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The Naked Pirate Red
By Jotto
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“The Naked Pirate Red”



Sixteen eighty-two and sailing the Mediterranean blue is the Naked Pirate Red. And just like his name, he did indeed captain his ship while naked except for a pair of blood-red boots and jewelry. He felt that his nude form was a work of art, and like any other work of art, it should not be hidden behind a curtain of any sort. He was a pirate, but not a pirate of standard treasures like gold, pearls or gems, but of young men’s chastity. And red, so red was his hair that it flickered and danced like a flame in the breezes of the seven seas, and burned in sharp contrast to the freckled pink-alabaster skin that tightly defined his young and supple musculature. And he took pleasure in how the wind would playfully whip his long ponytail against his body.

Like his father, and his father’s father, he was, shall we say… drafted into the sex-slave trade at an early age. His skill at pleasing men had him quickly rise through the ranks so that at the young age of only twenty-one, he was given command of a ship, a ship he christened the, “Raging Queen”. She was a sturdy schooner, half the size of a tall ship, but twice as fast. And her crew of twenty former sex slaves that had serviced men along side him were equally sleek and swift. And by decree of their captain, no one who served on that vessel was allowed to wear more than boots and gloves and had to maintain an erection at all times. The virile captain himself kept his manhood at full mast with the aid of herbs that had certain stimulating qualities, and a teardrop cockring made of pure gold that applied pressure to just the right spot. And the one rule that reigned supreme was that no one was allowed to refuse the sexual advances of another, especially those of the captain.

The young men they abducted from other ships or ports of call also had their clothes ripped off of them and kept naked and repeatedly raped by the captain and crew until they had their free wills were broken and became entirely submissive. They referred to this practice and the new recruits as the “crimp”. The crew would rape and beat the would-be sex slave and would not stop until he not only enjoyed it, but wanted it. One sure sign that the crew had achieved their objective with the newly recruited slave would be an orgasm stimulated by the relentless stings of a whip. Which brings us to the interesting twist that the Naked Captain Red had on the slaving trade. He did not sell his sex slaves; he rented them. This not only allowed for a constant stream of revenue, but also allowed him to make sure his merchandise was not too severely mistreated. Oh, he was a ruthless slaver, but was he a ruthless slaver with a heart of gold? No, he just wanted to maintain his investments. To feed, groom and train a slave for service in the sex trade is quite an investment.

But on one particular day, one of Red’s “investments” would become a detriment, an actual pain in his ass. Two days out of Algiers, the Raging Queen was on a leisurely course headed for Tunis. The ship would typically spend a lot of time at sea where the screams associated with the crimping of fresh meat could not be heard. And as the din of new recruits filtered up from below, a lookout masturbating in the crow’s-nest high atop the main mast spotted a sail on the horizon.

The man called out, “Sail ho!”

Below, in the captain’s cabin, Red reclined on a plush pile of red velvet pillows as two anguished crimps in training are being whipped by their trainers whilst their mouths and tongues slid and slurped their way up and down the captain’s majestic cock. Peg, the captain’s number one subordinate and quartermaster of this fine vessel, bounded into the cabin.

Though Peg despised answering to a deviate ten years younger than him, he still lusted after the captain and envied his surroundings, “Captain Red, sails approaching from the starboard aft sir.”

A sexually intoxicated and slightly drunk Red nonchalantly responded between deep breaths as his thick Irish brogue made mincemeat of the King’s English, “What… do you… make of her?”

“Three tall masts and flying colors of black, green and red, Sir.”

“Must be… the Black Witch. Slow to half speed… and let them approach. Always… good doing… business with… them. How long before…they’re along side?”

“Should be an hour or so, Sir.”

Red smiled, “Fetch me then… That should be a time enough… for these two talented fellators…to achieve my…approval.”

“Aye, Sir.”

