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Simeons Submission
By Ken Laben (Illustrated by Ken Laben)
Email: Ken Laben

25 year Simeon has just finished work out in the gym. Little does this straight masculine bodybuilder know that he has already fallen prey to an older gay man and Simeon will soon submit his muscle body to the gentlemen's lustful desires

Simeon was in the locker room after an intense workout in the gym. The energy drink called Alpha B had really pushed him to work harder and lift bigger weights he thought to himself. He had tried the drink out earlier when he had found it at the entrance of the gym being given away as free samples. It was late, virtually no one was in the gym so he had been able to get on with his training without fighting for equipment. However he did notice one person there in the gym, a older white man in his 50’s with white hair and with an average build.

The 25 year old black bodybuilder looked at himself in the mirror. He looked good he thought to himself. He had spent a lot of time and effort into shaping his body to what it was today with his huge biceps, firm hard pecs and defining six pack. He was an envy to all his gym mates who wished they had a body like his. He admired his big muscles and felt the urge to flex and pose. Soon he was posing away without a care in the world.

Simeon was so into posing that he didn’t notice that he was not the only one in the locker room. He heard a sound and turned around. It was the man from the gym.

“Please don’t mind me.” said the man. “please continue posing.” as he held his phone in his hand taking pictures of the stud.

Simeon obliged the man’s request and continued to flex only this time in front of the man. The older man gasped as Simeon did a posing session and happily took pictures of him. The bodybuilder noticed the older man had moved one of his hand to his crotch area and begun to feel himself but was unfazed by it.

“I want to see more of that muscle body off yours, please let me take your top off.” said the man. Before he could even respond he came up close to Simeon and began to pull up on his top. For some reason the black muscle man didn’t protest and put up his arms to aid the man in getting himself undressed.

The man marveled at the sight of Simeon’s now exposed muscled chest. He pushed Simeon up against the lockers and began to feel the semi naked bodybuilder up. “I’ve never touched a bodybuilder’s muscles before.” said the man to Simeon. “It feels wonderful, you’re so hard.” The man’s hands roamed everywhere on the bodybuilder feeling his arms, back, chest and abs. All the while this was going on not once did the macho muscle stud stop him.


“You must love this attention you are getting from me.” said the man as he ran his hands over the bodybuilder’s dark, brown smooth muscle chest then finally fingering Simeon’s dark brown nubs.

The bodybuilder gasped at this sensation of his nipples being pinched, he was loving it but there was a lingering thought that he knew it was wrong for a masculine man like him to be letting this man touch him up. “Nah man! Am straight!” Simeon protested.

The man smiled as he heard the bodybuilder say this and said “Good!” With this he pulled Simeon’s head in to his and the two were locked into a passionate kiss. Conflicting thoughts ran through the muscle man’s head as this was happening, he couldn’t believe he was kissing a man but it felt good and was getting so excited that his cock was getting hard. He put his hands on the man’s shoulders as if to push him away but he failed to do so. The older man was so excited, he was kissing the muscle man he had been lusting for a while and the bodybuilder was doing exactly what he was told to do. He was rubbing his dick so hard up against the bodybuilder’s firm body he felt like he was going to come there and then.

After a while the man stopped the make out session with Simeon. “Get your stuff, I am taking you home.” Said the man. Simeon obeyed and got his bag and clothes. Both of them left the locker room and headed out the gym. As they left, The man picked up all the Alpha B drinks that were at the front entrance. He gave one to Simeon and told him to drink it. The bodybuilder did what he was told and drank the Alpha B while they headed off to the man’s car.

Once they were in the car the man grabbed Simeon’s hand and placed it on his crotch. “I want you to keep me nice and hard, my sexy muscle boy while I drive back to my place.” he said to Simeon.

The bodybuilder looked at him and said nothing, his strong hand began to massage the man’s dick in his shorts. “Aww Yes, that’s it!” said the older man excitedly.

On the journey to the man’s house, the man spoke to Simeon. The black bodybuilder listened intently to the admiration this older man had for his big body and his own cock began to harden. The situation was so hot thought the man. Here was a big black macho bodybuilder toppless in his car, using his hand to massage his cock through his shorts. All the while Simeon was drinking the energy drink. Even though he was driving the man, could not keep his hands of Simeon’s hard muscle body and occasionally went to feel the toppless muscle adonis.

