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By Jotto (Illustrated by Jotto)
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Kano: (Japanese) Referring to one’s masculine power, capability.

The warm temperatures of the summer night caused Kano to kick of his bed sheets while he slept, revealing the sultry nature of his unclad body.  His Brazilian and Hawaiian heritage gives his young flesh the hue of dark bronze.  His rare metal was treasured and photographed by purveyors of the art that is the nude male form.  His sharply toned and carefully sculpted muscles are a series of sweeping arcs and graceful curves that gently intersect each other.  His thick wavy hair is as black as night but still manages to reflect the colors of the morning. His dormant manhood nests in one of the few patches of hair that adorn his smooth flesh.  And all one hundred and fifty five pounds of this beauty is contained on a compact five foot six inch chassis that lay still on a twin mattress, soaking in the morning light that skimmed through an open window.  As the dawning rays bake him, his eyes open to gaze upon the rugged terrain of his body.  He raises his legs into the air and throws his feet to the floor, flinging his body upright and standing proud beside a disheveled bed as he stretches from one statuesque form and then into another.  He gracefully stumbles over to the window and lets the sunrise fully illuminate his undressed form.  He is beautiful and he knows it.  He wears is vanity with pride and his narcissism was well place and frequently viewed in that window.  One of his more ardent admires was a devoted husband and father of two that lived in the apartment building across from him.  Both were fully aware of the other but found it safer pretending not to notice.  While Kano was engaged in self-indulgent flirtation, his neighbor wrestled with the emotions he knew a straight man shouldn’t have.

The sun’s light was unusually intense this morning and inspires his decision to skip his weight training and cancel the aerobics class he usually conducts.  Going for a bike ride to the cooler breezes of the coast is the new plan for the day.  In eyesight of his frustrated neighbor, he squirms into an unusually brief pair of bike shorts while studying his reflection in the mirror.  He turns to watch his muscular bubble of an ass disappear behind the fabric of the form fitting bike shorts, letting the waistband catch on the deep crease that formed a hard line between the back of his legs and his ass.  Kano pulls tighter and tighter until the shorts snap up into place.  This brief moment of play is enough to excite him, inflating his impressive cock to a throbbing ten inches.  He balances his cock on the rim of his shorts and leisurely wrestles with it as he wrangles it down and behind the stretchy fabric.  Kano rolls down the top of his shorts one more time, revealing the drooling head of his cock.  He catches the drop of precum with a quick finger and sucks his digit clean with a swift visit to his mouth.  With the daring of a twenty-two year old exhibitionist, he leaves his cock full and hard in its action pose to see if anyone would notice.  Besides, he was headed for his favorite secluded beach where he had previously spilt copious amounts of his seed on countless occasions.

“You’ll just have to wait until we get to the beach, you bad boy.”

Kano slips into his shoes, fills his water bottle and wearing nothing but a overstuffed piece of shear black nylon-lycra stretched between his lower waist and upper thigh, he mounts his bicycle and peddles off to the mountains of Santa Cruz and then to the beaches of Davenport beyond.  And during his nineteen mile journey, he was too self-absorbed in the masculine beauty of his pumping muscles to notice he had picked up a very dark shadow, a mysterious and large figure in black leathers and helmet on a rusty Harley following him from an inconspicuous distance.  He had the brawny barrel of a form that could easily eclipse and outweigh Kano two times over, and that could overpower any little pip of an aerobics instructor many more times than that.  A man on motorized wheels with a soul darker than his garb, waiting for the right time to make his move.  Like a lion tracking prey through the tall grasses of Africa, he studies every muscle of Kano, every motion of his joints and every discarding bead of sweat, waiting mile after mile for the right time to pounce.

A long forgotten sign that warned people not to trespass was the only marker to a trail that lead from the coastal highway to an unknown coved beach.  With cat-like agility, Kano hops his bike up and onto the forbidden trail.  Passing the sign like it wasn’t even there, he skillfully skims down the path, across a set of railroad tracks and through a field of artichokes.  Lingering not far behind is his leather-clad admirer.  The field ends at the edge of a cliff that looks down onto a small grove of trees and a crescent shaped beach where the only footprints present are those left by seagulls.  A hairline trail snaking its way down the cliff face allows Kano to carry his bike down to his private shore.

