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Jungle Boy And The Snake Gods
By Jotto (Illustrated by Jotto)
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“Jungle Boy and the Snake Gods”



The young jungle boy had no name, but with a huge cock like his, he didn’t need one.  The citizens of the lost city dubbed him, “The Gifted One”, a title given to his impressive musculature and majestic endowment.   Falling prey to his beauty, the men believed his virility to be unparalleled and that his semen was able to impart great strength and long life.  The women also desired his essence for the strong offspring that it would produce.  Every time the jungle boy left the forest and came into the city, he was more than eager to satisfy their demands for his seed.  With little provocation, he would discard his skimpy loincloth that did little to hide his pendular manhood, and then would publicly rub out a load in exchange for food.  He was fed well.

Once, during a long drought, the lost city elders decided it was once again time for a sacrifice to the snake gods in hopes that it would make it rain again.  And it was so decreed that the perfect sacrifice would be the potent jungle boy. With the collaboration of the citizens, a plan was conceived and a trap was set for the virile lad.

On The Gifted One’s next visit to the city, he went to his favorite fruit stand, and as usual, shed his loincloth and started to jerk out his payment for food.  A crowd gathered around the masturbating jungle boy and cheered him on.  The extra attention always made him cum quickly and profusely.  As the thick geyser of white man juice shot from his pulsating member, the crowd rushed at him with their goblets, bowls or cupped hands to catch what they could of the jungle boy’s pearlescent broth.  As the people scavenged and scraped the residue of the orgasm from his body, he was offered a very special fruit, a fruit laced with a powerful tranquilizer.  After only two bites, the tower of muscles started to sway and just he was about to hit the ground, the crowd caught him and gently laid him out on the fruit stand.  As the jungle boy slipped into unconsciousness, he could feel his body being caressed and worshiped by many hands.  His balls were being tugged at and fought over by the crowd as his glory hole was poked and prodded by many fingers.  His proud cock was being worked over and robbed of its sperm one more time.  He tried to break free, but all the jungle boy could do was fall into a peaceful sleep. 

As he slept, his body continued to fulfill the needs and desires of a perverse and rambunctious crowd.  The jungle boy lay atop that display of fruit donating sperm to all who pillaged his loins.  Defenseless against the storm of lust that consumed him, he became a sperm receptacle for the first time in his short life as men lined up by the hundreds and pumped load after load down his throat and up his ass.  For the rest of the day and through the night, the jungle boy remained the unconscious host for a festival of debauchery and rape until the priests and constables retrieved his body the next morning.  And as the boy’s body was washed and geared up for the sacrifice, he was to suffer another wave of sexual assaults from the priests and constables that had retrieved him.

When he awoke, he found himself facedown in the dirt and his arms tied around a log behind his back.  As he struggled up to his feet, he realized a thick and heavy iron chain and ball were shackled to his nuts and tugged heavy at his groin.  As the jungle boy’s wits came back to him, he saw the hordes of people gathered in the rows and rows of seats above the smooth walls that surrounded him.  Then he knew where he was, in the pit of the snake gods.  He knew why he was there, for there was only one reason to be in the pit.  He was to be sacrificed to the snake gods.  He searched desperately for a way out as his voluminous testicles towed the heavy ball and chain behind him.  The audience watched silently as the jungle boy tried to scale the wall with his feet, but was held back by the hefty weight attached to his balls.

Then the arena erupts with uproarious cheer, startling the hapless hunk.  He looks to the center of the ring as a trap door opens and six giant snakes emerge.  Even with his balls weighted down, the jungle boy is quick to avoid the snakes, but the snakes are faster.  The godly serpents are swift and soon have him surrounded.  The king snake, the most colorful of the bunch, approaches the boy first as the other snakes leave the jungle boy nowhere to run.  The king snake winds its way up his leg and soon is face to face with the shivering lad.  The snake licks some of the sweat from his cheek, slithers once and then starts to wrap its way around the boy’s neck.  The crowd goes wild.  The jungle boy’s muscles ripple violently as he tries to wiggle his way free, but his motions excite the creature as it tightens even more around his neck.  The serpents glassy smooth scales slide across his body and brush against his genitals and then his nipples.  And even as his breathing is cut off, the sensation of it all causes him to have an erection.  The chants from the audience become rhythmic as his vision starts to fail.  Just before he passes out, his body shoots out a massive load of his fertile juices.  With the failure of his heart soon at hand, the jungle boy falls back to the ground, and the other snakes rush in and make a quick meal of him.  One serpent takes in his right leg while another snake swallows his left leg.  The queen snake has the honor of gulping down his still erect massive manhood and family jewels, swallowing every drop of his boy-tea.  The two other snakes take an arm each as the king snake downs the boy’s head, leaving only his torso exposed as it flexes frantically trying to escape as his chest heaves with great labor, fighting for every breath. Then as if by some intelligent coordination, each snake jerks back and away at the same time, pulling the boy’s limbs taught.  His muffled cries can fade away as the king snake’s lips form an airtight seal around his neck.   The bulging muscles relax and his struggle ends as the boy’s breathing ends and his heart stops.  The crowd becomes silent as each creature envelops its part of the jungle boy as the queen snake continues to siphon every last trace of the boy’s juices.  The snakes drag his limp body away, slowly making their way back to their subterranean den, where they will finish digesting their young hunky meal.

As the rains returned the following week, the citizens of the lost city came to miss the seminal contributions of the jungle boy and now eagerly await the maturing puberty of his many male offspring.