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Rassadah’s Boy
Part 1 - Captured
By Mark Sayrs
Email: Mark Sayrs

It was one of those perfect days in the Caribbean. The sky was a deep blue and the sea billowed calmly under a fresh breeze. Royal Navy Lieutenant Josh Reynolds stood proudly on the poop deck, not far from the wheel. It was his first command. He was to take the “Matilda” brigantine from Trinidad to Jamaica. He was a well built young man of 27 years of age, slender more than muscular. He had been the first in his class and one of the first in all sorts of sports. A mop of straw blond hair curled on top of his well shaped brow. His eyes were so intensely blue that sometimes they seemed green. His nose was a bit puggish, making him look younger than he was. His red lips usually pouted a bit, suggesting a wet kiss that had driven crazy many a girl. He was sociable and friendly, very successful with women, but had never fallen in love. His step father, an admiral of the fleet, had placed him well in the navy and was negotiating a marriage with a rich heiress. He took his pleasure with girls whenever he could, he was not tender but not brutal either, rather kind.

The lookout shouted as a large ship was seen in the distance. “That’s odd, thought Josh, I don’t recall the navy around here, perhaps it’s a Spanish ship”. As the large ship loomed clearer in the horizon the lookout gave a sharp cry and climbed down the mast as fast as he could.

“What is the meaning of this, shouted Josh, get back up there this very instant!”.

 “Sir! Cried out the lookout, a terrified look in his face, it’s Rassadah! The fucking pirates!” “What do you mean the fucking pirates?”“Take a look by yourself, Sir!”Josh took the looking glass and focused on the large approaching ship. Sure enough, the black flag with the skull and bones was clearly visible on the mizzen mast, the flag that was meant to terrorize the pirate’s victims and induce them to surrender under pain of death. But on the main mast something very odd was flying instead of a flag, It looked like a huge pink wind sock with two large globes on each side of its base. As the wind filled it up it actually looked like a large penis, some white streamers attached to its end gave the impression of ejaculating semen!Josh looked around in surprise. His mate saw his embarrassed and questioning expression.

“Rassadah and his men roam around the Caribbean taking treasure and hostages for ransom, he explained to Josh, but the young men they capture they take as their wives”.

“Their wives?” asked Josh completely at a loss of what his mate could mean.

“Yes sir, you see, they don’t like women, or perhaps they can’t find enough of them. They take young men instead and make them their sex slaves”.

Josh couldn’t quite understand what all this meant. His mind was concentrating on how to defend his ship against the pirates. Their ship was larger and much faster. It was closing hard on them. It maneuvered cleverly behind the “Matilda” so as to avoid its cannon. Seen from the poop, it looked as if the large pink penis was pointing at them, rushing to cover them with its white semen streamers. The pirates were clearly over running them. Josh decided to turn his ship around so as to be able to shoot a broadside, but as his boat carried out this maneuver it lost a lot of speed. The cannon shots did some damage to the pirate’s ship but they couldn’t stop it. Carried at full speed it by the fresh breeze it quickly overtook the “Matilda” and the pirate’s ropes and hooks clawed at its side. Shouting pirates jumped on their captured ship, all of them half naked, some enormous Negroes, other well muscled mulattos, wild red haired Vikings, beastly apparitions of every sort were soon clambering aboard the captured ship and battling with their cutlasses and pistols with the terrified sailors. Josh wielded his saber and cut down the first pirate that climbed on the poop deck, his blood splattering all over his blue tunic and white trousers. He turned around and attacked another fiend, but a third one fell on top of him from above and knocked him down on the deck. A thick net was thrown over him and a muscled mulatto hovered over him,“I got him, I got the best!” he shouted raucously. “He’s mine!” shouted a bigger, larger pirate, pushing the mulatto away.

“You can’t take him away from me, Rassadah, it’s the rules!”It was Rassadah, the pirate leader, Josh realized. He threw a bag of gold coins at the mulatto’s feet.

“All right. He’s yours, but I wont forget”  he said resentfully, picking the bag and rushing away to find another prey to his lust.

Rassadah looked down at the captive that lied at his feet, all bound by the net. He pulled his cock out of his trousers and pointed it at Josh. Before he realized what this meant, Rassadah started urinating all over Josh, marking his property as if he were a dog. Josh could hardly avoid the foul smelling stream of piss. At least he was able to hide his face and eyes from the acid shower.