As the hog riding shadow arrives at the cliff tops, the Pacific becomes his coconspirator, sending in pounding waves to drown out the rumble of his Harley.  The hog rider raises the shield to his helmet revealing two piercing eyes surrounded by a face mostly covered in a fur of coarse black and gray hair. Half of his face is obscured as he whips out his video camera and quickly takes aim.  The camera hums into action just as its target, Kano, props his bike against the rocks, kicks off his shoes and slides off his shorts, quickly revealing his already primed and grossly engorged member.

A dark and graveled voice oozes from behind the camera. “Showtime.”

  The dark hunter keeps a low profile and the telephoto lens zoomed to the max as Kano slaps his meat around for a while.  As Kano’s cock starts to drool with anticipation, he stops the penile abuse as he stretches his naked body into any number graceful forms.  Oblivious to the one-man production crew, Kano parades up and down the beach as he tenderly slides his hands across every inch of his body, gently flicking at his nipples and outlining the contours of his abs.  He takes center stage on the highest dune as his hands slide down the thunderous thighs of a bicyclist and guide his legs into a wide stance.  His hands slide back up and around to clutch his buttocks, spreading his cheeks apart, forcing his glory hole to rear up into the sunlight.  Playful fingers take turns at breaching his rim and exploring the smooth walls within.  The sun heats up his skin, as is fingers heat up his soul.  One hand loosens up the pucker of his tight ass as the other hand sends fingers deep inside.  Kano’s moans can almost be heard over the crashing waves as the digits of his right hand take turns plunging deep into his glorious manhole.  As he probes the deep reaches of his body, his free hand tests his nipples with unyielding fingertips.  The self-inflicted ecstasy causes him to briefly loose his balance as he takes a few stumbling steps towards the ocean.  As he continues to violate himself and apply pressure to unseen parts of his body, his moans turn to screams as the ocean reaches out to him with the first waves to wrap around his feet.  The young man’s legs turn to quivering gelatin, sending him to his knees.  A wave gently laps at the shore of his body as he falls back onto his shoulders and arches his groin high into the air.  Gentle waves surround him, as this young island of muscles becomes a volcano.  With one hand twisting the insides of his ass and the other hand working his mouth and chest, his unassisted cock erupts with a white-hot pearlescent magma.  Waves crash around him as stream after stream of his seed splash down over his body, mixing with the waters the crash over him.  As one last drop of cum emerges from the head of his proud member, his body collapses into the water.

Exhausted from the struggle with his own body and the long ride before that, Kano lays limp on the shore, like some survivor of a shipwreck.  The waves tug his body inch by inch towards the Pacific.  The man in black wonders if the lad is unconscious as a wave totally engulfs him and carries his limp body off the shore.  But half a second later, Kano springs up from the water and fights his way back up the shore, only to collapse onto the sands just beyond the reach of the ocean’s pounding waves.  And on that spot, Kano’s body slowly adjust the sands into a comfortable bed where his limbs can lay flat as he falls off into a well earned slumber.

As Kano slept, the man in black hid his ride in a clump of bushes at the edge of the fields and wasted no time making his way down to the object of his nefarious desires.  As he set foot on the sands of the beach, the man in black starts the camera again.  The pounding waves mask his grinding footsteps and crunching leathers as he advances and then stops three feet up the beach from the sleeping beauty, Kano.  The dark voyeur is still as the zoom lens travels over every curve, bump and dimple of the young half-breed’s body.  The lens is tight enough to see the goose bumps that rise with every cool breeze.  The action then focuses on a fly that lands on Kano’s hip, holds still for a second, and then walks towards the juiciest mound of flesh perched between two mountainous thighs and surrounded by a small forest of hairs.  As the fly’s legs skip across the sensitive hairs of Kano’s scrotum, the young man responds with a sleepy twitch of his leg and a useless wave of his hand.  The fly holds it’s coarse as Kano’s one-eyed snake responds in turn as it rolls off its testicular thrown and then slithers across his waistline.  Just as the one-eyed fleshy beast reaches a small trail of hairs below Kano’s navel, it rears up and stands tall as it takes guard over its domain of Brazilian and Hawaiian flesh.  The fly climbs the tower of beating meat like a spiraling staircase.  The winged traveler reaches the summit in time to drink from a well that now trickles over with a bead of liquid crystal that seeps up from far below.  Kano moans as his groin puckers in, squeezing a surge of precum out of his cock.  His body relaxes as clear flow starts down the stout shaft of meat.  The sensation is now too much for Kano to sleep through any more as he opens his eyes towards his fly assisted erection.  With swift force, he swats the head of his cock, scaring off the fly.

