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Junior Gets A Master
By Louis C. DePasquale

Junior Gets A Master

Part 1 - DeQuan teaches Junior a new role

By Louis C. DePasquale

This story is my own original work.  I hold the copyright.  This story contains themes of dominance and submission.  In this story I write about black name superiority and white male inferiority.  If these themes bother you or u are under age do not read my story.  This is my first story in the world of black supremacy.  Any feedback good or bad would be appreciated.

If someone had told me a week ago I would become addicted to big Black cock I would have laughed in their face before bringing the pain with my fists.  My new Black Master turned me out but good.  I would do anything to feel him on top of me his weight pushing me down.  He told me if I did a good job writing my story he would let me worship his feet. 9ò He ordered me to wright my story and post it to this story site.

My name is Brock but since I’m named for my Daddy everyone calls me junior and my boys call me J.R.  I’m a proud Alabama boy.  I just turned 18 and I’m a senior in high school.  I stand 6’2 and weigh in at a muscular 220  I’m a big boy I work out 7 days a week and have the muscles to prove it.  I’m the starting quarterback for the Trojans.  I have red hair, green eyes and more freckles than I can count.  I am a stud.  I know that sounds immodest but let’s be honest you don’t get to be starting quarterback on a championship winning team by being modest.  I’m dating Alison the head cheerleader and fucking her Mom on the side.

I just got home from practice when she called me. “Hey babe” I sad as my dick started to stir.  “Want to come over my parents are out of town”?  Figuring I would play hard to get I said “shit babe I have a ton of homework to do”.  “That’s too bad cause I got a friend over that’s dying to get to know you” she said with a slight moan of pleasure.  Fuck I thought to myself I had been bugging her to do a three way with one of her girl friends for months.  “On my way” I told her my dick springing to full size.

When I got to her place I let myself in and headed upstairs to her bedroom.  I knocked and heard “come on in baby” said in a voice filled with lust.  For a second the image of my girl and her friend eating each other cunny popped into my head as my dick stiffened even more.

I opened the door and walked in with my usual cocky swagger but the action in front of me caused me to stop in my tracks and my jaw to drop open.  My girl Alison was laying on her back with her legs spread and my cross town rival DeQuan was pounding her pussy like she was a $2 whore.  She was a shifty mess she had cum leaking from her mouth.  He must have shot a load on her face  “Hey Junior glad you decided to stop by I’m really looking forward to  our 3 way” He said with a smirk.   I was pissed off seeing my girl looking like a used cum rag.  I closed the distance between us my fists clenched ready for battle.    Just as I was about to swing on him he pulled his meat out of my girls gaping cunt with a wet popping sound.  The sound caught my attention and I glanced down.  Once again I was stopped in my tracks with my jaw hanging open.  There was DeQuan’s in all his glory 6’5” probably 280lbs of solid muscle.    He had a strong masculine face with dreads that hung below  his shoulders but the only thing I could see was the thirteen inch beer can thick black cock hanging between his legs. 

I never realized cocks grew that big.  I had always bragged to the guys about my massive 8  inches.  I now had a new definition for massive as my dick shrank so did my sense of being the man.  I heard a chuckle from DeQuan and a moan from my girl begging him to fuck her.  Those words shot right threw the heart of my masculine pride and I couldn’t stop staring at that coal black piece of stud meat.  “Shut the fuck up white bitch I’m talking to your man.  I could hear the implied air quotes around the word man and still I couldn’t pull my eyes away.  “You know Junior as soon as I found out this slut was yours I took her home.  I’ve been wanting to spend some quality time with you.”  While he was talking I was talking to myself what the fuck dude you ain’t some weak ass fag stop staring and pound his face.  There was something hypnotic about that black snake in front of me no matter how much I wanted to look away I just couldn’t seem to look away.

I felt DeQuan hands on my shoulders pushing me down to my knees in front of him.  All my muscle was useless as my knees hit the hard floor.  That massive black cock glistening with my girls cunny juice was inches from my face.  Up close it looked even bigger.  I could smell pussy on his dick but on top of that I could smell a strong musky masculine scent.    “That’s it boy breathe in a real man’s scent”  As he spoke he grabbed the back of my head pulling my nose into his thick public bush so that my lips rested on his shaft   “-That’s it boy huff my scent into your body and mind.”  Without thought my body obeyed and I huffed a deep lung full of his masculine scent.  I grew lightheaded for a second and drew a second deep draw of his scent  At this point my lips parted and my tounge popped out.  I’m going to give myself the benefit of the doubt and say I was involuntarily licking my lips.  Instead my tounge encountered his incredibly hard shaft as my tounge retreated I was amazed at how silky smooth it was.  I heard a deep chuckle from above me and a hand under my chin tilting it up so I was looking into DeQuan deep brown eyes.

