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The Price of Freedom
Part 3
By Ken Laben
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Chapter 3

It was early evening and in one of the many rooms in the judge's big house Ty was on a workout bench doing some incline presses with some heavy dumbbells. As one of the agreements for the former gangsters to stay at Judge Giles house he had to keep himself in fit physical condition especially working on his chest.

Ty grunted as he lifted the 50kg dumbbells, he was on his last set of 20 reps. He was hot from the workout and a sheen of sweat could be seen forming over his smooth chocolate skin, hard muscular body. In the corner of the room sat the judge, naked only in a silk robe drink in hand who was enjoying the display of masculinity in front of him.

The judge had been away from home due to work reasons and was eager to play with his recent acquisition. He looked lustfully as Ty’s muscles flexed and strained as he did his rep. The thug looked over to the older gentleman. He could see that he was enjoying the view as his thick dick was erect pointing out of his robes as he sat legs spread out. He took a swig of his bourbon as marveled at Ty’s strength.

Ty was wearing a black top vest but the front part of his vest was pulled over his head exposing his bulging pecs. Normally the former macho gangbanger would also have worn shorts as he worked out, however Judge Giles insisted he wear only a red jock strap that he had just bought for him. The Judge loved how the bottom straps emphasized Ty’s hard muscular butt and gave easy access to his tight hole.

Ty dropped the heavy weights and got up breathing heavily, he swaggered over to where the judge was sitting. Once he got there he started to flex his muscles in front of the older man.

“Want these?” said Ty as he did a double bicep pose with the muscle thugs' big biceps bulging and flexing. The Judge’s dick twitched at the sight answering Ty’s question. The older man loved the flexing show that was happening in front of him,

Ty then straddled the judge, his massive chest mere inches away from the older judge's face, the judge could smell the manly sweat from Ty’s workout and it made him even more lustful for the young black man’s body. The muscle thug felt the judge's hard cock slap between his big firm ass cheeks, Ty then began purposely moving his big booty up and down against the shaft, the judge instinctively rubbed against it too.

Judge Giles so wanted to stick his erect thick cock up the macho gangster's firm tight ass there and then, but he had other plans for the evening for the black Adonis before he would fuck his fine ass and so resisted the temptation.

“You're looking so hot from your work out my big boy, let me cool you off.” said the judge.

He pulled out an ice cube from his drink and then placed it on Ty’s big chest. Ty gasped at the cold sensation on his skin.

“Isn’t it nice?” asked the judge as he ran the cold ice cube over the muscle thugs' curvaceous pecs starting from the inside chest, then towards the outer pecs. He then slowly moved the cube to Ty’s left succulent nipple.

“Aw shit!” said Ty as he bit his lip to the reaction of the ice cube being placed on his sensitive nipple. The judge enjoyed the expression of pain and pleasure on the thug's manly handsome face as he rubbed the cube on the musclemans now erect nipple. He moved over to the right nipple and gave it the same treatment. By the time he was finished the ice cube had melted away.

Judge Giles ordered Ty to get up and lay on the bed that was in the room. The black muscle man did as he was told. He watched as the judge disrobed revealing his frail frame, he also saw the judge pick up a jar from the table next to the chair.

The judge walked over to the bed and straddled Ty, resting on his hard abs. He looked down lustfully at the magnificent sight of the tough man's massive chest in front of him.

“Am going to give you a nice skin treatment, my big boy.” The judge said as he unscrewed the jar.

The older man put out his hand with the jar over the macho thugs' big pecs and began to tip it. Ty watched as a viscous yellow fluid began to slowly pour out of the jar onto his muscled chest it was then when Ty realized what the jar contained, honey. The Judge smiled as he moved the jar around making a spiral pattern on each of the thug’s pecs making sure to cover Ty’s chest as much as he could with the sticky substance though most of the honey started to trickle slowly down his massive pecs towards his muscled cleavage creating a mini pool of honey in between them.

“The honey will hydrate your skin and leave it nice and smooth.” the older man said.

The judge then dipped his forefinger into the jar of honey and coated it with the sticky substance, he then hovered his finger over Ty's right teat. The thug watched as the older man moved his finger in a circular motion around his dark brown nub coating it with the sweet substance. By the time he was finished and moved onto Ty’s left one his nipple and cock was erect from the stimulation.

Once the judge finished coating Ty’s nipples with the sticky honey he licked his finger and placed the jar to the side and looked at his handy work. Ty’s brown bulging pecs and nipples were now covered in a glistening layer of sweet honey much to the delight to the judge.

“Now I must remove it from your skin.” he said wickedly, with that The older man leaned forward moving his face towards Ty’s chest and opened his mouth ready to dine on his sweet muscle feast.

“Fuck man.” said Ty as he felt the tongue of the old man make contact with his pecs.

As he watched as the older man started to lick the honey off his hard chest, Ty started to think that only a few weeks ago, he would have never allowed anyone, let alone an old man like the judge use his pecs in such a lewd way.

Over the next few minutes the room was silent except for the sounds of “mmmm” and slurping as the judge couldn’t get enough of the sweet taste of the muscle chest and licked Ty's pec platter almost clean leaving the only honey on Ty’s dark succulent nipples.

All the while the judge’s dick was still hard and it was time for him to make use of it. He got off Ty and moved slightly down. He then lifted up the tree trunk legs of the Thug and placed them on his frail shoulders. This raised Ty's beefy chocolate firm butt in line to the judges hard thick dick which was now aimed at Ty’s smooth hole ready to mount him. Looking up at the older man Ty licked his luscious big lips and his hole twitched in excitement, the former alpha gang leader wanted to deny it, but the black muscleman had been waiting for his moment since the judge had come back from his trip.

Ty grunted as he felt the judge entered him. Once fully in he began to fuck him. After a few minutes of pumping his dick into the muscle thug's tight hole, the judge ordered Ty to wrap his legs around his waist which he complied. This pulled the older gentleman closer to Ty's chest. The Judge then moved his face towards Ty’s big pecs and suckeled on one of his honey coated nipples.

Ty arched his head back, he gripped the bed sheets with his hands, he opened his mouth and moaned in pleasure as his willing muscle ass was fucked and his nipples sucked by the weaker older man. His dick was hard from all the stimulation and straining and leaking precum in the jockstrap, it wasn't going to be long before he would come.

The judge too was almost at climax as his dick was tightly gripped in Ty’s hole. He withdrew from Ty’s ass and straddled the black muscle man again. He moaned in pleasure as he came spilling his seed over the gangster's big chest. Ty felt the hot cum spray over his hard pecs, this pushed Ty over the edge and he groaned in a manly way as he came making a damp patch in his new jockstrap.

Already tired prior from the workout Ty felt overly tired after cumming and rested his eyes and fell asleep. Judge Giles, sexually satisfied for the moment got off the pec cum covered muscle stud and let the black beauty sleep.