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By Jotto (Illustrated by Jotto)
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By Jotto

Professional body builder and personal trainer, Johnnie Stout, thought he was the luckiest guy in the world when he received an special invitation to get a personal tour of, Spermworks, the company that makes the muscle enhancing supplements that he uses.  Or should I say, abuses.  Little did the muscle-laden beasty know that luck had nothing to do with winning that tour.  That in fact, Spermworks had been closely been monitoring his purchases and had him under wide-ranging surveillance that included spies, cameras and even his own computer that had been hacked so they could watch him with his own webcam.  And they watched him as he slept, watched him as he dressed, watched him as he masturbated, and they watched him as he had sexual encounters with countless superficial women and the occasional male customer who paid to worship is body and suck on his magnificent cock.

Oh yes, he had plenty of sex with men, but he regarded them as nothing more than an old sock or a condom that were to be discarded once they were full of his cum.

And it was because of his sexual prowess and bloated musculature that the founder and C.E.O., Noel Kums, personally selected Johnnie to actually become physically integrated into his manufacturing process.

As dictated in the invitation, Johnnie showed up on the appointed date and time at the Menlo Park, California location of Spermworks.  Johnnie was awed by the groundbreaking architecture of the marble clad building that was twenty stories tall, and was struck by the apparent lack of windows.  The doughnut shaped structure took up most of the city block and was surrounded by a fabulous display of landscaping that could be described as nothing less than a recreation of Eden.  The open-air entrance was shaped like a swirling funnel that seemed to suck Johnnie into the five-story atrium and right up to the receptionist.  Twenty-foot tall titanium silhouettes of Adonis-like male figures looked as if they hovered unattached in front of the marble walls.

But for all of the lobby’s ostentatiousness, what dominated over all of it was a small swath of fluorescent-pink that ran through the pitch-black hair of the receptionist.  Ruby was an overly fashion cautious gaysian who had permanently etched onto his face an expression that conveyed both lust and contempt.  But despite Ruby’s sense of superiority, he was equally impressed with the stone-like structure of Johnnie that was easily revealed by a pair of jeans that fit like Spanx and a white muscle shirt that looked like it had been painted onto his torso.  His delicate fingers swirled up and flattened out as he commanded Johnnie to have a seat.  As Johnnie turned towards the bank of leather chairs, the receptionist’s eyes locked in on his ass.  With every step that Johnnie took, each butt cheek pushed the other away.  The middle seam of his jeans disappeared high and tight between his buttocks.  The gender-bending receptionist blindly searched for the phone as he undressed Johnnie with his eyes.  Aw hell, in the dark reaches of his mind, the receptionist was well past the undressing stage and already had Johnnie pounding his well-worn Asian ass and was quietly rehearsing his sex-cries.

The receptionist, Ruby, muttered, “Welcome to my ass, you beast.”

Johnnie paused as he sat down, ”What was that?”

The receptionist had forgotten how the shape of the lobby echoed the slightest noise and verbally stumbled, “I said…hmm, welcome to Spermworks.”

Politely, Johnnie returned with, “Oh, thank you.  I’m excited to be here.”

Ruby spoke into his headset, “Sir, your special guest is here.”

While Johnnie waited, he and the receptionist played a coy little game of eye tag, each pretending not to look at the other.  Johnnie had been around enough sexually aroused men to know when he was being targeted by desire and he fancied having that cute little receptionist take a load or two up his ass.  The thought of it made Johnnie’s penis grow into a cock and press hard against the inside of his tight jeans.  The feeling of his jeans getting tighter just made his cock grow harder.  The body builder gave the slightest smirk as he spread his knees apart so the pretty little Asian could get an eyeful of his pressurized manhood slithering its way down his massive thigh.  Ruby abandoned any pretext of decorum and just stared at Johnnie’s crotch while he sucked on the end of thick pen.

Ruby spoke softly, “You’re a bad boy.  Shame on you.”

Johnnie was brazen, “And shame on you for looking at my crotch.  My eyes are up here, you know.”

Ruby spelled it out, “I don’t give a fuck about your eyes.”

Johnnie laughed while Ruby grinned.

This would be just the perfect time for Noel Kums to show up.  On the featureless wall behind the receptionist, a door seemed to magically appear and out walked the man himself, Noel Kums.  His six foot and six inch tall frame was immediately impressive as is his white hair that had every strand in place as if were engineered rather than groomed.  His physically fit body was clad in a pinstripe suite that was obviously tailored directly on him.  And due to him ingesting his own anti-aging products, his eighty years of life looked not a day over fifty.  His posture was strictly upright and unwavering as he confidently walked towards the body builder who was dressed to show off his extreme musculature.  Johnnie rose with his hands clasped in front of him in a futile attempt to conceal his very notable erection.

Noel’s voice echoed off the walls, “Johnnie Stout, I presume.”

As Noel reached out to shake hands with Johnnie, Johnnie reached out reluctantly revealing the bulge in his pants to the billionaire genius.  Noel’s eyes instantly focused on Johnnie’s prominent manhood that was held back and over halfway down his left thigh by skin-tight jeans that had nothing to do with modesty.  Johnnie knew where Noel’s eyes were looking and turned his head to the side with an inkling of bashfulness.

Johnnie bashfully confessed, “Sorry about that, but I was flirting with your receptionist a little.”

Noel turned to Ruby, “Ruby you naughty boy.  Look at what you’ve caused.”

Ruby sheepishly shrugged his shoulders.

Johnnie interjected, “Well sir, it’s partially your fault.”

Noel didn’t like being corrected, “And how is that?”