With tired protest, “Get off of me.  You’re no Jeff Goldblum”

Kano casually wipes cock dry with a tender finger and thoughtlessly transfers the crystalline brew to his tongue.  And all the while, his admirer keeps still and keeps shooting.  Not only is the man in black not afraid to have Kano notice him, but also is hoping he would, in order to start the confrontation he knew he would win.  But Kano was careless and too much of a beach-nymph anyway to care if anyone were watching.  He folds his cock down between his legs, trapping it with his thighs.  He rolls over onto his stomach as his legs spread wide, releasing his manhood into the sand.  Kano’s hands take turns at half-hearted attempts to brush the sand off his backside, but ends up just sweeping most of the granules into the deepest dimples and cracks.  Using his forearms as pillows, Kano falls back into a sun drenched nap.  And the man in black keeps rolling.

The hunter rises to circle into his prey, stepping to the rhythm of the waves.  With Kano’s head turned to the North, the dark figure swings around to the South until he and his camera kneel between a pair of shapely legs.  The man aims his trespassing lens on a still erect cock drooling into the sand and partially draped by a set of balls.  The man in black reaches out with one of his thick and ruff fingers to test Kano’s manhood.  His finger gently brushes the hairs of Kano’s sack, but no reaction from the sleeping beauty.  He carefully pushes back the folds of scrotal skin, revealing more of Kano’s pulsating member, and still the unsuspecting young man lays still.  The man in black leans over the handsome ass and drools a thick and gooey string of spit onto Kano’s glorious manhole.  The heavy beads of saliva land just above Kano’s tight anus, and then slowly trickle down, adding a glossy sheen to his backdoor.  The man hacks up another bomb of saliva and drools it onto Kano’s hole.  As the second wave of his spit reaches Kano’s glory, the man holds it in place with his finger and tries to work it into the young ass hole with gentle plunging motions.  Finally, Kano’s butt cheeks flinch as his hips sway; trying to scare off what his unconscious mind thought was another pesky fly.  The man leans back and videos the descent of his spit down Kano’s ass and then as it disappears into the tight folds of his groin.  After a few more minutes of wasting tape on this shot, the man walks over to a nearby outcropping of rock, perches his camera on top and sets the lens wide to capture the drama that’s about to unfold. 

This time, his footsteps aren’t so careful as he moves in for the attack, closing his helmet, readying his nightstick and loosening a set of handcuffs to dangle more freely from his belt.  Blocking the sun from Kano’s body, the man stands astride the tanning beauty as heavily booted feet nearly hug the young man’s supple hips.  As the cold of the man’s shadow sets in, Kano starts to stir.  His flexible hips make contact with immoveable boots.  Kano, quickly reanimated, stares back and then up at the monstrous black shape above him.

Startled, then annoyed, Kano insists, “Can I help you?”

Without a word, the man sits on Kano’s back.  His three hundred pounds crushes Kano’s body into the sand.  The young man’s sinuous musculature is no match for the massive brawn that belongs to this bouncer of a biker bar.  Kano’s attempts to escape amount to nothing more than the useless flailing of arms and legs as the man lets out with a blasting guffaw.

Kano commands him, “Get off me you asshole!”

The man grabs Kano by the hair and shoves his face down into the sand.  Muffled screams and fist pounding and scratching at a heavily leather clad arm are the best Kano can do against the superior force sitting on him.  As Kano starts to suffocate, he surrenders, slapping his hands on the beach.  With one last shove, the man releases Kano’s head.  The young aerobics instructor has never been so winded as he gasps for air and spits out sand.  He’s about to wipe the sand from his face when the man grabs Kano’s wrist holds against his own back.  The man breaks out the handcuffs and secures Kano’s wrist.

In between spits of sand, Kano asks, “What the fuck is going on?  Are you a cop?  You arresting me?”

The man secures other wrist to the cuffs with little resistance from the beleaguered beach-nymph.

