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Thunder And The Coitus Snare
By Jotto (Illustrated by Jotto)
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Here is some art and a story that I never posted until now for various reasons, but mostly because the third drawing would have been very graphic and i just didn't have it in me to draw it.  So I never drew that third scene.  If you read the story, you'll figure out what scene I'm talking about towards the end.

Thunder and the Coitus Snare

Thunder is a member of the mountain elves, much larger and infinitely fiercer than your usual elf.  A mountain elf lives for battle, dines on the blood of the conquered, rape and sodomy are their only amusement. Thunder is the worst of them all, raising such violent skills to a level that even his fellow elves fell victim to and could not tolerate.  After all, it was his sexual prowess and the loud noises he made while raping that earned him his name.  To get rid of him, his clan convinces Thunder he would be made leader of the clan if he successfully raids the treasures of the dreaded wizard, Onan.  Onan’s castle sits in a dark valley and the only thing to ever escape his evil domain was the tortured screams of his victims.  Ever the megalomaniac, a condition bolstered by having one of the biggest cocks in the land, Thunder takes the challenge like the big muscle-bound mindless beast that he is.

Thunder readied himself for battle in typical mountain elfin fashion, by stripping off what little he wore and binding his lower joints and scrotum with leather straps.  The straps helped them to maintain their large erections during battle.  The sight of their massive cocks intimidated their enemies, or at least distracted them.  If not that, it at least told their enemies what they were in for when they lost and were not fortunate enough to die in battle.

With his three weapons readied, a sword in one hand, a knife in the other and the third erect, drooling pre-cum and mounted to his groin, Thunder jogs off to Onan’s lair and the fait that awaits him there.  It would take him two days to reach that foreboding place, two days of pillaging villages he passes through, two days of taking what food he needs, and two days of raping any young man he desires. Thunder leaves his mark and his seed quite often in that short period of time.  One of the younger men he encountered had a deeper mark left on his heart, trying to decide whether he was raped or had fallen in love.

As Thunder approaches Onan’s castle, he hears the screams of the unfortunate guest trapped deep within the castle’s cold and unforgiving walls.  He believes their misfortune is his good luck, for surely Onan would be to distracted to notice anyone stealing his treasures.  Only two trolls guard the nearly forgotten lower entrance to the castle.  But before Thunder charges the tunnel entrance,  he stimulates himself for battle in typical elf fashion.  By jerking out one more load to consume before entering he castle.

The sperm of an elf has rejuvenating properties to any one who consumes it.  But when an elf swallows his own cum, it gives him a buzz that invigorates him for battle, and other energetic duties.  Behind a rock, just out of view from the guards, he pokes and prods his proud cock with the tip of his knife, gliding its sharp edges against the tight skin of his penis.  A drop of cum seeps from the maw at the end of is dick.  Thunder is quick to scoop it up, scraping the clear flow off the head of his cock with his knife.  He raises the weapon to his mouth licking the blade clean of its pearlescent cargo.  He sets down to his knees, bowing forward and crams his cock into his mouth.  For the next fifteen minutes, he suckles on his cock like a dog sucking the marrow from a bone.  Sliding the jagged edge of his knife against his balls trigger an orgasm.  As he shoots his load down his throat, his moaning turns into a thunderous roar.  He has to remind himself to be quiet as he stands up.  His fingers guide a few stray trickles of sperm from his face into his mouth.  With a smile, he sucks his hands clean.

With traces of his seed still on his face, Thunder rises to notice that the troll guards have been watching him the whole time.  Guards that have been waiting patiently to scavenge any of his spilt seed and benefit from its rejuvenating powers.  Thunder grabs his weapons and charges at them as the trolls charge back at him.  As the elf and the two trolls collide, Thunder and one of the guards wrestle each other to the ground.  Thunder’s huge cock is the only thing that separates the two warriors, his thick shaft of meat pinned between them, occasionally rolling out to one side and then the other.  The other guard comes up behind Thunder and grabs onto the elf’s tightly bounded balls, takes out his short blade and starts to saw away at the elf’s ample glands.  When Thunder feels the blade against his scrotum, he makes quick work of the guards.  He swiftly decapitates the first with his sword and then wrestles the would-be castrator into a submissive position.  The mighty elf tears off the troll’s loincloth and forces its face into the dirt.

