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Santiago, An Excellent Aperitif
By Jotto
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“Santiago, An Excellent Aperitif”


Santiago De La Cruz was one of the best dancers that Chippendales had to offer, and to be such a good dancer at only nineteen years of age made him considered as something of a prodigy.  He was the most requested and sought after man In the San Francisco Bay Area.  Not only for his great looks and Greek god-like body, but he had amazing dance moves that could hypnotize as his gyrating hips would make his large pendular cock that was loosely sheathed in a sparkling sparkle-black thong put all who saw it in a trance.  And even though nudity was not allowed on stage at the dance club, there was still something borderline obscene about all the meat swinging around inside that small piece of shinny fabric.  A Chippendale dancer could make about a thousand dollars in tips a night, Santiago’s average was about twenty-five hundred a night.  So even with the revenue that he generated, he couldn’t pass on an offer to make ten thousand in just one night.  And if the money wasn’t enough of an incentive, the offer that came from famous Noel Kums, creator and CEO of Spermworks.  Santiago’s only trepidation was that the offer was made by a woman who said she was an agent of Mister Kums.  But ten-thousand dollars is ten-thousand dollars.

At the appointed time and place, just after dusk in an exclusive neighborhood, Santiago drove in thru the gates of the Kums estate and a valet was quick to receive his Mini Cooper.  The dancer stepped out of his car already wearing his rip-away costume and carrying a pack back that contained his personal items as well as street clothes to wear after the event.  As his car was placed beside so many expensive high end vehicles, Santiago marveled at the mansion of Noel Kums, a faithful recreation of an ancient Roman palace.  The dancer stood in awe at he sight of the well lit palatial estate, it was like he had been transported to Rome of a thousand or more years ago.  As Santiago approached the massive wooden doors, he fondled himself, fluffing his cock a little so he would impress his clients as soon as they opened the door.  An elegant figure of an elderly man opened he door before Santiago could ring the bell.  He is Hobson, the chief of the household staff.  Hobson’s poker face concealed how impressed he was with the living Roman statuary, Santiago.  Even thru his clothes, Hobson could easily envision the young man’s physique.

Santiago was caught off guard, “Oh wow, I didn’t even ring the bell.  I guess you saw me coming.”

Hobson was deadpan as he eyed the male stripper, “You must be the eroctic dancer, Santiago De La Cruz.  I am Hobson, the head of the house staff, come in and follow me to the study, please.”

Santiago walked in and was awed even more by the interior, a grand hall with columns along the walls and an arched coffered ceiling.  Hobson and Santiago walked down the massive hall past an odd looking table made of polished stainless steel rods.

Santiago asked, “What type of table is that?”

Hobson politely, “That is where you’ll be… performing tonight.”

“That’s a stage?”

“Of a sort, Mister Kums had it made just for men such as yourself.”

Santiago scoffed, “I don’t see how I can stand on top of all those bars like that.”

“Don’t worry, I’m sure you will do just fine.”

The two men walked into the study and Hobson shut the door behind them.

Hobson turned to Santiago, “You may undress here.”

Santiago smiled, “Well, the clothes are part of the act.  There design to be ripped off during the dance.”

“That won’t be necessary, the men you’ll be dancing for…you are aware tonights audience is all male?”

Santiago smirks, “Yes, Chippendales is all inclusive, we dance for men and women.  And just so you know, I am bi-sexual.”

Hobson nods once, “How good for you.  However, not all of the men here tonight are gay, but all of them appreciate a fine wine and a beautiful work of art.”

Santiago grinned, “And I’m the work of art?”

“Yes, young man, you are a sculptor and your medium is human flesh.  And may I say, you’ve seem to have done an excellent job of it.”

“Thank you.”

Hobson gestured to Santiago’s groin, “I assume that you are wearing a thong?”

“Yes, of course I am.”

Hobson was cordial, “Then that and your bowtie will be just fine.  You may hand me the rest of your clothing.”

“But the clothes are really part of…”

Hobson interrupted, “You see, the men here tonight are not here to see you dance, they’re here to see you, and to share of you.”

Santiago took a breath, “Share?  What does that mean?”

Hobson moved on, “When the host and his guests have finished their meal, they will gather in the main hall for some fine cigars.  At that point, you will walk into the hall and mingle amongst them, I believe you call it, working the crowd.  Then after a while, a special aperitif while be conjured up and served.  So now if you please, I will gather your clothing and personal items for safe storage.”

With a quick yank from his arms, Santiago ripped away his silky outer costume.  And there it was, Santiago’s ample manhood thinly vailed in a shimmering sparkling black sequin thong that looks as if he had sheathed his manhood with a patch of the night sky.  Santiago kept an eye on Hobson to gauge his expression at the reveal of his body, but Hobsons discipline was strong and well rehearsed as he gave no outward indication of just how much he wanted to climb onto that young man’s body.

Santiago asked, “So, no dancing, just walking and talking?  I can do that.  This will be the easiest ten-thousand I’ve ever earned.”

As Santiago handed Hobson his shoes, shirt and his pants, he noticed the butler’s eyes scrutinized his physique.

Santiago beamed his welcoming smile as, “Do you want to touch me?  It’s all right if you want too.  Go ahead, I don’t mind.”

After only a moments hesitation, Hobson ran his finger down Santiago’s man cleavage as the stripper flexed and rippled his pectorals for him.


Hobson looked longingly at the dancer’s body and a feeling of serenity washed over him as if were walking through a splendorous meadow filled with blossoming flowers and gentle creatures and he became lost in the deep rugged valley in the center of the dancer’s chest.

Hobson sighed, “Oh, you are so beautiful, too beautiful for this place.”

Hobson’s hand opened up and cupped the undercut of Santiago’s left bosom of muscle.

Hobson daydreamed of them together, “I never get to fully participate in the festivities, not really.”

“Why not?”

Hobson was almost muttering, “Because I’m human.”  Hobson realized his faux pas, “I mean, just a common…person.”

Hobson regained his pokerface and took his hand of Santiago as he remembered his place in this exclusive society.

Santiago smiled, “Oh, Hobson, every one is special in their own way.”

Hobson abruptly turned to the door with Santiago’s belongings in hand.

Santiago protested, “Hey, were you going with my things?”

As Hobson headed out the door, “I’m just going to freshen them up a bit.  I’ll return them to you when your done.  Just wait here, Mister Kums will come and get you when It’s time for you.”

Santiago exclaimed, “Hey, I need something that’s in my pack.”

Hobson paused as the hulking stripper scampered over and grabbed something out from a small pocket on the side of his backpack.  He kept it concealed in his fist as Hobson turned back for the door.  Before Santiago could get in another request, Hobson was out the door.  And there the stripper stood in the middle of a room filled with books feeling anything but intellectual.  Except for false collars and bowtie and a sparkly sparkle-black thong, he was naked and alone.

