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Dirty Proposal
Part 4 - Submission
By Ken Laben (Illustrated by Ducka-98)
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Chapter 4 - Submission

Both men dried off and Richard led the bodybuilder into his bed room. The older man’s room was not much different to the other parts of his house with statues and framed posters of semi naked muscular men, on one side of the room was a mirrored wardrobe which seem to make the already large room even bigger. His bed was a decorative wooden frame,

Both naked in front of his bed Richard stood close and turn to the tall hunk looking up he said “Remember my muscle boy, you must be totally submissive in order to get the $5000. You understand?”

Diego nodded, with this the older man grab his bald head and pulled him to kiss him. Offering no resistance the muscle man open his mouth and made out with Richard.

Richard enjoyed his make out session with this hot bodybuilder; Diego was really a good kisser and their tongues flicked around each other’s mouths. While both of the men’s mouths where lock together Diego wrapped his strong muscular arms around the older man embracing him in a tight grip which he enjoyed, while Richard’s hands roamed around the muscle stud’s smooth naked body.

After a while Richard placed his hands on the broad shoulders of Diego. He began to push down on the shoulders indicating he wanted the muscle man on his knees.

The working class hunk did as instructed and was in front of the naked older man on his knees. Richard looked down and enjoyed the sight of this naked muscle man ready to serve him.

“Now I want you to service my dick with your sweet mouth.” Said Richard. “Stick out your tongue and lick my cock.”

The muscle man slowly placed his hands on the thighs of the older man. Diego looked at the sight of Richard’s hard dick mere inches from his face, this was the first time he had been near any man’s dick before and was hesitant, The straight stud had never done such an act, Richard saw this and grabbed Diego’s chin and made him look up to him

“Remember, submissive.” Said Richard

Diego nodded and without further ado suck his tongue out and began to lick Richard’s cock. For the first time the working class stud tasted another man’s dick, Richard gasped as he felt the warm tongue of the muscle man slide up and down his shaft. “Oh yes!” Richard said in approval.

“Now suck me off you muscle boy.” Ordered Richard.

Diego open his mouth and began to suck on the older man’s dick. Richard watched in delight as the muscle man’s bald head bobbed up and down as he slobbered on his dick. Even though it was the first time Diego had ever sucked a man’s cock, the older man enjoyed the blow job he was getting from the stud.

“Oh yes take it all.” moaned Richard, he grabbed hold of the back of Diego’s shaved bald head and pushed him down further on his hard dick as he forced the larger muscle stud to choke on his cock

../../shimages/kenlaben_dirtyproposal/kenlaben_dirtyproposal_htm_m5265b9ce.jpg Richard looked across the room and enjoyed the view in his mirror. A naked muscle man on his knees, sucking off a weaker man over half his age. For the next few minutes the only sounds in the bed room where of Richard’s moans of pleasure and the sound of sucking from Diego.

“Get on the bed and bend over on all fours.” Richard ordered to Diego after a while of being sucked off.

The Latin bodybuilder got up and onto the bed and did what he was told. His beefy ass was sticking out to Richard. The older man followed Diego onto the bed and placed his hands on the blue collared stud’s large meaty ass, he pulled his ass cheeks apart to see the straight man’s hairy hole that was soon to be defiled.

The older man was exuberant, his plan in getting the blue collared muscle stud had succeeded and he was reaping the rewards. Here he was in his bedroom with the muscled hunk he had been lusting for weeks who was naked on his bed on all fours with his round muscular ass pointing out ready to be impaled by his hard dick.

He began to stroke the hairy hole and Diego winced as he felt this, no one had ever touched him there. “Relax, my boy. Surely a big man like you can take this.” Richard said.

Richard then began to push in his middle finger into the muscle man’s hole.

Diego gasped but did not protest and soon Richard’s finger was fully in.

“Good boy I knew you could take it.” Said Richard. “Let’s loosen you up a little more.”

The older man began to push in his index finger and soon the muscle man had two fingers up his ass. Diego Squirmed and pushed his face onto the bed. Never had he felt so violated, yet the feeling was not so unpleasant and he got use to it.

“Yes, I think you’re ready.” Said Richard. With this the weaker older man got behind the bodybuilder and with his dick in hand guided it towards the waiting hole.

“Don’t worry my muscle boy, you will enjoy it.” Said Richard, with his the older man pushed into Diego’s hole, the bodybuilder gasped as he felt the intrusion into his ass, a few moments later the bodybuilder had taken all of Richard’s dick into him. The older man groaned in pleasure as he felt the tight hole envelop his cock.