As he lay dripping on the deck, under Rassadah’s legs, he looked around. At the beginning he could not make out what he was seeing. It was like a hellish vision. In an orgy of wild and violent disorder, all the sailors were being forcefully stripped naked and the pirates were trying to fuck them in every conceivable position, from behind or in front, lying down under their oppressors or receiving their cocks on all fours, some being fucked in the mouth while another pirate filled their asses. Naked lust had taken over the captured ship.

Suddenly two strong arms lifted him from the deck and took him all bundled up in the netting down the stairs of the hatch and through the door of the stern cabin. He was dropped heavily on the floor. He quickly turned around and saw a large black man, completely naked, next to the impressive looking Rassadah. He was more than six feet tall, a red kerchief around his head held an abundance of curly black hair, his very black eyes under heavy black eye brows that knitted together, looked over a rather aquiline nose, and as his full and fleshy red lips smiled they showed a row of large white teeth. His shoulders were very wide, stretching his beautifully mounded pectorals from which his tits pushed out like kissing little cocks, but the most notable sight of his large body was the muscular abdominal muscles, as if each had been separately sculpted. His magnificent torso loomed high on very strong and well sculpted legs. He wasn’t hairy, but a light black down covered his arms and more abundantly his legs. Wiry wisps of black hair between his pectorals grew down his sculptured abdomen to fan exuberantly around his crotch. A heavy mound at the top of his trousers revealed a powerful member that seemed to struggle down his thigh. His pectorals and his biceps were strong but not a bodybuilder’s, rather, the muscles of a man used to heavy work. Strong, heavy muscles strained through his leg pants, down to his flared boots . Josh took in this extraordinary sight still half dazed. So this was the notorious Rassadah. The black man was washing the abundant sweat and blood that covered the pirate’s naked torso with a sponge.

“Look Nacho”, said Rassadah with a mocking smile, “we’ve got us a really pretty lieutenant”“Yes sir”, answered the Negro slave, throwing lustful looks over Josh’ body, “a really pretty boy”.

“What’s your name boy?” asked Rassadah.

“Joshua Reynolds, Lieutenant Raynolds to you, and you better think over what you have done, you’ll be hanged dead soon enough it you don’t free me and my crew immediately!”Rassadah answered with a big hearty laugh and taking his cutlass approached Josh. With a few strokes he cut Josh loose from the heavy net that had bound him. He pointed it at his breast and just when a terrified Josh thought he was going to pass the blade through his body, Rassadah made a quick, expert slash and ripped open his tunic. His shirt followed with a second slash. Using his cutlass, Rassadah inspected Josh’s exposed torso with appreciation. Then the point of his blade turned to Josh’s crotch. Josh was even more terrified at the idea of being castrated. He crawled back in a vain effort to escape the blade that followed his crotch, and as he hit the bulwark, lifted himself over its curved beam, bracing his arms and legs around its sides. With equally expert thrusts of his blade Rassadah ripped his trousers open. Josh’s white and shriveled member hung out for all to see. With the blunt edge of his cutlass Rassadah turned Josh’s cock up and down, right and left, and uttered small little grunts of amusement. Josh was beginning to breath now that he felt naked but perhaps safe.


