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By Jotto (Illustrated by Jotto)
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By Jotto

This story is rated N.V.E. (Non Violent Exhibitionism)

Hello, Jotto here.  So, not to long ago I was alone in my little apartment complex that I manage in exchange for a room here, it’s just a small place in West Hollywood built in the nineteen thirties, eight units surrounding a small pool and an old oak tree, very charming and very gay friendly.  I understand that Tyrone Power use to keep one or two of his boy toys here.  Anyway, since all my tenants are in the industry, (That’s what we in film making call it, the industry. I’m an aspiring writer my self.) And since all of my tenants were fortunate enough to be working at the moment, I knew I had the place to myself.  So to escape the heat and the constant repairs this old place needs all the time, I decided to go for a float in the pool and work on my tan in preparation for my next photo shoot.  Yes, I’m also a male model, and on occasion, escort.  Well a girl has got to do what a girl has got to do to eat.  No judgment, please.  So, there I am, in my favorite undersized Speedo on my favorite gay pride float thinking of how hot I look, especially to the old queen, Mr. Finch, who usually comes out onto his balcony to enjoy a drink while he openly gazes upon me as I soak in the rays.

He’s constantly calling me up to his unit to fix something he’s obviously broken just to get a closer look at me.  At least he’s just about the looking and not the touching; keeps his hands to himself.  And today, he was off somewhere taking a meeting or some such thing.

So anyway, I’m floating there feeling good about myself and looking fine, and the little bit of water that was trapped on the raft with me was gently lapping at my crotch and the back of my neck.  God, I love it when a man runs a finger across the back of my neck. Shivers!  So being a healthy man with an fertile imagination, I start to have one of my tentacle rape fantasies where a some horny sea creature is feeling me up and wants to consume all the sperm I have to give.  You know, the usual stuff.  And now my undersized Speedo is starting to get tighter, and tighter, and…well, you know.  So I decide to let “Ward” out to enjoy the fresh air himself.  Yeah, I named my cock after the father from that old television show, “Leave it to Beaver”, cause he’s always looking for beaver.  Ha-ha.

I open my eyes to give a cursory look around to make sure no one is there as I begin to push my Speedo down off my hips making sure the waistband ensnares my raging hard-on.  I teased Ward for a while as I slide the stretchy fabric back and fort across his sensitive skin.  Pealing the suit back just enough to let him peak out, and then putting him back in again, and then massaging him again with my ever tightening suit.  Now, either I was doing that much longer than I realized or I just a hair-trigger that day, but then boom, I shot out a load, my jizm instantly filling the tiny voids between my Speedo and my skin.  And even though I didn’t want to cum just then, I still like to watch my orgasms and quickly flicked my bathing suit down past my balls just in time for Ward to spring out and up as he released a second volley of my seed to land across my chest and face.  Now, I’m not a big fan of shooting myself in the face, but I’m proud that I can.

As the delightful pain of my orgasm subsided, I washed myself off with the pool water and took perverse pleasure that others will eventually swim through my seed.  Don’t fret; the chlorine kills everything, including my baby batter.  I continued to discard singular bit of clothing as I slid my Speedo past my rippling thighs.  Good lord, all that mountain biking has made my legs a sight to behold.  As I wash of my Speedo in the water, I watch my legs as they stretch and flex around on my inflatable raft and the sight of my muscles keeps my hard.  I placed my bathing suit right beside me if I should need to put them back on in a hurry and let my muscles relax as I close my eyes and paddled my way out of the shade of the oak tree in into the warm light of the sun.  And there, I fell into a peaceful siesta as the morning breeze reminded me of how sensitive my manhood is as the wind whirled around my erect cock.  My cock began to well up again with the clear fluid that always preceded every orgasm I’ve ever had was about to have.  But I didn’t touch myself, as I love the feeling of my pre-cum as it finally built up a bead big enough to be affected by gravity and started to work its way down Ward’s plump head.  That simple little drop of fluid tantalized me as it traced out the profile of my cock and was detoured by the veins that texture its surface.  Then that drop found its way to my groin as it meandered down behind my balls and teased the rim of my hole.  And once it joined the water trapped between my skin and the rubber of my float, I wiped my cock clean so it could start all over again.  And somewhere during the third dribble, I settled back for a little nap while my sexual trooper continued to stand at attention.

