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Welcome to Japan
By Jotto
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“Welcome to Japan”



David Vogel was an all natural body builder and fitness trainer to the elite of Dallas, Texas.  While he had won a few natural competitions and was know for filling out his posing trunks, his main success was in training local star athletes and oil tycoons who used his services religiously.  And because of the major meat that was hanging off of his very muscular physique, he was also worshiped from afar by some of those who were fortunate to catch a glimpse of his substantial manhood while in locker-room showers.  And though he was flattered and even tempted by financial and romantic offers to have his cock handled by or inserted into the most forward of his clients, his faith in his lord and his commitment to his girlfriend kept him on the straight and narrow.

Yes, this one was as straight as the Stanford Linear Accelerator.  Don’t you hate it or find it frustrating when a beautiful man is a zero on the Kinsey scale?

Well, as it would soon turn out, his sexuality would be tested.

On one fateful day, he was loaned out by one of his oil rich clients to a visiting businessman from Japan.  Mister Moto was a dapper fellow who couldn’t help leering at David with his one good eye as they worked out.  And about the only thing Mister Moto would say was, “You so big.”,  as he would pat David on his huge shoulders and arms.  And even though men had approached David in the past, his naive faith in his fellow man always made him interpret these acts as nothing more than clumsy attempts at compliments. 

Even later, when in the showers, Mister Moto commented on David’s huge dick, David would just take it as a compliment.

Mister Moto pointed at David’s penis, “Oh, you so big.  Many, many girls?  Hmm?”

David just smiled and said, “No, just one good girl for me.”

But Mister Moto’s interest in David’s dick went much deeper than that as he watched it sway gently between his brawny thighs, “Where I come from, a man with such a thing as yours would be considered having great power and would be compelled to share his potency with as many as possible.”

David shrugged, “I know some men would, but that’s not for me.  It’s like Spider-man said, with great power comes great responsibility.”

Moto countered, “But wouldn’t you say that your responsibility is to share your power?”

“No, I don’t see it that way.”

Moto offered, “But what if you were greatly compensated to share your power?”

David shook his head, “No, no, no, I’ve had people offer me money to spend time with my penis.”


David smiled, “And that would make me a whore.  I’m no whore.”

Mister Moto realized he was going down a dead end, “I see.  Very good then, time to get dressed and back to work.  I will see you one more time tomorrow before I go to the airport and take my jet back to Japan.”

David smiled, “One last time.  See you then.”

And as David continued to shower, Mister Moto got dressed as he kept a close eye on the trainer’s fifth appendage and quickly conceived a plan to take David’s potency from him. 

The next day, Mister Moto met with David and their workout went as usual.  Then later as the men showered together, Mister Moto stepped out from under his shower head and held out his hand to show David a new piece of jewelry he had just acquired.

Mister Moto tried not to stare at David’s swinging cock as, “You see this ring?”

David kept lathering his body, “It’s beautiful, what type of ring is it.”

“It is a ring used by various members of the Boryokudan, one of these members you may know as the Yakuza.  The ring contains a small needle.”

Mister Moto flips the setting to one side to reveal a small needle.

“Come closer and see.” Said the spider to the fly.

David leaned in, “Wow, cool.  What was it used for?”

“The needle would contain a neurotoxin that could cause muscle paralysis and a low heart rate in a full grown man within a minute, effectively leaving such a man absolutely feeble and somewhat unconscious.”

David asked, “Why would someone want to do that to a man?”

Mister Moto smiled, “So the man could not resist being abducted.  And all it would take is a simple handshake or a pat on the shoulder.”

And before David could react, Mister Moto patted the physical trainer on the back of his arm.

David flinched, “Ow!  You stuck me.”

Moto feigned regret, “Oh, I am sorry.  I did not mean to hurt you.  I’m sure one as muscular as you can take it.”

David tried to look at the back of his arm as, “There isn’t any of that toxin stuff in that ring, is there?”

Moto grinned, “Not any more.”

David became alarmed, “What does that mean?”

Mister Moto just looked at the second hand on his watch tick away for about ten-seconds, “It means that you should be starting to feel a little lightheaded by now.”

And indeed, David did feel lightheaded and his knees buckled and he bounced off the shower wall.  He braced himself against the cold tiles and placed his head under the stream of water in a futile attempt to wash away the effect of the neurotoxin coursing through his nervous system.

