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The Sorcerer's Apprentice
By Jotto (Illustrated by Jotto)
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Inspired by “The Tempest” by Shakespeare
This short story contains Shakespeare quotes
that have been severely molested by me.
Caliban, the son of the now-deceased witch Sycorax, was the eloquent and sensitive servant and apprentice to the dark wizard, Prospero.  Prospero, who was engaged in refining the magic that would give him the power he needs to punish his enemies.  And then there was Ariel, Prospero’s spirit helper, was rescued by, Prospero, from a long imprisonment at the hands of the witch Sycorax.  Ariel’s gender and physical form are ambiguous and he is mischievous and ubiquitous, able to traverse great distances in an instant and able to change shapes at will.  And on a remote island, magic would become the weapon that would allow Ariel to get revenge on Caliban for the acts of his witch mother.
And then that day did come when a vengeful Prospero left the Island to release the dark arts on his enemies.  As he departed, he warned that if he did not return in a couple of months, he might never return.  And he also forbade Ariel from using his sleeping dust on Caliban again, which allowed the spirit helper to fuck the man-child servant as he slept.  But Ariel knew that there was little Prospero could do to protect Caliban while he was away and that he now had all the time in the world to kill the wizard’s servant apprentice. 
Just a few days after the wizard’s departure, Ariel laid the trap for Caliban, a trap that involved a few pieces of special pure gold jewelry that had magical powers that were conjured up by Prospero.  A necklace that gave the wearer superior intelligence, bracelets that would instill abundant courage and tactical skills, a ring that would beacon others to obey, and a cockring that would greatly expand the wearer’s cock and balls and infinitely increased virility.  And what made these items dangerous, as Ariel knew all to well, any one of these magical charms would kill those who had not completely mastered the dark arts and were not familiar with they’re power.
Ariel’s plan was simple; hit Caliban with his sleeping dust and slip the magical jewelry on to his body as he slept.  So late one night, as wisp of smoke, Ariel slithered under the door to Caliban’s room and rematerialized back into his androgynous form with the magical jewelry in hand.  A quick sprinkling of sleep dust ensured that Caliban slept deeply.  A wave of his hand caused to air to stir under the apprentice’s sheets, causing them to inflate and float away from his body.  Like a curtain falling off a statue at an unveiling, the discarded sheets revealed to the dancing light of a fireplace the delightfully carved form of his young body.  Caliban’s youth kept skin stretched tight over muscles that hade been made voluptuous and defined by all the heavy lifting of his novice chores.  And though just past the cusp of manhood, his flesh was adorned only with the faintest of adult hairs, no courser than the fuzz of a peach.
Ariel gazed regretfully upon nude form of Caliban curled up in a semi-fetal position, “My misery acquaints a young man with strange bedfellows.  What shame that one so young and beautiful should have to die.”  Ariel set the jewelry aside to a corner of the bed. “It would be wrong if I were to send you on your way without a parting fuck, my lovely.”
A simple flick of his fingers cast his robe off his shoulders and down to the floor.  Though older than the time of man, Ariel’s body retained the sinewy form of adolescence.  His cock, proud and true, drooled with anticipation.  His delicate fingers reached out to Caliban’s buttocks and grabbed firmly onto one of the solid mounds of flesh.  Like a potter handling fine porcelain, Ariel used his hold to guide Caliban’s body onto its stomach and slid his hands down the length of the lad’s legs, one at a time, coercing them to sway wide apart from each other.  Ariel reached over to a flask of skin oil that Caliban kept nearby in an ongoing effort to become proficient in the masturbatory arts.  Ariel floated the flask over the valley that separated the bulbous mounds of Caliban’s ass and then slowly turned it over, permitting only a few drips of oil out at first.  The oily beads landed quickly on the steep inner slope of the apprentice’s right check and swiftly made their way down to the deep yet slim ravine that guided the drops to the glory of his hole.  The drops of oil soon became a gentile cascade as the flask was tipped even more.  Shimmering rivers of oil meandered through the creases of his scrotum, which was firmly plated on his mattress.  The oil then pooled up on the sheets around his testicles as a few drops even found their way to the young apprentice’s penis that was neatly folded up his torso and pinned down by his well defined stomach.
Ariel set the flask aside and with nimble penetrating fingers, worked the oil deeper into the sleeping Caliban’s anal cavity.  Ariel whispered, “Do you know how beautiful your manhole is?  How your inner sanctum feels warm and soft to the touch?  Well, do you?  I do.”  