Kano pleads, “Are you going to tell me what this is about?  Look, I’m sure whatever it is we can work something out.

The man changes his position, keeping one knee on Kano’s back.  He unhitches his nightstick and starts to caress the young body with the weapon.  He slides the blunt instrument across Kano’s face, brushing back his disheveled hair.  The nude detainee begins to realize things aren’t exactly right.

Kano asks timidly, “What are you …doing?”

The man grabs Kano by the hair and reins his head as he starts trying to shove the club into the naked lad’s mouth. Kano tries to resist as much as he can, as the weight of the stick becomes heaver and heaver against his jaw.

Kano argues, “Stop that!  No, cut that out!  I’m not going to…”

Kano is cut off as the nightstick finally finds its way into his mouth.  Muffled obscenities and stifled screams are all Kano can do as the nightstick is slid methodically in and out of his mouth, shoving his tongue to the back as his jaw is stretched and twisted around.  The man shoves the club in deep every now and then just to test the limits of Kano’s gag response.  After a few minutes of fighting back, Kano realizes the only way to get through this is to play along.  So, with thespian fortitude, Kano slowly lets his screams become indulgent moans.  After ten minutes, the man looses interest as Kano begins to enjoy it too much.  The saliva-coated nightstick is pulled out of Kano’s mouth as he just lies there.

Kano sobs out, “You sick fuck.  You God dammed sick fuck, you satisfied now?  You’ve had your fun, now let me go.”

The man stands and moves down Kano’s body.  Kano starts to roll over but is stopped with a heavy boot placed on his voluminous buttocks.  The boot is partially swallowed down into the deep crevasse that separates the two mountains of flesh.  The man then kicks Kano’s legs apart and kneels on the hapless lad’s ankles to keep his thighs agape.   Then with both hands, the man handles the wet club and starts to swim it across Kano’s anus.  Kano can’t fake his way through this, wanting to protect the unpopped cherry that is his ass.  He begins to struggle frantically against the inevitable invasion of his manhole, but the biker’s mass is too much for him to escape from as his naked body helplessly flops and flails about the hot sands of the beach.

Kano defies his captor, “No fucking way!  No one sticks anything up my ass!”

Kano’s protests turn to screams that sound like a war cry as the man applies more and more pressure.  Eventually, the young tight anus breaks Kano’s proclamation and fails under the pressure, allowing the nightstick deep inside his inner sanctum.  The sensation is so overwhelming, Kano almost forgets to breath in between yells. 

“Ah, you fucking bastard, stop!  Please, pull it out!  I’ll do anything you want!”

But the nightstick continues to pervert his rectum and distort his anus as the new master of his ass twists and bends the club within his ravaged hole.  The weapon is pushed harder yet against his inner walls and the organs behind them, making him painfully aware of parts of his body he never gave serious thought to before.  Kano’s eyes search frantically for help that is nowhere to be found.  His desperation turns to surrender as he accepts there is no escape for him, and then even tries to enjoy it, out of some misguided hope that he might somehow be able to gain control of the situation his ass is in.  The man in black is unforgiving as he controls the pitch, yaw and roll of Kano’s ass, handling the club like an airplane’s joystick.  Each minute passes like an eternity, and each moan and yell becomes softer as Kano’s ass becomes accustom to the unwanted workout it’s receiving. 

Finally, Kano is able to mentally transport himself to some future time when he would realize how hot it was to get fucked on the beach.  With his new perspective and his goal of escape clear, he finds the piece of mind he’s been looking for. Kano fires back with the only weapon at his disposal, is naked and powerful sexuality.  Kano raises his ass towards his new friend as he locks his eyes on the man in black.

Kano moans out, “Oh, yeah, that’s starting to feel good.  I won’t fight you anymore.  I want you.  Make me your bitch, Papa Bear.  Do me right.”

The man in black likes being called Papa Bear and becomes more aggressive.  To get a better hold of his prize, he grabs Kano’s balls in a fierce one-handed chokehold and pulls him harder onto the nightstick.  Kano rears up on his knees, forcing Papa Bear to make upward thrusts with the club.  The man yanks on Kano’s sack, causing his rock hard cock bounce and wag in all directions. Kano goes lightheaded.  Reclining back on the man’s big barrel of a chest, as he feels a steaming load is about to surge through his loins. 

