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A man and his dog
By Jackson Pickett

A Man and his Dog

Michael hated this part of the business. Especially when it involved a great employee. Christopher had been reliable- arriving early for each shift, willing to take on extra duties, able to close by himself. Generally the customers liked him and he always brought in a lion’s share into the community tip jar.

Michael was a good looking Daddy bear. He was 45 years old. He had brown short hair, green eyes, a burley beard. He stood 5’10 and had a few extra pounds on his bearish body.

Christopher stood 6’1”. He was 26 years old. He had a shaved head, piercing blue eyes, a ginger goatee and a muscular frame. He sported two full sleeve tattoos, mostly in traditional Japanese style. He looked fucking hot in his leathers, and he knew it.

Yes Christopher had been a great employee. But tonight he had crossed the line. He had got into a heated argument with a customer. Sure the customer had been a bit drunk, but at the Anvil, that was not unusual. Yes the customer had poured beer over another patron. But when Christopher went over to break up the altercation, he crossed the line. He had used the n word in telling the customer to behave. The customer announced loudly that no one called him that. Luckily the drunk’s friends got him out of there before Christopher and the customer got into fisticuffs.

It was 2.15am. Rusty was helping Christopher clean up. They would be done in the next 10 minutes or so. Michael came out of the office, “Rusty why don’t you go home now. I want to talk to Christopher.”

Rusty had been there long enough to know some of what was about to happen. He had seen the incident earlier. Christopher was about to get fired. “Yes sure boss. See you tomorrow night,” Christopher said and he was out the door.

“Christopher pour us a couple of drinks and come to my office.” Two minutes later, Christopher was at Michael’s office door with two scotch in his hand.

“You wanted to see me boss.”

“Yes sit down. Now you are a hard worker Christopher and have been very reliable. But I am sorry I am going to let you go.”

“Look if its about that asshole before I am sorry. Just that his kind gets so rowdy when they are drunk. I know I shouldn’t have used the n word before but he just wouldn’t listen.

Michael sat there fuming for a minute. He hated prejudice and he would not tolerate in his bar. He made a snap decision, he was going to make this bastard pay. And he just knew how he was going to do.

“You may not know this Christopher. But my maternal grandparents were both black. My mother married a white man. So when you go around talking about those people and using the n word you are talking about me. Here let me show you something.” Michael walked to the cabinet on the side of the office. He reached in the door and pulled out the amber bottle of chloroform and a rag that he kept for those times he wanted to play rough.

Christopher began to apologize, “Sorry man. I didn’t me…. Mmmph,” Christopher’s apology was silenced by the doped rag being clamped to his face.

“I have heard enough from you boy. Despite what Mr. Trump says, the civil war ended 160 years ago and the south lost. Now you just breathe deep and go to sleep.”

Christopher’s leather chaps and vest creaked as he fought off the attack. He knew he was stronger than Michael and should be able to fend off this attack. But Michael had caught him by surprise and there was something on the rag that was messing up his head. Chloroform thought Christopher. He struggled hard to free himself, but Michael had his arms pinned down and had put his weight on him so he couldn’t get up out of the chair. Meanwhile with each breath the urge to struggle became harder and harder.

“That’s right, you fucking racist pig. Breathe deep and just relax. It will all be over soon,” Michael said. Christopher was breathing the drugged fumes in easily now. Christopher’s head began to droop and his eyes rolled up into his forehead and then he was out.

“Ok that worked. Now I just have to get you out of here and to my dungeon. I will teach you boy you don’t get to practice racism here in my place and get away with it.” One thing about owning a leather bar, there were lots of toys around to keep naughty racists constrained. He grabbed three red hankies from the desk. One he stuffed inside Christopher’s mouth. The other two he gagged Christopher with. Then he grabbed a pair of handcuffs and cuffed Christopher’s hands. Finally he got some rope and secured Christopher to the chair and tied his feet together. Christopher was just starting to come around at this point. “No you don’t, I am not quite ready for you.” Michael grabbed the amber bottle, splashed some of the anaesthetic on a rag, and chloroformed the racist bar keep. Soon Christopher was fully out.