Spellbound by the sight of his fingers deep in the young man’s ass, Ariel almost forgot he did not have much time before the sleeping dust wore off.  “Oh yes, I must be quick or I will deny my cock the pleasures my fingers have had.”
Swiftly, and with a hard smack to the ass, Ariel mounted the unconscious Caliban.  As Ariel callously shoved his sizeable cock into the apprentice’s hole, he slapped what little of Caliban’s face was exposed from behind, grabbed the hair on the back of his head and shoved the young man’s face into the pillows.  With the finesse of a lumberjack, Ariel’s cock angrily axed away any virtue from the lad’s body.  And when Ariel notice that Caliban’s breathing was stifled by the pillows, he grabbed onto the disheveled locks of hair with both hands and reared the apprentice’s head back as if he were riding a stubborn horse.  Ariel pondered for a flash of a moment if it would be more satisfying than killing him to let Caliban awaken at that moment and let the young apprentice experience the full humiliation of his rape.  Growing bored with this position, Ariel kept pumping the young man’s tight ass as he flipped him over onto his back, grabbed his ankles, lifting his knees into his chest.  Ariel looked down with contempt at Caliban’s flaccid yet still impressive manhood as it danced floppily around his stomach.  The spirit helper let go one of the apprentice’s legs, letting it flounder to the side as he fiercely grasped on to Caliban’s balls and yanked almost to the point of tearing them off.
Ariel denounced, “Ah, it’s no fun without the screaming.”
But Ariel kept on fucking Caliban anyway.  And as the number of minutes became lost to him, Ariel’s body shuddered uncontrollably, his muscles rippled and his back arched as he shot a steaming hot load of his juices deep into Caliban’s ass.  The nasty elf recoiled to a far corner of the bed, casting Caliban’s body aside like a dirty used tissue.
“Take that my dear apprentice.  I am going to miss that ass of yours.”
But when Caliban started to stir and moan, Ariel realized he had lost track of the time and that he must act quick.  He tried to hit him with more of the sleeping dust but quickly remembered that the sleep dust would not work on the mortal until another sunset had come and gone.  With only time to put one of the magical jewelries on Caliban, Ariel chose the one that would make his death the most amusing, the cockring.  The spirit helper helped himself to the apprentice’s goods as he reached down between the eighteen year old’s legs and cradled the ample manhood that was made slimy during the rape.  Caliban’s body stirred more and more as Ariel’s vice-like grip grew tighter and tighter.
“Merrily, merrily shall I live now, ?under the blossom that hangs on this bough.  Watch, as I pluck the fruit of your youth from your tree of your life.  Tell me young one, would this be the favorite tool of your sophomoric years?  The very tool that I’ve spied you hammering out countless sunrises with, is it?  Ironic, that the instrument of your enjoyment should become the instrument of my murderous rage released upon your nubile body.”
With Caliban’s privets flooded with oil ad semen, slipping the cockring on was a simple matter for Ariel’s nimble fingers as they grabbed the ring and quickly scooped up the lad’s balls.  The scrotum fell through the ring like a well train dog, but his cock was a little less cooperative as Ariel had to force the main meat of Caliban’s manhood through with a not so gentle poke of his fingers.  Almost instantly, Caliban’s penis sprang to life as it swelled in Ariel’s hand and became a furious cock.  And even to Ariel’s surprise, the all ready impressive phallus continued to grow twice its normal length and girth.  Ariel had to lean back to completely view what had become eighteen inches of throbbing flesh.  With this pulsating mass perched on his groin, Caliban could sleep no more and awoke to the intense site and sensation of his monstrous cock in the clutches of Ariel.  Caliban kicked Ariel away as he clasped onto his painfully engorged cock.
Caliban cried out, “What have you done?  My third arm!  It is grotesquely large and stabs pain into my groin!”
Ariel rebounded to his feet bouncing the mattress with glee as he laughed out. “Fill all thy bones with aches!”
As he tried to console his monstrous erection, Caliban sobbed out, “Why are you reveling in my pain?  What is the point of this cruel prank?”
Ariel delivered with thespian flair, “If you prick us, do we not bleed?  If you tickle us, do we not laugh?  If you poison us, do we not die?  And if you wrong us, shall we not revenge?
“Revenge?  Revenge for what?”
“Your mother and the years of freedom she denied me!  And since she is dead, I hold you accountable for her sins.  And the restitution I seek is denying her son the remaining years of his life.”
