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Our Little Playmate
Part 1
By Jackson Pickett

Our Little Playmate

By Jackson Pickett

Steve woke up slowly. He was still naked. The buzzed feeling that had been his constant companion for the past three weeks was there again. Steve was locked in a 9’ by 14’ cell that consisted of a toilet, a sink, a small table and a padded floor. There was a bald light bulb hanging from the 14 foot ceiling. A heavy iron door locked with an electronic panel kept Steve confined to this little box.

Steve was thirsty. Whatever drugs that were put in that water had two effects on Steve. One they kept him quite loopy. Steve was drowsy all of the time. He slept about 12 hours a day and when he was awake he found it difficult to concentrate or resist against his captors. It was just easier to be compliant. The second thing about the drugged water was that it made Steve thirsty. He needed water to quench his thirst, yet each drink made him more thirsty which in turn kept him sleepy and docile. So there was no way he could even contemplate escaping.

Steve’s life before his capture had been so much different. Steve was 42 years old. He had been with the air force until 4 years ago. With his pension money and inheritance from his uncle, Steve had opened up a motorcycle repair shop.

Steve was a handsome man. He stood 5’7”. He still had black hair cut in a short military style cut. He had deep brown eyes and a neatly trimmed moustache. Steve was a muscular 175 pounds. His body was nearly hairless. He sported two full tattoo sleeves. His nipples were pierced. And his 8 inch cut cock sported a 2 gauge prince albert.

Steve was very popular. He had a great sense of humour. He was charismatic. He treated everyone with respect. He was always available to help a friend.

Steve had come out 9 years ago. He quickly got involved in the leather scene and was a very popular leather master. The night he had been taken prisoner, he had been named the Anvil and Forge’s leather daddy. Steve, who was a bit drunk after 4 glasses of celebratory champagne, wasn’t paying a lot of attention walking home, when all of a sudden, a van pulled up to him and four masked men got out, three of them pointing guns at him. He laughed at first figuring that this was a hazing ritual for the new titleholder. But then the fourth man came from behind him and clamped a rag over his face. Steve screamed out but his cries were muffled. Steve took a gasp of air in as he tried to break free from his attacker. A sweet chemical smell filled his nostrils. Chloroform he thought. One attacker said to him, “Shh. Be a good boy. Just relax now and breathe deeply and it will all be over soon. That’s right. Be a good little boy, and go to sleep,” Steve began to sink into his attackers arms. Then all went black.

When he came to, Steve was very confused. He was naked. His wrists were attached to chains that hung from the ceiling. His head was reeling. Then he remembered the four men with guns and the chloroformed rag being clamped over his face until he passed out. He had been kidnapped and he had no idea why.

He cried out. The echo that came back suggested he was in a small room. No one answered his cry. He struggled hard against the chains securing his wrists. There was no way they were going to give. Soon he was tired from trying to free himself. He fell asleep.

When he awoke, it was morning. Through the window, sun light was breaking in. Steve opened his eyes slowly. He tried to stretch and that’s when he realized again that he was a chained prisoner. He cried out once more and then he heard the door to his cell open.

The four men who had assaulted him last night stepped through the door. Steve could see that they were no longer masked. He got a good look at his attackers. One was an older man about 60 Steve guessed. He had ginger hair with a bit of grey at his temples. He stood about 5’9” and weighed about 165 pounds. Beside him was a man about 45. He had thinning brown hair. He stood about 5’11” and was extremely muscular from years of body building. His face was heavily pockmarked with old acne scars . Behind him was a man about 40. He stood 6’ and weighed about 225 pounds. He was bald with just a bit of black hair and a moustache. The last man to enter the room was about 30. He was heavily tattooed and had two tunnel piercings in his ears. stood 6’ and weighed about 200. He had black curlly hair and a bushy black beard.

The man with ginger hair spoke. “Men, I think our little playmate is awake.”

“I am not your playmate.”

The ginger haired man slapped Steve hard enough across the face that Steve could see stars. When Steve’s head cleared again, the ginger repeated, “Men, I think our little playmate is awake.”

Steve did not respond this time. “I think our playtime should begin.”

“I need to take a piss,” Steve said.

Beardo went and grabbed a bottle and then roughly grabbed Steve’s cock. “Piss in here,” he gruffly said. Steve was a bit pee shy for a few seconds but then a good flow of piss erupted from his pierced cock. As soon as he finished pissing, Beardo took the bottle and threw warm piss all over Steve’s face. “Fuck you,” Steve yelled which made Beardo laugh and ginger slapped Steve in the face hard again.

“Mind your place little playmate. You are our toy now to do with what we want. Now I think it’s time for our morning cigars. You want one don’t you, little playmate,” said Crater Face.

Tobacco smoke always was a huge turn off for Steve. “No thanks. I don’t smoke. In fact, I never have smoked.”

“Well we will have to change that won’t we men. Marco, you would be happy to share your cigar with our little playmate, won’t you.”

“Sure I’d be happy to,” Beardo said with a grin.