A little secret amongst strippers that take it all off is that shortly before they go on stage they will masturbate or fluff themselves (but not to completion) to appear bigger.  And some will go the extra step of taking Viagra or some other similar substance to be sure they’re up for the show.

And so it was with Santiago as he opened his hand to reveal a single Viagra pill.  He knew that for the amount of money he was being paid that these men were most likely going to want the full monty, and then some, that some might want to make it a full contact event.  And he was prepared for that eventuality, no matter their appearance or age.  That’s what the Viagra was for.  He scanned the room for something to flush down the pill with but saw nothing.  So he worked up some extra saliva and swallowed the pill.

Santiago gulped, “Showtime.”

Santiago sat in one of the plush leather chairs and started to play with himself.  The feel of the old leather against his skin helped to stimulate the situation as he whipped out his already engorging cock and fondled his massive tube of meat until it was at its glorious fullness.  Not only did he admired and respect the gift of nature between his legs, he also truly loved his gigantesque cock like an old friend and a deer lover.  Yes, as if it were another person.  Santiago pulled his mane of flowing blond hair to one side and with no effort what so ever, he curled his torso and kissed his cock passionately.  His tongue stuck out and swirled around and into the plump head of his cock as he ushered his cock into his mouth.  Santiago was gentle and thorough as he engaged in the art of, autofellatio.  Careful not to over stimulate himself to the point of orgasm, he slowly and repeatedly swallowed the upper half of his cock.  But what Santiago failed to consider was that such an estate as this would be loaded with surveillance cameras.  And with all of his attention on his own cock, Santiago easily failed to notice the small dome of dark plastic tucked away in the far corner of the ceiling.  A piece of plastic that concealed a state of the art ultra high resolution camera that conveyed his preparations to recorders and monitors throughout the palatial mansion.  And even if Santiago knew that at that moment a party of men seated around a large dinning table in a room just across the hall were audience to his pre-show ritual, it wouldn’t have made any difference, he would have proudly performed this act in front of them.  This was a talent he had ever since he popped his first boner during the dawn of his puberty and would show off this skill to all of his childhood friends.  He was born to be a stripper.

As the men around the table masticated, gay, straight or anything in between, all were mesmerized by Santiago’s skill of being able to dine on his on cock.  Every lick and slurp the dancer made was displayed on an eighty-eight inch monitor with Dolby sound and digitally recorded for future replays.  As Santiago slapped his cock and twisted his balls, the men around the table became so enthralled that they forgot to finish their meal.

When Santiago felt he was on the brink of having an orgasm, he stopped sucking himself, sat up and unhanded his cock.  As Santiago leaned back into the chair, a single tendril of precum tethered his cock to his mouth.  With almost autonomic reflex, the dancer’s finger detached the web of pre-ejaculate from the head of his throbbing cock and swirled up into his mouth and he licked his finger clean.

Santiago addressed his cock, “Not yet, you bad boy, save it for the show.”

The dancer worshiped his cock as he gently caressed it with the tips of his fingers.

The men sitting around the dinning table broke out in spontaneous applause.  Their host, Noel Kums, brushed his erection to one side of his trousers as he stood and addressed the crowd of thirsty on lookers.

Noel cleared his throat, “Well gentlemen, let’s not keep Mister De La Cruz and his gorgeous phallus waiting any longer.  We have a potent aperitif to be imbibe.”

All rose and followed Noel out to the great hall.

Back in the study, Santiago continued to fondle his manhood as he waited for his cue to entertain the men.  As he heard the growing murmur of a crowd forming just on the other side of the door, he wrangled his cock and forced it back into the tight confines of his sparkling sparkle-black thong.  His huge erection became a bit cumbersome in the overtaxed garment as his throbbing member pushed the edges of the thong away from his crotch and exposed the sides of his cock and balls.  He tried to push his pride down but the mound of engorged flesh was healthy and under the influence of erectile medication.  Just then, Noel Kums entered the room and shut the door behind him.  Santiago rose to his feet with his hands clasped in front of him trying too hide the obvious boner.

Noel put his hand out to Santiago, “Mister De La Cruz, welcome to my humble abode.  Or should I call you, Eros, the name your fans know you by?”

Santiago shook Noel’s hand, “An honor sir, I’ve heard so much about you.  I can hardly wait too dance for you.  And Eros is only the stage name I use at Chippendale’s.”

“Very well then, Santiago it is.”  Noel eyes dropped down to Santiago’s impressive bulge, “And, I can see you’re ready to go.”

“Yeah, well, it seems my suit may be failing me.  I hope that this isn’t to obscene for your guest?”

Noel smiled, “Not at all.  In fact, you’ll be completely naked very shortly.  That is what I’m paying you for.”

“Yes, as long as you understand that I am not here on behalf of Chippendales, that this is a private arrangement, which is why I can perform nude for you.”

Noel nodded, “Yes, but about the dancing, there will be none.  I just want you to mingle with the crowd, engage in friendly conversation, and allow them to lay their hands on you.  Are you good with that?”

Santiago smiled, “Oh yes, I’m good with having my body worshipped.  At the club, we’re always encouraging audience members to lay their hands on us.”

“Very good, but tonight will include your manhood being handled by me and my guests.  Right?”

Santiago shrugged, “Hey, for what you’re paying me, you and your guest can put their hands on me anywhere they want, but just not in me.”

Noel almost laughed, “Yes, of course, Mister De La Cruz.”

Noel reached down and gave an underhanded pat to the bottom of Santiago’s distended thong.  It was as hard as a cop’s nightstick and as resilient as a mighty oak as it resisted any playful attempt to be swayed to one side or the other by Noel’s persistent touch.

Noel’s voice seemed distant, “Nothing but respect for you, young man.”

So use to being touched was the dancer that he didn’t even flinch as the elder gentleman groped him.

As Noel groped away, “Tell me, Mister De La Cruz, have you been using any of my male enhancement products?”

Santiago beamed, “Sorry, no sir, this big boy is all natural.  Besides, I get into enough trouble with what I’ve got already.  You know what I mean?”

Noel’s hand slid off Santiago’s thong with a smear of precum that had found its way through the sparkle-black fabric.  Noel spread the clear fluid between his thumb and middle finger and then placed the wet spots of his fingers on the tip of his tongue for a taste of Santiago’s essence.

Noel smiled, “Yes I do, and the trouble you’re about to get in to as well.”


Noel steered the conversation, “And you said you’re all natural.  Does that mean no steroids or anything of the like to assist in your bodybuilding?”

Santiago beamed, “All natural, non of that shit for me.  I’ve heard of too many young men leaving behind great looking corpses.”

The owner of Spermworks was glad, “Excellent, your even more of a prize than I hoped for.”

The stripper asked, “Why, is that important to you?”

“Let’s just say I prefer that certain people who work for me to have a pure and clean system.”

