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Dirty Proposal
Part 1 - Desire
By Ken Laben (Illustrated by Ducka-98)
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Dirty Proposal

By Ken Laben

Based on short story by Caesarwv, illustrations by Ducka-98

Chapter 1 - Desire

Richard sat down on the balcony off his bedroom and sipped this coffee while reading his news paper. It was another sunny morning; the 50 year old man took in the lovely view from his expensive house of his peaceful neighbourhood. It was however not the view that Richard was looking forward to, that was coming at 8am. Richard stroked his greyish beard as he looked at his watch which was saying 7:50.

He heard in the distant a rumbling sound of a truck, soon he saw from afar a waste disposal truck coming down the road. The older man watched intently as the truck came closer. He could just make out what he was waiting for, a figure of a man in coveralls standing on the back of the truck.

As the truck drove up to his neighbour’s house the figure got bigger and soon developed into a big muscle man holding onto the truck with one of his big muscular arms. Richard sighed at the beautiful sight and took it all in

The trash collector looked in his 20’s and of Latin descent. He had a cap covering his shaved bald head with a masculine face with a goatee beard with broad shoulders, he was also wearing shades which added to his manly persona; the sleeves of his dirty dark green coveralls were cut off to expose his huge defined arms with one sporting a tattoo, also the coveralls were always unzipped down below his belly button as he showed off his smooth shredded light brown hairless torso with big full pecs and a chisel 8 pack.

Richard’s crotch stirred as he watched this blue collar, manual labour stud collect the trash from his neighbours house and he moved one of his hands to feel himself below. The older man had been doing his routine for a couple of months now since he noticed this muscular Adonis.

Exactly at 8 am every Wednesday morning Richard would sit outside on his balcony and would watch the stud do his job, the older gentleman watched the muscle god as he jumped off the back of the truck and grabbed the garbage cans from his front lawn.

Every week the Adonis would look up at Richard and gave him a wave or nod of his head, acknowledging the old man which made his heart flutter and fill with desire before lifting effortlessly a garbage can in each hand and showing of his powerful masculinity by throwing the heavy containers into the truck to empty its contents before putting back the cans on Richard’s lawn. After that, the muscle man would jump back on the back of the truck and move on to the next house. As he watched the tuck drive off Richard would marvel at how the old coveralls hugged his round muscular ass.

On several occasions Richard had secretly taken some photos of the blue collared stud as he worked to look at later in his bed. There he stroked himself as he looked at the photos imagining what this sexy hunk would look like without this clothes and imagined the guy in bed with him.

Though Richard was no beginner to muscle, he would often frequent gay strip bars and get the muscle strippers to lap dance for him as he molested their hard bodies. On several occasions he would take some home for him to fuck, he loved how the big men looked impaled on his hard cock.

Even though Richard was thinner and weaker than this muscle man, it was the older man’s desire to make the muscle stud submit to him, He believe that with the right amount of money the blue collar, manual labour stud’s ass could and would be used and exploited by rich men, like himself.

Indeed if his past altercations with muscle strippers where to go by, then any muscle man would willingly give up there hot ass when a large amount of money was involved. However he had never tried that theory outside in the real world with a muscle man off the street.

As Richard watched the truck drive off into the distance, the older man’s mind filled with lustful fantasies of what he wanted to do to the stud. The idea of him plunging his cock into that hot bin collector’s ass was too much for the older man. Richard decided next week would be the day he would have the stud’s round muscular ass.

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