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Rassadah’s Boy
Part 4 - Rassadah’s Fall
By Mark Sayrs
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Captain Darrel had been entrusted to find the “Matilda”, lieutenant Raynolds and the missing sailors and to eliminate definitively the pirate’s predatory hostage taking and the horrifying immorality of their sexual practices. He had three ships under his command and he followed the pirate’s activities with systematic care. Soon he began to understand the patterns of their activities, how they found out about ships navigating in their surrounding sea, how they calculated their interceptions, where they took their hostages and how the negotiations for their ransom took place. Once he was sure of all this, he went to sea in their search. After a few days, and just as ha had predicted, he found their notorious ship. It was sailing in search of a merchant that Captain Darrel had made sure the whole region knew it was loaded with riches. The pirate’s ship was larger, but Captain Darrel’s were swifter and better armed. After a long battle, his sailors and marines were able to capture and board the pirate’s boat. A tremendous fight left the decks covered with blood and dead bodies. Most of the pirate’s were captured, among them Rassadah himself, in spite of his heroic struggle, with considerable wounds that left him unconscious and bleeding. The sailors of the “Matilda” were freed from their shameful captivity.


Captain Darrel stormed into Rassadah’s cabin and his eyes couldn’t believe what he saw. “Raynolds!” he shouted when he recognized the naked body cowering in the arms of a large Negro. Soon he began to understand the unspeakable. His lips turned into a vulgar sneer as he realized what Raynolds had become. “Bring some clothes (ha, ha) for the lieutenant!” he snorted. The ships with the freed sailors, Rassadah and his captives slowly limped into port. Captain Darrel made sure that they were imprisoned in a far away castle where he moved his lodging and also made room for Josh. Nacho in white dungarees became his servant as it was not unusual for officers to have black slaves at their service. Nobody knew exactly what had happened to Josh. Of course it was well known what had happened to his sailors, and a quick trial and execution was expected for the heathen pirates. There were rumors about Josh, but he didn’t encounter anything worse than a sly sneering smile as he passed the other officers he lived with. Actually, he became very popular with the women, who felt an enticed attraction in a man who was rumored to have been treated like a girl. They felt more secure with a man who knew what it was to have been a woman. Josh slowly regained his identity in spite of the hidden sneers that followed him and the sailors who ventured a lewd gesture and touched their crotches as he passed them by. Josh overlooked these minor inconveniences; they couldn’t bother him in any way. He couldn’t be blamed for the capture of the “Matilda” and after the mandatory court martial he expected to go back to England and resume his former life.


“Lieutenant, sir”, a swarthy sailor saluted him, “captain wants you to report to his quarters”Josh went to the captain’s cabin wondering what he would be wanting. He was not very happy of encountering this man again, after what he had seen in the pirate’s vessel.

“Lieutenant Joshua Reynolds reporting, sir” he smartly saluted as he entered captain Darrel’s quarters.

“Oh, hello Raynolds, at ease”said the captain, an amused look in his face.

He was not very tall, about a head less than Josh, but was heavily built. He had bright carrot red hair. Under heavy rust colored brows his eyes glinted green, over a puggish nose and full lips. Josh was not surprised that he didn’t ask him to sit down. Standing was the normal attitude when reporting to a superior officer. Still there was a certain tension in the air, and he felt that standing there in front of his captain had some significance. Darrel was actually slowly looking him all over.

“The pirates are going to be tried tomorrow. All your men will be asked to testify to what had been done to them. Their story is quite a thriller. They have told me also of the stirring performance you gave them on deck, and how you encouraged them to submit to their captors.”  “Yes, that must have been quite a performance”, repeated Darrel as Josh’s face became beet red with shame. “You will also be asked to testify; they will ask you how you lost your ship and what the pirates did to you. They will ask you what that performance was. It will be difficult to deny your men’s story.” continued Darrell. “You will not be able to deny that the pirate did with you everything he wanted, that he took you at his pleasure”, said Darrell and paused, looking deep into Josh’s eyes to enjoy the deep embarrassment he was causing. Josh was actually shaking under the impression of such public revelations.

“It doesn’t have to happen, you know”, said Darrell with a not too reassuring smile.