Noel put his arm around Santiago’s shoulders and walked him towards the door, “It’s time to introduce you to everyone.  And as you mingle with my guests, please lavish them with compliments on how nice and young they look and other such compliments.  It would help me out and make me even more indebted to you.  Understand?”

Santiago understood that to mean even more money, “Yes, Mister Kums, butter the crowd, that’s what I do for a living.”


Santiago politely asked, “Before we meet everyone, could I get something to drink?”

“Sure, I can have my man get you some water.”

“Well, I was hoping for something a little stronger than that.”

Noel winced, “Maybe later, after the festivities.  For right now, I would prefer to keep your system clean and pure.  Okay?”

Santiago was a little disappointed but compliant, “Then water will be just fine, Thank you.”

Noel stepped through the door first but held Santiago back for a moment.

Noel proudly addressed his guests, “Gentlemen…”

The crowd quickly quieted down and focused on their host.

Noel gave dramatic pause, “Gentlemen, I am pleased to present… Santiago De La Cruz.”

Noel swung the hand carved door away to reveal the statuesque figure of a man wearing nothing but a collar with bowtie and a sparkling black sequin thong that did so little to conceal his prodigious manhood.  As Santiago walked through the door way, hw gave a shy wave and half of a bow.  Noel put his hand in Santiago’s and walked him towards.  Santiago liked the image they presented of a well dressed billionaire walking hand in hand with a naked stud.  Santiago fancied for a moment the thought of becoming a kept boy to this powerful man, but the strength of Noel’s grip told him that he was a control freak.


Noel let go of Santiago prodded him, “Santiago, please, I paid for a showoff.”

And with a big smile, Santiago struck a classic muscle pose and the crowd went wild, well, politely wild, as they all applauded softly but with complete approval of his form.  Noel gently ushered Santiago into the crowd of thirsty men who at first parted like the Red Sea.  Each man was so intimidated by such a perfect specimen of a man that they had to step back.

Noel mocked his guests, “Gentlemen, please, this work of art is interactive.  Don’t be shy, be friendly and get within touching distance and feel his brawn and his sexual prowess.”

The men still hesitated but Santiago took the initiative.  Falling back on his striptease training and experience, he picked out the shyest and homeliest person in the room and went straight for him.  

Stripper Rule; win over the most resistant member of an audience and you win them all.

The little man in the crowd was a “Les Nessman” type.  His name was Elias and he was someone who wanted to witness the action but was not really allowed to be a part of it.  He took a step back as Santiago approached him.  Santiago took Elias’ hand and sandwiched it between his own.

Santiago smiled his melt them like butter smile, “And who do we have here?”

Flustered, “Oh, um, hi, my name is, ah…oh yeah, Elias.  It’s, Elias.”

“Well, hello, Elias.  That’s a handsome name, and an ancient one too.”

The timid man became a little less shy as he was impressed that a stripper would know that, “Why, yes, yes indeed.  Elias is a cognate of the Hebrew Eliyahu, which is derived from ‘eliyahu, which means, Jehovah is God… Oh listen to me going on about stuff that no-one cares about.”

Santiago placed Elias’ trembling hand on the rippling zipper-like cleavage of his chest.  Elias let out the most subtle gasp.

Santiago had become good at faking sincerity, “I care, I love learning about people and their names and what they do for a living.  So tell me more about yourself, what do you do for a living?”

Elias was mesmerized by the warmth of Santiago’s body, “Well, I have kind of a unique occupation, I’m what’s called a drudge.”

Santiago continued working this little man as he guided Elias’ hand down his rippling abs. “A drudge?  What’s that?”

Elias gulped, “Well, A drudge protects his vampire master during the daytime and runs small errands for him since most businesses are only open during the day.  And well, you know what happens to vampires out in the sun, poof.”

Santiago was put off as he didn’t know whether the man was crazy or just fooling with him or living out some sort of weird fantasy.

“Oh really, you work for a vampire?”

“Oh yes, I do, that’s him over there.”

Santiago stopped moving Elias’ hand down his body and looked to where Elias was pointing and there stood elegantly dressed man who raised his empty glass too him.

Santiago was incredulous, “Are you messing with me?”

“Messing with you?  No, I assure you, it’s true.  All the well dressed, important looking, and pale-complected men in here are vampires.”

Santiago scanned the room and did indeed notice that most of the men had pale completions.  Even some of the men of color weren’t so colorful, but Santiago just blamed it on the lighting until he notice that his body however still had its sun-baked glow about it.

Noel stepped in to guide the conversation and place an arm around Santiago’s waist to steer him away from Elias.

Santiago leaned into Noel to whisper, “Thank you for the save, you wouldn’t believe the story he was trying to tell me.”

Noel, “You mean something about vampires and him being a drudge?”

Santiago, “Yes, so you know about him?”

Noel, “Yes, and he is a drudge.  And see all the other men keeping to the perimeter, they are all drudges.”  Noel turns his head to Elias, “And some of them don’t know their place and should keep to the walls as they were told to do.”

Elias turtles in his head and skulks his way out of the crowd and towards the wall where this society says he belongs.

Santiago is even more incredulous, “And you’re going to tell me that you’re a vampire?  The head of Spermworks is…a vampire?”

“Yes, and the men immediately around you all vampires, welcome to our clutch, Santiago.”

Santiago mocked, “You mean like sleep in a coffin during the day vampires?”

Noel bristled at that, “Okay, that was a racist thing to say, most of us sleep in beds just like everyone else… Durning the day, yeah, but in beds.”

Santiago still wasn’t buying in to it, “Um…well then…sorry about that, didn’t mean to be rude.  Hey look, I dig role playing and if that is where you want to take this, I’m down with that.  Do you want me to play the helpless damsel?  Or perhaps you want me to get a Van Helsing on your ass and stab you with my stake.”  And Santiago punctuated that by flexing his cock and thrusting it into Noel’s thigh.

Noel stopped Santiago in the middle of the room and looked him in the eye.

“I’m sorry Santiago, but that little turd, Elias, ruined my plans.  I had it all figured out, there was to be time to get acquainted with everyone, then I was going to show you a video about the history and different types of vampires, and then the reveal.  But no, you had to go straight to one of most incompetent drudges ever.”

Santiago started to worry, “You really believe that you’re vampires?”

Noel placed his hands on Santiago’s shoulders to steady him and to look deep into his eyes. Noel’s voice seemed to echo inside Santiago’s head while his lips didn’t move as…

“Santiago, look deep into my eyes, stare deep into the deep wells of my pupils and fall in.  Keep falling deeper and deeper and let the darkness consume you.  And when you are lost in the darkness, you will reach out to my thoughts and you will know the truth when you hear it.”