Suddenly Rassadah threw his cutlass to the Negro and took Josh strongly in his arms. He pushed him against the boat’s beam, and tore his tunic down his shoulder pinning his arms. Josh could feel the pirate’s warm breast against his, still wet with perspiration and blood, his strong legs pushing his own wide open, the mound of his crotch crushing his genitals. As Rassadah leaned over him bringing his face close to Josh’s, he was overpowered by the smell of his fresh sweat. Rassadah brought his long arms around his waist and pushed his lips against Josh’s mouth. Disgusted, he tried to avoid Rassadah’s kiss by turning his head right and left. Rassadah’s wet lips licked his cheeks, his throat, and penetrated his ears. Women had done this to him before, but never so thoroughly and with such an insistent tongue. He couldn’t resist feeling tantalized by the ministrations of that hungry mouth. Tiring of his resistance, Rassadah took him strongly by the hair with one hand and by the neck with the other, and forced his lips on his. Josh tried to keep his mouth closed but the powerful tongue moved between his lips and before he knew how it happened his mouth was pried open, and he felt as if the pirate’s lips and tongue were inside exploring all around, caressing his gums, going deep into his mouth and nibbling at his lips. Josh could feel large globs of saliva  dripping down his chin. Josh felt lost in this brutal embrace. He seemed to have forgotten how to resist and the strange tingling sensations were overpowering him in spite of himself. He let Rassadah’s mouth do whatever he wanted. It felt as if he wanted to suck his soul out of his mouth. After the wettest and longest kiss that Josh had ever experienced, Rassadah pulled back and let him loose, leaning against the bulwark’s beam, his arms limp and his legs wide open around its sides. Rassadah looked down at Josh’s crotch and let out a stertorous laugh. Josh looked down and to his horror saw that his cock was curving out of his torn trousers with the beginning of a very strong hard on.

Rassadah took his right arm and turned him violently around. With one strong arm he secured Josh back tightly against his naked torso. His left arm passed around Josh’s waist and cupped his pecs and pinched his tits. With his other arm Rassadah caressed Josh’s rib cage, his abdominal muscles and went down to grab his cock. Josh tried to free himself form this overpowering embrace to no avail. The callused hand had grabbed him by the balls, and the more he struggled the harder they pressed. The pain quickly reduced his will to fight. He laid back panting on Rassadah’s sweaty breast. To Josh’s horror the hand started to massage his cock and his balls in a way that was making him feel more and more aroused. The pirate’s fingers played with his cock’s head and spread drops of pre-cum over it, kindling even more lust. Josh wanted to resist. He willed his arousal to stop but the relentless hand moved expertly on and on, until Josh could not think of anything else than the sex drive that was mounting in his loins. No one had ever carried him to such an intensity of feeling, not even himself when he masturbated. The big, domineering hand kept pumping and caressing; Josh’s cock was taking over, engorged with blood, stiff and demanding; Josh’s body started to shake uncontrollably, swaying with the pumping of the pirate’s hand. He could feel his large and full pectorals as his head bumped against them and the pirate’s powerful and sweaty torso as he was pressed against him, his abdominal muscles moving as if they were massaging his back. Hanging on Rassadah’s big arms, his legs wide open and straining as hard as he could, Josh’s cock exploded and released long streams of cum, over and over again. As Rassadah dropped him to his knees, and when a cleared vision returned to his dazed eyes, he saw the white puddles of his cum under him.


Slowly Josh stood up on his shaking legs. He leaned again on the bulwark’s wide beam, his torso covered with sweat and his limp cock hanging long between his legs. Rassadah watched him with lust as he took off his boots and peeled down his trousers, exposing the thickest and biggest cock Josh had ever seen. It swung out, pendulous, over his two large balls. They looked like two eggs in a dark brown sack, and they moved imperceptibly as if they were massaging the juicy glands inside. As the swinging  hose started to fill up, the foreskin drew back and a scarlet head appeared, like a live tulip, its eye seeking Josh in blind jerks. Completely naked he contemplated Josh with calculating eyes. He put on his boots again. He stood in front of Josh and pulled him out of his tunic. He ripped what was left of his trousers and took off his boots. Josh was now completely naked in front of this beast. Rassadah’s legs straddled Josh’s thighs, his impressive cock hung over Josh in a threatening curve. Rassadah lowered himself over Josh’s cringing body and slipped his cock next to Josh’s. He could feel every part of his body covered by the pirate’s strong flesh. His legs were being pushed wide open by the pirate’s. Their hair felt like sanding paper over his thighs. The pirate’s sculpted abdominals squashed his body with spasmodic movements. Rassadah’s started wiggling his ass, rubbing his cock and balls against Josh’s genitals. Leaning on his elbows at either side of Josh’s body the pirate leered at him. His movements were unashamedly lascivious. Josh didn’t understand what was happening to him, but his cock was certainly responding to Rassadah’s rubbing. Suddenly he grabbed him by the shoulders and let all his weight down against Josh’s body, his mouth searched and kissed him just as strongly as before, while he moved up and down rubbing his cock between Josh’s outstretched legs. A strange feeling overcame Josh: his mind wanted to resist but his body craved the pleasure that Rassadah was inflicting on him, in his mouth, in the strong embrace of his arms, with the pressure of his muscles against his body, the feeling if his thighs scraping against Rassadah’s and above all the extraordinary feeling of his cock and balls rubbing tightly against Rassadah’s body. Josh yielded completely to the unusual urge he was feeling and using his legs and arms against the beam pushed against Rassadah’s body as hard as he could. If this beast was going to come over him he would show him that he could do it as well. Rassadah labored on with his usual strength. Josh felt how his body stiffened and pressed against his; his humping became wild and then suddenly Josh felt the burning jets of cum that were spurting out from Rassadah’s big member, the sticky cream streaming all over him. This sensation exploded in his mind, and he also came spasmodically under the pirate’s slowing pressure. In the midst of his daze he felt nevertheless the hot, sticky cum mixed with his own sloshing between their bodies and spreading all over his stomach and up over his tits, and then dripping down his sides, his thighs and their entwined cocks.