David started to mumble, “What did you do to… Why?”

David then fully leaned into the wall and rolled his head around to look at Mister Moto who was smiling broadly.

Moto was stoked, “I told you, one with such a mighty phallus as yours should be sharing his virility with as many as possible.”

When David started to slide down the wall, Mister Moto rushed over and gently laid the young stud onto the floor of the shower stall.  The Japanese businessman kicked the trainer’s muscular legs apart and squatted down to cradle the manhood of the semiconscious buck in his nimble hands.

Moto beamed as he addressed David’s cock, “Oh, you are truly magnificent.”

David tried to brush Moto’s hands away from his junk but the best he could do was a lazy slap and his arms collapsed to the floor.  David watched helplessly as Moto continued to fondle him.

Moto whispered, “You shall be worshipped by so many as if you are a god.”

When Mister Moto heard other men approaching, he quickly rose to his feet and ran over to his locker.

One of the other men who just entered the shower stall was quick to notice David spread out on the floor.  “What’s going on here?”

Mister Moto quickly, “He slipped and hit his head!  I’m calling for help.”

Mister Moto grabbed his phone and dialed a programmed number.  After a brief moment, the nefarious businessman simply said, “Now.”

As others started to gather around and tried to help an incoherent David who was mumbling frantically, Mister Moto calmly got dressed.  Within a couple of minutes, two emergency medical technicians stormed into the locker room shower with an ambulance gurney.  Now aside from the fact that these EMTs were huge Japanese men, it immediately struck the other men in the looker room that there was something off about these chaps.  They didn’t ask any questions or take any vitals, not that they had any medical equipment to begin with anyway.  But Mister Moto knew exactly who they were as they picked up the helpless collection of muscles by his ankles and shoulders and carelessly plopped him down on the gurney and strapped him in without covering him up.  The other men began to question the legitimacy of these two brutish looking EMTs as they started to wheel away a naked David through the gym with Mister Moto close in tow.  One considerate soul tried to toss a towel over David’s privates, but one of the thugs simply bat it away.  The drug had reached total effect as David was now completely paralyzed and his cries for rescue were nothing more than drooling mumbles.  All he could do was watch and endure the humiliation as his naked body was wheeled past everyone.  The owner of the gym tried to find out what was going on but was simply brushed aside by the bogus EMTs.  And before anyone could get a handle on what was going down, the EMTs, Mister Moto and David were in the back of a stollen ambulance and speeding down the busy street with sirens blaring.

In the back of that ambulance, David’s personal hell started to unfold and all he could do was watch.  As David lay paralyzed and slack jaw, Mister Moto carefully scrutinized every inch of the young man’s penis.  The young physical trainer thought he was about to be the victim of a gay rape and desperately prayed to his lord and savior for rescue.  But what he didn’t realize was that Mister Moto’s interest in his considerable phallus had nothing to do with homosexuality, but was instead a misguided belief that the bigger a man’s cock was, the more fertile his loins would be.  And that consuming his precious bodily fluid would endow him with the donors virility.  And that that virility would guaranty him male children with the same sexual potency.

Mister Moto took a notebook and a tape measure from his gym bag and started sizing up David’s penis.  He measured the length and made a note in his little book.

Mister Moto’s face lit up, “Twenty-one, point six centimeters, flaccid…oh, most impressive, Mister Vogel, most impressive.”

Then Moto wrapped the measuring tape around the girth of David’s cock.  And what worried David even more now was that he couldn’t feel what Mister Moto was doing to his genitals.

“Seventeen, point five centimeters.  Even flaccid you are a most impressive specimen.  I look forward to taking these same measurements when you are erect.  But that will have to wait until after the neurotoxin has worn off.  Oh, but wait a minute, maybe there is something in one of these drawers that can force you to have an erection.”

Mister Moto searched through a couple of the ambulance drawers until he found what he needed, a piece of surgical tubing.  David watched helplessly as Moto lifted his cock and balls and wrapped the tubing tightly a couple of times around his precious goods.  Within a minute of tying off the tubing, the young body builder’s cock was at full mast.  David was dismayed at how his member could be made to respond like this by the actions of another man.  As the ambulance quickly stumbled over various imperfections of the road surface, the oscillations of the vehicle made his harden cock dance around vigorously.  Like Indiana Jones approaching a sacred golden idol, Mister Moto fell to his knees and trembled as he dared to approach such an idol.  Decades of violin playing taught all ten of Mister Moto’s fingers to move in harmony with each other.  And like the coordinated tentacles of a cephalopod, Moto’s fingers swam through the air and latched onto David’s jostling manhood.  Moto was truly in awe as his hands steadied and caressed the mighty cock.  While David was use to the sight of his fully engorged cock, this was the first time he had seen a man handling his privates.  He tried to yell but all he could do was produce a  drooling load moan.