“Don’t worry boy what’s happening is natural.  I bet in your white world you were a stud maybe even an alpha.  Am I right?”  I nodded my head in response..  “You thought that tiny white cocklet and those muscles made you a man.  Am I right?”  Once again I nodded my agreement.  He lightly slapped my cheek saying “use your words boy.”  “Yes” I answered not recognising my own voice.  Lightly slapping my cheek again he said “Yes sir?”  My mind still in a flunk I parroted his words back to him “Yes sir.”  He rubbed my head like you would a dog and said “good boy.”   For some reason hearing his praise made me feel good.  “This happens every time one of you weak willed inferior white boys encounters a real black alphas cock.  Your minds can’t handle the truth that you weren’t put here to lead but to serve.  That the small cock and muscles you thought made you a man were just evidence of your boyhood.”

I wanted to jump up and tell him he was wrong to defend my rapidly diminishing manhood but the truth was staring me in the face.  DeQuan was taller, stronger, more muscled, and better hung.  In every category by which we judged manhood he was clearly superior.  For the first time in my life I felt inferior to another jock.  I could feel tears welling up in my eyes.  I could feel DeQuan once again rubbing and petting my hair and his soothing words “it’s all right boy I got you…I’ll take care of you stand up let me see you.  Take off your shirt.  I jumped to my feet and pulled my shirt off.  For the first time since I started working out I was embarrassed comparing my body to his.  “You know Junior it’s not all bad you have more definition in your pecs.”  As he spoke he cupped my pecs and twisted my nips causing my sleeping dick to stir.  “You also have a really sweet eight pac.”  He said rubbing his finger tips along my happy trail causing my dick to harden some more.  Noticing the rise in my shorts he chuckled and grabbed my nipples again “Boy, I can’t believe how big these are” He said watching my dick keep rising.  He worked my nips till he was satisfied,  “What you don’t have boy are my guns” He said doing a double bicep flex.  I was amazed and saddened looking at his body my biceps I was so proud of and considered my best feature were punny compared to the cannon balls attached to his arms.  Dropping one arm he said come on boy give it a feel.”   Before I could respond he grabbed my hand and brought it to his right bi.  DeQuans  skin felt warm and smooth to the touch.  His muscle was hard and powerfull.  I continued rubbing my hand on his bicep for another minute or two before he grabbed the back of my head and pulled forward until my lips were touching his hard bicep.  He growled out a single word of command “kiss!”

As I  found myself submissivly kissing his powerful bicep I I was shocked to my core as a wave submission passed through me.    DeQuan patted the back of my head saying “good boy.”  My mom frequently says I popped out giving orders and making demands.  From my earliest memory I was the dominant alpha in every group and yet DeQuan’s natural dominance brought out a submissive sideI never knew I had.  As I kissed the incredible canon ball sized bicep and he patted my head like one would a goo dog his scent once again hit my nose detected his powerful masculine scent.

As I huffed his powerful scent a mixture of musk, sweat, and testosterone I felt my dick go to full bone and my heart started to race.  I knew I had to get away from him so I pulled my head back but his hand was there holding me in place.  “Not yet boy” he said with a smitk dragging my nose and mouth down into his dank pit.  When my nose and mouth hit his pit I was enveloped in his overwhelming stink.  From overhead I heard “lick it boy.”    My lips parted and my tounge tasted his tart acrid pit and I was lost.  I couldn’t get enough of his taste.  I cleaned his pit like my life depended ed on it.

As I started cleaning his pit I felt it.  His moist finger pushing between my cheeks and playing with my hole.    He was shy and genital at first but as he moved my face to clean his other pit he breached my ring and by the time I had cleaned both pits to his satisfaction he was nuclear deep and finger banging me.  Like most of the bitches I finger banged over the years I was lost floating in heaven.  My teeth were chattering, my dick was leaking lube, and the pleasure was shooting through me like crazy.    When he added a second lubed finger I started moaning out in pleasure.  I was embarrassed to realize I was pushing back and riding those fingers.   Above me I heard DeQuan chuckle “you white bitches are all the same male or female.”

I knew where this was headed.  In my mind I saw the image of him on top of me…in me and I almost shot my load.    He dropped me on the floor.  I was in a daze as he positioned me I could see my girl passed out from exhaust on.  “You white bitches all the same male or female it don’t matter.  All I got to do is show u a real black man’s dick and let you sniff and lick my stink and your tiny inferior white minds get burned out.”  While he was talking he positioned me so my upper body was between my girls legs and I was on my knees with my ass out and up.  I knew I should be fighting back but he had so completely dominated ne all that was left was obedience and lust.  “It’s like God put the white race on this planet for black alphas to dominate and control.”  I could feel him getting into position behind me.  “I’ve been waiting for this moment for a while Junior.    You should feel lucky boy I’m lubed up so I wont tear you apart.”  He began pushing his monster through my virgin pucker it felt like a red hot telephone pole being shoved up my ass.

