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Getting Turned at Rusty's Tavern
By Louis C. DePasquale

The usual disclaimers apply. This is my original work. If male on male sex doesn't interest you or you're under age then don't read it. I would prefer no one post this on another site without my permission. Comments are always appreciated and will be answered.

Driving home from work I decided to stop at Rusty's Tavern and get dinner and a beer. Rusty's was an institution in these parts. It's where most of the guys in our county had their first drink; hell it was where most of our fathers had their first drink. Rusty and now Rusty Jr. were never much for checking ID. Since our only law enforcement was a part time deputy who started drinking at the bar when he was 14 he wasn't apt to make a fuss. The place hadn't changed in decades. PBR on tap and a choice of 3 bottle beers. The cheapest rotgut liquor that Rusty could get his hands on and of course some local moonshine under the bar. The only saving grace the place had was Mary, Rusty's wife. She cooked lunch and dinner at the bar 5 days a week; really good down home food. Today being Thursday it would be her scratch made chicken pot pie. My mouth started watering just thinking about it.

Pulling into the parking lot I saw the 4 bikes parked out front which meant Butch and his boys were getting drunk in the bar. Our local bike gang consisted of Butch and 3 of our friends from school. They got drunk, rode around on their bikes causing trouble and getting into fights. We grew up in the same trailer park, went to school together, and knew each others secrets. While they liked to fight and cause trouble they were, for the most part, harmless. Heading to the bar I ordered a draft and some of Mary's pot pie from Rusty Jr. who happened to be behind the bar. I wandered over to the pool table to watch the game between Butch and Trey. I was only watching for a few minutes when Butch sank the 8 ball and won the game.

"Hey Peanut," he yelled out, "how's it hanging little buddy?" I hated my high school nickname. At work I went by Robert and my friends called me Bob, but to the guys I grew up with I would always be Peanut. The problem was the nickname was very accurate; I stand at 5'4" and weigh in at a heavy 115 pounds. No matter what I do I can't seem to add an ounce of muscle or fat to my frame. "Not bad," I answered back, "how are things with you Butch?" "Ok I guess me and Mary Lou had another fight so she moved back with her mother for a while. SHe took the girls with her but left little Butch with me. "Little Butch" was a 6'5" 310lb offensive lineman in his senior year of high school. The shop is doing great had to hire another mechanic" Butch inherited the only car repair shop in the area when his old man passed a few years ago. "How's life in the big city? You find yourself a girl yet?" I sold insurance over in Honey Brook. The town had one stop light but everyone called it the big city. Living in farm country it always seemed like there were more guys than girls and farmers guarded their daughters like prized cattle. I still hadn't found one interested in hooking up with me.

"Hey Peanut, your dinner's ready" Rusty Jr. called out. He put the plate down on the bar with a fresh draft beer. I dug into the food with a gusto finishing the draft in 3 pulls. Before I could even ask Rusty Jr. put another draft down in front of me.Now I've never been much of a drinker. With my size even after eating a big meal it doesn't take much to get me drunk. But between the good food and Butch and Trey sitting on either side of me urging me on, I kind of lost track of how many drafts I had. When I finished eating I tried to stand up and realized just how buzzed I was and knew that I needed to slow down or I wouldn't be able to drive home.

Before I could fully stand up Butch and Trey, each with a hand on one of my shoulders, pushed me back down on to the bar stool. "Come on little buddy relax and live a little. It's been forever since you hung out and got drunk with us.

You ain't gotta work tomorrow and we'll make sure you get home alright." Between my full stomach and the buzz I was already working with I just sort of nodded and Butch called out for another special draft for me.

We spent the next hour or so drinking and talking about this and that. One of the problems with having a small body mass was a small kidney. I needed to piss like a racehorse. Standing up I realized two things: I was more unsteady on my feet than I expected to be and my dick was rock hard in my slacks. Stumbling toward the bathroom I felt a pair of hands steadying me. Here buddy let me give you a hand I heard Butch say. When I walked in I figured that Butch would wait for me outside but instead he helped walk me over to the long trough that served as a urinal. I whipped my little dick out of the fly and let loose then I heard a zipper and realized that Butch was pissing right next to me.

Don't ask me why I glanced down at his dick; I have no idea to this day. I never really had a queer thought in my head. But look I did and compared to my small piece Butch's 7 inches looked like a monster. I turned bright red when I heard Butch chuckle and realized that he caught me looking. Embarrassed I shook it off, zipped up, and turned to leave, but Butch grabbed my shoulder and said "wait for me buddy." I ended up sideways facing toward him and my eyes went right back to looking at that big dick. I had no earthly idea why I couldn't stop looking at it. Butch gave his a quick shake but rather than put it away he turned so he was facing me stroking his dick hard. Watching Butch stroking his piece brought mine back to full on hard.

"That's alright buddy we all remember from gym class what a tiny dick you have so you must be curious what a real man's dick looks like.

Look at it all you want" he said still slowly stroking his big piece of meat.

