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Lance learns to love BBC
By Louis C. DePasquale

Lance learns to love BBC

Chapter 1 - Malik & Moet

By: Louis C. DePasquale

This is my original work.  I hold the exclusive copyright.  This story contains scenes of dominance and submission.  I also deals with interracial sex.  There is also a small amount of piss play,  If these concepts bother you or you are under age stop reading and move on.  I would appreciate my readers feedback whether good or bad.

Hi guys my name is Lance and I’m writing this journal so everyone will know how it all started.  I’m a 25 yr old marine.  I have blond hair and blue eyes.  I stand 6ft tall and weigh in at a muscular 225.  My 8 inch uncut cock keeps the ladies very happy when I’m not in the Iraqi desert.  I had been in the Marines for just short of 4 years and would be reenacting as soon as I get back.  I planed on making the Marines my career.

My baby bro was graduating high school before heading off to college on a football scholarship.  I had a week’s leave coming to me and was able to arrange to spend time with him in early August before he left.

Cory picked me up at the airport he looked good.  Like me he was blond and blue eyed.  He stood 5’9”, was heavily muscled, and kind of looked like a fire plug.  We chatted about this and that as we headed to the place he was living at with a friend.  He told me he didn’t have a girl at the moment.  He and his buddy had both been signed by Clemson.  I was so proud of my baby bro.

We got to his place and I met his room mate Andre.  It was weird but Cory seemed pretty deferential to Andre.  While we were sitting and talking Andre and I sat on the couch while Cory sat on the floor.  While we were talking two of their friends stopped by  Malik and Moet.  As soon as I met the two guys Cory told me he had something to show me in the back room.  As we headed back I didn’t realize the guys were behind us.  As soon as we walked into the bedroom I was tackled from behind onto the bed.  Before I knew what was happening my basket ball shorts were down around my ankles and my jock clad ass was  visible.  I tried fighting my way free but I was held down tightly.  That’s when I felt it the one thing no straight guy ever wants to feel some dudes one eyed monster pressing against his shitter.

As the cock started to pass through my outer ring I tried once again to break free and failed.  The pain I was feeling as my hole was stretched to accommodate the massive black cock was the worst I felt in my life.  Eventually the meat stick bottomed out in my hole I could feel his wiry pubes pressing into my ass cheeks.  He just held that black cock in place.  Then his mouth was next to my ear and I  recognized  Malik’s voice “Very good white boy you didn’t scream like most white boys do when they take my foot long.  For that I am going to give you a few minutes to get used to my size before I finish drilling out your new cunt.  Damn boy your hole is as sweet as your baby bro said it would be.”  What the fuck was he saying?  Then as the cock in my ass was pulling back Andre’s big black cock was in my face.

It was a monster dark black with a massive cut head it looked like a black apple.  I was always proud of the damage my fat 8 incher could do to a bitches cunt but Malik put me to shame.  He had good 2 inches on me in length and was bigger around then any beer can I had ever seen.  He was brushing the head of his  cock against my lips leaving trails of pre on them.  There was no way in hell I was going to let that monster cock in my mouth.  “Well marine you have a choice to make this cock is going to fuck your baby bro and the only lube he will get is from your mouth.”  From somewhere in the distance I heard Cory’s voice yell out bro.  To Andre I said “you bastard leave him alone.”  “So marine I guess Cory is gonna take it dry.”  I couldn’t let my brother take it dry so I opened my mouth to let the monster in.

As Andre’scock slid into my mouth the skin of that monster black cock felt satiny smooth but at the same time hard as steel.  For the first time in my life I was sucking a cock.  I started coughing, choking, and gaging as Andre pushed his monster into my throat.  I couldn’t breath as my throat was fucked hard.  Just as I was about to pass out he pulled back so I could fill my lungs with air before he went back to hard fucking my throat.  Tears were streaming down my face and drool was driving down NY chin. “God damn marine you give good throat.  All that choking and gaging feels amazing on my cock.  He stretched my throat to fit his clock like a glove.

