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Dorm Bottom Boy
By Louis C. DePasquale

Dorm Bottom Boy - Chapter One

By: Louis Charles DePasquale

I hold the exclusive copyright to this story. This story involves themes of domination in college.  This first chapter has some piss play. All feedback is good.  I will do my best to answer all emails.

With some effort I managed to stretched my mouth wide enough to swallow the fat cock working it’s way down my throat.  I managed to swallow most if his ass Raymer down my throat.  I was surprised to realize how much dick was still outside my mouth.  I new it was going to be tough for me to take the whole  thing.  I took a couple of deep breaths and managed to take another inch.  From above me I heard “God dam  bro swallow that big dick.  Shit fag that feels so fucking good.”  After a few more minutes I could feel his black bushy pubes tickling my nose.  I was so proud to have gotten the whole dick down my throat.  “Bro your throat is really working my cock.  No one has ever taken the whole thing.    Stop sucking for a minute or I am going to shoot way to soon.

I was so proud of my skills as a cocksucker.  “Ahh Bobby I can’t believe how good this feels.  If all fags are as good at sucking dick as you are then I’ve been missing out on some awesome head limiting myself to just women.  I’m Bobby  and the Alpha stud getting ready to work over my  throat was Trey my dorm suite mate.  Our rooms were next door to each other and we shared a bathroom.  This was never supposed to happen.    I worked so hard to keep my sexuality separate from the guys I hung out with.  I know first hand how homophobic some jocks can be.  I am a relief pitcher on the University baseball team.  I was determined to not be defined by others as a jock who loved cock.  While I would never make it to the major league.  Baseball was doing for me the one thing my blue collar parents couldn’t, paying for college.  The school gave me a full ride with room and board.

I was a sophomore and had followed my rules successfully for a year and a half no fucking or sucking on campus.  I had hooked up with a couple of guys I met at the one gay bar in this sleepy college town.  Maybe twice a month I would hook up with someone for a mutual 69 and very rarely if the guy was hot I might give up my.  I now boring right but that’s me no kinks just boring enjoyable sex.  Today all of my carefully laid plans fell by the wayside.  The decision I made today will end up affecting the rest of my life.

Trey was a dorm legend.  He was a junior alpha jock.  He didn’t play on any team but lived and breathed  sports.  He was a legend cause he had a different sorority girl doing the walk of shame from his room every morning.  Trey was a show off he would fuck his conquests practically unconscious every morning so the halls would be filled with guys when they did the walk of shame.  Looking like they had been fucked hard and put up wet.    More than a few professors did the morning walk from Trey room.  He was a 6’6” alpha stud.  His 280 lbs were pure muscle earned during his 2 he workouts 6 days a week    He wore his hair long usually tied up in a pony tail.  He wears a neatly trimmed beard and his body is fully covered in a bed of dark hair his pubes are full uushy and untouched.    Every time one of his buds suggests that he man’s capes or a fellow lifter suggests he shave his body to better show off his body.  He just good naturedly and says only fans shave their bodies

I’m not a small guy either standing 6’3 with a strong muscled body.  I wear my bright red hair cropped short in a no fuss no muss style.  My blond goatee made me look older than my 20 years.  My best feature is my fat bubble ass.  My cut dick was average but my ass was a sight to behold.  Tuesday mornings I had no classes.  It wasn’t baseball season so no morning practice.  I had staid up late playing call of duty: infinite warfare with my roommate Johnny.  I slept later than usual. I threw on a jock and a pair of basket ball shorts  and a flag muscle tee and headed down to the cafe for a quick lunch.  I decided to head into the john and brush the teeth and shit.  Since both rooms shared a bathroom if you wanted privacy you locked your neighbors door.  Since all four of us were jocks none of were very body shy it wasn’t uncommon for one of us to be taking a piss, one to be brushing teeth, and a third in the shower.  I was horny as fuck I hadn’t been laid in a few weeks.  My roommate and his girl were fighting so he was sending all his time in our room playing call of Duty and smoking up, so I hadn’t been able to jack off.  So I was pretty much on edge and desperate to swallow some serious ball cream.

Walking into the bathroom I heard the shower running.  As I was rinsing the toothpaste out of my mouth when the shower turned  off and the curtain opened.  I heard Trey exclaimed  “damn dude make some noise next time” as he stepped out of the shower drying his long silky hair.  When I heard Trey’s voice I turned toward him without thinking and there in front of me in all his naked glory was the very muscled alpha stud of the dorm  The water glistened on his body hair.    My horniness shut down my mind and common sense.  As my eyes worked their way down the muscle studs hot body.  “Dude close youth mouth your drooling.  I didn’t know you were a fag buddy.  To be honest with you bud, I’ve never let a guy swing on my rod before but today is your lucky day.  I didn’t get off last night so I’m gonna give you a shot.  You need to prove to me you really want to swing on my meat.  Get down on your knees and beg for my dick.”

‘Dude I’m not… I never..”  I tried to tell him I wasn’t going to degrade myself for a shot at giving him head.  Trey looked me in the eye smirked at me and said the choice is yours.  Drop to your knees, kiss my feet, and began for my cock or I walk away and you will never get a taste.”  He followed that statement with a double bicep pose.  I have no idea why I fell to my knees I’ve always been pretty vanilla when it comes to sex.  Sure I like to get fucked but I’ve never thought of myself as a fag and yet here I was on my knees in front of my alpha stud suitemate.  He looked down at me his aura of alpha superiority surrounding him.  That massive alpha cock inches from my mouth.  I leaned forward lost in the moment and tried to take that massive plumb into my drooling mouth.