. “No one really knows what happened to you with the pirates. They have heard rumors and they suspect that something did happen. The men are trying to forget and they would rather not confess their debasement in public. Some officers look at you with pity and wonder what they would have done in your place. Others despise you and feel only contempt for a man that has been surely queered.”. Darrell paused for a moment.

“I have enough evidence to get them all hanged without any more ado”. His tone had become serious, he was not smiling any more, “They wont have to testify and that’s just fine with them. They don’t care a damn about you. You wont have to face the court or your men either.

But I will need some cooperation from you” he concluded. Josh was too embarrassed and emotionally confused to say anything. He looked hopefully at what was beginning to look as his salvation.

“Yes, some cooperation” insisted Darrell. “I’ll do anything, sir” stammered Josh at last.

“Anything? Are you sure?” asked Darrell with a leering smile. “I don’t miss my wife, I married her for the money and she’s an absolute bore. But I do miss the fucking, and boy, did she like it. I can’t do anything here with the women, my wife is very jealous and has spies around me. I can’t afford to loose her, I need  the money, you know.”Josh didn’t quite understand where all this was leading to, but the captain’s eyes were roaming slowly over his body and he was looking peculiar. Josh felt that there was something wrong. The tension in the air increased.

“Perhaps you can help me, Raynolds, continued Darrell. “You have the experience, I am sure, and I think I could have a very good time with you.”.

Josh was silent. He gulped with embarrassment; he couldn’t utter a word. Was Darrell trying to blackmail him? He just couldn’t believe it. He just stood there, uncomprehending.

“Damn it!” exclaimed Darrell as he saw that Josh wasn’t taking in the picture. “Don’t you get it? Take off your clothes!” he ordered. “Come on! take them off at once!” Josh couldn’t believe what he was hearing, but took off his tunic, bent over and took off his boots, unbuckled his belt and pulled down his trousers. He unbuttoned  his shirt and stood looking sheepish as if he were a bad boy in school being punished by his teacher.


Darrell took in the sight. Here was a handsome young man, with lovely pecs and a fine abdomen, well shaped legs. In whole one of those good specimens you find sometimes in the Navy.

“I said take them all off!” he ordered.

This was no longer school. Josh took off his shirt, and stepped out of his trousers. He was completely naked now. Something stirred in him and he started to get a modest hard on.

“Get on your knees and start sucking this” Darrell ordered taking his cock out from his trousers. He stood up, approached and pushed Josh down on his knees in front of his crotch. His cock was not an exceptional piece of meat, but it was nicely shaped, the skin had freckles like the captain’s face and the hair in his crotch was just as red as his head. Darrell took his tool and pointed it at Josh’s face. He pushed it against Josh’s lips. After a moment’s hesitation he parted his lips and let the captain’s cock invade his mouth. As the captain started moving his cock tentatively into his mouth he started sucking. Instinctively all what Nacho had taught him came back to him. Josh put all his experience with Rassadah to work in an effort to make the captain come as fast as possible and to put an end to his horrible humiliation. Darrell started feeling extraordinary sensations as Josh’s mouth, tongue and throat started to work on his cock. Josh even gave him little bites on the delicate frenum that connects the head to the shaft.

“Ahhh!” shouted and grunted Darrell. “ Really fantastic!”Josh went on trying to make him come as soon as possible. It wasn’t at all a disagreeable situation but he wasn’t enjoying it either. The idea that he was being black mailed into doing it took all the pleasure out of it. He was beginning to feel rather resentful and started to employ all his talent and energies to put an end to this embarrassment. Darrel was now leaning on his arms against the wall, and banged Josh’s head against it as he plugged his cock relentlessly into his mouth and throat. Just as Josh thought he couldn’t take it any longer, just as he was beginning to gag, Darrell’s cock came, filling his mouth with generous and foul tasting juices. The captain kept his cock deep inside Josh’s mouth to force him to gulp as much of his cum as possible. Then he stepped back and contemplated the blond lieutenant on his knees, his face red with shame and trembling after the tiring efforts he had exerted on the captain’s cock, cum dribbling obscenely from his half opened mouth and dripping down his chin. “Now get out! And come tomorrow at the same time, he commanded, unless you prefer to testify at the trial”, he sneered with pleasure.