Michael then wheeled the sleeping stud out of the office through the bar and to the back door where he had parked his van. He hoisted Christopher into the back row of seeds. As he fastened the seatbelt, Christopher was just starting to show the first signs of consciousness. Michael decided to give him another dose of chloroform. Might as well have most of the trip home a quiet one. Confident that Christopher would be quiet now, Michael closed sliding door on the van, locked up the bar, and drove home.

They were just about 10 minutes from Michael’s house when Michael heard a loud mmmpphh from the back of the van and some thrashing as Christopher strained against the ropes. “Easy there now. You are not going anywhere. In fact I have decided to keep you as my guest for the long weekend and teach you some manners. So just be quiet and you won’t hurt yourself. Your not going anywhere soon.”

Christopher glared at Michael in the driver’s seat. Who did he think he is? He had no right to kidnap him. He tried the handcuffs and ropes around his ankles once more. There was no give to them. He was stuck here. But when he had a chance, he’d break Michael’s neck.

The van pulled in to a garage in the Lakeshore area of Etobicoke. Michael opened up the sliding door. “Hate to have to do this to you again, but you’lll be easier to haul inside if you are asleep.” He pulled out an amber bottle and a white rag, doused the rag, and clamped it to the gagged man’s face. Christopher recognized the mind numbing fumes immediately. He tried to kick and punch, and tried to jerk his head so he could escape the sleep inducing vapours. But he couldn’t. After about a minute, Christopher was sound asleep. Michael dragged the hapless man into the house and into his dungeon. Christopher was just starting to rouse, as Michael had finished chaining the now naked man to the floor and the ceiling.

Michael went over to the sink and began filling a bucket with water as Christopher slowly regained consciousness. Michael threw the bucket of water at Christopher. “Hey what the hell?” Christopher yelled through his gag and then sank back a bit. The four doses of chloroform had given him an awful headache. Michael removed the gags from Christopher’s mouth.

“What the hell Michael? Let me out of here.”

Michael twisted Christopher’s pierced right nipple hard. “I don’t think so. You fucking got me so mad tonight. I am going to teach you some lessons. First of all Michael got some lube and jabbed his finger up Christopher’s ass. He then lubed up his own eight inch thick pierced cock. He mercilessly jabbed it up Christopher’s hole. Christopher yelped at the intrusion. Slowly Michael worked his cock up deeper into Christopher’s hole. Michael grabbed Christopher’s hips by his hands and slowly began to probe Christopher’s ass. Christopher screamed out in pain but then his tone changed when Michael hit his prostate. For the next forty minutes, Michael thrust his cock in and out of the chained man’s ass. Then Michael’s pounding became much more furious. “Ahh Sweet Jesus Fuck,” Michael exclaimed as torrents of his seed filled Christopher’s butt crack.

“You bastard,” Christopher cried.

“There you are now all full of half nigger seed. See how that sits on your racist ass. Now I am going to plug you up with a butt plug just so you can keep that nigger seed inside you for a long time.” Christopher cried when he saw the size of the butt plug. It was 10 inches long and thick at the base. He felt like his insides were going to be torn to shreds as the huge latex dildo was rammed inside him. Then all of a sudden with a plop, it was in.

“Well Daddy’s tired and needs to get to bed. You better get some shut eye as well.” Michael found a huge leather blindfold on the workbench in the dungeon and placed it over Christopher’s eyes. “Nighty nite ass hole,” he said as he secured the blindfold. Christopher heard the door closing and then heard footsteps going up stairs. It took Christopher a while, but he eventually fell asleep.

Christopher was not sure how long he had been chained here. He was awake now. His arms ached from being chained up. He had a bit of a cramp in his right calf too from having to stand so long in one position. And his neck ached too from the collar digging into it, every time Christopher fell too deep asleep. He was trapped here. There was no escape.

He knew he had to piss. But he wasn’t about to do so now. And he wanted some coffee. The chloroform and then the lack of proper sleep once he had been chained up had given him a horrible headache. Maybe coffee would make him feel better.

He was thankful that he was no longer gagged. He cried out into the room, but no one seemed to hear him. Finally after what seemed to be an eternity, he heard heavy boots come down what Christopher assumed were stairs. He felt a whoosh of air as the door opened.

“Michael, let me go. You can’t do th…” Christopher began before a fist to his stomach made him stop speaking.”

“Shut up bitch. You’re here now and you’re not going anywhere. You’ll be wanting to piss?” Michael said. Christopher heard a metal clang at his feet. Then he felt a gloved hand grab his pierced cock. “Come on, we don’t have all day. You gonna piss or not?”

