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Josh Enslaved In Africa
Part 3 - Milked
By Mark Sayrs
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In the following days Josh began to understand his situation. This was a warring people composed of tall, very black negroes, of slender built and attractive faces: their big, almond shaped black eyes were eloquent and intelligent, their high cheek bones surrounded a well-shaped  nose, and the lips were very big and dark. Their kinky hair shaped a well-rounded head. They preyed on neighboring tribes, whose plantations they raided from time to time, bringing back slaves who worked in their fields and mines. But not immediately: the young and strong were selected and divided among the tribe’s different groups to become their sex slaves.

But not sex slaves as we know them! This strange tribe believed that a man’s strength came out of his cock, that a man’s semen was the essence of his strength. As a result they refrained from all sexual activity, believing that they lost their strength and their manliness with every emission. Their sexual drive was sublimated into violent warring. They were constantly exercising their muscles and their strategies in wrestling and in mock fights, fist and kick boxing, that would exhaust their energies. From time to time, as their leaders felt the growing and threatening sexual drive of the herd they led them into a conquering war of their neighbors: some were killed but most came back with captured prisoners. The young and strong would then be ceaselessly milked, they believed that in drinking their cum they nourished their strength with the essence of their slaves. When their man-cows were milked to exhaustion they were sent to tend their fields and mines, or killed and butchered for their  meat, of which the cocks and balls were a special delicacy.

Josh was particularly well treated. He was carefully fed and taken out to exercise. They wanted him to join them in their running and muscling bouts, and they invited him to run, as if he were escaping, and delighted in catching and wrestling with him. When he at last was defeated, entangled in so many embraces and leg locks, they laughed heartily, and then touched his cock and balls with pensive smiles. They were obviously building up his strength in order to rob him of his manliness through the milk they expected to draw from him.

Sure enough, not long after, the seven blacks of his group came into their hut. This time they were silent and grim. Josh felt their blank stares checking his genitals. They surrounded him and three of them pinned his arms at his back; Josh could feel their sweaty bodies against his sides and back. Other four stretched his legs wide open, holding his thighs with their own, and stroking his chest with abandon. He could feel their excited breath on his face. Then one of them dropped to his knees and grabbed Josh by his cock and balls. Soon he was sucking and stroking them as hard and as artfully as he could. This time Josh was not going to be taken, not after what he knew they intended, and besides their dominating him with their oily muscles, the maddening smell of their sweaty bodies, did no longer have the effect of the first time.

He resisted,  squirmed and tried to shake his tormentors off. No matter how well he tried, the Negro on his cock would not get what he was so strenuously trying to obtain. After a while they realized that it was not going to work. They released Josh and starting talking together in low voices. When they had decided what to do, Josh was handed a coconut mug full of a strangely smelling pink liquid and motioned him to drink it. Josh would not, realizing it was some sort of drug, and when they tried to force it down his gullet the strange potion was spilled all over his chest. Then they got really mad. Josh was tied down in a sitting position in the hole they used as a latrine, his arms around a pole in the back, his feet in the horribly smelly slime at the bottom. Each one urinated on him, some pointing at his face, others at his genitals. Later on they also came, crouched on the sides of the latrine and defecated on top of him. Josh also had to urinate and crap in place.

The next day they offered him the same mug and the thick liquid to drink. Josh refused. He continued to be used as a latrine, but he was also refused water and food. After three days he was delirious with thirst, his body covered with urine and crap. He tried to drink his tormentors’ urine, but they soon discovered his trick. The mug was again pressed to his lips. Josh tried it and found it was bitter sweet but so refreshingly cool. He decided to submit and drank the whole in big, eager gulps. He was so delightfully gratified at having at last something to drink, that he just lay there feeling limp. He was taken out of the latrine, and carefully washed in a nearby water trough. He was feeling better and better. The mug was offered again and he drank it with pleasure.

He was beginning to wonder why he had made such a fuss about not drinking when he felt strange sensations. His skin was tingling all over, he felt an extraordinary mass of energy filling every corner of his body, his head was throbbing, he felt he had to do something to relieve it, and that something was right there between his legs: he just had to cum, it was becoming a very urgent and definitive need; he felt this extraordinary arousal all around his body but centered around his cock, now engorging fast to an unprecedented size, and in his balls, churning madly in their extended sack. Josh was frantic with desire, his body flopped around trying to find something to fuck. The Negroes took him in the same way as before, his arms pinned on his back, their strong, long legs outstretching his. He felt rough hands on his cock and pushed against them, an eager mouth took hold of his member. Even restrained as he was in bondage of arms and legs, Josh was pushing his body out with such strong motions to fuck that mouth that in no time he cummed in large globs. He almost swooned with pleasure, but his passion to fuck had not diminished. Another mouth took his cock in turn, other hands stroked his tube and balls, again he struggled to come and another large dose of his semen was delivered to a thankful drinker.

 And so it went on with the other members of the group to which he belonged. As time passed, Josh could feel how his capacity to cum was becoming more and more difficult, it took his drinkers longer to squeeze their dose out of his balls, but his desire to fuck would not diminish, and on and on he went delivering his bountiful cream. In the end he lost conscience and was laid down to rest. His captors were delighted with the strength he had given them. They loved his  white body, with its peculiar yellow hair and bewitching blue eyes. They loved the strength that he seemed to offer them, the unusually tasty, slightly salty cream that cummed out of that long and fat dick.

They picked him up by his legs and shoulder and carried him across the square to the large central hut. He was laid down to be carefully tended until he recovered for the next bout. As he woke up a bit, he couldn’t think how much later, he saw in the dim light of the large hut that he was at the feet a large wooden idol. It was a completely naked image of a strong black man. His arms were extended and bent at the elbows as if it were embracing the air in front of him, and his thick wooden legs were stretched out and bending at the knees as if he were in a fucking posture. A long, fat leather cock jutted out of his body in perpetual erection. It was covered with strings of pearls which fell from his cock and arms and symbolized the richness and abundance of his semen. Several times at these “curing” sessions in the temple hut, at the feet of this idol, Josh was able to perceive some of the rest of the crew, obviously milked to exhaustion. He even once saw Rassadah, his big body sprawling obscenely on his cot, his cock and ball almost twice their size after  the “exercise” they had been subjected to.  Josh crawled on his fours to him; his eyes half opened and recognized Josh, but all they could do is to fall asleep in each others arms. When Josh awoke he found himself lying again under the beneficent effect of the string of pearls that descended from the idol’s cock.

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