Santiago’s heart felt as if had stopped beating and his vision grew black around the edges until the only thing he could see was Noel’s eyes.  The dancer felt as if were falling back to the floor.  Then when he should have hit the floor, he kept falling as if he were falling through the earth down to its very core and then all was dark.  Then a single point of light appeared to him, he reached out and when he touched it… ZAP, he was back in the great hall surrounded by all these men, surrounded by all these vampires!  And Santiago now accepted the dreadful facts and panicked.

“Oh my God, you really are a vampire, all of you.”

The men smiled as Santiago tried to slowly back away from them but kept bumping into one after another as Noel pursued him.  Basically naked and with a hard sack of blood hanging between his legs, Santiago fear that these vampires start by dining on his cock and tried to shield it with his hands.

Santiago shouted, “Keep away from me you blood suckers!”

Noel spoke in soothing tones, “Santiago, calm down, we are not blood suckers.”

“But you just told me you were vampires!”

Noel calmly, “Yes, but we are psychic vampires.”

“What’s the difference?”

Noel continued, “Blood suckers, and they do exist, are disgusting messy crowd of eaters who tend to kill indiscriminately and leave a trail of death and destruction wherever they go.  We, on the other hand, are psychic vampires.”

Santiago was dazed with fear, “So you’re not going to eat me?”

Noel chuckled a bit, “Well, not like that.  You see, people have auras that protect their energy and charkas, and psychic vampires feed by sipping life energy through a tentacle of sorts, a psychic tentacle that’s attached to those auras.  As a matter of fact, we have been feeding off of you since you walked into the room.  And aside from feeling a little groggy, you didn’t even realize it until I just told you.  Did you?”

“Now that you mention it, I do feel a little light-headed.  But you’re not going to kill me?”

Noel shrugged, “Well, not if we are careful.  And we are not binge eaters, we are a higher class of vampire.  You will be depleted to the point of total exhaustion and yo will pass out.  But when you rise again, you will wake with a big headache, and then you will be yourself again in no time.  We believe in keeping people like you around as a renewable resource.  We vampires can be green too.”

Santiago’s retreat was halted when his bare ass pressed up against the table made of chrome-plated bars.  Little did the stripper realize he had actually been steered to that spot by Noel with assistance from his guests.

Santiago, “So why did you need me naked and aroused?”

Noel was a bit more coy about this, “Well, I am gay, so the naked and aroused part is purely for my sense of esthetics.  However, that actually brings us to one of the unfortunate side effects of being undead, we can’t get drunk or high.  All drugs have no effect on us, nicotine, alcohol, cocaine, even caffeine, non of it does anything for us.  But there are two substances that will allow any vampire to get his buzz on.  They are the fluids of life.  One is menstrual blood, but there two things wrong with that, it has to come from a woman and it’s blood, and since I’m gay and not a blood sucker…yuck.  The other fluid of life that can get our buzz on going is…semen.”

Santiago gets it, “Oh shit, you want my milk.  Well, I’m honored but I don’t know if I can handle all of you sucking on my cock.  I mean the most spunk spills I’ve ever had in one night was nine or ten, and there’s like two dozen of you.  Shit, even with as big as my cock is, having you all go down on me will wear it down to a nub.  So, you’ll have to share, I guess.”

Noel was more stern now, “No, that is not how this works.”

Santiago had an epiphany, “Hey, why don’t you guys just rob a sperm bank?”

Noel scowls, “Freezing ruins the flavor, it’s like the difference between fresh squeezed or from concentrate, and we do so prefer the taste of fresh squeezed.”

Santiago flinches as Noel grabs his balls through the sparkle-black swath of fabric.

“So, you want me to jack-off or something?”

Noel continued, “No, you will strip and lay face down of the rack behind you, allowing your erect gentiles to dangle freely below the bars.  Then, your wrists and ankles will be secured to the four corners of the rack.  And then my man, Hobson, will attach electrodes to your cock and balls and an electrified ram will be shoved up your ass.  And then we will test your pain threshold with incremental increases of electricity.”

Santiago eyed the crowd of men closing in, “Why all the fuss, dude?  I can just rub out some loads for you.  I mean, I’m sure I could set a new record for number of spills in one night.”

Noel, “No, we find that sperm ejaculated under duress is much more virile and  potent and therefore packs quite a wallop.  The testosterone really flows when a man is in a flight, fright or fight mode.  How mighty the river flows when there is a storm.”

Santiago is stunned, “Well, and to think I passed on celebrating my birthday with my friends tonight for this.”

Noel smiled, “Oh, really, happy birthday then.   How old are you now?”


Noel took a deep breath, “Ah, twenty, oh to be so young and to still have so much of your life ahead of you.”

Santiago gulped, “Yeah, and I’d like to keep it that way, so… I think I’ll be leaving now.”

Santiago suddenly tried to break past Noel, but the crowd of vampires was very strong and held the stripper against the rack as dozens of hands groped his groin.  And in an instant, his thong is ripped off his body and his Viagra assisted erection sprung straight out and proud.  As the vampires took turns sniffing the shredded garment, they stared with amazement at his elephantine cock that swayed and bounced as Santiago struggled to break free from all the hands that held and molested him.  Noel leaned in, his leg pressed into Santiago’s groin pressing his cock and balls apart.  The lead vampire grabbed the naked muscled dancer by the jaw and forced him to look into his eyes.  Noel’s voice echoed inside of Santiago’s head as he used the Jedi mind trick on him.

“Santiago, stop!”

Santiago was instantly under Noel’s spell and stopped struggling and became still except for his cock which bobbed frantically to the beat of an excited heart.  The vamps that held him could feel his muscles relax and let him go.  Santiago’s arms fell limp to his side.

Santiago was impassive as, “Yes, my master.”

Noel commanded, “Lay upon the rack, Santiago.”

“Yes, my Master.”

Santiago easily hoisted himself onto the assemblage of bars causing his cock too slap against his abs.  When he laid down, his mighty cock stood tall like a lighthouse on a rugged coastline.  But this lighthouse didn’t warn others away from crashing on the rocks, but rather, it beckon all who saw it to come closer.  And a single drop of precum that percolated up to the top of Santiago’s tower cast its own light as the chandlers reflected through it.

After a while of just starring at Santiago’s cock, Noel turned to his followers.

“Gentlemen vampires, this is a sight to behold?  Let us take in his musk before we drain him.”

The hypnotized Santiago laid still as the clutch of vampires gathered around to mull over his scent.  Their hands wiped the sweat from his body and wafted it into the air for all to inhale.  Fingertips dabbed into the small pool of precum that had formed on top of Santiago’s cock to sample what was to come.  Others of the group inspected his neatly shaven balls like old ladies testing fruits, rolling the orbs around their fingers and turning an ear towards them as they tapped Santiago’s balls for audio cues as to their freshness.

One of the older members of the group blurted out, “Wow, his clean shaven groin feels just like a much bigger version of my youngest nephew.”

The rest of the group look at him with disgust and disbelief.

