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Sperm Cow
By Jotto (Illustrated by Jotto)
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This illustration is a Kalabro drawing that was colored and somewhat altered by me, and just now retouched for this reposting.  I did the coloring and background and added a few props, but the main figure is all Kalabro except for the shorts and shoes - Jotto.

“Sperm Cow”
(Director’s Cut)

“Wanted; Muscle-bound stud to do heavy lifting for good pay.”  That message and a phone number were all that were scribbled on a three by five card pinned to the bulletin board at the local gym.  The note was far too brief to reveal the nefarious intent and the dark heart of the man who put it there.

Rod Steel was the alpha bull of this local house of muscle development and his hulking mass was the gym’s dominant feature whenever he was working out.  No longer a boy, but not yet a man, the only knowledge he possessed was how to build big muscles and his only belief was in his beauty.  When he saw the note, he knew he was willing and quite able to do some heavy lifting.  And in need of money, the overdeveloped stack of muscle was quick to call the number.  A heavily graveled voice scratched its way into his ear…


“I’m calling about doing some heavy lifting.”

“So, you think you’re big enough for the job?  You got a strong enough back?”

“Oh yeah, I’m plenty strong enough.”

“Really?  I don’t want to waste my time with some scrawny greenhorn.  Just how big are you?”

 “Well, does six feet tall at two-hundred and thirty-five pounds sound big enough for you?”

“Yes it does.  You’ll do just fine.  Be here by eight-o-clock Saturday morning.  If you want the job, it pays a hundred dollars a day.  The address is on the back of the card.”


The man hung up before Rod could say anymore.  As instructed, he showed up bright and early Saturday morning to an isolated slaughterhouse that reined over a deserted cattle ranch.  As Rod road up on his secondhand Kawasaki, he ignored the sense of doom that swept over his immodestly clothed musculature, blaming it on the smell of dried manure and rusting metal.  Rod parked his bike next to the hall of bovine death as a dark pair of eyes peered out of soiled windows.  The eyes focused on the stunning physic of the young buck as he dismounted his motorcycle and pushed back his golden-red hair.  His skin still stretched tight with youth across a collection of hard muscles.

To perform the heavy lifting at hand, Rod chose to scantily clad his body in a manor that screamed look at me!  A simple pair of sneakers, an undersized white tank top, and stunted pare of skin-tight blue jean cut-offs that fit his loins more like a pair of Speedos.  A small rip beside his rear pocket revealed some of the tight flesh of his youthful buttocks.  The button missing from the front of his shorts allowed the forward gap of his waistband to form a “V” that pointed to an overwork zipper.  A zipper that did its best to stay in place as it coasted up and over a voluminous denim bulge, a bulge that commanded the attention of all who caught a glimpse of Rod’s front elevation.  The unkempt dirt road dispensed havoc on his manly load, leaving his manhood screaming for attention.   Rod posed beside his bike and quickly scanned the area before adjusting himself, even though he was never shy about revealing his form.  Rod quickly undid his fly revealing the massive meat within his shorts.  He quickly flopped his manhood out and jostled it around, his hands grasped on to his waistband, using his shorts like a sling forcing his goods to dance around and refresh in the warm morning air.  Just as he was skillfully folding his hefty cock and balls back in to his shorts, his future employer emerged from a giant gap in the building’s side.  A huge hairy bear of a man with a torso that resembled a beer keg, fully clad in very old and dirty denim that made him look more like a shadow of a man.  The man stomped his boots as he walked his way over to the nearly naked Rod who feign embarrassment at being caught fiddling with his own junk.

“Sorry about that, but that road is pretty rough.”

The heavily worn voice replied, “Ain’t anybody around for miles.  You can be naked as a jay bird for all I care.”

Rod could barely see the man’s mouth move through the rats nest of a beard that covered his face.  As the two men shook hands, Rod cringed at the power of his grip.  The man used the handshake as an opportunity to pull Rod in and turn him around, examining him like all the butchered steer that had passed through these unholy grounds.

“Yeah, you look just right for what I have in mind.  Follow me.”

Rod follows the man into the building, intimidated by both the condemned slaughterhouse and the huge man in leading him in to the darkness.

“Ah, my name is Rod.”

“Good for you.”  The man replies growlingly.