Mister Moto frantically spoke in Japanese causing one of his henchmen to turn around from the front seat and stare in amazement.  The brutish thug wormed his way to the back of the ambulance, grabbed onto David’s cock and gave it a vigorous shaking.  David tried so hard to protest.  Mister Moto slapped the thugs hand away and began yelling at him in his native tongue.  David didn’t understand a word but knew Moto had chastised the thug for such an indiscretion.

Moto seemed sincere as, “I am truly sorry for the action of my man.  You have to understand that I mean you no harm.  In fact, I have nothing but upmost respect for you.  And more specifically, I have immense respect for your magnificent cock.  Your cock will be worshipped and much lauded over by men from all over my country.  And your seed shall be consumed by any and all wanting the virility contained in you loins.”, as he grabbed David’s balls.

David conveyed his shock and disapproval by rolling his eyes away from Moto.

Moto continued, “I sense your disapproval, but once you see how much respect and reverence we have for your mighty phallus, you will come to understand how important your cock is and the responsibility you have to share your magnificent gift with your fellow man.  And then not only will you be honored, you will enjoy it.”

David looked at him as if he were crazy, but his expression went unseen as Mister Moto was transfixed on his throbbing cock.  Mister Moto gleamed as he once again pressed the tape measure up against David’s cock.

“Forty point six centimeters?  It cant be, but there it is.”  Moto was talking to David’s cock now, “You truly are a wonder.”

Mister Moto made note of it in his note book and then wrapped the tape measure around the circumference of David’s coerced erection.

“Twenty-two point eight centimeters.  You are a god.”

Mister Moto could barely look away from David’s cock as he rummaged through his gym bag and pulled out a hypodermic needle.  He removed the safety cap, stabbed David in his thigh with it and injected the full content into his body.

Mister Moto turned to look David in the eye. “Don’t worry, it is just a sedative that will make you sleep.  The neurotoxin that paralyzed you will soon wear off and I don’t need you making trouble on the long journey we’re about to embark on.”

As David’s vision started to go fuzzy, he realized he was being shanghaied to Japan.  And as his vision went to black, the last thing he saw was Mister Moto once again caressing his cock with tender fingers and religious adulation.  Then his last thought was of his girlfriend, Jenny, would she ever know what ever happened to him.

Then, some unknown amount of time later…

David’s vision started to come back to him.  For a moment he felt as if he was falling and his arms reached out to grab something and slapped the floor.  He realized that he was already lying down on a mattress and staring up at the ceiling.  Considering what he had been through, he felt remarkably refreshed as if waking from an afternoon nap.  He raised his hands to rub the sleep from his eyes but stopped when he saw the shackles around his wrists.  They were leather with a fur lining and comfortable as those things go.  And the chains dangling off of them felt icy-cold against his ribs and disappeared up through two neat holes in the ceiling.  He wondered why the chains were so slack if they were there to restrain him.  He tried to undo the shackles but saw a lock was incorporated into them and a key was needed for his emancipation.

And that’s when he noticed a familiar feeling and sight when he looked down the rugged landscape of his flesh and saw his fully engorged cock towering over his body and seeping a little pre-ejaculate.  His next thought went by way of his degree in physical therapy as he remembered that the clear fluid was secreted into the urethra by two pea sized glands near the penile shaft called the Cowper's glands.  Then he more correctly wondered why he was hard, really hard.  Usually, his morning woods were a tad on the soft side until he masturbated.  But masturbation was the furthest thing from his mind as he remembered being drugged by that Japanese businessman and hauled away by his two goons.  He sat up and tried to force down his erection and squeeze the blood out of it.  There was no way he wanted to be seen with a raging hard-on by his captors, but this erection was a stubborn one and harder than usual.  But thanks to his medical training and one prior experiment with Viagra, he recognized a chemically induced erection when he saw one.  He knew there was nothing he could do to get rid of it and would just have to wait it out.  What chemical was in his body concerned him as he was a totally natural body builder.