That member defended himself, “Well, I get hungry.”

Noel warned him, “So help me, if you bring unwanted attention down upon our group, I will end you.”

The careless vampire cast his eyes away in shame as he continues his molestation of the hypnotized stripper.

Noel shook that off and then commanded Santiago again, “Santiago, roll over onto you stomach and spread your limbs out.”

“Yes, my master.”

Santiago rolled over, his pendular cock and balls swung down freely between the bars as he reached out with his legs and arms.  Noel and his man, Hobson swiftly secured Santiago’s wrists and ankles to the four corners of the rack with padded leather cuffs.  Once the muscle bound stripper was locked in place, Noel and Hobson stepped back.

Noel commanded, “Awake, Santiago.”

Santiago’s head snapped up and he knew exactly where he was.  He saw his body follow the commands of Noel but could nothing to resist him.  He fought with al his might to break free, but the leather was stronger than he.  And even if the psychic vampires hadn’t been already siphoning off his energy, he still would not have been able to break those bounds.

Santiago finally screamed, “Fuck you!  Fuck you all to hell!”

Noel addressed his clutch, “Can you feel the primitive energy welling up within him, how sweet it is?  Let the milking begin!”

Hobson knelt beside the rack and pulled from his pocket a couple of metallic rings and electro pads.  Hobson grabbed Santiago’s cock like the utter of a cow  and fought to slide the first ring over it.  Santiago tried to recoil from the pain of the undersized ring being forced onto his oversized cock, but his limbs were pulled too far apart for him to recoil from the butler’s efforts.

Santiago cried out, “That fucking hurts!  Cut it out!”

Hobson looked to Noel and huffed, “He is a big one, sir.  Should I get some lubrication?”

Noel shook his head, “No, the pain is a delicious part of it.”

And with one fierce shove, Hobson managed to get the ring up past the half way pint of Santiago’s cock.  Santiago screamed as the hard metal ring dug deep into the very engorged flesh of his manhood.

Santiago yelled, “Oh, you mother fuckers!”

And he screamed again as Hobson tried twisting the second ring into place and got it just behind the plump head of the large phallus.

Hobson was exasperated and gave Santiago’s cock a fierce test shaking to make sure the rings were secured, “Phew, that will have to do.”

Santiago whimpered as Hobson then pulled wires from one end of the rack and extended and attached them to terminals on the cock-rings.  

Santiago pleaded as he watched Hobson go about his business, “Awe, come on dude, don’t do this.  This ain’t right.”

Then the electro pads were adhered to his balls.  The clutch could feel his fear and his pain grow and fidgeted with anticipation.  Then the vampires became gleeful as Santiago’s dread grew ten fold when he looked over his shoulder and saw the anal battering-ram placed between his legs and attached onto the rack.

Santiago pleaded, “Oh god no, you’ve got to be kidding.  That thing is huge.”

Hobson dangled a bottle of sex-lube in front of Santiago’s face, “Don’t worry, boy, I’m using only the best on your ass.”

Hobson lubricated the end of the ram as Santiago tried to angle his ass away from the insidious device.  The butler then squirted a copious amount down the deep divide of the dancer’s butt.  He spread the viscus solution all around Santiago’s hole.  The dancer jolted and tried to constrict his sphincter as Hobson used his finger to plunge the lube deep into his glorious inner sanctum.

Santiago scorned Hobson, “Ah, fuck you, dude, nobody does that to me.”

Hobson grinned, “You mean I had the honor of popping your cherry?  Well, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday, Santiago, happy birthday to you.”

Hobson gave Santiago’s one more deep blunge with his finger before ripping it out if the young man’s ass and set the lube aside.  Hobson turned on the anal ram.  The ram let out a hiss and started to extend as its pneumatics activated.

Santiago begged, “Please, don’t do this!  There’s got to be another way.”

As the ram slowly extended, Hobson walked up beside the rack and spread the cheeks of Santiago’s ass as far apart as he could.  However, Santiago’s muscle bound ass was able to overpower Hobson and slammed shut.

Hobson looked to Noel, “I’m afraid I’ll need your assistance, sir.”

Noel stepped up and grabbed on to one ass cheek with both hands while Hobson grabbed the other cheek with his hands, and the two men pulled at Santiago’s buttocks apart to expose his hole to the advancing ram.  As the cold metal of the ram made contact with Santiago’s hole, the hapless dancer let out a defiant yell while all of his muscle flexed and bulged struggled against the restraints even harder.  Santiago tried preserving the sanctity of his precious orifice by shifting his groin upwards letting his taint take the hit, but as the ram continued to press harder and harder, it felt as if that unyielding machine was about to make a new hole right behind his balls.  Eventually, Santiago realized he had no choice in the matter and surrendered his glory and dignity to the unholy piece of technology.  The ram pushed its way into Santiago and violated the chastity of his virgin ass.  The disgraced dancer yelled and cried for the passing of his anal virginity.  And as the rams reached the limits of his inner sanctum, Santiago cried out frantically.

“Ahhh, you’re killing me!”

Noel waved his finger at Hobson who then set a limit on the machine and the ram stopped its methodical advance.  And then it pulled back a little to where Hobson set the reverse limit and that device was now customized to Santiago’s specifications and began its repeated plunging of the dancer’s ass.  The ram went back and forth, in and out and over and over again.  Noel leaned in to a whimpering Santiago and pet him on the head like a deer pet.

Noel hushed, “There, there, Santiago, see, we don’t want to damage you, just hurt you.  And now, my deer boy, you should prepare yourself, because now starts the very intense part as we turn on the electricity.”

Santiago was already quivering with dread, “P…ple…please, no.  I b…beg you.”

Noel pointed a finger at Hobson, “Juice him.”

Hobson flicked a switch on the side of the rack and the electricity flowed immediately.  Santiago’s body reacted before his intellect could as his muscles twitched and flexed rapidly.  Not only were the wires hooked up to his genitals electrified, but he ram up his ass sent jolts deep into his groin and the rack he was splayed out on zapped every part of his flesh that had contact with the cold chrome plated bars.  And as Santiago choked on his screams, Hobson placed an antique pewter decanter directly under the dancer’s pulsating phallus to receive the sweet sap that was about to come gushing out.  But Santiago was fighting the pain and his body was locking up, he was resisting with every fiber of his being the incredible urge to cum for these godless creatures.

Though Santiago’s screams entertained the clutch while his pain and dread replenished there ids.  However, it did not give them the high they desired.  And after nearly ten minutes of Santiago’s violent struggles, the crowd became restless.

Hobson leaned towards Noel and whispered, “Your guests are becoming restless and the boy is holding back.  He should have discharged by now.”

