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Mountainman and Vortexalator
Part 5 - Part 5
By Jackson Pickett

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Mountainman and Vortexalator

Chapter 5

Benjamin and Mountainman were eating breakfast the next morning. All of a sudden the television came on. Vortexalator appeared on the screen. “Morning boys. I trust you had a good sleep. We have a bit of an issue here and it will be up to you Benjamin to make a big decision.”

“What’s that Vortexalator?”

“I have two friends who are going to be staying with me for six weeks or so. I have told them about my puta here and they want to have some ass to fuck as well. Well I want to keep my little puta princess for myself. That means I need to find another ass for my friends to fuck. I could have them fuck you Benjamin. You can see how much your brother is enjoying it. Or else we will need to get another superhero cum dump for my friends.”

It didn’t take any thinking at all. Benjamin very much enjoyed fucking. He enjoyed being a top. He even liked raping someone although by this point one could hardly call it rape. Mountainman was begging to get fucked now everyday and didn’t seem satisfied to be fucked only once a day. “We need to get another superhero victim. I am enjoying topping too much.”

Vortexalator smiled at this. “So you enjoy fucking baby brother’s male pussy do you?” Benjamin felt just a bit guilty as he shook his head yes.

Vortexalator smiled at this. “I thought you would. Well when we get our new whore, you can choose. You can continue to fuck puta here or you can fuck the new one.”

The next day, Mountainman was in his costume and driving to a factory. Three big players in the local drug trade were meeting. Mountainman and his superhero friend, Bengal Tiger, were going to meet there and take down the three kingpins and their gang. It wasn’t much of it a fight. With Mountainman’s psychic ability and strength and Bengal Tiger’s speed, agility, and aggression, the drug cartel did not stand a chance. Twenty minutes later the twelve criminals were all tied up waiting for the police to come.

“So Dev, do you want to come home for a drink. We haven’t had a chance to catch up for a while.”

“Yes sure. That would be great. It has been quite a while. I am off tomorrow so I don’t need to get up early. Sure a drink would be great.”

The two superheroes were soon sitting in Jeremiah’s apartment. “Gin and tonic, right?”

“Yes that’s right.”

The two men sat talking about the weather as Mountainman prepared the drinks. When he brought the drinks over, Mountainman said, “I thought those twelve guys would have been more of a challenge.”

“Well I guess twelve of them against two superheroes, they were outnumbered,” laughed Bengal tiger. He took a big sip of the Gin and Tonic. “Ahh that hits the spot.”

The two men then changed the subject to the Broncos and the last football game. Then Bengal Tiger suddenly felt strange.

“Man I must be tired. That drink really hit me hard. I better get going while I still can.”

Mountainman watched as Bengal Tiger tried to stand up and then sunk to his knees. “Not feeling good at all. Did you put something in my drink, Jerry?”

“Nothing to worry about. I have just given you something that is going to make your head spin and slow down those reactions of yours.” Mountainman walked over to the desk and pulled out a large syringe. “What are you doing Mountainman?”

“Just going to give you a little shot here. It will help you take a nice long nap.”

Dev was unable to resist as Jerry pulled up his sleeve. Jerry tied a rubber hose around Bengal Tiger’s arm and that pumped the drugged man’s first a few times. “Don’t do this, Mountainman. Please don’t.” The needle hit a vein in Bengal Tiger’s arm.

“There you go.” Mountainman pushed the plunger on the needle. He took out the needle and removed the rubber hose. Bengal Tiger blinked his eyes a few times and then fell into a deep drugged sleep.

Then Mountainman pulled out his cellphone. “Yes it went without a hitch. He never suspected the drug ring was a set up and drank enough of the sedative that made him easy to handle. Just gave him the valium and morphine combo. He is deeply asleep.”

Vortexalator came in the door about ten minutes later. He kissed Mountainman hard on the lips. “Good work puta. Now help me get him into the van. We have to get ready for our guests.”

“Fuck me Daddy,” Mountainman pleaded.

