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Jungle Boys Laboratory Workout
By Jotto (Illustrated by Jotto)
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"Jungle Boy’s Laboratory Workout”



The jungle boy opened his eyes still believing he was caught up in the last sadistic test of his resolve.  But that test had ended like all the others, with the torture of various body parts and his brain being pushed to the end of his sanity and then passing out.  It took him a few minutes to gather his wits and to realize he was imprisoned on a cold metal table.  The boy spent a long time testing the restraints of the odd looking table before anyone showed up.   The hours that passed added so much to his sense of impending doom, he started to cry when the mysterious lord of the island and a nerdy looking man walked in to the room. 

The lord stood at the head of the experimental table as he lit a cigar while his assistant walked up between the boy’s splayed legs.  The little man cradled the boy’s massive cock in his hands and started caressing it like a dear pet, rolling back the foreskin and then suckling on its fat head.  The jungle boy was disgusted at the sight of that disgusting troll of a man trying to fit his bulky cock into his mouth. 

The impatient lord asked, “What are you doing?"

The little man protested, “But it is so beautiful.  One more load before it is gone.  Please, I never get to…”

“I pay you to do what you are told to do.  Just begin the procedure.  Besides, you had plenty of opportunity to do that while he was out.”

“I did, but he was unconscious and remained flaccid.”

Reluctantly, the nerdy little man took a piece of rope and gingerly wrapped one end of it around the fat head of the boy's cock.  Like a jeweler handling a prize gem, the little man guided the boy's cock off its testicular nest and laid it back on his left hip.  The other end of the rope was tied around the lad's wrist, securing his large phallus in the two-o-clock position.  The nerd took his place at the controls off to one side and immediately started working the buttons, knobs and joysticks.

Out of the darkness came a robotic arm that slithered and hissed like a snake.  It's reptile like movements alerted to the boy's jungle instincts and he struggled even more desperately against the bonds around his ankles, wrists and throat.  At the end of the arm was a heavy ring clamp that sprung open with a thud revealing further back on the arm a piston with a blunt end to it.  With the grace of a drunkard, the robot arm clumsily made its way up between the jungle boy's legs until it rammed into his groin.  The boy groaned in discomfort as the clamp slowly found its way up to his scrotum.  With the insensitive handling of a machine, the clamp snapped tight around his balls.  The boy's body arched in pain as the device's grab was imprecise, forcing one testicle out the bottom of the clamp and the other out the top.  His screams mad the island lord smile.

The clamp reopened and shoved even further into the boy’s groin.  His balls rejoined and gently rolled forward to the end of the clamp.  The ring snapped shut, trapping some of the skin of his ball sack between its cold metal parts.  The jungle boy’s yells did nothing to make the machine take a kinder hold as the arm started to pull back, stretching the helpless lad’s scrotum to near shearing limits.  His to balls pressed firmly against each other as the normally loose shroud of skin tightened around them.  His screams grew louder as his nuts almost burst from their purse of flesh.  The boy was too caught up in his agony to notice cigar smoke being blown into his face.

The jungle boy was just starting to catch his breath as the second part of this wicked device was activated.  A piston fitted with a shallow metal bowl slowly pressed into his balls, further trapping the boy’s precious orbs between uncaring pieces of metal.  The pressure from the piston quickly intensified as the clamp continued to pull at his manhood.  The boy’s screams became cracked, as his nuts were being yanked and squeezed more and more unmercifully.  His nuts were about to burst when his scrotum started to bleed from small tears in the over stretched flesh, the lord raised his hand and signaled for the robot arm to stop and hold its position. The lad cried hysterically as he squirm, desperately trying to ease the grip of the robot arm, willing to strangle himself against the shackle around his neck.  The island lord looked down at his prey, a jiggling plate of masculine gelatin, muscles flexing and pulling helplessly against tempered steel as drops of clear saline seep from clinched eyelids, across tanned cheeks and fall onto a cold metal table.  The lord fingers a tear from the boy’s face and tastes it with the tip of his tongue.

The man smiles, “How sweet are the emotional fluids forged in pain and fear.”

The jungle boy responded to the sound of his voice, not understanding his master’s words as he looked up with an expression that begged for mercy.  He shook his head “no” as the evil lord of this hell leaned over him.

“What was that?  Oh, that’s right, you can’t talk.  Well let me guess, you’re begging for mercy or some such thing, aren’t you?  Well, there’s none of that here, my dear boy.  But I do have one question for you.  What will it take to break you?  Just when I think I’ve tamed you, you still continue to fight back.  Amazing.”

The man turns to his nebbish assistant and with a queen-like wave, the testing of the jungle boy’s resolve continues.  A new device lowers in from the darkness and takes aim at the poor boy’s tortured nuts.  The jungle boy forebodingly eyes the long tubular object as it starts to make a whirring sound.  A few clicks and a second later, a blue flame roars out and quickly sharpens to a point.  The flame’s heart becomes white hot as it grows to full intensity.  The boy’s nuts start to heat up immediately as the highly focused heat of the flame closes in.  The hapless lad’s screams become even more desperate and hysterical.  But this torch was designed to produce a heat so focused that it could leap past the layers of skin that made up the jungle boy’s scrotum and cook his balls from the inside out.  And even though his scrotum was now a nice medium rare and the robot arm glowed from the ambient heat, the real fire raged inside his ravaged orbs as his unspent seed started to boil within his loins.  Various muscles throughout the jungle boy’s body start to snap like brittle rubber bands as he fights as best he can against the bonds that hold him down.  The pain of pulled muscles is nothing compared to the cauldron of sperm that rages deep inside of him.  Still unable to speak or understand language, all the trials before this one have taught him one word.  The jungle boy catches his breath one last time, as he looks straight into the eyes of the heartless man standing over him.

The boy yells out with rebel fervor, “NO!  No, no, no!”

With that act of defiance, the jungle boy passes out into unconscious bliss.  The island lord is stunned as he drops his cigar and rushes in.  He pries the boy’s eyes open with his thumbs.

He commands the boy, “What did you say to me!  What did you say to me, you little shit!  I will break you, so help me, I will break you!”

The island lord looses his cool demeanor as he reaches up to the blowtorch and pulls it down onto the jungle boy’s devastated jewels.  The skin of the boy’s scrotum snapped, popped and crackled from the blistering heat.  He was hoping for a reaction from the exhausted assemblage of flaccid muscles.  And when he got none, he shoved the torch aside in frustration.

The lord turned to his assistant, “ Toss this beast back into his cell!  No food, no water and no healing assistance of any kind!  No contact, total isolation, nobody touches him except me from now on!  No more playing around, it’s time to get serious!  Let me know the moment he awakes.”

And for the next three days, as rats and insects nibbled away at his body on the floor of his cell, his unconsciousness provided him the rest he needed for the sadistic trials that were being deigned just for him.