Peg stumbled on his way out as his eyes fixated on the captain’s surge of pre-cum being lapped up by one of the crimps. As soon as Peg stepped on deck, he first tended to his aroused lust by grabbing a random crewmember and bending the yielding man over the railing. As he shoved his swaggering cock up his subordinate’s ass, he gave the orders to the rest of the crew.

“Rig sails for half speed and to prepare to receive the Black Witch”.

Ninety minutes and two orgasms later, Peg walked back in to the captain’s cabin as his captain had his cock planted deep in the ass of one slave as the second slave had his cock plugging down the first slave’s mouth.

Peg spoke trying to be unheedful of the scene before him, “Sir, we have furled sails and heave to, the Black Witch is about to come along side.”

Captain Red casually ordered, “Ready the slaves for presentation except these two, I think I’ll keep them to service me for a while.”

Red whipped his dick out of the retched slave that was leashed to the foot of his bed like a dog. He strutted around the slave and grabbed him by the back of his head as he pushed the other slave out of the way.

Red commanded, “Swab my cock clean with your tongue you bilge rat. I must look sharp for our customers.”

When the slave hesitated, Red shoved all fourteen inches of his cock down the slave’s gullet. The slave gagged and sputtered at first, but then subsided into gentle gulps, swallowing the residue off his master’s cock as Red slowly withdrew it from his subject’s throat. And just to add insult, Red dried off his cock in the slave’s hair with a few slaps of his meat across the slave’s head.

Red almost seemed to dance as he made his way up onto the deck of his ship while Peg lined up the other eight sex slaves they had in stock. All of the humbled men were chained to each other, naked and fully erect. The crews of the two vessels exchanged lines to tie the two ships together. Each crewman of the Black Witch was an imposing figure of manhood; every one of them was easily twice the mass of any of the Raging Queen’s crew. Their deepest and darkest African complexions gave them the illusion of shadows that moved about the Black Witch. Captain Jelani, the most imposing of them all, flung himself across the gap between the two ships as if were as light as a feather. Captain Red sauntered over to Captain Jelani and squinted against the sun as he tried to look up into Jelani’s eyes. Red extended his hand to Jelani, but Jelani simply placed his hands on his hips and scowled. Red was somewhat dismayed by the cold reception.

“Well, my friend Jelani, it’s good to see you again.” Red gestured to the lineup of slaves, “I present to you our finest assortment of sex slaves.”

Red slapped and grabbed the cocks of each slave as he walked past them, “Spaniards, Englanders, Italians, and even one Chinese. And look at those cocks, all ready for action…”

Jelani interrupted, “I am not here to buy more of your filth, I am here for restoration of funds for the last slave you palmed-off on me.”

Red became anxious, “What be the matter?”

“That slave that were to be the ship sperm bucket, well, he and my third born son… fell in…love…with each other and jumped ship.”

Red tried to hold back from smiling, “Well, being as it’s your son who absconded with my property, it would seem to be a family matter between you and your son.”

Jelani huffed, “What do you mean, your property?”

“That slave was only leased to you.”

“And your property was guaranteed to have any feelings like love beaten out of him. And he being your property make him a member of your crew. And as captain, you are responsible for the actions of your crew. So that be your problem even more.”

A frustrated Red, “Well, I’m not able to offer you a refund at this time, but…”

Jelani grew angry, “No refund?”


Jelani snarled, “Then I demand compensation!”

“And what would you have in mind as compensation?” Red chanced to ask.

Jelani let out an ear-piercing whistle and instantly, half the African crew swept over the railings and stormed the Raging Queen. And even though the appropriately attired African crew was dismayed by the nudity and the erections of the Raging Queen’s crew, they quickly managed to subdue the naked and horny pirates, tie them up together, and hoist them up by their wrists, leaving them and their slaves swinging like bunches of bananas.

Now, it should be noted at this point that while the crew of the Raging Queen was quite adept in all matters of sexual torture and pleasure, very little of their time had been spent training in self-defensive techniques. All of their swordplay was with their cocks.