Rassadah dropped on his knees between Josh’s legs. Also dazed with lust, he looked up and smiled at the way Josh’s body was glistening with cum. He started cupping it with his hands and greasing his member in a sly way. Josh was not aware of what was happening. He felt Rassadah’s rough hands caressing and pinching all over his body, and then he felt Rassadahs tongue licking his cock and then his balls in what he could not deny was a terrifying pleasure that was slowly engorging his cock into a new hard on. Rassadah tongue crept up between his pubic hair, over his abdomen, and raising his body between Josh’s outstretched legs, he started to bite his pecs and tits with his face smeared with cum. Suddenly Josh felt something strange. An unknown pressure was being exerted on his butt. He looked up at Rassadah leering at him with a hungry look. There was no mistake, while the pirate’s strong legs pushed his out, his well greased cock was slipping up and down looking for the crack in his ass. Josh realized with horror that Rassadah intended to rape him, to queer him forever, to take him as a woman! With a coarse shout he tried to free himself, but Rassadah held him strongly by the arms, and his legs kept Josh struggling thighs well open for his assault. Josh fought as hard as he could but the strong cock kept pressing against his ass. It found the forbidden entrance and began to break in. Josh felt an impossible pain as Rassadah’s cock tore his delicate membranes. He shouted loudly. He tried to resist and break out of this beastly embrace but the more he did the more his efforts turned into another painful stab in his ass. “Don’t resist or it’ll hurt!” growled Rassadah into his face. “Open up as if you were shitting or else you’ll regret it!” he insisted. In spite of his demented mind, Josh could understand the logic of the situation and he yielded. He stopped fighting, let his legs dropped on either side of Rassadah’s thighs and tried to relax his ass as instructed. The large round head of Rassadah’s cock pressed on. Josh felt a terrible pain but let him get on with it. The cock’s head went in and his cock, well greased with their cum, entered little by little into Josh’s ass. He looked intently into his Josh’s eyes with a glazed expression of infinite pleasure. Josh only expressed  with grimaces the stabs of pain he felt as Rassadah invaded him. At last Rassadah felt that he had reached the end of Josh’s rectum.  The pain was not as intense and Josh felt as if his inside had been completely filled up. Even so, Rassadah still pushed on pressing in his engorged cock. Josh felt Rassadah’s balls and his rough pubic hair banging against his ass cheeks. Rassadah was all inside him! Rassadah started slowly taking his huge member out and in again. He started to plow his ass in deliberate and careful thrusts.. As he cried bitter tears of regret at losing his virginity in this brutal and unnatural way, Josh felt his mouth invaded again by Rassadah’s hungry kiss. Without knowing what he was doing Josh kissed him back in desperation. He began to feel a strange languor under the complete domination of his body. His ass was not hurting as badly as before. Rassadah started pumping very slowly and carefully, but his cock was so big that it started hurting again. Moving his hips, Rassadah was aiming his cock in different directions inside Josh and watching his expression with care. Suddenly Josh felt a stab of incredibly intense pleasure, as if struck by a lightning, as Rassadah cock found his prostate gland. Rassadah perceived it and started pumping hard against that fearful knob. Josh felt as if electric currents were passing through his nerves, numbing his mind and ending up in his balls and cock. All pain seemed to leave Josh as he felt a sexual desire of an intensity he had not even dreamed was possible! His deep blue eyes looked into Rassadah’s black gaze with a mysterious fury. Yes, he was being dominated, completely dominated, and he wanted it. He pressed his open mouth against Rassadah’s, his legs clamped around Rassadah p