Rod takes the cue and leaves the pleasantries out.  The two men walk down a faintly lit stairway that leads down to a subterranean hold filled with tons of old and forgotten machine parts.  The man stops abruptly at the base of the stairs and Rod almost collides into him.  The vast room is lit by a single light bulb and it takes a moment for the young bodybuilder’s eyes to adjust.

The man orders Rod, “Take all this shit out of here and place it up stairs.  This room is going to serve a new purpose.  Take everything out except that chair and the stuff behind it.”

In the corner sits an old wooden chair, some rope and an old pool pump, a pump that was last used to pump out cow blood from the collection wells.  As the man heads back up the stairs, Rod begins this physical activity like he’s begun every other previous task, by taking off his shirt.  The man stops to watch Rod reveal his bulbous musculature as his tank top hugs his body as it sweeps sharply defined abs and chest made of two rock-hard pillows of flesh.  As Rod drapes his shirt over the stair’s railing, he notices the man studying him.  Not one to pass up an opportunity to be the center of attention, the young body builder begins an impromptu pose down.  Rod flexes and coyly poses, pretending to be stretching, pretending not to notice the man’s breathing is getting heavier.  As Rod makes an exaggerated grab onto a piece of junk, the man takes one step back down towards the conceded show-off, stops, and quickly debates to himself what to say next.

“You think your all that?”

Rod teases, “Whatever do you mean?”

“Think you’re God’s gift to us mortals, think you’re the cat’s meow?”

Rod drops the piece of junk and defiantly places his hands on his hips.  With a smile, “Yeah, I think I’m the man-bomb.  You disagree?”

The man thinks for a moment, “No, I don’t disagree. You are quite the stud all right.  But I just don’t know how full of yourself you are, you arrogant prick.

Rod smile brightens, “Guilty as charged.  I’m full of myself, from head to toe, nothing but ego.  So?”

“So I bet for an extra hundred dollars… that you’ll gladly do your job wearing only your shoes.”

Rod is startled but receptive, “An extra hundred a day?”


“It’s a deal then, you get the full show.”

Without the hesitation of modesty or the restraint of morality, Rod pulls at each side of his shorts forcing the zipper to zoom apart.  A flick of his wrists sends the swatch-like remnant of denim cascading down his thunderous legs and collapsing around his ankles.  Rod steps one foot out and uses the other to fling his shorts into his hands, he places his last shred of decency on the railing beside his shirt.  Rod turns toward the man as his hands groom his well-defined body.  His cock swaying as he sifts is weight through a subtle series of poses.

Rod, self absorb, “Well?”

The man lets out with a huff of a laugh, “I knew it, you’re a whore.”

“For another hundred, I’ll call you daddy?”

“That won’t be necessary, but just to make sure you earn your pay…”

The man walks down and gathers up Rod’s two bits of clothing.  He walks back up and out of sight leaving behind a naked and bewildered Rod.  The young stud just stood there wondering why things didn’t go to the next level.  He thought he was get out of the hard labor and make his money performing the worlds oldest occupation.  The man pokes his head back down through a gap in the floor.

“Well, get to work you whore, that shit ain’t going to move itself.”

Rod throws his hands up in frustration and picks up the piece of junk closest to him.  And so it was all day long, the young naked body builder moving junk upstairs under the leering eyes of the man who performed other menial chores as Rod sweated off the last few ounces of fat from his body.  The whore would occasionally tease the man by appearing with an erection from time to time, but to no avail, the man would keep his distance, however staying within site of the young buck while sipping on a class of lemonade.  All the while, figuring out how to ensnare the well-sculpted youth and reveal the real reason for recruiting him.  By the end of the day, Rod had managed to remove most of the junk and soil his bare brawn with dirt, oil and rust.  The exhausted lad collapsed into an unstable lawn chair beside where the man has been sitting all day with his lemonade.

“So, where is my money… and where are my clothes?”

“You’ll get paid when the job is done.”

“And my clothes?”

“Fallow me.”