Though Captain Red was the last to be captured, all his strength was not enough to break the grip of the two African seamen who held his arms behind his back. Although Red was angst-ridden, he couldn’t help but take a little perverse pleasure in watching his cock flap back and forth as he struggled against his captors. Jelani walked over and grabbed Red’s cock with a vice-like grip to stop it from moving around and then squeezed even harder to make his intent clear.

Red winced, “Look here, that hurts. I’m sure we can come to some sort of arrangement that will satisfy both of us.”

Jelani smiled, “All I’m interested in is an arrangement that will satisfy me and my crew. We have been three months without a bitch to empty our cream into. And since I hold you at fault for that, you will be our new sperm bucket.”

Red protested, “Scupper that! I vowed long ago that no one would ever top me again.”

Jelani leaned in, “Funny, I also vowed when I first saw you that I would one day take the red-headed white man with the ass of an African and that I and my crew would make him into a whimpering bottom feeder.”

Red was defiant, “You picaroon, scallywag, son of a strumpet!”

Jelani laughed, gesturing for the rest of his crew to laugh along with him. Red’s crew hung their heads in shame knowing that the subjugation of their captain was at hand. It was then that Jelani noticed a crimp in training, a black man, naked and strung up by his wrists in an abbreviated pillory, a pillory meant just to hold a man by the wrist as apposed to one that would fit around his wrists and neck. The chains from high above that held the pillory rattled gently as the two men exchanged glances. Welts from recent whippings marred his back and ass. His cock was made hard by a black leather noose synched tight around his goods. All became quiet as Jelani approached the would be slave.

Jelani placed his hand on the crimp’s cheek, “My brother, I vowed that none of my kind would be enslaved again. So I will free you, but will you serve with me?”

Pride filled welled up in the imprisoned African, “I would be honored.”

Jelani pulled the pin that allowed the pillory to swing open and the arms of the black slave to fall. Jelani handed the pillory to his new crewmember just as freed slave took noose off his privates.

Jelani smiled, “Now my brother, enslave your slaver.”

The freed slave walked over to Red. The two men holding Red wrangle the defeated captain’s arms forward, presenting them to their new shipmate. Red tried to pull away as the former slave placed the humbling contraption around his wrists. The Africans released Red, allowing him to thrash about like a marlin on the end of a line. As the vanquished captain thrashed about, the African crew spat on him, slap him about the face and ass, taunting him with insults. Jelani came up from behind Red and swung his foot violently up into the balls of humiliated captain. The pillory was the only thing that kept Red from falling to his knees as his body swayed about like an old a ruined canvas. His screams were chocked back by the pain. And since Red had so abused boner-inducing elixirs, his cock had remained hard and proud. Jelani stood behind Red, reached through his legs and grabbed him firmly by the balls. Using Red’s nuts like a tiller, Jelani wrangle the well-endowed Irishmen up on to his feet. Red screamed as Jelani gave his nuts one more twist. And just as Red’s nuts were about to be torn off, Jelani released his grip and slid his fingers back and up the degraded captain’s ass. Black fingers pressed hard into the white asshole, but Red was able to resist the anal invasion.

Jelani sneered, “It would seem his arse has some fortitude. I will need a battering ram to break down his gate.”

Jelani walked over to the fife rail and pulled out an unused brass belaying pin. The African captain smiled when he felt how hot it was from sitting in the intense Mediterranean sun. The commanding African spat on the huge bulbous head of the pin and rubbed his saliva vigorously about it. Jelani made sure Red could see the pin as he passed by and took his place once again behind the freckled ass of the Irish captain. As Red tried to turn his ass away from Jelani, two of the African crew wrangled Red’s ass back and presented it to their captain. The African crew started to cheer as Jelani let the weight of the heavy brass belaying pin fall and rest on Red’s voluptuous buttocks, rolling it roll back and forth from one cheek to the other as it slowly inched its way down to his shitter.


Jelani leaned in and whispered with menace, “Take a deep breath, boy.”