And there we were, Ward and I in plain sight of all the windows and balconies that surrounded the pool.  I imagined that everyone was home and staring at me, shocked at my very public display of my manhood.  I love taking chances like that.  Who knows, anyone of my tenants could have come home early for any number of reasons.  Or maybe footage from the surveillance cameras could fall into the wrong hands?  Fortunately, only I have access to that shit.  And yes, I saved the recording from that day for my own amusement.  Who knows, maybe one day I’ll post it, maybe.

Then a stiff breeze pushed opened the gate to the carport causing its metal hinges to squeal and its broken latch to gently chime.  I didn’t even open my eyes, as the constant clamoring of that gate has been a feature of this complex even before I moved in.  The owner refuses to pay for the expensive repair that’s required.  So I just pretended that someone walked in and was taken aback by the sight of my naked and aroused self floating on my rainbow popsicle float.  I imagined someone, maybe a burglar casing the joint, walking closer to get a better look and then standing over me at the pool’s edge now deciding whether or not to abduct me and haul my naked ass to the trunk of his car and take me to who knows where and do any number of depraved sexual acts to my finely tuned and sculpted body.  And then I imagined heavy breathing; boy, I’m really going for broke on this fantasy, so I thought.


Then something tapped the head of my fat cock.  It was a pool leaf skimmer net, and at the other end of the pole was a cute doe-eyed fawn of a homosexual.  Oops, I forgot about the Skimpy Skimmers.

The Skimpy Skimmers is a pool service that caters to gay clients and promises that all their pool boys will be scantly clad in daisy dukes, or a Speedo, or even a g-string.  Nudity is at the discretion of each pool boy and depends on how much you’re willing to tip him.  And while the Skimpy Skimmers owner officially forbids fraternizing between his pool boys and clients, he has had to defend himself against allegations that he’s running a prostitution ring.  He has denied any wrongdoing and that what his employees do on their own time is out of his control.  Or so he says.

Now, the prudent and gentlemanly thing to do would have been to slide off my float and slip into the water and apologize for my naked and aroused self, but one look into his blue eyes told me that not only was he not offended, but that he found this state of affairs, appealing.  And he was so appealing too.  His white tank top revealed supple shoulders and sleek arms of a musculature that told me he had been training for about a few months now.  He was obviously flexing in an attempt to impress me.  He did.  And he wore a pair of daisy dukes that teased at showing the undercut of his cute bubble ass.  And his legs were thicker than his torso would indicate and formed a series graceful arcing muscles and moved with curving trajectory.

So I calmly stated. “Oh, sorry, I forgot the pool service was today.”

He said, “It’s cool, no need to apologize.  Besides, I may have gotten the schedule wrong. I’m new to this.”

“I bet you are.  What happened to, Woody?”

He smirked, “He hooked up with some sugar-daddy, and then he flew off to Paris with his new benefactor right after he told the rest of us, “Fuck off you bitches, I’m out of here.” or something to that effect.”

“Well, good for him.”  I think I meant that.

He pouted, “But what about me?  I could use some one to take care of me.”

And then he planted the rim of his net on the inside of my thigh and then slowly slid it up towards my groin.  I liked where this was going and smiled as he pressed the net into crotch and pulled me closer to the side of the pool.

I assured him, “If you’re fishing for a sugar-daddy, sorry kid, it ain’t me.  I just got enough to keep be going.”

He smiled, “I figured, from the looks of this place.  But from the looks of you, I bet you could take care of me in other ways.  You know, like fun ways.”

He looked so young that I should have carded him before I went any further.  But I figured… assumed, that if he was old enough to be employed by Skimpy Skimmers, he must be of age. Right?  But as much as I wanted to jump on him and make him my new sex toy, I had to quiz him.