While my throat was being raped Malik was working his cock in and out of my ass.  With each stroke it felt like the pain was dulling.  Suddenly Andre pulled out of my throat and mouth.  “Boy you are so crazy good at mouthing a cock I almost shot my load but that’s for your baby bro’s hole.  I can’t believe you’ve never worked a cock before.

He threw Cory down on the bed so we were face to face.  As I looked my bro in the eye I didn’t feel any more pain from my ass instead I was feeling jolts of almost pleasure.  I saw Andre pushing that monster black cock into Cory’s hole I watched for the pain to show  but all that I saw was joy.  How could he not be in pain.  Malik changed the angle of his fuck and as he hit a new spot in my ass that caused me to gasp out with pleasure.  The spot he hit sent jolts of pleasure speeding throughout my body.  It felt so good I moaned out in pleasure and my cock jumped to full hard.

In my time I had fucked plenty of bitches and it felt good but this was that on steroids.  Malik kept pounding that spot  in my ass and I could hear myself whimpering like a bitch in heat.

“That’s it bro give into it.  Let black cock take over your bod and mind.  Looking at my bro I could see the pleasure I was feeling mirrored in his face.  Then he did something unexpected he kissed me.  When he went in for another kiss he pushed his tounge into my mouth.  I was so lost in what I was feeling  the kiss  made every thing seem hotter. I started sucking on my baby  bro’s  tounge. Making out with Cory while getting my ass fucked had me over the moon  but at the same time it was blowing my mind way open..

Behind me I heard  Malik yell out and felt his steaming hot seed fill my guts and pushed me over the edge and I shot the biggest load of my life uselessly on the bed under me.  As Malik pulled out of my hole Moet pushed his slightly smaller P and thinner cock inside me.

The two black studs had different fucking styles Malik fucked for power and depth while Moet was more of a jabber.  He kept jabbing into my pleasure zone.  Cory broke off our make out session as Malik pushed his gooy cock in between us.  Cory looked me in the eye and said “come on bro get busy.  When a superior black man gives you the joy of fucking and seeding your pussy it’s your job to clean his superior cock.  Pussy what the fuck was Cory talking about I’m a man I don’t have a pussy.  Cory said“come on bro help me out this beautiful black cock isn’t going to clean itself . ”  My mind was so completely blown by what was happening that I just did  as I was told and started licking the cock in front of me clean.  I licked up a glob  of Malik’s seed and surprisingly it tasted kind of bleachy  but it was delicious.  I redoubled my efforts to get more of his jizz.

“You pathetic white boys are all the same.  You think k your straight cause a few bitches let you poke them with your tiny dicks but the minute you see a real black mans big cock it blows your mind away.  Look at you boy lying on your belly your boi clit so hard it’s about to shoot while my nigger Moet plows the new pussy I drilled for ya while your whimpering like a bitch in heat tounge kissing your baby bro around my cock.  Yeah marine real straight.”  Malik was humiliating me down to the core of my being and he knew it and the scary thing was his humiliating words only made me hotter.  At that moment Moet hit my spot just right and I blew my nuts all over the bed.  Malik pulled his cock away and Cory and I went back to making out.  Moet continued fucking my ass but before my dick could bone up again Malik rolled ne on my side and Moet rolled with me continuing to stroke my hole.  I reached for my dick to stroke it but Malik smacked my hand away.  “Boy this tiny worthless boy clit of yours just shot it’s last load of inferior white boy jism.

Before I know what was happening Malik slide my dick into a small tube which he locked in a cage.  The sound of that padlock clicking closed seemed to echo in my mind. Watching Malik put the key to my manhood on a chain around his neck with other keys completely blew my mind. My dick  was trying to grow, as Moet’s fucking got wild as he was close to shooting, but there was no room in the tube for my cock to get hard.  Then it happened Moet filled my hole with his scalding hot load.  When he was done shooting he pulled his manhood out of my hole and shoved it into my mouth as I eagerly clean off the cock that just raped my ass.