Always looking for that orgasmic high, Kano makes a gasping plea, “Choke me!  I’m about to cum!  Choke me you mother fucker! 

The man yanks the club out of Kano’s tight ass and the sudden release of pressure sends Kano reeling as he screams out in ecstasy.  Kano’s screams are cut short as the man pulls the nightstick tight against his throat.

Kano gasps out, “Come on, choke me!  I want you to really choke me!”

Papa Bear stands with Kano pinned to his chest, suspending naked nymph above the ground by the club throttled into his neck.  A red-faced Kano begins to go unconscious as his reproductive system goes hyperactive one more time.

Kano chokes, “Yes.”

Kano’s cock twitches as a geyser of sperm erupts out in stream after stream of Castro tea.  Liquid necklaces of pearls land on the beach in all directions.  Kano's seed soaks into the sand, becoming part of the coastal ecology. 

Papa Bear releases his hold, sending the unconscious Kano collapsing into the sand as he holsters his nightstick.  The man takes a moment to catch his breath as he walks over to the rocks and retrieves his camera.  He snatches Kano’s bike shorts from where they were first dropped and holds it under his helmet to take in the young man’s scent.  Papa Bear continues inhaling as he watches Kano cough and twitch his way back to consciousness.  Kano is eventually able to sit up and stare at the man in black.  The man holds up Kano’s bike shorts victoriously, as some sort of trophy, and then stuffs his prize into one of his pockets.

Kano protests, “Hey, I need those.”

The man in black simply nods no.  He walks over to a spent Kano, hoists him up to his feet and marches him towards the small grove of trees nestled in the back of the cove.  Once there, in the shade of the trees, the man unlocks one of the cuffs only too cuff Kano’s wrists again around a branch above his head. Kano worries the end is at hand when the man pulls out a large hunting knife and walks over to him.

Kano tries to reason with him, “Hey man, there’s no need for that.  I won’t tell any body what you did to me.  I don’t even know who you are.”

Kano tries twisting against his restraints as the man presses the cold broad side of the blade against his rippling stomach. Kano gasps in as the blade slides harmlessly across his body until it reaches his armpit.  The knife rides on its sharp edge just as it passes through the hairs.  And as the hairs fall to the ground, Kano starts to breath easy again.  The other pit is shaved clean before the man kneels and carefully knifes off the hairs on and around Kano’s manhood.  Kano’s pride is handled firmly by the man with the same indifference a butcher handles meat as he lifts the penis and then the balls to get at all the hairs.  The man’s big hands guide Kano to pivot around and command his butt cheeks to turn up and fan out.  He jams a finger into Kano’s hole and uses his grip to guide the nymph’s ass into poses that allow the knife to reach the few angle-hairs that decorate the young anus.  As the knife glides between his buttocks and thighs, and the man’s finger wags around just inside his anus, Kano goes erect again.

Kano smiles, “I like how that feels.”

Papa Bear stands and sheaths his blade. Then he starts to strip away his leather exterior.  His boots come off, then his jacket and pants, everything except his helmet.  What now stands before Kano is something he’s never seen before, a total bear of a man.  Three hundred pounds of large muscle and some firmly packed fat, covered in a thick fur of gnarled black hair with hints of gray.  And somewhere under that coat is an endless series of tattoos.  He’s a beast more than a man.  Hanging between his legs is a massive side of beef that was getting bigger every second, until a fourteen inch long, three and a half inch thick, eleven inches around one-eyed drooling anaconda rises to the occasion and moves for its turn at the prey.  Kano recoils in horror and disbelief.

Kano, shocked, “You’ve got to be kidding me.  One, that can’t be real and two, there is no way in hell that thing is going up in my Play-Doh Fun Factory.”