He then noticed the device strapped around his ankle.  It was a GPS tracking device, he had seen it on his alcoholic uncle when his uncle was under house arrest.  He stood up and surveyed that the room seemed of stereotypical Japanese sensibilities.   When he placed his hands on his hips, he felt his skin was more silky-smooth than usual.  Then it hit him, his body had been washed and rubbed down with a moisturizing lotion while he was unconscious.  Those perverts, he thought.  

There was enough slack in the chains to allow him to walk over to the wood and rice paper door and slide it open.  A little at first to see if there was anybody on the other side, but what he saw was a garden that was a Japanese version of heaven, a beautiful garden and courtyard that was surrounded on all sides by the rest of the household.  A pleasant breeze and the singing of birds swept over his tight skin.  He was briefly distracted by the sight until a drop of his pre-cum landed on his toe and his boner caught his eye again.  Then dread filled his head as he wondered what unspeakable things were done to him while he was unconscious and erect.

Then another door on the opposite side of the room slid open.  David looked over his shoulder to see it was Mister Moto and one of his henchmen, and both were dressed formally in a suit and tie.  Modesty forced David to keep his back to his captors.  That, and that he didn’t want to indulge their perverse desires by showing them his cock.  Mister Moto was a perceptive man and recognized this was an act of modesty and defiance.

David demanded to know, “Am I in fucking Japan?  Is this Japan?”

Moto cleared his throat, “Mister Vogel, would you please turn around and address me like a proper gentleman?”

David looked back at the garden, “I don’t think so.  What the hell is proper about this shit?  I’m never going to let you see my cock ever again.”

Moto was polite as, “I’ve had plenty of time to gaze upon your body during the past twenty hours it took to get you here.  And I personally injected you with the ancient formulas that are responsible for your erection.  So I am well acquainted with the present state of your body.”  

David scoffed, “Yeah, I bet you are well acquainted with my body.  What did you sick fucks do to me while I was out?”

Moto assured, “We have done nothing to you except clean and prepare your body for the coming rituals.  And that is the last question I will answer with your back to me.”

David insisted, “Then what are you going to do to me?”

Mister Moto held his ground by not answering the question.  The next three minutes were tense as nobody said a thing and the only noise to break the silence was David’s angered breathing and birdsong from the garden.

Finally, David acquiesced and started to turn around, but he cupped his balls in one hand and tucked his tremendous cock behind his arm as he faced Mister Moto.

David remained defiant, “Okay, there, I’m facing you.  Now tell me what the fuck you’re going to do to me.”

As much as Mister Moto revered David and his cock, there was only so much insolence he was willing to put up with.  Moto gave his henchman a command in Japanese.  The huge thug pulled a iPhone from his pocket and slid his thumb across it.  David looked up towards the sound of a motor above the ceiling as it started to hum.  The chains bound to his wrists started to be pulled up into the ceiling.  David tried to keep his hands down over his junk but the motor was stronger than he.  As the chains became taught, he lost his grip on his genitals and lost his fight to maintain his modesty as his hands started to raise.  As his cock sprung back perpendicular to his body, the arrangement of the chains forced him to turn his back to Moto.  Once his wrists were just above his head, Moto gave the order to stop.  Mister Moto and his thug moved around to face David.

David protested, “That’s not fair.”

Moto calmly explained, “I could raise the chains until you were dangling from your wrist.  But no, I do want to make this as pleasant as possible for you as I can.  And you can make this even more pleasant, if you are willing.  One way or the other, you will be surrendering your sperm to me and to the other men of this order.” 

David flinched and tried to pull away as Moto took a firm hold of his cock.

Moto smiled, “Nihon e yokoso Vogel-kun.  Welcome to Japan, Mister Vogel.”


Mister Moto clapped his hands and a geisha girl walked in.  The woman never made eye contact with anybody and did her best to keep any expression off her face as she bowed down past David’s cock and placed a pillow at his feet.  And just as quick, she left the room and closed the door behind her.

Mister Moto repositioned the pillow with his foot and then kneeled in front of David.  David could barely dare himself to surmise what Moto was about to do.  Mister Moto started to chant in Japanese as he held onto David’s cock.

David asked, “What are you doing?  Are you going to suck on my dick?  Are you?”