He reached out his other hand and started to rub my little hard on through my jeans. "Damn, Peanut, I knew you had a small dick, but this feel more like a hard clit in your pants. No wonder none of the girls want to date you, your little clit would do nothing for them. Is that what you got a clit in your pants buddy?" he asked me; the sarcasm obvious in his voice. I tried to deny that terrible statement but my mouth was dry as sawdust and the words wouldn't come. I couldn't take my eyes of his beer can thick big boy and his stroking and my baby dick was getting me so unbelievably turned on.

When he put both of his hands on my shoulders and pushed me down so my knees were on the piss-stained floor and I was face to face with Buch's pride and joy. I tried to resist but a little extra pressure on my shoulders put an end to it. Sitting on my knees with Butch's big dick in my face I couldn't figure out why my dick was so hard and why I was horny as hell. What I didn't know till much later Rusty had been serving me beer laced with Viagra and something he get his hands on that kept the mind a little cloudy.

"You know buddy that little clit you got in your slacks can't please a woman." His voice was wrapping tight around my brain and the words were seeping in and making sense. How could my little dick ever please a woman? Then his voice was back again "if you weren't put on this earth to please women then maybe your purpose is to please real men. Come on Peanut I'm really hurting man, Mary Lou hasn't touched my dick in weeks. If I don't bust a nut soon my balls are gonna explode. I need someone to just give my big boy a stroke or two. C'mon help a buddy out!" That phrase help a buddy out took my mind back into high school were the girls didn't put out and the guys would help each other out with some mutual JO. Without even realizing I was doing it my hand reach out and wrapped around his dick. "That's it buddy help a guy out and keep stroking it."my legs and started rubbing the underside of my balls keeping me on edge. "Yeah buddy that feels so good!" I continued to run my stroker along the length of his velvety smooth dick paying special attention to his large red mushroom shaped head. Without me realizing it he moved closer till his big boy was just inches from my mouth. All of a sudden he let out a little moan and I could see a pearl drop of his pre hanging on the edge of his piss slit.

“Look at that bead of pre just hanging on the head of my dick little buddy why don’t you taste it with your tongue you know you want to.” While there was a small voice in the back of my mind saying fuck no, the beer and the drugs had opened my mind up and Butch’s voice just seemed to seep in. As my tongue moved toward his dick head I heard his voice above me “that’s it buddy taste it, taste me.” I don't know why but I just had to taste it. My tongue reached out and licked the pearly droplet. The taste explosion inside my mouth was out of this world. The pre tasted of salt and the bitterness of the tobacco he smoked but behind that was the taste of what I can only describe as masculine maleness; a byproduct of all the testosterone flooding his balls. How much of it was real and how much was filled in by my mind I couldn't say but the taste was so good I went back for more.

I heard Butch let out a loud moan "that's right buddy boy taste me, you know you want to. Damn Peanut I just knew you were half a faggot and if I could get your lips on my dick you’d love it. The other guys all told me I was crazy but little Rusty told me he knew a guy that might be able to help. ,Now here you are sucking my dick like a life long fag I just never thought it would feel this good. Oh God Damn, swallow me down boy take me deep in your mouth!" I don't know why but I was taking his dick as far as I could on each down stroke before choking. I was determined to take him to the short and curlies, but couldn't seem to get past the gag point. “That’s it bitch choke on my big boy” I kept using my tongue to lash the underside of dick head on each up stroke. "Just relax buddy pretend like you are swallowing a pull of beer and take me all the way." I followed Butch's instructions and felt his dick head tickling my tonsils. My nose was in his pubic bush and I could smell his odor. He smelled of soap and sweat and a masculinity that I had never possessed. "That's it bitch learn what a real man smells like. You're going to spend a lot of time with your nose in my bush going forward."

While I was taking in his raw odor Butch started deep stroking my throat. The deeper and harder he stroked into my throat the more I gagged and choked trying to get a handle on his big boy. "Now that's music to my ears a fag bitch gagging and choking on my big meat stick. Take it bitch boy you're going to be spending a lot of time choking on man-meat from now on." Every time I thought I got a handle on it Butch would thrust harder change his angle and I would start gagging all over again. "That's it take it... yeah take it... Oh shit, here it comes... about to fill you up with my swimmers buddy!" I could feel his dick get even harder in my throat as he started to pull back. I could feel and taste a big squirt of cum hit me as his dick head lay on my tongue. Then he pulled out and shot the rest of his big load on my forehead and face. "Yeah, marking you as my bitch! ... I took your mouth cherry... I wonder who's getting the other one!" With my mouth full of his cum and my face glistening with more of it he grabbed me by the arm and pulled me out of the rest room. "Hey Rust! You owe me a hundred bucks and free beer for a week. It worked like I told you it would. Put up the closed sign, Peanut or should I say bitch boy has decided to give us a private party!" "Damn look at that bitch's face covered with your cum" I heard Trey say. "Hell yeah" I heard Rusty yell out "I've been waiting to pop that ass for weeks, ever since you told me about your crazy idea. That chocolate covered cherry is mine!"

Hey guys not sure if I should leave this as a one off or keep the party going. Let me know if you want a part 2!