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Halloween Hunting
By Ken Laben (Illustrated by Ducka-98)
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Terry did a double bicep pose as he looked in the mirror

“No way am not gonna get pussy tonight.” said the arrogant alpha male to himself.

The blonde spiky hair 6 ft 5 muscle jock admired all the hard work he had done to his body. All his gym mates agreed he had the best body out of them and they were jealous of his smooth 62” chest, his 22” massive arms and defined six pack.

It was Halloween and he thought that there was no way he was going to hide his beast body of his. He had looked around for the perfect costume and it was only when his neighbour, Mr Smith suggested an idea to him he found what he was looking for. It was a gladiator costume. It only consisted of some sandals, leather cuff bracers and a leather like skirt. It was perfect for him to show off his muscled body.

The alpha muscle man headed out to meet with his buddies to head out to town. Terry’s plan was to wear his outfit to impress the women with his big muscled body when he would hit the bars with his friends. His plan was working as even though everyone was in costume for Halloween at all the bars he and his friends went to, everyone was staring at him. Before he and his friends finally headed to the nightclub the bodybuilder had already made out with a few hot women and gotten a load of numbers. “One of these lucky bitches is gonna get laid by me tonight.” he thought to himself.

The nightclub was packed full of people in Halloween costumes. It was hot and Terry began to glisten in sweat which only accentuated his muscular body. The place was dark and the stud had left his friends after they gotten him his drink and was walking around hunting for some more women.

As he walked he noticed a person in a masked costume looking at him. Not that no one else was looking at him as well but this person gaze was fixed on him. In fact Terry thought he had seen this person in the bars before. The costume was from an old horror film from the 1990’s with a ghostface mask. The muscle stud had the thought that he was being followed which creeped him out. But he shrugged it off as there were other people wearing the same costume.

He drank his drink and looked to where he saw the masked person was but they had disappeared. Feeling slightly drunk he carried on looking around however a couple of minutes later he started to feel really hot and that he needed to cool off. He left the club and wander the streets. He didn’t notice he was being followed.

The muscle man placed his hand against a wall to steady himself, he didn’t think that he drank that much but he was feeling weak in the knees. Suddenly he felt an arm on his shoulder and he was walked to a side alley. Terry was pushed up against the alley wall and he saw it was the masked face person.

Although he couldn’t tell a lot of who it was, he knew it was a man by the hands and the they were smaller than him. The masked man ran his hands over the muscle studs naked torso, particularly taking interest over his big pecs and while occasionally flicking his nipples with his fingers. Terry could hear the heavy breathing from the man as he did this. The young bodybuilder couldn't believe this was happening, he would never let a man touch him like this. In normal circumstances Terry would have easily punched the man for this. He tried to push him away but it was no use as he was so weak he could not stop the man touching him.

“Stop, get off.” Terry said in a slightly slurred voice. What ever what was happening to him it was getting stronger as he could not think straight, nor move properly

After a while the man walked Terry to a car and he was pushed into the passenger side. He was driven through town and they ended up at his place. “How do you know where I live?” He said in a slurred voice. The masked man did not answer and only walked him back to his apartment. Once inside they headed to Terry’s bedroom where he was thrown on his bed.

Terry tried to move but he was so weak and light headed at this point that all he could do was make small movements. Terry watched helplessly as his costume was removed leaving him totally naked except for his gauntlets and exposing his mighty cock, he then watched in horror as the man began to take off his clothes leaving only the mask on. The man’s body was average compared to Terry’s muscled bound body but his cock was massive. He put his phone to the side and headed to the bed.

The man got on top of the muscleman and removed his mask. Terry looked in shock as he recognised the man. “Mr Smith!” Terry gasped.

“Yes my sexy hunk, I finally have you and your magnificent body!” He said wickedly.

Mr Smith loved musclemen, particularly the huge chested ones. So when Mr Smith laid eyes on this big neighbour for the first time he had lusted after Terry ever since. Terry unbeknown to him teased his neighbour constantly by wearing tight clothes but not letting him see his body. He so wanted to see Terry’s sexy hard body and his massive pecs. He would often think about him in bed while jacking off, he often fantasized about what he would do to the muscleman’s massive body especially his pecs. He also wanted to make the muscle man submit to him and fuck the bodybuilder in the ass.