“You want my nuts do you?  Well then, take this!”

With the force of a battering ram, Thunder thrust all twelve inches of his cock into the troll’s ass all at once.  The helpless guard screams in agony as the elf’s mighty cock passes through his rectum and rips its way into other internal organs.  The troll panics as its innards are shredded by Thunder’s unrelenting member, and then chokes on his tongue.  Shit and blood spray from his ass and cascade down Thunder’s rippling musculature.  It only took a few minutes before the troll falls limp beside his fellow guard.  Thunder stands victorious over his kill and drowns out the guard’s last breath by pissing into the troll’s face.

Water raining down from a leak in an elevated aqueduct allows Thunder to take an impromptu shower.  Strong hands guide the water down and across his body, scraping the trolls residue from his muscles.  He forces the wash into the deep recesses of his groin, reveling in the supreme quality of his body.  The fondling of his own body excites him as it always has. 

Without further distraction or challenge, Thunder enters the lower tunnel to the dark castle and begins to scout for the treasure.  A few minutes later, he turns into an especially long hall.  At the far end is an impressive looking door. Thunder runs down the corridor, his cock bobbing and weaving to the motions of his body.  At the door, he pries off the lock with his sword and forces the door open.  Nothing but total darkness greets him at first, but then there’s a faint glimmer of a green light that quickly grows to blinding intensity.  He recognizes the legend of the “Coitus Snare”, a being made of light that feeds of the sexual energy of any living thing.  Thunder turns to run, but halfway down the hall, he’s hit in the back with a bolt of energy.  The elf is forced to freeze in his tracks as the ball of light catches up to him and fondles the warrior with bolts of lightning.  The pain is overwhelming as the creature of light examines the restrained and flexing muscles of the Thunder’s body.  Then the coitus snare focuses on the elf’s more intimate body parts.  Tentacles of energy dance across his nipples, causing the warrior to flinch in severe ecstasy.   As a finger of light reaches through his legs and fondles his massive genitals, Thunder screams in agony as his shaft of meat becomes painfully engorged.  But it’s the finger of light that probes his ass that really gets his attention.  Every inch of his inner glory is electrocuted with the perverse desires of the coitus snare.

“Ah!  You fucking unholy beast!  Get out of my ass now!  No one has ever dared to invade my ass!  This is not fare!  You stop this at…”

His rant is cut short as the creature zaps him in the temples with intense force.  Deep inside his crude brain, Thunder hears an echo of a voice that pervades his every thought.

“Great warrior, you have lost this battle.  This impressive vessel of flesh is now mine.  Your life force, your passions and your fait are now mine.  All that remains to seal our union is for your life generating orbs to spill their liquid seed for me.  Now, cum.  Cum.  Cum!”

With his id, ego and superego controlled by the creature of light, with his freewill all but gone, his hulking body willingly obeys its new master.  A rampaging river of sperm purges from the elf’s testicles all at once.  The massive flow expands his seminal ducts beyond anything they were created for.  The pressure pushes against his tightly wrapped scrotum, forcing the straps to become even tighter.  Once past the constraints of his sack, his life generating flow accelerates and shoots through the tube planted deep inside his over inflated shaft of man meat.  The head of his cock swells to the point almost bursting as a powerful geyser of sperm erupts from the stressing member.  An incessant stream of cum wildly sprays all about like water from an unmanned fire hose.  What little is left of Thunder’s psyche is overcome with pain from the unforgivably intense orgasm.  He tries to shout one last act of defiance, but is unable to form any words.  All he can do is yell madly, insanely, hysterically.  He stands there, a statue sculpted of muscle and young flesh.  A token of the great warrior he uses to be.  A gusher of white crude springs from his loins and impregnates the dirt at his feet.