The man walks behind Kano, but the helpless captive keeps trying to turn his ass away for the fat snake that approaches.  Frustrated, the man releases a barrage of uncompromising slaps all over Kano’s body.  Kano twist and flinches spasmodically in the breeze as his bronze flesh turns red from the storm of hands that rain down heavily on him. Kano’s frantic pleads begging to stop the abuse just made it worse for him.  His stomach, chest and face got the first of it, followed by his ribs and back.  Then for at least fifteen minutes, his ass got the worst of it, leaving Kano dazed and confused with stinging pain, and a more receptive attitude.  He pulls a small vile of lube from his discarded jacket and pours the contents down the crack of Kano’s ass.  Using his freakishly huge cock like a brush, the man makes sure a heavy layer is spread all around Kano’s tenderized hole.  As the fat head of his mighty snake swims up and down the Kano’s crack and then stops at the entrance to his already ravaged rectum, the hapless aerobics instructor feels the rock-like firmness of the man’s behemoth cock and realizes is asshole will once again welcome in a dangerous intruder.  The anxious captive takes one last deep breath, like a condemned man who stands on the gallows waiting for the noose to tighten.

Kano makes his one last request, “I know this is going to happen, Sir… and I almost… want it to.  But please, if you have any decency, my Master, please, please, I beg you please… go slow.”

And of course, the cruel stranger rams all fourteen by eleven inches up Kano’s ass in one short and deliberate thrust of his hips.  Kano lets out a blood-curdling scream that echoes out of the cove and is heard by two fishermen in a boat far beyond the crashing waves of the shore.  Kano sobs hysterically like a little girl as the god-like phallus trashes his anus, completely fills up and stretches out his rectum and then peers into next chamber of the colon.

Kano prays to def ears, “Oh, God!  Oh, God!  Oh, God!  HELP ME!  SOMEBODY… PLEASE HELP ME!  Oh, God!  NO!  NO!  NO!  This can’t be happening!  STOP!  FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, PLEASE STOP!

This is what the man in black has been waiting for, the utter ruin of Kano’s body and complete despair of his soul.  Kano’s continuing panic-stricken rants only serve to further arouse the dark stranger.  The beach-nymph’s cock is scared stiff as a result of the massive cock pinching off may of the arteries in his ravage groin, and every few minutes, Kano has an involuntary orgasm.  Kano tries to kick himself off of the man-piercing phallus, but it just causes him more pain.  No matter which he moves, there is no escape from the pit-bull of a cock.  After about ten minutes, Kano regains some of his senses as the nerves in his ass begin to go numb.  His screams simmer down to a painful moan that fluctuates with every thrust.  After another twenty minutes, Kano’s ass is completely numb and the overpowered beach boy toy is able to recall some of his soul’s power. As the man in black continues to pump away at his ass, the aerobics instructor does deep breathing exercises to regain control and his moaning becomes erotic.

Kano provokes, “You like fucking my cute bubble ass, don’t you?  Yeah, I know you do.  I know you.  You like raping pretty boys like me, fucking them up. You going to fuck me up, going to make a nice boy like me your number one faggot-bitch?  Going to make me your own private sperm dumpster?

Kano’s body bounces and his hair falls into his eyes as the rhythm of the ass pounding becomes sharper and violent.  The man in black likes what he hears and shoves his harder and harder, faster and faster as Kano keeps inciting even more of a riot on his ass.

Kano yells out in ecstasy, “Yeah, you my Papa Bear, you going to make me your faggot whore of a bitch?  Yeah, I want you to shoot load after load up that ass!  I’m your sperm bucket, use me, fill me you fuck and toss me aside when you’re done!  Yeah, ride that ass you sick bastard!  RIDE ME HARD!”

The man goes into pre-orgasm jitters.

“You going to shoot for me now, daddy?  Yeah, fill my ass with your love.  Give to me!  I want it!  I want it bad!  Give it to me, I… WANT… IT… NOW!

The man in black pulls out just as a high-pressure wash of semen erupts out of his monstrous member and washes across Kano’s back and into his hair. Kano makes the mistake of looking back and gets a face full of the second wave of evil man-tea.  The man collapses as Kano tries to shake the liquid love off his head.  After a minute or two of heavy breathing, Papa Bear rises and cracks open his visor just enough to breath.  He scrapes some of his seed off Kano’s back and walks around to look him in the face.

Kano dares to ask, “You had enough?  Lets say we call it a day and you let me go home.