Johnnie proudly proclaimed, “Well, I use almost all of your products including Phallus-maximums.  I’ve heard that it doesn’t work on everyone, but it sure has worked on me.  I mean like big time.  It increased the size of my cock by like almost three times.  Would you like to see it?”

As a competition body builder, Johnnie wasn’t shy about showing his body and made the offer as an avid fan only wanting to prove his brand loyalty.  Even though Noel was interested in seeing it, discretion was the better part of his breeding.

Noel stopped Johnnie from undoing his pants, “Later, definitely.”

Ruby protested, “Oh let him, there’s no one else around.”

Noel put on his boss hat, “Mind your place, Ruby.”

Ruby sulked as Noel forced a smile at Johnnie, “I would also like our lead scientist to examine you as to record the success of our products.  You don’t mind, do you?”

Johnnie casually consented, “Of course, I let people examine my body all the time.  It’s a fun time for all at Johnnie-land.”

Noel caressed Johnnie’s hulking arms with the back of his fingers, “So I assume your amazing musculature is due to our line of Seminal Essence supplements?”

Johnnie beamed, “You know it boss man.  This is all thanks to you.”

Johnnie struck a pose that tested the limits of his shirt.  Noel continued to inspect Johnnie like a butcher examines a cow about to be slaughter.

Noel was impressed, “Amazing.  I’m sure all your weightlifting had something to do with it also.”

Noel thought for a moment as his fingers pushed into the cleavage of Johnnie’s voluminous pectorals.

“Say, would you mind if we did the tour later and met with my scientist first?  I can’t wait for them to examine you and see the exemplary results you’ve had with our products.”

Johnnie smiled, “Uh, sure, what ever works for you.  I’m just so grateful to you and your supplements.”

With Noel leading Johnnie and Ruby’s eyes fixed on Johnnie’s bulge, the two men walked through the mysterious door and into the inner sanctum of Spermworks.  A moment later, Johnnie is lead into a large state of the art laboratory that looked like something from a science fiction movie.  White featureless walls and tables are the backdrop to all sorts of test tubes and beakers that are filled with all colors of liquids that are bubbling and steaming away.  Glistening machines whir and hum as a few men in lab coats go about their business.  With a snap of his fingers, Noel directs the attention of the scientist towards him.

“Doctors, would you all gather around please?”

As the scientist gather around Noel an Johnnie, their expressions become excited as they get an eyeful of the bodybuilder standing before them.

Noel announces, “Gentlemen, this is Johnnie.  He is one of our most enthusiastic customers, and as you can see, he has had above average results.  Johnnie, this is Doctor Howard, this is Doctor Fein, and this is Doctor Howard also.

All the men exchange handshakes as all the scientists’ eyes are scanning the sizable bulge in Johnnie’s pants.

Noel continues, “I brought Johnnie here in hast so you could examine and test this fine young specimen of a man for yourselves.”

Noel turns to Johnnie, “Johnnie, judging by your attire and your profession as a competitive body builder, it would seem that you are not a shy person.”

Johnnie shook his head, “No, I am not a wallflower.  Modesty is for pussies.”

Noel patted him on his shoulder, “Ah, yes, pussies indeed.  So it wouldn’t be asking to much for you to shed all of your clothing, would it?”

Johnnie was caught off guard, “Ah, What?  Why?”

“So we may examine you.”

Johnnie became a little demure as he whispered to Noel, “Well, I would except I have like a monster boner at the moment, dude.”

Noel laughs as he addresses the intimate crowd of scientist, “Johnnie here is a little shy about an erection he has at the moment.”  Noel assures Johnnie, “My good boy, a strong, augmented and enduring erection is one of the main goals here at Spermworks.  I have a dream that every man can have the cock he desires, the cock that you have.  The men in this room specialize in virility and the augmentation of male genitals.”

Johnnie was relived, “Oh, so these guys are use to this?”

Noel smiled, “Oh yes, many erect cocks have passed through this lab.  Though admittedly, judging by outward appearances, none of those cocks seemed to have achieved the stature of yours.  So if you wouldn’t mind.”

Johnnie took a deep breath, “Well, okay then, here we go.  You guys should know that this kind of your fault.  That Phallus-maximums product of yours, not only did it make my cock bigger, but it gave it something of a hair-trigger in terms of what makes it become stiff.  It’s like the least trivial or briefest sexual thought will make this bad boy to go hard.”

Doctor Fein asked, “How old are you, Johnnie?”


Doctor Fein smiled, “Well, that may have something to do with it too.”

Johnnie smirked, “Well maybe, but this is ridiculous.”

And with that, Johnnie flicks off his shoes with his feet as he peels the muscle shirt up and over his head.  Noel takes the shirt and neatly drapes it over the back of a chair as Johnnie undoes the button and fly of his jeans.  All the other men’s eyes pop with anticipation.  Johnnie takes a deep breath as he slowly forces the tight fitting jeans down his legs.  With just the trunk of his cock visible at first, all are blow away as they see his neatly shave groin is the foundation to the thickest cock they have ever seen.  Inch by inch, Johnnie’s cock is revealed to a disbelieving crowd as the body builder bends, struggling to get his pants past his immense cock and massive thighs.  Noel leans back to take advantage of Johnnie’s compromise position to spy on his manhole but is surprised by the two enormous orbs of his testicles as his scrotum squeezes through and swings back from the young man’s rippling thighs.  Johnnie is so far bent over that the scientist can’t see his cock, but once Johnnie has his pants down at his ankles, he stands back up and his cock in all its majesty is revealed to all.  Stretching out from his groin like and Olympic diving springboard is twenty-two inches of throbbing meat was pulsating to the beat of an invisible drum.  Johnnie slips one foot out off his crumpled-up pants and uses the other to lift them up to his hand and tosses them onto the same chair as his shirt.  His movements caused his cock to sway gently like a palm tree in a tropical breeze.