The man leads Rod to a rickety water tower where the young man’s clothes wait hanging on a nail beside a soap-on-a-rope.  As Rod reaches for his shorts, the man pulls on a chain releasing a brief torrent of water that completely douses the bodybuilder.  Rod yells and shivers from the surprisingly frigid water.  Before he could gather his wits the man has the bar of soap becoming familiar with the young man’s body.  Rod is about to protest but yields his will to the power of the man’s strong fingers.  The last time someone washed him so thoroughly he was a child that had tangled with a skunk.  And that someone was his father.  He surrendered to the therapeutic rhythms of the man’s hands exploring his body on a layer of soapsuds.  Fingers sliding across the contours of his back, around his waist to his stomach and then up to his chest made the bodybuilder’s thoughts turn blue.  Hands hugging his neck soon maneuvered down his back and between his surrendering buttocks.  Seemingly countless fingers traversing his ankles, calves, and thighs found their way back up to his ass.  Then, one persistent finger negotiated with his glory hole until it was aloud in too dance amongst the silky walls of his previously untouched inner sanctum.  The young bodybuilder gasped for air as two fingers now played inside of him.  As pressure was applied to the right places, the pressure in his cock increased to its full potential.  While the two fingers played him expertly, another set of fingers squeezed past his thighs and caressed the neatly saved skin of his scrotum.  Then the fun ended as the man’s ticklish grasp on his balls turned into a chokehold on his nuts.

“Hey, that kind-a hurts.” Rod warned the man.

“You’re a big strong boy, you can take it.” The man insisted. 

With that as his only warning, he shoves his fist up into the muscular ass of the helpless lad.  Rod screams as he tries to fight off the violation, his hands reaching franticly behind him in a futile effort to push away at the man’s arms. 

“Stop it, man!  You’re hurting me!”

The man pushes on, “I know what you can take.  Now, just relax and breathe deep.  You can do it.”

Rod pleads, “No, this can’t be.  Please stop.”

Rod starts to hyperventilate and grabs onto the waterpower for support.  He tries to pull himself off the man’s hands but his nuts are too tightly in a bear-like grasp.  The huge, hairy, gnarly knuckled fist rolls around and pushes deeper into the boy’s ravaged ass.  His aching cock flopping around, spewing droplets of precum in all directions.  The gym boy didn’t train for this and is on the verge of passing out when he feels a familiar yet unusually powerful surge through his loins.

“No, oh God no! This can’t be…!”

The man Laughs, “There you go, my boy!”

Rod’s body arches back in an uncontrollable convulsion, forcing all his weight onto the man’s infringing hands.  A violent flow of man-seed geysers out of his massive cock and paints the water tower leg a pearlescent white.  Another surge flexes Rod’s cock straight up, slapping it against his rock-like abs as a spray of cum shoots upward and saturates his chest and face, displacing the soapsuds that once had him clean.  The bodybuilder collapses against the water tower as the man frees his hands from Rod’s ravaged body.

The man is flabbergasted, “You’re fucking amazing kid!  You are exactly what I need for my new business!”

Rod breathlessly exclaims, “Oh my God, what just happened?  How could I shoot like that?  And without stroking myself?”

The man smirks, “It’s all about pressure points and that type of thing.”

Rod’s amazement quickly turns to shame as he avoids making eye contact with the man. 


“You have to teach me that sometime.”  Rod tries to recover, “I guess?”

The man pulls Rod off the tower and places him under the spout as he yanks the chain one more time.  The water rinses off the boy’s muscles but does little to cleanse his conscience.  The sullied lad coyly reaches for his shorts and ashamedly slides back into them, gently sheathing his sperm drooling cock back into its denim holster.

In a disapproving tone, the man asks, “Where do you think you’re going?”

Rod can’t look him in the eye, “Just give me my money.  Okay?  I just want to get the fuck out of here.”

“Oh, don’t be like that.  It’s okay for two men can have fun together.”

“That’s your idea of fun?  Whatever.”

“Sorry, hope I didn’t hurt you.”

The man places his hand on Rod’s shoulder, but the boy tries to shy away from any more possible advances.  With just a minor grip on Rod, the man is still able to spin the young bodybuilder into him and place him in an inescapable chokehold.

Rod panics, “What are you doing?  Let me go, mother-fucker!  Come on, this ain’t…  you’re …choking …me.”

“I know.”  Whispers the man.