Red spat and cursed, “I’ll see you dance the hempen jig and sent down to Davy Jones’ locker for this!”

Jelani smiled as he putt all his weight on the pin and pressed against Red’s ass. Red screamed as he resisted and the African crew cheered louder as their captain’s muscles flexed and pushed even harder. Curiosity got the best of the Raging Queen’s crew as they vied for a peek at the subjugation of their captain. And then, with the slightest whisper of a slurp, the hot and heavy brass belaying pin made its way deep into Captain Red’s ass. Red went silent as he tried to come to grips with being raped with a part of his own ship. A tear rolled down his cheek. The Africans applauded as Red screamed again. The Raging Queen’s crew gasped as Jelani stepped back, allowing all to see the pin sticking out of Red’s glorious hole. Red’s screams of pain and humiliation turned to one of exertion as he tried to shit out the invasive pin. But Jelani was quick to grab back on to it and push it in even deeper, causing Red to scream loader still.

Jelani growled, “No you don’t, you scurvy dog! I’ll teach you for trying to push it out!”

Jelani turned to the man he just freed and gestures for him to hand over the noose that hung around his cock and balls.

Jelani beckoned, “Hand me that noose that had tied up your manhood.”

The freed slave picked it up from where he had dropped it and eagerly handed it to his new captain. And with out warning or ceremony, Jelani used all his might and the full length of his arm to whip the noose against the flesh of Red’s ass. Red let out the scream of a neutered choirboy as he flew out of the grip of the men holding him and landed as far from Jelani as the pillory would allow. Jelani rushed over, grabbed Red by his flaming red hair and let loose a storm of whippings on his freckled lily-white ass. With every lash, Red winced, groaned or yelled while his frenzied dancing was kept to a minimum by the grasp Jelani had on his scalp. Every other action of the lash would strike against the belaying pin sticking out of Red’s man pussy. The crew of the Black Witch cheered every sting as the crew of the Raging Queen watched helplessly and a little titillated.

As Red’s ass turned red, he tried to regain his composure by going back to his early days as a slave when he use to have to enjoy it, when he had to take it up the ass and be the plaything of disgusting men. And then he realized how to get through it; he had to slip out of his body. He imagined the view from the one inflicting the pain. Through his mind’s eye, he could see what a beautiful sight he must be as he struggled and jigged against his restraint. How he must look as his muscles flexed and flinched every time the twisted black leather landed hard and quick on his flesh. How it must look to tame such a wild creature as his hips rolled like the sea and his great white ass breached like a whale into the sky. How wondrous it must be to watch his longboat cock crashing onto the rocky shores of his stomach and thighs. And as the tight skin of Red’s buttocks reddened and became numb to the African’s punishment, he could feel the bulbous head of the belaying pin exploring the abyss of his glorious hole.

As Red started to enjoy his punishment, he cooed and moaned with pleasure. Frustrated at this turn, Jelani hurled the makeshift whip harder and harder onto Red’s ass, fighting against the growing weakness of his powerful arm.

Red pleaded, “Don’t quit on me now. I’m almost there, love.”

Jelani growled as he summoned the rest of his strength for a final set of whippings. Red’s moans turned into screams of ecstasy as his body stiffened and quaked with the promise of a monstrous orgasm. The African crew grew silent with disbelief of Red’s enjoyment. The crew of the Raging Queen quietly cheered him on. Red lifted a leg and rubbed his thigh against his throbbing and drooling cock, coaxing it to let loose the treasure of his loins. Then as Jelani cocked back his arm for one last time…

Red screamed, “Oh, me beloved father!”


Red’s canon of hard flesh shot out a volley of liquid pearls with great force. The Africans that were in the path of the torrent of white, stumbled over each other to get out of its way. Jelani’s whip landed one more time before he notice Red’s orgasm, causing second firing of sperm across the deck of the Raging Queen. The awed African captain’s exhausted arm fell flaccid against his side as his jaw dropped. Two smaller purges of semen drooled out of Captain Red’s ever-hard cock. The two captains were panting as Red turned a looked Jelani square in the eyes.