The scientist stood frozen in disbelief at the majestic vision before them as Johnnie’s cock and balls continued to swell up no longer compressed by his tight clothing.  His cock was bigger around than any of the arms that hung of the other men and each of his balls almost appeared to be as big as a baby’s head.

Noel was dumbfounded for the first time in quite a while, “How do you fit all of that into your clothes?”

Johnnie shrugged, “Well, as long I get my pants on while flaccid, I’m okay.  But now fully engorged as I am, well, I’m going to have to rub out a few loads before I can get my clothes back on.  Sorry guys.”

Noel hesitated, “Well, that’s okay.  We needed to acquire a sample of your semen anyway in order to conduct a completely... I mean thorough... um... analysis of you.”  Noel looked for validation from his employees, “Right gentlemen?”

The scientists were caught off-guard by Johnnie’s audaciousness and clumsily assured the body builder that it’s okay to rub out one or more loads as each of them kept muttering that it was okay with them.

Doctor Fein timidly asked, “May we take some measurements of your body?”

Johnnie was comfortably nude, “Go ahead and inspect my body all you want.  Do you want me to just stand here?

The three scientists did not respond as they ran for all kinds of measuring instruments.  Rulers, tape measures, calipers and laser scanners were glided and wrapped around his body as Noel Kums chatted with Johnnie.  The young body builder struck various casual poses so the scientists could measure every part of his hulking musculature.

“So Johnnie, are you comfortable with this?  It seems like you don’t mind the attention.”  Noel pointed at Johnnie’s erection.

Johnnie flexed his bicep as, “Well, I think your enhancement drug has caused a kind of priapism.  Not that I mind, it’s just that it has made for a few awkward moments in public and in the locker rooms.”

Noel smiled, “Come on Johnnie, you can be honest with me, you wouldn’t keep taking my product unless you did enjoy people noticing you and your sizable tumescence.”

Johnnie flexed his massive thigh as, “My what?”

“Your boner.”

Johnnie pumped his chest as, “Well, yeah, I guess so.  To be honest, yes, I love it.  When I’m on stage posing, you can hear the murmuring as my junk peaks out the side of my posing trunks.  I have to have them specially made for me.”

Noel raised an eyebrow, “Yes, I imagine so.”

Johnnie pops his calf muscle as, “It takes so much concentration not to have Ward spring into action.”

“Ward?  You named your phallus, Ward?”

Johnnie spreads his lats as, “Yeah, after the father in that very old TV show, “Leave it to Beaver”, he was always looking for Beaver.”

“Ah yes, very amusing.”  Noel wasn’t really amused.

Doctor Howard clears his throat, “Excuse me, we need to take measurements of your member now.”

Johnnie stops posing as, “Go ahead, Doc.  But be warned, he’s been up for a while now so he’s pumped and primed for firing.”

Doctor Howard inquires, “Are you saying you’re about have a discharge of your semen?”

Johnnie smiles, “Well, that all depends on how much you touch it.”

Doctor Howard turns to the other Doctor Howard, “Get a beaker just in case we get an opportunity to collect a sample.”

Johnnie warned, “You better make it a large one, I cum hard and large.  You all may want to get raincoats too cause there’s about to be a sperm storm in here.”

Noel asked, “Can we thank our protein supplement for that?”

Johnnie thought about it, “Well, I’ve always been a big cummer but the flow definitely increased after taking your supplement.”

Johnnie flinched as the scientists started measuring his cock and balls. Doctor Fein held a ruler along the length of his huge cock and realized it was to short to measure Johnnie’s cock and promptly took out his measuring tape.  His expression was one of incredulity bordering on shock, maybe even horror as the tip of Johnnie’s third arm reached just under the twenty-two inch mark.  Doctor Howard had the same emotions as he opened up his calipers to fit around one of the body builder’s testacies.

Doctor Howard asked, “Are you actually able to have intercourses with this beast between your legs?”

Johnnie sighed, "Well, while I prefer sex with women, they’re only able to service me.  But a gay man with a well worn-out hole who is use to being fisted can take me pretty well.  Unfortunately, I haven’t yet met anyone who could take in all of it.”

Noel smiled, “Mister Stout, I find you refreshingly candid.”

“Well, I see it like this, life is to short for false pretenses like political correctness, decorum or modesty.  I live honestly, I love sex, and people want to have sex with me, okay, so let’s get it on.  Man, woman and anything in between.  And in whatever fashion you want, you want me to be casual or dominant or submissive, I love it all.  I tie you up or you tie me up.  Men especially love to tie me up and torture my cock, they can’t believe it’s real so they have to test it in all sorts of ways like with whips, hot wax, clamps or my favorite, electricity.  I’m really into the whole electro-torture scene.  I love the sensation of electricity flowing through by cock and balls; it makes me feel so…alive.  I even like having an electrified dildo shoved up my ass.  You should see the one I have at home.  God, just talking about it makes me want to cum.”

Noel and the scientist are motionless with stunned expressions.

Johnnie looks at them and shrugs it off, “To much information?  Deal with it.  It’s not like I’m doing anything unique.  There are whole industries built around people’s exotic sexual practices, including, may I say with all due respect and admiration, including your company here.”

Noel snaps out of it, “I know.  Again, it is just your openness that we’re not use to.  In fact, I was wondering how to approach you with a very unique and somewhat queer proposal but now I see I have nothing to fear.  That you are indeed quite an open minded individual.”

Johnnie smiled, “Well I am standing here in the middle of an office building naked with a boner, so I obviously have nothing to hide.”