The henchman simply put a finger on David’s lips and said, “Shh.  Respect.”

“For what?” David exclaimed.

After a minute, Mister Moto stopped chanting and took a deep breath as he placed his lips on the head of David’s cock.  David had never seen another man’s lips on his member before and instinctively hoisted himself up on the chains and planted his feet in Moto’s chest.  Mister Moto was sent flying out the door and out of nowhere, the henchman pulled out a stun-gun and zapped David in the ribs just under his armpit.  David screamed as he collapsed from the severe shock.  His legs buckled and he dangled from his wrists as Mister Moto got up and recomposed himself as he walked back in.

Mister Moto helped David back up onto his feet as, “You will be harmed again and more severely if you offer any more resistance.  So please, accept that this is going to happen.  And if you let go of your American inhibitions, you may even enjoy it.”

Mister Moto kneeled before David and said his incantation one more time.  With every word that was uttered, the physical trainer knew he was one step closer to being compromised.  He wanted to kick him again, but the pain from that electrical gun was unlike anything he had ever experienced.  And when the incantation stopped, David looked away as Moto placed his lips on his cock.  David puckered his groin to protect his cock as he felt the plump head of his manhood being swallowed by Moto.  The most Mister Moto could swallow was the first six inches, leaving the other ten inches for his hands to work.  And vigorously did Moto’s hands work the shaft of meat mounted to the compromised American’s body.  His hands slid and twisted around David’s cock as if wrestling with a dangerous snake, pulling, pushing and jerking at its sensitive flesh.  One hand would occasionally grab onto his balls and jiggle them around and yank on them firmly without hurting them too much.  Moto knew how to inflict pain without actually hurting the flesh.

And as much as David was repulsed by another man tenderizing his meat, he realized that he was trying to remain repulsed by the sexual act being forced on him.  His body was responding to Moto as seminal fluid started course through his loins.  He knew that it was such a sin in the eyes of his lord that his body would comply with this homosexual act and therefore he dare not enjoy it.  But his body was enjoying it and he tried to stop it by thinking of things would normally kill an erection, like his sweet mother, doing taxes, going shopping with his girlfriend, unclogging a toilet, Bruce Willis.  But none of things could deflate him as his cock was under the influence of a powerful elixir.  Confused by all the sensations of the elixir and Moto’s apoplectic manhandling of his manhood, he wondered if he was actually enjoying it.  But before he could decide wether or not he was enjoying it, his body jump to its own conclusion as his sperm gushed through his cock and filled Moto’s gullet.  David clung to the chains for dear life as the intensity of his orgasm was unlike anything he had ever experienced.  He screamed with unparalleled ecstasy as his sperm surged a second time, and he screamed again when a third discharged filled Moto’s throat.  So intense was that orgasm that his sphincter and his prostate cramped up.  If David hadn’t been chained up, he would have collapsed and curled up on the floor.

Mister Moto sucked up any traces of David’s seed as he withdrew from the young man’s cock.  Moto then rose without looking at David and clapped his hands.  The same geisha girl walked in with a teapot and towel.  As Mister Moto walked out to the garden and chanted again in Japanese, the geisha used the towel to cradle David’s continuously throbbing cock and rinsed it off with warm water from the pot.  As nice as the warm water felt on his cock, it did little to cleanse his soul.  

When she was done, she left the room.  Then when Mister Moto finished his chant, he walked back in and up to David who was still exasperated from the ordeal.

“You see David, your body knew how to respond to me.  Your body enjoyed it.  So should you.  Well, did you?”

David could just barely speak, “Fuck you.  You got what you wanted.  You have my sperm.  I hope you’re happy now.”

“Yes, I am, David.  And I hoped that you would be too, especially once you realized how important you are to us and that we don’t want to hurt you.”

David’s shame was palpable.

“Okay, fine, if that’s what it takes to get out of here, sure, I’m happy.  Now can I get out of here?”

“Oh, I’m sorry, David, I guess you weren’t paying attention.  That’s understandable considering how new all of this is to you.  I have clearly been referring to us, as in more than just me.”

David looked over to the henchman, “You mean him too?”

“Well, yes, him too.  He has served me honorably and deserves a turn with you as well, but not just him.”

David was horrified, “What do you mean, not just him?”

