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A Captive's Fate
By Mark Sayrs
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This story is dedicated to George “Black Jock Strap”


This is what I witnessed when I served as a doctor with the warriors. There was no place for women among them. Far back in their towns they fucked their wives in the winter and begot their children. But in the spring and till the autumn, when they were warring against their enemies they satisfied their demanding sexual needs with the slaves they made in battle. It was part of the joys of war, to enslave the beaten soldiers, break their will by violating their virginity, dominate them with their engorged members until they cried for mercy or, even better, when they submitted, surrendering their bodies to their captors’ sexual fancy. The greatest success was when they managed to make their slaves enjoy being fucked, queering them completely, making them come when they spurted their seed deep inside them, making them into their women.

This time the captives were roughly brought out from their pen to pass between the warriors in a kind of kangaroo court. One by one they were thrusted from one side to the other while their garments were ripped off to expose their naked young bodies, glimmering with blood and sweat. As their trousers were cut off, guffaws and shouts met the sight of their genitals, and as some of the warriors pawed their prizes they shouted competing bids to enslave them. The money went to enrich their war chest. In this way the young captives were allotted among the men.

There was also a large, muscular young man, in his late twenties, who had fought so well that he almost evaded capture. The men decided to give this prize to their youngest comrade, whom they had all loved and trained and who didn’t have much experience in their sexual prowess. With much laughter they wanted to see what he would be able to do with him. This boy must not have been more twenty years of age, but he was beautifully built. Not too tall, about the right size for his well-proportioned limbs. Under the deliciously rounded pectorals of his chest, his torso displayed good and beautifully rippling abdominal muscles, not yet as developed as those of the men; the whole was planted over hips that moved as if they were the center of his body. In spite of his size, he still had the shape of a young boy, the bubble of his buttocks protruding high from behind and in front, an enticing tube, now at rest, emerged between his tight balls. His arms were long and finely turned, held by wide round shoulders. His legs were long in good proportion to his torso, the thigs thick and strong, over no less well shaped shanks and feet.

The strong captive was presented to the boy among many guffaws of the men. The boy took in the sight of this splendid captive. Violence was an important element of the stripping of the captives. The boy saw how his tunic was torn as they pushed him from one man to the other, and startled when he saw the massive cock that sprung out as his trousers were slashed open with knives. The boy followed with growing wonder as the torn clothes slowly and violently uncovered a staggeringly powerful body. The naked captive was forcefully laid down on a large log that protruded diagonally from the ground, his back on the log and his arms and legs tied around it. As his arms were bound behind the log his powerful torso was forced forward, displaying strong and well defined abdominal muscles and some spectacularly large pectorals across his chest, between wide shoulders; and as they tied his legs behind the log his thigs were separated apart, thick and big as tree limbs, showing the strength of those legs. The boy was stunned by what he was contemplating: it was a most stirring sight. That slave was very attractive to him. Not only was he strong and athletically shaped, he had several scars on his body that betrayed past battle and enhanced his manliness. Some hair grew on his chest, arms and legs, and descended from his navel down to his groin ending in a dark bush between his legs from which dangled a big and sloppy cock. The boy took this sight piece by piece and his cock began to react: he felt how it was getting slowly engorged with blood, how it was beginning to pulsate as it grew in size and started pointing towards its goal.

Yes, he wanted to fuck this man: his wide shoulders, those big pectorals, the strength of his muscles, enhanced by his bounds, and that massive member between his appetizing thigs, all that was very attractive to him. But at the same time he was intimidated and feared that manliness so clearly displayed. It was as if he were being invited to fuck one of the big, strong and powerful men of his troop, who were watching the scene with great amusement. He had to do it, he wanted to do it and, damn his fear, he was going to do it; this was after all his slave.

He approached the prone figure and looked into his eyes. They reflected an angry embarrassment; he obviously hated the humiliation of having been stripped naked and forcefully laid and tied to this log, his legs widely separated so that his manly member was openly displayed to the insolent gaze of this youngling. His anger showed in the useless efforts to get rid of his bounds, which only brought out the shape of his muscles all the more. His thrusts made his cock spring up and lay, thick and long, on his thig.