Noel cleared his throat, “Yes, of course. As you know from our promotions, our products use the semen of powerful animals as the basis of our formulas. Horses, bears, tigers and sperm whales contribute to my products.  But most important of all are the seminal contributions of the human male.  So, here is my proposal, in exchange for a lifetime supply of any and all of our products, and you know that is worth a lot, in exchange for that, you make a substantial deposit of your semen to our laboratories and manufacturing facilities.”

Johnnie was intrigued, “You mean you want me to jack-off for you?  Shoot a few dozen loads and I get all that stuff?  Sure, what are we waiting for?  As a mater of fact, I’m ready to pump out a load right now.  Stand back gentlemen.”

Johnnie tightened the muscles in his leg-sized arms and clenched his fists at his side as his thunderous thighs started rippling.  His but cheeks puckered up and ruffled with the ridges of countless muscle fibers.  The body builder kept his hands at his side as his groin and torso undulated smoothly at first, but then became frantic.  You heard of air guitar?  Well he was air humping, his cock thrusting back and forth into some imaginary orifice.  Gobs of pre-cum trickled from the open maw at the end of his ever more engorging cock.  All those squat lifts and kegel exercises were about to pay off in a big way as a flood of his seed was now coursing its way through his loins.  His head turned up and he stared at the lights in the ceilings, realizing once again how perfect his body was and that all the men in the room envied him at this moment.  A fully self realized Johnnie let out a guttural growl as massive streams of his seed gushed from his throbbing cock and splashed down and across the floor blending in with the sterile white floor of the laboratory.  Johnnie’s body shuddered and clinched up sending wave after wave of ripples through his supremely defined musculature as a second volley of his milk was sent cascading to the floor and splashing onto Noel’s shoe.  Noel did not recoil from the muscle man’s discharge; he just gazed upon Johnnie’s gob of liquid white seed meandering across and down his polished black shoe with the glee of a child who had been given a new toy.

Johnnie’s body simmered down as he caught his breath, “And that was hands free, gentlemen.”

One of the Doctor Howards just had his sense of reality shaken up like a snow globe.  Unable to process what he just saw with his own eyes, he fainted and landed face first into the fresh pool of body builder semen.  His coworkers who were equally flummoxed ignored their fallen comrade.

Johnnie was concerned, “Oh, is he okay?”

Noel was indifferent, “He’ll be fine.  Johnnie, is that typical of the orgasms you have?  Because that was truly impressive.”

Johnnie hesitated, “Well, that was a large one since it’s been over six hours since I dumped a load.”

Noel was like, what, “I’m sorry, what do you mean it’s been over six hours?”

“Well, thanks to your virility drug, my balls produce semen so fast that if I don’t have an orgasm every few hours or so, the pressure builds up and becomes just a little uncomfortable.”

The C.E.O. put on his lawyer hat, “That is a side effect you should have reported to us earlier.”

Johnnie shrugged, “I don’t mind, I love jerking off with this big boy.  And for when my arms get tired, a friend of mine made a machine that rubs it down for me.  It’s crude but it does the job.”

“So you’re comfortable mechanophilia, the concept of sex with machines or having mechanically induced orgasms?”

Johnnie comfortably admitted, “Oh yeah, in fact, one of my recurring fantasies is a milking thing, you know, where machines or robots would make me there prisoner and milk my nuts dry.”

Noel grins, “Wow.  Then what would you say if could make this milking fantasy come true?”

“You can?”

“Yes.  I have created a machine that can induce the most spectacular orgasm you will ever have.”

Johnnie beams, “Really?  Okay then, plug me in!”

Noel slapped his hands together, “Incredible, usually we have to drug and abduct unwilling sperm donors and plug them in against their will.”

Johnnie was put off a little, “What?”

Noel lets out a big laugh, “No, I was just kidding!”

No he wasn’t.

Johnnie laughs with relief, “Whew, you had me going there for a moment.”

Noel turns to his two remaining scientist with a raised eyebrow.

Noel turns back to Johnnie, “Well then, I think this would be a good time to introduce you to our S.C.A.R. facility.”

Johnnie didn’t like the sound of that, “Scar?  That sounds painful.”

Noel hushed him, “S, c, a, r, sperm collection and repository.  And in there is someone, or I should say something that your going to be good friends with.  But it is half way across the building and with your cock still very much engorged, well, you’re clearly unable to put your clothes back on.”

Johnnie coyly, “You should know by now that I am an attention whore and a nudist.  So if you don’t mind me strolling through your building au naturel, I don’t.”

Noel smirked and thought about it, “Fuck it.  To hell with the tight-asses in human resources, I own the joint.”  Noel gestured Johnnie towards the door, “After you, good sir.”

Just as Noel, Johnnie and two of the scientist walk out the door, some random employee happened to be walking by and jumped back and dropped his lunch at the sight of a naked body builder with an enormous cock.

Johnnie casually passes the stunned man, “Howdy.”

And that’s pretty much how it went as Johnnie was guided down the main corridor of Spermworks.  Men and women alike were shocked at first at the sight of a naked and sexually aroused super human in their midst.  Then each innocent bystander had his or her sock replaced with awe, and then followed by the insatiable curiosity of what it would be like to have sex with him, or even if it was possible.  All the while, Noel observed Johnnie and peoples reaction to him.

Ten minutes later, the two scientists, the C.E.O. and the naked body builder walked into a circular room that was featureless except for a lighted ceiling and floor and a large round elevated platform that glowed with the same bright light.  Equidistant around the perimeter of the platform were four metal posts with clamps attached to them.  Noel ushered Johnnie up to the platform.

