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Stories by Ken Laben
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Adonis Village - 5 chapters
Aspiring muscle model Gavin can't believe his luck when he find himself living at Adonis Village. With cheap rent, all the mod cons and good location it seems too good to be true.... (Illustrated by Priapus of Milet)
Deep Below
Deep Below (Illustrated by Xhromer)
Dirty Proposal - 4 chapters
Dirty Proposal (Illustrated by Ducka-98)
Halloween Hunting
It's Halloween night and muscle man Terry is planning to hunt hot women in his sexy costume. (Illustrated by Ducka-98)
Ko's Bath House Experience
Ko's Bath House Experience (Illustrated by NediaArt)
Private Tryout
GoalKeeper Dan is offered a chance to play in the Premier League his lifelong dream, but is he willing enough to do what it takes to be signed? (Illustrated by Guanino, Redart & HataHata)
Simeons Submission
Simeons Submission (Illustrated by Ken Laben)
Tales of Peril - Lustful Tongues
Tales of Peril - Lustful Tongues (Illustrated by Eggy)
The Fan
The Fan
The Price of Freedom - 3 chapters
The Price of Freedom
The Wrestler
The Wrestler (Illustrated by Ken Laben)