and the end of the cruel tortures to come, but they both silently vow to endure, to show their strength and love to the end. Andrei shrieks with pure hatred when Vong is beaten by Zorok, knowing that if he were free, Zorok's life would be over in seconds, even if he had to tear his heart out bare-handed. He struggles in his chains, but there is nothing Andrei can do but watch as his lover is beaten... Andrei's heart is near to bursting with anguish, as Zorok lashes out with his fist again and again, beating Vong's handsome face... blood from Vong's lip splatters across Andrei's bare muscled chest, already bloody from the brutal whip... Vong's head droops... out of the corner of one bruised eye he sees his father draw a red-hot skewer from a brazier and approach Andrei... the young warrior steels himself as Zorok lays the searing tip of the foot-long needle against Andrei's pec muscle.... "no..... " Vong whispers....

Andrei shrieks in agony as the red hot skewer slides into his pec behind his nipple, burning the flesh as it is driven deeper and deeper into the solid muscle, until there is a bulge in the skin on the other side of the muscle, then the tip bursts through the skin, drawing another scream of agony from Andrei as the still hot metal is now pushed completely through his right pec. Vong groans in horror when Zorok draws another skewer from the brazier, and places the tip against Andrei's left pec, and begins to push...Andrei shrieks again and again as the Torture is repeated...Vong gasps; "Oh, Gods, save us..."

Sick with contempt and bitterness, Zorok watches his former son's face for signs of anguish and pity as he drives the red-hot skewer through the groaning Andrei's pec muscle... the young barbarian, strung up nude and chained in the enemy's deepest dungeon of Torture, throws back his head... groans turn to screams as the needle pierces the thick chest muscle...Vong too throws back his head in silent prayer as his lover, dangling so near, is tortured mercilessly... Trained to relish inflicting pain from age 15, Vong's averting of his eyes from the torture spectacle is a clue to Zorok that Vong's heart may have been softened... Zorok lifts another needle from the brazier and advances toward his dangling victims.... "You will suffer much before you perish," he growls at Vong, pressing the skewer's sharp point against the warrior's bulging bicep and slowly thrusting it.... Vong grits his teeth, taught to endure agony, and glares back at his father torturing him... "Not before I destroy you," he taunts the muscled older man....

Zorok simply laughs as he picks up another glowing skewer, and presses the end of it against his son's left pec. "You will never get the chance" he growls as the red hot skewer slides into his son's chest muscle, sizzling as it burns it's way through the hard muscle, until the end pushes out through the skin! Secretly impressed that Vong didn't make a sound as his chest was pierced, Zorok repeats the Torture on Vong's right pec, until both torture victims have metal skewers pierced through both sides of their bulging, muscled chests, directly behind their nipples... He then orders the other warriors; "When I am done with them, you may take what's left of them out and hang them from their chests in the death frames. Make sure they are facing each other, so they may watch each other perish in the heat..."

Still bent on breaking Vong by torturing his suspected lover, Zorok holds up another red-hot skewer.... and presses is lengthwise against Andrei's left nipple, branding it with a long thin burn mark, sizzling the warrior's sweat as he hangs naked... "YOU CURSED BASTARD!!!" Andrei shouts... Zorok laughs as he backhands Andrei across the mouth, spraying blood from his split lip. Vong struggles to stay quiet as he sees his own father brutalizing his secret lover...Zorok repeats the Torture on Andrei's right nipple, sneering as Andrei shrieks and flexes his muscles as the flesh of his nipple is charred and blackened by the red hot metal...then another skewer is taken from the brazier, and pushed against Andrei's thick right bicep. He shrieks in sheer agony as the skewer is slowly driven into the massive muscle...