Noel ruminated, “Yes, this one is stronger than the others we’ve had before him.  I could watch that beautiful body struggle all night long, and I will.  But I too desire the potent and luscious liquid ambrosia being electrically churned in those voluminous and juicy orbs of his.  I can smell his sperm from here and his scent is intoxicating.  How I do love the foreplay, but I do need a stiff drink right now.”

Hobson asked, “But this has been going on for fifteen minutes now all we’ve seen from him is a few drops of his broth.  How much longer can he hold back his flow?”

Noel smirked, “I think a few well chosen words will break him.”

Noel walked over to the head of the rack and knelt down to look Santiago in his eyes.  Noel placed his hand under Santiago’s chin and guided gaze towards him.

Noel coaxed the stripper, “Santiago, I have to say that I am impressed with you.  Not only do you have an enormous cock, but you are demonstrating great prowess over your sexual organs.  You know, every young man that I’ve had fastened to this rack and electrified has started coming within the first minute or two.  But not you, you have managed to hold back your flow this long.”

Santiago growled, “I’ll n...n...never cum for you, you e...e...evil creature!”

Noel grinned, “And if any one could deny me what I desire, I bet it’s you.”

Santiago struggled, “Why don’t you j...j...just hypnotize me to c…c…cum?”

“Because, Santiago, as I told you, the struggle makes your sperm all the sweeter.  And you should see how sweet you look, strapped down to this rack with all your impressive musculature bulging and rippling.”

“Shut up!”

“And your huge, hard cock and balls dangling in midair and hanging so low, why, there almost wasn’t enough room to place the decanter underneath you.  How your cock must be the topic of conversation with other men even when your not around.  You must be the envy of your brethren strippers who are jealous of how you and your huge cock get all the attention during the show.”

Santiago was fighting his own ego, “Stop talking, just s…s…shut up already!”

Noel was unrelenting, “And just how many have had the privilege of seeing you shoot your load?  I bet you gush like a fire hose.  Even now, I can sense all that sperm inside of you struggling to break free and gush out of your huge, gargantuas, and most enviable cock.  My goodness, it’s the biggest I’ve seen in my lifetime.”

“Shut the f…f…fuck up!  I know w…w…what you’re trying to d…d…do.”

“You know that all the men gathered here tonight are here are here just for you and to worship your cock and to see you cum.  And oh how much the desire to drink you milk.”

Santiago closed his eyes and screamed, but this time to drown out Noel’s voice.  Noel ran his thumb across Santiago’s lips.

“And I know this lips have tasted your own milk.  Not only can I smell it on your tongue, but I watched you as you sat in my reading chair and supped and slurped on your own delicious cock.  My surveillance cameras caught it all and it was beautiful and it will be even more beautiful every time I replay that footage.  As a matter of fact, all my guests have requested copies of that video, and I’m going to give it to them.  I suspect within a week or two you’ll be a viral video sensation.”

Santiago yelled, “Shut up, s…s…shut up, shut up!”

Noel cooed, “Oh my, were you about to loose control?  Were you just about to release your seed for all of us to see?  I know you need to cum, I can feel the pressure within your balls building to a climax.  You know you need to cum.  And when you do, it will be the most intense orgasm you have ever had.  Imagine it, as intense as your orgasms already are that you could experience a level of ecstasy that will shatter your mind.”

Santiago’s body started to convulse as his groin constricted.  The young dancer use every last bit of his will to ignore Noel and hold it back his orgasm.

Noel made his final move, “There you go, my sweet child, let it go for your daddy."

It was already too late for Santiago as his sperm had already started its speedy journey through his reproductive system.  The stripper's chiseled body shuddered and froze as a massive torrent of his precious seed gushed out of his cock and in to the decanter.  He came with such force that some of his sperm splashed back of the decanter and onto the floor.  And the clutch of vampires cheered.

Noel exclaimed, “There it is!  Yes, boy, let the river flow and know why you were put on this earth.”

Santiago growled as he came again while Noel stepped back to watch.  Santiago screamed a cry of ecstasy that he didn’t know he was capable of as a third volley of his sperm shot down into the decanter.

Santiago cried out, “Oh my g...g...god!  Oh, fuuuuuuck!  Oh, fuck!  Fuck!”

And his cock continued to gush and gush again as he yelled and gasped desperately.  It wasn’t stopping and the decanter was already a third full.

Noel nudged Hobson, “Judging by the intensity of his orgasm and the volume of his testicles, I do believe we are going to need a second receptacle.”

Hobson wanted to continue watching the spectacle but was duty bound as he ran off to gat another decanter.  Santiago continued to wreath around in orgasmic splendor as his cock kept draining his balls of their pearlescent treasure.

Santiago was beside himself as, “Oh god, what’s h...h...happening?  It w...w...wont s...s...stop!  I...I...can’t t...t...take it any m…m…more!”

By the time Hobson returned, the decanter was almost full.  In between spurts, Hobson manage to swap out decanters without missing a drop.  He has done this many time before.

As the electricity continued to torture Santiago and cause his balls to surrender their precious brew, Hobson started serving Mister De La Cruz’s distillation to the thirsty and soulless creatures.  


Once all their cups and glasses were filled with a goodly sample of the young man’s pearlescent cream, Noel turned to his clutch and raised his cup, and the other returned the gesture while Santiago continued to moan and scream as he thrashed about on the rack.

Noel beamed, “Gentlemen, let us express our appreciation to our special guest, Santiago De La Cruz, and his virile seed that we have taken from him and continue to take from him.”

The psychic vampires all raise there glasses towards Santiago and exclaim, “Masculinity, manhood, virility, andrismós!”

Santiago screams calmed down to moans as he was nearly drained of his psychic energy and semen.  So weak was he from the incessant orgasm that he was barely able to raise his head to pear over his muscular arm and sneer at them.  He tried to spit at them but could only drool.  His head collapsed down onto the bars of the rack as he whimpered and moaned away.  And as Santiago continue his descent towards unconsciousness, the electricity kept the purge of cum flowing from his loins and his cock was now a broken faucet that couldn’t be turned off.

Noel cherished the moment as he gazed upon his friends and raised his glass. “In the words of my ancestors, l’chaim.”

The crowd echoed his salute and took a sip of Santiago’s white tea.  Immediately, with the first sip, each member of the clutch shuddered with exultation as the first drop of Santiago’s liquid spirt trickled over their tongues and down their throats.  And with that sip, the undead remembered what it felt like to be truly alive as they gasped and sighed.

Noel withdrew the seminal drink from his lips and gazed at the drop of Santiago’s cum clinging to the rim of his cup.

Noel declared, “Santiago De La Cruz, an excellent apéritif.”

And as the clutch of vampires complimented their host on such a fine presentation, Noel turned to Santiago and noticed that the young man was had become quiet and motionless.  Santiago had finally passed out from exhaustion and dehydration.  The effluence of his semen had become a mere trickle just as the second decanter had become full of the young man’s cum.  Noel signaled Hobson to kill the power to the rack.  Hobson was quick to the switch and Santiago’s constricted muscles went limp.