Johnnie noticed printing on the walls, “Sperm production room two.  Just how many rooms like this are there?”

Noel proudly proclaimed, “There are a total of one hundred rooms just like this one, and almost all of them operating at this very moment collecting semen from men who have used my products.  Men who now produce massive quantities of sperm that is highly energized, sperm that is collected by us and then used as a base element for all of my products.  Imagine it, through out this building there are men such as you experiencing orgasms like you never thought was possible and being milked for their precious bodily fluids.  And they are now set for life.  As donors to Spermworks, they will have all their needs met and will never have to work a day in their lives.  And looking at you, Johnnie, I can tell you will be our biggest donor yet.  You’ll never have to worry or want for anything again.  Imagine if you will, your semen in all of our products being consumed by millions of people around the world.  And all you have to do is have as many orgasms as possible while we collect every precious drop of your countless ejaculations.”

Johnnie thought about it as he poked at the platform.  The lighted surface was soft and soothing to the touch.

Johnnie was pleasantly surprised by the texture, “Hmm, that feels nice, it feels like human flesh.  Nice.”

Noel assured him, “This bed is covered in a thick layer of our award winning faux-skin material.  See, I have made everything as comfortable as it can be.”

Johnnie wondered, “And those four things around the bed are…”

Noel confirmed, “Those are restraints to make sure that the donors don’t interfere with the collection process and to ensure that the purity of the semen is not compromised in any way.  And from what you’ve told me, you enjoy bondage from time to time, don’t you?”

Johnnie grinned, “Yes I do.  So what do I have to do to get this started?”

Noel puts his hand on Johnnie’s shoulder, “All you have to do is hop up onto this platform and spread-eagle, my dear boy.”

Johnnie politely stated, “I know I may have a boyish face and that you’re about eight inches taller than me, but if we’re going to do this, please don’t refer to me as a boy.  I’m still getting carded at nightclubs and shit like that.”

Noel conceded, “Apologies, good sir.”  Noel patted the platform, “Well, shall we do this?”

Johnnie looked at Noel like he was accepting a dare.  With an effortless spinning jump, Johnnie’s bare ass landed on the edge of the platform.  As he sat on the edge of the platform, the head of his cock was almost up to his chin.  He grabbed it and gave it an aggressive kiss.

“Good luck to you good buddy.”

Johnnie wiped away a tendril of cum that was tethered between the open maw of his cock and his lower lip.  The ostentatious body builder scooted to the middle of the platform and spread his limbs out wide and wider still until his ankles and wrist brushed up against the restraints.  His gigantic cock stood tall and was now the dominant feature of the room.  Noel stood back as he gestured at the two scientists to commence with their duties.  One scientist guided the wrists of the eager body builder into the restraints while the other scientist tended to his ankles.  Once the muscle man was secure, Noel walked up to his head and patted him on the cheek.

“Are we comfortable?”

Johnnie nodded, “Yes, very.”

Noel’s smile disappeared and his tone grew dark, “I’m so pleased to hear that.  You know, it’s not often you see the sacrificial lamb hop up onto the alter.”

Johnnie did a double take at Noel’s sarcastic tone.  Noel pulled up his shirtsleeve and pressed his thumb against his smart-watch.  The wall opposite the foot of the bed opened up tall and wide and in rolled a futuristic monstrosity that looked something like a mechanized octopus.  Its four robot arms waved around like a madman on a mission as it bellied up to the edge of the platform between Johnnie’s legs.  Its red glowing eyes were clearly focused on his crotch.  The young body builder recoiled in horror and tried to break free, but the restraints were unyielding and held him right where Noel Kums wanted him.

“What the fuck is that?”  Johnnie trembled.

Despite his fear, Johnnie’s erection was persistent, so he had to shift his hips to make his towering cock lean out of the way to get a better look that contraption.

Noel beamed, “This is one of my crowning achievements, S.A.D., semen acquisition drone, or as I like to call it, S.A.D.-istic.  And you’re about to find out why.”

Johnnie started to panic, “Wait a minute, you didn’t say anything about this.”

Noel hushed Him, “Oh yes I did.  I may have skipped over some of the details, but I definitely told you I could make your fantasies of mechanized milking come true.  Do you know the old saying, be careful what you wish for, you might get it.  Well, you’re about to get it.”

Johnnie fought the clamps that bound him, “No, no, no, I change my mind.  Let me go.”

Noel scowled, “Too late.”

Noel touched his watch again and what could be considered the chest of the drone opened up and out came shinny metal clamps.  The robot’s arms coldly took a hold of Johnnie’s cock and balls.  The young man screamed in agony as each of his testicles were pulled and stretched apart from each other as far as his scrotum could stand without tearing apart.  The heartless automaton’s arms shoved Johnnie’s balls into separate clamps.  The clamps tightened their grip on the captive body builder nuts and stretched them even further apart.  Johnnie screamed in pain and in fear that his balls were about to be ruptured and ripped of his body.

“Oh, mother fucker!”  Johnnie spat out, “You mother fuckers!”

At the same time, a large phallic-shaped chrome-plated probe popped out of the robot.  The tip of the probe began oozing with a creamy substance as it disappeared between Johnnie’s struggling legs.

Johnnie pleaded, “Ah, no way, please dude, I’m a top!  I’m a fucking top!”

Noel smirked, “Not for long.”

Johnnie screamed as the efficient robot ruthlessly rammed the probe up Johnnie’s ass.

Johnnie was on the verge of sobbing, “No fucking way!  No fucking way!”

Noel addressed the scientist, “Well gentlemen, it looks like we just popped Johnnie’s gay cherry.”