“How old are you?”

He almost seemed offended, “I just turned twenty.  Why?”

“Well, you look like a boy and talk like you’re in a porno.”

He smiled, “Well, I do like posting videos myself jacking off.  Maybe you’ve seen one of them?”

I was surprised, “You kids today have no shame.”

“What’s to be ashamed of?  Every body does it and I look good doing it.”

With one hand, he started rubbing his cock through his little shorts.  And his other hand slowly twisted the net around in my crotch.  The hard plastic edge of the net rubbed gently against my balls.

I said, “Yes, I bet you do look good playing with yourself.  But I don’t look good behind bars.  You look young enough to be trouble, kid.”

He was getting a little impatient with me. “Hey look, I’m not a kid, I’m a man.  Age of consent in California is eighteen.  Now, do you want to have some fun or what?”

“Well,” I said, “I won’t stop you from doing whatever you want.”


He let go of his skimming net and it rolled off my leg and disappeared beneath the gentle waters of the pool.

Impishly, I said, “Oops, you dropped you’re little pole.”

He looked avid, “Then I guess I have to go get it.”

Without hesitation, he pealed off his shirt as he kicked off his shoes with a style and grace that said he had done this before.  He obviously enjoyed stripping in front of others.  It was only then that I notice that the head of his cock was sticking out of his pocket.  He had obviously cut away the lining so his little man could peek out.  His eyes never left me as my eyes followed every undulation of his body as he placed his thumbs behind the waistband of what little there was of his blue jean short shorts.  The single button that held it together undid itself as he tugged on the last vestige of his modesty and sent it sliding down his legs.

And there he stood as naked and defenseless as can be.  As brazen as he had been, he still was hoping for approval.  That I would be impressed with what I saw.  His body was slight but taught, his abs well defined, but not from exercise, but just naturally from youth and a total lack of fat.  And his cock matched his body, slight but taught.  Not anywhere as big as I typically write about, but still engorged with male pride and beautifully formed.  It and he were cute. Truth be told, the smaller ones can be just as much fun as the bigger ones if you play with it just right.  And besides, I achieve a certain bravado being the biggest gun under the sheets, or in this case, on the water.

So I gave him the approval he was looking for by simply saying, “Nice.”

He stepped out of his shorts and stepped into the water.  He almost seemed to walk on the surface for a second before his body slipped down into the water without a splash.  He stayed under long enough for me to wonder where he was going to reappear.  Then the skimming net broke the surface first and his hand placed it safely on the pools edge even before his head was above water.  He glided through the water towards me and toed me on my raft over to the steps in the shallow end of the pool.  He stood up on the lowest step, which made him just high enough so that his cock broke through the surface of the water.  He spun my float around and me along with it while gazing at my body like a hungry customer deciding where in the buffet line to start eating.  And then he got the most devilish smile as he spun me around faster and faster.  I lost sight of him as I stared at the clouds whirring in circles above me.  I could feel the mass of my being pulling away from the middle of my body, pulling away from my groin, as my cock became the center of rotation and the center of his attention.  I got giddy with dizziness and anticipation, so much so that I didn’t realize right away that he had stopped me and was holding me in place.  My slightly agape legs facing him as he gazed upon my cock.  He reached down to my ankles and moved them apart until my legs dangled off the raft into the water.  Carefully and effortlessly he slid onto the float on his stomach.  Grabbing onto my hips, he pulled himself up between my thighs.  His hand wrapped its way around my balls and tugged firmly causing my cock to wag back and forth, bouncing repeatedly off his tongue.


Then he stopped when he felt the first bead of my juice fly off the head of my cock and land on his cheek.  His tongue dipped into the pool forming at the top of my meat and lapped it into his mouth.

He whispered, “Mm yummy, sweet.”