The older man lowered himself onto the muscle broad back of Diego and cupped his hands over this massive pecs. “I’ve waited so long to do this to you my sweet muscle boy.” Richard whispered to the muscle man as he slowly pumped into the Latino muscle hunk’s muscled ass.

Diego could only respond in moans as he was fucked. For 20 long minutes the older man pounded the bodybuilder from behind. He even secretly recorded the fuck on his phone as he film himself going in and out of the now deflowered muscle ass. Ever so often he would run his hands over the beefy stud sweaty body, his wonderful broad muscle back, squeezing his massive biceps, his wash board abs, cupping his big pecs in his hands, pitching his nipples, such a powerful body it was and the power was his to control. Richard noted to Diego he was enjoying getting fucked by him.

“See how hard you are, you have not even touch yourself, you love it, my dirty muscle boy.” said Richard.

The bodybuilder could not deny it his dick had gotten hard since getting fucked by the older man. Diego felt shame because of this but also lust as he never felt so turned on.

The alpha stud had only agreed to all of this due to the vast amounts of money that he would receive. But the feeling of the older man in him rubbing against his prostate was overwhelming, never experiencing such pleasure he began again to question his masculinity.

Richard sense he was getting close to climax, he grabbed hold of the muscle studs hips and sped up his anal assault. “Ugh, am gonna cum in you boy, your sweet tight muscle butt, you where fucking made for this ugh!”

../../shimages/kenlaben_dirtyproposal/kenlaben_dirtyproposal_htm_498a0490.jpg The older man slammed one last time into the bodybuilder. “Am cumming!” shouted Richard. The older man moaned as he felt his dick twitch and exploded within Diego’s ass. He flooded this younger man’s ass with is cum claiming it for himself.

This set off the stud and he too began to shoot his load on the bed. Exhausted Diego laid on the bed with Richard on top of him still inside of him. He finally pulled out as he laid to the side of the sexually defeated bodybuilder.

Richard pushed Diego onto his back got on top of him. Face to face Richard softly spoke. “Don’t get too rested my muscle boy, I got you for the afternoon and I don’t plan on wasting it. With this the older man moved in made out with the muscle man once again.

For the next 3 hours the normally alpha stud submitted to Richard’s wildest fantasies.

The muscle stud found himself hard the entire time and came every time Richard came in his ass.


Richard stood on his balcony while drinking his coffee. It was another sunny morning in his neighbourhood. He once again watched the Garbage Truck make its way to his house. again he saw the hot blue collared stud Diego on the side of the tuck, holding on with his muscled arm, However instead of wanted desire for the hunk like he had a few months ago. Richard was thinking on what he was going to get up to later that afternoon.

The day after Richard made his first proposal, the muscular garbage man came to an agreement with the older man. After work he would come over and spend the afternoon “working” on his tips from Richard.

Diego claimed he was only doing it for the money but the older man knew the bodybuilder wanted Richard’s hard dick in him.

He would often make him say so as he got fucked.

He watched as Diego made his way to collect Richard’s bins, again the muscle man’s overall top was unzipped down showing off parts of his muscle body. He had even gotten bigger and more defined at Richard’s insistence, however the older man did not need to see him to look at his magnificent body and wonder what he looked like as he had many images of him naked.

Richard had paid a photographer to do an erotic photo shoot with Diego. Here the bodybuilder posed sexually in the nude. Diego didn’t admit it, but he enjoy doing the shoot due to the ego boost of having his body admired. From the shoot, Richard chose the best photos to be framed and put up in his house. The one he liked the most was put up in his bedroom where he could look at the muscular stud and admire his muscular body when he was not here.

Diego looked up at Richard as he effortlessly picked up his bins, the sexy Latino blew a kiss at him and swaggered off. The muscle man still acted like an alpha stud. This stirred Richard imagination, he wondered if he would do an S & M session on the stud this week. They would be able to try out the stocks and ball gag he had recently bought to punish the muscleman for his cockiness. He imagined the Latin bodybuilder locked in the stocks with his muffled moans as he pumped his ass from behind.

Richard watched the Tuck drive off with Diego on the back, his dick harden to the thoughts of what he was going to do to him later that afternoon. Out there Diego was a straight Alpha male, however once inside his home he was his willing muscle bitch to do what he wanted.

The end