The ever-tightening arm around Rod’s neck cuts off his words.  The hapless lad gasps for air.  His face turns red as he tries to claw his way out of the man’s hold.  The man ably holds his ground while the bodybuilder’s muscles flex and bulge in vain.  Rod resists violently at first, and then slowly his struggle becomes weaker and weaker until… his arms fall to his side and his legs falter and fold up beneath him.  Like a sack of potatoes, Rod is flung over the man’s shoulder and carried back into the slaughterhouse.

An unknown time later, Rod awakes, coughing and wheezing and soon realizes things are worse.  He’s trapped in the wooden chair down in the basement of the slaughterhouse.  His massive arms are helpless, tied behind the back of the chair.  He struggles against the rope, but the ropes are much stronger than him.  A single bulb above his head accentuates his musculature as he struggles unsuccessfully to free himself.  He surrenders to the ropes as he hears a familiar set of footsteps stomp down the stairs.  The man steps within reach of the light holding a tall crate and a web-cam.  In front of the subdued boy, the man places the crate squarely and carefully balances the camera on top.

Rod pleads, “Look man, if I did something to piss you off, I’m sorry.  Or if this is about what happened under the water tower, hey, I liked it.  I really did.  And you know something; I’d like you to do it to me again.  It can be our secret.  You don’t need to get crazy about this.  Just untie me and can have a really good…”

The man cuts him off, “Oh, shut up!  This ain’t about you or me, dumb-fuck.”

“Then what are you doing this for.”

“Well kid, I’m doing this for money.  It seems people are into all sorts of weird shit this days, all sorts of strange customs and rituals.  A great man once said, “When people stop believing in God, they’ll believe in anything.”  And you my dear boy are about to become a victim of one of those foolish beliefs.

Rod dares himself to ask, “What the fuck are you talking about?”

“It seems some people think they can maintain some of their youth and virility by consuming the sperm of someone even younger and more virile, someone… like you.  And those people are willing to pay lots of money for the type of man-juice you got, and you’re about to make me a wealthy man.”

“Hey, if it’s my cum you want, I’ll be glad to crank out a few loads for you.”

As the man places the old pool pump between Rod’s legs, “I’m afraid you won’t be able to crank out the quantities I need.”

Rod trembles with fear, “What are you going to do with that?”

“You’ll see.”

The man attaches a wench to a leg of the chair and unwinds some rope.  He reaches above the restrained hunk and positions a block-and-tackle just above his head.  All the while, the helpless lad struggles against his ropes to no avail.  The more he struggles, the more hopeless he becomes.

The man pats him on the face, “No use trying to breakout of those knots, I use to be a boy scout.”

The man laughs as he walks over to an oil drum that serves as a makeshift desk for a laptop computer.  As Rod continues to struggle the man sits and waits away the minutes.  The minutes become hours as the young bodybuilder tires from his attempts for freedom until finally he passes out.  Suddenly, a loud beeping coming from the computer awakens Rod.  The man rises as he places a hood over his head, walks over to the muscle-bound Rod and gently caresses the bulge in the lad’s shorts.

“Showtime my little sperm cow.  Oh, by the way, this is going to hurt…a lot.”

“Please, don’t do this man.  We got to be able to work this out some how.”

“I already have.  But, to be honest with you, I kind of hate to do this to someone as young and beautiful as you.  You have a great energy that I’m sure I could have enjoyed for years to come, but as you can tell by your surroundings, my original retirement plans didn’t work out.  Sorry kid”

The man walks over to the camera and turns it on.  He takes his place beside Rod to address the camera and the perverse audience beyond.

“Good evening gentlemen, or whatever time of day it is where you are.  This is Rod, and as you can see, he is exactly the type of donor you asked for.”  The man strokes Rod’s body as he continues.  “He’s about eighteen to twenty-two years of age with an overdeveloped musculature and an amazing level of virility.  I gave him a test drive yesterday, and trust me when I tell you that he can produce copious amounts of the liquid white bullion you crave, as you will soon see for yourself.  And as stipulated by your various organizations, his seed will be extracted while his body is under a considerable amount of stress.  Now, behold what makes him qualified to be your sperm cow for the next few weeks.”

With that introduction, the man reaches down and unzips Rod’s shorts.  As if eager to make their first televised appearance, the young bodybuilder’s voluminous package rolls out unassisted and flops over the edge of the seat.