Steve was bound and determined not to smoke. As the four men lit up their big Cuban cigars, Steve made an awful face because of the smell. Then Baldy and Crater Face grabbed a gas mask and placed it over Steve’s head. They fastened the mask on to the chained man’s head. “That will do nicely,” Ginger smiled. Ginger began removing the mouth piece from the gas mask and then screwed in a hose over the mouth piece. Steve couldn’t see through the blacked out eyes of the gas mask. Beardo took a large puff from his cigar and then picked up the gas mask hose and exhaled into the tube. Steve coughed and struggled to breathe as the thick blue smoke filled his mask. “There now you are having your first cigar. Pretty awful the first time I know but in a couple of weeks, you will come to love them.”

Steve’s eyes burned from the acrid smoke. He tried to hold his breath, but then he would inhale. He would cough and suck in more of the wretched choking smoke. This went on for an hour until Beardo and Steve had finished the cigar. Steve coughed for another 15 minutes until the gas mask was nearly clear. “There, your first cigar. You can share Marco’s cigars for the first while. Then you will be ready to smoke on your own. I figure you should start with about 7 cigars a day.” Steve swore underneath his mask but the rubber mask muffled the sound.

A few minutes later, Steve saw a bit of light as the hose was removed from his gas mask. Two cotton balls were placed in the cap of the gas mask and the cap was fastened back on to the mask. Steve’s head spun a bit as he breathed in the poppers from the soaked cotton balls. Then Baldy began working on Steve’s nipples as Crater Face removed the cotton balls. Steve’s pierced man boobs were worked hard as he kept alternating between breaths of fresh air and amyl nitrate as the cotton balls were removed and placed back into the gas mask.

As Steve’s nipples get enduring the torture from Baldy’s gloved hands, Steve’s pierced cock roared to attention. As he began leaking precum, Baldy gave Crater Face a nod. Crater Face undid the mouth piece once again and this time placed three popper soaked cotton balls into the mouthpiece. Steve’s head was spinning as Baldy began to pump the leatherman’s cock. It did not take long until Steve erupted with a long stream of cum. Crater Face undid the cap of Steve’s gasmask. The drugging cotton balls were removed. “Pretty fucking hot heh, little playmate,” Ginger said as Steve tried to catch his breath.

Steve lay there in afterglow as Ginger wiped his cock with a cleansing wipe. “That cock of yours is pretty amazing,” Beardo said referring to the nine and a half inch monster that was Steve when he was fully erect.

“That was quite a workout for you little playmate. I bet you could use a little nap.” The cap was again removed from Steve’s gas mask and two cotton balls were again put in. Steve thought, “Oh no, not poppers again.” But a much more potent smell filled his nose. It was the same aroma from last night- chloroform. Steve coughed as he tried to remove the mask from his vain, only to remember his arms were chained. His eyelids became so heavy as he breathed in the drugging fumes. He let out a final sigh as he fell into a deep sleep.

Steve came to about fifteen minutes later. His mouth tasted horrible from the horrid cigar. He had a chloroform hangover again. He was still chained up but at least the awful gas mask was gone. Crater face was again fingering Steve’s nipples with gloved hands. “Please no more,” Steve pleaded.

Crater face stopped torturing the mechanic’s nipples. Steve said, “Thanks. And could I get some water. I am quite thirsty.”

Ginger said, “Yes Rodney. Stop torturing our playmate for a while. We can all enjoy him later. Get him some water.”

Crater face got a glass of water and filled it from the sink. He held it as the prisoner drank it quickly. He then filled the glass and Steve downed it.

Steve asked, “Why have you kidnapped me.”

“You were a handsome cocky dominant top. Tonight we thought we should bring confident men like yourself to your knees.” Crater Face said.

“How long are you going to keep me?”

“You are not going anywhere,” Baldy said. “You are going to be our permanent Guest.” Baldy notice a change in Steve’s expression. “What’s wrong, little playmate?”

“I don’t know. I am feeling so tired and weak.”

“It’s the muscle relaxant and opiate in your water. It Is going to keep you stoned and make you really easy to handle. We don’t want to keep you chained up all the time. With this drug and our one other tool we will keep you our prisoner.” It barely registered in Steve’s morphine addled mind that his wrist cuffs were being removed. Steve was barely aware as Crater Face went to the side of the room, and picked up something and laid it beside Steve. There was a bit of a pinch as the shackle was attached to his left ankle. A 36 pound ball and chain would ensure Steve could not get away. “Sometimes the old torture instruments are the best,” Beardo said. “Now lets have another cigar before you take another nap.

Ginger and Baldy grabbed the gas mask and placed it over the lethargic mechanic. They attached the hose to the mouth piece and Beardo and Steve shared another cigar. “Soon you will be able to hold the cigar for yourself.”

An hour later after the cigar was finished Steve’s head was swimming from the water and the cigar. Ginger asked him if he wanted another drink and Steve said yes. Steve drank the water and then felt very tired. “Why don’t you lay down and take a nap?” said Beardo.

