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Jungle Boy continued
Part 1 - Sequel to 'Used Jungle Boy For Sale'
By Jotto (Illustrated by Jotto)
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The last we knew of the jungle boy, he had bit off the cock of the ruthless Sheikh Ali Bin Abdullah Thani Al-Thani, who had it coming since he was in the process of raping the wild lad.  Unfortunately, for the jungle boy, that act just made things worse for him.  The whole point of the Sheikh’s visit to this island was to purchase the boy, but when word got out about what happened to the Sheikh, all interested buyers lost interest.  So bloody and painful was the Sheikh’s castration, that all the men of this sadistic fraternity who witnessed the screams or just even saw the trail of blood also lost interest in getting their main-vein anywhere near that wild beast of boy.

With all interest in the jungle boy gone, the master of the island retaliated in the only way he knew how; he began an incessant regimen of torture for the jungle boy.  And for the nine months that of passed since the jungle boy had a taste of Arab cock, not a single day has passed without the wild lad screaming in agony and passing out from the pain of having all his orifices brutally probed.  One of the daily treatments for the wretched lad was the electric chair.  But this was not your usual electric chair; it had been specially adapted with an iron ball cage and a steel dildo that were both directly wired to solar panels.  And this was a very sunny island.  And for at least a few hours a day, the jungle boy would be plugged into this chair as life threatening electrical current would pass through his groin causing massive and painful ejaculations.  And some days, he was left in that cruel piece of furniture until the sun set.  And regardless of all of this cruelty, the worst was yet to come.

To be continued.

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