Zorok continues the Torture with the red hot skewers, and by the time he is done, both shrieking torture victims have skewer pierced through their pecs, their biceps , and even through the calves! He then orders the tribesmen to drag the helpless prisoners out to the death frames, wooden uprights topped with a crosspiece, arranged in a circle on top of a small rise. There, the prisoner's hands are tied together behind their necks with strips of water-soaked rawhide, with the long ends wrapped around their throats! Then, the screaming Torture victims are positioned under two of the frames, facing each other so they have to watch each other suffer as ropes are thrown over to tops of the frames, looped around the skewers in their chests, and they are hoisted into the air by the ropes, stretching their huge chest muscles... The skewers through their biceps add to their Torture, since having their hands tied where they are makes the muscle flex, increasing the pain from the still hot metal driven through the muscles. As Vong sees Andrei's muscled physique writhing and flexing in agony, his brown skin shining with sweat, he can't help himself, and his manhood starts to engorge, even though he is in agony himself from the unbearable stretching of his chest muscles and the burning pain in his biceps and calves... Hour after hour, under a 100-degree sun, the two heroes dangle, stripped nude, from the ropes tied to their pec skewers.... but even this brutal agony does not prevent their cocks from hardening, thrusting up from their groins.... Slowly the sun dries the rawhide, pulling their wrists up behind them agony and increasing the tightness around their throats, pulling their heads back, faces turned up toward the torturing sun....will this Torture force them to reveal their love? Or beg for death?

Their suffering becomes even worse when Zorok orders the other members of the tribe to start to flog the hanging figures one at a time, to ensure that the flogging lasts for hours, some on the front, torturing their burned abs and rib-cages, and flogging their erect cocks and balls, and some to flog their already scourged backs...the tribesmen take turns Torturing either their hated enemy, or the traitor in their midst, each one giving 50 strokes before the next member of the tribe takes his turn, driving them closer and closer to madness from the thirst and pain...Their bodies swing with the impacts of the floggers, adding to the agony of their chests as the skewers work against the tortured, stretched muscles... The torture continues for hours, until Zorok hears Vong hoarsely whisper"...father..." barely able to make a sound as the thongs are tightening around his and Andrei's throats, choking them... The two victims endure lash after countless lash, the tribesmen driven mad by the traitors, yet skillfully plying the whip to cause maximum pain without pushing them over the brink of death.. under the blows, the two heroes swing back and forth, even so close together that their erect tortured cocks brush against each other... as their bound wrists are pulled up behind them, their guns bulge, increasing the pain from the skewers as their breath gets more and more labored as the rawhide nooses tighten... "father..." Vong whispers... "kill us... spare us this torture...." Zorok sneers; "Not until you tell the truth, traitor! You will live until you talk, or until he does", pointing at Andrei, who was also gasping for air...Vong groans, knowing that his father can keep them alive, and make then both wish for death, as he is a master of inhuman Tortures...his eyes meet Andrei's and there is a silent vow made that neither shall confess, no matter what is done to them, no matter how brutally they are Tortured... Their heads are now pulled back so tightly from the shrinking rawhide that they can barely make eye contact, but as they do they swear never to confess their love as men and warriors, pledging to die together as heroes, side by side.... meanwhile the tribal whips lash their dangling bodies... Zorok instructs two men to tie the skewers in the torture victims' calves to the sides of the death frame--again using wet rawhide which will shrink and slowly pull their legs farther and farther apart... After hours of exposure and Torture on the frames, their bodies are burned by the blazing sun, and shredded by the whips, their legs drawn tightly to the sides, totally exposing their cocks and balls, the two prisoners gasping for air, barely breathing, clinging to life by the merest threads of their strength, but still determined to not betray their love, no matter what. When Andrei begins to shudder and thrash uncontrollably from the agony of the multiple Tortures, and the lack of air, Zorok orders both Prisoners cut down from the death frames! He is determined to Torture a confession out of one or the other of them, no matter that Vong is his own son, and he will not let them die until he has broken them! They are dragged into the lower regions of the dungeons, the skewers cruelly yanked from their muscles, and they are thrown into a cell, shackled naked in thick, heavy chains, helpless in the darkness, knowing that their Torture is far from finished! Brought to the very edge of death, but spared--for further Torture! Sweating, bleeding, naked, every muscle lashed and aching, the two warriors seek each other out in the blackness, nestling close... the chains on their wrist, ankle, and neck shackles clank loudly as they tenderly but deeply kiss... "Andrei... he will not let us die together.... he will continue the Tortures... there will be no respite...""Vong.... I would gladly give my life for yours...even under Torture... beg your father for mercy for yourself and let him have mine...."

