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By Jotto (Illustrated by sparkieshock)
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The following story was written by Jotto and the illustrations are by Sparkieshock
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By Jotto


When Ryan woke up, he was in the dark, physically and emotionally.  He had no idea how much time had elapsed since he lost consciousness.  All he could remember was the pain that drove him mad and then into a mental oblivion.  So absolutely dark was his surroundings that he feared the electricity that had coursed through his body had made him blind.  Without a single photon to trigger his optical nerves, his eyes felt numb staring into the black hole that encircled him.  Blackness not only totally annulled of light, but completely absent of hope.  His throat was raw from all the screaming and hurt as he tried to swallow what little refreshment his saliva could provide.  The only other sensation was from the shackles that tightly bound his wrist and ankles and the wires of the bed frame that pressed hard into the flesh of his back and ass.

As the hours continued to pass, Ryan wondered if they had forgotten him or just left him for dead.  Then a break in this sensory vacuum as screams from other victims echoed through the darkness.  Screams that he recognized as if they were his own and would once again come from him, but when, but when?  

Then as the feeling slowly started to return to his groin, he could feel his cock was still engorged and rested heavily on his chiseled abs.  Ryan wondered why he was still so hard as he pivoted his hips causing his proud cock to roll back and forth across his stomach.  Was it because he was enjoying all of this?  As perverse and as painful as it was, he knew he was there because men so admired his body, and that they wanted to see his body flex and toss as he fought his restraints.  Even with the fear being electrocuted once again, Ryan still took pride in his physique and pondered how good he must look to those men who tested him.  Little did Ryan realize his sexual organs were now so damaged from the various perverse tortures he had to endure that he now suffered from priapism and that no matter what he did or thought, his boner was there to stay.

Then Ryan realized that the bare wire that was the source of so much pain was still wrapped very snuggly around his sack.  He wanted it off of him so desperately as he started to bounce his groin up and down and all around hoping that the wire would fall off.  The bed frame squeaked and moaned as it metal parts twisted against each other.  As much as it hurt Ryan’s ass to bounce on the thin strands of steel, it was still many times less painful than the electricity.  Electricity that that stressed his very healthy heart to the brink of failure but left his beautiful body without a single blemish.  He instinctively looked down to gauge his progress but the darkness prevailed and left effectively blind, but could sense the wire was well secured around his precious jewels.  He quietly cursed his own cock as it grew even harder from his motions.

“Damn you, this is not a good time to act up.”  

Then, through the screams from neighboring cells, Ryan could hear the sound of footsteps approaching.  He became still as the sound of the latches and deadbolts that secured the door to his cell were slammed about.  The door opened and a halo of light silhouetted the all to familiar figure of the last man he saw, the one who sent all that electricity through his body by way of his nuts.  Ryan made a desperate attempt to break free as the man approached him.  His captor paused as he flicked a switch on the wall that ignited a harsh blinding light into Ryan’s eyes.  The hapless lad gasped and winced away from the light that hammered his dark-adjusted pupils.


The man turned back to the door and shouted, “I told you I heard something!  He’s conscious again!”  

A disembodied voice from beyond the door yelled back, “Well, don’t wait for me, you know what to do!”  

As the man approached Ryan, the young fashion model pleaded as he continued to fight his restraints.


“Please, not again!  I’ll do what ever you want!  I’ll be completely obedient!”  

His words fell on def ears as the man reached down between Ryan’s legs and made sure the wire was still secure around his ample nuts.  


Ryan pleaded desperately, “Please, please, please, not again. I beg you.”  

The man was then temporally distracted by Ryan’s throbbing boner and gave it a few squeezes as if he were testing a fruit for its ripeness.  Impressed with Ryan’s engorged manhood, the man let out a slight huff of approval.

Ryan tried to bargain, “Yeah, I know you want it.  You can have it and do want ever you want with it without hurting me.”  

The man countered, “But what I want is to see you hurt.”  

And with that, the man turned on the transformer and reached for the rheostat.

Ryan begged, “Oh god no!  Please I beg you!  NOOOO!”  

Ryan’s last word morphed into screams as the transformer was turned up to full power, sparks lit up his nut sack and the hurt began again.


He wanted to curse and beg with all his might but screams were the best he could do.  Pain scrambled his thoughts as a kaleidoscope of shadows and colors distorted his vision.  The pain of his semen being electrocuted consumed him, each sperm cell being executed one immediately after the other.  His muscles flexed wildly as he fought the shackles.  The hurt of his ligaments starting to tear away from his bones paled in comparison to the energy coursing through his balls and then through the rest of his body.  Ryan could feel his heart pounding harder and harder as he started to choke on his own tongue.  His face felt as if were about to burst off his skull as he gasped for air.  One eternity rolled into another as Ryan wondered how long his heart could hold out or if could keep breathing.  And even through all of the pain, all Ryan wanted to do was to slap that evil smile off the face of the man who stood over him and who was sending those massive bolts of lightning coursing through his body.  But as time marched on and his senses started to become faint again, Ryan feared for his life as the darkness consumed him once again.


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