Red smirked, “Oh laddie, you wouldn’t be standing down on me now, would you? Cause I have two huge balls that have a lot more to spill.”

Aggravated, Jelani threw down the whip, “You are a white devil.”

“No, I’m just be some one who can ride the rough seas.”

When Jelani angrily ripped the belaying pin out off Red’s ass hole, the thrashed captain let out a rapturous gasp.

Jelani warned, “Well, ye be warned, the seas are about to get very rough.”

Jelani spanked Red on the ass as he turned to his crew as he started to undress.

Jubilantly, Jelani cried out, “Well me hearties, strike your clothing and come along broadside this knave’s arse and give no quarter to his shitter. We’re all taking him on a trip around the Horn, if you know what I mean. And the first man to make him beg for mercy will get a doubloon. And no matter what, each one of you will get to harpoon him.”

And the crowd went wild as Red’s head sank into his chest. All the beaten captain could think about was the two hundred or so men that served aboard the Black Witch. Jelani noticed bottles of body oil stacked up on one of the hatches and took one over to Red. Jelani opened the bottle and poured out the entire contents over Red’s ass and stuffed some of it in to his hole with his fingers. The Irishman sighed as the oil soothed the sting of the whippings and his skin tingled as the oil ran down the back of his scrotum and trickled down the inside of his thighs.

Jelani poked at Red’s asshole with the bottle, “Let it be said that I wasn’t completely heartless. This oil should make it easier for the two hundred and nineteen cocks under my command to pack your shitter.”

Red took a deep breath as Jelani shoved the broad bottle into his ass and gave it a few twists.

Jelani smiled, “There, that’s a good cum-bucket. I think you are ready for the first man of many to harpoon you.”

The African captain released the bottle, letting Red push it out. Jelani eyed the bottle as it hit the deck and rolled across the planks, coming to rest at the feet of the black slave he just freed.

Jelani raised an eyebrow, “Of course.”

Jelani gestured for the former slave to come over. The new man was still hard, but this time his cock was not artificially stimulated, the sight of his enslaver beaten and humiliated aroused him. The plump head of his pulsating sperm-canon hovered just an inch away from Red’s fantail.

Jelani rested a hand on his shoulder, “What is your name?”

He responded proudly, “Boipelo.”

“Boipelo, since I freed you from him, it is right that you be the first make him yours. Let him know your revenge.”

Red protested, “Belay that you black demon! I’ll have no slave mount…”

Before Red could finish, Boipelo drove his thick black cock into his ass. The first seven inches made it in before Red clinched up tighter than a clam. But Boipelo persisted, hammering away at Red’s resistance. The Irishman’s body shook to the rhythm of the African’s vengeance. With thrust after thrust, Boipelo was able to force in another inch of his cock, and then another, and then another, until all sixteen inches of his manhood was hammered into the already ravaged ass of the disgraced captain. Red was disgusted at the sensation of his former slave’s pelvis grinding against his tortured buttocks. With no help or pity within a hundred miles, he did the only thing he could do; he surrendered. His body slumped as far as the unyielding restraints would allow. His constitution was at last shredded to the point were lawlessness and revenge reined supreme over the landscape of his body. He knew the fate of his immediate future was sealed and that he had become a sperm bucket for over two hundred men.

As Boipelo explored the bottomless reaches of Red’s ass with ever deepening plunges and swirls of his hips, Jelani realized that Boipelo had a lot of pent up anger and that he was going to take a lot of time enjoying his revenge. And when the crew of the Black Witch crowded around, each pushing and shoving against each other, fighting to be the next in line to fuck Captain Red up the ass, Jelani knew he had to do something before things got out of control.

Jelani addressed all hands, “Men, men! Listen up; we all can’t fuck the good captain at once, so here are what we going to do. We take all the crew and slaves of the Raging Queen, bend them over the railing, tie them down to the railing and fuck them while you wait your turn to fuck the good captain.”