And with one firm tug from him on my nuts, my cock disappeared into his mouth.  No teasing, no one inch at a time, no, all of my fat cock was in his mouth.  He was hungry and he was absolutely ravenous about it.  His head moved up and down and twisted around madly as his tongue massaged every inch of my shaft while the back of his throat constricted around Ward’s fat head.  Oh, his young tongue was like velvet.  And not once did his teeth touch Ward’s sensitive skin.  Now, for a twenty year old, he had obviously been doing this for a while or he was a quick learner.  He…was…incredible!  My hand reached down to the back of his head and tried to grab onto his wet hair.  His free hand pushed my hand aside.  He moaned with an mm mm and lifted his head off my cock.  My cock glistened with the combined fluids of my pre-cum and his salivate.

Keeping his eyes on my cock he said, “I know what I want and I don’t need any help wrangling this beast.”

As he resumed sucking on Ward, my head fell back onto my float and I closed my eyes for the beat siesta I ever had.

I offered, “Let me know if want anything from me.”

He moaned pleasantly as his mouth did things to me that made me so glad to be a man.  Then my float started to bob with a certain rhythm that told me he was humping my inflatable.  Probably sliding his cock along one of the recessed valleys of the float.  Whatever made his day was fine with me since he was making my day wonderful.

Then, something new for me happened, the back of a finger on his free hand slid across my ass hole.  Now, I’m a strict top and don’t go for that kind of thing, except from myself.  Except one of my own fingers and maybe an oddly shaped toy, I’ve never allowed anyone else in there.  But he was so tender and playful with his touch that I wasn’t put off by his digital explorations.  And his touch was very stimulating.  And as he continued to blow my mind, his finger kept testing my limits, poking gently at my hole.  I puckered up trying to keep him at bay, but he was patiently relentless.  His finger kept circling around my hole trying to find its way in until he finally gave up and rested his hand on my thigh.  But now that he stopped, I had time to realize how much I was actually enjoying his touch.

I hesitated to ask, “Um, could you keep doing that thing with your finger?”

With his mouth full of my manhood, he moaned yes and slid his middle finger in his mouth along side my cock.  That felt good.  His drool slick finger was quick to my ass and immediately challenged my hole’s virginity.   He was again relentless with his tenderness and as diligent as a soldier.  I resisted his efforts to compromise me.  I mean really, I didn’t even know his name.  He lifted his head up and my cock cleared his mouth, but his tongue lingered on as he licked my cock up one side and then down the other.

He mumbled, “You like how I make you feel?”

I sighed, “Yes.”

“Then if you let me in, I can drive you crazy.”  He knocked on my backdoor with a couple of flicks from his finger.

I relented with dread, “Okay, but anything more than one finger…”

His tongue stroked the head of my cock as, “That’s all I need to do you right.”

Jeepers, this kid was confident beyond his years.  I wasn’t this cocky until I was almost thirty.  Maybe it was his conviction as a cocksucker, but I relaxed and prepared myself for something new.  My cock once again disappeared into his mouth as his finger circled in towards my hole.  The tip of his finger wiggled around in gentle circles almost imperceptibly working its way in.  I took a deep breath as I concentrated on the pure joy my cock was experiencing as his first knuckle made it in.  Ever so gently his finger hooked itself to the inside rim of my anus and tenderly tugged at me.  Slowly, his finger pulled itself in up to its second knuckle as its tip planted itself deeper inside of me.  I expected it to be painful but it wasn’t.  But what I found more surprising was how much I was willing to trust someone who was a stranger just because he was so fucking cute and so good at sucking cock.  And then his fist press up against my groin, there it was, his finger was completely in.  I didn’t know I could enjoy another man’s finger like this as he tapped and swirled his way around inside of me.  I now know why it’s cold a glory hole cause he was making me feel glorious.  One finger up my ass, one hand wrapped around my balls and his mouth completely encapsulating my cock, I was under this kid’s control.

I don’t know how long we floated on those uncharted waters on my own little love boat, as time no longer had any meaning.  It may have been hours, but I have never been erect so long without an orgasm.  That kid knew my cock better than I did and always seemed to know when I was about to shoot.  He would pull back just enough to keep me from purging a load.  He worked my orgasms like a yoyo.

