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Josh Enslaved In Africa
Part 5 - Tribal Festival
By Mark Sayrs
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Then one day came the great tribal festival. Inside the large hut at the center of the town the big wooden idol with its permanent erection held sway. Every year a sex slave would be impaled on this cock, the idol would then inhabit his victim and make it eject divine sperm that the tribe prized above all as a source of ultimate strength. As the victim perished under the idol’s exertions, a big feast was organized outside and the meat of his butchered body would be served to all; then they would enter into a fighting competition to win his prized cock and balls.

Josh understood that this year he was intended as the idol’s sex victim. Of course he refused, he pleaded with his captors, many of whom now were his drinking friends, he tried to fight but to no avail. He was taken to the idol’s big hut. In the darkness his quartz eyes shone menacingly, the strings of pearls swaying with the breeze, the biggest of them around his big cock. His arms extended out, as if in an embrace. His legs stood solidly, bent at the knees, over the temple’s stage. Josh was forced to climb over it and was pushed back against the idol. The strong Negroes tied his arms with strings of pearls over the idol’s extended embrace in a position that placed his buttocks right in front of the idol’s huge leather cock. His ankles were strongly tied and the ropes holding them were pulled back relentlessly so that his legs, fully outstretched, started resting on the idol’s thick thighs and his buttocks slowly came in touch with the idol’s cock. Other Negroes positioned Josh so that as the ropes continued  to pull at his ankles the big cock slowly started to penetrate Josh’s guts. Fortunately, Josh realized, the big leather instrument had been well greased and with an ointment that reduced the pain in his ass. Nevertheless the slow progress of that large and thick cock inside him was not easy, and Josh tried to accommodate it as best he could.

At last he was completely impaled. He seemed to be embraced by the idol from whose arms he was suspended by strings of pearls. His legs were outstretched around the idol’s strong columns and his body pulled back against the idol’s cock, which Josh could feel all the way inside his ass. He couldn’t move, and anyway any motion he tried increased the friction of that enormous member on which he was impaled. Suddenly Josh became afraid that all this was going to make his cock come to life. He remained still to prevent it. But the mug was presented to his lips, he tried to refuse drinking the sexual potion, but his cock and balls were painfully whipped with canes, so he drank it and soon started feeling the maddening sexual effects of that powerful potion.

But that was not all he felt. To his surprise he felt the idol’s cock being carefully withdrawn from his ass. It was so good to feel freed from that wooden invasion, and the fresh air that blew over his ass hole was very welcome. But then he felt a real, human, cock coming in touch with his buttocks, it was just as big and as hard as the idol’s leather one, but Josh could feel its fleshy softness; its bulbous head started searching up and down his crack, looking for the anus. It found it and slowly entered the hallowed ground. It went slowly in. Josh could feel the unusual contours of its thick veins and warped flesh rubbing his rectum, until it found and touched Josh’s prostate. Shaking as he was from the effects of the sexual potion, the feeling of that cock penetrating him, in and out, harder and harder, knocking repeatedly and relentlessly against his magic button, sent waves of electric sensations all over his body; it strained against the ropes that tied him to the idol, making his every muscle come out in a beautiful spectacle that the negro crowd was enjoying supremely, seeing how the divine presence was taking over his sex victim, until his cock exploded and sent streams of cream over the negroes who jumped and fought to lap it up. No problem, his balls were already churning another geyser. The strange cock that had invaded him continued to strain in his inside, jutting in and out, and another long stream of cum sprung over the excited crowd, until Josh, a long time later, had been utterly exhausted and could do no more. As the Negroes went out with war cries, full of the divine cream that the idol had spurted out through his sex victim, Josh was lowered and laid, half dead, at the foot of the priapic idol.

Josh could hear the whole tribe celebrating the divine offering and preparing his ultimate sacrifice. He was too weak to try to escape. As he tried to relax and recover he felt a presence in the darkness of the temple hut. He looked around and he perceived in the glum one of the tall, strong Negros. He approached his prone body and after watching him for a while started lowering his magnificent body over Josh. He felt the Negro’s weight on his back as he began to lay over him; he felt his strong biceps and rough hands caressing his sides and arms. He felt its excited breath on the back of his neck, and his hot, wet tongue on his shoulders and in his ears. The intruder’s thick thighs waded between Josh’s and outstretched his legs. Josh felt the long and thick cock coming down on the crack of his but, and getting longer and harder as it rubbed up and down. Then the intruder embraced him with full force, his arms around his chest and stomach, his mouth slobbering all over his back, it bit his shoulders as the hard cock found and started to penetrate his anus. As it forced its way in, the intruder’s legs, wrapped under Josh’s thighs, lifted his but up to allow a better and deeper penetration of Josh’s innards.

There was nothing Josh could do but to accept the penetration as best he could. Then he experienced something strange: he began to recognize the unusual shape of that cock, the veins and warps of its contorted shape. In a flash of insight he realized what it was. This intruder was the tribe’s witch doctor, the organizer of the tribal festival, who had placed himself in the inside of the idol and substituted his strange cock for the idol’s wooden one. This was the cock that had fucked him while he was tied to the idol’s arms and the cock that forced him to eject glob after glob of his cum. And now he was fucking him again, unashamedly on the floor of the temple. Obviously the witch doctor did not believe in drinking cum for strength. This guy kept the whole tribe fooled while he took his pleasure. Actually, Josh remembered, he would fuck any Negro that came to him to be cured of some illness. By fucking them he would give them the strength they needed, and they would pay to get fucked.

While the witch doctor took his pleasure, fucking in and out the prone body under his strong embrace, Josh heard a loud roar. The fucking stopped and both Josh and his conqueror looked up to see the towering body of the war chief. He grabbed the witch by the shoulders and pulled him out of Josh with a powerful thrust that sent him sprawling to the end of the hut. He pummeled him all over and completely overcame the large body of the witch doctor. Then the war chief lifted the unconscious body and springing on the temple’s stage impaled him in one thrust on the idol’s wooden cock. A shriek of pain was the only sign that the witch doctor was still alive. And leaving him well secured to that cock with the idol’s strings of pearls, he picked up Josh as if he were a puppet, threw him over his shoulder and run out of the temple through a back door.

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