“Later boy I promise.”

Two hours later, the guests arrived. One was a short stocky man with a moustache known as the Cuban. He was a fairly well known villain known for torturing his victims. The second man was known as The Walrus. He was a big burly guy with wild grey curly hair and droopy moustache. Mountainman knew both of them as he had put them away. “This my alpha boy Benjamin. And of course you know my pussy bitch here Mountainman. Tell them what you want Puta.”

“I want some cock up my ass Daddy.” The two guests nodded in approval. Vortexalator had managed to break the macho dominant superhero and turn him into a weakling whose dominant wish now was to be fucked and bred.

The two visitors took a good long look at Mountainman and the sleeping tied up form of the still drugged sleeping Bengal Tiger. Hard to believe a macho man like Mountainman could be turned into a cock loving fucker. And now they would be able to watch that transformation with another superhero. Vortexalator explained about the drug and how if someone used it as an active participant you got so incredibly horny that you would do anything to get your load out including raping your baby brother, right Benjamin. If the drug was given to a passive person, they also get incredibly horny and get addicted to being fucked. Mountainman here is still as straight as they come, but he can’t imagine a day now without somebody’s cock up his ass. Vortexalator also explained how the drug built up in the person’s system. For the four of them- Benjamin, the Cuban, The Walrus and Vortexalator they would be given a shot every other day just to make sure they ravaged the hell out of whatever ass they had been given without becoming a sex monster that would rtry to rape everything. Vortexalator then explained how Mountainman had been given a double shot of the same medication for one week. Now he was totally submissive and had only one thing on his mind- getting fucked. There was no need to tie him up again and no more shots needed to be given.

“Now when he wakes up in an hour or so there’s going to be a lot of fight in Bengal Tiger so be careful. I mean don’t worry. These electronic chains will hold him. But he is going to be fighting and cursing for a bit. The key though is to start the humiliation early. So lets put him in this cock cage. Nothing like putting a macho man in his place like getting him all horned up and having no way to shoot your load. The task was easier said then done. Even unconscious Bengal Tiger’s cock did not fit easily into the tiny chastity cage. However with some effort, the men soon heard a satisfying click of a padlock.

Twenty minutes later Bengal Tiger began moaning in his sleep. “Soon our fun will begin boys.” Five minutes later Bengal Tiger was fully awake. He realized first that he was naked and held in place with some electrical chains. He pulled at them but they would not give. He then noticed that his cock was locked up in a chastity cage. Then he noticed five naked men looking at him. He recognized them all except for the man smoking a pipe who looked so much like Jerry. It must be his brother Benjamin.

“What the fuck?” Bengal Tiger said.

“Shh,” said Vortexalator. “Welcome to my home. You are going to me guest here now permanently. My friends here are going to use you for our pleasure and you Bengal Tiger are going to enjoy it so much you’ll be begging for it, just like your friend Mountainman.”

“Like hell I will,” screamed Bengal Tiger until he was silenced by a hard slap to his right cheek that made the superhero’s head spin. This was followed by an equally hard slap to his left cheek.

“Now I am going to give you a shot. It is going to make you so horny. Your going to feel hornier than you have ever felt before. Then the Walrus here is going to fuck you. At the same time I am going to give Mountainman the same shot. Then I will fuck him. Bengal Tiger tried to resist as Benjamin and the Cuban forced his head down to his left shoulder. Then Bengal Tiger yelped as the needle pierced his neck. Bengal Tiger’s breath became very rapid and then his cock tried to spring to attention only to be held back by the rigid metal device. He felt so horny, hornier than he had ever felt before.

Meanwhile Bengal Tiger watched as the Walrus injected himself in the thigh with same drug. Bengal Tiger watched as the Walrus’ 8 inch cut cock with the big prince albert piercing sprang instantly to life. The man’s eyes burned with desire. The Walrus grabbed some lube and greased up his cock and impaled Bengal Tiger’s hole. Bengal Tiger screamed in pain at the rape at first but then suddenly this felt so right. For the first time a man had violated his hole and it was wonderful.