Defiantly, Rod yells out, “Fuck you!  Fuck all of you!”  And the incensed lad continues to obscenely voice his feelings as…

“As you can hear, he has that youthful spirit you like.  And as you can see, he has defiantly got the goods to fill your needs.  Let the bidding begin.  And remember, highest bidder at the end of three weeks or at the time of his demise, whichever comes first, will receive the bounty of his loins.  Let’s get started.”

The computer comes alive with the sound chimes that acknowledge the rapid fire of bidding.  The man rejoices at the bidding as he heads in to the boy.

Rod kicks at the man with his legs, “Get away from me, fucker!”

The man reacts swiftly, “Well, I’ll just put an end to that.  Fortunately, I came prepared for this type of behavior.”

The man grabs a bit of rope and quickly fashions a noose around Rod’s neck, feeding the other end through the block and tackle above.  Slowly, the man pulls on the rope, tightening the noose around Rod’s throat, forcing the lad to plant his feet to take some of his own weight off the noose around his neck.  Rod can no longer talk as he coughs and sputters while trying to achieve some sort of balance.  The man ties off the rope to a cleat mounted on the wall.  The man reaches down to the rope from the wench and skillfully ties it tightly around Rod’s nuts.  He cranks in the wench until the vulnerable boy’s nuts are stretch down over the edge of the seat.

“As you can see gentlemen, the boy has been somewhat tamed and is now under considerable stress.  And now for the next phase, the extraction, I’m sure this is going to hurt him a lot more than it will me.”

The man walks out of view, leaving Rod to thrash about, trying to find balance between the two ropes tugging at his neck and scrotum.  The man walks back in with an empty five-gallon water jug and thick clear tubing.  The jug is put beside Rod as the man kneels down in front of him.  The man grabs the boy’s hefty unit and muses at its girth.

“Wow, look at that gentlemen, my hand can barely fit around it, and he’s still limp.  Now to coax a erection out of him, this will make it easier to insert the siphoning tube.”

As he starts whistling “I’ve Been Working On The Railroad”, the man fondles Rod’s cock by rolling it around and slapping it against the boy’s rippling thighs.  Rod tries to kick at him, but has to keep his feet planted or risk a choking death.  With his thumb, the man presses in on the base of the young bodybuilders cock, finally working up a partial erection.

“That’ll have to do.  In you go.”

With the lad’s manhood clutched in one hand and the tube in the other, the man lubricates the end of the tube by licking it.  Rod flails about madly as he sees the one-inch thick tubing headed for the opening at the head of his meaty shaft.  The man has trouble cramming the tube into Rod’s dick causing the stud to cry out in pain with a loud gurgle.  After an eternal couple of minutes, the man creases the end of the tube and is finally able to shove it in to the ill fated boy’s partially erect dick.  Rod shakes violently and lets out wild muffled screams as saliva percolates over his lower lip and trickles down his chin.  The man practices a total lack of finesse as he inserts the tube inches at a time.  To his dread and panic, Rod can feel inch after inch of the sizable tubing working its way through his reproductive system.  For the first time in his life, he curses himself for having such a big dick.  

The man finally stops inserting the tube, believing he’s in deep enough.  As Rod settles down a little, he can sense the tube has made its way to the seminal ducts.  With every flinch, the boy can feel the tube adjusting itself inside of him.  While the man affixes the other end of the tube to the pump, Rod ponders the tragedy at hand.  All that weightlifting, the countless hours of training and proper nutrition, neatly shaving his privates and perfecting his sexual prowess, all of that just to end up like this, a sperm cow.  He weeps for his woes and the denied pleasures of tomorrow he will never know.

The man takes another length of tubing and runs it from the pump to the five-gallon jug.  He places his hand of the pumps switch and faces the camera

The man announces gleefully, “Hang on to your panties, cause here we go!”

A flick of the switch creates a vacuum of such intensity within Rod’s balls, it sends the young bodybuilder flying out of his seat as far as the ropes will allow. The force of his spasm almost causes him to rip off his sack.  The only thing preventing his nuts from being turned inside out was the rope lashed around his scrotum.  His screams are so loud that they distort the speakers of all who view with splendor this inhumane act showing on computers around the world.  What little intellect Rod had managed to acquire at his young age succumbed to raw animal instincts.  Instincts of fight or flee, of pain and survival.

