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Saala Chutiya
By Khalid

Saala Chutiya

By Khalid


He’s groaning really loudly now while I’m shoving my thick meat up his once virginal butt hole.

You’re really fucking my hole,” he cries out.

Yeah I am, I thought. With everyone watching it too.

Hard to believe until he met me, he was just another arrogant, muscle bound, American jock who had a reputation for being a total top and, to the guys he’d fucked, a complete dickhead. Well, his “alpha top” reputation is gone. Okay the dickhead part is still true. Whatever right. Haha.

Anyway, right now I have him bent over the bar counter with his powerfully built thighs spread apart and his quivering 6-foot frame speared by my shaft. Even better everyone in here is laughing at his new ‘role’.

AW fuck,’ he whimpers.

I wink at the patrons. Shit they are loving it.

He has such a sweet round beefy butt too. I give it a few slaps causing him to gasp and beg me to stop.

Eow. More,” he whimpers causing a few guys to gasp in shock.

I like it when he begs so, I slap it a few more times while keeping up my fucking. Hell, he’s bawling and howling as his rump gets red hot. Yet, gazing at him from the side, I can see his cock is rock hard and dripping like a leaky faucet. He’s enjoying it.

“This hole is my cum dump,” I remind him. “Your ass is my fucking piece of beef to use right how I like got it.” I give a giant thrust up his shitter to smack on that spot inside of him.

Aw fuck yes!” He howls. “It’s your ass.”

“Tell me what you are?” I order as the head of my cock hits home.

You’re saala chutiya,” he whimpers.

Finally, my manhood strikes home and rams down hard on his inner bitch button.

Your fucking saala chutiya,” he bellows as begins humping back on my rod.

A few guys let out a cheer. I grin and fuck him harder.

“Yeah that’s right you’re my saala chutiya ….my fucking bitch,” I shout. I like using that Hindi term with him. Seals into him that this Indian man owns his made in the USA rump.

I grind my dick deep inside of him causing him to whimper and cry out in pleasure. I’m aware the guys in the bar are mesmerized at me taking his butt. I smile knowing how it looks. Here I am five foot nine and, while not overly muscled, I’ve completely dominated him in spite of his taller and more muscular build. I see a few of them reaching down to jerk off or others giving high-fives as they watch me fuck the shit out of him. A few even look shocked that he’s getting bottomed. Until tonight, he had always strutted around this place like he was some type of alpha cock of the walk. Confidently boasting about never giving it up. Well, now he has ‘given it up’ in front of everyone. After tonight, his reputation as a man’s man is gone. The only walk he’ll be taking involving a cock, will be with mine up his ass.

You see that’s the problem with these alpha posers like him. For years they go around acting as if anybody who takes a dick up his butt is some type of pussy. They get used to guys just constantly deferring to them when it comes to sex. Yeah, when I first met him in the bar, he was coming on strong. Acting as the total top. Yet, it didn’t take me long to figure out that Mr. Macho had never been confronted with a guy who was more alpha than him. So I gave him attitude and showed complete disinterest in him too. By the end of the night, he was so hot to have sex with me that he went for it on my terms. My terms being he try let me be slightly more in control. Of course I added the kicker of, “if you’re scared you might like it we don’t have to do anything at all.“ That sealed the deal. He couldn’t back off without looking as if he was a pussy. His self-image and pride wouldn’t let him. So, he told himself it was no big deal. I knew different. You see submission is a slippery slope. Once I had him on it, I slowly brought him further and further along into the erotic thrill of ‘giving up control’. In the end, he was so lost in his need to get off that he completely crumpled into my domination.

Once he let me put my dick up his ass, it was over. You see these Alpha types have a certain self-image of what it is to be a man. Real men fuck not get fucked. When I fucked him and, he found it sexually turned him on, his entire “top” self-image disintegrated. He was a victim of his own mental stereotyping. He had been fucked, and he had an orgasm from it. Inside his brain that made him a bitch. So the rest just followed. Yet, there is an added bit of fun that never fails to happen too. Humiliation. These guys feel humiliated that they gave up their ass and worse loved the sexual pleasure getting butt-fucked gave them. They experience that humiliation every time they get fucked. Soon, that sensation of humiliation and their sexual pleasure merge. One triggers the other. So fucking him in public, abusing him, mocking him…it all comes together…one feeding the other. Popping into him now. Fucker is howling as I sear his guts with my hot Indian sperm. Yeah, breeding my bitch!