Noel turned to his brood again, “Gentlemen, it seems Mister De La cruz has been exorcised of all the precious bodily fluid his balls had to give us this evening and has passed out.  A well earned slumber if you ask me.”

Noel raised his cup again, “Now would be a good time for or latest salutation.  Gentlemen…fuck Taika Waititi.

And the crowd repeats him, “Fuck, Taika Waititi.”

And all enjoy another sip of Santiago.

Noel addressed his guests, “Gentlemen and your drudges, it is time to let Santiago rest as his brain and his loins have given us all he can give us tonight, so let us adjourn to my study where we can enjoy what’s left of Mister De La Cruz’ cream while I show off my latest acquisition, a first edition of Mary Shelley’s, “Frankenstein”.  And for those who would like to keep viewing Santiago’s body, or even move up to molesting him, you may do so.  But remember, no more psychic feeding, I want this one to recover.  I plan to make him an offer to become one of “The Eight”.”

“The Eight”, was a collection of eight prime specimen of young men who were the preferred sources of semen amongst the clutch.  One of these eight young studs would be juiced once a week.  This gave each of the eight two months to fully recharge their ids and their balls.  And one of the existing eight had become too old for the tastes of this clutch.  But don’t feel too sorry for that one, for he would be offered full membership into the clutch.  He would become a psychic vampire, a soulless creature, but one that was eternally strong and good looking.

Hobson set aside the first emptied decanter and picked up the second mostly full decanter from under Santiago’s dripping cock and joined Noel by his side.  Most of the clutch followed Noel into his study while the rest remained to study Santiago.  And through the night, Santiago’s unconscious body became an interactive art piece as the fingers and tongues of undead men graced na fully explored his muscular body and sampled the last few precious drops of his sperm straight from its source.

Later, much later…

Some uncertain amount of time later, Santiago woke to a most pleasant sensation, his naked and still aroused body was on a firm massage table as four masseurs were washing him with moist and hot cloths and kneading the deep muscle tissues of his depleted body.  He was back in the study again surrounded by all those books.  The touch of the four men was so soothing that Santiago knew instantly that he had nothing too fear.  In fact, this experience was in such contrast to what happened before, he wondered if it even happen at all.  When he made eye contact with the masseur massaging his groin, that masseur smiled a pleasant smile and then looked off into the distance over his head.

The masseur spoke calmly, “Mister Kums, your guest has finally awoken.”

Noel’s voice came through clear, “Thank you, Dimitri.”

Santiago’s first impulse was to flee and he tried to sit up and his head whipped around trying to spot Noel, but the events of that night before still had him too feeble and he fell back down flat on the massage table.  The masseurs held Santiago down to the padded table and straightened his body out as they continued to service him.

The masseur, Dimitri, was a former Russian national with big firm hands that had a soft touch, “Just relax, sir, you in good hands now.  You can relax, you made it through night just fine.  Like real man.  Relax, now is time to feel good.”

Dimitri’s oiled hands slid down between Santiago’s legs, rolled into a fist and pressed firmly into his taint which moved his balls up around his cock.  Santiago cringed as his sphincter and his prostate were still cramped up.  The masseur gently rolled his fist around in slow deep circles.

Dimitri, “Oh, yes, you so very tight down here.  I make you feel better.  And within a couple of days, your sperm count…back to usual.”

Santiago was use to being woken up by a man over his naked body, and on special occasions, two men.  But four men hovering over him and working naked body as he woke was…really nice.  But then he saw Noel Kums walk into view and standing over him with a Cheshire Cat-like smile.  Santiago tensed up again.

Noel smiled, “Well hello, sleeping beauty.”

Santiago scowled, “You mother fucker.  If you think having these men service my body is going to make up for what you did to me last night… If I could get up right now, I would kick your ass so fucking hard.”

Noel smirked, “Calm down, young man.  First, these men are not here for compensation, but to help your body recover your energy.  We did sap all of your sperm, emptied your testicles completely, but your body is recovering already.”

Noel pointed at Santiago’s hard cock and the dancer saw a drop of seminal fluid running down the side of his impressive manhood.

Noel continued, “Second, it wasn’t last night, it was three nights ago.”

Santiago was dismayed, “What, I’ve been here for three days?”

Noel shrugged it off, “Yes, well, we did also soak up most of your psychic energy.  But as evident by your consciousness, that too is returning to you.”

Santiago became worried, “I’m fucked, I missed a bunch of shows at the club.  They’re going to kill me.  No, they’re going to fire me first and then they’re…”

Noel cut him off, “Don’t worry, I sent word that you were unexpectedly caught ups in one of my worldly excursions and I compensated your employer handsomely for the inconvenience.”

Then Noel pulled a check out of a pocket on his velvet smoking jacket and held for Santiago to see.

Noel smiled, “And thirdly, this is your compensation.”

It took Santiago a moment to focus his weary eyes and then another moment to make sure he was reading it correctly.

Santiago couldn’t believe it, “That check is for fifty-thousand dollars.”

“Yes, five times more than we originally agreed.  You very much earned it.  Your sperm was the most potent and the best I’ve tasted in a very long time.  It provided us with a high that I forgot was possible.  You made me feel alive again.  Thank you, Santiago.”

Santiago dared to ask, “But you could have just killed me and taken my nuts.”

Noel smiled, “You forget, Señor De La Cruz, I told you that I am a green vampire and believe in renewable resources, and your family jewels are a now a precious resource to me.  And I want to tap that well again.”

Santiago was shocked, “How in the name of hell to you think I would let you do that to me again?”

Noel grinned, “Because…you will want me too.”

Santiago stared at Noel like he was crazy.

Noel continued, “Human sexuality is an interesting thing.  It’s very malleable, very plastic in that it can reshaped into anything.  And it can adapt to its current environment.  And you have been reshaped by current events.”

Santiago wasn’t having it, “You’re saying that I like what you did to me?”

“In a way, yes.  Your body has been recalibrated to find ecstasy at a much higher level, and nothing else will satisfy you from now on.”


“Then how do you explain that powerful erection of yours?  The Viagra you took when you first got here has worn off by now, and you’ve been erect the whole time you were asleep.  Your body liked it and it’s waiting for your mind to catch up to it.  In my studies and research into male sexuality, I’ve come to discover that when a my achieves a new high, especially an orgasmic high, nothing else will do after that.  And you just experienced an orgasm like you’ve never had before.”

Santiago looked away, “You are crazy.”