As I opened my mouth to scream out the pain and agony I was feeling he shoved my face down into my girls cum filled cunt.  “That’s it boy clean my cum out of this white sluts whore hole while I drill out your new cunt.”    My screams were lost in the cunt I was eating.    I took a quick lick as his relentless meat stick tore through my ass, I could taste my girls puss but over top of that was his stronger bitter salty sweet cum.  There was something about the taste of his boys I couldn’t get enough of.  I started lapping at that pussy like a mad man.  “How you doing Boy?  You’ve got half of me.”  He grabbed my hair and pulled my face out of the cunt I was cleaning so I could answer “Oh God it hurts sir.” As he pushed my face back into the cummy gooy quim he said :you deserve every bit of pain you get  Let’s call it a down payment towards your reparations for the pain and suffering of my people during slavery.  Breaks over time to finish drilling out your new cunt.”  I went back to cleaning and he went back to drilling.  I’ve played football all my life so I’ve pulled more muscles and broken more bones than I can count but nothing can prepare you for the unrelenting agony of halving a foot  of steel hard cock  drilled  through a tight virgin  ass pucker.

DeQuans’s hands left my waist and grabbed my shoulders to pile drive the last few inches.  When he finally hit bottom he leaned down to whisper in my ear “good boy you took it all.”  I was so lost in my new submissive head space that my heart leapt at his praise.  “The hard part is over.  There will be a little more pain as I stretch out your new pussy.  Pretty soon the pleasure will start and finish the process of breaking down your inferior tiny white brain so I can rebuild it for you.  By the time morning comes you will be so addicted to massive black cocks and the fluids they expell that you will do anything including selling your soul to convince a black alpha to bless you by filling your pussy with his monster dick.”   He started pulling out of my hole and it felt like he was pulling my guts out with his dick.  When he pushed back in the pain returned but not as strong.  By the fourth stroking I no longer felt pain but just discomfort as my hole continued  stretching to accommodate that massive dick.

By the sixth  stroke even the discomfort was fading and something else was building.  Then his dick brushed something in my ass that sent pleasure cascading through the my body.  He started brushing that spot with each thrust.  The pleasure I was feeling was indescribable.  I could hear myself moaning and whimpering like a bitch taking a good fuck which I was.  In a few more strokes I was on the edge and ready to  shoot my load when he just stopped with just the head of his massive blacjk cock just holding inside me.  I was so close to tripping my trigger but it faded when he stopped stroking.  As the pleasure faded my need for more hit me.  I could hear myself whining and whimpering for more.

“What do you want boy?”  He asked with derision in his voice.  I knew what he wanted to hear but my straight pride didn’t want to beg to get my ass pounded like a fag.  The first time he asked I was able to say nothing.  In the silence that followed with the head of that beautiful coal black cock poised at the entry way to my ass things began to change.  My body missed the sensation of his glorious cock moving through my body.  The part of my mind he already owned craved the pleasure his manhood brought me and longed to submit to his dominance.  The second time the question changed “What does your pussy want boy?”  A second time I forced back the words he wanted to hear.  The need for what only he could give me grew.  The third time he spoke the inevitable happened I broke   what ever was left of my straight personality shattered into a million pieces.  “What do you need Boy?  “To be fucked sir.”  “Where do you want me to fuck you boy?”  In my ass sir.”  “You no longer have an ass boy cause I drilled out your cunt.”  “Where do you want me to fuck you boy?”  I knew the answer he wanted and my straight pride was no longer holding me back.  “Please sir fuck my new cunt” I begged.  “All you had to do was ask boy. “ He once again started plowing my ass as his dick kept hitting my spot.  As the pleasure in my body built up the charge in my nuts began to rise.

He reach around front and grabbed my dick.  “What is this pathetic inferior lump of pale white flesh?”  Boy, I bet you were proud of it.  Bragged to your boys about how big it is.  This is what you felt made you a man.  Well boy now that you’ve seen want a real man’s cock looks and feels like.  You must realise this small lump of flesh belongs on a boy.  This is nothing more than  your disgusting boy clit.  At that moment when he was trash talking my manhood I shot the biggest load of my life.  My orgasm caused my ass to contract and DeQuan flooded my ass with his superior seed.

As I lay there having just had the best most incredible sexual experience of my life  he pulled out leaving my cunt gaping open and feeling empty.  He put his dick to my lips and said “lick me clean boy.”  As I began licking the mixture of lube, cum, any my ass juices off his black cock he bent over and whispered in my ear lesson 1.  When a black man honors you by fucking your inferior white ass it is your job to clean his cock.   While licking his cock clean I could taste the remnants of the greasey lube, the amazing taste of his seed and there was a strong acrid taste that told me I hadn’t wiped as well as well as I thought I had.  Once I finished cleaning his cock to his satisfaction he flipped me over on my back  “ we need to do something about that tiny boy clit of yours.  He proceeded to pull out a silicon tube and a lock.  The next thing I knew my pride and joy was locked away in a cock cage.”Now boy lick up that inferior white seed off the floor.

DeQuan fucked me three more times before the morning came.  There was no more resistance left when he asked I begged him to fuck my cunt harder and deeper.    In between fucks he raped my mouth and stretched out my throat causing me to choke and gag.  By the time I finally passed out from exaustion   I was a different person.  When he kicked me awake in the morning he smiled at me and he said’  “hope you learned something new about yourself today.”    Meet me here on Friday at 10pm and I’ll take  hat cage off.  Now get the fuck out of here so I can wash your white stink off my body.”

End of Part One

Thank you for reading my story.  Please bear with any errors I am visually impaired and did my best to proof the story.  What do you think should happen to Junior in chapter 2?