The man uses is foot against the boy’s stomach to push him back into this chair as he whips out another length of rope and lashes Rod’s cock down to the chair.  That last bit of rope holds the tormented lad in place as the clear tube sticking out of his massive cock starts to turn white.  At first, just a trickle of precum, then a damn-burst of cum saturates the inner walls of the tube connecting his dick to the pump in a tumbling kaleidoscope of pearlescent white.  The hum of the pump motor changes tone as its voids are filled as well with Rod’s man-juice.  Then the tube leaving from the pump fills up just as quickly, guiding the magma of young hot seed to the waiting five-gallon jug.  The end of tube inside the huge plastic bottle oscillates as the bodybuilder’s seed spurts out, quickly coating the bottom of the jug.

The mechanized plundering of his loins consumes his mind t the point where he doesn’t notice the man preparing an intravenous drip.  The boy continues his screams and flails about wildly as the man hangs the saline bag on the wall and thrust its needle into the boy’s arm.  Rod’s hysteria continues unabated as the man turns toward his internet audience.

“The bag I just attached to him contains nutrients to keep him alive, but more importantly, it contains a special mix of hyper-proteins.  These hyper-proteins are specifically engineered to not only replenish his testicles, but to put his nuts into overdrive.  His nuts will produce the sperm of at least a dozen or so men.  Unfortunately, for him, this will most likely burnout those huge testicles of his, leaving him essentially… neutered.”

About six hours into his ordeal, Rod’s body surrenders to the pain as he collapses from exhaustion.  His screams have simmered down to grunts and groans while his convulsions have powered down to occasional twitches.  His will broken, he no longer tries to escape.  All hope has been pump out of him along with his sperm.  With all of life choices eliminated, he slowly accepts his fate, which guides his mind to a nirvana of pain that allows him to actually enjoy the ravishing of his family jewels.

For three weeks, the abject boy filled jug after jug with his hyper-protein generated sperm, seven five-gallon jugs in all.  For three weeks, the young bodybuilder flinched, twitched and went into spasms as the plundering of his seed carried on.  His grunts and groans were merely a reflex as he spent most of the time partially unconscious.  There were now two disconnected parts of Rod, one part is his mind that drifted between the heaven of some imaginary landscape and the hell of his captor’s basement.  The other part being his body that performed independently from his brain as it supplied the wants of perverse desires from far-off lands.

Suddenly, his thoughts are pulled back into this world as the man slaps him back to consciousness and forces his head back.

The man smiles, “Good job, boy.”

Rod chokes out a plea, “No…more…please…no more.”

“My thoughts exactly.”  The man kisses him on the forehead, “But first, one last thing before I put you down.  Something just of the fun of it”

The man loosens the noose around Rod’s neck and unties the ropes around the boy’s genitals as he reaches down and switches the pump in to high gear.  Immediately, his nuts are sucked into his body, leaving behind a shriveled-up scrotum.  Rod thrashes about wildly in unimaginable pain as his testicles start tugging away at his innards.

Rod cries out, “NO, NO, NO! This can’t be happening!  My balls, my beautiful balls!  Oh God, this can’t be!”

Even the man couldn’t resist cringing a little, “Oh boy, that looks like it hurts.”

Rod pleads franticly, “Please, please!  I’ll do anything you want!  Anything!”


“Yes, anything!  Just turn it off!  Oh God, please!”

And just as his balls are about to rip from their fleshy tethers, the man rips the tube out of the bodybuilders cock.  Rod collapses, his torso slumps, the hard rippling muscles of his thighs go soft as his legs go limp.  His head falls into the cleavage of his chest as his balls slowly drop back out from his body and refill his scrotum to its full glory.  The young bodybuilder is out cold.  The man turns off the pump and then turns to the blissful pile of muscles.  Rod’s nuts are still hyperactive from the special protein mix, sending a steady stream of cum drooling from his cock.  A pool of cum quickly forms under the sperm cow, highlighting every crack and imperfection of the cement floor.  A miniature river of cum meanders past the man seeking out the lowest ground.  The man cups his hand under the maw of the boy’s mighty cock, catching a few ounces of the precious white fluid.  He tosses the sample into Rod’s face and rubs it in, mixing the ravished lad’s seed with his tears.  The man pushes back Rod’s head, allowing his jaw to fall open.  The man coaxes an extra thick glob of the boy’s juice onto his pouting lips.  Just as the man finishes applying the pearlescent lipstick to Rod’s mouth, the muscular boy slowly flexes his way back to consciousness.  Rod licks his lips and quickly recognizes the taste of his cum.