The boy approached his splendid reward. He stepped forward, put one of his legs between the captive’s thigs and bending his knees slowly lowered his pulsating cock over the captive’s member. Moving his body, he rubbed his stiff cock against the big but flaccid one of his captive warrior. He kept doing that, and as he felt the warm flesh that his cock was prodding he laid down on top of that big warrior. Yes, as he felt the rugged skin under him he knew that he wanted to make him his: he was going to force him to love him. As he lay on top of the man his face came near his. The look of hatred in his eyes was mingled with some alarm. His dark eyes fluttered with apprehension. What did this barbarian boy want? What was this unexpected warm flesh doing over him? The boy thought he could follow these emotions as he contemplated the large, appealing eyes, the beautifully arched eyebrows, the virile nose, large but well-shaped, and the large red lips, slightly opened as he breathed with some anxiety. Although shaved, his face was enhanced by a black shade that brought out the high cheek bones and the creases in his cheek. This was too much for the boy. What he was seeing was making him dizzy with desire. He looked at the slightly opened mouth and the white teeth in it, the heavy breathing moving his sensual lips moistened by the spit of his apprehension. The boy couldn’t resist his instinctive desire and, yielding, he pressed his lips against the warrior’s mouth and started kissing him with abandon. His slave would not have any of that and turned sharply his head to one side and the other to avoid this kiss. But the boy took his head violently with his hands and forced his lips on the reluctant mouth, his tongue savored the sensual smoothness of his thick lips and attacked his clenched white teeth. The violence of his kiss slowly opened the man’s mouth, and he penetrated it with his tongue and teeth tasting and probing the velvety cavity. The man would have liked to bite these intruding tongue and lips, but he thought it would bring on him unwanted punishment, he was after all a captive, at this boy’s mercy, it would be better to let this boy do it. As he felt the boy’s tongue tasting everything deep into his mouth he was reminded of how he did it to his women.

As he deep kissed the big man with abandon, and without realizing what he was doing, he placed both his legs between the man’s thigs, and his cock started to attack with insistence the captive’s member as all his muscles began to embrace the big prone body that lay unwillingly under him, pushing against it, trying to possess him. Pinned down by that insistent kiss, his body defenselessly tied down, the man felt how the boys legs were pressing against his thigs, his stiff cock slamming against his and the boy’s muscles rippling all over his body.

The boy was now reeling with passion. He abandoned the violated mouth; his arms grabbed the captive by the shoulders steading himself to press his lurching body against the captive’s as he slammed his cock against his groin. He could feel the heaving of the prone body; his body felt the strong and hairy chest against his sensitive pectorals, his cock pushing down on the other’s big member, insisting on awakening a response, when not rubbing it on the man’s strong abdominals, lubricating them with generous drops of precum.

The man felt defenseless under this fitful attack. The boy was taking complete advantage of his body to satisfy his sex. It was uncomfortable to feel his cock insistently attacked by the boy’s, his body strongly embraced by this muscular boy, the bond between both bodies lubricated by his sweat. He recognized the oily texture of his precum on his stomach. In the end he just laid there, closed his eyes, taking in the crazy lurching of the boy’s body on top of him until the boy suddenly exploded gobs of cum over his body. The sticky liquid churned between both bodies. He heard the squishing sounds as the boy fought out all the plentiful content of his balls and he felt how the excess jism dripped down his sides.

So much excitement and so much passion coming from that handsome boy had an effect on him. At the beginning he felt angry humiliation at the way this barbaric youngling was treating him. But in the end it was kind of comical to be the object of these extreme sexual strains at the hands of a mere boy. He was surprised by the satin smoothness of the boy’s legs as he pushed against his thigs and of his whole body as it labored over him. It reminded him of a woman’s skin. The deep kiss he had forced on him, deep and salivating all inside his mouth, had been infused with such passion, and the way he had roiled over his body with the reckless abandon that only a boy could muster, somehow had stirred something in him in a strange way. The attraction that this boy was showing for him, and the passion that he had elicited flattered him and he felt his cock arousing in response.