Christopher realizing that this was his only option, pissed into what he assumed was a metal bucket. Michael waited until the stream had stopped, gave Christopher’s cock a good shake. “Now here’s what is going to happen today you worthless piece of shit. I need to go out. I need some things. I wasn’t expecting a house guest. The cleaning woman is coming in an hour. But don’t worry yourself about trying to call out to her for help. You’re going to be sound asleep when she is here.”

“Please let me go,” Christopher pleaded.

“Like hell I will. You are here for the weekend.” Breakfast consisted of two pieces of toast with strawberry jam and pretty good coffee. When he had finished the coffee, Michael said, “See you later asshole.” Soon Christopher could hear the door close and the heavy boots going up the stairs. And then a deep wave of exhaustion filled him. The coffee had been drugged. After about 30 sec, Christopher took a deep sigh and fell into a deep sleep.

Christopher had no idea how long he had been asleep for. He awoke chained, naked, and gagged to the smell of Michael’s cigar. He heard the bucket land on the floor, felt his cock being manhandled, and pissed into the bucket. “Ahh so you are finally awake. Guess I gave you a bit more roofies than I needed to. Now boy. I can tolerate many things. In my business you have to. But one thing I cannot accept is racism in my employees. So I am going to have to teach you a little lesson. I always think a bit of pleasure makes the pain so much more real. So let’s begin.”

Christopher gasped as a cold glob of lube was poured onto his cock. Then he felt Michael’s gloved hand slowly begin to massage his dick. It took a bit longer than normal for Christopher to get aroused. Normally he was the top in any bondage play and normally he got an erection quickly. When he didn’t immediately get hard, he supposed the chemicals he had been fed had slowed him down a bit. But soon under Michael’s expert glove work, Christopher was rock hard. The pumping stopped for a moment. Then Christopher felt his left nostril being closed and he was forced to take in a huge hit of poppers. When Michael started manhandling Christopher’s pierced cock this time, Christopher began breathing heavily. He screamed into his rubber ball gag as a massive torrent of cum erupted from his shaft.

“Good boy. Well that’s the last time you will be doing that for some time.” Two minutes later Christopher felt a bit of shock as his cock and balls were shoved through a cold, tight metal ring. Then he felt what he assumed was a cage being placed over his cock. His suspicions were confirmed when he heard the click of a padlock. And Christopher the top, who had put several guys in chastity before, suddenly found himself caged and secure. The cage was small. Even Christopher’s flaccid penis felt constrained in it’s new prison. “Got a random number generator here on my phone. It’s set to pick a number between 30 and 100. That’s the number of days your cock is going to be locked. Press this button and sixty-fout comes up. I was hoping it would be longer but I will go with what the computer says. So your cock is going to be confined 64 days.”

“Now I was very upset by your racist comments last night. My great great grandparents were slaves. And they passed on stories to my grandparents about how when they were in slavery working on tobacco plantations, the overseers used to delight in whipping them whenever they got a chance. And boy, I will get some real pleasure tanning your cracker backside.”

Nothing happened for about thirty seconds. Christopher’s heart was racing. Then all of a sudden fire erupted on his left butt check. Christopher screamed into his gag just as a second lash from the bullwhip hit broad against his back. Christopher was in great agony when he taken his 20th and last lash. He was sweating. His back and butt cheeks had lines of blood where the horrid strap had caught him. “Now don’t let me ever hear you put down black people again,” Michael said. Now I think it’s time for you to get some more sleep. We will play later.” The familiar intoxicating fumes filled Christopher’s head as the chloroform rag was clamped to his face. He struggled for a bit and then fell under its power once more.

When he regained consciousness, Christopher realized that he was no longer chained. He was lying on his side. The gag was gone from his mouth. But his hands wear clad in thick leather fist mitts and there was a ball and chain leg iron attached to his right foot. Once his eyes adjusted to the light, Christopher achingly slowly made his way over to the small toilet in the corner. But as soon as he let out a huge load of shit, he realized he had no way to clean himself. His fist mitted hands could not grab the toilet paper. He yelled for help but when none came, he slowly walked back to the futon mat on the floor and laid down. How he wished he could get out of here. But he had no way of opening the door and Michael seemed to have all of the means to keep Christopher helpless.