After what seems an eternity for the hapless elfin warrior, his screams finally catch the attention of the castle’s residents.  The Dark Wizard Onan and a large number of guards quickly make their way towards Thunder.  As ugly as the trolls are, Onan is even more intimidating.  Even in the bright light of the coitus snare, all you see of the wizard is his silhouette shrouded in a dark cloud, and the only thing to pierce the emptiness is his eyes and an evil smile.  The elf can see them coming and tries to raise is weapons in defense, but frozen in the grasp of the coitus snare, all he can do is stand there and continue to ejaculate.  The wizard approaches cautiously as he places his hand into the stream of semen shooting out of the elf.  Onan raises a handful to his mouth, a serpentine tongue laps at the small pool of sperm until it is gone.  Then the evil smile grows even wider.  The troll guards wait anxiously for their master’s next words.  The wizard turns to them.  A deep voice with the texture of grinding rocks whispers out of the shadowy figure.

“Intoxicating.  His seed is amongst strongest and the most potent I have tasted in a long time.  You may feast now, my lovelies.  Drink and renew yourselves!”

The gaggle of trolls rush the ground where Thunder’s seed is pooling up.  They fight each other for a chance to lick up and consume the muddy slurry of dirt and elfin semen.  Other trolls catch the sperm while in flight from Thunder’s cock with their hands or with their mouths agape.  All eager to benefit from the rejuvenating qualities of the white spoils cascading from the warrior’s loins.  They all know to stay just clear of touching Thunder while the coitus snare has him, or they too will be caught up in its all consuming passions.  The dark wizard reaches down and rolls the warrior’s tightly bound balls between his fingers.


The wizard whispers into Thunder’s ear, “Come to steal my treasure?  The only treasure I have to offer is the seed of muscle bound fools like you who dare to enter my domain.  And as you see, it is a treasure that I give to my subjects.  Once the coitus snare is done with you, once your precious balls have run dry, and judging by the size of your balls, it looks like you’ll be here for a long while, you will then know the only treasure I seek.  The treasure I seek is screams of severely tortured souls that feed me and make me as strong and as old as the universe itself.  Thank you for coming by, it gets so lonely up here in the castle.”

Thunder screams louder in defiance as the wizard walks away, blending into the dark shadows of the long hall.  After hours and then days of purging his seed into a frenzied crowed of trolls, his nuts finally run dry.   As the coitus snare releases him from its influence, the physical demands of the past few days are finally allowed to catch up with him and he collapses into a heap of unconscious muscles.

  A couple of guards shepherd the coitus snare back into its cell with the use of a magical scepter.  The trolls swarm the warrior’s body, they rob him of his weapons and deprive him of any remaining chastity as their hands probe and fondle his defenseless body, desperately trying to coax any last drop of his precious semen. The trolls heave the sack of limp muscles above their heads and carry it off to their master and a fate worse than death. 

A few days later, Thunder awakes to an endless black void.  Torches cast light only onto his muscular body that is completely stripped and shackled in midair to chains that disappear into the darkness.  Dangling above him are meat hooks stained with the blood of those who have been here before him.  His legs are splayed apart and hoisted above him while his arms are stretched out wide.  Even though the weight of his hulking body on his wrist and ankles has worn them raw, he tests the limits of his restraints.  His huge muscles bulge as he pulls against the chains, but they are too strong for even one of his stature.  For hours he hung there, suspended in the darkness flexing against the irons that have his limbs spread apart.  Blood from under the shackles slowly trickle down his arms and legs.  His cock and balls sway gently against his crotch.  And all the time, slowly coming to accept the fact he can’t escape, then wondering when his end would come.  Fearful he would end up as loose pieces of meat on the end of chains.

The hours of dark isolation became days of hopelessness.  Days of struggling and worrying fatigue him to the point of exhaustion, occasionally falling to sleep to the distant sounds of other souls being tortured and consumed by the evil wizard, Onan.  Days without food make him insanely hungry.  Days without water have force him to drink his piss.  With an upward thrust of his hips, he tosses his burly penis onto his stomach, rolling it around until it is pointed at his face and then lets loose a warm stream of yellow at his gullet.  For more nourishment, and some amusement, Thunder achieves an erection.  With his legs chained above him, it was easy to curl up his flexible body enough to where he can blow himself and eat a load of cum from his slowly reenergizing nuts.