Before I could get to his dick his right palm connected with my cheek.  The bitch slap while not hard enough to cause me real pain knocked me away from his dick head.  “Like I told you Bobby you’re the first fag to get a shot at swallowing this beauty.   Do you want it?”  At that moment I knew I was crossing a line but all I could think about was servicing this hot muscle stud and his beautiful mesmerizing cock.  I nodded my head knowing what was coming next.  He pointed to his right foot and said ‘kiss it bitch.”  Up until now I was one of the guys a bro but once I leaned down and kissed that foot I would be nothing but a fag.  My status would change instantly.  A part of me wanted to look at him defiantly  and tell him I was no man’s bitch.  Instead I bent down and kissed his right foot.  “Bro, you call that a kiss, put a little tounge into it so I know you are serious about taking my cock.”  After a slight hesitation I went back down and using my lips and tounge started to make out with his size 13 feet.  That’s it buddy now the left.  As I moved on to his left foot I could tell he was enjoying his dominance over another man.  “Now beg for it like a dog begs for a bone.

I had no idea why I was giving in like this but looking I to his eyes I said “Trey please may I worship you manly cock.”  Looking down at me with contempt in his eyes Trey said “sure Bobby if it means that much to you go ahead and worship my big boy.  I was very proud when my nose was resting in his curlies.  I never thought I would be able to take the whole thing.  Above me I heard Trey’s voice as I felt him grab two handfuls of my hair “damn buddy that feels so fucking good.  No bitch has ever been able to take me to the root before.  Now it’s time to let Daddy drive.  He proceeded to fuck my throat with a vengance.  It’s one thing g to slowly swallow a cock it’s another thing entirely to have that massive cock pistoning down your throat at full speed.  I started choking and gaging on that cock  “Keep it up fag I love to hear a bitch really enjoying my big boy.  Damn many out should see this I can see your throat expanding g to take my big meat.  That is so hot to watch.”  Tears were streaming uncontrollably down my face every time he pulled his cock back out of my gullet I could feel throat slime dripping off my chin.

After a good five minutes uses of destroying my throat he sped up saying “Here it comes bitch swallow my babies.  He shot 5 thick blasts of cu, down into my stomach he pulled back shooting a blast over my tounge before pulling out completely while his last two gushes of cum landed on my face and in my hair.  As soon as he released my head I slumped down exhausted holding my raw trashed throat with my hands.  Looking down at me clutching my throat he said I’m sorry fag did I hurt my new bitches throat.  Next thing I heard was a click looking up I realized he had taken a picture of my cum covered face.    I was so lost in the moment that when Trey said “open your mouth” I did it with out thinking.  Tt eyes next words shocked the hello of me “OK fag spill a drop and the pic goes out to everyone in your contacts list.”  With those words he slowly started to piss in my mouth,  The taste was strong and acrid.  I swallowed out of reflex.  I could here the clicks as he took picks of me swallowing his piss. 

“What do you think you coach and team mate would say if they knew you were turned on by drinking my hot piss?”  WHT the fuck would this bast are think I was enjoying this?  Bobby I can’t believe even a fag would be this low.  I just slam fucked your throat, filled your raw throat with my babies, your swallowing my piss like it was a fine wine and your hard as a rock.”  As he pulled out of my mouth I realized that I was rock hard.  “Don’t let it bother you Bobby some men are alpha born to dominate weaker men.  Guys like you are born to be dominated and worship alphas.  College is meant to be a learning experience.    You should thank me for showing you the truth of what you are.  A jock who craves being dominated by and worshiping real men.  Now get out of here. 

Walking back into my room my mind was racing.  How did I go in a matter of seconds from being a verse bottom  to a boi bitch getting hard from drinking a real man’s piss.  Sitting on my bed I heard Trey go into his room and close the door. I looked at my watch it took all of 10 minutes for Trey to so completely dominate me.   He had left me sweaty and covered in his cum.  I want back into the bathroom to take a shower.  The horniness I felt at the start was worse.  I needed to get off.  Instead of my usual jack off fantasy of me in a 69 with a joy muscle stud, I was jerking off to the taste and image of Trey passing down my throat the shower curtain was pulled aside and he snapped another pic of me with my hand wrapped around my hard dick.  I was seconds away from shooting my .old but dropped my piece in shock.  The ball juice that had been working it’s way toward my dick head washed back down inside my already blue balls.

So bitch were you jerking that dick of yours to me raping your throat or drinking piss?  I was standing there in shock unable to answer the question.  Look fag when a man asks you a question you answer and follow it up with a sir or do you want everyone to find out about your new favorite drink.  Knowing Trey was in my head dominating me again but unable to resist him I answered “drinking your piss sir”  What was that fag I couldn’t hear you.  “I was thinking about drinking down your piss sir.”  Very good buddy, a mans bitch should always shown him proper respect.  Don’t you agree my new faggot bitch.”  Lost in the role being forced on me replied “Yes sir.”

“Trey please don’t share those pics.  I will do anything you want.  That pic would destroy me.”  Patting me on the head he said “I don’t know fag.  I’ll keep your secret for now.  Even though I think you would love being the dorm cum dump.”  Just imagine being  bent over your bed with a line of real men waiting to dump a load deep in your pussy.”  Smirking are me Trey said “Go ahead a jerk that pathetic useless clit you have between your legs.”

If you want to swallow own down another load of my superior just you will knock on my door at 8pm wearing nothing but a jock sreap.  Oh and real men have hairy bodies fag Bois like you should be smooth.  Be completely shaved below the neck at 8 and I might let you blow me again but no promises.”  Trey waked back into his  room taking my phone with  him.  I closed my eyes and went  back to jerking my cock with my eyes closed while images of being bent over my bed being gang fucked by a line of hot sexy studs.  Shooting the biggest load of my life I collapsed to the shower tile floors in exaustion.