Instead, the man in black starts stroking Kano’s still beating cock and then kneels before him, opening his visor just enough to expose his mouth.  Kano’s cock disappears into the helmet and receives the best blowjob it ever got.  With his hands cuffed around the branch above him, Kano relies on these bindings to keep him standing as his cock experiences a whole new level of euphoric sensations.  He looks down in time too see his balls get sucked into the black hole of that man’s helmet.  The helmet presses firmly against his groin, making it impossible for Kano to see any trace of his package.  But he can feel his cock and balls being licked and batted about by a massive tongue, and hopefully, those are pierced studs that he feels.  But fuck it, it feels great.  His entire package, ten-inch cock and sizable balls, are suck together at the same time.  Kano feels the pressure build in the man’s mouth as a very talented tongue continues to flick, twist and coils around his junk until he can take no more. Kano nearly faints as his body jerks about as his seed is invisibly purged from his system in volumes he has never achieved before.  And all the while, the helmet stays firmly planted to his hips.  Kano’s body settles down, the man slowly pulls away from his groin allowing a still partially erect penis to fall and rest between his thighs.  As the man rises, he closes his windscreen tight.

An exasperated Kano whispers, “I think I’m in love with you.”

The man swiftly redresses with smooth and deliberate motions, leaving Kano to hang from his wrists and wonder if the man is going to leave him there.  But Kano doesn’t say a thing in fear of saying the wrong thing and making it worse.  When the man in black is fully reassembled, he stands and studies the helpless lad cuffed to the tree for a minute or two, seemingly deciding what to do with him.

Kano breaks the silence, “Well?”

The man pulls a small key from a small pocket and holds it up to Kano, just out of his reach.

A deep and gravel voice tells Kano, “Next week, same day, same time.  Be here or I will come and get you.”

And with that, the man places the key in Kano’s mouth with a lingering finger, pats him on the face, turns, and walks away.  Kano does a quick pull-up to get the key to his hand.  He turns back to the dark stranger.

Kano shouts out, “Hey, it would be cool if I could get my bike shorts back.”

The man in black simply waves farewell.  Kano freed himself and went back to the shore for a nice bath in the waves of the Pacific.  With only three more hours till nightfall, Kano decides to wait for the cover of night to make his nude ride back into town.  But before the evening comes, migrant workers from the fields above the beach show up to get ready for a all night beach party.  They all had seen each other before, so the workers weren’t surprised by Kano’s nudity.  A language barrier caused Kano’s attempts to barrow some clothes to go down in flames.  In actuality, the workers knew enough English to understand him, but derived some pleasure out of keeping him naked.

When the sun dipped below the horizon, Kano peddled off for home with nothing but a pair of shoes and a set of souvenir handcuffs hanging from his handlebars.  After the hard ride his ass received, Kano rides his bike standing most of the way.  Using hiking trails and fire roads, Kano was able to navigate a private but much longer route home that avoided the public, except for one stunned family of campers that were streaked by him as he sped through their campsite.  However, he ran out trail and had to take to the streets three quarters of the way home.  His journey also took just a little to long, as he reached the end of town, the sunrise hit the horizon.  This Sunday morning, many churchgoers caught a glimpse of a young attractive man riding his bike in the nude.  It was reported to the police, but they couldn’t find him. 

It wasn’t until he got back to his apartment building that he remembered his apartment key was tucked into the waistband of his shorts, now in the custody of the man in black.  With his room on the second floor, Kano sneaks around to the side of the building and climbs into the balcony below his.  Kano balances himself on the railing, and just as he reaches up to his balcony, a scream rings out of the apartment building across from his.  He almost falls as he turns to see an elderly woman glaring at him.  Within seconds, her scream has attracted all the tenants from both buildings out onto their balconies and the two buildings breakout into thunderous echoes of catcalls and applause.  With a sigh and his ears turning red, he pulls himself up onto his balcony, turns to the crowd of apartment dwellers, and takes a few bows as he backs into his apartment.  Kano quickly dawns a pair of jeans to retrieve his bicycle and spends the rest of the day sleeping, with his windows closed.

A week latter, Kano was back at that beach, on the same day and at the same time.  But this time he brought an extra pair of shorts.  However, the man in black never showed up.  And for the next three weeks, Kano was there on the same day at the same time, and still no man in black.  Kano eventually decided it was for the best, how much more of that magnificent abuse could he have taken anyway.  But he couldn’t help wondering if was a change of heart or a change of address.  Some questions are better left unanswered.


The picture "Kano Throttled" is based on a Kalabro pencil sketch.