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Josh Enslaved In Africa
Part 1 - Escape
By Mark Sayrs
Email: Mark Sayrs

Josh and Nacho unshackled the magnificent Rassadah and the three escaped through the jungle to a small, sheltered cove where Nacho had secured a skiff. They sailed in the middle of the night and soon afterwards Rassadah and Josh were manning their own pirate galleon and roaming through the Caribbean in search of treasure… and boys. Josh had now become a grown up man, his muscles had developed and defined into a beautiful strong man, and he was selecting his own sex slaves among the men they captured in their raids. Rassadah liked them blonde and blue eyed, like Josh, and Josh liked them dark skinned and with black hair, like the first boy Rassadah had forced/taught him to fuck. From time to time, however, when they were working together, for example, plotting a course on the navigation table, Rassadah would throw a dark look at Josh, a look that Josh knew very well. Rassadah’ hunger was all over his powerful face and his body’s posture; under his blonde hair he saw Josh’s expression, blue eyes questioning, his red lips slightly pouting with a certain apprehension. Rassadah found this last remain of resistance extremely enticing. He would approach Josh with a commanding stride, rip his shirt open, throw him on his back, grab his belt, pull him off from his trousers and unload him unceremoniously on his back. His ferocious kiss would be followed by a no less ferocious attack of his engorged cock. Josh would feel again as he had in the past, the joy of being forcefully dominated by this beast. He grabbed Rassadah’s strong biceps at his sides,  he pushed with his thighs against Rassadah’s as he opened him wide, he felt the tulip head of his cock enter his body and lung deep inside him as if he had to conquer him in one stride. As Rassadah thrust in and out with insatiable desire, Josh’s cock rubbed against Rassadah’s sculptured abdominals. As his prostate was so furiously hit time and again electric currents were shaking his body in uncontrollable sways. Josh would entirely give himself to Rassadah’s passion and his own would kindle at the same time, as they bodies exploded, steaming lava deep inside Josh’s body and streaming cream from Josh’s cock between their entwined torsos. Josh was again Rassadah’s boy.

Now that the Navy was really after them, the Caribbean was no longer a safe sea for their exploits. Nacho convinced them that Africa offered better grounds. The navigation between Europe, India and the Eastern Indies, with the Spice Islands, offered brilliant opportunities, the long coast all kinds of refuge, and men and boys wouldn’t be wanting either, especially now that the Navy was patrolling against the traffic of slaves. Imagine capturing a slave boat with hundreds of young Negroes on board!

They crossed the Atlantic with considerable difficulties, as they had to sail far north to come south by the European coast and North Africa to arrive to the Gulf of Guinea, where Nacho came from. At last they thought they saw a large stretch of coast that seemed to be deserted and far off the usual sea traffic, a safe place to find a place to stay, water their barrels and hunt for food. They disembarked on a long, white beach, and ventured into the jungle led by Nacho. After several hours of fruitless quest, they rested near a stream, wondering how they were going to survive in a natural setting that seemed so lush but was so inhospitable.

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