The apprentice was barely able to reason through the pain. “Please, I beg of you, mercy!  You can not be the wicked man I see standing over me.”
Ariel smiled, “Oh, yes I am, apprentice.  I celebrate the darker side within me. It is the darker side that gives sheen to my personality.  Hell is empty and all the devils are here!”
Without warning, Caliban let out a blood-curdling scream and fell back deep into his sheets as a geyser of his man-milk exploded from his cock.  His seed splattered across the canopy above him and then down the wall behind him as his body wreathed and distorted with intense pain.  Semen had just started to rain down on Caliban from the canopy as a second purge of his sperm rocketed out his cock.  Ariel then showered in the apprentice’s juices playfully intercepted the gush.  Like a child in the rain, Ariel let droplets of the hapless lad’s seed land on his tongue.
Ariel celebrated, “Something wicked this way cums.  Oh, what a deal of scorn looks so beautiful ?and taste as sweet as the contempt and anger on my lip!”
As the massive ejaculation subsided, Caliban knew he had only a moment to plead for his life before the next surge of his seed already welling up within his loins appeared.
“Please, I beg of you to end this!  I barely knew my mother and I’m to young to die.” Caliban’s cried with abandon as tears cascaded down his sperm drenched face.
Ariel mocked, “Tis better to be brief than tedious.  And your life was already tedious.”
“But does my death have to be so painful?  So infused with your anger?”
Ariel dismissed his plea, “Things without all remedy ?should be without regard; what 's done is done.”
Caliban struggled to his feet. “Fuck you, you evil creature!” 
Caliban then fled out the door and down the hall.
Ariel teased as he followed, “Where do you go naïve apprentice, to the wizard’s lab?  There are no cures for you there!”
Caliban made it to the stair and half way down before he was downed by another crippling orgasm.  He screamed as all the veins in his cock became bloated and hard, giving his throbbing phallus the texture of a stained glass window.  The head of his cock, flush with blood, mimicked an apple ready for the picking.  And once more his loins purged its pearlescent tea, this time painting the dull grey stonewalls a shimmering shade of white.
Ariel mused, “Yet who would have thought the young man to have had so much sperm in him?  Blow wind!  Come wrack!  At last you'll die.”
Caliban’s semen made a mess of the stairs.  The next several steps below him became a viscous waterfall of sperm.  Ariel watched his step as he grabbed Caliban by the balls and dragged him down the rest of the stairs.  The apprentice was to overwhelmed by the supernatural orgasm to even notice he was being yanked down the stairs and then across the floor of the main hall.  But then as the orgasm subsided, Caliban panicked when he realized he was being dragged into the wizard’s circle, a smooth inlay of different colored marbles where any of the incantations, potions or charms would be at least ten times as powerful.  The weakened apprentice tried in vain to break free of Ariel’s grip.  Fortunately, the apprentice’s latest eruption ended just as the vengeful imp got a foot in the circle.  The sperm slick that coated Caliban’s body made it easier for him to kick his way free of Ariel’s molesting grip.  Clasping his crotch, the exhausted apprentice staggered to his feet and tried to make a run for it but was quickly tackled from behind by Ariel.  The two naked males fell to the floor and became a slimy tangled mess as one tried to overpower the other.  Ariel constantly tried to regain his testicular clutch on Caliban as Caliban kept trying to push Ariel away.  But Ariel stunned Caliban when he was able to get his mouth around the top of the apprentice’s cock.  Caliban looked down in disbelief as Ariel started to felate him.
Caliban, caught between disgust and fascination, “You queer little beast!  What unholy act is this?”
Ariel surfaces just long enough to stifle the lad, “Oh, be a man and just enjoy it.  Your tea is so sweet.”
As he rested on his elbows, Caliban contemplated the pleasant sensation for a moment while waiting to get his energy back.  But just as swiftly, he remembered this nasty little fuck was trying to kill him and his distain for this creature swelled within him and pushed of Ariel as he spit out some of his own sperm.  The apprentice rose to his feet consoling his over engorged cock like a wounded pet as the sprite reclined on the floor.  But Caliban was disoriented from their scuffle and did not realize he stood right on the rim of the wizard’s circle as he scraped and flung away his seed from his body.
Caliban could barely look at Ariel as, “I shall do everything I can to banish you from this island.”