Mister Moto stepped back out to the garden and exclaimed something in Japanese.  All the other walls surrounding the garden slid open revealing about twenty other men waiting their turn to kneel before David.  Some of those who were popular amongst Japanese culture wore partial masks to conceal their identity.  This was the first time that those men and David had seen each other and they all eagerly rushed the room where David was hung up.  But Mister Moto kept them from entering the room.  They were all clearly impressed with David, and more so his steadfastly engorged cock.  They all clamored at a chance to congratulate Mister Moto on such a fine catch.

David panicked, “What the fuck?  There has got to be like twenty guys there.”

Mister Moto slid the door shut closing out the crowd, “Their is only eighteen for today.”

“What do you mean for today?”

Moto Smiled, “I told you there were others.  Over the next several days or so, you will have eighteen to twenty visitors a day.”

“Are you fucking nuts?  There is no way I’ll be able to spooge enough for all those guys.  And if they’re like you, my dick will fall off within a day!”

Mister Moto raised his hands, “Calm down, David.  They wont be all on you at once.  One man every half hour with a one hour lunch break at noon.  And not all of them will be sucking your cock, some are less comfortable with doing that and will opt for just giving you a hand job and having you deposit a load or two into a wine glass or something like that.  However, I feel compelled to warn you that some of the men like to be a bit more aggressive than myself.”

“Oh good lord, what does that mean?”

“You’ll see.  But don’t worry, everyone knows better than to inflict any permanent damage on any of our honored guests.”

David sighed, “Ah, come on dude, no.”

Moto continued, “Additionally, I will feed you three meals a day, and to maintain the high yield of sperm that all these men require of you, each meal will be high in protein and other natural ingredients that will keep your sperm count high and maintain your engorgement.  And hygiene is important to us as well.  In-between each one of your worshippers, your cock will be washed down with a warm antiviral solution as it just was a moment ago.”

David rolled his eyes, “Boy, you think of everything, don’t you?”

“I hope so.  For example, I know your physical training is important to you, so in the mornings you will allowed to us my private gymnasium.  And in the evenings, you will be escorted for a jog around the many acres of my estate.  But keep in mind, to prevent you from escaping, you will be kept naked.  And if that is not enough to keep you confined, that device around your ankle is a tracking device and a shock collar.  If you venture beyond the virtual fence surrounding my property, that device will send a massive electrical shock through every part of your body.  And I do mean every part of your body.  Do you have any questions?”

David asked, “You’ve done this before, haven’t you?”


“How many times?  How many men have you plundered sperm from?” 

“There is no absolute count because record keeping wasn’t that good in the early dynasties.”

“Dynasties?  How many years has this been going on?”

Mister Moto pondered, “Well, it’s more like centuries.”

Davids eyes bugged out of his head, “Centuries?”

Moto checked his note book, “As for myself, I’ve been in charge of this for twenty-four years now.  And at two times per year, that would mean forty-eight.  Yes, forty-eight men have been harvested by me.  But keep in mind, many of those are repeats.  As we discussed, many men like to be worshiped like this.  I suspect you’ll come back a couple of times yourself, and of your own free will.”

“I doubt that very much.”

Moto smiled, “We’ll see about that, especially after my number one man here has a crack at you.  He is very talented.  I will take my leave of you now and I will see you later at lunch, Mister Vogel.”

With that, Mister Moto spoke in Japanese to the thug and gestured for him to approach David.  As Mister Moto left the room, the brutish asian walked up to David as he pulled out his stun gun out from its holster.  David pulled away as far as the chains would allow.

David cringed, “Oh Fuck.”

The thug pulled the trigger igniting the bolt of electricity that sizzled loudly between the two electrodes.  He placed it near David’s nipple as the helpless stud tried to shy away from it.  And just as the thug was about to zap him, Mister Moto poked his head back into the room.  Moto barked at the thug in Japanese and then the thug pulled the stun-gun away from David.  The thug adjusted a dial on the back of the gun until the bolt became just a mere wisp of a spark.  Moto nodded his approval and left the room.  The thug zapped David with the dialed down gun.  It still hurt like hell but was now within the upper tolerances of David’s pain threshold.  The huge Asian walked around David randomly zapping different parts of his body.  The henchman was in fact gay and loved watching such a muscular young creature as David flexing his muscles as he was being tormented by the stun-gun.  David would yelp and jump around causing his cock to wag about wildly sending drops of pre-cum flying around the room.

“Come on dude, stop it, please.  Just milk me already.”