The robot’s arms then grasped onto Johnnie’s mammoth cock and contorted the huge slab of meat until it too was firmly in the grasp of additional shinny metal clamps that were especially designed for such an impressive phallus.  Then a highly polished pipe swung out from one of the robot’s arms and stopped precisely over his restrained cock.  Its two-foot long downward extension had a rounded tip that was perforated with suction holes and was being lowered into the wide-open end of his urethra.

Johnnie scream out and squealed expecting great pain as inch after inch siphon tube disappeared into his dick, but after the tube was half way in, he realized the sensation wasn’t all that bad.  And aside from the fact that it was being forced down the throat of his cock, the feeling of the cool metal appliance gliding its way down the walls of his urethra fascinated Johnnie.

The siphon tube stopped its journey when its rounded end reached its destination somewhere near Johnnie’s prostate.  Johnnie twisted his body in all directions in a futile attempt to relieve the stress on his reproductive organs.  But then he froze as he felt the clamps around his precious goods, the probe up his ass and the tube down the inside of his cock come alive with static electricity.  The sensation was actually pleasant at first, but as Noel made a circular motion with his finger across the face of his interfaced watch, the sensation quickly became overwhelming.  Bristling electricity saturated all the delicate nerve endings throughout his manhole and his massive cock and balls.  And the massive size of his meat meant all the more nerve endings to be affected.

Johnnie’s voice quivered, “Oh god, no.  Stop it please, I’ll do whatever you want!  Please!”

Johnnie choked on his own breath when a great surge of pleasure and pain swept through his body as his loins went immediately to work producing and delivering the base ingredient of Spermworks entire line of products.  Waves of Johnnie’s sperm was purged from his loins and instantly sucked up by the siphon tube down his cock.  Amidst all the unspeakable pain and incomparable pleasure, Johnnie was still able to take note of how odd it was to have massive orgasms but be denied the pleasurable sensation of cum surging through the canal of his cock.

Then Noel turned up the power to fifty percent.

Johnnie scream out, “Stop!  Please stop!  You bastard, you’re going to kill me!  I can’t take it!”

Noel grabbed a handful of Johnnie’s chest, “Yes, you can take it, you stud.  Just breathe deeply and slowly.”

Then Noel turned it up to one hundred percent.  Johnnie went silent as he gasped for air.  His face turned a beet-red as he started drooling.

Noel then he firmly patted Johnnie’s face. “Listen to me, I said breathe deeply and slowly.  Just allow it to happen, because you have no choice in the matter.  Now get ready, this next operation is really going to hurt.”

Noel touched is watch again causing all four of the robots arms to simultaneously rise into the air.  Each arm extended a long and large gauge hypodermic needle from its end a poised over Johnnie’s nuts.  Johnnie could only convulse as he watched in horror as each of the four arms targeted his balls with their needles.  Noel touched his watch again, the first arm jolted and harpooned Johnnie’s left testis.  Johnnie lost his breath as he screamed from a pain he didn’t know if he could live through.  And just as his screams were settling down, another arm harpooned is right testis.  Johnnie started screaming all over again as the two scientists winced with sympathetic pain.  Johnnie turned his eyes away as the last two remaining needles got closer and closer to his scrotum ever so slowly.  But instead of being shot into his balls, the last two needles continued their slow approach and slowly pierced Johnnie’s scrotum.  Johnnie whimpered at first but as the needles started to slowly stab his nuts, his whimpering quickly escalated into screams.  Johnnie’s head fell back and rolled around on the platform as he sobbed tears of pain and disbelief.   But then, some relief was given as a soothingly cool liquid was injected into his nuts.

Noel coolly explained, “What you are feeling now is my hyper-protein mix being injected directly into your balls.  This will not only sustain your fertility, but also increase the outflow of your semen.”

Johnnie realized the hopelessness of his situation and caught his breath, “Why?  Why?  You saw I was willing to cum for you and that I could cum a lot.  Why?”

Noel leaned against the platform and occasionally glanced down at Johnnie, “I have discovered in my extensive research of the male reproductive system that stress, physical stress, increases the seminal productivity of testicles by as much as fifteen percent.”

Johnnie was pissed, “Fifteen percent!  You’re doing this to me for only fifteen percent?”

Noel was clinical about it, “I do have a quota to meet.  And even if your were able to rub out a load every five minutes, you still wouldn’t come near the amount of semen that is currently being pumped out of your body.  My products are in high demand and I am behind in my production goals.  But from what I’ve seen of you so far, I predict that you will help get Spermworks up to the goals my stockholders and I have set for my company.”  Noel turns to the scientist, “Gentlemen, you may continue.”

Doctor Howard applies a special hair removal cream to Johnnie’s scalp and in seconds the young body builder is as bald and smooth as a bowling ball.

Johnnie could feel the cool breeze of air-conditioning across his scalp, “What have you done to my beautiful hair?  My beautiful hair.  Why?”

Noel coolly explained, “To mess with your mind.  You see, another major factor concerning the amount of sperm a man produces is his willingness to copulate.  So we need good skin contact to attach a helmet that will scramble the electrical impulses of your brain and reprogram you to want nothing except to have orgasm after orgasm.  And I’m assuming that wont take much in your case.  And we will also flood your other senses with tastes, sights and sounds that are conducive to sexual arousal.  By the end of the day you will be nothing more than a slack jaw bovine being cultivated for its milk.  Precisely the fantasy you wanted.”

Johnnie winced through the pain, “But I didn’t imagine it would be like this.”

Noel grinned, “So why don’t you give it a chance?  You might enjoy it, especially after the brain washing.”  Noel turned the scientist, “Doctors, if you be so kind as to finish hooking him up, we have a quota to fill and I have a tennis match in an hour.”