In the haze of my ecstasy, I thought I heard the sound of a car pulling into the carport.  Oh shit, I thought, it could be Mr. Finch.  His god damned Prius could be so stealthy.  That woke me out of my delirium.  I tried pushing his head off my cock but he wouldn’t budge.

I told him, “Stop, someone is coming.”

He just shrugged like he just didn’t care.  That little shit, he just shrugged.

I pleaded, “Come on, cut it out.  I mean it.”

I could hear from the carport the not so distant echo of a car door slam shut and then Mr. Finch’s hard-soled patent leather shoes clumping ever closer.  Despite his older age, he always dressed to kill.  I tried slapping that mischievous pool boy on the back of the head to get him to release his multiple grips on me, but he was steadfast.  I look over at the breezeway to the carport and could see the distinctive silhouette of Mr. Finch.  I don’t think he’s seen me yet.

I begged, “Damn it, stop.  We’ll get in trouble.”

I tried capsizing the float over so that the pool boy and I would both roll over into the water, but he was quick to shift his weight counteracting my efforts and kept us upright, and connected.  I heard the rusty hinges of the gate squeal and I braced myself like I was about to be in a car accident and grabbed onto the float for dear life as I closed my eyes.  And then as I could have predicted, there was the distinct gasp of an elderly man shocked by what he was seeing.

Mr. Finch did his George Takei impression, “Oh, my.”

I dared to look over at Mr. Finch who was shaking his head with feigned disgust.  There I was with my rock-hard cock in this kids mouth and his finger up my ass and all could do was put my hands up and make a "whatever" gesture.  After a moment of Finch just standing there, he surprised my by walking up the stairs to his apartment, unlocking the door, and closing the door behind him.  Considering how much he loved gawking at me, I was surprised he didn’t stop to stare at what was going on.  Oh wait, there he is, he just went inside to pour himself a glass of lemonade.  And then he moved his deckchair as close as he could to the edge of his balcony and sat down to enjoy my version of an Esther Williams show.  Well, if that old coot wasn’t going to make a fuss about it and even enjoy from afar, that was good enough for me.  So I let him watch as I closed my eyes and let the pool boy do the voodoo that he did so well.

As the next hour rolled by, I would occasionally peek up at Mr. Finch to see if was still there, and he was.  But now he had his phone in hand, and while he tried to make it look like he was just talking on it, I could tell that the camera lens was pointed at the two of us.  I knew that later I would plead with him not to post it on line and to at least send me a copy of it.  But for now, the pool boy had my full attention.  His tongue continued to caress my cock, his hand tugged at my balls and his finger probed my hole.  Until his phone rang.  We happened to have been close enough to his shorts for him to release his hold on my nuts and grab his phone out of his pocket.  He set my cock free with a kiss and used it as a pillow while he took the call.

“Ruben here.”

Funny, he didn’t look like a, Ruben.

Ruben continued talking like nothing was happening, “Yeah.  I know.  I know.  Well, something came up.  Yeah.  Yes, I’ll be careful.  I’ll get there as soon as I can.  Okay.”

He turned off the phone and tossed on top of his shorts.

He looked up at me for the first time. “That was my boss, apparently I missed my next three appointments.  So you don’t mind, I’ll just finish you off now?”

A little let down that this was ending, I said, “Oh, okay.  Sure, I don’t want you getting fired just for sucking my cock.”

He smiled, “It would almost be worth it.”