By the time they got to the man’s house it was getting dark. Both of the men got out of the the car and walked to the man’s front door. The man unlocked the door to his house and turn to Simeon.

“Show me how strong you are, pick me up and carry me in.” ordered the man. Simeon dutifully did what he was told, even though the man was slightly overweight it was a simple task for the bodybuilder. The older man wrapped his legs around Simeon’s waist and his hands rested on his broad shoulders as the muscle stud effortlessly lifted him up from his backside.

He was impressed with Simeon’s feat of strength as he took him into the house. The man told him to head up the stairs and then into the bedroom. Once they got to the bedroom the man ordered Simeon to put him down which he did. “It’s time for you to pose for me again only this time in your underwear.” Said the man. The man began to pull on Simeon’s trackie bottoms and soon he was only in his black briefs.

The bodybuilder began his private posing show for the older man. While Simeon flexed the man’s hands explored his hard muscles. The older man ran his hands over Simeon’s abdominals, enjoying the definition. He then went behind the bodybuilder and cupped his huge pecs in his hands. “So big.” the man said as he squeezed Simeon’s bulging pecs. The muscle worship he was getting was really turning Simeon on. He never thought he would enjoy being touched up by a man as much as this. The older man continued his worship of the bodybuilder, only now using his mouth as he licked Simeon’s big bicep as he flexed it.

The man continued to use his mouth on the black muscle man’s hard body as he made his way down towards Simeon’s black underwear. The older man’s face was in front of the now tented briefs. Simeon could feel the breath of the man on his crotch.

“It’s time to finally see everything you have.” said the man. With this he got hold of Simeon’s briefs with both his hands and swiftly yank them down, revealing Simeon’s erect cock. The bodybuilder looked down to see his cock waving in front of the older man’s face. He was so horney at this moment of time he wished the man would open his mouth so he could stick his dick in there to get off.

The man studied the muscle man’s hard dick. it was large and thick just like the rest of his body, nothing this bodybuilder should be ashamed of.

“I wonder, If I consume your cum will I be as strong as you? lets find out.” said the man.

The man opened his mouth and took in Simeon’s rod granting his wish, skillfully manipulating it with his tongue and mouth. He also played with the bodybuilder’s balls.

Simeon was moaning away, He couldn’t believe it but he was enjoying getting a blow job off this older man. He began to pump into the older man’s mouth. It didn’t take long for him to cum and the man happily devoured his seed.

“So You like to fuck?” said the man to Simeon noticing his pelvic thrusts from before. “I bet you have no trouble getting some girl to fuck.” It was true, it was so easy for him to sleep with any women he met in the bars and clubs..

“Well I like to fuck too.” said the man. “ Turn around and bend over the bed”

Simeon bent over the bed, showing off his beefy bubble butt to the man. The man removed the rest of his clothes and walked up to the bodybuilder.


He placed his hands on Simeon’s ass and began to rub it, occasionally pulling his ass cheeks apart to check out his virgin hole. He then placed his hands on to Simeon’s muscled back and slowly pushed him down onto the bed.

The black bodybuilder laid on this front, naked with his ass up. The older man laid on top of him, his hands exploring the young man’s muscles once again. They soon rested on Simeon’s broad shoulders. The man proceeded to hump Simeon. The muscle man felt the man’s hard cock rubbing between his ass cheeks and it felt big, he could also could hear that the man was breathing very heavily.

The man was getting very excited for he was going to finally do what he had been waiting for his entire life. He placed his cock head at Simeon’s hole. The alpha masculine male felt something where no one had ever touched before and he realised he was about to get fucked by the man.

Suddenly the bodybuilder lifted himself up, taking the older man by surprise. “No man! This is wrong!” Simeon blurted out, Somehow Simeon’s former self reasserted itself for a brief moment, trying to resist what was about to happen.