With that, Jelani’s men cheered and immediately charged the helpless crew and slaves of the Raging Queen. And Red’s crew quickly came to the same conclusion as their captain, that they had a sperm soaked future whether they liked it or not.

It was amazing to see how quickly an amorous bunch of men who haven’t had sex for three months could get to the nasty business of rape. Within minutes, every man of the Raging Queen had been bent over and tied off to the railings of their own ship. And soon, each of Red’s men had a line of angry Africans with intensely engorged cocks standing behind them. And while their raping was just getting started, Boipelo was still giving it long, hard and deep to Captain Red. The crowd surrounding Red and his new master were starting to complain that Boipelo was taking to long. Captain Jelani grabbed a small crate, pushed his way through the crowd and placed it in front of the pitiful captain.

Jelani shouted out, “There you go men! While one of ya is fucking his ass, another can be fucking his gullet.”

Jelani grabbed Red by his ponytail and pulled his head back as one African crewmember stepped up on the crate.

Red moaned, “I shall not rest until…”

But Red’s rebuke was cut short when ten inches of dark meat was thrust down his throat. Red gagged and choked as he tried to scream. Spittle and tears of strain ran down his face. The shamed captain’s gag response was so intense that he could not close his jaw or bite down. He shook his head violently in a futile attempt to get the thick black cock out of his mouth, but with one man in front and another behind him, he truly had nowhere he could escape to. Red’s muffled screams amused Jelani. The African captain threw his head back and laughed.

Jelani mused, “I should have started with plugging your mouth, it is so much nicer when you can not talk.”

Jelani gave Red a hard slap on the ass. And then twisted his hips back and forth causing his third arm to slap against his thighs. No, seriously, his cock was nearly the size of his arm. A solid black rod of meat, eighteen inches long from stem to stern and four inches broad, giving it a girth of over twelve inches. Talk about a sperm whale. It was little wonder why he was captain of the Black Witch. Jelani slapped and rubbed it until it was fully engorged. So massive was it that it could not lift its own weight and just swayed gracefully between his legs. Jelani lifted up his monster cock and walked over to where Red could see it. As Jelani moved through, his crew became quiet with awe and almost seemed to bow as he passed them. Red’s eyes popped out of his head when it came into his view. Jelani massaged the huge head of his cock coaxing a thick gob of pre-cum from its maw. Slapping it against Red’s face left the ravaged captain’s cheek glistening in the hot sun.

Jelani sneered down at Red, “You see this? Impressive, is it not? When Boipelo is done with you, it will be my turn. And then I will plant all of this so deep into you that you will taste my seed from the back of your throat.”

With his mouth stuffed with African cock, the best Red could do is let out a muffled scream. Boipelo’s humping became frantic and brutal, his jaw clenched, his back arched, his muscles flexed and shimmered with sweat. His body locked up as he let out a tribal yell. And then he yelled again, and then again as he planted his seed deep inside his former master. Red also cried out with aggravated moans as he felt the hot African milk fill his innards. Boipelo seemed to loose his balance for a moment as he pulled his cock out and slid it up onto Red’s back just in time to release one last massive purge of sperm. Boipelo’s spunk rained down all over Red’s buttocks, back, and soiled his beautiful flaming red hair. Gobs of semen spilled from Red’s devastated hole and trickled down the back of his balls. The sight of Boipelo soiling Red’s backside caused the man fucking Red’s gullet to shoot his load down the dishonored captain’s throat. Red gagged on the ejaculate and sputtered out what little of the semen he didn’t swallow. The nasty crewman pulled his cock out and wiped it across Red’s face. As Red spat out some of the cum, pearlescent rivers ran down his chin and dripped down to the deck below.

Boipelo stepped back and looked Jelani eye to eye, “Thank you, my captain.

Jelani beamed, “You are welcome my brother.”