Noel took a deep breath, “Then let me tell you your future.  You will spend a few days here recuperating, eating and lounging around the pool, all in the nude of course.  Then I will give you pack your clothes and send you home in one of my limousines.  Then you will ruminate for the next week or two about what happened to you and what a powerful orgasm you had.  And then you will begin experimenting with your body trying to achieve that orgasmic high again and you will fail.  And then you will recruit the help of intimate friends who you will ask to torture you in your quest to once again experience that level of orgasm, and they will get it wrong because they will be afraid to hurt you.  Then after a couple of months or so of failed sexual experimentation, you will come back to me because I’m not afraid to hurt you and I know how much to hurt you without damaging you.  And you will also want to return to me for the fifty-thousand dollars I will pay you every time you put your body in my hands.  That is your future.”

Santiago stared off into space as, “So, you think you know me that well, do you?  Well, you don’t.”

Noel countered with, “No, I don’t know you personally, but I know your type.  You’re a stripper because you know you have the looks, talent and physique that people idolize and you love the crowds that cheer at the appearance of your body and your well stuffed thong.  You want to be worshipped, and with my international connections, your body, your cock and your sperm will be sought after and adored world wide.  And in my circle, you will be a rockstar, traveling the world and delivering your seed to the farthest reaches of the planet.  And then, after years of service to me and as you age and your looks start to fade, and your semen loses it edge, I will reward you with the key to eternal health and good looks as you become one of us.  It has happened many times before, audit will happen again.”

Santiago sat quiet for a moment, and then, “My minister once told me that the devil recruits souls by giving people everything they want.”

“And you want this, don’t you?”

“Yes, I do, but I know for the sake of my soul that I shouldn’t, because you are the devil, or at least an agent of his.”

“Well, I don’t think of myself as an agent of evil, but you could be right.  But ask yourself this, why is your cock still hard?”  Noel started to walk away.  “Looks like you have some thinking to do.  Enjoy the house, the surrounding grounds and even the intimate companionship of the people working here while you convalesce.

Only after did Noel leave the room did a flustered Santiago think of a comeback.

“Well, I’m naked and I have four burly men rubbing on me, of course I’m going to have a boner!”

And as the weeks rolled on, Santiago did roam the estate and swim in the pool tout naturel.  He enjoyed all the food, drink and companionship it had to offer.  All the while, he debated with himself whether he was sexually awakened or just raped.  And as prophesied by Noel,  Santiago went back to his boring apartment with an exciting new world of sexual curiosities spinning in his head and thus began a new era of sexual experimentation on and in his body, as well as a whole lot of risk taking.  Santiago bought a number of electro torturing devices to strap on or insert into his body.  And as painful as it was and as much as he enjoyed it, it wasn’t the same.  There was something missing, and that missing ingredient was the loss on control and the fear that came with that.  No matter how much he tried and no matter how many people and things he tried it with,  he was ultimately still in control, so he couldn’t equal the level blissful pain he felt when at the whim of Noel Kums.

So Santiago went looking for the danger by having sex in public places with anonymous men.  Wearing his gayest jogging attire which only consisted of a pair of pearlescent white and hot pink striped lycra short-shorts with coordinated running shoes while sporting a raging hard-on and running through high risk locations like a wharf at night or gang controlled hoods with the hope of being pursued, beaten, or even raped by angry horny men.  However, the only time he got the danger he was looking for was when he wore his little fag-tease jogging suit into a remote bar that was overpopulated by a dangerous biker gang.  With in thirty-seconds after ordering a strawberry daiquiri, Santiago was taken to the very neglected bathroom at the back of the bar and gang-raped well into the night.  But one has to ask, was it really rape when that’s what he wanted.  The walk of shame all the way home was especially tough on Santiago that night since what little clothing he wore had been ripped to shreds leaving him completely naked.

On the two month anniversary of his sexual rebirth, and Santiago had been counting the days, he had just bought his third version of an electro-shock device.  It promised the maximum shock to you genitals allowed by law.  And as he sat in the middle of his apartment with all three of the machines frying his cock and balls, it hurt and it hurt good, but there was no danger so the thrill just wasn’t there.  He had been become intolerably frustrated with his own sex life and was now willing to risk everything in pursuit to fulfill his painful desires.

So on this special day, the rain was falling hard and he knew that his very sheer pink and white jogging shorts would become transparent when wet.  Surly, this would catch the attention of cops who would have to arrest him a send him to jail dressed like that.  A perfect rape scenario if ever there were one.  So Santiago and his hard cock dawned his barely legal short-shorts and matching shoes and cap and went for a jog in the rain on the most public roads for the chance of being arrested and for the thrill of being a such public spectacle.  Or at least the hope that anonymous men would fuck him.  And as he ran in the rain, his little shorts became transparent, and so was he.  One look at this muscle-bound young man running down the street with his huge cock basically exposed for all to see, let all who saw him know that there was a stud desperate for attention and crying for help.  And no matter how fast he ran, the demons and frustrations of his new sexual desires were right on his heals.  He was miles from his home and somehow made it this far without crossing the path of a police officer or any one else willing or able to stop him.  And he kept running until he couldn’t run anymore.  And when he stopped from exhaustion, he collapsed against the bars of a gate and hung on for dear life.  And as he gasped for air, he looked up and saw he was hanging onto the gate of the Noel Kums’ estate.  Was it fate, accident or his subconscious that brought him here?  No, he knew exactly where he was going and he was now ready to face the man who changed him.


And two months to the day, Santiago stood at the main gate to the Kums’ estate and stared up at the surveillance that was obviously focused on him.

A sopping wet Santiago shouted out, “I know you can see me!  Open the gate, you bastard!”

And even though he showed up unannounced, he was expected and the gates opened up for him.  The walk up the drive to Noel’s manor seemed longer than it actually was as he rehearsed in his mind what he would say to that man, that vampire of souls.  As he neared the door, the large assemblage of ancient wood swung open and there was Noel Kums himself, looking as refined as ever and keeping to the darkness of his mansion.

Noel smiled, “Well, hello, Mistier De La Cruz, this is an expected surprise.”

As the rain ran down Santiago’s face and matted his once illustrious blond mane flat to his skin, he looked through his soaked hair and stared at Noel dead in his eyes.

“I hate you.  I hate what you did to me.  I hate that I let you pay me off.  And I hate how you have complicated my sexual desires.  And I wish our paths had never crossed, but they have and I am who I am now.  And I… I don’t know what to do with myself any more.”

Noel sighed, “Oh my dear boy, it would seem you have a choice to make, and it’s simple choice.  You can either step over this threshold into my world and all it has to offer, and you are welcomed stay with me here, or… you can turn your naked self around, go home and somehow learn to be happy with something lesser.  So which is it, do you want come in, or do you take your chances out there.  The choice is yours.”

Santiago just stood there staring at the threshold to Noel’s world realizing that if he stepped in, he would eventually lose his sole, but he would be living in absolute splendor for all the years to come.  But he also knew that out there, in the real world, he would be his own man, free to do as he willed and with his eternal soul intact.  So, he just stood there as he thought to himself, in or out.  In or out.  In or out.  In or out.  In or...