Having enough with the bodybuilder’s teasing he suggested Terry to wear the gladiator costume for Halloween so he could see his muscled body. When he saw Terry in the costume his dick went hard, his body was perfect but his chest was his best asset. It was so big and smooth. He loved how round and heavy they looked and how each one the were capped off with a succulent dollar sized nipple.

Mr Smith had also bought a costume so that his sexy neighbour did not recognise him as he stalked him through the bars that he went to and then to the club.

Mr Smith knew that Terry only drank one type of drink and at the club when Terry’s friends had bought his drink he spiked it with a special supplement that would make him weak and unable to resist Mr Smith’s advances.

The plan had worked out perfectly and here he was on his bed unable to stop his perverted neighbour from playing out his sexual fantasies with the bodybuilder.

He brought his face in close to marvel at the sight of Terry’s massive chest, Still sweaty from the nightclub, Terry's pecs gleamed sensually. “You have such a sexy chest Terry, it’s so huge. I’ve always wanted to bury my face in it and now I can.” Said Mr Smith. Terry watched as his neighbour placed his face inbetween Terry’s pecs. Mr Smith inhaled the manly smells of the bodybuilder which only turned him on more

Coming back up for air Mr Smith placed each of this hands on both of Terry’s smooth big pecs and began to fondle and massage them.”Don’t touch me you bastard.” said Terry, he tried to sound threatening but all he could muster was a slurred sound.

“Don’t be like that Terry, your pecs are beautiful. surely you would know how they would effect someone who loves big manly chests like myself.” Said Mr Smith as he continued to play with the muscle man’s pecs. His thumbs began to circle Terry’s dollar sized nubs, making them stick out. The bodybuilder let out a moan as he did this as he was getting stimulated with the nipple play.

“See, you like me playing with your chest, my sexy he man. Oh Terry you make me so excited. I’ve waited so long to feast on your pecs!” said Mr Smith and with this he gave Terry’s huge chest a tongue bath, slobbering and kissing it.

He finally made his way to Terry’s left succulent nipple and latched onto it to suck on the nub. As he was doing this he was fingering and squeezing Terry’s right nipple. Terry watched in humiliation as his muscled chest was being plundered by his lustful neighbour.

Terry could not believe what was going on. His perverted neighbour was sucking on his pecs like he was a newborn baby nursing milk. He felt Mr Smith’s tongue flick and swirl around his nipple. The sensation of his nipples being sucked and played with was too much and Terry panted and gasped like he was on heat.

Mr Smith stopped his nursing on Terry’s nipple and then straddled the bodybuilder’s chest with his already hard dick sitting in between Terry’s big pecs. “Terry my sexy muscle stud, I’ve often thought about you in my bed while I jacked off, of what I would do to your big pecs. Would you like me to show you?”asked Mr Smith.

“Fuck.. you.” slurred Terry as a response.

“Yes, fuck.” Mr Smith said with a smile. The neighbour pushed Terry’s pecs together and formed a deep cleft. Terry at first didn’t know what he was doing but gasped when he did. Mr Smith’s dick was squashed between the pecs and he began to fuck Terry’s massive chest.


Terry watched in humiliation as the perverted neighbor pec fucked him. The alpha male was proud of his pecs and his gym mates agreed they were one of this best body parts, if they ever found out that a guy had titty fucked him like a woman he would lose any respect from them.

Mr Smith was clearly enjoying the pec fuck as he moaned in pleasure of the sensation. “Oh Terry! Do you know how much I have wanted to do this since I saw your big chest? It was made for this!” Mr Smith said. Terry did not respond, he was too in shock that his manly chest was used in such a sordid way. After a while of Mr Smith defilement of Terry’s big pecs he stopped and moved up the bed and pushed his dick to Terry’s lips.

“Suck me Terry.” said the neighbour. Before Terry could say anything Mr Smith shoved his cock into the young stud's mouth. Another first time experience, he almost choked as his neighbour faced fucked him. Terry looked up at his neighbour with his mouth full of dick, Mr Smith had placed his hands on the wall for support as he pumped the muscleman’s mouth with his cock. After a couple of minutes of Terry sucking Mr Smith’s dick, he pulled out of the bodybuilder’s mouth. Terry gasped and spluttered as he was given time to breathe from his oral assault..