The crowd grew quiet as Jelani staged himself behind Captain Red. He lifted up his enormously bloated phallus and let the full weight of it fall onto Red’s ass. The slap of his cock splashed about in the spent semen coating Red’s ass. Jelani rolled his cock in Boipelo’s residue to use it as a lubricant.

Red pleaded, “Please, I beg of you, don’t do this. I can’t take any more.”

Jelani gestured for a crewman to hand him his knife, “One more complaint out of you, and I’ll deprive you of your family jewels!”

Red begged, “Please, I’ll do what ever you want.”

Jelani scoffed, “You’re already doing what I want. Now shut up you filthy cum bucket and take it like a man.”

And with that bit of foreplay over, Jelani grabbed Red’s ponytail for leverage as he placed the thick head of his mighty cock against Red’s hole and started to push. Red resisted.

Jelani warned, “Relax that shitter of yours or…” He poked Red’s scrotum with the tip of his blade.


Fearing the worst, Red acquiesced and relaxed his asshole. Jelani pushed and pushed, but the head of his cock just seemed to roll around Red’s anus until the angle was just right and…plop, in he went! Red screamed as his once glorious hole was stretched out beyond all recognition. He tried to go back to that place that allowed him to enjoy it, but the sensation of his rear cavity being completely packed by penile meat was more than he could cope with. There were a couple of moments where he was able to escape the pain and dwell on how titillating he must look, a helpless white man surrounded by all those Africans, but that trick failed when Jelani would push again, plunging even deeper into the depths of his ass and his soul. And when Red’s rectum could hold no more, Jelani pushed beyond that and barged his way into the colon. Red slipped between panic and euphoria as he felt his innards being rearranged by that invading beast of a cock. Jelani continued to push in deeper and deeper still. And when another man stood on the crate to force another blowjob out of Red, well that was all the Irishman could take. Red fainted. His muffled screams went quiet, his knees buckled and his body slumped towards the deck. Jelani could feel Red’s limp body start to slide off his cock. Jelani dropped his knife and grabbed onto the hips of Red’s wilting form and pulled the Irishman back onto his elephantine African cock.

Jelani commanded, “Men, it seems our willing captain here has lost his sea legs and folded. We need to sling him. Rig a line from the yardarm and wrap it around his hips and through his groin. That should keep him in service.”

The swift and efficient crew of the Black Witch impressed their captain with how fast they rigged a rope-sling to keep the ass of the disheveled Captain Red hoisted up at just the right height for their carnal activities to continue. His hands bound above his head, his ass slung from high enough above so the tips of his blood-red boots slid back and forth across the deck of his ship as it bobbed from side to side. His consciousness on holiday, Red was a broken marionette that had been refashioned into a sex-toy. And even though the crew of the Black Witch was raping Red’s crew up the ass, their humiliation was not for themselves, but for their captain. They had always seen Red as such a glamorous figure with his fiery hair and a beautifully toned body so tastefully appointed with the right amount of jewelry, that they had just about thought of him as sexual god. But now to see him like this, a raggedy version of the man he use to be, so soiled, so bested, that they now realized just how fallible he was. And soon enough, the crew of the Raging Queen would hold Red accountable for all of their woes.

Once Red was secured, Jelani continued to rearrange Red’s interior for another forty minutes. While others had taken their turn at Red’s head, Jelani was relentless as he pounded and pounded away at the freckled Irish ass. Then as the sun reached its highest point in the sky, when all civilized men would normally settle down for lunch, Jelani was just about finished getting his compensation. After a few frantic thrusts, Jelani froze as still and quiet as a statue as a gusher of sperm flooded the inner workings of Red. One more shake from the huge African released another torrent of his seed. Hidden from view, a hurricane of semen stormed through Red’s innards, through his guts, up his gullet and over the back of his throat. When the man fucking Red’s face could feel Jelani’s seed flowing around his cock, he dismounted in time for all to see African sperm flow out of the Irishman’s mouth. Now, the men of the Black Witch had their faith in their captain reaffirmed. As Jelani pulled out his cock from Red’s sperm soaked ass, it seemed to go on forever as inch after inch slowly reveal itself and glistened in the light of a momentous day. Red’s once glorious hole had become gapping ruined maw drooling with the residue of angry men. The sight of Red’s shipwreck of an ass conjured up a moment of pity from Jelani, but he soon shook it off as he started rinse off Red’s ass with a powerful stream of his urine.