He managed to fall back asleep. His slumber came to an abrupt end a few hours later. He was having an involuntary erection, and his caged pierced monster strained against the cage. He tried pulling at the cage but realized that it would be a futile effort even if his hands weren’t locked in bulky fist mitts. He fell asleep once more. This time he was awakened by another chloroformed rag being shoved in his face. Again, after struggling, he fell into a deep sleep.

When he regained consciousness, Christopher realized he was in a purple puppy hood. A leather leash was attached to both the same coloured purple collar that was around his neck. The other end of the leash was attached to an eyehole in one of the beams along the wall. The effect being that Christopher,s head could be no more than two feet above the floor. Christopher’s left foot was chained to the table leg in a way that he had to be on his fist mitted his hands and his now knee padded knees. In his buttocks a puppy tail butt plug was stuck there.

He sat there contemplating this new reality when Michael approached him carry two bowls. One was full of water. The second was full of smelly canned dog food. “That’s all you’re going to get so eat up.” Christopher ate the stinky food. It tasted so bad but he was hungry. When he finished his meal, Michael unfastened the leash from the wall and Christopher was led by his leash to a huge dog crate. He got into the crate that was secured by two big padlocks. He started feeling quite dizzy. Michael had obviously drugged his food or his water. Soon he fell deeply asleep.

The next morning Michael woke up Christopher. “Time to go out boy.” Michael opened the cage door, attached the leash to Christopher’s collar and led him outside to an enclosed patio area that no neighbour could see. “Take a dump and a piss boy,” Michael said. Christopher knowing this might be his only chance did his best to poop and pee on the grass there. Christopher flinched with embarrassment when Michael had to wipe his ass.

Michael then put a ball gag in Christopher’s mouth. “Now boy I would love to let you go. But you would give me up to the cops. And I’d love to keep you as my puppy here for ever. But unfortunately I have a business to run. So I put an ad in a dark web bulletin board saying that I had a puppy to sell. I took a picture of you while you were having some nice chloroform sleep the other day. Anyways this couple answered my advertisement. They were willing to pay twice what I was asking for. So they will be coming to pick you up in an hour.”

Christopher stood on all fours. He was fuming. Finally the door bell rang. In walked two men dressed in business suits. One was forty five with ginger hair and a beard. He had blue eyes and sported a large gauge septum ring. The other man was forty. He had dark curly hair. He had green eyes and a long bushy black beard. They were both very handsome and Christopher could sense they were both masculine dominants.

The man with the septum ring spoke. “Michael? Hi I am Stephen and this is Marcus. We talked about a puppy you had for sale?”

“Yes I have him downstairs. Come with me and I’ll show you to him.”

“He won’t be missed too badly?” the younger man said.

“No his family is all in the states. He does have some friends but he has always been a bit flighty. He occasionally takes off at the spur of the moment.”

“How did you get him?” the man with the septum ring asked.

“He was an employee of mine. He’d been an asshole to a customer and got me really riled up. Before I could think about I was chloroforming his little ass and kidnapping him.” Michael led the two men downstairs. They were obviously impressed with the well built man leashed with the puppy hood on. “I have him in puppy fist mitts and kneepads. This leash is very restrictive. His head can be no more than two feed above the ground. He is locked in chastity. The lock box has the only key and he is not due for release for another two months.

Christopher was embarrassed. These two strangers were going to buy him. And he was naked and helpless in front of them. “That’s pretty darned impressive,” said the younger of two strangers. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a banker’s draft. He handed it to Michael It was for two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. That was fifty thousand dollars more then they had agreed upon. As Michael was about to put the check into his bar vest he noticed the man with the septum ring pointing a gun on him.

“What the hell is this?” Michael said.

“The ginger hair man fired the gun. A dart struck Michael in the shoulder. A few seconds later a second dart hit Michael in the other shoulder. Michael looking shocked sunk to his knees. “All the puppy training manuals we could find all say puppies should be raised with another puppy around. So welcome to the family, Michael.” Michael tried to say something and then passed out asleep.

Christopher eyes were filled with fear. These two men were dangerous. They were about to take him to God knows where. Just then Christopher yelped into his gag as two tranquilizer darts pierced his butt. Very soon a warm relaxing feeling came over Christopher and then he was sound asleep.