Terry was then roughly flipped over and he Mr Smith’s hands exploring the big expanse of his muscled back. He then felt his neighbour’s hand on his hips and he was then pulled up to his knees. The muscleman looked over his shoulder to see what was going on. He saw that Mr Smith’s face was obscured by Terry’s round muscle bubble butt. Terry then gasped again when he felt the Mr Smith’s tongue flick around his butt hole.

No one had ever touched his hole before let alone with their tongue. The feeling was actually not that unpleasant Terry thought. After a while, Mr Smith spread Terry’s muscle legs apart. He got on top of the bodybuilder, Terry felt his neighbour’s body press against his muscled back and although Mr Smith’s head only got up to Terry’s upper back he once again heard the heavy breathing of Mr Smith.

“Terry I have been looking forward to this all night, you were built for sex!” Mr Smith said excitedly as he plunged his hard dick into the muscle hunk’s ass hole. Terry let out an almighty moan as he felt the cock enter his ass.

Once all the way in, Mr Smith then fucked the muscleman zealously. The alpha male was beyond humiliation as he was fucked as he began to get hard himself. His masculinity was in question as he couldn’t believe he would enjoy getting fucked in the arse. Terry moaned and moaned as he was broken in half by his neighbour. Mr Smith also moaned in pleasure to the feeling of his dick finally being inside the bodybuilder’s tight arse he had been lusting about.


Mr Smith’s hands moved under Terry and cupped his sweaty big pecs and molested them as he pumped his dick into the defeated alpha muscle man. Terry’s room filled with the noise of Mr Smith and Terry’s groans of pleasure as the neighbour sexually dominated the bodybuilder. Finally Terry’s perverted neighbour let out one big groan as he shot his cum deep into Terry’s muscled butt.

Terry’s neighbour continued to fuck him long and hard into the early hours of the morning in multiple positions, by the time Mr Smith was sexually satisfied Terry had already passed out after coming himself twice in a row. “You were one terrific fuck, Terry.” He whispered into the muscleman’s ear, Mr Smith got up and walked over to his phone. “Can’t wait to watch it all over again” he said as he stopped the camera on his phone which he had put on record before the events of the night.

He got dressed and went back to the unconscious Terry, getting face to face to him. “I’ll see you later my big chested he man.” he said to him. He then gave the muscleman one long goodbye kiss, after that he left the young bodybuilder sprawled on his bed.

Terry awoke naked alone in this bed, His body felt sore particularly around his chest and nipples. He began to remember the events of last night, of how his perverted neighbour had taken advantage of him. Enraged he put on a gown and marched over to Mr Smith’s apartment. He smash through the front door using his powerful body and and headed toward his neighbour.

“Am gonna fucking kill you!” He said as he grabbed Mr Smith.

“Wait one moment before you do look at the TV screen.” Mr Smith quickly said.

Terry looked at the TV and looked in disbelief as he saw himself moaning away while being fucked. The shock loosen his grip on Mr Smith who removed himself from Terry’s grasp.

“You look like you really enjoyed last night, doesn't it?” said Mr Smith.

“No! You took advantage of me! You made me do those things!” replied Terry.

“Doesn’t look like it to me, and am sure others will think so too once they see it.” said Mr Smith.

“What do you mean?” asked Terry.

“I’ve posted it online.” said Mr Smith.

“No!” shouted Terry in a panic. If any of his friends was to see this he would be humiliated.

“However no one seen it yet and I can keep it a secret, if you're willing to give me what I want in return.” said Mr Smith in a wicked tone.

Terry felt like his stomach was in a knot, his neighbour had him by the balls and would ruin him if he didn't comply.

“What do you want?” he asked but he knew the answer.

Mr Smith pulled at Terry’s gown cord, giving him access to Terry’s hard body once more. He began to fondle Terry’s pecs.

“Well.. first my muscle man I want you to fix my door you have just broken, then I want to enjoy your sweet muscled body.” said Mr Smith as he latched on onto Terry’s nipple with his lips.

The defeated bodybuilder looked down and watched as he submitted his big pecs to being once more plundered by his muscle loving neighbour.