Panting after his efforts, the boy rested on his side, to assess the damage. His legs remained between the captive’s thigs, his cock, softer than before but still thick with blood and dripping cum was pulsating in close touch with the captive’s slowly growing one. A crooked smile lit the boy’s face as he appreciated the poodle of his cum on the slave’s rippling abdominals; some drops had even splashed between the man’s heavy pectorals matting the hair on his chest. The boy brought his hand over the prone body and started spreading his jism all over the man, as if he were trying to extend his dominating cream. The sticky cum was disgusting to the man but the boy was doing it in such a loving manner that, even as he did not want it, he could not avoid feeling it as pleasurable. He tried to prevent the betrayal of his cock.

The boy stood up between the man’s thigs. He watched the slave’s member slowly growing in size and thickness. It was difficult to believe it could get so fat and long. A new sexual urge was building in his mind. His eyes glazed as he contemplated the magnificent prone body, glistening with his cum. His balls started to churn a new load and his cock started to respond. Nothing can really tire a boy’s balls and cock and this one was once again rising and pointing to what it wanted. As he felt the unstoppable urge drops of saliva fell down his chin from his parted lips. The man began to realize with alarm what was happening. He didn’t like the cock that swayed between the boy’s legs: it was the only disproportionate part of that lovely body: It was unbelievably almost as long and as thick as his. Was the boy going to do it over him again? He wouldn’t really mind that as long as that distracted him from worse assaults. But the boy’s movements, closing over him, and the strange glazed look he was giving him made him fear. Was he really going to fuck him?

He didn’t have long to wait to see what the boy intended to do. With the same intensity that he had shown before, the boy threw himself over the man’s body; his arms grasped the man’s sides and his legs pushed hard on the man’s thick thigs as he lowered his groin and pushed his cock alongside the man’s member. After teasing it with his rubbing rod, he passed his arms under him and he let his cock fall between the man’s but. The boy looked his slave in the eyes as he started moving his hips pressing his cock along the slave’s but crack. He was so horny that he failed to see the alarm in his slave’s eyes as he guessed what they boy wanted. He tried to avert the enticing touch by fighting against his bonds. That only stirred the boy to further action. Looking straight into the man’s eyes he took his engorged member with his hand and guided it to the man’s hole. The man’s doubts were completely dispelled when he felt the light but insistent pressure on his anus. This boy was going to fuck him! He tried to fight the penetration but his body couldn’t move apart. Terrible oaths in a strange language cried out of his mouth. The boy was stirred even more at hearing that gravelly voice as powerful as his body. Yes, he wanted to punish this magnificent man and make him his. It was as if he were taking revenge on this man of all that the men of his troop had done to him. The unrequited love, the unwelcome serfdom. He was going to make him his slave and fuck him as if his life depended on it.

As the boy positioned his groin against the man’s ass, he lifted his arms and clutched the man’s big shoulders. His chest laid on top of the man’s torso, his cheek touching his own cum that still laid there, and he lowered his hips to push his cock against the man’s hole. He watched with delight the man’s expression, his fear, his horror at being defiled, his powerless resistance, and pressed harder. His cock, now hard as wood, did not need any guidance: it pressed with insistence against the outer ring, its head demanding an entrance. His cock won and suddenly its head penetrated the man’s innards. A terrible cry shouted out of the young man’s mouth. He was near to crying and it was not only the unbearable humiliation of being violated and raped by only a boy, it had hurt as hell. The boy realized both emotions; he delighted in the humiliation but respected the pain. He stopped, with his cock’s bulbous head just inside the man and let him get used to the initial assault. His fucking, he felt, would be even better if it were more deliberate. Then when he sensed the man had calmed a bit he started pushing in little by little. What a fantastic sensation! His big cock felt wrapped up in the most delicious warm glove, as if it had been made for it. The more he moved into that hot, soft tunnel the more intense the gratification of his cock. The man’s moving and contracting intestine reactions teased his cock even further. The captive was only whimpering by now; the only thing he could do was to try to avoid the pain. He tried to open his anus to ease the penetration. He felt the boy’s cock, damnably thick, crawling in and in until it his balls touched the man’s but. He could feel how the boy tried to get even deeper. The man didn’t feel as much pain as before and he was grateful for the way the boy was doing it. At least this was not the rough rape he feared