"I cannot! I know my father and his cruelty! if I confess our love, your death will be so horrible that I cannot even bear to think of it! No, Andrei, we will either live together, or we will die together! I cannot live without you, and I would rather endure whatever Tortures my father can subject us to, knowing that we will die together and the pain will end, rather then be forced to live my life without you. THAT would be Torture to me..."

"Life without you, Vong, would be the cruelest of all... we must survive any Torture your father inflicts, no matter how hideous.... as long as I feel your presence by my side, I will have the strength not to succumb...." Andrei's lips comfort and soothe Vong's tortured skin and muscle, gently tonguing his burns and skewer wounds... as well as his nipples and even his erect cock... Vong gently strokes Andrei's head as he slowly takes more and more of the erect shaft into his mouth. Andrei starts gently feeling Vong's battered muscles, even as his own manhood swells to it's fullest in spite of the agonizing pain in his chest, as well as the torment from his torn back...Andrei moans softly at the feel of Vong's strong hands on his head, stroking his thick, matted hair, trying to comfort him even through his own agony...the thickness of Vong's manhood a comfort to his tormented soul, knowing that he has found his true mate, no matter what happens to them. He starts to work his head up and down the thick shaft faster and faster, while Vong gasps with pleasure at the feel of the hot mouth... As aroused by the scent of Andrei's sweat and blood as by the feel of a hungry mouth upon his shaft, Vong moans and reaches under Andrei's muscled torso to gently stroke the tortured nips... then, feeling near release, he lifts Andrei's head from his cock, kisses him hungrily, and lays the wounded warrior on his back on the cell's stone floor--then leans over him and lowers his own mouth on Andrei's beautiful erect manhood..."Vong... oh. yes... Vong... I would happily die under Torture to experience this pleasure for a moment.. I love you, Vong...."

As Vong loses himself in the sensation of the hard, hot shaft in his mouth, he is able to forget for just a few moments the agony they both have had to endure, and the fear of whatever might be coming in the future. As Vong hears Andrei's breath coming in shorter and shorter gasps, his mind is almost overcome by the feel of Andrei's hot mouth engulfing his manhood, even as he is working his mouth up and down on Andrei's thick shaft. Unable to contain himself any longer, Vong releases a huge flood of his male essence into Andrei's mouth, and is rewarded with a similar flood of Andrei's discharge into his mouth! He swallows as quickly as he can, knowing that Andrei is doing the same thing, as they plant each others seed deeply in the bodies of their true love! Finally, Vong has to release the shaft from his mouth, and try not to collapse on top of Andrei, as his release has drained almost all his remaining strength. Vong lies down on the dungeon floor, and Andrei immediately joins him.

Both Vong and Andrei know they have just strengthened their bond, as men, warriors, and brothers, by sharing their seed... For a brief moment they forgot the pain in their tortured bodies.... it was a rite that sealed their bond unbreakably, even in death....Then a distant door clangs open... boots advance... "Andrei, my love... my brother... they are coming to take us to further Torture... stay strong!" the guards throw open the cell door and drag their chained, wounded, weakened bodies from the cell, the two heroes know this will likely be their final ordeal... taken to the Torture Chamber, where Zorok stands muscled and fierce before them, his rippling body stripped to a leather loincloth, the heroes are thrown down on their knees before him.... "Do you have anything to say??" he demands. Both prisoners remain silent, defiant to the very end.

“Very well. I shall not waste more time with you. You will both be banished from our lands, and taken out to the edge of the wildlands, and left there, spread-eagled in chains on the death slabs, naked and helpless. You wish to be together? Then you shall both die together!”

The two muscled prisoners know that they have almost no channce of surviving the wildlands, but they will face their fate together, and they both knew that they have won, and they have not denied their love for each other!

(So, what do you think? Could we produce this video? Let me know your thoughts. I know the perfect pair of actors for the lead roles, both well built, both experienced in the S+M world, and already lovers to boot! The other parts should be easy to cast as well from our stable of musclemen. The effects work can be handled in-house, or contracted out, check costs for both options... Give me the go-ahead, and I'll get our top scriptwriter to work it out. With a proper script, this could even be a two part story, doubling potential DVD sales worldwide! Thoughts? )