The brute didn’t speak a lot of English, but he understood David well enough to accept his proposal.  He steadied David and knelt before him.  He grabbed the elephantine phallus and slapped himself in the face with it.  David once again braced himself for the unthinkable as the hulking asian licked up the drop of pre-cum seeping his cock.  Then the thug stretched his jaw in all directions like a jogger getting ready for a marathon.  He studied David’s beer can thick cock and like a snake swallowing a fresh kill, he plunged his mouth down over the studs cock.  David watched in horror and amazement as the thug coughed and sputtered as he swallowed inch after inch of his huge boner.  Half way down, David was already amazed for he had never been that deep in anybody before.  Such is one of the perils have having such a huge cock.  And the thug kept going and going and going until his lips were up against David’s clean shaven groin.  David lost all sense of repulsion and was completely flabbergasted at the sight and sensation of his entire cock being inside another human being for the first time in his life.  David surrendered to the moment and moaned in ecstasy. 


And then the thug hit David with his signature move, his tongue in unison with his esophagus undulated around David’s cock.  The sensation was well beyond anything David had felt before as he tried to keep his knees from buckling.  David held himself up by the chains as he searched for the words that could describe the moment, but his brain failed him as he was all about what was going on around his cock.  Not only was David’s cock completely consumed by the hulking asian, but his soul as well and he wanted nothing that the world had to offer, not even his freedom.  All he wanted now was for this to never end.  David raised his legs over the brutes shoulders and hugged him desperately, forcing his cock just a little bit deeper down his throat.  David needed to cum but held it back.  One of his sexual talents was his ability to hold back his orgasms in order to prolong what ever pleasure he was engaged in.  And he wanted this to last the rest of his life.

Then David heard the familiar sound of the stun-gun being activated.

David tried to speak, “No…wait.  Why…”

But before David could form a coherent sentence, the thug zapped David in the nuts.  The physical trainer who had crafted his body into a finely tuned machine lost control of his bodily functions and a monstrous purge of his pearlescent juice flowed into the talented thug.  If David hadn’t already been douched, he would have taken a dump right there too.  David was so overwhelmed by the moment that he fainted, but just for a few minutes.  

The thug slapped David back to consciousness and helped him to his feet.  As David regained his balance, he leaned into the thug and kissed him passionately.   Now David wasn’t attracted to the thug, no.  But he was eternally grateful to the man who showed him how truly euphoric sex could be.  The henchman knew exactly what was going on and kissed him back.  And the two men shared passions and gratitude for the remainder of the half hour.

At the half hour mark, an antique bell in the courtyard was struck and the next man to be with David knocked on the door.  The henchman pulled away from David.

David pleaded, “Please don’t go.  Suck me again.  Please.”

The henchman pointed at his watch, “No now.  Tonight, after others go.”

David was smitten, “Now, now. Please stay.”

The henchman simply shrugged as he opened the door and let the next guy in.  The next guy was a little troll of a man, greasy hair, big gut and thick glasses.  Then as the geisha once again washed off David’s cock, his heart sank as he realized not all the men would be as good as the first two to suck on his cock.  Oh my.

Over the nine days of his captivity, one hundred and seventy-five men jerked or sucked loads of cum out of David’s cock.  While most of the men possessed little or no talent in the art of fellatio or wanking, some did David right and helped him to broaden his sexual palette and nudge him up the Kinsey scale.  And each day for David was made tolerable by spending the night with a henchman that had a heart of gold and a magical mouth.

When David was sent back home to Dallas, he was a different man.  He only stayed long enough to close out his old life there.  He broke up with his girlfriend and told her that it is possible for someone take all that he has to offer.  He handed off his clients to other trainers.  He bailed on the lease to his apartment.  And he told his parents that he has fallen in love with a man who was two hundred and forty pounds of asian muscle that worked for the Boryokudan mob syndicate as a henchman.  This kid was burning bridges and didn’t care what anybody thought of him.  All that mattered now was that man in Japan.  He packed a few of his favorite things and went back to Japan as fast as he could and straight into the arms of his future husband.

And since then, David has made a new life for himself in Japan and started training new clients out there, most of which he knew from Mister Moto’s order.   And yes, he has so far twice consented to being the guest of honor at Mister Moto’s estate, but only as long as they use those fur-lined shackles on him so he could at least appear to be held there against his will.


The End