That feeling of appreciation was going to pass very fast in the next phase of the boy’s penetration. He was now well poised for action. His legs pressed hard on the man’s thigs separating them still further, he laid heavily on the man’s body, his arms secured it in a strangling embrace, and his hips started to grind into the man’s but, slowly at first and then faster and faster, deeper and deeper. The more he bucked his cock inside the man the more his desire increased. The man was taken aback by the violence of his assault. That cock seemed to be searching and finding all the corners of his inners. He felt his body rocking under the boy’s frantic pushes. His arms were holding him now so ferociously tight that the man realized the boy was nearing his high. Blind with desire the boy jutted harder and harder and moved his hips round and round to increase his pleasure. Suddenly the man’s body was struck as if by lightning as the boy’s hard cock crashed against his prostate. He was blinded by the intensity of the electrical shocks he was receiving again and again. His body started vibrating uncontrollably with the boy’s thrusts. The man couldn’t control his reactions. Something in there was shaking his body up in an irresistible urge. Strange sounds were coming out of his mouth. The boy realized he had struck gold and switched from getting his own pleasure to pin down the points that were having such a strong effect. As he felt how his cock was really driving the man, his thrusts increased against those points, gauging their effect by the prone body’s twitching. Something powerful was stirring inside his loins. The man couldn’t have enough of what was stirring in his. He had never experienced such an intense sex; it was driving him mad with an inexpressible desire. Yes, the boy was fucking him but he was wanting it, he was wanting to be fucked as if he were fucking himself. His demented desire increased by realizing that it was only a boy, a slender and beautiful boy, youth incarnate, who was dominating him, taking him as a woman. This boy’s cock was like a lance inside him forever taking over his sex and flipping his mind. With his feet on the ground the man lifted his body as far as his bounds would allow, the better to receive the boys jutting cock. Yes, he wanted that cock harder and faster, he wanted to give it all it demanded, he wanted to give his whole body to be taken by this marvelous barbarian youth.

Crazy with mounting desire, the boy bit the man’s pectorals, drawing blood. His teeth clamped on his tit. The awful pain sent the man into a shivering convulsion and huge globs of cum erupted from his cock as the boy’s exploded inside him with his last desperate thrusts. The man couldn’t have enough, and tearing at his bonds, his body pushed against the boy’s, his ass cheeks pressed the boys cock forcing out the last jets of cum again and again from his forceful member. His cock still fully embedded in the man’s innards, the boy slowed down his attack although he still wanted more, and he slowly lifted his body. A look of supreme satisfaction beamed from his dazed eyes. Looking down he saw their two bodies glued with the man’s plentiful cum. Jets of cream had splashed on the boy’s face and dripped from his disheveled hair. Heavy streams of the boy’s own cum dripped from the man’s ass.

The man fell on his back as his cock twitched the last drops of cum and the boy’s cock slipped out of his ass, letting more cum dribble out. With unbearable humiliation the man realized that he had been thoroughly fucked beyond endurance. The boy had queered him. He felt a strange sense of belonging to this marvelous boy who had awaken in him such unexpected feelings of surrender and lifted him to such intense and uncontrollable climax. That boy’s cock and his unbridled passion had turned him inside out. What he felt before as unbearable humiliation had now morphed into a complete submission. He wanted to surrender even further to that overbearing cock, he wanted to serve even more that beautiful body that had made him his.