Doctor Howard picked up a bizarre looking helmet that had a number of wires and cables dangling from it.  It was a tight fit but the scientist was finally able to wrestle it onto Johnnie’s head.  The device covered his ears and now the only sound that Johnnie could hear were his own painful moans that reverberated inside his head.  Then the corrupted scientist pulled a pair of oral spreaders from his lab coat and shoved them into Johnnie’s mouth.  The helpless body builder was unable to stop the doctor from spreading his jaw wide-open.  Johnnie could only moan and scream as he watched Doctor Fein walk over with a large corrugated hose and callously start shoving it down his throat.  The body builder’s eyes sent tears rolling down his temples and his face turned red as he gagged and chocked on the hose as it made its way over his tongue and past the back of his throat.  Then the scientists anchored the hose by strapping it to the helmet.  Johnnie’s ears were bombarded with random sounds of people and other animals fucking each other at a defining volume.  An airline was plugged into his nose and instantly starting pumping pheromones into his lungs.  Johnnie could tell Noel was saying something to him but couldn’t hear or care what he was blathering on about as his senses were being hammered by the evil technology of Spermworks.  Noel Kums himself committed the final act of the assault as he strapped a pair of virtual reality goggles over Johnnie’s eyes.  Random colors and images of all sorts sexual acts committed by all combinations of people flooded his optic nerves.  The sights, sounds, tastes and smells did have the results Johnnie was told about as his mind starting to turn into a cerebral mush and a quagmire of unrestrained sexual wants and desires.  Within minutes, Johnnie had no sense of his physical or sexual orientation.

Noel Kums slowly paced around the platform displaying Johnnie Stout and quietly reveled at the sight of the champion body builder’s body flinching and flexing as copious amounts of his semen were continuously pumped directly from his loins.  And for a half hour, Noel watched as one gallon and then a second gallon of Johnnie’s sperm was collected in tall glass tubes.


Noel eventually left for his tennis match and the scientists departed with their first haul of Johnnie’s sperm, shutting the lights off as they left, leaving Johnnie in the dark and hooked to a soulless machine collecting every precious drop of his sperm.

And indeed as foretold by Noel Kums, by the end of the day Johnnie had become nothing more than a cow hooked up to a milking machine, a mindless beast twitching and moaning the hours away.

Late next night, Johnnie unknowingly received a visit from a new admirer, Ruby, the hot Asian boy-toy receptionist that had flirted with Johnnie the previous day.

Spermworks kept operational costs down by having routine maintenance of the male donors performed by employees who would volunteer their after-hours to swap out filled sperm collection tubes with new empty ones and to wipe the sweat from their stressed bodies with a soothing sponge bath.  These volunteers were rewarded with token profit sharing plans and the satisfaction that they got to indulge their voyeuristic nature by viewing and caressing muscular bodies.

Ruby had never volunteered for this duty until Johnnie showed up.  Of all the athletic and muscular men that had show up and disappeared into the bowels of this building, Johnnie was the first one to peek the curiosity of Ruby.  If you were to ask Ruby about it, he would tell you it was because of his kind eyes or is friendly smile, but really it was because Johnnie had the biggest cock that Ruby had ever scene.  And Ruby and his ass have seen so many cocks throughout the years.

As Ruby entered the room with a bucket of warm water, his jaw dropped at the majesty of Johnnie’s cock.  Looking like a Saturn V rocket held up by its gantry, Johnnie’s cock seemed as it were about to take-off.  Routine maintenance was the last thing on Ruby’s mind as he used a special code to lock the door behind him.  Like a religious zealot approaching a shrine, Ruby moved towards Johnnie’s platform.  The body builder’s muscles rippled and flex, as his reproductive system was being forced to endure unrelenting orgasms induced by nefarious machinery.   Ruby stood in stunned silence, his eyes fixed tight on Johnnie’s towering member as he put down the bucket and started to shed his clothing.  Once naked, Ruby placed the bucket up on the platform and climbed up beside the tortured and incapacitated Johnnie.  The daring little nymph reached out to the giant cock like Indian Jones approaching a golden idol.  Almost afraid to touch it, Ruby gently poked at Johnnie’s cock with his finger to test its firmness.  It was as hard as rigid rubber and pulsated to the beat of a frantic heart.  Ruby reached into the bucket and proceeded sponging down Johnnie’s cock.  Ruby traced out every vein that ran up, down and around Johnnie’s cock that made the shaft of meat seem like a tree dimensional stain glass window.  He carefully guided the sponge around the plump head of the cock and rolled the sponge through the deep undercuts of its contours.  Ruby dropped the sponge and started to clean edifice of penile flesh with his tongue.  He tried to taste of any of Johnnie’s syrup that might be oozing out from where the siphon tube entered his cock, but the machine that was raping him was to efficient for that.  After nearly an hour of tongue washing and worshiping Johnnie’s epic cock, Ruby decided he couldn’t be apart from it any longer.

“Fuck it, I don’t care how much trouble I may get in to.”

Ruby opened the ground control panel and pushed a couple of buttons causing the siphon tube to rise out of Johnnie’s urethra fallowed by a geyser of pressurized cum that shot straight up into the air and rained down on Johnnie’s rugged terrain.  Some of Johnnies cum splashed down onto his stomach and ricocheted onto Ruby’s face.  Ruby used a finger to wipe some of the cum into his mouth.


Then the clamps around Johnnie’s cock spread open releasing the mighty phallus.  The cock remained in place as a few more streams of cum were sent flying.

Ruby whispered, “Oh fuck, you’re a monster.”