“What’s going on?”

The man smiles, “You said anything, well here it comes.”

The man steps back and tugs at his button-fly, his pants pop open with the sound of a machinegun.  Out rolls the daddy of all cocks, a massive hairy drooling beast that even puts Rod’s massive cock to shame.  The young bodybuilder recoils in horror.

“What the fuck are you going to do with that?”

The man growls, “Open wide boy, it’s time to make good on your promise.”

“You’ve got to be kidding, there’s no fucking way that…”

“Well boy, you gat a choice to make, it’s either this or I reattach the pump?”

Rod remains silent, unable to make that choice.  The man grabs the boy by his hair and forces his lips ever closer to his beast of a cock.  Rod remains closed lipped until the man produces a switchblade and places it against the boy’s cheek, making a slight cut.  

“Open that pretty mouth of yours or I’ll cut it open.”

As the man presses the head of his monstrous cock against the boy’s lips, Rod finally yields his will to the man’s desire.  The boy’s jaw slowly widens as quivering lips that have only known the taste of his own penis caress the man’s cock with trepidation.  For twenty-two minutes, the boy coughs and gags his way through the new experience as the man’s cock dribbles copious amounts of precum into the boy’s gullet.  The man’s pubic hair flosses the boy’s teeth.  Rod’s tonsils are rubbed raw as the man’s cock repeatedly plunges down his throat.  Powerful hands clinch tightly at the side of the boy’s head, rocking him back and forth against the ropes around his arms until, the man lets out with joyous resound.  The young bodybuilder’s mouth is forced all the way down to the base of the gargantuan cock; he chokes on it violently.  He is unable to breath.  The man holds the boy well in place.  The man shakes and shivers as he releases a torrent of his man-muck.  Rod coughs violently, sperm spews out from his nose and spurts out from the tight gasket of his lips around the man’s cock.  The man nearly looses his balance as he steps back.  Rod’s head drops forward vomiting buckets of the viscous sperm.

The man exasperated, “Damn boy, that was real sweet, real sweet.  I am going to miss you big time.”

With a face dripping gobs of cum, Rod finds some of his spirit as he spits and swallows the last remnants coating his tongue. 

“You fucker!  I’m going to kill you!”

“Oh really?  Well you got a long walk through a mighty big desert before that can happen.”

Rod challenges, “What?”

“Oops, I guess I forgot to tell you.  The winning bid included a generous offer to acquire your body as well.  It came from some spoiled brat of prince in Kuwait somewhere, and you are now a part of his harem.  I hear he’s one kinky motherfucker, in to all sorts of torture and humiliation scenes.  He especially loves to practice his hobby on young handsome American white boys, just… like… you.  He’s watching right now, wave hello to him.”

The man waves to the camera as Rod looks away.  The man places one hand firmly around the boy’s neck, forcing the boy gasp for air.

Rod spits out, “Fuck…off.”

“You really should be nice to your new owner; he’s made me a very wealthy man.  But I guess he’ll take his time teaching you a whole new set of manors and proper behaviors, at least proper for his tastes.  You should be honored; he’s sending his private helicopter just for your body and all of your sperm.”

The man squeezes tighter around the boy’s neck.  Rod’s face turns a bright red, his tongue swells up and rolls out of his mouth.  Rod feels the pulse of his heart in his face and his brain fill with a pressure that could burst through his skull.  The blood vessels in his eyes inflame as his vision becomes tunneled and then fades to black.  Before he passes out, he hears the man's parting words.

“Hush, that’s a good boy, you go to sleep now.  You’ve got a long flight ahead of you to your new life.  Bye-bye.” 

Being a redheaded bastard child, the bodybuilder’s absence wasn’t noticed, except by those at the gym who loved to watch him workout and his landlord.  And so begins a new and final chapter in the life of Rod Steel, far off in a distant sea of sand surrounding a palace of dark and perverse pleasures, a place where someone as fair skinned and brightly haired as he dose not usually last for long…usually.