Bengal Tiger tugged at the electronic ropes that were holding him. They would not give at all. He then looked at his fellow superhero. There was Mountainman with a huge smile on his face. He was not restrained in any way. And he was crying out, “Yes Daddy, that feels so wonderful. Fuck me hard Daddy. Make me your bitch.” Bengal Tiger couldn’t let that happen to him. What the hell thought Bengal Tiger. Jerry never mentioned he was gay. Yet there he was offering up his man pussy to Vortexalator. It just didn’t make sense.

Bengal Tiger was having another issue right now. He knew he wasn’t gay. Yet he was enjoying the feel of a stiff cock up his ass. It felt so good. The horny medication also had Bengal Tiger in a frenzy. He needed to cum immediately. His cock strained against the tight cage and the rigid dick felt like it was going to shatter it’s prison..

Vortexalator smiled. “Now we thought we’d take a little video tonight. Make it available to stream. I’m thinking of a title- From Superheroes to Superpussies. I am sure it will be a best seller.” Bengal Tiger blushed at that idea. He thought of all the villains he’d put away getting a big kick watching him helpless and enjoying himself as he got raped.

Suddenly the Walrus began to pump Bengal Tiger’s ass harder. The walrus began to breathe harder. He yelled out, “Oh fuck,” and he had bred Bengal Tiger. Not too much longer Vortexalator came up Mountainman’s ass. “Fuck that was hot,” said a very impressed Cuban.

Vortexalator took a minute to clean himself up. “Now you two boy’s have worked very hard tonight. I think you need to get some rest. After all you have work in the morning. Vortexalator grabbed the bottle of chloroform and soaked a rag with it. Even though Mountainman knew the routine by now, he still struggled as the powerful smelling anesthetic was clamped over his face. His head began to spin and soon his knees could not support his own weight. Then with a deep sigh, Mountainman went limp.

Vortexalator then turned to Benjamin. “Now I know you have been topping your brother. You are becoming a great fucker. But I think you need your rest too.” The Cuban grabbed the professor from behind and held him tight. Vortexalator clamped the rag over the scientists’ face and soon he was unconscious.

“Please don’t do this to me,” Bengal Tiger pleaded. But it was too late. Vortexalator clamped the rag over his face. Bengal Tiger tried to hold his breath but the Walrus pinched his nipples hard. Bengal Tiger took a deep breath in then and the chloroform began to mess him up. Bengal Tiger felt his head began to spin. Everything felt so warm and sleepy. The Walrus pinched his nipple again and Bengal Tiger took another deep breath in of the anesthetic. Bengal Tiger felt all his strength leave him. He was just so relaxed and felt his eyelids begin to flutter. He was breathing the chloroform in quite easily now. He could barely hear Vortexalator tell him to go to sleep like a good little boy. And then everything went black.

“That was fucking impressive,” said the Cuban. “Mountainman was absolutely begging to get fucked. And even though he was trying to fight it, you could see Bengal Tiger was starting to enjoy it as well.”

“Yes and after a few more injections and a few more rapes, Bengal Tiger will be just as hungry as Puta here for cock up his ass. In about a week, Bengal Tiger will be a fully submissive cock whore like his friend here.”

“Now lets lay them down on their cots. Then we can get dressed and go out for some beer. As soon as we are out of here I will turn on the valve of the knockout gas. That will keep them sound asleep until morning. Tomorrow Benjamin will fuck Puta. I just get a kick out of watching an ordinary Joe fucking a superhero and a brother raping a brother. Well I guess you can’t call it rape anymore. Poor Mountainman would beg the pope to fuck him at this point. Maybe someday I’ll change it up and make Benjamin a fuck addict as well. He is so damned cute and has a nice ass. We would need a couple more tops though to make it happen. But that could happen. And tomorrow, Cuban you’ll get to fuck yourself the Bengal Tiger.”

“Can’t wait Vortexalator. Can’t wait.”

The end