Now, in the very bar where he’s fucked and mocked guys who bottomed, I’m publicly turning him out as my saala chutiya.


Ah fuck for a smaller guy he has an incredibly thick long shaft.

Oh shit yes! Fuck, that’s right tap that bitch spot in me, Sir.

I should be fucking embarrassed right now too. I mean he’s actually screwing my butt in public; right here in this bar in front of everybody. A bar I had a rep in. Well, now I have a new rep. Ah shit I need to pop but he won’t let me touch my boner till he breeds me.

Everyone is staring at me bare-assed with my shirt up around my shoulders and my pants down around my ankles. Bent over on the bar with my legs spread and getting butt fucked. I mean if someone had told me a few months ago that this smaller guy from India would not only be popping my jock ass in this bar in front of everybody while, making me moan like a little bitch in heat for it, I would’ve said they were crazy.

God damn he’s pounding it. I’m crying out I’m his cunt and that only has my rod leaking more.

I don’t even know how it all turned out like this. I mean ever since I started sprouting hairs in my crotch I thought of myself as a man’s man. The epitome of a total top and now….shit he’s spanking my butt...fuck yes…

Anyway, I’m whimpering and moaning. All I know is that I’ve got his thick, Indian cock up my ass and my own cock throbbing to pop out its load

I recall the first night we met here. I was a little buzzed but not drunk so I can’t blame it on the booze. I was definitely horny but then again, I’m always horny. I noticed him in the bar. Good-looking, about five-eight and a little lean. Still, he had something about him. I thought I’d give him a treat and walked over. I barely get into my usual seduction when, to my shock, the guy brushes me off. I mean, not to boast, but I’m a pretty well-built and sexy as fuck. Yet, he’s totally blowing me off. I suppose that was the key to how he got me.

No guy has ever shot me any attitude or resistant. He did it and it intrigued me. It also it made me hotter have sex with him. By the end of the night ,I laid my cards on the table that I wanted to get into his pants really bad. To my surprise, he said he’d be willing but only if he could call the shots in sex. Well, by then guys were watching, I was horny as fuck, and I was determined to score on him. I said, ‘what the fuck sure.’.

We’re back at his place and suddenly he’s barking out orders while we’re in bed. Damn, if I don’t find it sexy to be told off. I mean here’s this smaller, leaner guy that I could probably snap like a twig and, he’s all alpha in bed. Instead of getting mad, I’m getting even more aroused.

I can feel his shaft throbbing. He’s going to unload soon.

That night started it. Letting him run things and having incredible sex with him as the alpha man. Soon during every night I gave up a little more of my alpha attitude until finally one night I was so fucking aroused by him dominating me in bed I was totally submissive to him.

Ah shit, fuck my hole, whack my bitch button.

Then it happened. He fingered me out. From the second he shoved a finger up my ass and hit my prostate well, that’s all she wrote. I never knew Getting penetrated could be so hot. After he got done, my cherry wanted popping. I needed more than just his finger. When he suggested he use a vibrating dildo on me I was all for it. I told myself as long as his cock wasn’t in my ass I was still a top right?

Soon it was hot sex with him taking charge and a vibrating dildo up my butt. Even more surprising, I craved him taking charge in bed. Yielding to him was uncontrollably addictive. The next night he had his dick up my ass. He fucked me so hard I couldn’t sit the next day. Having a guy taking my ass had shaken me mentally. I also couldn’t forget the fact that I had shot harder and longer than I’ve ever been in my life. I told myself it was a one off and it wouldn’t happen again.

Still, getting fucked by him and loving it kept racing through my mind. I was constantly boned when I thought about it. Yeah, I crawled back, and the fucker made me beg to feel his meat in me. I mean until then, I thought of myself as a total top alpha type of guy. Yet, fuck it, I begged him to top me. I begged really bad to get fucked by him again. Myself self-respect... myself manly self-image…it all went into the ashcan. All I wanted was his thick, dark meat breeding my white rump. After he screwed me silly, he told me that, from now on, he was in charge. If I wanted his dick in me, I would do things his way. In whatever way he wanted. I crumbled like a punk. Hell, my raging hard-on told me I wouldn’t refuse.

So here I am in front of the guys that I once put down as bottoms. Getting the shit fucked out of me while moaning like a dog in heat for more.

FUCK. He’s squirting into me! I’m BRED!

This good old American boy from the South is now this Indian man’s total bitch. His complete saala chutiya

The End