The older man quickly whispered into Simeon’s ear. “It’s ok, don’t be scared, you want this to happen. A big muscle man like you needs to be fucked.” He stroked Simeon’s massive arms as he said these words. This seem to calm the big bodybuilder and once again the older man pushed Simeon to the bed, got on top of him and then placed his cock head at Simeon’s ass hole for the second time. with no resistance from the muscle man the older man continued.

The older man groaned as he pushed slowly into the tight hole. The black bodybuilder gasped at the intrusion into his now deflowered ass. Inch by inch the man slowly made his presence felt in Simeon and soon the big masculine bodybuilder was fully impaled on the older man’s dick.

As soon as he was all the way in, the older man began to slowly pull out and then back in, slow fucking the bodybuilder. All Simeon could do was moan and moan in pleasure as he was fucked by this older man.

The man closed his eyes in bliss; There were no words to explain the joy the older man was feeling at this moment in time, ever since he learnt he loved muscle as a teenager he had always wanted to get a big masculine straight bodybuilder and fuck him up the ass. For so many years he had wanted this, but he felt that there would be no way a weaker slightly overweight man like him could ever get a muscle man especially a straight one to do such an act. Now in his late 50’s he had all but lost hope of this dream until today. Now he was up close to a straight black muscle adonis half his age, feeling up his hard muscled body and pumping his dick into his hard muscular ass.

Without pulling out, The man pulled Simeon over to his side to spoon him and lifted his big muscle right arm over his head so he could get to Simeon’s big pecs. Simeon watched as the man latched on to his right pec and began to suck vigorously on his nipple, driving him more into a frenzied state as both his nipple and prostate was being stimulated.

The Alpha male still couldn’t believe he was letting this weaker older man use his powerful body to fulfil the man’s sexual desires. but his body had betrayed him, driven in sexual lust to what he was enduring and soon in the end he did not care. For he had found his true purpose to serve. All Simeon wanted now was to be fucked by this man.

“Please fuck me faster!” shouted Simeon. The older man smiled as he knew at that instance the straight powerful bodybuilder had completely submitted to him and was now his.

The man ramped up his anal assault on the black bodybuilder and quicken the pace, Simeon took hold of his massive rod and fisted furiously. The room smelt of sweat and echoed in the sounds of manly moans of pleasure. Both men were racing to get to the point of climax. The older man was the winner as he finally fulfilled his fantasy. He pushed deep into Simeon and moaned in pleasure as he filled him up with his cum. This triggered the bodybuilder and he too began to spray his load on to his muscle body and the bed.

That night Simeon stayed over at the man’s house but the bodybuilder did not get any sleep that night. For the man had fucked him all night in every possible position some that he had never had thought possible. The muscled man was surprised how much vigour this older man had as he came multiple times in his ruined hole and mouth and did not look like he was going to stop. The bodybuilder also had come multiple times without even touching himself. It all came to an end as once again Simeon was laying on his front while the man was on top of him fucking him zealously. The bodybuilder already tired from coming so many times came one last time and made a weak moan and closed his eyes.

Exhausted, the sweat soaked Simeon had finally passed out as the man came for the 10th time in him. The man pulled out and laid to the side of the big stud and got his phone. All the man’s cum the bodybuilder had been collecting began to leak out of his beefy ass. The man proceeded to write an email. After he sent it he got on top of the muscle man and fondled the hard body of his new trophy and fell asleep dreaming of all the things he was going to do to this bodybuilder.



“Dear Alphabreaker,

Please accept my utter most thanks for what you have done for me. I was a little hesitant when I ordered the drinks from you, as I had to use some of my life savings but I must tell you it was worth every penny!!!

Please find attached some photos and video clips I took of the sexy bodybuilder as I fucked him all night!! Use them on the site if you want.

I promise to send more later. I hope you like bondage stuff as I plan to chain up this muscle stud!!


The web host was extremely pleased with the email he had gotten. He loved how many pictures and video clips there were of the man’s sexual conquest of the black bodybuilder. He especially liked the video clip of the bodybuilder riding on the older man’s cock with his massive pecs bouncing away.

He was glad he could make the man’s dream come true but he was also happy that the energy drink worked as intended. He planned to post these photos and videos as proof of what could be achieved and hopefully many others would come and buy the drinks.

“Maybe I’ll make enough money to open a special gym of my own.” He thought to himself.