Steve lay down on the padded floor of his cell. His head had barely touched down when he fell into a deep sleep. Baldy looked at the sleeping man and said, “Man I love our little playmate.”

Over the next three weeks, that was Steve’s life. He was raped countless times. He slept, he smoked cigars. He had been kinocked out with chloroform many times. He was confined to his new small cell. He thought about his four captors. Ginger intimidated him. He was so commanding with his presence, intelligent, and demanding. Crater Face was built like Steve liked his men- muscular and strong. But he had obviously taken lots of steroids in his time. His cock was small and disappointing. Baldy was just down right mean. He seemed to take pleasure in beating Steve’s ass and taking full advantage of Steve’s weakened drugged state. And Beardo was something else. He had the biggest cock of the four men. Steve’s ass ached every time he was raped by Beardo’s 8 and a half inch cock. But there was some compassion in Beardo. You could see it in his eyes. He had some sense of feeling when Steve was being tortured. And there was Beardo’s thick body hair and blue eyes. Steve found that he was falling in love with Beardo.

Steve had to take a piss again. His little cot was on the other side of the room from the toilet. He got up and slowly made his way to the toilet. The fucking iron ball attached to his ankle made moving so difficult. He was pissed and then drank a gulp of water. He then slowly hobbled back to bed, sat down. He knew the men would soon be in to make sure he had his first cigar of the day.

Suddenly the door opened. “Morning little playmate,” Ginger said. He was carrying the breakfast tray of bacon and eggs and black coffee. Following him in were Crater Face and Baldy carrying another low rise cot, just like Steve had been sleeping in.

“What’s that for?” Steve asked.

“Never mind that. Now eat your breakfast.”

Steve knew from Baldy’s tone that any more questioning about cot would result in a severe beating. The bruises on Steve’s ass were barely fading now from ten days ago, when Steve had complained that the coffee was cold.

After Steve had finished his breakfast, Beardo came in with cigars for everyone. Steve took one and Baldy lit them all. Steve still hated the smell of smoke but he knew he was becoming a smoker. He was actually looking forward to the next cigars.

After the cigar, Steve laid down and took a nap. When he woke up an hour later, his day seemed quite like all the rest had been for the past three weeks. At 8:30pm Steve went to bed as normal. He was roused at 2am. He was led to the heavy metal chair where he was tied up securely and his hands were handcuffed behind his back. He was told to open his mouth. Two handkerchiefs were stuffed in his mouth and then a ball gag was secured in his mouth. Any sound that Steve could make was muffled by the handkerchiefs. “We wanted you to have a front row seat as we brought in your new roommate.”

Beardo came in bringing the same upright bondage table that they used upon Steve’s arrival three weeks ago. Then Crater Face and Baldy appeared at the door dragging someone behind them. The man, in his white shirt, black tie and pants was out of it but was beginning to stir. Baldy pulled a white rag from his back pocket, soaked it from a bottle, and clamped it over the helpless man’s face. “We can’t have you awake quite yet, Mormon boy,” Ginger said. The man moaned a bit as he tried to get away from the chemical soaked rag and then went very quiet.

Steve couldn’t believe it. They had brought another man in here and they had chloroformed him in front of Steve. Steve had another shock though. His cock stirred as he watched the man succumb to the doped rag.

The Men stripped the helpless man and attached him to the bondage table in front of Steve. Steve got a look at the sleeping man. He stood about 5’6”, was blond haired, blued eyed, well built and had a 6 inch uncut cock. His body was covered in thick blond curly body hair. He was about 20. Shit, thought Steve. Mormon. This Mormon boy was in for a rough time. Steve at least was into BDSM and had been with men before. This kid had probably never been with anyone.

Beardo came into the room carrying something in his hand. Steve recognized it immediately. It was the same gas mask that they had used on him the first night. Beardo secured the mask and attached the hose to the mouth piece. Poor kid, Steve thought.

Once the mask was securely fitted, Beardo walked over to where Steve was sitting tied up to his chair. “Sorry about leaving you tied up to the chair. We want our little Mormon boy here to wake in the dark, thanks to the mask, thinking he is all alone. Oh and I couldn’t help notice your hard on when we chloroformed Mormon boy here. Don’t worry. It will be our little secret. And if you play your cards right, you’ll get a chance to chloroform him too.” Steve gasped, as Beardo caressed his pierced nipples. “And don’t worry. I have already told the other Men that I won’t be fucking Mormon boy’s ass here. My dick belongs in your ass and your ass only.” Steven grunted a bit in happiness and tried to smile but the gag and cloth handkerchiefs made that a little difficult. “Now you should get some rest beautiful, so we can play tomorrow.”

Steve’s cock stood at attention as Beardo clamped a rag over his face. He does like me. His dick does indeed belong in my ass. Then Steve’s eyes rolled up in his head. With a sigh of contentedness Steve fell into a drugged sleep. Beardo lent down and placed a huge wet kiss on the mechanic’s cheek. “Nighty nite my little playmate. We will play tomorrow.” Beardo exited the room as the two men slept.

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