He watched as the boy got up, streams of cum trailing down from his body, his cock still incredibly big and thick dripping cum. The boy bent over the man’s groin and took his cock in his hands. One of his hands pressed his balls while the other pressed his cock, extracting the last drops of cum that it contained. He lubricated it with the man’s cum and kneeling between the man’s legs and looking at his face to follow his emotions, he started to move the big cock up and down. The man still reacted with some resistance, but something mysterious in his mind commanded to let go. His cock reacted instantly and began to swell. His body pushed up in response to what the boy’s hands were doing. Slowly his balls started churning a new load of cum. The man closed his eyes, laid his head back and gave himself to the boys handling. Slowly the intense roiling inside his groins grew uncontrollably, the pressure in his balls was demanding release and shouting obscene oaths, he allowed his cock to erupt again. The boy couldn’t believe the waves of cum that came out of that monstrous member. The jets splashed on his face again, dripped down his chin and chest, his hands completely wet with the sticky stuff. The man realized that after this further submission nothing would be the same again. He just wished the boy would do it again.

The strong stench of sex and sweat coming from both their bodies came into the boy’s nostrils and started a new fire. Yes, his cock had dominated the man, he sensed the man’s surrender, he could make him his whenever he wanted. A tremendous sense of victory flushed his mind. His cock immediately started to reflect his conquering pride. Yes, he wanted more. He could fuck him again but a new idea came to him as the last ordeal of his domination. He stood up and stepped out from between the man’s legs. Moving his legs on either side of his slave’s body he moved his hips closer and closer to the man’s face his member, slowly enlarging, curved out from his groin. The man looked up and saw this big and young member dangling in front of him. This was the cock that had transported him to such extremes of submission. He would never forget what it had been able to do. He saw the red tulip head bobbing in front of him, still gleaming with spent spunk, a drop of cum shyly oozing out of the gland’s eye. As the dangling member came closer and closer to his face he felt hypnotized by the wonder of its power. In spite of his pride he wanted it again, yes, he wanted it to fuck him again, to take him as a woman. But, instead, the boy’s cock came closer to his face. He could smell the intoxicating stench of its sex. The boy’s wet cock touched the man’s rugged face and started moving all over it. With an insolent smile the boy pressed his balls against his mouth as he guided the long tube of his cock to slide over his cheeks, his nose, his eyes, into his hair, leaving everywhere a trail of precum and finally rested on his lips with a slight pressure, as if the tick member were kissing him. The man knew what the boy wanted. His head pushed the cock’s tube to a side and let the swollen red head come to his lips. He licked eagerly the velvety stub. Wallowing in the delicious pleasure that tongue was imparting the bulbous head of his cock, the boy started to press on. The man finally opened his mouth and accepted the new penetration of the thick cock. He couldn’t explain the strange desire that he felt with that big lump in his mouth, reaching gladly all the way in and make him gag as it touched the back of his throat. The boy sensed the submission and with a wicked smile started pumping with not much consideration to his slave’s mouth. He just wanted to fuck him in the face. The man overcame his instinctive resistance and started molding his mouth and throat to the invading cock. He could feel how his own cock was responding to this new demand. The boy rested his arms over the man’s head and his bent legs strained as he pumped faster and faster until with a victorious shout he filled the slave’s mouth with generous helpings of cum. The man had to swallow as fast as he could to avoid drowning, slurping the slightly sweet and sour cream with increasing pleasure. He loved to taste what he still had splashing inside him, and to give pleasure to the cock that fucked, queered and made him a slave. As he took down the proffered liquor, as he reveled in his submission, as he felt the domination of this marvelous boy, his own cock spurted the cum that sealed his slave’s fate.

The boy stood back and contemplated with admiration the muscular hulk that lay in front of him, at the splashes of jism that covered his body here and there. The whitish stuff still dribbled from his ass, the slave’s face was glistening with what he had spurted over it and streams of cream also dropped from his lips. The man had the strange expression of complete and meek defeat: something in his eyes told him that he had made him his slave.

“Release him”, he ordered, “he’s mine!”