On one occasion, a meal did happened his way.  As he hung in the darkness wondering when his end would begin, he feels the chain off his right leg shaking.  He hears the sound of tiny claws scratching their way down the links of iron, getting closer and closer to him.  Out of the darkness emerges a large rat scampering down the chain and then onto his leg.  Its tiny but sharp claws dig into the tight flesh of his calf and then his thigh.  Ever the warrior, Thunder knows this is his only chance to eat.  He holds still as the rat works its way down to his groin.  The evil looking varmint is going for the warmest flesh of an elf’s body, his huge flaccid cock.  Even in its dormant state, the penis of a mountain elf rages with the passionate blood of a warrior.  The creature’s razor-like claws grab onto the elf’s phallus as it starts to gnaw on the warm flesh.  Thunder thrusts his pelvis up with a quick jerk.  The rat’s claws dig in harder trying to hold on to the elf’s flailing dick as Thunder bucks around like a wild horse.  Then, with one very forceful gyration, he catapults the rat right on to his face.  He catches the rat with his teeth as the creature tries to scratch its way free.  One more bite from Thunder and the rat’s struggle is over.  With his voluminous chest serving as a dinner table, Thunder dined well that night.  Every once of that rat’s flesh, hair and bone did a lot to satisfy some of his hunger.

An imperceptible number of days and rats later, as flies swarm the pile of his crap beneath him and is shit stained ass, he is awakened by the sound of approaching footsteps.  Could this be the end he’s waiting for?  He tries to put on a brave face, but his racing heart betrays the fear that consumes him.  The featureless figure of Onan stands over his head.  A rather nasty looking troll takes position between Thunders voluptuous thighs and starts to fondle the elf’s ample package of manhood.

The elf gives challenge, “Unhand me!  My brothers will soon come to rescue me!  And then we will see who hangs from these chains!”

Onan puts a bony finger to Thunder’s lips, “Quite, young warrior, that will not happen, no one comes for you.  You are forsaken as it has been many days and not one has dared to approach this fortress.  You have been abandoned to my whims.”

“You lie!  You’ll see!  They will come for me!  You’ll see!

“You have a strong spirit.  It shall feed me well.”  The wizard gestures to the troll.  “ I introduce you to, Zun, he will be testing that spirit of yours.  He made a special request to be the one to torture you for his incentive is strong.  His brother is the one you fucked to death at the foot of this castle.”

Thunder looks to Zun for mercy, but a quick glance into the troll’s eyes lets the warrior know that he is fucked.  As the wizard places his hand over Thunder’s face, wisps of psychic energy leave the elf’s brain and enter Onan’s fingertips.  The elf can feel his mind being tugged at.  All of the elf’s thoughts, desires and memories become a tangled mess of energy.  Thunder fights to keep his thoughts clear but is ill equipped for the challenge.  The warrior looses control of his body as urine and shit pour out of him in fear.

The wizard smiles, “I have his mind, Zun.  You may begin at that end.”

Thunder looks down at Zun just as the troll takes the elf’s penis at chokes at its base and then starts to slap it about violently.  Zun knows that a mountain elf’s autonomic response to violence is sexual arousal.  Sure enough, the harsh manhandling of the elf’s genitals forces him to become erect.  The troll violently wags Thunder’s huge meat around in circles and slapping it cruelly back and forth, treating his bloated manhood like a punching bag, making harder and harder with each cruel act.  Since this wasn’t anything Thunder hadn’t already done to himself on many occasions, the elf took it stride.  But the brave warrior started to panic when the troll reached up for one of the meat hooks hanging above him.  The warrior elf knows what’s about to happen.

“No!  Please don’t!  I beg you!  No!”

Zun takes the hook and whacks Thunder across the face, then looks the elf in the eye, “My brother never even got chance to beg.”

The troll dances the sharp edge of the hook down the center of Thunder’s chest, then traces out the bulbous muscles of his sculpted stomach.  Zun caresses the elf’s massive cock with the smooth inside edge of the meat hook.

Thunder defies Zun, “Don’t do this!  With the will of the gods, I shall have my vengeance!”

“But this is already vengeance, vengeance for my brother.  This is for him.”


Zun takes the hook and slowly pierces the plump head of Thunder’s cock.  Thunder screams in unholy agony as the troll takes his time.  Zun first punchers the cock from behind, vigorously wiggling the hook around as it passes through layers of phallic flesh.  As the hook passes through the elf’s urethra, blood spurts from the head of his cock.  Thunder nearly suffocates from his yelling as the hook slowly emerges out the other side of his bloody cock.  Zun tightens the chain forcing the elf’s cock upright.  The pain starts to drive Thunder insane, an insanity that feeds the dark wizard.