Josh stood up slowly and put on his clothes. He was surprised to see that he had a reluctant hard on, which was difficult to fit into his trousers. As he left the captain’s room a tremendous wave of shame filled his conscience. Nacho was troubled to see Josh’s disheveled and untidy look as he entered their room. Josh looked at him with a deep and intense gaze. Suddenly he was seeing in Nacho the image of his redemption. He threw himself in Nacho’s arms and crying spasmodically he kissed him in a desperate embrace. As usual Nacho had only a kind of loin cloth on. Taking his cock out of his trousers Josh parted Nacho’s legs apart, impaled him with fury and started fucking him as if his life depended on it. Nacho accepted his thrusts with a willing patience: he understood the profound spiritual need that his master felt. As he came in powerful jets into Nacho’s insides, Josh felt as if he were cleansing his soul of the humiliation and the impotence that he had experienced shortly before that night.


And so it went on for several days, until once when the captain was about to cum, he  suddenly pulled out of his mouth.

“Okay! That was really good”, he said as he started to take off his uniform. “I never had a blow job like yours, but this time I don’t want to end it in your mouth”. On his knees, his lips glistening with saliva and pre-cum, Josh watched as Darrell started to expose his body. He was not fat but heavily built,  well proportioned with bony, strong features, like his jaw and the protruding pommels of his face, which gave him a Viking look. His skin was milk white and all covered with tiny freckles, and his whole body was covered with a fine down of red hair, especially his arms and legs. It fanned out around his cock in an abundant red bouquet.

“Suck it some more,” ordered Darrell, “and remember, you wont get any more lubrication before I fuck you”. It wasn’t a terribly big cock, but it was pretty thick and Josh did his best to cover it with abundant spit.

Darrel took Josh’s body, lifted him up from between his legs and threw him face down on his bunk. Josh clutched the pillows as he felt Darrell crouching behind him, forcing his legs open with his hairy thighs. He fell heavily over Josh’s back, passed his arms under his arm pits and seizing him hard by the shoulders started exploring his buttocks with his cock. Darrell was strangely excited with this adventure he had been afraid to start. He had only once before fucked a boy in school and he moved his hips frantically trying to figure a way into Josh’s ass. With the rubbing his cock became even harder and more demanding. It pierced through Josh’s ass cheeks and found the forbidden entrance. With shouts of pleasure Darrell pushed in and in. Josh felt the penetration with some pain but it was all right, he could take it. (After Rassadah’s cock he would have been able to take even a cricket bat) Darrell let himself go. He bit Josh’s neck as he struggled on and pumped his cum deep inside his ass. He came and came as he had never come with his wife or other women he had fucked. Somehow, the forbidden nature of fucking a man, of possessing him fully, made him rise to heights of excitement that he had never imagined possible.


Darrell fell on top of Josh and rested for a while, but he kept his cock into the warm andwet innards of his man. His excitement did not wear off. Soon he felt a new hard on and started to pump again. Josh took it with resignation. He was beginning to like it, although Darrell couldn’t possible stir him the way it had been with the pirate. But he didn’t want to like it, this was a despicable blackmail, he was being forced to do it, he was no queer, and he tried to put his mind on the successful way he was getting out of the terrible prospect of his exposure in a trial. He thought it was well worth this gross defilement of his body.

Darrell took him for a second time, delighted with his total release after so many months of abstinence. He pushed Josh out of the bunk. Josh fell back heavily to the floor, his legs high up on the bunk. Darrell looked with proud amusement to see how his own cum was dribbling from Josh’s ass. He didn’t mind whether Josh had come or not, although he appreciated that he had quite a hard on. He was only after his pleasure.

“Get out now”, he directed Josh, “and come back here tomorrow at the fourth bell”.


And so Josh did, for the next few nights. He came into the captain’s cabin at the appointed time, and stripped slowly in front of him. He kneeled between Darrell’s furry legs and sucked him with as much spit as he could to lubricate him well. Then Darrell would take him with as much abandon as he could muster, fucked him once or twice and sent him away.