Ariel shrugged it off. “Oh relax.  Come lay beside your enemy and set aside our rivalries.  Lay here on the earth, and from our fair and unpolluted flesh may violets spring!”
Caliban denied him, “I would be mad to trust in the tameness of a wolf, a horse's health, a boy's love, or a whore's oath.”
Ariel spurned, “I am no whore.”
“Not from where I stand.  And I definitely would not lay with a whore as common as you.”
Ariel’s voice deepened, “Then, die.”
The Ariel reached out with his leg and gave a gentile tap of his toe on Caliban’s hip.  The dazed apprentice recoiled by taking a step back into the wizard’s circle.  By the time he realized his heels were on the smooth marble, it was already to late.  The effect was instantaneous, the lad screamed and he doubled over in pain as if some invisible boxer had punched him in the gut.  Then just as quick, he fell back deeper in the circle as a torrent of cum gushed out the plump head of his massive member.  Caliban wreaths around violently within the circle as the smooth marble inlays are instantaneously covered with his sperm.  The dreaded apprentice desperately tried to drag himself out of the circle, but due to the overwhelming inhumane orgasm, he no longer had the coordination needed to navigate the marble made slippery my his precious bodily fluids.  He tried to choke off the flow by strangling his cock, but any touch just made the sensation even more intense.  Ariel danced around the circle with great delight and jumped through the stream of semen with victorious revelry as Caliban’s naked body became awash with his milk.
Ariel sang out, “The wine of life is drawn, and the mere lees? left this vault to brag of.”
Caliban spit out what seed had landed in his mouth as, “Please, Ariel, for… forgive me and have mer… mercy on me!  My head and my lo… loins are about to explode!”
“Then let the fireworks commence!”
The apprentice’s eyes rolled back in his head as the spew of his jizm came to a crescendo as his limbs struck a pose and seem to freeze in place except for one hand that reached for the heavens.
Mostly incoherent, Caliban muttered, “I now stare into… the dark backward …and abysm of …time….  Please dear… lord, I now beg… for the sweet release that only… death… can bring me… now.”
Caliban’s limbs rested flat on the sperm soaked floor as his torso convulsed, his abs tightened and his diaphragm constricted, all the muscles need to continue the unabated geyser of semen erupting from his pulsating cock even as he lay unconscious.  The flow of sperm flooded the valleys of his between his muscles and cascaded off his side to form warm pools of white and translucence around and under his body.  Ariel folded his legs as he sat on the floor above Caliban’s head and looked deep into his eyes clouded with sperm.
Ariel put a finger to the Caliban’s mouth, “Hush my dear apprentice.  Though I am not the god you pray to, I shall have mercy on you and usher you to the afterlife.
Ariel cupped his palm and scooped up a handful of Caliban’s sperm from the floor and poured it into the apprentice’s gasping mouth.  As Caliban choked on his own seed, Ariel smiled.
“Poor unfortunate Caliban, you are the tainted wether of the flock, meet your death: the weakest kind of fruit? drops earliest to the ground.”
Ariel repeatedly scooped up loads of the lad’s spilt seed and poured them down between quivering lips that struggle for every breath as his nose became clogged with the backwashed of his own milk.  And when the apprentice’s young lungs were completely flooded with his gooey white broth, Ariel’s baling of the apprentice’s liquid seed halted as the last few bubbles of Caliban’s breath percolated up through the pool of sperm that filled the young man’s oral cavity.  When the mighty phallus lay to rest on abdominal muscles that were still and lifeless, the flow of semen finally subsided.  And upon the last beat of his heart, the young apprentice’s genitals returned to their normally hefty size.  The weight of the cockring forced his penis to roll forward and down between his legs, allowing the ring to fall off and chime as it rolled across the floor and out of the wizard’s circle.
Ariel kissed him on the lips, “Good night, good night.  Parting is such sweet sorrow.”
It took Ariel two days to mop away the trail of semen that lead back to Caliban’s room, but he left the ring and the apprentice’s body where it expired for the wizard Prospero to discover own his own.  By the time the wizard did return, Ariel had rehearsed many times a story where he was ignorant of these events until he discovered the aftermath of what was obviously a case of a young apprentice’s curiosity getting the best of him.  The wizard did gravely morn the passing of his promising apprentice and shed tears as he conjured up a storm of fire to incinerate the body of the young man he hoped would have taken his place.

Be warned, even though centuries have passed since the murder of Caliban, Ariel lives on and still blames good-looking men for the woes of his life.