Ruby stood astride the body builder’s unconscious body and placed his loose glory hole directly over the fat head of Johnnie’s cock.  The sinewy bubble-butted Asian lowered his hole onto the muscle man’s cock.  He got most of the plump head of Johnnie’s cock into his ass before he had trouble fitting it in.

Ruby spurred himself on, “Come on bitch, you can do this.”

Ruby winced and grimace as he placed all of his weight on his asshole perched on the head of Johnnie’s cock.  Then at last, the fat apple of Johnnie’s cock popped into Ruby’s glorious hole.  The receptionist covered his mouth to mute his own screams of ecstasy.  While jacking off, Ruby rode the sperm-slick phallus until eleven inches, half of the body builder’s cock, disappeared into his ass.  The experience was all that Ruby hoped it would be as his rectum was wrecked by the colossal trunk of Johnnie’s manhood that was continuously oozing its sap into the receptionist’s ass.  His ass was now so full of body builder jizm that every squat that Ruby made sent squirts of cum shooting out of his sloppy hole.  And even after at long last Ruby shot his wad, he continued ride that massive cock for practice to take in even more of Johnnie’s cock the next time.  Eventually, Ruby would dismount and reconnect Johnnie to the robot and wipe away any evidence of violating company policies prohibiting fraternization with the donors.  Then the well-traveled Asian would give Johnnie the sponge bath he unconsciously earned.  Then Ruby spent the rest of the evening cuddling with Johnnie as his body was plundered of its precious bodily fluid by the heartless robot.  Ruby’s infatuation with Johnnie’s cock was excessive and even bordered on love.

Ruby was self-aware enough to ask himself, “Is it right to fall in love with just one part of a man?”

And so it went night after night with Ruby riding an unconscious Johnnie’s cock, able to take a little more of the titanic phallus each night.  And each visit was concluded with a lovingly tender sponge bath and a night of intimate cuddling with a man who was basically in a coma, just like many other gay relationships.

Then on one glorious night six weeks later came Ruby’s crowning achievement, the night that Ruby was finally able to take in all twenty-two thick inches of Johnnie’s cock.  As Ruby sat there with his tiny bubble buttocks finally able to rest on Johnnie’s groin and all of that glorious meat up his ass, Ruby realized that he had achieved nirvana, even if it meant that his innards had been rearranged to the point of shortening his life, but nothing else in the world mattered.  Johnnie was his Mister Right and he needed to be rescued.


And late that night, Ruby came up with an impromptu plan to steal Johnnie away from Spermworks and take him home.

After Ruby finished having sex with the comatose Johnnie, he completely disconnected the body builder from the droid and its needles, the skullcap, the clamps, the tubes, the anal probe and the restraints, all of it, gone from Johnnie’s body.  And even though Johnnie had been liberated from the wicked device, his body was still under its influence as his unconscious body kept spewing copious amounts of his seed as it gushed out of his cock and across his body to form pools of cum that spread across to the platform’s edge and rained down to the floor below.  While Ruby fetched a gurney from the company morgue, he hoped that the outflow would subside by the time he returned.  But it didn’t.  Since he couldn’t wait for the flow to subside, Ruby took his expensive clothes off again and wrestled Johnnie onto the gurney and away they went.  Half way down the hall, a night watchman bumped into he odd sight of a naked Asian pushing a unconscious ejaculating body builder on a gurney.

“What the hell is going on here?” he asked Ruby.

Ruby was quick, “The machine he was attached to became…overwhelmed by the amount of semen he’s producing, as you can see, so I have to get him to the emergency backup thing…ah, unit, right away.”

The guard asked, “So why are you naked?”

“Didn’t want to get his spunk on my threads, and as you can see, he’s putting out quite a lot.  So if you don’t mind…”

The guard acquiesced, “Yeah, you better get moving.  You need help?”

As Ruby sped away, “Nope… got it… thank you!”

And away Ruby sped off to his car.  He dumped the sperm-hemorrhaging body builder in to the trunk of his car and sped off to his equally gay twin brother’s cabin in the woods, a location that no one at Spermworks knew about.

When Noel showed up for work the next day and received the night watchman’s report and saw that both Johnnie and Ruby were missing, it wasn’t hard to figure out what happened.  An all out search was commenced to find the two runaways and bring them back.  And Noel swore that he would hook both of them up to his devices and drain both of them dry or until they were dead, whichever came last.

And over the next few weeks, Ruby and his twin brother, Jade, nursed and loved Johnnie back to health.  And as a result of the brainwashing, as Johnnie regained his wits, he imprinted on both Ruby and Jade.  That, plus the fact Ruby was able to take in all of Johnnie’s cock ensured that the body builder would fall in love with those sexually ravenous twin gaysians.  And with their bookending, tag teaming, double creaming, lumber jacking love, he regained his health and went on to expose the practices of Spermworks and testify against them in a senate judiciary hearing that included Johnnie having to expose himself on the floor of the senate since his magnificent body and cock were key pieces of evidence, or so some senators argued.

But as is the case with the ultra rich, Noel Kums was able to buy his way out of trouble by way of significant campaign contributions and since many of the senators had experienced positive results with the Spermworks line of products.  And so now, Noel Kums still operates his business the way he always has and continues milking unsuspecting athletes of their precious bodily fluids.  Because of the unwanted exposure and publicity, Noel decided not to seek retribution on Johnnie and Ruby and just chucked it off as the ones that got away.

Since then, Johnnie uses identical supplements made under slightly more humane conditions by a Canadian company and still competes in the world of bodybuilding.  And on a very happy note, Johnnie has married Ruby and they now live happily with Ruby’s twin brother, Jade, in a cabin in the woods that has only one very large bed… with plastic lining.