When I cleaned Moet’s meat to his satisfaction he pulled it from my mouth.  Malik told me to roll over on my belly and I followed the orders of the black alpha who turned my ass into his personal cunt. He shoved a plug up my ass.  Looking up I begin to understand as I finally see the ink on my baby Bro’s back.  Right in the center of his back is a jack of spades and in the small of his back I see the words that send a chill through my heart and further blow my mind property of Andre Watkins.

My baby brother the guy who has always had my back is now nothing more than another man’s property.  I also realize that he must have set up my cunting.  I fell back on the bed in shock.  “Sorry marine you can’t rest yet you got one more task to perform.  I look over and see my brother eagerly put Andres dick in his mouth.  It’s soon clear what’s happening Cory is drinking his owners piss.  In shock  at what I just saw I don’t fight back when I feel Malik grab my chin and turn my head so he can slide his black hose in my mouth.  It took a minute for his flow to start, the taste was strong masculine and acrid.  As soon as my mouth filled with yellow fluid I was forced to swallow.  Malik was careful to control the flow of piss into my mouth so it didn’t overwhelm me.  When he ran out of piss he pulled out of my mouth and released his hold on my head.  “Good job marine you drink piss like a champ and that new pussy of yours really rocked my world.  My buddies are really gonna love riding you like a brood mare.  Your days as a stallion are over.  Malik knew that his words of humiliation were helping to break me.

While I was trying to wrap my mind around  what just happened  to me  Andre looked at Cory and said “you know what to do boy.”  Cory looked up at his owner and said “Yes sir I do.”  Malik lean ed down so his lips were by my ear “You know boy you never thanked me for drilling put your new cunt.”  With out thinking I said “Thank you.”  Malik responded with a single word “sir.” My mind still trying to make sense of my night I responded with “Thank you sir.”  “You know boy we are going to have such fun together.  By the time we send you back to the desert you are going to be so addicted to superior black cock your going to be begging your black buddies for a taste.”

“Alright boys time to get some sleep you both have a busy day ahead of you tomorrow” Andre said as the three black alpha studs left the room.  When the door closed I heard a padlock click closed they had locked us in.  Cory took me in his arms and held me tight.  I turned toward him and asked “why.”  “Bro superior black  cockis so amazing I had to share it with my best friend and brother.”  He leaned in and gave me a chaste kiss on my lips. “Trust me bro your gonna be thanking me for turning you on to the best experience of your life serving a superior black master and becoming his property.  No worries other than pleasing him.  No decisions to make cause he makes them for you.  How’s your pussy feeling bro” Cory asked still holding me against his warm body?”  I looked at him like he was crazy and tried to reestablish my fading manhood and said “What the fuck you talking about bro I’m a man I don’t have a pussy.”  “I’m sorry big bro but your not a man and you never were.  That’s one of the things you’ll learn this week we’re both inferior white boys.  Black men are the only real men in the world.  Let me ask you a question what do straight men fuck?”  I quickly answered “pussy.”  “Well bro you were fucked tonight by 2 straight alpha men and they fucked your newly drilled pussy.”  Cory reached down and wiggled the plug in my new cunt sending shock waves of pleasure throughout my body.  Cory smiled and said bro you need to accept that like me you now have a pussy and that black men  are going to want to fuck and seed it.  You need to accept as gospel truth that black menare superior to us in every way possible and as weak inferior white boys our purpose for existing is to make their lives better.  Lance you’ve been living a lie time to live in the real world.

Reaching down I touched the cage that took my manhood away.  “Bro I’m so confused and scared” I said snuggling into the warmth of my brothers body.  “That’s alright bro I got you and will keep you safe.”  He leaned over and kissed me as we fell asleep. With me in my brothers arms while he played with the plug in my new pussy.  As I drifted off to sleep the only thought was how much pleasure my new pussy was bringing me.

Here ends chapter 1.  Please let me know if it’s worth continuing the story and if it is what should happen to Lance knowing he is going back to his buddies in the desert in a week’s time  Should I write more about Cory who will be going to Clemson with his owner to play football.  Please bear with me I am visually impaired and did my best to proof it.