He grabbed my cock and started stroking it vigorously while sucked on its head.  The finger up my ass knew right where to go and triggered the muscles that trigger my orgasms.  He knew all this time exactly how to make me cum but didn’t.  He just was really into sucking my cock.  As my groin constricted and my pearlescent fluid started to surge, I realize I was a puppet in his hands.  I tried to muffle my cries of ecstasy, as not to make a total spectacle of myself to Mr. Finch, but this orgasm was the longest in coming and the most intense I ever had.  So I yelled out unabashedly as gush after gush of my semen filled the Ruben’s gullet.  And as he swallowed every drop I had to give, he humped my float harder and harder until he couldn’t hold back his jizm any longer.  He took his hand off my cock and grabbed onto is own.  My cock muffled his moans as his milk ricocheted of his torso and landed on my hips.  And just that quick, it was over as he collapsed into me.  With my cock still in his mouth, his head came to rest on my hip as his finger fell out of my ass.  His arms embraced my thigh as he suckled on my deflating cock.  We were both exhausted after that three-hour blowjob and just floated around the pool for the next ten or fifteen minutes under the unwavering gaze of Mr. Finch.  Finally we rolled of my float and into the water for a few minutes or so of passionate kissing.  Kissing always makes me hard and sure enough, I rose to the occasion again somewhere in the shallow end of the pool.  Ruben grabbed my cock with his thighs and tucked it tightly in his crotch and road it like a bronco-busting cowboy.

I told him, “I want to fuck you so much right now.”

He smiled, “Next time, daddy.  But I really have to get going.”

The water made it easy for him to squirm out of my embrace.  We both hopped out of the water and sat on the poll’s edge and we kissed a little longer.  We stood up and I used my towel to dry him off, making sure not a drop of water remained on his tight young flesh.  I grabbed his shorts and held them as he stepped back into them.  I slid his daisy dukes up his legs, set the waistband on his hips and carefully placed his dick inside and off to one side.


And like a doting mom, I carefully zipped his shorts shut and gave him a kiss goodbye.  Ruben grabbed his shirt and threw it over his shoulder as he grabbed his shoes and net with one hand and walked out barefoot and topless.  On his way, he gave a friendly wave to Mr. Finch, Mr. Finch waved back.  Ruben traipsed down the breezeway and disappeared with a turn t the end.  As I looked up at Mr. Finch, I could hear Ruben get in his truck and drive away.  I was still hard and gave Mr. Finch a playful pee-pee as I raised my hands in the air like I just don’t care and shook my torso side to side causing my cock slap my hips.  I realized I might be inviting trouble, so I dove into the pool to retrieve my favorite undersized Speedo.  And before I came back up, I managed to put it back on just barely able to stuff my raging boner inside of it.  I walked out of the pool and up the stairs to Mr. Finch.  He was happy to see my fully packed Speedo that closely.  I could see what he was looking at and I let him as I placed my hands on my hips.

I asked him politely, “I trust you’ll keep that video to yourself?”

Mr. Finch feigned ignorance, “Whatever do you mean?”

“I could tell you were recording us from down there.”

Mr. Finch was stolid. “So, what are you going to do about it?  What do expect making a public spectacle of yourself like that?”

I said, “Calm down.  You can keep it as long as you keep it to yourself…and… ah, send me a copy as well.  Okay?”

Mr. Finch gave me that pursed little smile he always gives me, “Okay, but only as long as you do repairs in my apartment in that little Speedo of yours.”

“Hands off?”

Mr. Finch was aghast, “My good man, I am always and foremost a gentleman.  I won’t lay a finger on you.  Unless you give me permission.”

I chuckled, “I don’t think that will happen.”

He pouted as he thought for a moment, “Can I assume that cute little pool boy will be back again?”

I smiled, “I hope so.”

Mr. Finch picked at his nails as, “And if he returns…”

“Yes, you can watch, you old dog.”

Finch put out his hand and I put out mine and we shook hands.  And what do you know; he was a gentleman about it and would later comply with my wishes as I would comply with his.  So rare these days that two men would honor their words to each other.

And for the next five Tuesdays, Mr. Finch, Ruben and I would have the complex to ourselves and our private shows until one of the lesbian tenants started working out of her apartment, so we had to cool it at here request.

Which brings to this, I’ve saved enough money for Ruben and I to fly to the very gay friendly country of Malta for the next couple of weeks or so and float down some of their rivers, and buying some lovely trinkets for him along the way.  Oh shit, have I just become a sugar daddy?  Anyway, you won’t be hearing from me for a while, but I will return.  Did I mention I’d be bringing my float with us?  See ya.