umping body and he gave his ass completely to that immense rod that was giving him such magical pleasure. Rassadah increased the speed of his pumping with deep grunts and groans. Josh didn’t realize it but he was answering with hoarse shouts as the pleasure of each stab was becoming a rolling wave of lust. He gave himself completely to this incredible invasion, his legs flailing wildly and his whole body  a passive vessel to Rassadah’s passion. He stabbed Josh as hard as he could, pumping faster and faster until it exploded deep inside his body. Josh felt the burning hot lava invading his guts and cried out with delight as that burning rod triggered  the release of his own cum. Rassadah had fucked Josh. He had taken him as his girl and queered him forever and Josh had liked it. He would never forget the experience. This was the hottest sex he had ever dreamed of. The intensity of the pleasure he had felt was such that he accepted his slavery with eagerness. He would be Rassadah’s boy.


As they slumped together to the ground, Josh tried to keep Rassadah’s cock inside him. His body clamored for more as his mind reeled in shame. The big cock came out with difficulty from Josh’s tight ass. Cum and blood dripped from his crack and glistened on Rassadah’s proud cock. He took Josh’s member and squeezed the last drops of his cum, and bringing his hand to his swollen lips, licked them with pleasure. “Take care of him” he commanded the black slave. Josh couldn’t get up and his ass was hurting terribly. The pirate’s thick globs of cum dribbled thickly out of his ass and down his thighs. Nacho stood behind him and passed his long black arms under his knees. He lifted him easily against his breast with his legs well open, so that his ass wouldn’t hurt. As Rassadah washed himself looking proudly at his new victory, Nacho laid Josh down on a bunk and kneeling between Josh’s legs started to lick his ass. The careful tongue caressed his hurting crack and with the slight breeze that came through the porthole, the Negro’s saliva felt refreshingly cool. After a while, when Nacho felt that his tongue had done enough, he applied a pomade that diminished the pain of his ass. Nacho gave him a glass of wine and Josh went to sleep in no time at all.

His dreams were disquieting. He saw Rassadah as a frightening bully whom he could not resist, or else as a luminous figure he felt irresistibly attracted to but could never reach. In his slumber he felt the pirate’s big body sliding at his side. He tried to get away from Rassadah’s embrace, from the warmth of his body and the strange tingling sensation that his body hair produced on his back, but soon let himself fall asleep in his strong arms. Much later, he began to wake up as Rassadah started moving behind him. Soon he woke up with a start: yes! Rassadah’s big cock was exploring an entrance between his buttocks, the hard rod was trying to penetrate him again. The pirate wanted to fuck him again, he realized with shock. His ass still hurt a lot. Before he even tried to resist the bulbous head had stabbed its way into Josh’s hole and, well oiled, had penetrated him completely in one lung. Josh felt impaled by that thick, long rod as if he were a butterfly: he could only open his legs and his buttocks to reduce the pain. Sensing his surrender, Rassadah started pumping avidly, searching and finding Josh’s delicate spots. Josh started to cry in bitter frustration as he felt, in spite of himself, more and more aroused by the brutal slugs. Rassadah passed one arm under him and secured him by his shoulder, while the other arm passed embraced him around his waist and took Josh’s cock in his big, calloused hand. Josh’s back was slippery with the pirate’s abundant sweat. Soon Josh’s body was responding blindly to the pirate’s expert pumping. He was actually lifting his buttocks to receive his demanding rod in the best position to feel its thrusts against his prostate. Rassadah started to groan in a raucous voice as Josh cried out in absolute ecstasy. Just as before, Josh’s cock started spewing cum as he felt Rassadah’s exploding and spurting its burning slime inside his guts. Josh went on crying, he didn’t know if out of frustration or unimaginable pleasure. He fell asleep with Rassadah’s member still inside him and well wrapped in his warm and hairy embrace.

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