The third night, though, something different happened. Darrell was already naked waiting for him and he looked gingerly at Josh’s body as he uncovered himself.

           “I don’t like fucking a man so much”, Darrell said as he stroked his red cock. “I would like to fuck you as a woman, on your back, your legs up and offering me your ass, but I can’t stand the sight or the touch of your genitals. Put this on.”He handed Josh a supporter that fitted around his waist and thighs but left his ass cheeks free. The jock strap fitted tightly over his genitals, perhaps too tightly: Josh’s strong cock and large balls were squeezed into an enticing mound that made him look sexier than if he were exposed. Darrell liked it. To him Josh’s crotch looked more like a woman’s Venus mound. After Josh had sucked him in the usual lubricating way, he pushed him on his back and kneeled between his legs. “I am going to take you as a woman!” he declared with pride as his eyes went over Josh body and especially over his mounded crotch with lascivious appreciation. He laid on top of Josh, supporting himself on his elbows at Josh’s sides. His strong biceps passed under his arm pits and his hands grabbed him strongly by the shoulders. His bony face was just over Josh’s. His excited breathing bathed Josh’s face. Darrell’s thighs were separating his legs up and far apart and his hard cock began looking for the rewarding entrance. After some rubbing between his ass cheeks Josh felt how Darrell’s cock found the crack and started to push in. Josh opened up to help him and to get it over with. Darrell thrust strongly and penetrated deep into Josh. His eyes glazed over with the intensity of his pleasure. He pumped as freely and as strongly as he could. Josh’s body was shaking under his attack, his legs dangling wildly around Darrell’s strong torso. Darrell wiggled his ass to increase the friction of his cock inside Josh. He felt a strange urge to kiss this strange man that was so entirely in his possession, that he was taking as a woman. Instead he buried his head on Josh’s breast and testily bit his tits. His legs were so tensed his muscles showed angrily under his milk white skin and red hair down. Josh’s but was raised from the bunk under the strenuous thrusts and his body doubled up on his back, his legs were thrown wide open to either side and he shook as Darrell pumped with all his might. The captain’s excitement was beginning to stir strange sensations into Josh. He was having a clear hard on, his cock was rubbing tantalizingly against Darrell’s hairy abdominals, imprisoned in the tight crotch strap, which increased his arousal, as his aggressor finally came, inundating him with his abundant lava.  Before Josh could also cum, he fell heavily on top of him. Josh felt his sweat gluing his red hairs to his body and his heavy breathing on his breast. After a while Darrell started to pump again in an effort to come a second time. But it was too much. He was really spent physically and emotionally by this new and whole unexpected experience. He was suddenly alarmed at the pleasure he was getting accustomed to in fucking this strange man. He was actually looking forward to see him every night. He liked the way he looked and even more with that tight jock. Was he a man or a woman? He was beginning to wonder. He was horrified at the unwelcome attachment he was feeling for this man who was beginning to attract him in an irresistible way. He had to have him every night. He was fucking him but he was actually being possessed by him even more.

“Get out now” he said gruffly as he tried to control his emotions, “and be sure to come back tomorrow at the same time...and bring that jock with you”, he ended rather sheepishly.


A few nights passed by in the same way. Josh came, denuded himself and put on the enticing jock while Darrell watched fascinated. He sucked him into a good and wet hard on and then laid on his back awaiting with open legs Darrell’s assault. The captain lowered his heavy body and tried to think it was really a woman he was going to fuck. He would touch Josh’s crotch and feel that it was just like a woman’s mound, a little bigger perhaps and sometimes it stirred peculiarly under its restraints, but it was reassuring to him. He would then start fucking, taking his pleasure in any way he could, bit Josh’s neck and his delicious pecs to distract him from Josh’s face and lips, which over and over he felt he wanted to kiss, and finally came with a great gush of cum. He liked it even more when he discovered that he was beginning to force Josh into arousal. When he realized Josh’s receptive reactions he struggled harder and harder trying to bring Josh to a climax, and his own became ever more intense when he noticed the wet sensation that poured out of Josh’s jock after he came. After a few times, Josh resigned himself to his position, stopped trying to resist his own arousal, and let himself come freely to get some pleasure at least from this incredible blackmail.


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