“Very good, Zun.  More, do more, he has a lot more to give.”

“Yes, Master.”

Zun pulls back his loincloth, reveling the true cock of a troll, a huge distorted shaft of meat that is covered with warts and hundreds of poisonous barbs.  This cock is perfect for a female troll, but for an elf or a human, it is nothing but deadly.  Thunder can’t believe what he sees and fights violently against the chains.  Onan’s eyes start to glow with the growing intensity of Thunder’s fear.

“Yes!  His fear is magnificent!  Do it Zun, do it!

Thunder pleads hysterically, “NO!  For the sake of the gods, NOOOO!”

With the same amount of compassion Thunder showed to his victims, Zun rams his grotesque member into the warrior elf’s ass.  Thunder’s screams attract many of the other trolls as they come in to watch the show.  Zun thrust his cock in and out with quick and unforgiving style.  The barbs on his cock shred Thunders ass into a bloody pulp.  Blood pours from the compromised warrior as tears cascade from his face.  The wizard grows stronger.  For hours the troll rearranged the elf’s ass, filling up the once great elf with the steaming hot and poisonous brew that is troll semen.  It may have been the anesthetic properties of the troll’s semen or just that all the nerves in the elf’s ass had been worn away, but somewhere in all that pain, Thunder found something to enjoy about being raped.  He knew what it was like to subdue a hulking stud and make him his bitch.  How exciting it was to look down at a heap of muscles that was trying to fight him off, and now the same was being done to him.  He imagined how sensual it most be to look down at his magnificent physique and watch his muscles struggle against the chains that bind him.

The wizard senses Thunder’s pleasure, “He is starting to enjoy the pain.  You need to challenge him more, Zun, more!”

Without missing a beat of his elf-ass ramming, Zun grabs onto the elf’s testicles.  With vise like force the vengeful troll slowly clamps down on one of Thunder’s nuts and squeezes until it explodes in its sack.  This sends Thunder over the edge, screaming so hard his throat starts to bleed. The new level of pain causes the elf to vomit all over himself.  Zun then punches at the elf’s scrotum with violent repetition. Thunder starts to choke on his vomit, but the wizard magically clears out the elf’s throat.  A clog of vomit shoots out of the elf’s mouth and falls back onto his face.  The bile of his puke stings his eyes and mingles with his hair.

Onan mocks the anguishing elf, “No, foolish warrior, death is not for you.  You will not escape me that easily.”

Zun keeps pounding until the other nut is nothing but a slushy pulp.  Another troll who presents Zun with Thunder’s knife.  Zun Takes the blade and without hesitation or ceremony, cuts off Thunder’s sack.  The troll forces the mutilated scrotum into the elf’s mouth.  Then just as Thunder’s heart was about to burst, just as his brain was about to implode, just he was about to die, all that torture and abuse had taken him to level of pain that he never though possible.  Levels of pain that only exist on the threshold of death, a realm that crosses over to total euphoria.  It was there on the brink of death that Thunder became one with the universe.  Thunder stops screaming.  But his elevated state of mind was notice and rejected by the dark wizard.  Onan pulled away and ordered Zun to do the same.  The troll rips his barbaric cock from Thunder’s ass.  The once great warrior elf collapses into a limp collection of meat dangling at the end of chains.

“Wait, he is useless to me now.  Time to rest.”  Onan looks Thunder in the eye and finds a faint trace of the elf’s psyche.  “Warrior elf, you will rest now and I will heal you with my powers.  You will regain hold of your mind and your loins will be fertile again.  And then when you are strong, and only then, we will start this all over again.

Thunder screams in disbelief for being denied the sweat release that only death could bring.  He screams at the horrific sight of his future, an endless cycle of pain, torture, and then death, only to start all over again, and again and again.

And so it was for Thunder for the next thousand years and still to this day.  In a world that lies between legend and history, between imaginary and real, between then and now, Thunder exists somewhere between life and death, living a eternity of torture.