Jelani stood back and bequeathed, “He’s all yours, me buckos.”

The Black Witch crew went wild and swarmed Red’s listless body like piranha devouring a helpless cow. And so it was for three days and nights that the crew of the Raging Queen had their asses used as cock cozies while almost every man of the Black Witch waited their turn to mount the inglorious Captain Red. A few dozen of Jelani’s crew abstained from the debauchery either because they were to sophisticated to take part in the subjugation of another, or they were in a committed relationship with another crewman, or they were way too heterosexual to fuck another man, no matter how pent-up they may be. But over those three days, one hundred and eighty three men availed themselves of Captain Red’s coerced hospitality.

As the sun rose on the fourth day, all was quiet, the Black Witch and her crew were gone. The devastated crew of the Raging Queen had managed to free themselves. Pained and disgraced, they walked the sperm and piss-swamped decks like zombies for nearly the whole day. The Raging Queen was a ghost ship haunted by shame and humiliation. Red was a spent candle covered in the melted wax of lust and vengeance, and absent any flame of life. Disgusted with their captain’s fall from grace, the crew would spit on him as they walked by. Finally, Peg walked over with a bucket of water and threw into Red’s face. Red barely flinched until Peg starting slapping his cheeks. Red shuddered and sputtered his way back to consciousness. He tried to regain his footing but the rigging still holding him high prevented him from plating his feet firmly on the deck.

Red, disoriented and dismayed, “Peg, is it over?”

“Yes, but that be Captain Peg to you, knave.”

Groggily, Red scowled, “Avast, you’re my quartermaster and I’m your captain. Untie me at once and let me down now.”

Peg sighed, “No. We, your former crew, took a vote. Now I’m the new captain of the Raging Queen.”

Red, “Scupper that!”

Peg continued, “And my first act as the new captain of the Raging Queen is to inform you that judgment has been past on you by the crew of the Raging Queen and we find you incompetent. As a mater of fact, we find you grossly incompetent. And that by action and inaction are responsible for recent events of which we shall never speak of again.”

Red protested, “You insubordinate dog! You’ll dance the hempen jig for this!”

Peg continued, “Protest all you want, your fate has already been decided. As punishment for your incompetence, you shall be stripped of the rank of captain and denied any status whatsoever. That you are to be left hanging right where you are so that you can no longer deny your crew what you have denied them all the time they have served you…your ass.”

Red was incredulous, “What!”

Peg smirked, “Yes, you shall hang there until every member of my crew and my inventory of slaves has fucked you up the ass at least three times or for seven days. Whichever…cums last. And when we have finished with you, you shall be once again drafted into the service for which you have shone unyielding aptitude, that of servicing other men.”

Red spat out, “What! Never!”

Peg laughed as Red fought desperately against the ties that bound him. Captain Peg wasted no time getting to the nasty business of rape and promptly mounted his former captain.

Peg announced, “Let this knave’s punishment begin! The line starts here, me hearties!”

And with that, Peg slapped Red on the ass as he started to pump his cock in and out of that sweet Irish hole. And all hands ignored Red’s angry curses and challenges as they took their place in line.

The helmsman cried out, “What be the heading, Captain Peg?”

Peg cheerfully answered, “Follow the setting sun, and then straight on till morning! Steady as she goes, steady as she goes.”

And into the setting sun the Raging Queen sailed in search of her crew’s dignity, an escaped slave and for someone to be the new owner of the once great, Naked Pirate Red.